Humility, Anyone?

Hey, Sweet Things! I am back to my desk for the first time in almost a week and a half! It was called “Time Off” and I savored it like I do the last foamy sip of a grande dry cappuccino while I’m patting on the bottom of the cup. At first I was just going to stay home for the whole week since Keith couldn’t leave town right then and neither could my main running buddies, AJ and Melissa. Then, my coworkers, Sabrina and K-Mac, conspired on some possible flight arrangements, hotels and even show times if I were willing to take a jaunt to New York City. Last Tuesday, I mentioned it almost in passing to Keith and Lis and both of them said, “GO!!!!” So, I did! I couldn’t even believe it myself. I had plenty of frequent flier miles so the flight didn’t cost one red cent. I called a friend whose daughter happened to be at church camp and she was able to drop her schedule like a hot potato and meet me there. We landed within an hour of one another on Thursday afternoon and hit the ground running. I bet we walked 12 miles in Central Park over our 3 day/2 night stay and talked a hundred miles an hour. It was such an immense treat.

THEN, I flew home on Saturday evening in time to spend the last few days of my vacation with my family. We had our Bayou City Fellowship core-group church service Sunday evening (we open to the public September 11th!!! So exciting!) THEN the biggest thing of all happened: JACKSON STARTED KINDERGARTEN YESTERDAY. Amanda and I had planned for the last several weeks to spend that day together so I headed over yesterday morning and stayed until he got home from school. We made memories that I will treasure in my heart forever and replay in my mind about a zillion times. I am not going to go overboard on it right now because I’m hoping AJ will send me some pictures so I can share them with you. If you’re like me, you don’t just want to hear about a big occasion. You want to see it. SO, hopefully I’ll be able to pitch you a few pictures really soon.

OK, so change tracks with me because I’d love to hear from you about a subject. I’ve been thinking about what a gift a fresh humbling can be. Needless to say, I don’t like one any more than you do. In fact, I can’t think of many things I like less but, if we’re Biblical thinkers, we can have a whole different perspective when a humbling comes. In fact, if we really assimilated what the Scriptures say about it into our belief systems, we wouldn’t wait to be humbled. We’d go right ahead and humble ourselves as fast as we could. Why? Well, for starters…

Luke 1:48 says that God is mindful of the humble state of His servant, so we’re especially full in His mind in our humble condition.

Matthew 11:29 says that Jesus was humble in heart so, with fresh humility, we’re vastly more reflective of the Savior. And, at the end of the day, that’s what we’re doing here.

1 Peter 5:5 says that God opposes the proud but He gives grace to the humble, so, fresh humility not only puts us on the same side of the situation as God (note to self: never a good idea to invite God to oppose you), it also drops open the invisible hatch over our heads till we’re buried alive in grace.

1 Peter 5:6 tells us to humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God and trust that He will exalt us at the proper time. Of course, seeking to humble ourselves so that we’ll be exalted is just pride playing dress-ups but here’s the bright side of the proper vantage point: Sometimes when God humbles us, it’s because He is preparing to exalt His Name through us in some elevated capacity. “For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and the one who humbles himself will be exalted.” (Luke 14:11)

So, I was just wondering: When was the last time God really humbled you? Second question: Has enough time passed for you to get some insight from Him regarding His purpose for it? If so, let’s hear it. Limit your responses to a good, meaty paragraph so we can read as many of them as possible.

I’ve missed hearing from you! Testify, Girlfriends! You are so loved and appreciated here.


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  1. 301
    amybhill says:

    i know how beautiful i am to him when i am truly humbled before him – when i’m aware of my need for grace – when i’m just plan old thankful. i have had about a zillion instances that have brought me to this very place in my 32 years (and usually the reason is somehow related to the fact that i talk too much). i wish broken humility were a feeling i could bottle and drink deeply every morning. i’m such a nicer wife, mother, daughter, friend… inevitably, however, i always end up thinking i’m all that or confusing my priorities once again. then his hand of correction is firm but gentle. he keeps me safely on the path of righteousness by his loving rebuke. his rod and his staff, they comfort me… i’m so grateful he cares enough to call me out.

  2. 302
    Andrea says:

    I had just been promoted at work when I found out I was pregnant. I was single, and my pregnancy was not good news in the office. For weeks, as I struggled with morning sickness and varying degrees of emotional and spiritual distress, my employers grew more and more impatient. I think they saw a promising employee whose promise had just left the building, and they reacted in turn. I felt attacked, persecuted. And I began to sink into a definite victim mentality, until one day, I found Psalm 138:6-9: “Though the Lord is on high, he looks upon the lowly, but the proud he knows from afar. Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life; you stretch out your hand against the anger of my foes, with your right hand you save me. The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your love, O Lord, endures forever – do not abandon the works of your hands.” I realized with a start that my self-pity was not humility – it was pride. I wanted the Lord to look upon me, so I wanted to be made humble. I asked Him for humility, and He transformed my attitude and outlook. He looked upon me. Not long after that, I began to experience success in my career and favor with my employers. It’s almost five years later, and He has set my feet in an even more spacious place, far beyond what I could have ever asked or imagined. When I’m tempted to pat myself on the back for any or all of this, God usually finds a way to bring me back to Psalm 138…to remind me that humility keeps me close to Him, and that’s where I so desperately long to be.

  3. 303

    Well, I can tell you what I know humility is NOT! It’s not beating yourself up over how horrible you are for the rest of your life, like my family of origin seems to think and to have taught me. I understand I was a pretty confident, outspoken young child, and my parents decided I was in danger of becoming arrogant, so they chose to put me down, frequently, and continually emphasize when I messed up, which was a LOT! The result was I live in almost constant shame, that is really hard to get past. They think I need to do the same with my very sanguine youngest child, and I don’t think she’s proud at all. In fact, she has indicated many times the frustrations of being behind in school. (She has ADHD and struggles a bit) She knows she’s behind, but she also knows that she works hard. Every single teacher’s she’s had has marvelled at her work ethic, and wished they could give a shot of it to all of their other students. So that’s not pride, it’s her seeing herself as she really is. She also knows she’s a princess, a child of the King, completely loved by her Father! I happen to think she’s plenty humble. I still struggle with figuring out who I am and even doubting the positive traits others have seen in me, so I’m not humble. I’m told that really self-condemnation is really a twisted form of pride. Don’t really know how that works, but I know it isn’t how God would have me view myself. I’m improving constantly, and staying in periods of self-condemnation less and less all the time.

  4. 304
    Rita R says:

    My greatest humbling experience began eight years ago. After being a stay-at-home wife and mother for 28 years, the Lord orchestrated financial circumstances so that I needed to return to the workforce. “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and He delights in his way – Psalm 37:23” . I was hired in an administrative position and my “humbling” began! Being out of the workforce for many years was a great handicap. Trying to grasp my new duties with a fuzzy 53-year-old brain made matters worse. J I had NEVER felt so overwhelmed and frightened! What an acutely painful and stressful experience!

    Just this month, the Lord led me out of the workplace and back to being a full-time housewife. I can now look back on those eight years in the workforce and see the spiritual gains I’ve made. The Lord was VERY good to send me along this rocky path so that I learned just how weak and inadequate my own strengths are … and just how wonderfully faithful and loving my Savior is! For example, each time I was overwhelmed during my workday (and these were frequent occurrences during the first few years) my Wonderful Friend provided a miracle for me. He ALWAYS and immediately sent someone to aid me in each situation. As time went by, I became aware of the times when the Lord provided me with information ahead of time that He knew I would need the following day at work. He truly hovered right with me and provided my every need. Having this deeper confidence in my dear Savior’s loving provision – no matter what path He has planned for me – is a wonderful benefit! Deuteronomy 33:27a – “The eternal God is our refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms …”

    I can now look back on those eight years in the workforce and see the spiritual gains I’ve made. The Lord was very good to send me along this rocky path so that I learned just how weak and inadequate my own strengths are … and just how wonderfully faithful and loving my Savior is! For example, each time I was overwhelmed during my workday (and these were frequent occurrences during the first few years) my Wonderful Friend provided a miracle for me. He ALWAYS and immediately sent someone to aid me in each situation. As time went by, I became aware of the times when the Lord provided me with information ahead of time that He knew I would need the following day. He truly hovered right with me and provided my every need. Having this deeper confidence in my dear Savior’s loving provision – no matter what path He has planned for me – is a wonderful benefit! Deuteronomy 33:27a – “The eternal God is our refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms …”

  5. 305
    kris piccolo says:

    I had a lesson on “false humility”…easily i had become accustomed to living like a christian, forgetting to allow God to speak a fresh wod. Suddenly I realized I was reaping fruits that were not of the Holy Spirit, but doormat. Humbling it is to hear the Lord call my name and say get back where you belong! Thank you, Lord.

  6. 306
    kris piccolo says:

    I had a lesson on “false humility”…easily i had become accustomed to living like a christian, forgetting to allow God to speak a fresh word. Suddenly I realized I was reaping fruits that were not of the Holy Spirit, but doormat. Humbling it is to hear the Lord call my name and say get back where you belong! Thank you, Lord.

  7. 307
    jill buczkowski says:

    Humility? That has been our theme the past two years as our life has changed following my husband’s stroke at the young age of 46. He was “successful” in the corporate world, providing our family a nice lifestyle when that all came to a halt in 10/09. Today he is still recovering from the disabling effects, lost his job in corporate, and is trying to pick up the pieces and move forward – God is preparing him for more I tell him. Through this whole process we have had to humble ourselves as we apply for disability benefits and any other aid we can get to help provide for our 4 children. I have had to return to work after 19 years of being a stay home mom and that has been so difficult. No more senseless shopping trips for home furnishings, clothing, etc….now it is just about putting food on the table and paying the mortgage. Our life has done a 360 turn but God has been with us all the way, grooming us for what is to come. We have grown closer to Him and surrendered to His will. We have become more compassionate to the needs of others, especially to stroke survivors and caregivers and hope to be a voice for them in His timing.

  8. 308
    Amanda says:

    Ummm…last week. I am so loud mouthed and overly opinionated that it happens often really. I have been feeling convicted about my parenting…that I am too dominating with my girls. I had the priviledge of watching a sweet couple parent their precious 2 year old boy this weekend, and it hit me hard that I was missing the “sweet”. The woman in this couple is someone that was in a small group I led years ago. I love to receive humility and learn from people I have ministered to in years past…it is how the cycle is supposed to work. The humility came in that I am fully convinced (and I tell others) that I am just SO GOOD with kids. I was not willing to listen and be taught about parenting, and my kids suffered. My girls have blossomed these last few days as I have been adding back the “sweet” and watching the great and godly parents around me to copy what they do. Thanks for the opportunity to share…it is nice.

  9. 309
    Macki says:

    Beth, I so dearly love you…and haven’t even met you. For this past year, God has given me a heavy dose of sifting through many Christian relationships (which have be especially trying), my health going on hyatis, and 3 tragic losses back to back. So many times, I have cried out to God asking “why me”…”I just don’t understand”…”what have I done so wrong.” Many times it seems that more obedient I try to be, the more Satan is trying to tear me down. But in this season, I have become to understand that humility is by far a total leaning on God’s shoulders and allowing him to smother me with His embrace. And that is exactly where God wants me! We get to that point where we realize that no matter what our circumstances may be God is forever good. We die to what we think our lives should be and embrace what God wants our lives to be! Then we live with humble confidence, not in ourselves, but who we are in God.

  10. 310
    Lynn Miller says:

    I’d been married to the man of my college dreams for 24 years. We had a picture-perfect life….great church, wonderful children, super jobs, nice house. My man was and is a wonderful husband. But……I had an “eye” problem. My eyeballs were turned inward, always looking at myself and what “I” needed. “I” always wanted my husband to be “more” for me. I wanted him to be more of a spiritual leader, more willing to share his inmost thoughts with me, more compassionate when I was down, more time to work on our relationship, more, more, more, because “I” deserved more. One day, up to my eyebrows in “I need more”, I packed up and left. That night, the man I thought would never miss me, took every pill in our medicine cabinet. I got the call from my screaming, panicked 18 year old. By the time I got home, my husband had already been taken away by ambulance, and I was left to wonder whether he was dead or alive. And there in that moment, I cried like I have never cried before. My throat hurt and my elbows bled, as I wallowed around on the floor, crying out to my God, “I’m sorry…I’m sorry…I’m soooooorrrryyyy!!!!” That’s all I could say.” As many times as I had sung that sweet church hymn, “More of you, less of me…..then, all of you, none of me,” I had never gotten it. However!!! Today, two years later, we have a marriage better than ever. The Lord changed me that night. As I wallowed around on the floor with carpet hairs stuck to the snot of my dripping nose, He changed me. That’s all I can say. I had “I” surgery by my Heavenly optometrist. His purpose for it? So I could see with HIS eyes. I now joyfully wear my cloak of humility, and I wake up every day thankful for my new eyes…eyes that can see my wonderful husband and the blessings all around me, and eyes to see Kingdom purpose. I love my God! He rescued me and my marriage, and fills my life with abundance. I love to sing to him, “more of you, less of me,” and I long for the day when I am “all of you and none of me.” This I know: “For it is God who works in me to will and to act, in order to fulfill his good purpose.”

    • 310.1
      Ruth says:

      God love your heart, Lynn Miller! The details of our stories are different, but the theme of our songs is the same. My marriage of 29 years fell apart from pure neglect, and it was all my husband’s fault…or so I thought until my great humbling. And I say great because it was the single greatest gift my precious Savior could have given me at the time. God jerked me up, spun me around a few times, and finally knocked some sense into me. When I was barely 17 years old, I knew my husband was the only man for me. I forgot that for a while, but God reminded me of it. When I look back, it scares me to death to see the treasure I was trying to throw away with both hands. My husband is now back in his rightful place as my best friend, lover and protector. I marvel that our marriage is what it should have been all along, and I’ll guard it with every breath until the day I die. I am so thankful every single day that God didn’t give up on me!

  11. 311
    Rhonda Indelicato says:

    Dear Beth,
    I am just so very grateful that GOD brought you into my life. I too went thru the same childhood drama, and much more throughout my life. Including, Christian husband having affair with best friend, during the very scarey pregnancy of our fifth child. Talk about being thrown in a pit, I let the kids even live with them. That was 9 years ago, and alot of running from GOD. So when I hear you talk, or am blest that our church did a bible study of yours, ESTHER. I just needed to say thank you. Because I know first hand how sadly Christians do not act like Christ. So may GOD continue to be with you and your ministry. And know that this broken, bipolar woman is so thankful for your service to our Christ and Savior.
    In all let God be served!
    Mrs. Rhonda Indelicato

    • 311.1
      amybhill says:

      i am doing esther RIGHT now mrs. indelicato and i LOVE it 🙂 thank you for your honesty and vulnerability in sharing this. i can’t imagine what that time in your life was like for you. you are so loved here <3

  12. 312
    Keysha says:

    Wow, I was humbled last week. I live in a neighborhood where everyone is wealthy, skinny and beautiful. I have struggled living here 3 years now. It has gotten easier, but still struggle. I finally got asked to be on the PTA which is run by what I call “the meanie moms.” I’m saying it jokingly, but that is how I feel. I had to put together a display at the entrance of our neighborhood school. I wanted it to be perfect. I laid awake at night. I just wanted it to be so much better than the one done last year because it was done by the “core” group. My display really looked pretty good and I was thinking pretty highly of myself. Even went and got the principal to show her how well I had done. Well, she knocked me down quite a bit and started pointing out what she didn’t like. I was quickly humbled and this week while working on the Ascents Bible study, realized that I am in this neighborhood and on the PTA board to be a witness, not to be like them. I need to be more like Jesus in front of them. Humbling!!!!

  13. 313
    Danine says:

    Just journaling today about that subject. Feeling very much convicted about an attitude of self righteousness. Where did it come from? How did that seed get planted? Why did I not see it sprouting and overtaking my heart?Saddened, but am ever GRATEFUL for my Healer and Redeemer to bring it to light.
    I serve an “ill” relative (in-law)whom I met and embraced with grand expectation of how our relationship would/could be. Instead I found someone broken; hopeless and empty. I began to look for opportunity to bring hope to this person. My gift is “supposed” to be encouragement. I forgot along the way I cannot own the fruit of what “I” invest. Isolated with this person, I found myself drawn into her pit. (Side Note- because I was leaning on my own understanding and strength more often than not) We eventually both were miserable and I resented that her unwillingness to take hold of God’s hand led me into darkness. Learning much about brokenness these days. We may not like the tools or the teachers God uses, but we can trust His ways and purposes and love. See how many “I” statements were there. When we can recognize the Source who has everything in His capable hands; we can rest and trust we will have the grace to walk on through this. And that there is purpose to pain. Lay down our rights, bury those debilitating expectations. Don’t harbor thoughts of “entitlement. Hear Jesus’ command and follow His steps.
    Want to know what caught me the other day? I was griping about this person expecting me to “serve” her and her not helping. I was griping because I didn’t have the warm, fuzzy relationship “I” thought would occur. As I spoke, I heard my own words and was appalled. Who am I that I cannot take on the nature of servant and “expect” nothing in return? The One I love most lived every breath on earth doing just that. Forgive me Lord. Sooo… “The journey to repentance is through humility. Humility is cloaked in simple surrender. And Lord; I so surrender ALL.

  14. 314
    Elizabeth says:

    One weekend I’m leading a youth retreat weekend on chastity & abstinence. The next weekend I’m sitting in my parent’s living room as a single 21 year old telling them I’m pregnant & can no longer be involved in ministry. I didn’t imagine God had any use for me anymore.God sent His Son to save my soul & used my son to save my life. Today I’m no longer running from addictions & gangs. Today I’m preparing my 12yr deaf/blind/autistic son for the adventures of middle school, leading a group of women to WOF for the 2nd yr in a row, involved in leading worship again, mentoring/leading high school youth and preparing a women’s conference in order that lives may be changed through the power of the Holy Spirit. Only when we get real (authentic)can we begin to understand just how big & deep & wide God’s love is for us. God’s leading me into a season of writing Bible Studies & doing retreats. I’m scared to death & exhilarated all at the same time. Excited about others who will come to know Jesus as their personal Savior & scared to death of letting down my walls for others to see just what God can do for them.

  15. 315
    deb says:

    Humility….I had a huge dose yesterday (8/28/11) I have been prompted for several months to ask for forgiveness from a man who I “verbally attacked” about 3 years ago. Our political opinions are diametrically opposite and my attitude and words to him were less than godly. When I “happened” to see him and his wife in a hospital waiting room yesterday, I knew immediately what I had to do. I went up to him, told him how incredibly sorry I was for the harsh words I had spoken to him, and asked for forgiveness. He asked forgiveness for his attitude of anger as well. We all cried, forgave, and were washed in the blessed cleansing of Holy Spirit anointing! Humility brings freedom when we walk out in obedience to Him!!!! Praise God for freedom today!!! I Love you Beth! The SLC event was wonderful!

  16. 316
    Sherrie says:

    Hi Beth,
    I live in the great NW, I am 50 years old…and am right smack in the middle of S.L.I. (So Long Insecurity) as so my humbling moment(s) came while doing this very study. I tell all my sistas that “this Bible Study was written just for me”…and I have said that for the last 6 you have shared with us. One of the moments of humility came when you said in the book;(chpt 16)”Search your heart. Your vision may be buried somewhere beneath the cynicism you developed as a defense.” I was wearing my humility like a cloak. I polished it daily, brought it with me everywhere, and never once put it down. My family and I began to fight, we were always in a battle. I became the person I never wanted to be…a NAG!! So when you said;”you can either keep stabbing each other in the back or lay down the sword–IN JESUS NAME. Ah ha! I was down on the floor…crying out to God and then this is what I heard whispered in my ear…”How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord Alimighty.” Ps 84:1…Thank you for this book, I am laying my sword down…and walking in HIS Grace, and favor.
    God Bless,
    Sherrie Finch

  17. 317
    Paige says:

    This couldn’t be more timely. This little church girl thinking she’s doing everything God wants her to do was just given a huge lesson on the authority and power of God and I humbly beg Him not to let me EVER try to breathe a breath or move a muscle without Him again. O how powerful He is and He’s in charge and I am not! The thing that just happened to humble me could only have been allowed by God Almighty. During this time He gave me Ps. 34:7 The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him and delivers them. Lord, I fear You and praise You that You camp around me and deliver me from all my self-reliance and deliver me from myself!

  18. 318
    Cheri says:

    We recently opened our home to a boy form our church that had been kicked out of his home by his mother. My heart broke for him.
    He was so sad and upset. I thought “how could a mother do this to her child?”
    We didn’t fully know the extent of the events that took place. We did know that he and his mother had a damaged relationship. He is a senior in HS this year and he joined our youth group 4 yrs ago. He had talked about some of the problems he and his mother had in the past.
    After taking him into our home, I noticed his behavior was odd. He began Losing his cool with my little boy who was tired and crying. He yelled at my son to shut up.
    I starting to feel overwhelmed.
    Frankly, a bit scared for my 3 kid’s.
    I was in constant prayer that God would show him that he was loved by many people and most important loved by God.
    We wanted so badly to help this young man overcome this anger he had inside.
    I really had me step back and focus on what God wanted us to do. After so much prayer we came to the realization we could not change his mind set.
    He has pushed God away and every mention of forgiveness made him more angry.
    We made the heart breaking decision he could not stay any longer.
    I continue to pray for him to open his eyes to God.
    I know his conflict was pride. Pride to go home and pride facing his actions. Mostly apologize to his mother.
    I read the Scripture you posted and it really made me think about his situation. And the choice my family made to open up our home to this young man.
    As much as we would of loved to make things better for him, that was not the plan God set for us.
    We prayed with him and read Scripture to him and listened to him, told him we loved him.
    We realized, It’s not our place to try and change him and his current mindset.
    That is God’s work to be done in his life.
    My husband and I were able to plant a seed, I believe now that was our purpose.
    This past week we have experienced Humility and the power of being humbled by Jesus.
    I thank the Lord for you Beth, God has given you a great gift to spread his Glory to others in such a profound way.
    Many times I have turned to your books. You are able to take the Holy word of God and deliver it in a way we can truly relate.
    Thank you for listening 🙂

  19. 319
    Kris says:

    We just returned home from Ethiopia with our 4 year old son. I had dreamed of this moment since I was 10 and couldn’t imagine it being anything but amazing. I didn’t understand it when people said they were struggling to bond and not having fun with their new child. I have been given a new perspective since arriving home and have been praying, daily, that God would allow me to connect with our son and appreciate the gift he is. I know I have followed God’s calling on my life, but I have had my eyes opened up to my own need of fresh grace and forgiveness everyday. I feel like I was judgmental of others until I have, now, walked in their shoes and see just how difficult this journey is.

  20. 320
    jessie says:

    Wow, I can’t believe I am writing this to you. Ok, so I was asked by LifeWay to be the city coordinator for the Reading LPL event Sept. 2012. They flew us out to TN for training, a couple weeks ago…..So, a thought that went through my mind was, I have organized a lot of conferences…..what “new stuff” am I going to learn? When that thought entered my mind, I knew right then God was going to humble me and I began to pray!….Why do we have these thoughts, anyway? Pride, I guess.
    Then I got there, and wow, God humbled my spirit. The WM team at LifeWay is amazing. It was so much more than a training, it was LIFE lessons! Not only did God show me things in me that needed adjusting but He blessed me by bringing some amazing women into my life that will be forever etched in my heart. Beth, you area so blessed to have these women on your team.

  21. 321
    Jennifer says:

    I was married to an attorney, living (on the exterior) a lot of people’s dream life – driving the gorgeous SUV, living in a monstrosity of a house with beautiful furniture, wonderful clothes and was rather comfortable, something I had never actually aspired to, but being a human, came to enjoy. However, what appeared to be a dream on the exterior was actually a nightmare. My husband was just like someone else in my childhood- abusive, but I was terrified at the thought of leaving and didn’t think I could support the kids and myself. I was also afraid of what he would do to me-terrified really. But God, through some very odd and complicated events, answered my prayer and my husband said he wanted a divorce because I refused to do something he wanted me to do. I jumped at the chance and after a night of complete terror and one that I can only vaguely remember (thank you, God), we filed the papers. Two days later he came to me and told me he was bluffing and wanted to withdraw the paperwork. My response? No (God had to be strong in that one, I was a weak, shaky, petrified girl at that point) so after a long, torturous month the paperwork came back and I was finally divorced from my atheist, abusive husband and thought that things would be on the “downhill” when I received my humbling experience. Because he was an attorney, he knew every little way to manipulate the legal system and had all of the connections necessary to do so. Soooo….while the divorce was quick, I received NOTHING, not even child support because he threatened my very life if I didn’t get out of the house with the kids immediately (when I refused to reconcile) so I signed that I would share joint custody (he didn’t abuse the kids, just me) and moved as fast as I could. I started moving on emotionally and praised God constantly because He answered my prayer and delivered me from that relationship but It wasn’t over, not by a long shot. My ex approached me repeatedly, wanting to reconcile and when I refused, he stalked me, had me watched,spread lies about me, including that I had an STD, that I had a psychiatric condition, etc. He threatened to take me to court for custody, continued to call me names if he could get me on the phone or alone, verbally abused me when picking up our children (I had to arrange to meet him in public). The entire town heard all of these lies and then, to top it off, when he found out I was dating my former doctor (a Christian), he went after his license.

    It was hard to go out in public-to church, to the grocery store, everywhere. God totally carried my children and me during this time, providing for us in the most miraculous ways. I learned that this life isn’t about “ME” at all, but about God, and that HE can truly deliver us from the pit and bless us… Blessed be His name! It isn’t about our reputations (although we should try to be known by our actions as Christians), our possessions, our status, or anything else…. ANYTHING ELSE… It’s about Jesus.

    I know this is no longer a paragraph (: but where am I NOW? Delivered. God has worked miracles in my life and while my ex never apologized to me (although I apologized for my faults to him), I have forgiven him completely. I actually care deeply about him and always will. I pray for his salvation so often! Children can also be the greatest witnesses and much to his discomfort, he hears plenty about Jesus and heaven and God’s love from them. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!

  22. 322
    Tammy says:

    Beth- The past few months of my life, it’s been almost like a dream to me. I have been working for almost a year on a Women’s Conference at our church featuring Angela Thomas. It’s the first large Women’s Conference that our church will be hosting and we’re expecting 650 women. In the midst of this conference, my co-chair and I were invited to visit a Christian Radio station about 45 miles from our hometown and promote the upcoming Women’s Conference. When the promo finally aired….someone from the Board of Directors on that radio station called and asked if we’d be interested in coming back weekly to do a one hour Women’s Ministry show on the air. I was like…are you serious God? My husband and I had been planning for me to quit my job of 18 years in the healthcare industry at the end of the year for me to be a full time homemaker & focus on women’s ministry at our church. I had a long time dream of going into journalism/radio, etc. when I was in high school. Unfortunately…I ended up in a rebellious circumstance and did not return to honoring God with my choices until my mid-20s. So, I never fulfilled that passion of journalism/radio. The day after the phone call about going on the radio…I sat at my work desk and wept, wept, and wept some more. I was a mess! I just cried out to God and said…”I don’t want to do this anymore.” God spoke so clearly to me and said…”I’ve already told you what you’re suppose to be doing, now why aren’t you doing it?”. My husband and I made the decision that night to turn in my 2 week notice at work. Since then, things have moved quickly in my life and we’ll be airing the first of November with the first show. Since that time, I keep asking God, “Why me?” He said so clearly to me a few things…one being, “You were praying faithfully for Women’s Ministry within the four walls of your church. I was thinking Kingdom Sized!”. Then as I have sought his direction further…He’s placed so much encouragement in my path. One being your blog Beth, seeing your posts about finding your old ministry notes for speaking engagements…helped me to see how God uses ordinary women and the broken pieces in their lives to minister to women. You did not start out speaking in an arena to women but traveling from church to church and pouring your heart out to them…just allowing God to use you. I am humbled that God would want to use me. Just a 21 year rape survivor who has gone thru “Breaking Free” twice, led numerous Bible studies, made myself available to women, and been honest about the extensive Christian counseling I had to go through to heal some deep wounds. God wants to use me and I am humbled! Just finished reading your book this morning, “So Long Insecurity” and I just want to thank you for your brutal honesty about your own insecurities. I appreciate you Beth…I look back over the years and realize that you have been the main Spiritual Momma to me. So thankful for your ministry to women!

  23. 323
    Vikki Green says:

    Hi Beth!

    Last year, after the earthquake, I was seeking the Lord in corporate prayer (3 days) and He told me I needed to go to Haiti. The next weekend He told me I would illustrate a children’s book for the Haitian children. Our pastor’s wife and I went to serve the orphanage our church partners to support (Haiti Christian Orphanage) and we met up with 3 people from the partner church in Florida, before they ushered us into the country. As we waited for the plane to go to Haiti, having a bite to eat, we told our individual stories on how God had brought us to this place. Jenni, a true disciple from the sister church, had been cleaning out the closet and found a book the Lord had given her years ago and he told her she would find the illustrator on her trip to Haiti. Every moment of the trip was humbling. The poverty, lack of jobs, garbage, dirt, need and people living in tents…My sweet Jesus changed my heart forever and all I want to do is give, serve Him and love people. The Sunday before we flew back, my husband gave his heart to the Lord and was filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. A couple of months later, I saw my Mom for the first time in 20 years and HE restored our relationship! He humbles me at every step I take in my life and I yearn to serve Him. He told me to make the Haitian young adults productive citizens and I wait for the movement of the Holy Spirit to open and close doors to guide my in His will. It was through a complete transformation and surrender of my will to Him, a daily renewal of my mind and spending an hour in prayer daily that my entire life has changed. PRAISE HIS HOLY HOLY NAME!

    • 323.1
      Candi says:

      I was so inspired by your comment and story about all that God did for you on your trip to Haiti, especially about what He did for your husband! How very exciting! I am rejoicing with you and very excited about how He put you together with the girl who’s book you are going to illustrate. isn’t our God amazing? AND FUN?!

  24. 324
    Mysty says:

    My humbling moment came Thursday at work. I was taking care of a particuarly difficult “recreational overdose” who needed to buy xanax on the street to deal with his panic attacks. The wife had called 911 when she could not wake him up. He was stable upon sleeping it off and requesting his usual RX pain med for his opiate addiction. Upon answering his wife’s repeated questions about why he couldn’t have his scheduled pain medicine; she soon asked again (at this point I realized she too needed medication;and possibly was self medicating as well) Exasperated, I said very impatiently “Why is he here? Why did you call 911? Finally, she understood. I walked out of the room and in the hallway was our hospital chaplain, Mike. I smiled, he hugged me and said; ” You always have a smile on your face.” Immediately, I knew I was being chastised. I did not have that smile in my voice seconds before—when it was most needed—

  25. 325
    Radical Abandonment says:

    I guess I would probably say right now. I have a husband in ministry and we have had serious marriage problems for over a year! I don’t think I am far enough away to really know what God is going to do. My prayer is that He would glorify himself and help others through our I just this weekend found a group, Daughters of Sarah and I started a study, The Respect Dare (similar to the Love Dare, but for women).

  26. 326
    Jenny says:

    This is SO where I am right now. Someone has been saying some very insulting and not-quite-true things about our family and others dear to us and has spread it around so there are several “someones” eyeing us with much disdain and “tsk-tsk”s as we go about our business. It has been so hurtful. We didn’t ask for this and hate the injustice of it, but I have felt that God is, indeed, trying to teach me through humility to be diligent and courageous and live righteously for Him and Him alone. I don’t know how to do this so well yet, or what lessons He has ahead for us, but we are trying to just do as he says–do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with him. Thanks for any prayers you want to pray to our Father for us! It has been a difficult time for us.

  27. 327

    I have been crying and perplexed about this lately! Humility has come my way through the closest and dearest girlfriend relationships that I have on earth! And oh, how I would rather God use circumstances to grow me up in Him! But my husband has said when we were struggling through some tough times in our relationship,”Belinda, I believe that what God is doing through me could only be done by Him using the most precious thing on earth to me, my relationship with you!”
    Oh, my, I so believe that! But how humbling to have to be loved through the good, the bad and the ugly! How I long to be on “the other side” of this humility growth spurt!
    Thanks so much for asking! Misery does love company!

  28. 328
    Pam, Pflugerville, TX says:

    This was not the last time, but it was absolutely the most memorable. I was working through the new Breaking Free and God very directly told me my husband was married to an angry and contentious woman. Honestly, I thought I had dealt with the anger, but God would not leave even a drop in me. I was led to kneel before my husband and repent. It was the most humbling, freeing, gracious, merciful event in my life. I am not sure who cried the most. Something broke in both our lives that day. Our marriage has never been the same. I praise him daily for my humbling and his grace to heal me so deeply.

  29. 329
    Rebecca Franklin says:

    “Correct me ,Lord,but only with justice, not in anger, lest you reduce me to nothing.” Jeremiah 10:24 NIV

  30. 330
    Gretchen Franklin says:

    “Consider it pure joy my bretheren whenever you face trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith develops perserverence. James 1:2

  31. 331
    Gigi Cordova says:

    I had graduated from undergrad with two majors and two minors, and was beginning my first year of law school. I had prayed hard, and got into a law school I liked, but I felt as though I was better than. So I started my first semester of law school with the mindset that I would do my best so I could transfer out as quickly as possible into a more prestigious school. Little did I know what would happen. My GPA fell below the required amount and I was academically dismissed from law school. All my life, my one greatest desire was to be a lawyer. I was out of school for a year, and had faced bitter failure. Through that year off I grew closer to God then ever before. A miracle happened, and I was readmitted to the same school, but this time I had a heart of gratitude, and complete surrender. I gave all I had to God first, and I know being at this school is no mistake. I am the President of Christian Legal Society and get to preach the gospel weekly to my colleagues. 🙂 God is good.

  32. 332
    Conni says:

    This week has been a doozey! Yes, what a time, when my ego had to be blown out of the water once again. I was just working on beginning choir papers, and my printer did not work. I was wondering and asking God to bring someone to the rescue, and a person came and barely touched it and it was fixed. I tried everything, and the Lord had to show me that He will take care of things.
    Now, I see that He wants the glory, and I must never think I can do anything and certainly not everything! He is the One who cares for me. First casting ALL your cares on Him! 1Peter 5:7 O, to follow after the Master…I want to be acting in His love.

  33. 333
    Candi Wood says:

    I was immensely humbled Tuesday night as I was driving my car leaving a parking lot, my husband riding shotgun. I stopped at the opening to Westheimer and looked left at oncoming traffic to see when I could go. When I stepped on the gas pedal to move out my husband suddenly said “stop, wait!” and by the grace of God is did although looking to my left I could see no reason to. There coming from the right, hidden by bushes were children (much too young to be riding bikes on a sidewalk on the edge of Westheimer) coming from McDonald’s down the street right in front of my car. Had I not responded immediately I would have probably run over at least 3 of them. They never even saw us ….they were in their own little world. My husband and I were paralyzed and could not even move for several minutes just thinking about the grace of God and how he had saved us and those children from a tragic event that would have changed all of our lives for eternity. I wept all the way home, humbled at God’s grace to me and how I didn’t deserve it. I was grateful beyond words and tears seemed the only way to convey my absolute gratitude and dependence on Him for EVERYTHING.!

  34. 334
    Sarah says:

    Well, I just started reading this blog and have been reading back and playing “catch-up” so I apologize for my late response! Humility huh? Truthfully, I am probably the most prideful person you will meet… A trait that is much more acceptable for a man in this world (not that it matters) so I stick out like a sore thumb at times being a prideful woman. I guess the best example of God’s humbling me is pretty personal. I was abused at a young age for years. If there’s anything in my life that Satan has tried to use to give me reason to carry pride (justified anger in my mind) that is the one! I carried anger, particularly towards my family for over 20 years and this past year (with the birth of my first child) God has crushed that in me. I first believed in Jesus 11 years ago but, still held on to so much. God had to reveal to me that the posture of my heart was so wrong. I was explaining it to my husband just last night: There’s a scene in the movie Monsters Inc. where the monster comes back from the child’s room into the Monsters plant with a human sock stuck to his back. Wow! What a visual of what I have carried on my back! All of the sudden sirens went off and these guys in contamination suits came out pealed the sock off of his back. They put it in this bubble on the ground and obliterated it!
    I have prayed for years for God to heal me of the pain of abuse without submitting to Him. I had to be humbled so He could blow up all of the pain and anger I was holding onto. I had to surrender. Praise God that He has not stopped the work he began! His humbling has saved my life.

  35. 335
    grace says:

    I am humbled before God because 1 year ago I started working at my church as a preschool coordinator.(loveeee kids) The profession that I also do is tax preparation.
    Been doing that for 16 years. Two very opposite ends of the spectrum. Anyway, I know
    that God put me in the place of preschool coordinator for a reason. Getting new volunteers has been a real challenge. Almost to the point that I wonder if maybe someone
    else could do this job much better than I do. I so love to spend time with the kids every
    Sunday morning. The parents I don’t feel as comfortable with and have trouble building bonds with them. Truly out of my comfort zone. Would much rather play on the floor with a two year old and tell them about Jesus:) Recently, I have come to terms with the fact that God is working on my in the area of adult people skills and encouraging them to feel loved and needed.(for some reason this is hard for me) This is so humbling to know that God is the only one who can change this area of your life and others. Total trust in him and not striving in my own abilities.

  36. 336
    Rose says:

    Hi Beth,

    Just finished reading Andrew Murray’s work on Humility a few days ago. I can’t stop thinking about the truth in this little book. The Spirit is definitely using it to mess with me. The realization of the lack of humility in my everyday life is unsettling. But, it’s leading me to my knees to ASK of my Jesus to show me how! I SO want HIM to be THE ONE others see, hear, and encounter. This one thought keeps running through my head. What would this world look like if all of God’s children demonstrated humility in every situation? I can’t help but think the result would lead to Jesus being high and lifted up. Oh that I would let Him!

  37. 337
    jami; Dallas says:

    I’m going through a really ugly divorce that has broken my heart. God has recently humbled me by showing me my sin and the areas of my life that break His heart. Through this experience of wrestling with the Lord- I was able to let go of a lot of anger and pray for my (ex) husband’s salvation. I learned that the ground is level at the foot of the cross.

  38. 338
    Leesa Rumph says:

    TASER’s are a form of stun gun

  39. 339
    Denise Baich says:

    I have spent the past 1.5 years, since my father’s death, writing spiritual poetry. It has become my passion. My wonderful husband and family have been so supportive, although the ramblings of a poet can sometimes strike others as just that, ramblings. Recently I was offered a position that would have far increased our income, but it would have required a great deal of my time. The poetry stopped, like a spicket suddenly switched off. Then a letter arrived… a beautiful poem I had written would soon be published. I have turned down the job, but my poetry is back. His poetry. I am humbled and honor Him daily, once again.

  40. 340

    This is getting a bit more subjective, but I much prefer the Zune Marketplace. The interface is colorful, has more flair, and some cool features like ‘Mixview’ that let you quickly see related albums, songs, or other users related to what you’re listening to. Clicking on one of those will center on that item, and another set of “neighbors” will come into view, allowing you to navigate around exploring by similar artists, songs, or users. Speaking of users, the Zune “Social” is also great fun, letting you find others with shared tastes and becoming friends with them. You then can listen to a playlist created based on an amalgamation of what all your friends are listening to, which is also enjoyable. Those concerned with privacy will be relieved to know you can prevent the public from seeing your personal listening habits if you so choose.

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