Humility, Anyone?

Hey, Sweet Things! I am back to my desk for the first time in almost a week and a half! It was called “Time Off” and I savored it like I do the last foamy sip of a grande dry cappuccino while I’m patting on the bottom of the cup. At first I was just going to stay home for the whole week since Keith couldn’t leave town right then and neither could my main running buddies, AJ and Melissa. Then, my coworkers, Sabrina and K-Mac, conspired on some possible flight arrangements, hotels and even show times if I were willing to take a jaunt to New York City. Last Tuesday, I mentioned it almost in passing to Keith and Lis and both of them said, “GO!!!!” So, I did! I couldn’t even believe it myself. I had plenty of frequent flier miles so the flight didn’t cost one red cent. I called a friend whose daughter happened to be at church camp and she was able to drop her schedule like a hot potato and meet me there. We landed within an hour of one another on Thursday afternoon and hit the ground running. I bet we walked 12 miles in Central Park over our 3 day/2 night stay and talked a hundred miles an hour. It was such an immense treat.

THEN, I flew home on Saturday evening in time to spend the last few days of my vacation with my family. We had our Bayou City Fellowship core-group church service Sunday evening (we open to the public September 11th!!! So exciting!) THEN the biggest thing of all happened: JACKSON STARTED KINDERGARTEN YESTERDAY. Amanda and I had planned for the last several weeks to spend that day together so I headed over yesterday morning and stayed until he got home from school. We made memories that I will treasure in my heart forever and replay in my mind about a zillion times. I am not going to go overboard on it right now because I’m hoping AJ will send me some pictures so I can share them with you. If you’re like me, you don’t just want to hear about a big occasion. You want to see it. SO, hopefully I’ll be able to pitch you a few pictures really soon.

OK, so change tracks with me because I’d love to hear from you about a subject. I’ve been thinking about what a gift a fresh humbling can be. Needless to say, I don’t like one any more than you do. In fact, I can’t think of many things I like less but, if we’re Biblical thinkers, we can have a whole different perspective when a humbling comes. In fact, if we really assimilated what the Scriptures say about it into our belief systems, we wouldn’t wait to be humbled. We’d go right ahead and humble ourselves as fast as we could. Why? Well, for starters…

Luke 1:48 says that God is mindful of the humble state of His servant, so we’re especially full in His mind in our humble condition.

Matthew 11:29 says that Jesus was humble in heart so, with fresh humility, we’re vastly more reflective of the Savior. And, at the end of the day, that’s what we’re doing here.

1 Peter 5:5 says that God opposes the proud but He gives grace to the humble, so, fresh humility not only puts us on the same side of the situation as God (note to self: never a good idea to invite God to oppose you), it also drops open the invisible hatch over our heads till we’re buried alive in grace.

1 Peter 5:6 tells us to humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God and trust that He will exalt us at the proper time. Of course, seeking to humble ourselves so that we’ll be exalted is just pride playing dress-ups but here’s the bright side of the proper vantage point: Sometimes when God humbles us, it’s because He is preparing to exalt His Name through us in some elevated capacity. “For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and the one who humbles himself will be exalted.” (Luke 14:11)

So, I was just wondering: When was the last time God really humbled you? Second question: Has enough time passed for you to get some insight from Him regarding His purpose for it? If so, let’s hear it. Limit your responses to a good, meaty paragraph so we can read as many of them as possible.

I’ve missed hearing from you! Testify, Girlfriends! You are so loved and appreciated here.


482 Responses to “Humility, Anyone?”

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  1. 251
    shauna kimball, watertown,sd says:

    ONE of the most humbling days of my life was the day my Sweet Trinity Rose came into this world. THEY WERE WORRIED BECAUSE SHE WOULDN’T CRY. We were told they would have to fly her to the Sanford NICU in Sioux Falls SD. “This is not happening” was my first thought. She had a severe infection in her lungs causing them to be brittle and when put on a ventilator they filled with holes causing them to collapse. We weren’t sure if she would ever get to come home with us. I was soooooo beside myself I could hardly think. I was angry because I wasn’t in CONTROL. Thru that very long 17 days God shook our world and pulled me to my knees in humility. I was not in CONTROL!! He was!! I had to surrender ALL I had to him to survive, including my sweet little girl. To God be all the Glory, on June 7 2008 we were able to bring our sweet little girl home. Need less to say, the CRY of a baby now takes on a whole new meaning for me.

  2. 252
    Brittney says:

    For quite some time now I’ve been “accusing” God of not loving me because of certain things He allowed me to go through. Last Sunday while driving home from our evening church service God displayed the most beautiful sunset with every color your eyes could behold….and suddenly I felt God speak to me in my spirit, ” I did this for you. I love you, Brittney.” And before I could pick my mouth off the floor board the song “You are so beautiful” started playing on my car radio! I knew He was singing that to me! I was embarrassed at how my lack of faith had caused me to doubt God and His love for ME because He didn’t “act” how I thought He should. No coincidence that my scripture verse is Isaiah 55:8! His ways are not our ways.

    • 252.1
      Angie says:

      Oh girl. I HEAR you on this! And that’s so awesome He did that. I woke up with ” Healer” in my head a few mornings ago…He continues to heal until we are healed:) love you!

  3. 253
    Valerie says:

    I am so thankful for this blog! It amazes me with how often your topics coincide with what is going on in my mind and my life.

    Last week I received a good dose of humbling from our Father. Our church experienced a recent loss of a dear young man who was sold-out for Christ in a mva. I did not know him and vaguely knew one of his brothers. I prayed for the family, brought cole slaw for the funeral that we missed, etc.

    Two weeks later I saw some friends of ours coming into church and I greeted them with joy and excitement over the beautiful weather, our guest speaker, etc. They looked at me in such a way that I knew something was amiss. It was 9:30 that night when I put the pieces together – this boy that had died was their grandson. These people were dear, dear friends of mine and I not only ignored their pain but was “singing songs to a heavy heart”. I was distraught. I couldn’t even put on my brand new jammies that night as I couldn’t add any joy to my day until I spoke with my friends. I called them immediately the next morning and got their machine. By afternoon we were able to connect and they were very gracious to me. I was so thankful!

    That very night we had our prayer ministry team meet and they both came. I was able to hug them and was so glad to have a chance to see them face to face. I think God used that lesson of humility because that night someone special came to me and said she felt God telling her to ask me to pray with her. We had a great time before our Lord together. It was truly an honor.

    I’m asking God to remind me of this experience to keep me humble! It was painful but was necessary! He is so good!

  4. 254

    Watching my husband (he is an unbeliever) of almost twenty years say he is done and walk out of our marriage has been the most humbling experience of my life and devastating too but definitely humbling.
    In this past year I am constantly humbled as I reject ‘pride’s’ way of wanting to deal or help me cope with what to do or what decisions to make. I keep stomping out pride and of course being humbled is what is produced.
    I want my two daughter’s to know that our God is huge! And that He can be trusted and He never breaks His promises! And that their value is not determined by mortal man, but by who God says and treats them as they are! But I hope out of all of this, that my daughter’s see that we have to search out His word for guidance and pray and pray and pray…if there is no clear answer, then we wait. Not just act. This is very humbling but worth it. I have done enough in my life without looking to God first…so when in doubtof what to do, we wait on the LORD.

    • 254.1
      Vickie says:

      I can so relate to your testimony. My husband has asked me to leave on many occasions because he says there is not room in my life for him and God. I finally told him, if he wants someone to leave that maybe it needs to be him. So far, we are still together, but the pain, only the Lord knows the depth.
      You are glorifying God by holding steadfast to Him.
      The walk that you are walking before your daughters will impact your great grandbabies. Keep walking siesta, you are the daughter of the King of Kings and He adores you.

    • 254.2
      Kelly says:

      Praying for a miracle for your family!!!
      Made me think of Ecclesiastes 7:8 “The end of a matter is better than its beginning,and patience is better than pride.”

    • 254.3
      Judith says:

      Michelle – thanks so much for sharing. I remember meeting you at the last SMT Celebration and I have enjoyed visiting your blog once in a while.
      Please do not give up hope! Six years ago I was in your husband’s place. Although I was a Christian, I had turned my back on God and my husband. And I walked away. BUT GOD performed an amazing miracle in my heart and restored my love for my husband and healed our marriage.
      Hang in there, sweet One! You may not be able to see it, but He is doing an amazing work in your life!

      • Thank you so much for your encouragement and for sharing your testimony! I so do remember meeting you. You were the first Siesta I saw with a pink boa!
        God is so good. I know whatever will happen is for the best.
        In His love,

      • Larue says:

        Thank you for your post. I need to hear that God speaks to those who wander off. I’m praying for my husband to surrender to God and fall back in love with me.

  5. 255

    Ooo! God has really been speaking to me about the motivation behind the way I dress. I’m all for a woman maintaining a nice appearance, but what is her motivation? God was really moving my heart on this matter. Long story short, after donating some clothes that my daughters and I weren’t going to wear anymore, I decided to take a walk through the thrift store. Humbling. That’s the exact word I used when I came home to my husband. For as long as I can remember, I have had the mindset of name brand this and that…and how much I spent for it…somehow rationalizing that the more I spent, the higher my own personal value. God really revealed my pride and that my worth was not found in material objects.

    Has enough time passed for this to sink in? Definitely…I still struggle every now and again, but for the most part I’ve learned that in order to keep myself from sinning (pride)…simplicity is best for me 🙂

  6. 256
    Kelly says:

    I was fired. Ouch. Humiliating. Humbling. Worse. I was fired from the large church where I loved working. I thought I was doing a wonderful job. It was a complete SHOCK. It’s been over 5 years ago, so I can see the Lord’s mercy and love all over that devastating experience. He (the Lord) was showing me some major areas I needed to work on, self-discipline namely. But He also had HUGE plans to have me live with my Mom. At age 25, single-mom with two kids, heading back to my small town and living with my Mom for the first time in 7 years while waiting for my house to sell. HUMBLING. Going back to that small town that I was much to big for… HUMBLING. Telling people why… horrifying. But you see, my Mom had a Godly habit that I hadn’t made my own. At 5 AM the coffee brewed and she and the Lord spent time in His Word. I started waking up for the coffee and wouldn’t you know… the Lord had me dive into His Word as well. He used that to lead me out of a sinful relationship and praying for the miracle of reconciliation with my ex-husband. Fired from my church job looked like a nightmare back then. Now, all I see is one giant undeserved dose of HIS GRACE. Thanks you, Abba!

  7. 257
    Destee says:

    A few weeks ago my husband and I had an argument about how I talk. He confronted me on how I frequently interrupt him (and others) and told me “You like to listen to yourself talk”. OUCH. I was flaming mad and hurt. But,after thinking about it for a while I realized I need to work on keeping my mouth shut and listening for a change! I find I am often thinking about what to say and not to what is being said. How very selfish of me. I hate even typing this. He was right.

    • 257.1
      Lynne says:

      Oh, sister friend! You got on my map of the world with this testimony.Because you hate writing it, I praise God MORE! I am guilty of the same. God is teaching me that NOT saying something is much more of a blessing to others at times. I sacrifice my desire to give my opinions (unless invited) and hear myself talk. God draws closer to me and HE
      is honoring these changes , as I know he will in you! May you be blessed in your honesty and willingness to listen to HIM!

  8. 258
    alice says:

    I teach English and have done so for many years. I’ve also designed and taught workshops that teach teachers how to teach. Last year I got a job teaching some writing courses at a nearby college–the same type of classes I could do in my sleep. It was so awful, I can’t begin to tell how awful it was. Nothing I tried with these students worked. No one was learning. I grew more frustrated every week, until I was resentful against the students and if honest, toward God for giving this job to me. Looking back, it’s almost laughable how badly it went. Think: the Hindenburg. I felt sick every day I had to teach. I was humiliated and quit for awhile, due to both family reasons and because I hated teaching at that school. Last semester I knew God was drawing me back to the ground of my failure, probably because I had thought I was all that and had everything figured out. I found myself in faculty meetings and trainings, humbly asking other teachers years younger and with far less experience than I what sort of strategies and lesson plans they used with their students. I will say honestly that since God has helped me humble myself there, things have improved somewhat, but it’s not like I have awesome results and am getting accolades or anything. I know now that He simply requires me to “do everything I do as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord I will receive the reward of the inheritance; for I serve the Lord Christ.” He has also greatly used the Steven Curtis Chapman song “Do Everything” in my life during this time of humbling, and I praise Him for it!

  9. 259
    Michele says:

    I think the last time I got hit with a dose of humility was when I saw the Proverbs 12:16 (NIV) verse posted.
    That verse hit me so hard that God made my brain INSTANTLY memorize it. I have noticed lately that annoyance and “instant” anger had been welling up so easily, but until I saw that verse, I didn’t get the full understanding of what it was doing.

    I need to LOOK and SOUND and BEHAVE as Jesus…so we have been working on that. (It was real nice to have that verse in the front of my mind as we were driving miles ans miles last week to visit lots of family. Can anyone say, “Being a fool and showing your annoyance at once AND DRIVING, go hand in hand?” :0)

  10. 260
    Cathy S. says:

    I am currently in a position at my job where much of what I have spent my life creating is being dismantled by others with very different perspectives on what is important in our community. The comments posted here on pride and humility over the last few days helped me to see that I was interjecting myself, my ego, my pride into the situation. It has been difficult, but I have taken a step back and tried to stand on the truth of what is right and valuable and not to take it as an insult to me personally. Every time I want to get my back up and be offended, I have tried to pray instead and ask for God’s intervention and will to prevail over mine. Today, one of my coworkers who I have been witnessing to for a while, but who is on the fringe of the situation and did not know how it was personally impacting me said, “You seem a lot calmer today. You must be having a good day.” Wow, how humbling is that? I had not realized my distress was so evident. People are watching me and when I remember it is not about me, but about Him, it makes a difference in their lives and mine.

  11. 261
    Tracie says:

    I hesitate to write this because it sounds so trivial compared to all the huge trials in our lives… but God is using a new puppy to teach me patience and humility. My husband and I love animals and very happily rescued this dear puppy from a neglectful family. She is a great dog and adapted almost immediately to us and our other pets. However… she has recently decided she enjoys digging holes in our grass and digging up and eating the tulip bulbs in my flower bed. It’s amazing how, in the midst of our crazy lives, something like this can almost push you to the edge. Can anyone relate?

  12. 262
    Kristina says:

    An elder approached my latin, passionate husband and I in the pew after church one recent Sunday and brought up a very sensitive subject that has been problematic between my husband and I! So my guy started pointing and gesturing and rubbing his brow, and pacing (he was upset at me) and finally it got to the point that EVERYONE could see, hear and understand that we were in discord. Well, the elder has apologized and been forgiven, I have suffered horrible embarrassment and been humbled beyond belief! I figure the Lord used that to show other younger marrieds that we ALL have issues and major problems in our marriages and even though it seems like “mature” folks like us have it figured out, we don’t always… 🙂

  13. 263

    Hi Beth;
    It has been two weeks since my sister and I attended your event in Columbus Ohio, and the message, feelings, and holy spirit are still within my daily thoughts. It was a PHENOMENAL event for both of us. What an annointed woman of God you are! My sister came away completely inspired and motivated to work hard on her dream to become a worship director. She shared some things with me during this event that I had never known about how God first started wooing her. She explained to me that when she was just a little girl waiting at the end of our very long driveway for the school bus, that she heard her name called by a male voice. She kept looking around to see who was talking to her. Nobody ever appeared, but she heard that voice more than once. She is convinced that it was God calling her name…..calling her to be His precious child. I too am convinced. She has been a christian all of her life from a very young age, and has never faltered. I, on the other hand, have! I was baptized at 16, but did a lot of backsliding, and roller coaster riding with God between then and now. I am still struggling with why God placed me on this planet. I have yet to discover my purpose….I was sincerely hoping that I might walk away from your event with a better idea of where God is taking me. Couple of thoughts have crossed my mind though…..not sure if they are MY thoughts, or thoughts placed there by God. Chaplain is the word that came to mind that weekend in Columbus. Since then, I have learned that there are “corporate chaplains”. Now, there is something I can get excited about! I have always longed for the corporate world to be a more welcoming world….a more gracious world…..a more encouraging world than it is now. So, I will wait and see where God takes me.

    I was wondering if there is any way you can email, or can I buy a copy of the DVD taped during your Columbus event? Specifically, I wanted to know the words/prayer you asked us to repeat back to you at the very end? You asked us to group into two’s or three’s and repeat every word you said. Those words had a profound effect on me, my sister, and a new friend we made while we were there. If I could repeat those words each day it would be a reminder. Thanks so much for hearing me out. God bless you, and the work you do for His kingdom. Can’t wait to see you again.

    Warmest regards,

  14. 264
    Carol says:

    I’m going through the humbling process right now, it’s that point where your heart is very tender and you feel like the slightest jolt will just send you to pieces. I have been back in the states for about a month now after volunteering with and NGO in Kenya for six weeks, and that’s a readjusting period in itself. But there was a situation that I became involved in where I followed my heart before my head, actually took a running leap head over heels into something that was not in God’s timing at all, and in the last week all of it has completely fallen a part, but it’s ok. God is humbling me to realize that I cannot try to take control of situations and that I just need to trust Him, it’s a lot easier said then done and I could go without the hurt, but unfortunately my own pride and flesh got the better of me and this is where I stand now. This entire situation has brought me to a new place of awe and revelation of who God is and it has also really opened my eyes to new areas in my life that have been veiled for far too long and that need to be rooted out only through God healing. So being in the midst of this process it’s hard and there have been a lot of tears shed, but I know that, if I allow it to happen, so much growth and healing will come out of this and a new depth of love for my Abba, Father.

  15. 265
    Sharon Meekins says:

    Idols… Specifically, Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child. Because I put such a high regard for Samaritan’s Purse, I was not able to see the blessings in the other parts of the ministry. You see, the Lord opened the door for me to serve Him in Haiti with Samaritan’s Purse, a ministry that I love. However, because it was not Operation Christmas Child, I could not see the blessing in serving Him there. For over a year, I complained to anyone and everyone about being in Haiti and not with Operation Christmas Child. I completed my year in April and am now living in Richmond, Virginia with my mom and step-dad. I’m going back to school for Medical Billing and Coding. Perhaps if I had not held OCC as an idol… However, I have decided to fail-forward and learn.

  16. 266
    sharon meekins says:

    Oh my… It hurts just sharing that…

  17. 267
    Esther says:

    Hey Beth! This is the first time I’ve visited this blog, and it was a Godsend because I got good and humbled today. I’m a college student currently studying abroad, and as I was sitting through the lengthy orientation today I felt myself getting so frustrated with having to “waste time” listening to lectures about things I already know, etc, etc… I went for a swim to clear my head a little and as I processed through my emotions a bit, I just felt God peeling back layers until my true pride and insecurities (that were ultimately driving the discontentment) were abundantly clear. I’m so thankful that I can stop trying to be better than everyone else around me and start finding ways to serve them as fellow children of God!

    Your blog is very encouraging! Thank you!

  18. 268
    Katie says:

    I am brought to my knee in humility when I look at my 5 and 7 year. Oh by the Grace of God go I!!!

  19. 269
    Jeanine says:

    I’m kind of late posting on this one, but couldn’t pass it up. Even though this incident happened several years ago, it remains a fresh reminder of how God can bring us to humility (if we aren’t there already)! Long story, as short as I can make it…. In a bad mood (internally grumbling) on a gray day, I side-swiped a car in a shopping center parking lot! Mortified, I left an apology note and insurance info on the car window. Home was about 45 minutes away, so I stewed and fretted all the way home about the frustration and ramifications. When I walked in with toddler and bags in tow, I tripped and fell to me knees (aah humility), and not lightly, I might add. I looked up to God, and said, “What do you want from me?” And in His ever loving grace, I felt Him whisper, “You, right there on your knees!” Though there is more to the story, this is the most important part… This all happened just before I was going to be leading a weekend retreat about prayer. God is good to teach us before we teach others!

  20. 270
    Lisa Jump says:

    I am on a team for a women’s spiritual walk and had to write a talk on a specific subject. I then had to preview the talk and do a power point presentation. (I have never done a power point before). I was SOOOO busy and I just prayed and asked God to put the words in my mouth. I told Him He had a talk to give and would He join me that week so I could put it on paper?

    I was down to the week before and still did not have a clear idea. I sat down Friday night to finish and I did at 11pm. I gave my talk the next day and evidently God and I knocked it out of the park. I was not surprised because He has done this before but I was and always am embarrassed and uncomfortable with the praise afterwards. I keep saying “it wasn’t me, it wasn’t me”. That is the most difficult part …I don’t want the attention.

  21. 271
    Sarah, NC says:

    sigh. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Let’s see, which humbling experience in the last month would I share? So, I’ll just say (with tears forming) that they last month has been so painful. Yet, have your way with me Lord, have your way.

    • 271.1
      Lynne says:

      Dear Sister, Jesus sees those tears and is putting his arms around you right now. I am praying for you this minute that our Mighty God will be your portion and your cup. That he will make your lot secure. See Psm16.5:11 He will make known to you, the path of life and bring you joy in His presence through your sorrow.

  22. 272
    Terri says:

    So…A couple of weeks ago, during a really busy week, my mother, (my partner in Real Estate), was doing business with another agent we hadn’t worked with before. The other agent’s communications with my mom were tacky and unprofessional. Every text and email, just grated at me. Throughout the day I kept saying how annoyed I was with her. I used that word “annoyed” over and over that day. I got home late and and after cleaning the kitchen and making my husbands lunch for the next day, I was on my way to bed. I hadn’t been on my computer all day, because I was out on meetings, so I wanted to hop on my laptop and look at my feeds. Low and behold, there was a new post on the Living Proof Blog. I was so excited because it had been a while since there had been one. I thought to myself what a great way to end my day. It was a video from Beth with “a few things to share” or something like that. She talked about her fascination with binders and a few other things and then at the end she said I have a word for you…

    PROVERBS 12:16 A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult.

    There it was…BAM!

    It has become a pattern with God and me. He lets me repeat something over and over and then he gives me a word using that exact word so I can’t possibly miss that it is for me.
    I seem to love Humble Pie.

  23. 273
    Suzan Bray says:

    My husband and I have reared five children, the last just entering high school. This year we were asked if my teenage niece could live with us for a year because she was being so difficult at home. For everything that I thought I had done well as a mother and that had made made me enthusiastic to accept this challenge, I have had to lay down and humbly seek His righteousness anew.

    • 273.1
      Lynne says:

      Bless you sister in your sacrifice for your niece. I know from personal experience the impact that a loving and godly home will make to your niece. Be encouarged at this tremendous challenge.Know that many of us out here in blog-world will pray for you and your family!
      God is able and ready to bless your faithfulness.

  24. 274
    Sandra Turbyfill says:

    The events God has used to humble me are to painful for me to share but every time I am reminded of those times I am so thankful how much I am thankful for his love and mercy. It has taught me how to love others and not be so critical. God has used those times to show me how selfish I was and how I am seeking what I want not what He wants and he still shows me grace & mercy.

  25. 275
    Sue says:

    My kids call it “too soon”. A hurt has happened and it is too soon to speak, look up, and definitely reflect. Just know that oh yes, I am humbled, being humbled…waiting for my victory lap…

  26. 276
    jamie says:


    I am going through a humbling time for the last 2 going on 3 years. Still waiting for the purpose to be revealed to me. He will reveal.


  27. 277
    spirited says:

    My family was set to move to Africa to be missionaries. I couldn’t wait…but not for the right reasons. I just knew my calling was HUGE. I was going to do something great for God. I could picture feeding the orphans or teaching abandoned women and my mind always reflected on Me, not Him. Well we got there and it was a disaster! We only lasted a little over a month. Embarrassing, huh?
    This was over a year ago and what a difference it has made in my life. I now realize I didn’t go in power, I went in self-admiration. I wish I had put Him first and my purpose was to glorify Him. My husband’s heart was right, but mine wasn’t. I now long for the opportunity to do it all over. I am less, He is more. I regret my intentions during that journey, but am thankful for the lesson and thankful for who I have become. Humility is such a blessing…grateful for His ways.

    • 277.1
      Annie says:

      Oh thank you for sharing. How I need to work on intentions on doing mission work..not to glorify myself. Thank you for being brave enough to share this. 🙂

  28. 278
    Tracy says:

    I’m at a point right now that makes me wonder if the humbling ever ends. I don’t think it does. And it just makes me want to cry.

    • 278.1
      Lynne says:

      I have been where you are dear one.Reading your pain, makes me wish we had comptuer HUGS! So I could give you one! Please know that YES, the pain of humbling will end. It ended for me on my face before God and begging through tears for him to take this “toddler” in the Lord and stop me from going where I shouldn’t and put up some baby gates and cushions to to keep me from harm. You see, I couldn’t trust my own reason and as I searched His word, I knew I needed that extra help, because making good decisions did not come naturally. God has just taken over, as I purpose to seek His word daily and ask for Him to guard this toddler until I am strong enough to walk as His child and not fall so often. I found daily Psalms and Proverbs so helpful. He will do it for you!

  29. 279
    Wendy Packard says:

    The most humbling experience for me is when I left my husband a few years ago and was convinced that “his” behavior was the problem. We were separated a year and in the course of that year I found alot of areas that I was deeply wounded and acting out. I was wrong to leave but at the same time the value of having those wounds revealed so that God could touch them was priceless

  30. 280
    Karen Wondercheck says:

    I read through the book “Humility” by Andrew Murray a few months ago, wow, talk about humbling. I had never saw before how humility is something we need to seek after, as pride is constantly rearing it’s ugly head. Murray says that we are to see those irritating people that try us as God means of humbling us, What a new perspective this has given me! It’s an opportunity to be aware of the pride that so easily rises up in me. Murray also constantly points to the humility of Christ and His example of true humility. I can not be full of Christ if I am full of myself (pride). I am continually humbled as I homeschool my three boys and fall short again and again before them. My prayer is that it serves to empty me of myself so that I can be an example to my boys. Loved reading all of your experiences with humility.

    In HIM,

    Karen in AZ

  31. 281
    Lynn Walters says:

    I live in Elmore County, the state of Alabama. The tornados of April 27th humbled me. I and so many people like me, including some who lost their lives or homes thought our lives were “boring”,the same thing day after day. I know now for sure that every day is a gift to be cherished. Some of the storm survivors I know would like their old “boring” life back. Thank you Lord for showing me how much I have to be grateful for and please continue to watch over those who lost so much.

  32. 282
    Jennyfer says:

    I am in the midst of a terribly humbling, and much needed confession and re-direction in my life. I pray that God will indeed shower me with mercy and grace and grant me the strength I need to over-come.

  33. 283
    Jenny says:

    I had a very long winter and spring due to back surgery and some complications. At the worst point I could not walk or take care of my family. Friends brought in meals, I had to use a walker to get to the bathroom, and once I got stuck in a rocking chair and had to call a friend who had to get a key from a neighbor to let herself in and help me get out of the chair and stand up. My friends came in and cleaned my house for me. All of this was very humbling. It’s so easy to help other people in need, and so very hard to be the one in need. So hard to sit and let someone else clean your kitchen, and your bathrooms. I spent a lot of time talking to God, and looking to Him for strength on a daily basis.

  34. 284
    sweet anonymous says:

    Dear Beth,
    I already responded to your blog on this subject once already but I have been pondering something about the subject of humility and wondered if you would mind if I asked a question? I’m kind of embarrassed to ask this and my tendency is to want to hide my face like I did so many times at the MN conference. People have told me time and again that I am beautiful to Jesus. I would always say Thank You and I never believed it. Lastnight Jesus and I had a wonderful time of fellowship, just Him and I. This morning as I awoke my first thought was I feel beautiful to you Lord. For the first time in my life I believe it. I couldn’t help but smile. Then I got uncomfortable. I wondered can you think in your heart that you are beautiful to Christ and still walk in humility? Is this being prideful? I just wondered. Please don’t be mad at me for asking. Don’t meant to bother you twice in the blog. So honored to be your sister in Christ. Love,M.

    • 284.1
      KMac says:

      Hi Sweet Anonymous, I don’t know if Beth will have a chance to respond to your question. Hopefully other Siestas will, too. But my thought is that any time we BELIEVE Him, believe what He’s already told us to be true in His Word, it is not prideful. Taking that truth for granted, or believing we earned it based on our own works or worthiness…that’s where pride comes in. That’s just my two cents worth. 😉 I bet He was so happy to know you believed Him this morning! Didn’t you feel free?? Walk in that dear sister!

    • 284.2
      Tamara says:

      I don’t think that believing the truth of what God says about us is prideful. We are beautiful to God and He wants us to believe that.

      I’ve struggled with this is my life too. It’s only in the last few months that I’ve even begun to believe this. And learning to live it does make a difference in life.

      Keep believing it!

  35. 285
    Monica says:

    Moving and living in God’s will is a feeling that I want always; but sometimes we make decisions that He allows to teach us about life and Him. Well, that happened to us when we were doing just that thing and decided to change our direction in life which actually meant “going back home.” Being near family isn’t a bad thing but maybe the timing just wasn’t in the plans. I don’t know. I have felt out of God’s will(but still with God all the way) for the past 4 years.

    In these years, my husbands job has been shaky; I went back to work after 8 years home with my children to “make sure” someone had a job. It was just all out of whack. Our worship started slipping although we were/are still studying and praying…just a time of introspection. We KNOW and BELIEVE that God is always there; but the enemy has a way leading us to anxiety and distress. The humility comes as you are lead out of that time and realize you have wasted time in all the negativity. PEACE PEACE PEACE!! PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE! HE IS GOOD ALWAYS!

  36. 286
    Sally says:

    Over the past 5 years God has been chipping away at the many prideful layers I had been wearing(and clothing my family with!). He has taken my family of 5 from having lots of “things” to having very few things…but what we have now are parents that love Christ like never before, a husband and wife that love each other more than ever, and 3 amazing children that realize that God is our constant and what we do have are the things God has chosen to bless us with! It has been humbling at times, but God has revealed Himself in so many ways to us through it all. We have been the prodigal son and it is so very humbling that He chooses to bless us each day with His grace, love and mercy!! I cry each time I hear John Waller’s song “He Still Calls Me Son” …thank you Lord for your AMAZING GRACE!

  37. 287
    Leslie kilpatrick says:

    God has blessed my life so richly! I know I don’t deserve what he had done but man am I grateful! Life was pretty tough in my parent’s home, mama was an alcoholic. She didn’t mean to hurt us or neglect us but you know when alcohol has the upper hand families get forgotten. Well, took make a forty year story short, I lost my mom to liver cancer. After so many years of struggling mom had finally gotten her faith and her life in order. She was only 69. I wanted to spend time with my best friend but God needed her more! I really struggled withy grief! Wow so
    many unresolved issues! But through this loss my brother and I have become so close! I believe our heavenly father took home my mama but he knew that my brother and I would fill an important void for each other! Oh…. Don’t we all have a story! Just finished the study of Esther with some wonderful sisters! Thank you so much for sharing your love of women and Christ!!!!

  38. 288
    Kari says:

    My humbling was just last month and while I am guessing there is more for me to learn out of it, the biggest thing I have learned so far is that I need to shut my mouth and listen more!!! I need to wait on God and see how He is going to play things out rather than get my mouth going and try and control the situation.

  39. 289
    Jennifer says:

    I have just come through a season of humbling and my word, it has been difficult. However, I have a peace in me that is like no other, I have grown closer to God because of it, relied on Him more and sought Him more. It has not been an easy season but it is one I would not give up for where I am right now. More of HIM less of me…

  40. 290
    Rachel says:

    For years I struggled with God allowing hard circumstances (abuse, foster care, infertility, etc)..and I would shake my fist at God and say, “You caused it/ allowed it, but I will fix it”. Boy, I didn’t know a foster kid could be so prideful! It wasn’t until I was a bliever at 28..that I even recognized my problem. He didn’t give up on me and CURED me of my pride and humbled me by giving me one of my biggest blessings: my youngest son with NF (neurofibromatosis- a tumor disorder). Now, 5 years into his diagnosis, one big surgery, and numerous issues…don’t know if how my son’s story will play out.. However,HE has shown me that HE IS THE BOSS..but HE has also shown me that HE is STRONG and HE is loving. (Ps 62)

  41. 291
    Danna says:

    New to this blog, and so thankful for it! Loved reading all of your posts so far! Beth’s last posting on staying sober hit home for me. See, I grew up a Christian and have always just been totally in love with Him. Loved reading and studying His word and praying/talking to Him through the day. Growing up, things were ALWAYS hard financially, but seeing Him provide time and time again helped my faith grow. But as a young adult I was humbled by some unanswered prayer and He taught me that I wrongly believed that I believed that I had to be “good enough” or have enough faith for Him to work for me and was gratefully humbled to realize it was Him who provided faith in me, and faith wasn’t a magic wand.. I needed to have faith in WHO God is and His goodness, not what He would do for me. When He said No, it was a wonderful answer to prayer just as much as when He said yes.

    Okay, trying to keep this short–so became excited in Him again and through my medical transcription job started typing psych evals for teenage girls and my heart ached for them. I wanted to shout to them, “if you only knew Jesus!” So I began taking courses in Christian counseling and was on my way!

    Then boom… got pregnant, and had hormone issues and wound up with a horrible postpartum depression. Had a c-section and took pain killers and became addicted. Then stopped those but substituted for alcohol. That was three years ago… and what a crazy downward spiral it caused! LIke SUPER crazy! Had you told me this would happen, I would have NEVER believed it! NOT ME!! (that just drips of crazy pride, don’t ya think??) I live in a small community and MANY know about my issues because I have seeked prayer and help. But then pride grabbed me on the other end, too… feeling sorry for myself. “‘They’ just judge me and don’t understand…”

    Not totally on the other side of all of this yet, but realized just this week that I think I have been longing to “get back to who I used to be,” but I think I am supposed to learn that it is BECAUSE of who I used to be that God allowed this time in my life. (I think I was one of those bubbly yet annoying Christians that was always just telling people, “just have faith, God will work it out…” Well-meaning and sympathetic, but not apathetic in the least!) Yet, I have held “who I used to be” as where I want to be again, and it has seemed overwhelming to “get back there” so it has kept me in a cycle of defeat… just seeming too hard to get back there. But I am realizing just this morning that He does not want me to be who I used to be. He wants me to be who He can make of me today. All of my hurts and mistakes and the grace He has poured out on me TODAY and the strength that only comes from Him TODAY, that is who He wants me to be TODAY. I need to take baby step after baby step with His direction and discover each step of the way who HE wants me to be in THAT step. Right now only be what I am in Him right now. Then watch Him create in me a new heart and renew a steadfast spirit within me–and hang on for the ride… see where HE takes me and be excited for it, whatever it brings!

    **Sorry this was so long!**

  42. 292
    Sandy Dobbins says:

    I agree with Tracy Aug 26th 9:58 AM. Its been alittle exhausting lately, but at least I know I’m in the fight. And the perspective that I have gained is equal to a PHD in humanities.

  43. 293
    Brandi says:

    Well, this is exactly where I am. For about the past year, God has made it clear that we would be working on pride. He has shown me in more ways than I can count that everything in my life has or is being choked out by pride, it is all over everything. Recently, God kept leading me to the verse in James that says “you have not because you ask not” He wanted me to not only ask for things but write them down. So I started writing all my requests, because I never want it to be said that I would have received something, but I never asked for it. After a few days of racking my brain, trying to ask for everything I could think of, My Father said something like, “You have even been too prideful to think that you could want or need anything.” Who would have ever thought that an exercise in asking could be a demonstration of humility? He is so mysterious! I can’t make this stuff up, I know it is Him. His ways are not my ways. I love Him so. O Lord, please find me humble before You.

  44. 294
    Sarah Elizabeth says:

    I’m a sophomore in college, and over the summer I had the opportunity to intern with my church’s youth ministry and work with the girls. Part of my job was delivering 3 messages to the entire youth group. One week I felt really burdened by the Lord to speak to the kids on the importance of humility and how pride is often the root of all sin. As the week before my talk passed and I spent more time in the word reading about humility and pride and also reading books about it I felt that the Lord was preaching more to me than I could ever convey to the youth group. I realized just how crucial it is to fight pride and how much the Lord hates it, and also how every sin struggle is closely related to the battle with pride. Through preparation for my lesson and through talking to the girls about pride in small group I really was convicted of my apathy towards pride. Thanks be to God that he is transforming me by the renewing of my mind every day, and he never gives up on me! You all are great!

  45. 295
    Karen says:

    I couldn’t agree more…when we are humbled, it puts us in the place to see Who God is and remember Whose we are! You can read about my recent humbling here:


  46. 296
    Donna Sava says:

    I’m a late poster on this one like some others…busy with life and just got on here! My humbling is still in progress. My husband’s business went south financially about 2 years ago…it took me 18 months to find a job and I have now been back to work full time for 7 months and missing my boys like crazy after being home with them for 8 years!

    God has shown me so many things over this time and has given me a renewed sense of purpose as a mom. I know how I want my life to be and what is most important to me. I have learned things that I believe God is showing me for when I am back home and working with my husband again. I’m not sure of the timing but I know I am learning things…He shows me daily and I’m trying to make notes so I don’t forget one ounce of His provision during this time.

    That’s my two cents!
    Donna (the mom of twin boys) from Franklin, TN

  47. 297
    Emily says:

    Well, Papa sure does love humbling me:) and I must admit I am quite fond of it because it reminds me (with overwhelming simplicity) that He really cares about the small details as well as the large… Abba is really teaching me in this new season about “relationship” rather than a “religion” mindset~aka Grace instead of law… He called me out of a church I was attending to another one~but the biggest thing was not about the church but about teaching me to hear Him, trust Him, and depend on Him… He really is all I need, and even in the “seemingly” lonely season I had to face, He showed me that HE REALLY IS ALL I NEED:) Ill always have great fellowship with friends and family, but when they begin to become our God, well, we will find He is the ONLY one that can meet our expectations with an abundance of unexpected overflow[= Im learning to love others without an agenda~and what a load off of my shoulders!!

  48. 298
    Kara says:

    I have been shocked at the lengths the Lord will go to humble me. Recently, we went thru a very tough time $. Bad. Then worse. Then right back to bad. We were reduced to having to trust Him for enough gas just to leave the house. No exaggeration. He was our daily bread. If my husband didn’t have enough gas to get home, he’d sleep on his office floor and shower in the truck stop gas station- without telling anyone. Then my husband was fired from his job so he started his own business. He’s now doing over $60,000/mo in sales and making more $ than we ever have. We take NO pride in this. The Lord completely emptied us ourselves before He filled us up. There is no room for boasting. He raised us up from the ashes.

  49. 299
    Barb Lanktree says:

    Several times in last couple months. And the last most recent gaff God really used. He told me to stop “running in where angels fear to tread”. Going into to a new situation as though I had the same credibility and reputation as that I had earned over a 25yr period. Nothing deliberate but the Lord definitely showed me that I was trampling boundaries. He also reminded me of scripture #13 Ps 37:7 NLT “Be still in the Presence of the Lord and wait PATIENTLY for HIM to act.” “Barb, stop trying to run ahead of My Perfect timing. No irreparable damage but a lesson well learned. Praise God that He can & will turn are mess to good.

  50. 300
    Carrie says:

    To think of being humbled by God is ironic because I feel unworthy of Him to be humbled…Does that make sense? Most days I am so busy and overwhelmed that I lack making time for devotions and in depth prayers, yet I know that in making time for this FIRST in my day, His grace would calm my chaos and guide my day. I am humbled by my efforts or lack there of, and God continues to breathe into me to make Him first. No more excuses! I will rise early (even if my child wakes me at 3 am) and serve HIM.

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