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*UPDATE: Ladies, I logged on real quick this morning to see how many girls needed prayer partners still, and to my surprise, the number ZERO appeared! It has been less than 24 hours and every single girl has been adopted for prayer. (Thank you, Beth, for putting it that way!) You ladies never cease to amaze us and we are beyond grateful for you. For those of you that are still wanting to participate, read through some of the comments and pray for some girls that have been listed there. Some other girls that haven’t received a scholarship might even pop on and you could adopt them! We love you! Thanks be to our God!

Good morning, Siestas! Can you believe we’re only three days away from Christmas? It has been pretty busy around LPM as we shut down the ministry for Christmas, but we also want to make sure we have everything ready to go for the New Year.

However, before Christmas gets completely past us, I wanted to bring your attention back to Passion 2012. Do you remember when we were able to give out scholarships to 1000 young women to attend the conference? Well, it was our desire that, after giving out each of the scholarships, we could rally together 1000 Siestas (you!) to partner with each of these girls and pray for them. So, I am thrilled to announce that we have our website up and running to make that happen.

Here is what you need to do: Click on this link:

When you get to that page, the instructions are very clear how you can receive the name of the girl you will be praying for.

Here’s why we need to bounce on this with both feet: Passion is January 2nd – 5th so it’s coming up very quick! If you could take five minutes to do that, we would appreciate you more than you know and some wonderful young woman’s experience at Passion may be altogether intensified. You might put her name in your phone every day as a reminder to pray for her before, during and after Passion.

We love you ladies so much and hope you know what a vital part you’re playing in each of these girls’ lives. Let’s make sure each of them are lavishly covered by name. We know the Lord will show up and can’t wait to see lives changed and transformed. I am sure when we get back we’ll have a tremendous report for you. I know you’ll want to hear all about it!

Thank you, thank you for partnering with us and praying. We love you all so much!


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  1. 51
    Mitzi says:

    What a privilege to pray for these young women. Thanks for the opportunity. We can make a difference through the power of Jesus Christ!

  2. 52

    I don’t really know much about passion and have a hard time praying for people and events I’m not real familiar with, so I don’t really feel qualified to do it. Thought about it, but I’m just not sure that’s a commitment I can really live up to. I’m pretty distracted by my own family and things going on in my own life. But I am looking forward to the SSMT celebration that at this point I am still going to, despite the fact that everything in my house seems to be falling apart!!!

  3. 53
    elaine says:


  4. 54
    elaine says:

    I’ve also forwarded the names I received to my praying circle of girlfriends…. they’re excited to be involved as well…..

  5. 55
    Mary says:

    I am honored to be praying for a wonderful young lady that has the opportunity to attend Passion 2012.

    Merry Christmas and Blessings to all!!

  6. 56
    Valerie says:

    Thank you!! I’ve been waiting for this. Merry Christmas to you all. You bless me beyond measure!

  7. 57
    Mary Watkins says:

    What a joy to pray for those attending Passion 2012. I know a couple who will be traveling from Brasilia, Brazil with a group students to atttend Passion. Their names are Andre and Marney Kruklis. Please pray for travel mercy to and from Brazil and also that God will do a mighty work in each heart.

    Thank you, friends!

  8. 58
    Cathie says:

    I can’t believe the names are all gone!! My daughter is going and I thought it would be a great idea to pray for another girl going and they are all gone!!! Great idea I guess I will pray for them all!!

  9. 59
    Kristie Wooten says:

    Hi, Siestas! I was blessed to be part of Passion’s “original” OneDay gathering in 2000, and I count it a PRIVILEGE to get to join in with the intercession for this year’s event!

    However, when I got my e-mail after I submitted my address in the online form, the spot listing the names of those I am to pray for was BLANK. Am I the only one having this issue? If so, I’ll just take it as a sign that I’m supposed to pray for the event as a whole, and I’ll pray specifically for the Giglios and Mama Beth. 🙂

  10. 60
    Tracey Knight says:

    ok, it looks like we have this covered… i went to sign up & the link said there were 0 girls who needed a prayer partner. and my email confirmation said:
    “Please pray for the following persons:________”
    i love that we have more women willing to pray than “required!” 🙂
    no worries – i think i know some girls that are going – we will double-team them!!!)

  11. 61
    Kirsten Nelson says:

    I am so excited about this!! I just signed up, though, and it said that I was praying for the following girl, but then didn’t give me a name. Should I try again?
    Thank you SO much for doing this! I went to Passion in 2007 as a volunteer, and it was such a life changing experience!

    • 61.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hi Kirsten, that means that all 1000 girls have been adopted. I am so sorry! Be looking here on the comment for some more names that might pop up. Thank you so much! Blessings, Sister.

  12. 62
    Karen, Lincoln, NE says:

    “Little siestas”!!! I love it! I’m going to sign up for one right now!!!

  13. 63
    Patti says:

    Hi! I just signed up to pray for one of the sweet ladies. I have received my email but there was not a name with it, it was blank… does that mean all of the girls have been taken?

  14. 64
    Kali says:

    I recieved one of the scholarships and since then have come up to a million obstacles to be able to go but God has beaten every one of them. I’m so excited to attend even though now I’ll be attending alone. Thank you to whoever is praying for me.

  15. 65
    Patti Hayes says:

    Hi Lindsee,
    It may be too late for me to inquire about this, but I’ll try anyway. By the time I signed up to be a prayer partner for Passion 2012 all 1000 had been adopted. Is there any way to start over at the top of the list and have participants adopted by multiple prayer partners? I’m assuming the list was automatic because I received an email that asked me to pray for the following persons, but had no names. I realize this comment may not even be read before Passion 2012, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask. I hope all of you at Living Proof have a Merry Christmas and pray God’s richest blessings for the new year.
    Much love,
    Patti Hayes

  16. 66

    Siestas, you all are ROCK.SOLID. Thank you so much for covering Passion in your prayers – even just these 1000 young ladies like myself who are going. That little bit is inspiring and I know God will honor your prayers over their lives and experiences as well as everyone else in attendance.
    Seriously – I’ve never met another group of ladies who is as willing as you all are to bring glory to the name of God.
    From a 22 year old with high expectations for the Dome this year, thank you for loving us and teaching us.

  17. 67
    Shelly says:

    I signed up to pray for a sweet young woman attending Passion 2012 and I’m so excited! I have written her name on my calendar and I commit to praying for her from now until Passion is completed. I pray that her experience is profound and that her life is changed. Jesus, may you be glorified!

  18. 68
    CandiMcD says:

    I agree with Patti! I signed up to pray and received an email with no names. What else/Who else can we pray for?? I’m new to the Siesta community but want to get involved!!

  19. 69
    Carol from Coopersburg says:

    I’m amazed because one of the young women I received to pray for is a friend of one of my sons here in PA … Godincidental!

  20. 70
    Emma says:


    The Lord blessed me to be able to send myself to Passion this year but I would still love to be blessed by your prayers so if anyone would like to pray for me, I would be honored and blessed beyond measure!

    • 70.1
      Beth says:

      I’d be honored to do that. I know others will, too.

      Abba Father, I lift our little sister Emma to You and ask You to meet her so blatantly that she is forever altered by the encounter. I ask for an epiphany of some kind. A revelation that is undeniable to her. Cause her to know without a shadow of a doubt that You know the way she takes and what hurts her and what heals her. Show her a glimpse of Your glory, Lord, and mark the rest of her days by Passion 2012. In Jesus’ riveting Name, Amen.

  21. 71
    Leslie Giddens says:

    Such an honor to pray for a young woman whose life could potentially be changed forever. Both my son and daughter are going to Passion as well as my niece. Exciting to know that our future leaders are seeking God’s direction for their lives! Will be praying for all as well as those leading. Thanks LPM for loving on the upcoming generation.!

  22. 72
    Tanyia says:

    My son is going to Passion for the first time and is so excited. We have a group of about 15 young adults from our church going. If you don’t have someone to pray for, pray for our group from Glen St Mary, FL. They are very pumped about what God is going to do in their group. Can’t wait to hear how God moves!

  23. 73
    mindy, Granger, IN says:

    I’m leaving this days after the post but wanted to give those you who didn’t “receive” a name some girls to pray for. Kirsten and Tessa Y. are sisters who lost their mom and younger sister in a car accident (their dad was injured too but he is doing well) last year at the beginning of December. As you can imagine, this has been a tough year for them. They are able to go to Passion with the scholarships. If you read this, say a prayer for them now. Pray for God’s healing in their hearts, steadfast faith, and hope for the future as they go to Passion. Thanks dear sisters!

  24. 74
    Jennifer says:

    I am attending passion, and I’m super excited! I am not going with the scholarship, but I would love to still be a part of this. If you would like to pray for me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much for your prayers for all of us!

  25. 75
    Miranda says:

    Hey Ladies!

    First off, I have the amazing blessing and honor of attending Passion 2012 thanks to the LPM scholarship. (Thanks LPM!!) Secondly, it absolutely blows my mind to know that so many are praying for us as we head out to Passion. Goodness. I am so excited.

    I wanted to share with you a little bit about Jesus’ faithfulness…
    I got the Passion ticket through the scholarship, along with a few friends from my school. We decided to go in on the hotel together. This would be $100 per person. I was really struggling to come up with the money so my family decided to give me that money for Christmas. So, we mailed the check to my friend’s mom. I texted my friend the other day to ask if she had recieved the check. She said yes, but that her mom had decided not to cash it. Her mom wanted to pay for it herself. (SO the Lord!) Then, my family replaced the check with a $100 and told me that I had spending money! Oh, He is good.

    If it’s okay, I’d like to share some specific requests…I’ve really been struggling to get in to the Word and seek the Lord for the past month or so. I know that Passion is going to be a whole new level of Jesus’ presence so I want to be prepared (if that’s even possible) for what He is going to do. Pray that the Holy Sprit would humble me (for real) so that I can be filled with all that He is.

    I love you, sweet Siestas. Thanks so much for blessing me beyond words.


  26. 76
    Kathy W. says:

    My daughter Kali just left in her little car to drive to Atlanta from Florida for the conference. She is stopping to vist a friend and then will go on to the conference. She was one of the blessed girls who got a scholarship from LPM. She has encounted so many obstacles these past 2 weeks giving her reasons not to go. Fianances, not being able to find a hotel room, fear of going alone. God saw and paved a way and I know he heard the prayers of all my Siestas lifting my Kali and all the others up to him. Thank you from the bottom of this momma’s heart for each and every one of you and for LPM for this amazing and I know life changing event my daughter will be a part of!!

  27. 77
    Renee Smith says:

    Hi Everyone! Somehow my blog was removed from Google page so I am catching up…Just wanted to ask for prayers for my daughter Megan and I who are going to Passion. We have never been…she is a 23 year old student at Liberty and I booked the tickets without realizing it’s for college students primarily but I know God will use it in our lives. Wow I have missed you ladies!!!!

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