“Brothers, pray for us.” 1 Thess. 5:25

Dear Brothers,

Something happened in the last several months of our Living Proof Live women’s events that we’ve never seen before. Groups of men felt compelled by God to band together and intercede for the women attending the event in their city. The occasions were completely unrelated to one another. We knew God was stirring it up when the lead-out event with a covering of men was in Canada. Not only were we thrilled and grateful for their participation around these events through prayer. We saw remarkable works of God and felt that He’d nodded over the unity and mutual esteem. And, to tell you the truth, just feeling significant to them felt significant. We believe deeply that God honored the way these brothers in Christ honored their sisters. He listened, He approved, and He responded. The willingness of these men to do the work of intercession in our behalf humbled us, blessed us, and brought us a unique joy before God. Esteem is a powerful form of love and it was not lost on us.

This coming Saturday, September 15th, well over 150,000 of your sisters in Christ will gather through a Living Proof Live simulcast for a fresh encounter with God from 9:30 – 4:15 Eastern Standard Time. If God has His unhindered way, this could be a true revival of faith for many women. That’s what I feel He’s purposed for it and called me to specifically request from Him. A goal like that is completely out of human hands. I can’t study hard enough for what I’m asking. We can’t pray long enough or prepare well enough. Our knees are down, our faces are up, and our Bibles are open but what we need is Heaven wide-open and grace spilled down in a drenching flood. We want God to reveal Himself in a way we can’t ignore or recover from the next week.

Recently my eyes fell on a little 4-word verse (in the ESV) at the conclusion of the First Letter to the Thessalonians: Brothers, pray for us. I stared and stared at it and thought, sometimes you just up and ask for it. And that’s what your sisters are doing right now. Based on what we’ve already seen God initiating in the hearts of men these last few months, would you graciously commit to pray for us on Saturday? Or even right now toward Saturday? We’re not asking you to do anything particularly formal or in groups. We’re just asking as many brothers as possible to pray on their own for a large group of sisters meeting in the name of Christ and the Word of God. By all means, we want the prayers of many husbands of participants but we’re really asking for something broader. We’re asking for brothers to pray for sisters they may never meet. We’re asking you to pray for a harvest that you may personally never see.

We’re asking for some young men to pray and some old men to pray. We’re asking for some single men to pray, some husbands to pray and some widowers to pray. We’re asking some student ministers to pray and some senior pastors to pray. If some of you happen to feel led to go the extra mile and fast through lunch on Saturday in order to be more focused in prayer, who are we to argue? We’ll receive it! There are no rules or restraints on the process. Just do it however God leads in the name of Christ.

If you’re willing, we’d be tremendously encouraged if you’d give us an idea of the of support system we have among you by leaving a brief comment to this post. All we’d request is your name and your city. It could be as simple as this:

Keith Moore in Houston, Texas.

If you’re a pastor or you serve at a church or in a ministry, we’d also love to know where.

If you’re not that enthusiastic about signing on the dotted line here through a comment, no worries! Just pray!

We don’t just want your prayers. We need them. So many women out there feel like they’re drowning in an ocean of demands or evaporating in a desert. They need courage and encouragement. Lord, have mercy, I do, too. This is no culture for Christian cowards. You certainly know that.

Please fight for us.

We will gladly repay this debt of love and pray for you.

Thank you so much, gentlemen. Believe God for us and may God backwash immense blessing right over you. By the way, the main host site for this Saturday’s gathering is in Reading, Pennsylvania…at The Sovereign Center. Yep. We’ll take that.

“He who is the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings and Lord of lords…To Him be honor and eternal dominion. Amen.”

In His unfathomable love,



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  1. 101
    Dave H says:

    Anchorage, AK

  2. 102
    Isaiah says:

    Isaiah Qualls || Pilgrim || Pacific Northwest

  3. 103
    Chris David says:

    Chris Davis high school student in San Jose California will be praying!!

  4. 104
    dee says:

    Daniela and Andy Garcia, Central California. prayin for you and God bless 🙂 <3

  5. 105
    Kyle says:

    Sending prayers your way.. God Bless you all. I hope God touches and reveals himself to my fellow brothers and sister. May God be with you all, I pray that your plan goes accordingly and your goals reach higher than your expectations. God Bless!!

  6. 106
    PJ says:

    I will be praying that God will be glorified through the exposition of His perfect Word.

    P.J. Hayton of Compass Bible Church in Aliso Viejo, CA.

  7. 107
    Hector Rodriguez says:

    Garden Grove, CA

    The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.
    James 5:16

  8. 108
    Elizabeth Hernandez says:

    Elizabeth Hernandez , Arlington TX
    I will be praying for all these women too, I ask of you to please pray for my father and mothers salvation as well as my sibblings, and for more strength,healing,knowledge,revelation thru God’s word. Thank you and God bless!!

  9. 109
    Chadwick Moore says:

    Chadwick Moore in Lynchburg, VA

  10. 110
    nathan tice says:

    Thank you Jesus for hearing your people we thank you in advance for the blessins that you are about to pour out. we come thanking you for your promises and your faithfulness .I ask in Jesus name & stand in agreeement with the body of believers that your will be done that you would ignight a passsion and a fire to burn in these woman that there would be revival for your sake in this dying would yet we live to shine for you Jesus. Let the candles in the hearts of these woman be lit for the world to seee so the unfinished work of Christ can be done .We praise you we thank you nd we magnify your name may you recieve all the glory and let there be none for us but all ubto The lord of lords and king of kings alll honor to you Jesus Christ !! and all in agreeement said AMEN!!!

  11. 111
    Daneil says:

    Daniel Grummer in Charleston, South Carolina.

  12. 112
    Sharon says:

    For the past couple years I’ve driven hours to be at your event — and wouldn’t you know this weekend you are in my ‘backyard’ — and I have a conflict — I’m speaking at a retreat in Wyoming! 🙂 I am so sad to miss it — but a group of ladies from our church will be there — and please know — I am praying for God to work in their lives! Blessings as you come to a city rated, sadly, with the highest poverty level — materially but spiritually too — Reading, Pennsylvania needs God desperately. Our God reigns!

  13. 113

    Joshua Paul Copeland
    Houston, Texas

  14. 114
    Larry Short says:

    Praying for the woman’s ministries of Living Hope Church,
    Centerville, OH. I pray that God and Beth are able to reach out, touch and
    Change lives and hearts!

  15. 115
    Brandon Mays says:

    Brandon Mays, Duncan,SC.

  16. 116
    Jackie says:

    This literally made me cry – the idea of capital-J-Jesus-loving, Spirit-filled, Godly men praying for us (and I won’t even be at the gathering) moves me to tears. It’s such a beautiful thing, a precious, precious gift. Thank you, brothers. Thank you, Lord.

  17. 117
    Cathy says:

    Believing Our Father will do great things.

  18. 118
    Jerome Samuel says:

    Jerome Samuel in Ottawa, Canada.

    I will definitely be praying for you guys.

  19. 119
    Tanya Hoffman says:

    When I was reading this tears of joy and awe started streaming down my face. The feeling of being encircled in prayer is not lost on me (or any of us for this weekend).
    Six women from my church will be making the drive to Reading this weekend. The devil has been at work this week trying to create problems so that one, two, or all of us would not be able to attend. BUT we will not be defeated! All six of us will be piling in the mini-van with only one bag allowed for each of us (Lord have mercy on us)!
    We desperately need and desire a fresh encounter with the Risen Savior!
    Thank you brothers for praying and what a mighty blessing you have given us!

  20. 120
    Karen Lanza says:

    in Birdsboro, PA

  21. 121
    Jeremiah says:

    I have seen much growth come out of the Living Proof resources through my wife and the women’s ministry she is a part of. I am honored to join with you and the other men who are praying. I serve as a men’s group leader here in Baltimore, MD, and we’re praying for our ladies who are gathering for the simulcast this weekend, for Living Proof Ministries, for the speakers and for God to be glorified in the hearts and minds, the words and the presentations of all those involved.

  22. 122
    Brooke Johnson says:

    Vince Johnson, (pastor/best daddy in the whole wide world)and a handful of other man heroes at Bethlehem Baptist Church, Twin Cities, MN

  23. 123
    Keith, husband of Rhonda says:

    Will be praying.

  24. 124
    Jeff Marvin says:

    Praying for the revealed Word and will of our Lord in the lives of the women who will be gathering. The Crossing church is honoed to be one of the simulcast sites for this life-changing, Kingdom advancing event.

  25. 125
    David Suennen says:

    Props goes to Jeff Bethke for getting the word out, to me at least, by tweeting it.
    I’ll be praying!

    -David Suennen in Eau Claire, WI

  26. 126
    Jeremy Head says:

    Jeremy Head, Eclectic, AL

  27. 127
    Nancy Logan says:

    Hi Barb,
    I’ve just read the full document and it will be my privilege to pray for you individually and together starting now and right through Saturday.
    If you know the names of the others attending from your Tuesday Night Group pass their names along as well. It’s good to be as specific as possible.
    I already feel excited by what God will do.

  28. 128
    Michael Conley says:

    Michael Chattanooga, TN

  29. 129
    Phil Bristow says:

    I have just begun praying for the whole conference in general and for the women attending from our church, St. Paul’s on-the-Hill, Pickering, Ontario.

    May every aspect of the event be anointed by the Holy Spirit.

  30. 130
    Kim & Dave Safina says:

    The Journey Continues ~
    With “Heaven Bound” Blessings 🙂

    “Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.”
    Mark 3:35


    I can hardly wait to join the 150,000+ women “Siestas” on Saturday!!! On the couch in California!!

    I feel like doing a cheer!!






    Dave & Kim Safina

  31. 131
    Jamie Malloy says:

    Jamie in Lubbock, TEXAS Is praying for Beth and the entire team!

  32. 132
    Trent Williams says:

    Trent, Mars Hill U-District, Seattle

  33. 133
    Kathy says:

    Praying in Easley, SC

  34. 134
    Carlos Armas says:

    Miami, Fl.

  35. 135

    OK, I’m praying already.
    Messianic Jewish evangelist, Reading, PA

  36. 136
    Rex Keller says:

    Hi Beth,

    I will be praying for my wife Debbie and ALL the women attending the event that God will show up in an amazing way and speak love to each and every woman’s heart through your incredible ministry…AMEN!!

    Rex Keller

  37. 137
    Gebben Miles says:

    I’m honored to pray with and for you ladies!

  38. 138
    Tiffany M says:

    Thank you Brothers, on behalf of all my Siestas.

    I’ve invited only those women whom the Lord has revealed to my home for this event. Not knowing who will attend for sure, I have been praying for an annointed Word for each of them. Thank you for your prayerful covering.

    To God alone be the Glory-

  39. 139
    colette says:

    Just watched you on Life Today! Great Word from God!!!
    Thank You Beth!! And God!! 🙂

  40. 140
    Elijah White says:

    Elijah White in Rochester, New York will pray for you.

  41. 141
    Chris says:

    I’m meeting with a group of 20-30 men on Saturday, we will be praying.

  42. 142
    David says:

    David Cady
    -husband of Amy
    -Minister, Wellspring Fellowship Church of Christ
    -Waipahu, Hawaii (Oahu)

  43. 143
    Angie call says:

    I really wish I could go to the one I my area but I don’t have any money or a way to get to st.louis! If there are any ladies that want to go an your in my area I have four tickets that I printed out. You pay $15 a the door but make sure to being lunch, and money for your booklet! Have fun all!!!

  44. 144
    Mark says:

    I’ll be praying for all of you…
    Mark LaRovere
    Luanda, Angola, Africa
    (BCF is my home church)

  45. 145
    Greg says:

    We are praying for you here at The Crossing Church in Tampa Florida, I am the lead pastor. Your labor and prayer have produced a “light” that will pierce the darkness. Many will receive that light and move the church to action. It’s TIME!

  46. 146
    Tony Di Bacco says:

    Tony Di Bacco in Orillia, Ontario, Canada will be praying.

  47. 147
    Linda Mabry says:

    I will be praying for all of you. I really miss not going to Beth’s bible studies on Tuesday night in Houston. I am looking forward to the next one when it starts.

  48. 148
    Mark says:

    Mark Thornton-Fernandina Bch, Florida

  49. 149
    Delmer Schultz says:

    Delmer in Granger, IN. I am and will be praying!!

  50. 150
    Jason Shelton says:

    Irving, TX

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