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Hey, Sweet Things!

I’ve had us in such a serious place recently that I’m feeling like it’s time to share some things that are fun and a tad lighter-hearted. First I want to tell you something because it greatly involves you. I woke up on Tuesday and, lo and behold, I felt remarkably better. Stronger. Clearer. Happier. Well, and funnier. (Grinning at the last one. It’s a big priority around the Moore house.) That’s one good thing about just being honest and out there with it sometimes. People might get concerned enough to pray for you.ย  I want you to know that I FELT IT and I am eating the fruit of it and I am deeply grateful. I needed the prayers. Oh, Sisters, I always need the prayers. Don’t stop now. But I think it’s important that I turn around and encourage you in your faith by telling you that you pray effectively. What you do in the heavenly realms profoundly impacts this earthly soil. You matter. Your Spiritual disciplines matter.

I feel God at work and that’s the world to me. Nothing monumental has changed in the circumstances that have made these last weeks challenging. I am absolutely certain that the evidences and effects I’m seeing and feeling are spiritual in nature. Two things are roused right now. I want to share them with you because I believe they are the same two things that will often strengthen you, too, in your weakness and heaviness. The first one we just talked about: being prayed for. Without the second one, however, the first one is limited. The intercessor will still be blessed for her faithfulness but we, the prayed for, will be hindered in personalized impact without our FAITH. God is calling me right now to press past my current level of faith-comfort and get back to squirming and growing in my sheer belief.

Whether we like it or not, the Scriptures echo this immutable principle: we BELIEVE to fully RECEIVE.

Lord, increase our faith. Let us never forget around here that, without faith, it is impossible to please You. We can do everything else to perfection and have a righteousness that shames all our friends and a ritual of daily prayer and self-denial that would slack-jaw John the Baptist and still not experience the exhilaration of Your holy NOD. Your favor is attracted most by our faith. Lord, increase our faith.

NOW. Let’s also have a little fun. Our comment line is open today for those who want to share something lighthearted. It can be funny but it doesn’t have to be. It can just be plain old fun. You know. Like what your six year old said to you yesterday. Or the perfect shade of lip gloss you’ve discovered for the summer. Or the most ridiculous thing that’s happened in your home lately. Or something delightfully awkward or absurd. Wide open. If you can’t think of anything fun, then just partake today. Everybody here knows life is serious and hard. Let’s all fight the urge to give one another a reality check on here today. Sometimes life here on Planet Earth stinks. We all get that. But, sometimes what stinks is the fertilizer in that soil underneath our feet. Something will grow from it if we let it. And we won’t be standing here in this exact spot of soil for long. Don’t think it’s all over but the crying.

When somebody in my family is in a rut, really feeling like life in general is one big rip off, I’m forced to quote Shelby in Steel Magnolias: “Miss Clairee, there are still good times to be had.”

There really are, Miss Clairee. There really are. Believe that.

Psalm 27:13-14…
I remain confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the LORD
in the land of the living.
Wait for the LORD;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the LORD.

OK. Here’s my something fun today. I’ve had this in my Bible for the last several weeks. It’s a page ripped out of one of the booklets you get at a Living Proof Live. A precious sister (Talia, as you’ll see) at a recent event doodled this on her notes while I was teaching. You can even see the microphone. It got handed off to me by someone on the LifeWay team but, if she’d handed it to me herself, I would have profusely thanked and hugged her and laughed with her but the teacher in me would also have asked to see her session notes. Grin. Anyway, she really made me smile.


NOW, you make somebody else smile today. How about it?

I love you guys. Thanks for riding the roller coaster with me. Mama’s feeling better. But never stop praying.




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  1. 51
    Jamison says:

    Hello Ladies,

    Last night my parents watched my dog, Gizmo the Wonder Dog, for me while I went to a Zumba class. (Great workout!)

    My Mom prays over Gizmos food. Yes for real she does. So this time she said she prayed for the food not to upset his recently sensitive stomach. My Dad complained that when they prayed over their dinner she did not pray for his stomach knowing he was about to eat KFC. Mom told Dad she is not worried about his stomach just Gizmo’s!

    I can’t stop laugh. I love my parents!


    PS. Gizmo do not have an upset stomach last night. Hallelujah!

  2. 52
    Jennifer says:

    Thanks Beth for the great reminder!

    My 3 year old is constantly cracking me up. We’ve been working on being respectful lately and when I nurse her little brother she gets to play apps on the iPad. One day she had somehow gotten it to go to the iTunes store and couldn’t figure out how to get back to her app. She brought the iPad in to me yelling, “Mommy! It’s not ‘specting me!” (i.e. It’s not respecting me!)

  3. 53
    Dustalyn says:

    Dear Beth, praising God with you for answered prayers!!! Don’t know if anyone will think this is funny but… After reading your post I said aloud. “God, You are soooo stinkin good I could just cry…”. Made myself smile, hope it does you too.
    Love ya dear siestas!!!

  4. 54
    sheila says:

    I was talking of Heaven the other night with my 5 yr old and telling him that I think when we get to Heaven there will be colors there that we’ve never seen before, glorious colors. He looked up at me and asked, ‘what kind of colors?’. lol

  5. 55
    Juli says:

    Many years ago, my brother & I got sick of hearing our mom complain about having to clean the house & never having any time to rest. We took it upon ourselves that day to make sure the house was nclean. There was NOTHING else to clean when we got done. That weekend, our mom was such a bear. To be honest, I don’t remember th e specifics. What I do remember is that my brother & I let the house go the next week. That next weekend, my mom was singing & humming as she cleaned the house. Never again did we allow her a full weekend off. We realized that cleaning was her destressor.

  6. 56
    linda t says:

    Has this ever happened to you ~ after listening to Amy Grant’s “Lead Me On” CD over the weekend, I had her song “Saved By Love” stuck in my head. So the other morning while pinning on Pinterest and belting out the very words “Saved By Loved”, I click on a site named Saved By Love Creations. I know! Weird, but way cool!

  7. 57
    Tami says:

    I was at Panera Bread yesterday on my lunch hour. A young lady in line in front of me was holding an ESV study bible (hard cover) in her arms. Since I had just purchased the very same bible just a few days before, I had to tell her so and asked her how she liked hers. She confessed she had only had it for one day, BUT that she was going to get some food then “bust into it and soak it up”! I love it!! Made my day! May we all be that enthusiastic when getting into the word…just bust into it and soak it in!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. 58
    Jen says:

    Tonight, i take my last final in my crazy hard accounting class that i have been plugging away at for a year! Im so excited to finish both for the simple part of being done and because i can’t beleive i actually finished a whole year of going to school 3/4ths time while taking care of my now one year old full time! Whew, God sure taught me a lot about perserverence this year. Im super excited for a break to have another baby in November and to enjoy my little family! Thank you God. Now lets just pray i pass this test!

    Thats my fun thing for the day, week and maybe even month!!

    • 58.1
      April Jones says:

      Way to go, Momma! I know you will do great! I finished my Master’s degree while I was prego and through the first year of my daughter – it is a challenge I know well!

      I pray that you rock that test and enjoy much deserved family time. Take care of your little one and your soon to be bundle of joy!


  9. 59
    Sally says:

    We have a 14 month old girl, Daye. She has discovered the dirty clothes hamper in her nursery nook. She now toddles over there with things in her hands, opens the lid, throws the block or book or shirt or cup or truck or channel changer in the hamper and then closes the lid. She stops to look over at us and grin before toddling back to get her next prize. I love it!

  10. 60
    Rebecca says:

    I love this type of thing so much! We need a little laughter in our lives–it is medicine to my bones! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have been on a low carb diet to lose weight since January 3rd–and I’ve lost 45 pounds! ๐Ÿ™‚ YEAH! I still have about 65 more to go, but I’m getting there with the support of my family and my Jesus.

    Here’s the funny: My four year old baby girl , Nora Grace, asked if I was going to eat cake and ice cream at her friend’s birthday party and I told her no. She said “Oh, I forgot…it’s not part of your diarrhea.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I said “Diet, not diarrhea, Sugar Booger.” She laughed, shrugged her shoulders and said “Diet…Diarrhea…same thing!” HAHAHA!!!

    Then she said “Mama, I’m glad you are losing weight so that you can play with me and Zachariah outside.” A funny comment that led straight into a compliment that graced my heart in abundance. She knows…she gets it.

    Have a grace-filled fun day, Mama Beth. You encourage me daily. I don’t take for granted that in order to serve us, you come under multitudes of attack. Thank you.

    And in the words of my baby girl, “Shod your feet in love.” I think she might have a good interpretation of the gospel. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Prayers and blessings,

  11. 61
    Denise says:

    My 10 yr old daughters school made these darling books for all of us moms. It has stories, poems, pictures that the kids wrote. My daughter wrote about her “magnificent mother’ saying “She is my favorite person besides my dad”… I have howled laughing. Love that she is such a daddy’s girl. Absolutely precious!!

  12. 62
    Karen says:

    My niece and I painted our finger nails hot “pinked” (that’s how she says pink ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  13. 63
    Bobbie says:

    I just returned from 3 weeks with our son and his family in Colorado Springs? I don’t think I’ve laughed (and cried happy, funny tears) in a very long time! Although 2 year olds have their ‘2 yr old moments’ I enjoyed this amazing New BIG SISTER as we all welcomed our first grandson. Kennedy is a little mockingbird right now and her words are coming like an AmTrack train not willing to stop! One afternoon we were playing in her play area and she decided we needed to read BUT first we should pray! She looked at me with her big blue eyes and asked “Okay?” I said absolutely. She FELL face first to the floor with her hands clasped above her head and said “thank you, Jesus–Amen”! Talking about taking her Gma Bobbie’s breath away! I too, said “Thank you, Jesus!”.

  14. 64
    Robin says:

    While talking about our favorite foods my 10 year old son said his favorites were Grandma’s chocolate cake and Mammaw’s chocolate pie. Then he said, “Mom, I can’t wait until you get old and become a really good cook.” At least he still thinks I am young!

  15. 65
    rhonda says:

    While at a teacher workshop yesterday, I walked into what I thought was the women’s bathroom. I was even trailing behind a gal and wondered where she had disappeared to. I was going into the stall when it reigstered with me that what I had just walked past was a urinal. Quick about face and not a soul was the wiser:)

  16. 66
    Sheryl Fowler says:

    My 16-year-old daughter obtained her driver’s license and got a checking account/debit card all within the last few weeks. She finally got to go shopping with HER money yesterday. After swiping the debit card at her favorite store, she looked at me with this great smile and said, “I feel SO powerful!” I laughed so hard!!

  17. 67
    Janel says:

    Hi, Beth – I’m so glad you’re feeling better! Still praying for you and your family and the circumstances. God is so faithful.

    What makes me smile today is my son. My sweet husband is a truck driver, which means he’s gone for several days at a time. This past year we felt that our son could benefit from some good daddy time, so they hit the road together. I’ve missed him so! (I missed my hubby too but I’m used to him being away so much.:)

    This week, my boy is home! We’ve had such a good time – laughing, being silly, having epic thumb war battles, eating ice cream – and I’m so thankful! I look up at him and realize that my sweet little baby is rapidly becoming a man, and what a man he will be! But for now, we’re enjoying this gift of time together.

    Blessings, Siestas – hope you’re all having a summer full of joy and laughter and sunshine and every good thing.

  18. 68
    Tara G. says:

    My housekeeper cleans my kitchen sink with toilet bowl cleaner and my wood furniture with Mr. Clean window cleaner. I love her dearly and she is truly my right hand, but I am looking forward to taking back some cleaning duties upon our return to the States (in 24 days)! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. 69
    Katie says:

    I hope I write this to where y’all get it….sometimes you just have to ‘be there’!

    This is gonna sound super weird, but…about this time last year…my husband and I were up late one night chatting about demonic activity and what the enemy and his army are capable of doing. (Oh, this sounds so strange. Hang with me.) In the middle of our conversation we sat down at the table to eat some zuccini bread and while we were chatting and eating, I received an email that said I had won a scholarship to a conference. My eyes got really big and I started jumping all around and almost choked on my zuccini bread because I was so shocked and excited. My husband had no idea what the email said…and we were right in the middle of talking about demonic activity…and for a second he thought I might be….oh goodness…possesed or something. LOL. It was super, super funny.

    Hilarous memory for us. Hope it makes someone chuckle ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love to all,
    Kate ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. 70
    Carole says:

    My favorite story is about my son when he was 3 years old. I was a working mother who felt guilty because he had to go to a sitter so I made homemade cookies and put them in his little lunch each day so that he could feel how much his mother loved him. One week my schedule was so busy that i could not make his cookies so I bought one of the packages of cheap cookies with the cream in the center and put them in his lunch feeling very guilty. That evening he hugged me tightly and thanked me for putting the best cookies ever in his lunch. My guilt was gone. My daughter said her life was ruined because she never saw a homemade cookie because of him.

  21. 71
    GJ says:

    I heard about a really good cookbook that a local senior adult woman had put together. I love to cook (and love these type cookbooks) so I called & found out where she lived and drove to her house to purchase one for me and one for my mom.

    I knock on the door and a gentleman opens the door and warmly greets me with “come on in.” So I walk in and there is an awkward silence…so I said, “is your mother here?” He said, “no mam, my mother passed away several years ago.” I get this eerie feeling, so I started backing up to the door and said, “your mother isn’t Mrs. Smith, author of the Tea Room Cookbook?” He said, “oh no mam, but she lives next door…”

    I then said (sort of loudly), “Why in the world did you let me in your house and invite me in – you don’t even know who I am and you even acted like you were expecting me!!!”

    He said…”Well, you just looked like a real nice lady.” I got out of that house so fast and drove right next door and had a wonderful visit with the REAL cookbook author. She had a good laugh and told me her neighborly neighbor was quite harmless…

    And the recipes in that cookbook are GREAT! Especially the little sour cream biscuits which I had tasted and led me on the search for the recipe!!!

    ๐Ÿ™‚ GJ

  22. 72
    Dana says:

    I forever remember my daughter, who is now 25 years old, when she was about 4 years old, she recited “Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, eating her curtains away!”

    My children and I were on vacation a few weeks ago and on a rainy day when we couldn’t go to the beach, we closed all the curtains and turned off the lights and played glow-in-the-dark badminton in the hotel room. On the way home I was asking everybody to tell their most favorite part of the trip and that’s what one of the kids said was their favorite part. A rainy day turned out to be a blast!

  23. 73
    Christy says:

    Here’s a bounty of fun-ness…

    1. ymmuy-funny – I discovered you can make brownies using a waffle iron… testing tonight!

    2. kiddie-funny – the youth building in our church had an unfavorable “bathroom aroma” last sunday and one of the fifth graders I shepherd proudly declared that it smelled like her dad’s room… her dad happens to our youth minister!

    3. feline funny – this morning my cat put us quite the fuss when her kibble had run out and made me feel like a horrible kitty-mama… in my rush go purchase some, I forgot to put on makeup and u-turned right after I left the driveway to remedy this… when I went back in the house, she was sung in her bed, not caring at all that she hadn’t been fed… little stinker was putting on a show earlier to guilt me!

  24. 74
    Lori Todd says:

    Today is my 20th anniversary!!! I’m so thankful for my Godly Man! We are giddy ๐Ÿ™‚ We both will be at our separate Bible studies tonight but afterwards we will have a nice dinner out. I made him a gift basket of 20 of his favorite things. He gave me a beautiful arrangement of 20 stargazer lilies (my fav) and a wedding cake Pandora charm to add to my bracelet.

  25. 75
    Paula Halcom says:

    Two things:

    Recently when I picked up my two year daughter from the church nursery after Bible Study (James-btw-Plug,Plug! :D), the nursery staff told me she had been “playing mom” to all the other kids. I cringed and asked “why, was she being bossy?” They said no, that she was putting her hand on all the shoulders of the crying babies and saying, “no cry, baby. It’s all right.” Suddenly my face was no longer hurting from cringing, but rather from beaming ear to ear. Precious love of Jesus in a little body. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am a proud mama.

    Yesterday my home phone rang with a “private caller” call. These are usually recorded telemarketing calls or most recently, political robo-calls. So I usually pick the receiver up and immediately hang it up. After the third attempt, my cell phone rang, also showing a “private caller.” I now knew it was definitely someone who knew me and wanted to get a hold of me. When I answered it was my daughter’s pediatrician who informed me that she had been trying to reach me at home. I do not think there is a thermometer around that could adequately register the temperature of my red, hot, hot face! ๐Ÿ˜›

  26. 76
    Elizabeth Baehr says:

    I have a little boy, who started school this week for the first time, my sister was in town and so excited to be here for the big day. She asked him if she could go see his classroom and meet his teacher. He hesitated for a minute and he said, “Ummmm, I think that might be a little awkward.” Made me laugh out loud!!

  27. 77

    I have always been terrified of bees/wasps/anything that flies and bites and stings. I’ve managed to go my entire life, 34 years to be exact, without getting stung. Until a few weeks ago. I reached underneath our mailbox to grab our newspaper when out of no where, I was stung by a wasp. They had built a nest right underneath our mailbox and I, of course, didn’t realize it. I totally freaked out. All 3 of my kids were in the van with me. I hadn’t put the van in park and in my state of frenzy I let my foot off of the break and almost took my driver’s side mirror off after hitting all the other mailboxes lined up next to ours. It was a real site I’m sure.

    See? That’s funny, right? But not really. ๐Ÿ™

    Anybody out there as terrified of wasps as I am?! Especially now!!

  28. 78
    Valerie says:

    After I read your last post I copied & pasted it and e-mailed it to all of my Bible study sisters. You’ve been our teacher for the past ten years plus and we have learned so much, I wanted them to know so they could be praying for you.

    I’ve been going through a difficult situation myself for over a year now – one that has affected so many areas of my life. “Exhausting” is the word that comes to my mind. I don’t know your situation, but can relate somehow.

    But, a huge joy in my life is my little 19 month old grandson. A couple of days ago my daughter sent me a video text of her counting “1-2-3” then she bounces a ball real high and he is laughing and laughing. It is THE sweetest, most precious sound. {{sigh}}
    We have another little grandson due to arrive in Sept.

    Also, our youth minister sent me a text this morning to tell me that five students in our group accepted Christ last night at church camp! God is so good!!!

    Love you much & know you are in my prayers often!


    • 78.1
      Tracey Knight says:

      Valerie, I don’t know your situation but I see several things from your post… You’re connected to the Body (Bible study group), your family gives you joy, and most striking is that a youth minister is texting a grandmother about his youth’s spiritual happenings! That’s evidence of a life being well-lived in spite of a difficult time. Hang in there, Valerie. God is using you.

  29. 79
    Danielle M. says:

    Sunrooms with a sleeping kitty cat and my favorite mug with something yummy. That’s fun to me! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, my friend’s daughter is my “Peanut” and we’re really good buddies. For the longest time, she could not pronounce my name, so instead of calling me Auntie Danielle, she called me “Aunt Dayo.” This same child (at 3 years old), pulled my shirt back, looked straight down it and proclaimed “You have boobies!!”

    Well yes, honey, I do. Jesus gave me those.

  30. 80
    jackie from MO says:

    i want to share with all you ladies today my FAVORITE product i recently discovered. it is an omelette maker for 1 called Omelette Ease. i’d post a pic if i could, but really, ladies, it’s wonderful! makes 1 perfect little omelette in about 5 minutes with very little cleanup!
    you gotta try it!

  31. 81
    Tina Harrell says:

    A few years back I came home from work and saw a tin of breath mints on the counter. I opened them and took out the pretty white mint with green speckles and popped it into my mouth. I thought it looked a little bigger than usual but that didn’t stop me. Lo and behold…they were alfalfa doggie breath mints!!!

  32. 82
    Jen H. says:

    A few months ago I was walking in our family room next to the window to the backyard when I saw something strange on the windowsill, carefully placed behind my semi-sheer curtains. I stopped to look and saw a little picture of a happy face saying “hi” in black sharpie. Then, next to that, there were a few more words with an arrow pointing to the picture. They said, “Sorry Mom”. My little guy, knowing what he’d done was wrong, decided to make it better by writing a few more words in sharpie. I laughed so hard and will NEVER paint over that. I’ll love it forever. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. 83

    My 16 year old daughter and I went to watch my 5 year old grandson play t-ball last night. We sat in the dugout where many other 5 year old little boys were quite enamored with Connor’s Aunt Savannah. One little boy kept staring at her and when she smiled at him he said, “You’re smokin’ hot.”
    Are you kidding me – 5!!

  34. 84
    Kay says:

    Today my 18 -year-old daughter started her first ever job. Before she heads off to college in late August, she’s working to save a little money. So she finally got this job working for our city’s children’s program – you know a sort of summer thing for kids whose parents work and need daycare for them, but only during the summer.

    So she started today at 12:00, working the afternoon shift. The funny thing about it is that the main place she’ll be working is at the elementary school right behind my house. I can see the large playground while I sit on my back porch. Shortly after she had left for her first day at work, I stepped out onto the back porch to let my dogs out and there she was. My daughter was across the street, on the school’s playground, surrounded by a group of ten children, mostly girls. She stood tall and beautiful and I was in awe of her.

    You have to remember this has been an emotional time as she has graduated, prepared for college, applied for her first job, etc. So to see her from a distance, carrying an over-sized beach ball and talking to her troop of kids, it was just another sweet moment.

    I guess this wasn’t as funny or light as it was just sweet. Just a sweet Mama moment. And it did my heart good.

    • 84.1
      Kelly in Carrollton says:

      oh, kay….i love this!! my firstborn is on the cusp of her senior year… my heart hears yours!! so sweet!

  35. 85

    Hey Siestas!

    A pure chuckle for you…

    We are in the adoption process with three children under five, and we have told them of our plans to change their middle names when the time comes. So we’ve been practicing their new names with them. The other day, I said to my middle daughter, “Heather, what will your name be after the adoption?”
    I was hoping she would say “Heather Marie Jamison Alexander” but instead she looked confused for a moment, shrugged her shoulders and said, “Hello Kitty.”

    Close enough.

  36. 86
    Breahn says:

    Yesterday, my tiny, spitfire 6 year old, Amanda looked at me during her coloring time, and as serious as she could be said…. “We have a great relationship don’t we?”
    Ha Ha HA!!! I was rolling! It is true, we have a fantastic relationship… it just sounded so funny coming out of her tiny mouth!

    Thanks for this!!
    Breahn =0)

  37. 87
    GJ says:

    My little granddaughter just turned 2 on May 10th – she is VERY verbal. At the prodding of her parents (my son and his wife) she was going to quote her Bible verse for all of us. This was right after Easter.

    She said “Matthew 28:6 – He is not here, He is Risen. He is out of town!”

    Precious thing she is!

  38. 88
    Sarah Greene says:

    My family was in church one sunday morning when the pastor mentioned Rev. Billy Graham… in the process of making his point, he said that he doubted there was anybody in the world who had not heard of Billy Graham. Testing his theory, I whispered to my 4 year old daughter, “Honey, do you know who Billy Graham is?” She whispered back… “I think it’s Brandon’s dad” Her friend Brandon’s last name is “Graham”. It took all my composure not to laugh out loud and I couldn’t wait to let the pastor know that not EVERYBODY knows who Billy Graham is… at least not my 4-year-old ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. 89
    Billsgirl says:

    A couple of things that make me smile…

    Our dog, Kirby… He is a pug mixed with a little terrier. He loves to go on long walks but he is not supposed to as it is healthier for him to have shorter more frequent walks. Last night my hubby and I took him on a longer, but not too long walk. He just loved us up extra last night for it… He got to do lots of sniffin’!

    The sunshine has been out all week… Our work campus is under construction, so we are walking outside between buildings. It is a true pleasure when it is this beautiful.

    Peace & Joy!
    Mary Ann, Woodbury, MN

  40. 90
    Vicki says:

    I got to dance with my 3-year-old granddaughter in her first recital this past weekend. It was my first recital as well. We took a “mommy and me” class together this year, and because my daughter was our precious teacher, it became a “Mimi and me” class for us. It was so much fun, and such precious memories were made. After 25 years of being at dance recitals with my daughter, I now start with my granddaughter. ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s fun!

  41. 91
    Laura says:

    When my middle son was not quite four years old, our youngest son was born. We decided to decorate the nursery in a cowboy theme and I painted a stripe around the room and wrote the chorus to “Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be Cowboys” around the room. We had to read it to the two older boys all the time and they loved it.

    Well, son #2 had outgrown his cowboy boots but he kept trying to wear them so to solve the problem of arguing with a 3.5 year old about his boots, I decided to add them to the decor of the baby room and put them up on a high shelf. After the arrival of cowpoke #3, I was finally getting a little extra sleep one morning and #2 walked in at about 6:30am, looked me square it my half-open eye and asked in all sincerity, “Mom, since babies can’t grow up to be cowboys, can I have my cowboy boots back?”

    Still makes me grin to think about his innocent request. He is still quite proficient at one liners that make us smile.

  42. 92

    My 6 year old asked me to order her some sound proof underwear so she could *poot* at the table without getting in trouble…

  43. 93
    Sarah R says:

    For Mother’s Day this year, my 6 year old wrote this on my card…

    “Thanks for risking the hurtieness of having a hole made in your body. Seriously, thanks. Love, E”

    This kid cracks me up every day…but this is an absolute favorite!!!! There is no denying that he’s my kid…the “seriously, thanks” part is proof enough of that! LOL!!

  44. 94
    Pat W says:

    I think I’ll share with you what a dear and special friend shared with me. this something that helped her when she in pain and fear during her “chemo winter” with cancer. she told me to make a Blessing Journal now when I in such a place of pain and fear… it is helping me, maybe it would help you too. I am to ask myself Three Specific Questions Each Day and Journal these Specificly. One: What Surprised Me Today? : “It surprised me today when…” Two: What Moved me/touched me/filled me with Awe or Wonder Today? : “It filled me with Wonder today when…” Three: What Inspired Me Today? : “I was inspired today by… ”

    so my something funny in the midst of so much pain in my life right now: I was out in my little herb garden in the rain yesterday, and my garden cat got very disturbed with me for trimming off HER catnip, then proceeded to come inside and march right up the stairs to where I had shared of the catnip with bedroom cat. I have a “child gate” separating the two from each other, and little garden cat pressed her face right up against plastic gate and looked in as if to say:”hey, what’s the big idea of this? after I’ve kept the moles off of the catnip, not to mention the Squirrels, and now you just give it to this one,!?” and I said to her, “purrcy, we Share Catnip around here, we SHARE it.” and that little purrcy just sat down and looked from bedroom cat to me, and then she just got up and walked back downstairs. and I found that this filled me with awe and wonder.

  45. 95
    Stephanie says:

    My husband and I had some close friends over for dinner and game night. We were casually reflecting on our favorite childhood games and activities, and the next thing I know, my husband went to the garage, got the 20 ft rope, stole all my chip-clips off the fridge, tore apart the linen closet, and went to building!!

    Game night was relocated – to The Fort!!

  46. 96

    In a recent trip to FL I noticed some unusual bank charges on my debit card. I promptly called the bank and the nice lady who answered began to review my statement. With alarm in her voice she pointed out a rather large charge to Hot Momma’s. Well, that’s our gas company. I tried to explain it but I felt a wee bit unconvincing.

  47. 97
    Marisa says:

    Oh Beth, you asked for it…

    My 5-year-old is about as precocious as they come and doesn’t have an inhibited bone in her body. And she’s a smart girl, but at her age comprehends about 73% of a concept and then passes it off as truth. So the things that come out of this child’s mouth, particularly of a spiritual nature…well, here’s a smattering:

    * Sydney: “The first commandment that God wrote on the rocks was “Worship God alone.” Me: “And what does that mean?” {wait for it…} Sydney: “Pray by yourself.”
    * Shadrach, Meschach & Abednego were thrown into the “fiery furniture.”
    * After she prays, she has now taken to asking us, “What was your favorite part?”
    * At the lunch table the other day, she took it upon herself to pray with her 3-year-old brother to invite Jesus into his heart. Then she looks up at me proudly: “Now we just gotta get the baby saved!”

    • 97.1
      Beth says:

      I love all of the comments but your five year old is my favorite kind of person. So fun!

    • 97.2
      Angie says:

      I am crying right now laughing so hard. I wish so bad that wherever you are I could come join you for dinner just one evening. It would do my soul good!!!!!!

  48. 98
    christina says:

    For my last birthday, my sisters and mom gave me a tea luncheon. My three pre-school nephews also came and had a PB&J picnic with their various heavy machinery and Transformer toys in the adjacent hallway. Apparently, the toys got a little out of hand and ran over some of their food, and the middle boy brought his plate to our table with this statement: “Momma, I can’t eat these apples now. They’re tired.” I’m still laughing about it, and it’s been several months, but then I’m a sucker for puns.

  49. 99
    Casey says:

    the other night a few of us mom’s of Transverse Myelitis kids were just worn out and venting. We all live several hundred miles from each other, but still keep in touch. Great support system! One mom stated she had had enough and desired to be a my little pony…that started an entire dialogue wherein we all adopted my little pony names.The night ended up in us all laughing our heads off. We needed that!

    And then I ran over my trashcan in my husbands truck this morning. First time in 5 years. ๐Ÿ™

  50. 100
    Lisa Curtis says:

    Boy, do I live a boring and not so funny life. I have read all the entries and can’t hardly think of one thing. I have to work on that.

    I was at my grandson’s 2 year birthday party over the weekend. He does not live in my town so we travel to see him as often as we can. We were making the buzzing noise of a bee and I kind of pinched(not hard mind you) on the back of his neck like a bee sting. He turned around and gave me his new little “scowl” look that almost turned me to stone. It was so funny to see his little face turn so quickly from happy to scowl.

    Thanks, Beth, for your honesty. I do hope you continue to dig yourself out of the pit. BTW, didn’t someone write a book about that? HAHA.

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