LPL Simulcast Recap, Prayer, & Commissioning

My beloved Sisters, I’ve thought about you so much since our day together on September 15th. What we studied together is still throbbing in my heart even in the midst of new challenges. We knew there would be some, didn’t we? Any time we determine to take God at His Word and believe a specific promise He has made to us and we pick up our feet and step further into our callings, the powers of darkness descend around us to threaten the work. Greater is He who is in you, Sister-Girl. The questions in Isaiah 53:1 echo to us today, urging us to answer boldly “I have!!” and “Me, Lord!”:
Who has believed what we have heard?
And who has the arm of the LORD  been revealed to? (HCSB)

I pray you are standing strong with the Shield of Faith in one hand and the Sword of the Spirit in the other.  Isaiah 7:9b (NIV) has been on my radar often lately:

If you do not stand firm in your faith,
you will not stand at all.

Then, Romans 14:4 right on top of it: To his own master he stands or falls. And he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand.

Amen to that.

And this phrase out of Ephesians 6:13 – STAND YOUR GROUND.

Keeping our faith in the driver’s seat of our faithfulness, Christ’s own Spirit breathing through us, we CAN do this in His great Name. May He make Himself so obvious to us today. Then may He make Himself so obvious to someone else through us today.

Here you go, Sweet Things:

Click here to download the Simulcast Commission:  Simulcast Commission
Click here to download the Simulcast Prayer: Simulcast Prayer

Living Proof Live – Simulcast – Reading PA from Rich Kalonick on Vimeo.


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  1. 51
    Nancy says:

    I loved the simulcast! I’m looking for the link to the verses that she mentioned at the end. Which website are they on? Thanks for all you do!

  2. 52


    Many thanks to you, the entire Living Proof staff, and Life Way for making this Simulcast possible. I’m so glad I could be a part of such a special event. I downloaded the Simulcast and watched it at home. But, was only able to catch your first morning session. I had made a prior commitment to my youngest son and didn’t want to break my promise.

    Is there a way that I can still view the 2nd & 3rd sessions – have they been recorded for future viewing? I only got to write down 4 of your 7 points. Beth, I’m a Type-A gal and not having the remaining 3 points is killing me! I know I must have missed out on some great teaching!! Can someone at your office or Lifeway help me with this?

    Thanks and sweet blessings,

    • 52.1
      fuzzytop says:

      Leah – I was able to watch the entire Simulcast a week after the actual event – using the Silverlight viewer instead of the other one.

      Hope this helps!


  3. 53
    Lisa B says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I Needed this soooooo much. Thank you Beth for having a heart for women. I just dont have anywords to say but Thank You! When I opened my email and seen this post and read the words I wanted to just cry have felt that way for the last several days! Just a bit overwhelmed like alot of other women with the demands of life being overwhemling!
    Love you all dearly
    Your Sister in Christ

  4. 54
    Angela says:

    It was my first time going to one of your simulcast’s and I loved every minute of it. Thank you!!!! I shared a link to the “Great Forsake and Take” on my blog today. It’s just too good to not share!

  5. 55
    Kim Feth says:

    I’m printing this out and putting it on at the desk at my new job! How inspiring and true.
    Kim Feth
    Apex, NC

  6. 56
    Georgia Boone says:

    Your video and Travis’ music is profound!!! You feel so much a part of it. I did not get to attemd this year…first one I have missed, so I doubly enjoyed the video. And I LOVE that particular song of Travis’. Blessings to all of you…..

  7. 57
    Kayla Moore says:

    Love the post!

  8. 58
    Joy says:

    The teachings from Sept. 15 have just continued to instruct.
    As one of the women from our church said she was so encouraged to think that 6,000 people, plus all those participating around the world, were gathered together to hear the Word of God. I just pray that we remember our charge. We need to live in light of eternity. Our youth know little of the Bible or of a God of goodness and righteousness. They are told that all roads lead to heaven, and that any other belief lacks tolerance and is hate speech. We may be the only Christian that some people ever meet. Our worship together was precious; let us worship God with our daily lives.

  9. 59
    Maria says:

    Thanks for posting this.. i printed them.. and will pass them along to all my girls (none of them are my children).. that Lord blessed me to give birth to 2 boys… but HE didnt stopped just there,..,HE blessed me with so many many and many girls, they are just so dear to my heart.. and more boys to loved!..

  10. 60
    Kathy says:

    There is no way to express my gratitude for the empowerment I received from the Lpm simulcast. I will share the extraordinary prayer with my dear friends. I hope to be able to share a miracle in the near future if not the power of your prayer is still profound in my journey with Christ lots of love and blessings

  11. 61
    Wynee says:

    Thank you so much for this post… I was looking for the list of NO FEAR verses but I stumbled upon this.. I needed to remember what I learned, felt and heard on the 15th during the simulcast..
    You are so right about being challenged…
    I needed to remember that Greater is HE! I needed that.

    Thank you… I think that is better that looking for no FEAR verses.. I need to remember WHO HE IS!

  12. 62
    Peggy says:

    Thank you for your willlingness to let Him flow through you. Your ministry has impacted me for all eternity.

    When you prayed over us at the simulcast, I felt as if it was just you and me in the room. Being a pastor’s wife, I sometimes feel a little lonely in a large gathering, and had prayed for a word directly to me. Thank you, my sister, for allowing God to use you for that purpose.

    The Word of God has spoken—WE ARE FREE!

  13. 63
    Gale says:

    I had to really laugh at this blog. I have decided that your brain is as hyperactive as mine. That must be how God connects me so well to your studies. I have to really be careful when I speak–I could go on forever on the rabbit trails God’s Holy Spirit breathes into my brain. Seriously, you are a BLESSING. Your studies and Living Proof LIVE create a hunger for more of God, more of His Word. THANK YOU!

  14. 64
    Gale says:

    Is it too late for my name to be put into the drawing for UNDAUNTED?

  15. 65
    Susan Thomas says:

    Can I just say, as I read these prayers over again, I am already seeing answers in myself. It’s awesome! There is a strong desire within me yearning for His Presence, and for Jesus to be noticeable through me. It’s a passion I feel stirring inside me! He is answering Beth! Yes He is!

  16. 66
    Dawn says:

    I’m free, I’m free, I’m free!!! By His salvation I’m free!! Keeping His Word locked in my heart!! Thank you Beth for helping me get my confidence back. I knew these verses were in the Bible I just didn’t know where to look!!

  17. 67
    Karen Miller says:

    Thank you for posting prayer and commissioning…they are asking for it…so know that it will go out and bless many.

  18. 68
    Patty says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the Prayer from the simulcast. I knew it was great but I love being able to pray it over more of my friends and sisters.

  19. 69
    Kim says:

    Thank you sooooo much! 🙂

  20. 70

    I had such a wonderful time at my very first simulcast with you! Thank you, Beth, for your heart for women, for your transparency, and for making God’s Word come alive for us who are hungry for more of it!
    You are a true blessing to God’s women and a light in the world.
    God bless you!!!

  21. 71
    happy heart says:

    Thanks! I sure needed that today.

  22. 72
    Susan says:

    Thank you for the video, the prayer, and the commission!
    There is no doubt the “the Word of God has spoken and we are changed forever!”

  23. 73
    Marty Brown says:

    Thank you for the words that you prayed over us at the simulcast. They are so powerful – I could hardly take them all in. Now I can be encouraged over and over again as I read these words. Thank you!

  24. 74
    Dawn says:

    Beth, I have already left one comment, but I just had to leave another. I’ve been having a rough time here lately – “empty nest syndrome.”The devil has been spewing all of his lies and attacking my mind. Bringing up past and old sins. Your Scriptures I printed off have helped and I also reread your book “So Long Insecurity” and it hit me like a ton of bricks. There is one part in your book where you are having a conversation w/ yourself while the devil was attacking you and I had the same experience the other day in my bathroom, and I stopped right where I was and started praying and declaring the Word out loud every loud and in a few minutes I emerged with a better attitude!! I know how to fight back!! It’s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever done and I owe all the praise and glory to God!! He is so faithful!! He promised peace of mind and I have it!!
    Just wanted to share….have a blessed week Mama Beth:)

  25. 75
    Paula says:

    Wow…oh wow…thank you so much! I could hear your powerful voice speaking this prayer over ME at the end of the simulcast as I read it again. Thank you for increasing my faith, for “nailing me” with so many things you shared with us, and for powering me up to go out/on to spread the good news. The enemy has been on overload ever since, but I am not defeated! The Word of God has spoken-I AM FREE!!!
    I would covet your prayers as God teaches me about giving, not out of the surplus that He has always provided before, but out of my need in my new financial situation of just barely(maybe)enough. I trust Him with His house, His car, His job, His mortgage, etc. I’m so glad it all truly belongs to Him! I’m only His steward–and I want to be found faithful for my Master! I am not cutting back on my tithe, but will have to cut back on many things…maybe its a good time for a 40 day fast?
    May God continue to bless you BIG–you, Beth and all your team. Christine Caine was here at Christ Fellowship a couple months back and WOW–God Rocks through her and her family! Hope to see her again Nov. 17th here in West Palm Beach! PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW -In the Mighty Holy and Powerful NAME -Jesus!

  26. 76
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Warmest of greetings to you Beth!:) I am grateful for the encouragement this morning. I actually read Romans 14:4 this morning. I have had opportunity to grow in my faith and to be more courageous in it since the simulcast. Things coming up…My pastor says that when you are lead to something that is outside your comfort zone and beyond yourself, it is a sure sign that the Lord is leading you there so you can depend on Him completely. I think that is part of the great adventure with Him. He gets the glory and everyone including yourself knows that what was done couldn’t have been you. It might be hard, uncomfortable, risky, and scary, but it is real living for Christ. I’ve got such a long way to go to be courageous for Him. I’m so glad that He’s so Faithful to me, to complete what He starts. Blessings to you this morning Siesta Mama Beth. Big ((HUGS)) too:)

  27. 77
    Starr says:

    Oh Beth,
    I am so full of joy that you put the prayer on here. I so wanted a copy of it. Thanks.

  28. 78
    Christen Juhnke says:

    After printing these Scriptures out and reading through them, God led me to start at the beginning. Lord increase my faith. This was Sunday or Monday when I started this prayer and my Scripture memorization of this verse. It was supposted to be on Sept 15 as I still keep the pace of the SSMT. Then God. On Wednesday while at BSF. Studying Gen 1….
    This is taken from Dr. John Hannah’s notes.

    As you approach this chapter, you must ask the question, does it purport to give us a scientific explanation of creation or to provide valuable, theological insight? Since God is the author and subject, it must be about God (the term appears 35 times in this chapter). The fact that the narrative is presented in a highly symbolic and literary manner suggests that the fundamental intent of the presentation is not one of science, but theology. To illustrate the point look at the number seven.

    “It was good” occurs 7 times.

    The first verse has 7 Hebrew words.

    The second verse has 14 (2×7) words.

    In the 7th paragraph (7th day), there are three sentences, each with seven words, and the middle expression is “the seventh day.”

    The seventh paragraph contains 35 (5×7) words

    –This caused me to almost jump out of my seat. I started to write it down but stopped to just listen. Oh God is so sweet to answer in a way that showed me He is so faithful to increase my faith. The detail hidden to me in my english version. Not always what we see is all there is. I am still overwhelmed by this relevation! I am continuing to pray to bring this to my mind when fear/doubt creep in that I can be free of axiety/depression and that my husband will be saved. This is a big answer to my prayer. He is faithful to His Word!

  29. 79

    Yay! It’s the first time I’ve been able to get on here in weeks!!! We’d probably have money to get our computer fixed if I’d quit spending our money on alcohol! I’ve really missed you guys and I’ve been really busy trying to get sober. It’s harder than I ever thought possible. I just didn’t realize how addicted I was. I learned to cope with it while I was waiting all those years to get help, but in some ways I’m glad that I did, because it helped me understand the disease I’ve had since birth. That might seem weird to some of you, but they say that “alcohol is but a symptom of our disease.” Of course, it’s the defining symptom, because all the other symptoms could be about a bajillion other mental disorders: depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc., all really also symptoms of alcoholism. Add the abuse I went through on top of all those other symptoms I remember experiencing way young, before any of it, and you’ve got one BIG mess that’s going to take me years to sort out! Yikes!! But one day at a time, right.

    I do feel like I don’t really belong here anymore, because of my disease, and because right now my #1 priority has to be to stay sober or I’m dead. Again, might sound dramatic to you, but my last couple of relapses all I did was lay in bed and drink till I pass out. People die like that. I drink at least a half of a fifth of at least 70 proof liquor when I drink! Sometimes 80 proof. I guess it’s better than when I used to drink pure alcohol (Everclear, for those who are familiar with it). Although, I don’t know. It’s not healthy to drink like that, though. It damages every organ in my body. I’m sure I’ve come closer to dying more times than I will ever know. People have taken one look at me at times and could tell I had alcohol poisoning, sometimes hours after my last drink. But mostly I feel like I don’t belong, cause I spend just as much time if not more in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous as I do the bible. And I find prayer more important to me today than bible memorization. I’ve always had a hard time praying, because I’m really good at that intellectual stuff. When things get personal I get real uncomfortable, so I’ve always struggled with the personal relationship part of it. I know a lot of scripture, but I don’t really know my God, if that makes any sense to anybody. It’s real easy for me to get caught up in theology and forget that my God cares about all the little details of my life that I forget to let Him in on. And those details kill me a lot of times. He wants me to talk to Him about that stuff. The stuff that hurts. The stuff I don’t want to acknowledge, cause I’m uncomfortable with my own emotions. I used to drink that stuff away and now I can’t anymore. It doesn’t even work. I’m more miserable when I drink, if you can even imagine that. If I’m conscious I can still feel. That’s why I drink till I pass out. But it hurts everyone around me, and I’m getting really sick of waking up and my whole body hurting. I’ve never gotten hangovers to where I actually throw up. I don’t throw up when I drink either. But I do all the rest of the hangover symptoms and it’s not fun, and I don’t want to feel like that anymore. I hope I can still be accepted here, but I sure haven’t felt it since I got into AA.

  30. 80

    I attended the Living Proof simulcast on Sept. 14 in Pittsburgh. I had a life-changing moment with the Lord that day. I write a blog that incorporates my love of DIY and my love for the Lord and how He changes me using His power tools! I was inspired by you to start a series called No Fear Fridays. I am encouraging women to not only pray using the Great forsake and Take verses but if they leave me a comment I will pray over them all week. Each week i plan on writing a post on Fear and Freedom. I just want to thank you for being bold in your speaking and for being transparent in your walk with God. I am one of the many,many women speaking the good news! Thank you Beth and Thank you for most GOD!!

  31. 81
    Dee Brownfield says:

    omgsh! just attended my first Beth Moore simulcast and loved it! at First Baptist Church of Heath, Ohio. Now, Beth, this as I said is my first one … God is so working in, through and around me! I have never been so excited in my life! To know that I know is thrilling, to say the least! I am doing a Bible Study at Heath Baptist Church and have learned more in the few months I have been there than in my entire 80 years! slow learner? I don’t think so — I believed in God, etc … but I am unstanding it now! and have had YOU in class! thank you! now, here is some girl talk….. why don’t you start a clothing line?? love, love, love your outfits and especially the black/white tunic you had on today! see? you can minister to us (well me, anyhow) in another way! and I would also love to be a part of your Bippy Closet Clan! can I, can I, can I????
    Love you more!

  32. 82
    Tammy says:

    Thank you, Beth! I was at the simulcast in Rocky Mount, NC.
    The whole day was such a blessing to me, it was as if the message was specifically for me. I hope others were just as moved. Your prayer over us was so powerful, thank you for publishing it so that we could have a copy! Much love, Tammy

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