A Happy Hello and a “Help me get the word out”

Hey, you darling things!

Man, have I missed you! I may be out of sight sometimes when my hands are too full to tap their way to the blog page but you are never out of my mind. And that’s no lie. I mean it when I say it. You’re not even out of my mind when I’m out of my mind. Anyway, these days I see enough of you on Twitter to feel like we’re not very out of touch even when I’m momentarily less active on the blog. (@BethMooreLPM or when I have something to say that is only for Siestas – meaning you LPM bloggers – @Siestaville. It’s a lot of fun on there if you like that kind of thing. Just don’t take it too seriously. It doesn’t replace our quiet times or anything.)

It’s Sunday afternoon after a fabulous morning of church, a good plate of Tex Mex with my man, and a tiny nap and now I’m outside on the back porch wishing all of you were having tea with me. I have no idea how we’d all get on this porch but, if the Lord can multiply loaves and fishes, He can provide square feet and a few thousand extra tea cups that look just like these.

Oh, I know what some of you are thinking. “Beth, we’ve seen those same cups a thousand times.” Yep. I know. I drink out of them every day – I do mean every single day – but isn’t there some comfort in occasionally knowing what to expect? Knowing what somebody’s (non-destructive) habits are can be a sweet slice of kinship, don’t you think? Keith is sitting on the other side of this wrought iron porch table so I don’t exactly know how much time he’ll give me but I’ll write like a maniac till he says with a fair amount of exasperation, “Lizabeth, how long are you gonna be doing that?” and then I’ll say, “Give me five more minutes!” and then I’ll have to say bye or he’ll get up and go to the shooting range. I only get a window before he moves on. Grin.This is one of many reasons why the man is fairly hard to take advantage of. He doesn’t put up with a lot of putting off. Never has. Which may be one reason we’re still married.

Just so you can picture our scene together (yours, mine, Keith’s, Geli’s and Queen Esther’s), I’ll give you a few descriptions. It’s the first breezy day of dropped temperatures in Houston, Texas this September and a delight to no end because it’s very, VERY early this year. It’s in the higher 80’s right now (late afternoon) but it was in the divine 60’s early this morning. Even this particular variety of the 80’s is pleasant right this second because, lo and behold, there’s very little humidity. Please be impressed. This is second only to the parting of the Red Sea. You should have seen all the great hair at church today. It is a sparklingly gorgeous day and there are about four hummingbirds buzzing all around us here in my back yard. Oh, and I just drank a bug in my hot tea. I spit it out before I swallowed it. I share this so you know that all is well but, as long as we’re here on this planet awaiting its redemption, it’s still a far piece from perfect.There’s always the proverbial fly in the ointment somewhere.

I’ve had a Life Today taping since I talked to you last. (Last weekend) I sent out a prayer request on Twitter and, boy, did you pray that one up. We had one of the best groups ever. The studio audience only has space for a couple of hundred people so it is the PERFECT size to really interact with a group. I can actually walk over and touch one of them while I’m teaching or look straight into a face or even hear a sigh. They bless me indescribably. I just love the intimacy of the setting and it makes it so much easier to forget the anxiety fostered by very large and present cameras. As time goes on, I get closer and closer to and fonder and fonder of the people on the taping team at Life Today.

The people on my team at LifeWay are like family to me. For those of you who don’t know the distinction between the two (and who would care to know this much anyway??), the LifeWay projects are the video-driven Bible studies like A Woman’s Heart, Breaking Free, Esther, and James: Mercy Triumphs. We’ve worked together for 18 years, have grown up in that genre of discipleship together, been through many ups and downs and have long since bonded as tight as blood kin. We work together throughout any given Bible study project so it’s much more involved than four times a year, which is my more typical annual schedule with Life Today. The Life Today tapings are for the Wednesday television broadcasts of my good friends, James and Betty Robison’s syndicated Monday through Friday program. (The most generous people I know on earth. Who in the world would give up 20 per cent of their entire air time?? And to someone like Blonder Than She Pays To Be??And before they had any idea whether it would even mesh with their audience?? And, no. I don’t pay a dime for it. It’s a mind boggling opportunity to reach people we might never see in our Bible studies. A true gift of grace that I will never completely understand.)

Anyway, what I was saying before I started making a short story long: we’ve developed a really neat relationship over the years of taping at Life Today. For instance, I don’t stay in hotels much anymore when I go. I’ve stayed the last few times in the tiny little guest house of their photographer, Janice Meyer, and her good buddy, Kim. I am crazy about both of them but there is one other reason why I like to stay there. Fur. And a lot of it. This was my welcome last week.

Come on, now! Tell me you don’t feel the love?? It makes me so dang happy I can hardly stand it. There’s a doggy door in the tiny guest house so they can come see me while I’m studying. While I teach, the dog hair flies all over the audience from my wardrobe but we get through it just fine. We just sneeze, blow our noses, and get to the next point. This time after the taping, someone on the video team asked me if I’d mind getting a picture made with the taping crew. Honestly, I nearly got choked up. I’m pretty sure somebody made them do it but, still, it really touched me that they cared to have it. Or at least didn’t run from it. I’ve come to love and appreciate them so much. Many of them have worked for James and Betty for years. Decades. That’s a true test of integrity in many ways in my eyes. Here’s the Life Today team. Two people to my right in the beige top is my Life Today make-up artist, Faith. I like to say that I get a work of Faith even before I open my Bible on the set:

OK. I’ve got to start moving faster through this blog or Keith’s going to shut me down before I get to the “help me get the word out” part. This weekend was the official kick off of the fightin’ Texas Aggies’ 2012 football season and their inauguration into the SEC. My firstborn didn’t start demanding to go to Texas A&M to college until kindergarten. No other university ever took her eye. Not one. Her blood was maroon from day 1. So, she absconded with the pastor of our church and headed to the game and I got to intercept the children. We snatched them from their car yesterday morning and didn’t have to surrender them until today at church. We had the best time with them ever. I could talk about them until you’d rock back and forth with boredom so I’ll try to hit the high points and I’ll be able to do it faster if I don’t pick any certain order. So, get ready to bounce like a red rubber ball.

This is the children these days. In everyday blogs, you really don’t use your professional photos. Just mostly casual pictures taken with your phone so keep that in mind. All of these are with my iPhone:

Jackson (above, shoeless – he really does have legs. You just can’t see them. He has not had a knee-ectomy as it appears in said photo) just started the first grade and is missing two teeth and another is hanging by a fleshy thread. He has a lisp that makes Amanda and me swoon with adoration. This is Miss Pris. Oh, good grief. I can barely stand the preciousness.

She talks a hundred miles an hour, very expressively, and usually with both hands. Stop it. No comments. To give you a little idea of how much nostalgia this child causes Keith and me, this is Amanda at her age. I wish you could see this better but I don’t have time to scan. I just snapped a cell picture of a picture but you’ll get the idea. Unless you’re as blind as a bat.

I could just about cry over that. But I don’t have time. Next! (***But in rereading the post just before publishing, I realized that I accidentally cut off Amanda’s legs in above picture taken with my phone. She hadn’t had a knee-ectomony either. At least you can see clearly that she and Jackson are well related.) These are two little outfits I got for Annabeth at Target yesterday. She’s got on one of them in the earlier picture. For you moms and grandmoms of little girls, the clothes at Target right now are adorable! I wasn’t as enthusiastic about the boys’ selections (come on, manufacturers! man up!) but I gave the girls’ stuff an A.

I tweeted that picture earlier today and two of you said, “I LOVE THAT TABLE!” Me, too! Listen, I’m not much of a furniture person and I’m the furthest thing from a decorator but I love that table to no end. If my house caught on fire, it’s the only piece of furniture I’d try to make my man drag out of there. Part of what I love about it is the host of memories made there. So much laughter. SO MANY OPINIONS. And some fairly fine food on occasion.

When you live in the country, there’s always a critter to look at. I caught the kids looking at a rabbit in under a tree. I don’t think you can see the rabbit in the picture but, unfortunately, you can indeed see a set of elk horns. Why, I ask you?? WHY????? WHY ARE THEY SITTING THERE??? This is life with Keith Moore. Whom I love.Those are pipes sitting there to the right side of the scene if you’re wondering. They’re for irrigating some trees. May the Lord grant them to go underground sooner than later.

I have no vocabulary to wrap around my gratitude to God for the family time we get to share with Keith’s parents. As you long-timers here on the blog know, we live right next door to them. This set of children know their great-grandparents WELL. Oh, Jesus, thank You. I don’t know why but I’ve wanted to cry every time I’ve looked at this picture since I snapped it last night. I love this man so much and, Lord have mercy, he has had so many health problems that it’s a miracle he’s alive. Every single day we have Keith’s parents is a gift to us. Sit up a little bit and have some respect. This, my dear sisters and daughters, is one fine man. Mr. John Moore and his great grandson, Jackson. A future great man, we pray.

This is part of our Saturday night ritual at Bibby’s house. Annabeth gets a warm sudsy bath, shampoo and conditioner, a good blow dry from a near professional (laughing), and a mani-pedi. Jackson is a breeze! A bath and a towel dry and we’re DONE! It ain’t easy being a woman.

This I took this morning. I escorted both children outside when they each got up so that I could help them formally welcome “Mr. Autumn.” Oh, I realize, you cynics you, that it could be 95 degrees in Houston by tomorrow but you cannot take a Houstonian’s joy away at the first cool breeze. It’s an earnest deposit on a Fall sure to come…at least by Christmas.

We then got dressed and ready for church and headed into town for a glorious morning. My pastor DROPPED a word on us this morning from the pages of 2 Corinthians. Sometimes I can’t even fathom that I’m related to the man up there preaching. What unfathomable grace. He has blown our minds this year. Bayou City Fellowship celebrates our first birthday next Sunday. It has been the dearest, most unforgettable year of my church life and, girlfriend, that’s saying a LOT. I have loved church all my life. It has been a harbor to me through innumerable storms. We sang a song that was new to me today but the lyrics fell on me with such power. Here is the part that got me the most. It’s a terrible picture but the words are why I want you to see it. Oh, and by the way, that’s our Lindsee Lou’s darling little face in the left-hand corner of the screen. She’s one of our very gifted worship leaders.

OUR GOD HAS SPOKEN. Oh, indeed He has. And the chains are BROKEN, bless His unfathomable Name. I was overcome as Keith and I sang those words with our two daughters – embodiments of such redemption – standing right next to us. The four original Moores worshiped together this morning, then three of us – Keith, Melissa, and me – received communion from Amanda and Curtis. “The Body of Christ broken for you. The blood of Christ poured out for you.”

Oh, God. Thank You. You are my entire life. The breath in my lungs. The only good in me.

Well, wouldn’t you know I’d run out of time before I got to the news I wanted you to help me spread??? OK. I’ve got to give it to you quickly. The simulcast is this coming Saturday: September 15th. For the first time, you can even tune in as an individual. I mean, by all means, get to a group if there’s one in your area or if you can manage to pull one together. The sense of corporate worship is ideal for something like this but, if you can’t get with others, come by yourself by way of your own computer screen! I’ll get Lindsee to stick a link in here tomorrow for those of you who would still like to look into it. (For those waiting for it, here is the linkΒ to all the details on the simulcast.) The individual price isn’t much more than a trip to the movies with a coke, candy, and popcorn. I wish so much we could do it for free! But at least it’s fairly affordable. As I told them on Twitter, I have nothing fleshly to gain from more people participating. I’m not driven by numbers. Just too old to be and been around too long, I think. And not a single dime from a Living Proof Live goes into my personal checking account. The only reason I’m inviting anyone is because I pray – oh God PLEASE – that He is the one inviting all of us. Listen, the least that can happen is that we come together and worship God and open His Word and He is faithful to His promise that His Word will not return empty. You can’t beat a Saturday like that! I’m promising no bells and whistles. No dog and pony show. I don’t know how well the messages will be put together but I promise you I’m studying hard and trying to hear from God. I can’t control the technology or, half the time, my own mouth, God have mercy on me, but I am believing God for this Saturday. He IS faithful. That I know. And I believe He’s put this together and not we ourselves.

I am asking God for something huge to happen to us. I am praying with all of my heart for a revival for women. The news I’d like you to help me to spread, however, is to the men. To every man you know who might be willing to pray. This summer at Living Proof Live an interesting thing happened two different times. God raised up men (of their own volition and vision) in that city to pray for that gathering of women. The Spirit FELL on us and I cannot help but think that one reason why we sensed Him so powerfully was because brothers joined in and prayed. He esteemed it highly I believe.

I feel like God would do the same thing if we women banded together and prayed for a move of His Spirit among our brothers. On this coming Tuesday (the 11th), you’re going to see a post I’ll have written called “Brothers, Pray for Us.” I am asking men to commit to pray for us (just individually, informally on their own as they feel led) on Saturday, September 15th. It can be a one-time prayer or maybe they’d remember us several times that day. Maybe some of them would even feel led to fast through the hours of our gathering (I’ll post those hours on Tuesday) but I don’t want to put any kind of restraints on it. I’m just asking men to intercede with faith for us and I believe God may well respond by doing something in our midst we otherwise might not experience. I’m not just looking for husbands of participants to pray though I hope they will! I’m talking about men of God of any age, married or single, that would simply care enough to lift up their sisters in Christ before the Throne of Grace.

It would really build our faith if they’d sign in on the Tuesday blog with their name and city but we want prayer whether or not they sign on the dotted line. Would you help us get word out and encourage as many men as possible to join in with us and perhaps let us know on the Tuesday blog that we have their support? They wouldn’t need to leave a big comment. Just a “Keith, Houston, Texas” kind of thing would be sufficient. I’d love to know if it’s a pastor though. Ask him if he’d tell us the name of his church as well. I want to tell all the sisters on Saturday at the simulcast what kind of covering we have, at least by estimation. Do you get the vision or have I rushed it too much? You’ll see me put it out on Twitter Tuesday morning right after the blog goes up. Please wait to get word out on Twitter until the blog is posted on Tuesday so that the guys don’t get all confused about where they’re supposed to sign in.

Thank you so much, Sisters! I am convinced that the impact of their prayers could be dramatic. God has placed this so powerfully on my heart that I’d have to wonder why He’d bother pressing it upon me with such force and not intend to respond to it. That’s just not the way He works. “The prayer of a righteous man has great effectiveness,” James says. Let’s see some of that effectiveness!

Oh, mercy, I’ve got to get off of here before Keith goes to the shooting range!

I LOVE YOU. That’s the absolute truth. So much. Talk to you soon!


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  1. 51
    Betty Coahran says:

    Thanks for brightening my day. As a newby to your web site I must say your words speak to me in many respects.l Your honesty and for fresh approach to life is uplifting and refreshing.

  2. 52
    Wendy says:

    I had to laugh when I got to the “God has spoken” part. I was in Spokane, WA at the Living Proof conference and EVERY time I hear someone say “God has spoken” I remember your “God has SPOKANE!!” lol πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing! I can hear your wonderful accent and feel your energy in your writings. You’re so much fun! May your day be God-filled and FAB-u-LOUS!!! (((hugs)))

  3. 53
    Kim Feth says:

    I can’t make the simulcast on Saturday – but for good reason – our church is hosting a once a year gathering for our middle schoolers and the DH and I are in charge of the food and some of fun! HERE’S MY QUESTION: Can I get onto the website later and see the simulcast messages? If so, what will the cost be? I will be praying for you – while I supervise middle school kids!
    Kim Feth
    Apex, NC

  4. 54
    fuzzytop says:

    Hey Beth! It was so nice to read your update. Love the photo of Annabeth showing off her mani-pedi, and the one of Jackson with his great-grandpa is precious. Fun times!

    I am hoping to go to the Simulcast this weekend with my daughter, Rachel, who is almost 16, and a new friend, Jeanne.

    Can I ask for prayers for my Dad? He is 79 and is undergoing a biopsy today for a growth on one of his lungs. He is not a believer, so while I am praying for his healing, I am praying that Jesus will be revealed to my dad through all of this. We have a complicated history, but I am heartbroken over this. Thanks!

    Love and Hugs,

    • 54.1
      Steph says:

      Dear Lord,
      I pray for Adrienne’s dad today, that you would be present with Him in a way that he senses. I pray that he would KNOW that you love him. I pray that he would come out of this procedure safely and that he would give his life to You, Father. I know that You love him and want a relationship with him, Lord. Please give Adrienne peace today.
      In Jesus name,

  5. 55
    valerie says:

    I will be praying for the simulcast Beth. I wish I could tune in for it. Boo. My heart stopped a beat when I realized Beth and Keith Moore have a green egg! I may just be a Cali girl, but this girl and her man love a BBQ! Yes, with a capital B. So much. I consider our Green Egg to be a gift direct from the hand of God. I am spoiled for BBQ, can’t find any that is better than our own backyard. I think I need some grandbabies so I can buy cute little clothes again. After 5 kids I have told the Lord I was ok if our children never reproduced, because I am just tired. I think the Lord is taking me up on that. Your grandbabies are just beyond precious Beth! I am looking forward to the conference in Long Beach in October. My very best friend is coming from CO to come with me. I am counting the days..Love and prayers to you Siesta mama!

  6. 56
    Shaunessy says:

    I found myself speed reading this post and then laughed in the midst as if I were helping you hurry so you could get back to time with Keith. HAHA! SO I may have to go back and re-read. πŸ™‚ Thank you for posting all the fun pics and the good info.

  7. 57
    Holly says:

    Lovin’ this cool weather in the Heart of Texas, too! Definitely makes my hubby want to head out to the dove fields. πŸ™‚ Your babies are precious and growing up so fast! Blessings this weekend!!
    Gig ’em
    Holly (Class of ’92)

  8. 58
    Tanya in Alabama says:

    So wanted to go to the Simulcast BUT I have to work…so sad. I really wish I could download it….hint, hint!

  9. 59
    Caitlin Irene says:

    We’ve missed you! Thank you for the update! I’m echoing everyone by saying I love your heart and you paint such a wonderful picture for us that by the time we’ve come to the end of the post, we realize where we’re actually sitting..ha! My friend called me yesterday and told me she met you at church. She said you were such a sweet person and that your perfume smelled good πŸ™‚ Thanks for all you do for us!

  10. 60
    Carol says:

    I was able to participate in the simulcast last year with the ladies from my beloved former church. I was so hoping to again this year, but something kept me from registering. Now I know why: we have an open house planned for our house on the market. My prayer and hope is to move back to that beloved congregation- but first we must sell this house. So as you speak to women all across the country via satellite, I will be praying to rejoin my community of believers soon.
    May the Lord provide a mighty helping of Himself through your words, Beth.

  11. 61
    Colette says:

    I LOVE this post!! I was reading as fast as I could while my husband was filling up my car with gas! And I said, oh no I am not done yet!!! He said, she writes that much??? I said YES! But she is in a hurry too!! Haha!! I loved the pictures!!! And here, in Arizona, we are anxiously awaiting that cool, Fall breeze too! πŸ™‚ Can’t come soon enough for us!!
    My man will be signing on that dotted line tomorrow!! πŸ™‚
    Can NOT wait for Saturday!!!

  12. 62
    Lisa says:

    Great way to spend your Birthday…Beth Moore simulcast of course! I will be viewing from Cornerstone Baptist Church Marion IL.

    Beth, thanks for spending my birthday with me.

  13. 63
    Martha says:

    So glad to get a post from you Beth! Enjoyed it all but especially the pics of AB and Jackson.. how precious they are! Loved the pic of Amanda and AB’s age too.. they are two peas in a pod! Sorry to miss the Simulcast.. I will be at my daughter’s baby shower..she is expecting her 2nd baby boy in just a week or two and there is a chance this may be my last grandbaby πŸ™ He will be #7.. so I am very very blessed but sure would love one more little girl..this will be 5th boy. Praying for a blessed day for all involved on Saturday! Sure do love you!

  14. 64
    HisJules says:

    Oh thank you, thank you!! This is my favorite kind of blog post – the ones where we just get to do “life” together and enjoy being part of the Body of Christ!

    I do love the idea of our brothers lifting us to the throne and will pass it on…

    Thanks again for making my Monday!

  15. 65
    Kristen says:

    I don’t think I’ll physically be able to make it this weekend, but I’ll be praying…and sending some precious girls to it! The same girls are also joining me as I lead my first Bible Study TONIGHT. EEk! Excited and nervous! We’re doing “When Godly People…” and Siesta sisters will you pray for me as well? It’s hard at times because I deal with some very serious chronic pain in my back that is down-right debilitating many days. Yet, I know God has placed this calling to lead this before me so I am trusting Him to “be faithful to complete it”, and help me lead this thing well in spite of IT ALL. Thank you!!

  16. 66
    Rebecca says:

    What song is it that you posted? The words alone speak to me–would love to hear the song! Thanks!


    • 66.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hey Rebecca! One of our worship leaders wrote the song, so it’s not recorded or available anywhere. God-willing, maybe one day! Blessings to you.

  17. 67
    Stephanie Rafferty says:

    I hope someone can help:( I have tried several times to sign up for the simulcast and everytime I click add to my cart, it comes up with “your cart is empty”. Can anyone help? Stephanie, La Habra, CA

    • 67.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hey Stephanie, I also just tried it myself, and after a few failed attempts, I realized I had to click on the actual shopping cart button in the top right hand corner of the screen, then it let me finish the process. Unfortunately, there is nothing we here at LPM can do, so your best bet is to contact LifeWay if you can’t get it to work. I hope that helps! Praying it all works out in your favor.

  18. 68
    Tina says:

    Beth, I just love you so much! I always feel your joy and that adds to mine. I’ve loved you since doing whatever it took (and okay, maybe more than that) to sit in the front row for all of your classes way back in the Honolulu HIM series, man how long ago was that? Anyway, you always give this old broad such hope that we can continue to be sassy (yet spiritual dontchaknow) girls! πŸ™‚ I sure to hope to be there for the simulcast, not sure I can $$swing it, but I’m trying, I’m trying. Thanks for being you, you bring me joy from God… and dont you know I count it as a true gift!!!

  19. 69
    Amy Beth says:

    Sure wish I could be watching this live… but I guess the fact that I’ll be walking down the aisle wearing a white dress this Saturday is a pretty good excuse to miss, don’t you think? πŸ˜‰

    • 69.1
      Lindsee says:

      Amy Beth! That is the best excuse in the book. Congratulations! Blessings on your wedding day! May you feel and know the Lord’s presence and sense His pleasure. You are loved!

  20. 70
    Diana A. says:

    Sent forth the word/invite!

    I have contacted a few men, and my pastor and I will leave the rest to them.

    Hoping they are praying, and praying for an amazing day!

    Thanks Beth – loved the pics πŸ˜€

  21. 71
    Susie Hampton Miller says:

    What fun to share a cup of tea with one of my best friends! And thanks for the pics which invite us into your precious family and life. Oh, and besides being my favorite Bible teacher and good friend, YOU, girlfriend, are a HOOT!!! Love and hugs from North Texas!

  22. 72
    Aimee Thoennes says:

    I have let my girls know and we have a small group going to a neighboring church to participate!! I love these opportunities to hear you deliver a Word for our good!! Just finished “James” and just started “believing God” studies – thank you so for being obedient to your calling…the Lord has blessed me tremendously through your teaching of His word!! Love ya and praying for you…

  23. 73
    Volleyball Ginger says:

    Gosh do I wish I could join up with “everyone” for the simulcast…..I’ll be in the midst of a volleyball tournament. But, Beth, I’ll be praying for you ahead of time!


  24. 74
    Amiebelle says:

    It’s so good to find a posting from you! I miss seeing you on here. Can’t wait for Saturday!

  25. 75

    How He graces me thru you, dear woman!

  26. 76

    Beth! Thank you for sharing your life with us! Beautiful family. Sweet love = seeing your daughter in your grand-daughter. And your family altogether at church … how many are blessed with that? Precious. Hey … I’m looking so forward to the new Survivor season with Lisa Whelchel! When I heard she was going to be on … thought of u.

    Love you all,

  27. 77
    Stacey65738 says:

    Love it when you update us! Praying for the simiulcast.

  28. 78
    Rhonda says:

    I hate that I have to miss the simulcast Saturday. I have to work. It’s one of the few Saturdays I have to work. Thoroughtly enjoyed the one I was able to attend several years ago. Any chance it will be rebroadcast?

  29. 79
    Kathy says:

    Thank you Beth. I love the photos! You brightened a very difficult day in a very difficult season. God Bless you Dear Sister in Christ and all those you love so dearly.

  30. 80
    Nancy says:

    Sweet Beth,
    Thanks for your note and so good to read and laugh… and I will be praying for this Saturday!
    I have to work but am praying that my daughter and her bet friend will attend up in Casper!
    Love you Love you!

  31. 81
    Kim Eshelman says:

    Very anxious to come this Saturday for the Simulcast! Thankful and Praying for everyone who has a part of making this Simulcast a reality.

    My husband Tim from Lewisburg, PA will be praying for all.

    BELIEVING HIM with you, Kim

  32. 82
    dca89 says:

    Can someone please confirm the starting time of the simulcast on Saturday? 8 am Eastern or 9 am Eastern? The site the link takes us to mentions both times. Thank you!

    Looking forward to participating in the simulcast!

  33. 83
    Romona says:

    I too am enjoying the wonderful Houston weather. Although I live in IL, I have been traveling to Houston (North Cypress) every week this year to work. I even had the pleasure of attending Bayou City Fellowship one Sunday (I’m usually at my home church in IL on Sunday’s). I so enjoyed the worship and the message that I stayed for both services! Thank you, Curtis! This is my last week to work in Houston – I will miss the glorious sunny winter months. Love the teacups, the grandbabies (mine are in FL), and the updates. You’ve convinced to try twitter. I so look forward to the Simulcast and oh the men praying for us – Praise God – He is so good!

  34. 84
    Happy Heart says:

    Oh, Beth- You always bring a smile to heart! Thanks for this fun post. We would just love to be on that back porch with you πŸ™‚

  35. 85
    lynda rickey says:

    Love you too!

  36. 86
  37. 87
    Sandy Bowers says:

    Thanks for the catch-up post Beth! So glad Keith is willing to share you with us…..he’s such a patient man to let you get all that sharing down on the page! Question: What do Jax and AB call Keith? Just wondering what goes with Bibby? So looking forward to Saturday. Am clearing my family out of the sunroom (ideally totally out of the house) so I’ll have it to myself. I may try to recruit my 15 year old daughter, but not sure she’ll go for it. Praying for the whole LPM team and will forward Tuesday’s blog to my pastor husband! Hugs Siesta Mama!

  38. 88
    Tonya says:

    Beth, It is sooo precious just “visit” with you through your postings. It feels just like I am right there with you drinking tea and spitting out bugs as we catch up and share together. Love the pictures of your precious grandbabies. I am expecting my first grandchild (a girl….yayy!) any day now. Can’t wait to join this crazy group of grandmothers. Thanks for being so real…that’s one reason we all love you so much!

  39. 89
    Terri says:

    God is blowing us away with the response to this event in Bolivar, MO! We will be 540+ strong on Saturday. Please know that our team is praying for this event!! We couldn’t do it without our men, who are parking cars, helping with lunch, and PRAYING!We are so grateful.

  40. 90

    Hey Beth! I’m excited reading about the men praying for us! I;m planning on going to an area church with three of my friends on Sat to see the Simulcast. I’m praying for you and your crew and Travis too. I can try and get the word out to various men from my church and to my husband. Cute and handsome as he is, he will probably pray for us also.:) Biggest of ((HUGS)) to yoiu today, I hope your preparations are going well and He is speaking powerfully to you, and that you are being filled with His Spirit. I liked reading about your time with the grand kiddles over the weekend. Fun:) I will be praying. I love you much too Siesta Mama Beth, you know that:)

  41. 91
    amybhill says:

    Lindsee- i am coming to see the momma live in Reading PA this weekend and i have an EXTRA ticket!!! I am happy to give it for free. Do you know- if I bring it to the venue, can I leave it at the ticket window for someone in need of a ticket???

  42. 92
    Kim B. in AZ says:


    I love this post. I also loved Lindsee’s last one as well. I was just thinking the other day how I missed the silly fun we have had on this blog in the past. Now don’t get me wrong here I also love the more serious posts as well. I also do not consider this post silly, fun yes silly no. Ok that said. I know that life is serious and is just plain hard sometimes. It is just that I need some silly fun in my life at times and this would be one of them. There is nothing major wrong it is just rather serious of late. With kids learning how to live this thing called life as adults. Add to that helping others (I am a PW) and finances. It is all very good, just hard at times. Some of the things others are going through are heart breaking. So I guess it is not all good, but I am glad that I can be there for them. I would not trade being a part of any of it. Well maybe I would a small part, but not much. All that to say hearing about your lives well it is just wonderful and encouraging. I feel like we are old friends and just had a chat to get caught up.I love the idea of having men pray for the conference. I sure wish I could watch on line or go to Long Beach to hear you speak. But with several in college at the same time that is not possible. So I am hoping to catch you in Phoenix next year.

    Have a wonderful week. May God use you in a mighty way this week and weekend.

  43. 93

    Dear Beth,
    It’s lovely to read this message from you. I want you to know that I was visiting a friend in Kansas City, and she took me to her Bible Study group (James) and your LPL event – my first experience with anything Beth Moore. She was chosen to go up on stage with you, as the “You” in your “We-You-They” illustration (you can see her cute, short blonde hair in the photos). I want you to know that I bought your book, “Believing God,” loved it, and am about to start a study of it in a local church TOMORROW morning.
    Bless you for your devotion to God and for this ministry, Beth!

  44. 94
    Fran McCurry Plott says:

    I loved this lengthy post, but need to know if Keith left for the shooting range! πŸ™‚

    How I anticipate and will welcome revival on Saturday- I am praying for you as you prepare and deliver, Beth.

    My husband Tom is praying for all 150,00 of us.

    Thank you for this simulcast each year, especially those years when a live event is too far away.

    In Christ,
    Gulf Shores, AL

  45. 95
    jill says:

    hey lindsee, will the simulcast be available for purchase after Saturday? I would LOOOVVVEE to be apart of this Saturday, and have not missed a simulcast since 2009, but I ‘m going to have to miss this Saturday. πŸ™

    • 95.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hey Jill! We never know if it will be made available until a few weeks after the event. If it is we’ll let you know! Blessings, Sister!

  46. 96
    Sue Hines says:

    Thanks Beth for the great blog. You make a person feel that we really are sitting there with you. You put so much energey into everything you do. Your grandchildren are gorgeous. I’ll be praying for your simulcast. I’m heading to Disney World with my beautiful granddaughter.

    God bless you,

    Virginia Beach, VA

  47. 97
    Dawn says:

    Hey Mama Beth!
    Loved reading your blog and hearing about your family. Just wanted you to know that your “Wednesdays with Beth” series you do fell on my yearning heart lately. Kind of going through a new season in life right now and I need Him more than ever. You reminded me that I cannot run too far to where He can’t find me, so I might as well stop. Please continue to pray for me and I will do the same for you and your team. May He shower many blessings on you and show people just how wonderful His love is!!
    Your Sister in Christ,
    Dawn, Mt. Olive, NC

  48. 98
    Kathy B says:

    I just love it when I feel like we”ve had us a bonafide visit: porch seats, tea cups, nail polish and all! Thank you for running around the block a few times before giving us the final skinny. A chatty one myself, I thank the Lord for a “friend” like you who anoints us with details; juicy, tender, darling details. I am married to a dear who could’ve played on the old TV show, “Dragnet.” You know, the “just the facts, mam. just the facts,” kinda guy. My verbal meanderings can prove a bit disorienting for his poor soul. So when someone takes my hand and bids me follow them down a few rabbit trails, I’m pleased as punch to oblige.

    Antlers on the lawn? Priceless.
    Blessings and prayers for Sat!

  49. 99
    Becky Bigbie says:

    I faithfully read your blog and it truly does make my day to associate with other women who prioritize their faith and spirituality. I travel alot and speak in front of groups and my heart is to help women succeed in business. And, I could never do a Beth Moore Bible study without purchasing the DVDs… CDs just won’t do because I can’t see Beth’s outfits! :>) I appreciate her style! I might have commented once, but I’m not even sure of that. I pray often because of the blog. So, you ask, what brings me out of my little world? I would really love a full picture of Beth’s kitchen table! I have a table that appears to be very similar. It was my grandmother’s table and then my mom’s, so it is precious to me as well. I sponge painted the top, which should tell you how long ago I painted it because I don’t think sponge and paint should be used in the same sentence! I would love to repaint it to match Beth’s! It’s perfect! I have had my house on the market for 18 months and have tried making it more current in style so it will sell…. it occurred to me today that updating the table might be helpful too! Maybe I can incorporate the fruits of the spirit in it as well! You would really make my day if it’s possible to send the pic! Thank you so much!

  50. 100

    I love this post! You are so cute, Beth! I miss your goofy random comments about things like bugs in your tea! Stuff I thought only happened to me πŸ™‚ Only I would have swallowed it before I even realized what it was! LOL! Anyway, I haven’t been on here much. I’m slowly changing that. It’s been tougher getting sober than I thought it would be. Our finances are a wreck, too. A lot worse than we expected and of course, part of that might be how quickly I escalated to a Fifth of Vodka a day when we got here and kept going back to it. At least I didn’t do it consistently every day! Just a few days here and there. I don’t even want to think where I’d be right now if your sister hadn’t encouraged me to have more of an open mind about AA. It’s saved my life! I’m absolutely convinced of it! I finally got 30 days! Actually, 35 days, technically, today, and have no intention of doing that ever again! Not that I expect anyone to believe me. I’ve said that so many times! Anyway, my husband and I both put up with things being put off and somehow we’re still married after 15 years! I’m also now learning to quit creating chaos where there is none! They tell me I do that cause it’s what I’m used to and am not comfortable when things are calm and peaceful. Also, getting myself worked up gives me an excuse to drink. It’s all part of the disease of alcoholism. Never knew that before. I just figured if I didn’t drink I’d be fine, but there’s so much more to it than that. Alcohol is but a symptom. Such a strange disease! But I’m sober today and hopefully I’ll stay that way.

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