“Brothers, pray for us.” 1 Thess. 5:25

Dear Brothers,

Something happened in the last several months of our Living Proof Live women’s events that we’ve never seen before. Groups of men felt compelled by God to band together and intercede for the women attending the event in their city. The occasions were completely unrelated to one another. We knew God was stirring it up when the lead-out event with a covering of men was in Canada. Not only were we thrilled and grateful for their participation around these events through prayer. We saw remarkable works of God and felt that He’d nodded over the unity and mutual esteem. And, to tell you the truth, just feeling significant to them felt significant. We believe deeply that God honored the way these brothers in Christ honored their sisters. He listened, He approved, and He responded. The willingness of these men to do the work of intercession in our behalf humbled us, blessed us, and brought us a unique joy before God. Esteem is a powerful form of love and it was not lost on us.

This coming Saturday, September 15th, well over 150,000 of your sisters in Christ will gather through a Living Proof Live simulcast for a fresh encounter with God from 9:30 – 4:15 Eastern Standard Time. If God has His unhindered way, this could be a true revival of faith for many women. That’s what I feel He’s purposed for it and called me to specifically request from Him. A goal like that is completely out of human hands. I can’t study hard enough for what I’m asking. We can’t pray long enough or prepare well enough. Our knees are down, our faces are up, and our Bibles are open but what we need is Heaven wide-open and grace spilled down in a drenching flood. We want God to reveal Himself in a way we can’t ignore or recover from the next week.

Recently my eyes fell on a little 4-word verse (in the ESV) at the conclusion of the First Letter to the Thessalonians: Brothers, pray for us. I stared and stared at it and thought, sometimes you just up and ask for it. And that’s what your sisters are doing right now. Based on what we’ve already seen God initiating in the hearts of men these last few months, would you graciously commit to pray for us on Saturday? Or even right now toward Saturday? We’re not asking you to do anything particularly formal or in groups. We’re just asking as many brothers as possible to pray on their own for a large group of sisters meeting in the name of Christ and the Word of God. By all means, we want the prayers of many husbands of participants but we’re really asking for something broader. We’re asking for brothers to pray for sisters they may never meet. We’re asking you to pray for a harvest that you may personally never see.

We’re asking for some young men to pray and some old men to pray. We’re asking for some single men to pray, some husbands to pray and some widowers to pray. We’re asking some student ministers to pray and some senior pastors to pray. If some of you happen to feel led to go the extra mile and fast through lunch on Saturday in order to be more focused in prayer, who are we to argue? We’ll receive it! There are no rules or restraints on the process. Just do it however God leads in the name of Christ.

If you’re willing, we’d be tremendously encouraged if you’d give us an idea of the of support system we have among you by leaving a brief comment to this post. All we’d request is your name and your city. It could be as simple as this:

Keith Moore in Houston, Texas.

If you’re a pastor or you serve at a church or in a ministry, we’d also love to know where.

If you’re not that enthusiastic about signing on the dotted line here through a comment, no worries! Just pray!

We don’t just want your prayers. We need them. So many women out there feel like they’re drowning in an ocean of demands or evaporating in a desert. They need courage and encouragement. Lord, have mercy, I do, too. This is no culture for Christian cowards. You certainly know that.

Please fight for us.

We will gladly repay this debt of love and pray for you.

Thank you so much, gentlemen. Believe God for us and may God backwash immense blessing right over you. By the way, the main host site for this Saturday’s gathering is in Reading, Pennsylvania…at The Sovereign Center. Yep. We’ll take that.

“He who is the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings and Lord of lords…To Him be honor and eternal dominion. Amen.”

In His unfathomable love,



213 Responses to ““Brothers, pray for us.” 1 Thess. 5:25”

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  1. 151
    Chris Bishop says:

    Prayers rising from a youth pastor at Hope Community Church in Rogersville, TN!

  2. 152
    becky bromley says:

    I commit to praying from now through Sat AM.

  3. 153
    Nancylee E. Leighton says:

    While I am in Reading , PA for this wonderful Beth Moore Event my dear husband of thirty four years will be back here in Williamsburg, VA. praying for all of the ladies as well as Beth and the word the Lord has given her to bring forth . My ” Poppa ” ( age 87 ) is also praying .
    Gary Leighton and Ray Jenkins – praying saints of God .

  4. 154
    Gearl Spicer says:

    YES–I will pray and will also attend to encourage our ladies! Trusting Him to do His amazing work through all of you.

  5. 155
    Lee Green says:

    Lee Green from
    Prairieville, LA
    Will be praying!

  6. 156
    Stephanie Solomon says:

    I live in Morgantown, WV. I too fill in my spirit that God is up to something so big that only He can do. We are crying out to Him, “Please save our nation, restore it back to where we Americans put you first in our lives. You Father, Abba, Prince Of Peace are our first love. Please forgive us for all the baals in our lives. We need you, Lord. Come Holy Spirit! Fill us Holy Spirit! Open our hearts and eyes so we can receive you, all of you. Cleanse us, Lord. Cover us with your blood, The Blood of Christ. I pray a very special blessing on Beth, Lord. Anoint her for Saturday, protect her from the enemy. Just allow your Spirit to work in her. Thank you for her life Lord and her obedience to you. Thank you, Jesus! In His Precious Holy Name, Stephanie Solomon

  7. 157
    Heidi says:

    Beth, my 17yr old son Dustin said he will pray for you and your crew. It touched me he was interested when I mentioned about it. He was worried he would forget by saterday so he told me he spoke with God about it. He asked me if the women were also praying for the men…smile.

  8. 158
    Bob says:

    Bob Bartel, Steinbach, Mb. Canada

  9. 159
    Ken says:

    Ken M.
    Johnstown, PA

    Will Be praying!

  10. 160
    Melany says:

    Wow, this whole thing gives me chills! As a single woman, the thought of a man other than an immediate family member praying for me is one of the most wonderful things I can imagine. How incredible that these men are praying over these women’s events!

  11. 161
    Jon Cranford says:

    Wife and daughter are attending. I will pray. Granbury, Texas

  12. 162
    Mary Ellen Ray says:

    Dear Beth and all my sisters,
    How I would love to be with you in Reading PA this weekend. I wanted so badly to go to the LPL in Knoxville this past August and no one else could or would go. Then I thought of a friend that I had in Harrisburg PA that would live to go but now I have no one to watch my 88 yr old dad.
    I feel very blessed to have gone to two LPL conferences and they really lifted me up and inspired me to press on in this exciting journey thru life with Jesus.
    I will be praying that many will come to know HIM and be compelled to follow him in a daily walk that will lead them to the truest joy known on earth.
    Bless you Beth for allowing God to use you . It has and does inspire me to listen and hear his voice thru His WORD. May GOD’S spirit rain down on all of you !
    In HIS LOVE,
    Mary Ellen Ray. Wayne,WV

  13. 163
    TAnthony says:

    I will pray starting today. Today is my 9th year wedding anniversary, and I reflect on how when we first got married we prayed separately and maybe a few times a week. 9 years later we pray every night, together holding hands, separately each morning in our personal quiet time and the together with our boys before we leave the house. I totally believe in the power of prayer, and the seriousness of this movement.

  14. 164
    Dick Lloyd says:

    husband and father in law praying for the Beth and the ladies at Reading

  15. 165
    Elkbowhunter says:

    Lord I pray for courage for the women who are seeking you. There is something in our path ahead that you have planned, and it is my heart mind and soul’s desire to see you exalted. 2 Chron 7:14 is pressing on my heart for these Jesus followers. You must become greater, we must become less. Please lead us Holy Spirit, teach us, keep us all in line with your plan, the only plan that matters.

    To God Be The Glory
    Brenham, Texas

  16. 166
    Dan & Tammy says:

    My husband & I are co-Ministers of Education @ FBC-Madisonville, KY. We escorted a group of women recently to the Knoxville, TN LPL. We were overwhelmed by His mighty presence at this event. We were stunned to find 4,000+ men in the Knoxville area had prayed for the event prior to our arrival…true evidence of the power of prayer! We will be praying this Saturday.
    P.S. Plus, we were one of the groups that were blessed to meet you at Calhoun’s on the River after the conference. Thank you so much for coming back and meeting our group of ladies. We were blessed!

  17. 167
    David Adkins says:

    David Adkins will be praying in Flower Mound, TX!

  18. 168
    Jane Martin says:

    These men from Roanoke, VA have committed to pray for us on Saturday:

    Alan McClellan
    Bill Horvath
    Dave Harrison
    George Bristol
    Dr. Gerald McDermott – Pastor and Professor of Religion at Roanoke College

  19. 169
    Tim Cole says:

    I am not at all familiar with your ministry, but my heart yearns for revival; and if God can do a powerful work there I say Glory to His Name. God Bless You All.

  20. 170
    Gregory Payne says:


    The book of Genesis tells us that God created you as mans compliment. My wife is definately my compliment. She is also the wens ministry director at my church where I serve as the youth director. I pray for strength and success for her everyday and will begin to pray this same prayer for you wonderful ladies as well.

    Father I ask for you to watch over these ladies as they gather in Your name to worship You and glorify You. Your word tells us that when we call on you that you will answer and because of that we will honor You. These ladies are honoring you so I ask that you cover them with blessings and love. Everything they are doin is to bring Glory to Your name an that is what they are commanded to do. Please convict those who might stand against this and provide this event and ladies with your protection because they are your children Lord. I ask these things in your sons name. Amen.

  21. 171
    Di Heath says:

    Beth, you are such an inspiration to all of us. Thanks for your wonderful work. I will pray for your ministry and for all of you.
    We love you here in South Africa. Wish you would come and visit us.

  22. 172
    Dan says:

    Our men’s group will be praying for the ladies at this event on Saturday. We have around 15 men in that group that will praying.

  23. 173
    Terry Bobbitt says:

    Dear Living Proof…
    When I was in my quiet time this morning, God put it on my heart to pray earnestly for you and your team as you share in His sweet and powerful Word. I believe God will be moving with Holy Spirit fire and everyone who hungers for a Word will be fed! I pray Acts 2:1-2 for all in attendance and protection for you in heart, mind and soul as you worship and speak in the precious name of Jesus. His work is finished, the enemy has been conquered and any plan the enemy may have to interfere with God’s plan will be thwarted. He is surely calling the Body of Christ to come boldly to the throne of grace to obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Our country is in great need…the people are in great need and there is nothing our God cannot do for those who love Him! God Bless all of you. Thank you dearly for sharing your heart for God. I so enjoy listening to Beth Moore on my radio station here in N Ga (Victory 91.5) and all the Bible Studies I have been powerfully blessed by. I am a grateful sister in Christ! much love in Jesus….

  24. 174
    Kris says:

    Beth …I will never forget the bible study we did by you, not sure which one, where you told the story of you and Keith riding on the snowmobile and how the Lord showed you about you being protected by your husband. You looked straight at your video
    audience and assured us that Keith was praying for all of us whose husbands did not. I have never forgotten that and have often thanked the Lord, knowing that even though my husband may not be, I know of one man of God who is praying for me…tell him thanks, will you? And keep on praying!!

  25. 175
    Jeff Lee says:

    Praying in Ladysmith, WI. My wife and he bible study friend Terry will be attending.

  26. 176
    Dave says:

    Dave praying in Becker, MN

  27. 177
    Emery Smith says:

    I am intrigued by the cross-denominational influence of your ministry Beth. Many women, including my wife, in our small community are attending the simulcast – praying for great breakthrough and a revived sense of unity this Saturday. Emery Smith
    in Hollister, CA.

  28. 178
    Jane Martin says:

    One more of our brothers in Roanoke, VA to add to the list of prayer warriors:

    Ron Knuppel

  29. 179
    Don Perry says:

    My wife Terri has been a faithful fan of Beth for quite a few years. As far as I know, she has purchased everything Beth has ever released. (My wallet feels the pain, believe me:) But,her spiritual growth from countless hours spent in God’s word (and Beth’s studies) has been nothing short of amazing. And,each one of those studies has been loaned out so often I don’t know how Terri keeps track of them.

    Then we have the Beth Moore conferences. Hmmm. How many? I can’t count them all! But, always a blessing!! And I am so excited for Terri that she can be at another one. My prayers are with her, Beth and everyone that attends–for a wonderful time of fellowship and even more profound spiritual growth!

  30. 180
    tom horsfall says:

    i am greatly encouraged after reading your appeal to us, your brothers in Christ! thank you so very much for a chance to minister on your behalf before the One True God! i know many brothers personally here who will, with great joy, feel priveledged to add their prayers to the multitude of others that are and will be going out for you. Grace and Peace to you from our Father! Amen

  31. 181
    Steve Neely says:

    Steve, praying in Sedona, AZ while my wife attends the event in a neighboring town.

  32. 182
    MAnderson says:

    Am praying for the Spirit to do what humans cannot. Grace. Peace. Matt | McDowell Mountain Community Church, Scottsdale, AZ

  33. 183
    deb samson says:

    will be praying for all my sisters in Christ (some from my local church participating) during this weekend! I know God will move in a powerful way!!

    Be Blessed Beth and All!

  34. 184
    Pastor Rick Trafton, Messiah's House says:

    Praying for an overflowing of the Holy Ghost, and emptying out of all who speak. That you all would be bold and proclaim the fullness of the gospel. That those in attendance would have ears to hear and courage to respond to the Father. That His great love would open a floodgate of repentance.
    Please know the Father is delighted with your obedience and He will infuse your effort with His power so that His Kingdom will manifest in the presence of every searching heart!

  35. 185
    quinn says:

    In Portland,OR, I will be praying for my mom and the event.

  36. 186
    Joan Hall says:

    May the God Abraham, Isaac and Jacob hear these prayers and bless those who are assembled under the teachings this weekend of these women. Dear Lord pour out your mighty mercy on this nation that has not yielded to prayer. Lend us your ear and we ask that you hear us… and ..”as we cry to you, You will hear and you will answer, you will show us great and mighty things that we have not known.” Jeremiah 33:3 paraphrased…

  37. 187
    Pete Brzezinski says:

    Praying as you begin today.

    I am an army chaplain serving in Washington DC. My wife (a siesta, WendyBrz) has been blessed by your ministry and by your LPL for Ministers’ Wives.

  38. 188
    Brian Hasbrouck says:

    Brian Hasbrouck from Dayton, Ohio. Praying this morning for revival among our sisters in Christ and that their lives would be living proof of His great love.

  39. 189
    Chuck Curry says:

    I am praying for God’s revelation to all who attend. Sorry for the late response.

  40. 190
    Cody Weber says:

    Cody Weber – Grove City, PA

  41. 191
    Sista Staci says:


    I love you, sweet servant of GOD!

    What a word…what a word…WHAT A WORD!!

    Only Through HIM,
    Staci Pealock


  42. 192
    Olga says:

    Dear Beth and Living Proof Ministries team, thank you so much for the great opportunity to have the conference in Moldova, Eastern Europe today, September 15, 2012. Just got back from the conference – Jesus, the One and Only – held by Paulette, and her team from Romania and the USA. The Holy Spirit brought through these wonderful women a refreshment for my soul and an encouragement in the ministry with the women in my church. Thank you for the materials provided for the women here and for all the support that you and the Beautiful Gate Translations give for God’s glory and His Kingdom. Blessings!

  43. 193
    Don Cameron says:

    A special prayer for our daughter and her four children

    Don: Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

  44. 194
    lynne renaud says:

    Blessed beyond measure today at the Simulcast. Very timely message for me as I am sure it was for all the women. Our God wants us to remember the abundant life He has for us. No more fear!

  45. 195
    Deborah Tate says:

    Houston, TX

    You are all so dearly loved by me. I want you to know that I follow you regularly but not always on your time frame. I am still teaching the Kelly Minter series on Nehemiah to my workplace Bible study. The girls were just wanting to camp and we do the study at lunch and people forget their books or didn’t read the lesson – so we are going through one day each week. Everyone has been totally blessed and it was so wonderful for you to open us up to this new writer of Bible Studies. We are loving it.

    I have been blessed beyond belief by your ministry always.

    Your sister (or Sista) Deborah 🙂

  46. 196
    Joyce Winn says:

    9-15-12 will always be in my memory as it was the day, I received Christ at the simlucast. God was certainly answering prayers that day.Continue to pray for all us women.
    I so enjoy your Bible studies which I am in at church.
    Thanks to you and your team.

    Joyce: Woodhaven, Mi

  47. 197
    Brandy says:

    I was blessed beyond measure at the simulcast event yesterday! Thanks to all for the prayers… We had a revival! Psalms 68:11 (NIT) The Lord speaks; many, many women spread the good news.

  48. 198
    John Truscelli says:

    John Truscelli from Sarasota, FL. I will be praying for all of the sisters through Saturday and beyond.
    Hebrews 10:24
    And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.

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