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Hey, Sweet Things!

I’ve had us in such a serious place recently that I’m feeling like it’s time to share some things that are fun and a tad lighter-hearted. First I want to tell you something because it greatly involves you. I woke up on Tuesday and, lo and behold, I felt remarkably better. Stronger. Clearer. Happier. Well, and funnier. (Grinning at the last one. It’s a big priority around the Moore house.) That’s one good thing about just being honest and out there with it sometimes. People might get concerned enough to pray for you.Β  I want you to know that I FELT IT and I am eating the fruit of it and I am deeply grateful. I needed the prayers. Oh, Sisters, I always need the prayers. Don’t stop now. But I think it’s important that I turn around and encourage you in your faith by telling you that you pray effectively. What you do in the heavenly realms profoundly impacts this earthly soil. You matter. Your Spiritual disciplines matter.

I feel God at work and that’s the world to me. Nothing monumental has changed in the circumstances that have made these last weeks challenging. I am absolutely certain that the evidences and effects I’m seeing and feeling are spiritual in nature. Two things are roused right now. I want to share them with you because I believe they are the same two things that will often strengthen you, too, in your weakness and heaviness. The first one we just talked about: being prayed for. Without the second one, however, the first one is limited. The intercessor will still be blessed for her faithfulness but we, the prayed for, will be hindered in personalized impact without our FAITH. God is calling me right now to press past my current level of faith-comfort and get back to squirming and growing in my sheer belief.

Whether we like it or not, the Scriptures echo this immutable principle: we BELIEVE to fully RECEIVE.

Lord, increase our faith. Let us never forget around here that, without faith, it is impossible to please You. We can do everything else to perfection and have a righteousness that shames all our friends and a ritual of daily prayer and self-denial that would slack-jaw John the Baptist and still not experience the exhilaration of Your holy NOD. Your favor is attracted most by our faith. Lord, increase our faith.

NOW. Let’s also have a little fun. Our comment line is open today for those who want to share something lighthearted. It can be funny but it doesn’t have to be. It can just be plain old fun. You know. Like what your six year old said to you yesterday. Or the perfect shade of lip gloss you’ve discovered for the summer. Or the most ridiculous thing that’s happened in your home lately. Or something delightfully awkward or absurd. Wide open. If you can’t think of anything fun, then just partake today. Everybody here knows life is serious and hard. Let’s all fight the urge to give one another a reality check on here today. Sometimes life here on Planet Earth stinks. We all get that. But, sometimes what stinks is the fertilizer in that soil underneath our feet. Something will grow from it if we let it. And we won’t be standing here in this exact spot of soil for long. Don’t think it’s all over but the crying.

When somebody in my family is in a rut, really feeling like life in general is one big rip off, I’m forced to quote Shelby in Steel Magnolias: “Miss Clairee, there are still good times to be had.”

There really are, Miss Clairee. There really are. Believe that.

Psalm 27:13-14…
I remain confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the LORD
in the land of the living.
Wait for the LORD;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the LORD.

OK. Here’s my something fun today. I’ve had this in my Bible for the last several weeks. It’s a page ripped out of one of the booklets you get at a Living Proof Live. A precious sister (Talia, as you’ll see) at a recent event doodled this on her notes while I was teaching. You can even see the microphone. It got handed off to me by someone on the LifeWay team but, if she’d handed it to me herself, I would have profusely thanked and hugged her and laughed with her but the teacher in me would also have asked to see her session notes. Grin. Anyway, she really made me smile.


NOW, you make somebody else smile today. How about it?

I love you guys. Thanks for riding the roller coaster with me. Mama’s feeling better. But never stop praying.




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  1. 401
    Patti says:

    Great new lip gloss I found: Hawaiian Tropic “aloha kiss moisturizing lip gloss” in the color of Island Berry. As an added plus, it has a SPF of 20! I got mine at Wal Mart in the section that has the sun block.

  2. 402
    Maureen Albert says:

    My funny is kind of funny and not so funny at the same time. 4 weeks ago, I was trying to jam new groceries into the freezer. I put a medium size tupperware container of frozen spaghetti and sauce on the top shelf – bent down to fix another shelf and it flew out and hit me on the head! 4 weeks later, I am still feeling the effects of a concussion. Not funny!! But, the funny part is telling people how you got a concussion and then being called “noodlehead” or other funny things! Reminds me that God gives us good and bad things all at the same time and we must try to find that good cuz life is so hard sometimes!! πŸ™‚

  3. 403
    Nina says:

    Just now reading this post, and I feel the need to share:

    My husband to my 5 year old daughter: What’s the difference between “car-mel” and “car-a-mel” (the two ways ppl say that word)? She sweetly and matter-of-factly says, “Strawberry!” πŸ™‚

  4. 404
    Melissa says:

    My brother recently asked my youngest niece (3 yrs old)…”Bubby do you think about anything besides cookies?” She replied, “Yes Daddy, popsicles.”

  5. 405
    scooter says:

    I went to the beauty shop the other day to have my hair done (the particulars are of no consequence). A lady was sitting, waiting for her daughter to get her hair done, so we started chatting. She leaned forward to get off the rather low-seated couch. It was obvious she was having trouble.

    As she leaned forward several times to try to get up, I noticed she kept looking at my shoe with each attempt. And, each time she would make the effort, her grin got bigger and bigger until the fifth or sixth time when she burst out laughing. I’m not talking a small guffaw, I’m talking bustin’ out, snot-snortin’, rip-roarin’ laughter. The beautician whirled around and asked, “What in the world?” The woman just pointed at my shoe, now unable to communicate with intelligible words.

    I panicked for a minute, thinking a cockroach was on my shoe and she was laughing from terror. Oh no…uh-uh…if only it had been a cockroach.

    I looked down and to my horror, on top of my shoe sat my underwear from the night before. They had been pulled off jeans and all so when I put my jeans back on they were in the leg of one side, had worked their sly little selves down my pant leg to perch proud as a bantam rooster atop my shoe.

    What could I do? I ceremoniusly bent over, plucked the adornment off my shoe-top and placed them on my head, stood up and pronounced, “I guess I no longer need to have my hair done.”

    The women were laughing uncontrollably. I hope my insanity has brought a smile to someone’s face.

    • 405.1
      cathy says:

      Don,t feel bad. I had a similar episode. I was sitting at the nurses station charting. When I stood up a pair of my red and white pokka-dotted bikini,s fell out of my pants leg when I stood up. Yes, it took a minute for us to quit laughing in the “quiet zone” lol

    • 405.2
      diana says:

      I am just laughing out loud at this….thank you for sharing! Now I know I am normal when all those kinds of things happen to me!

  6. 406
    Shirley Suffern says:

    We had our two grandchildren for the weekend, Ryan 8 years and Regan 6. I had to go to my hair appointment and Regan needed a hair cut, and I wanted my “fake” nails off so I told her we would get her nails and toenails painted. We were going to call it “girls” day out. Papa was going to take Ryan on “boys” day. After Regan and I were finished (we also stoped for a little toy) and on the way home she says “Nana this was great but I’m really not much of a girl so its OK if we don’t do this again.”
    Nothing is as special as grandchildren!

  7. 407
    Faran says:

    This is *crazy* but last year I won a contest and became one of 5 people in North America who are the β€œSpyder Five” ambassadors for Can-Am Spyder motorcycles (I had never ridden before). I now ride and hang out with bikers who started a charity called Bikers 4 Foster Kids.

    The Lord has given me a completely unexpected mission field. AND He answered by heart’s cry for an adventure. My kids think I’m cool and my husband sweetly indulges my alter-ego life as motorcycle momma. How fun is that!?

  8. 408
    Joy French says:

    Last night after hearing Priscilla Shirer speak for the women at my church, my daughters, who were helping with childcare in the back portables, met me around front and were running to our car screaming and laughing, saying that they were so much faster than me and were beating me to the car. I yelled out that I was much older and wiser, then the older man, who was standing out in the parking lot patiently directing traffic, yelled back and your mom has the keys:) People like that make me love my church even more! Yea for volunteers with a sense of humor!

  9. 409
    Terri Smith says:

    Following a day camp in which the teacher had talked about dinosaurs, my daughter and granddaughter had submerged one of those dried-up sponge thingies that, once immersed in water, gets larger; they were waiting for the dinosaur to appear. My daughter asked, “What if this is REALLY a dinosaur?” And my granddaughter, who is one expressive little girl, replied, “Seriously, if THAT happens, I’m outta here!”

  10. 410

    Warmest greetings to you Beth! I’m a little late I think, but I will share one random, light-hearted, maybe funny thing with you all…let’s see…thinking…ok, this might make you all smile. I went to my fertility clinic for an ultrasound and bloodwork this morning for the invitro that I am undergoing right now, and my husband came with me. He is normally a funny guy, and when we walked into the room for the ultrasound, they had the obligatory stirrups, well, on the ends of the stirrups were oven mits-I mean black and white pattern with pink bows and trim on them oven mits:) My husband said something like “Well, this is where the babies are cooked up, right?” The nurse grinned and giggled, and was like, “That’s right, I’ve never thought about it that way, but that’s true.” I told her I bring him with me for the entertainment:) Love my Handsome Man:)

    • 410.1

      Beth and LPM, I hope this is ok to do…I wanted to let you all know before Monday something concerning my invitro that I have asked you all to pray for me over on the prayer request page. My egg retrieval has been moved to this coming Monday, early in the morning. If I have any embryos to transfer, they will probably be transferred on Wednesday or Thursday. Just wanted to let you all know…also, I wanted to wish Keith and Curtis and all the dads associated with LPM happy Father’s Day tomorrow. Love ya’ll at LPM very much.

      • Hey, real quick, I wanted to let you know that I posted a pick of my embryos from my in vitro on my blog. They make me soo happy. I want to share happiness with you all. Ok, that’s all. Love Ya’ll.

  11. 411
    Lynne says:

    Am thrilled to hear that you are back to bubbling Beth and that you felt the Siesta prayer support!

    Although I am late in reading this post I HAD to add one form my 8-yr old granddaughter who had just experienced her first grown-up roller coaster ride . . she is not sure she’ll ride it again because “it made [her] tummy feel like it might cry.”

    Aren’t grandkids just such a fantastic gift!?!

  12. 412
    Gabbagab says:

    The other night as I was just about to serve dinner, I warned my 6yr old son that he only had about 5 or 10 mins left to play on his computer game. He said “I’ll take the 10!”

  13. 413
    Kimberly Oldfather says:

    I have a question that I would like your input on….
    I wear a prayer covering. I base my conviction off of 2Corinthians chapt 11. I know you are a woman who knows your bible well also you are a minister to woman. So what is your take on this scripture. I am seeking to find more truth to what is really being said in that chapter.
    Could you share your thoughts with me.

  14. 414
    Traci says:

    When we told my youngest son that Jesus lives in his heart, he wanted to know where so we pointed to his chest. From then on, whenever he wanted to eat he would say “mommy God is hungry!” πŸ™‚

  15. 415
    Becky Wade says:

    Sistas–we have just discovered the television show “Duck Dynasty” and we laugh our heads off. It is so very funny. Give it a try. However,as we are folks who have always lived in the northern U.S. we are wondering if folks from the south think it is as funny. Would love to know.

    • 415.1
      aubrey ash says:

      I also just found this show. It makes me laugh every time!!!

    • 415.2
      Melissa says:

      We love this show…and it doesn’t make our ears bleed!

    • 415.3
      Victoria says:

      I’m from Louisiana and think it’s hilarious. No, we don’t all act, talk, or look like the family on Duck Dynasty, but we probably have some relatives that do!

  16. 416
    Dee says:

    We Southerners can appreciate white bread and Duke’s mayonnaise. I got our first tomotoes from our garden. So today I wanted my first home-grown tomato sandwich for the year. No bread in the house, so I took off to the local quick shop to buy bread. Now at home I get all the ingredients out and I realized I have no Duke’s. Can’t have my first tomoto sandwich without the Duke’s. I’ll just have to wait. Text to hubby, “pls bring us some Duke’s, tks”

    • 416.1
      Pat says:

      Dee, I love tomato sandwiches! There’s nothing better in the whole wide world! I’m hoping there are tomato sandwiches in heaven!

    • 416.2
      Missy says:

      Have you ever grilled your tomato sandwich? Just like a grilled cheese? In a skillet with butter? Oh my Jesus help me! It’s absolutely the BEST!!!

  17. 417
    aubrey ash says:

    Here’s my funny for the day. The other day my beautiful daughter was practicing riding her back with her dad. She hadn’t quite got down how to turn (or stop, for that matter). As I was recording this event on my phone, I happened to catch her running straight into the mailbox. It was slow enough that she wasn’t hurt but it was really funny! So funny in fact that I posted it on Facebook so everyone else could enjoy also.

  18. 418
    Beth says:

    I got the most wonderful mani peti this week and now have nails the color called “Teal the cows come home “. It makes me smile every time I look at my fingers and toes!

  19. 419
    Becky Potter says:

    I work for an attorney who helps probate wills. The other day a lady called and wanted to know if she had to wait until her mother died to probate her will. I so wanted to call the mother and tell her to watch her back. You just never know what kind of people are out there.

  20. 420
    Melissa says:

    My oldest son is heading to college this fall (GULP!) and was telling my youngest son that he had to explain to him how to dress, etc. so that he could carry on the “hotness” in the family. My oldest said, “I have got to pass the baton to you.” My youngest looked at him and said, “I don’t want the ugly stick. ” Too funny! I love them so!

  21. 421
    Kelly says:

    While looking after my neice’s young daughter who was talking to me non-stop about EVERYTHING, she stated that her friend’s dog had died. When I asked her why the dog had died, she replied “I think he had BREATH cancer.”

  22. 422
    Kelly says:

    Our black labrador, Tank, is also known as ‘Romeo’ because he loves the ladies and he loves to ‘kiss’….one of my good friends came to visit from out of state for a few days recently, and we both had our pjs on one night getting ready to watch tv…Tank was at my end of the couch and was being his affectionate self giving me kisses when suddenly he jumped up on my lap and kissed and kissed my face which got me laughing so hard I couldn’t stop! Then he squirmed and inched his way down to where my friend was sitting at the other end and found his way on her lap and did the same kissing thing to her…we were both laughing hysterically trying to get him to stop, but the more we laughed, the more he kissed! Between laughing and trying to breathe I told my friend “don’t open your mouth” because Tank would sure enough stick his tongue right in! What made it more funny is that he weighs 90 lbs but of course thinks he’s a lap dog!!

  23. 423
    Linda Kennedy says:

    My granddaughter, single parent of three-year-old twin girls, was packing up to move into a new apartment. One of the girls found some broken bracelets and wanted to keep them. “No,Haley,” she tried to explain, “we have enough to pack and those are broken.” “Mom,” Haley retorted, “you’re ruining my life.”

  24. 424
    Christine says:

    I had a lightbulb moment last week. I found out that sisterinlaws do not care for you to text them – “For gosh sakes clean your house and put sheets on the beds, your daughter wants pink and your son wants blue.” Oops! Christmas will be tough this year with the family, but maybe I’ll buy them sheets….lol

  25. 425
    Donna says:

    Good morning Beth & happy birthday to you! Something funny happened a couple of Sundays ago when I was getting ready for church. I opened a new package of panty hose to put them on. When I bought them all I knew was they were the right brand, color & size…not bothering to read the rest. Well, that morning the REST of the description caught my eye…cellulite fighting ingredients! I laughed so hard, thinking about what you had said on one of your Bible study sessions about jeans that helped with cellulite! What will they think of next? LOL!!!Have a blessed day and enjoy your B-Day!

  26. 426
    Nancy says:

    I don’t have a funny story, but just a fun event that took place this week: Trader Joe’s opened in The Woodlands Friday morning and I was there with the rest of the community! It was awesome. I’ve been waiting and waiting for it to open. Brings back such sweet memories of our time in California when I was first exposed to that special store.

  27. 427
    Missy says:

    I worked 35 minutes from my children’s school. We were living on a farm in Texas, with a beautiful old farmhouse with a 3 sided porch! My oldest was a very responsible 7 year old 2nd grader. I had many close calls not making it home before their bus dropped them off at the farmhouse, so I gave them my speech often. If for some strange reason mommy gets stuck in traffic and you beat me home, just go around the back side on the porch and stay in the porch swing. No one can see you there and I’ll be home in a few seconds! This was our emergency plan. One day, the inevitable happened. I was 5 minutes late and the bus was early that day. I called the local police, who were sending a car by, and I’m flying home, and I see my 2nd grader and my kindergardener outside the gate by the road holding signs, waving their arms at passing cars!! Their signs are notebook paper that say, “HELP US! Our mom isn’t home!” I can’t believe we survived that day! It’s funny now, but not then!

  28. 428
    Louise Denton says:

    When I first came to visit my daughter & family who relocated from California, we enjoyed going out to lunch & shopping great places. On my next trip I said for lunch let’s just do light & stop by Chicka-Flicka.
    My young granddaughter even knew that was “So Not Right” & everyone laughed & I said “what” ? Still not realizing it was Chick-Fil-a —-& all these years later they remind me as we drive through!

  29. 429
    Dianne Jones says:

    My 8-year old niece wanted something that my sister told her she couldn’t have. My niece got quite vocal in demanding her way and my sister reprimanded her, to which my niece pulled out her trump card and told my sister, “You’re not being a Godly parent”. I lost it, but my sister calmly replied, “I choose to use my words, but the Bible says I can use a rod, would you like that?”

    Sister:1, Niece:0

  30. 430
    glenwood says:

    One or two years ago when I was about four years old,my father worked third shift. I was up before he came home and hid. He found me before he went to sleep after looking the house over. Imaginative child that I was I always hid in the same hall closet.My mother has a picture of me in the closet waiting to be found. A good Father’s Day memory.

  31. 431
    Heather Bug says:

    I was walking with my walking partner (who is almost 20 years younger than I) awhile back and we were talking about her pre-marital counselors, who were a married couple. One of them I had seen once as my doctor and I told her that I knew him but that he wouldn’t know me from Adam. I then went on to tell her that I also knew who his wife was because I was supposed to be in her Bible study but that she wouldn’t know me from Adam, either. My sweet friend looked at me with a confused expression on her face and asked, “Now, who’s Adam again?” HAAAA!!! πŸ™‚

  32. 432
    happy heart says:

    One Sunday after church, I asked my little girl what they had done in Sunday School that day. She was almost three at the time. She looked at me with the cutest smile and said “Jesus, juice and cookies, mommy! We laughed so hard. I was glad that she had at least gotten them in the right order.

    A friend mine told a cute story about her preschooler. They were in the car and the song Worthy is the Lamb came on. Everyone in the car was singing when the noticed that her little girl was singing to the top of her lungs- Wooley is the Lamb, Wooley is the Lamb~ Try singing it. It will make you smile πŸ™‚

  33. 433
    Shelley says:

    Appreciate the study being brocast on Lightsource.com – from the James and Betty Robinson show, “Out of the Net”.

    Immediately reminded me of an episode from the great television program, “Mad About You.” For laughs:


    You’d have to see the entire 30 minute episode to apreciate, but none-the-less, short clip is funny.

  34. 434
    theHarborMom says:

    We are currently doing James with the women of our church. Last night was the week 3 video. We are always good at repeating the things Beth asks us to say or turning to others in the table and speaking truth to them as instructed us. All that seems quite normal. But, for some reason, last night I found it so hysterical that most of us dutifully raised our hands up high when Beth asked us if we knew who Cesar Milan was. As if Beth was looking right at us to see if we were right with her in the story. Oh, we were! Almost 200 of us raising our hands that we knew of Cesar. No wonder we all call you “Beth” like we know you personally. We really think you are right with us in the room!

    Having a great time in James! Thank you, Beth and Melissa, for all of your work. Women are in the Word with a vengenge in our little town!

  35. 435
    Michelle says:

    Better late than never I guess…

    Was coming home from a week at the beach with my family…driving first from Myrtle Beach, SC to Nashville, TN (my families home). Then from TN to TX. During the second leg of the trip I was feeling very..blah. Very tired. Definitely NOT adorable in any way and not feeling very doted on by Father God at the moment either. Enter…adorable 4 year old at McDonald’s…
    While looking at me, but talking to his Daddy he said:
    “Daddy, she’s CUTE!” (yes emphasis on the UTE in “CUTE”) And then says “She’s a PRINCESS!”
    It becomes important here that I’m 27, but love Disney movies and all the promises of the Father in this adventurous life. This blessed my soul πŸ™‚ And made me laugh. And ponder on who Jesus sees us all to be πŸ™‚
    Out of the mouth of babes…

  36. 436
    Ganise says:

    Hello there Living Proof ministries! :):)
    So happy to have found y’all, especially this HILARIOUS post! (Even though I am late).
    I just LOVE Beth Moore!! Truly.
    And I also appreciate everyone who shared their stories.
    (Some of them were truly encouraging).
    It brighten the rest of my day (which is awesome because I have been stuck sick in bed, all day..ugh.)

    Love to you all!(And especially those funny kids *grin*)
    And I’m sending hugs, prayers and blessings to EVERYONE going trough a difficult time.)

    Looking foward to spending more time here!!! :):)


  37. 437
    Rebecca says:

    Today was day one of our experimental low-sugar, low-carb, wheat-free diet to see if it will help my 4 year old son and the progressively worsening eczema that he has on his face, tummy, thighs & arms. My husband is working out of town this summer and as I was talking to him on the phone after supper, I had just opened my mouth to tell him how successful the first day was when I rounded the corner into the kitchen to see my son and his 2 year old sister, faces covered in chocolate, freezer drawer open and a box of ice cream sandwiches sitting out with 3 sandwiches missing. My son had eaten not one but TWO sandwiches and his co-conspirator had devoured the other. I wanted to laugh and cry! My husband burst out laughing and had I not felt so defeated because day one had just been ruined, I would’ve taken a picture. So, we are starting over tomorrow (and momma is hiding the ice cream sandwiches!). On a serious note, please pray that we can find out what’s causing his suffering. I’ve been searching for answers since last July….tons of research, topical remedies and doctors….all to no avail. Daniel 2:28 is my comfort. What is mysterious to us is not a mystery to Him.

  38. 438
    Lisa says:

    I was getting dressed to go to the store. My pants had a few wrinkles so I sprayed some Wrinkle Free on them. As I was doing this, my three year old granddaughter looked at me and said,”Gran, what are you doing.”. I said, sweetheart, I’m getting the wrinkles out. She looked at me and said, Off of you!!”. I had to stop and laugh and thank the Lord for the words spoken by a child and the smile and joy they bring to our lives. I just wish there was something I could spray on like wrinkle free that would get rid of these wrinkles!!!!

  39. 439
    Diana says:

    I know I’m late to the game but I thought I’d share something funny my 5 year old said the other day. πŸ™‚ Almost everyday around Noon time there is this loud, thunderous boom that takes place nearby my house. The boom is accompanied by the house (and the ground) and all it’s contents shaking. Fun, right? It actually comes from a quarry that blasts trap rock. Well, my girls were in the pool swimming with a few friends when we heard and felt our daily blast. My 5 year (daughter) old says “That was me farting”. LOL Gotta love this kid! πŸ™‚

  40. 440
    Deb says:

    I’m always amazed with how God created us in His image. People tend to think Jesus is very serious because the Bible was written with the most important message of salvation…but after you get saved then God’s humour really comes alive. I love when Jesus makes me laugh.

    The other day in a moment of craving God’s presence…I sat quietly on a log in my backyard…OK my heart was not quiet…I was like a child trying to get my Fathers attenttion, “Daddy” tap tap tap “Daddy” tap tap tap “DADDY!”…Then I heard in my heart…
    “Knock, knock”
    Who’s there?
    Jesus who?
    Silence…then I laughed and thought not only did Jesus make up the original Knock Knock joke by standing at the door of our hearts knocking but He wanted me specifically to think about who He is and not my problems.
    Thanks for letting me share that. I kept it to myself until know because most people might think I was crazy.
    He made humans funny and He is especially profoundly hilarious…though he does like to make us the center of His jokes…but I like it…I need that kind of attention.

  41. 441

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