Can We Catch Up, Please?

Hey Ladies,

I was just missing you and thinking of you all and thought I would do a quick catch-up on my life since it has been so long.

Life for Colin and me over the past few months has been a bittersweet transition, a combination of missing our first home together in Atlanta and fully embracing this new season God has for us with both hands.

Here are just a couple of reasons I miss my life in Atlanta:




And, friends. Especially friends who can cook like this one:

Here are just a couple of reasons I love my life in Houston:

Getting to know my Aunt Gay again after many years. The purest redemption I have ever witnessed.

Sunshine with Mom.


Watching Amanda transform into an impromptu barista at Bible Study:

Fighting with Mom over our favorite coffee cup at work.

Wearing my favorite slippers at Living Proof. They’re really feminine, right?

Tex Mex.

Tex Mex.

And, oh my goodness gracious, Tex Mex.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Thank you, Roxanne Worsham.

Watching Jackson bond with his lizard who he first named “Lizard” and then, later, “Longtail.”

Annabeth Jones.  She is too busy and wiggly to take pictures but here are a few.

She is the cutest thing on two legs.

Also, she has taken to domestic life. Who knew?

Generations before and generations after.

My Pawpaw and Memaw.  My Pawpaw is in his hard hat with his house plans watching his new house get framed exactly like he wants it.  The two of them were sitting in folding chairs watching 6 men work.  A classic moment.

And here is one very good reason I love my life no matter where I am:

In addition to the big move from Atlanta to Houston, the biggest change in my life is that I am back at the Living Proof offices writing some small segments for the James study with Mom. I was joking on Twitter the other day that I am able to write about one sentence per every fifty pages Mom writes. It is a slight exaggeration, but not much. I am a very slow writer and Mom is a machine. She has to repeatedly tell me, “Remember you don’t have to say everything to say something.” This is probably the best piece of advice I have gotten since I started the project. I think about it multiple times per hour.

Over the past several years I have grown quite comfortable with working at the research level. It is nice and convenient. I can remain detached from the conclusions and implications of the data with which I am working and can’t be held responsible since Mom is the author and I am not. I am smiling right now because I know Mom would be smiling at that comment. But, seriously, writing is a different beast. It is vulnerable. I feel stripped and exposed. I am finding that it takes a whole lot of courage. The ugly truth is I am inordinately afraid of making a mistake. And this is not humility, folks, but a very sneaky and dark form of pride.

In Madeleine L’ Engle’s reflections on writing, she quotes a few lines from Anton Chekhov’s letters that have been restorative to me in this new process: “You must once and for all give up being worried about successes and failures. Don’t let that concern you. It’s your duty to go on working steadily day by day, quite quietly, to be prepared for mistakes, which are inevitable, and for failures” (Anton Chekhov quoted in Madeleine L’ Engle, Herself, 72). Just reading that is liberating.

While I obviously think writers and teachers should think carefully through content and style, perfectionism really is incapacitating. And it can become an idol. All that to say, I am practicing the art of being patient with myself.

So, that is me and probably a lot more than you wanted to know.

How are you?


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  1. 201
    Jennifer Tricarico says:

    Melissa –
    warmed my heart to read your post. So REAL. My life is a little more like Amanda’s at this point. Just add a 9 year old boy over the other two beauties and you’ve got my crew. We are in the thick of dealing with my 6-yr-old son’s impulsivity and STRONGWILL (God help me we may be considering home schooling next year) and trying to keep the 2yr old princess from destroying all we’ve ever had. I love love love the names J came up with for his lizard. My 9yr old son would have picked those exact same ones and in the same order. (We have “Orange Fish” who became “Swimmy” later.) Perfect.

    SOOOO – I have a question for you and Amanda and maybe even your mom, but I’m really curious about you two. I have been my kids main world and have spent countless hours in play/teaching/discipline/washing/soothing/referee-ing them, etc. I can see your mother’s beautiful influence in your and Amanada’s heart for teaching and writing Bible Study – basically in active outreach and ministry. Can you post something about the way Keith has influenced your walk?

    My husband is quietly working his tail off to provide for our family and I am so very, very grateful. I see his passion reflected in our children and his musical talent and silliness in them as well. Would love to be able to encourage him more about his powerful impact on their lives.

    I just wonder what “Keith-isms” we in siestaville get to enjoy in all your posts that we are just unaware of because we hear so often MommaBeth’s voice! (THANK YOU, JESUS for MommaBeth’s voice!!!!!)

    Anyway, Melissa, thanks for giving us a window into your world. Your writing rocks. You and Colin are a gorgeous couple and I’d fight for that teacup, too. So cute!

  2. 202
    Jennifer Tricarico says:

    “AMANADA”? I struggle with perfectionism too, but you’d never guess it from this post. So embarassing. There are prob a bunch of other messes. Not looking back…

  3. 203
    Fran says:

    Hey sweet Melissa…
    I just adore your heart and your love for all things honest. Sometimes my pride and arrogance just make me sick. ha! Every day I ask the Lord for a mighty heaping of His humility to cover me.

    I love the pix you shared too. Just so so precious. Made my heart happy and I know I was smiling with each one.

    Enjoy this season sweet one. He has you placed with great purpose right now. I’m thankful for all you do for your momma, LPM, and just life in general. I know you are a HUGE blessing to any and all that call you friend.

    Hugs from TN!

  4. 204
    Kelly S says:

    Thanks for sharing! You are so beautiful in every picture 🙂 I hope you enjoy this season close to your family.
    I will pray for you as you continue writing. Thank you for preservering. I have thought many times about what your mom said about Tammie Head. Something like… its not always the best writers that get published, but the ones that dont quit. That applies to so many areas of life, and really spoke to me over an area that God is working on in my life. Praying God will keep me faithful.

    Press On, Sweet Siesta!

  5. 205

    Thanks for catching up. I understand what you mean about writing. I started bloging not long ago. God had impressed on my heart to write an encouragement blog with some life lessons. Little did I know that He wanted me to be so open, but at the same time it has been wonderful for me. I have also started working on a writing project still very new. I will continue to pray for Beth and for you as you continue to write James. Looking forward to doing that study.


  6. 206
    Sharon says:

    Melissa, Don’t you believe that God wants us to be a little..or a lot… uncomfortable with the task He sets before us so that our reliance is on Him alone and not our belief in our ability to do the thing?
    I anticipate the James study with joy and dread. There will be plenty of encouragement as well as a hefty dose of discipline…lessens to be re-learned about the tongue. Will I never learn for good?
    Atlanta is in that wonderfully short period where everything is lovely (except for the storms last night). Most of the pollen is gone (so my 2 dogs have reverted to their natural black coats and lost their yellow ones). We have these few weeks when it is possible to enjoy doing pretty much everything outside before the swelter of summer descends.
    Thank you for caring enough to share your life.

  7. 207
    Kathy says:

    Thanks Melissa for the pics! I really enjoyed the one with your Aunt Gay! Beth was just in Fresno this past weekend and shared Gay’s story. Now I see on the expression of Gay’s face the joy she has in knowing Jesus! What a priceless picture!

    You are a very blessed young lady!! Great man, great family! Here’s to making new friends for you, but also keeping in close touch w/ the “old”.

  8. 208
    Diana A says:

    Hello Melissa! Good to see you back here!

    Changes can be difficult even when the end product produces a great joy!

    What a wonderful word today, as I am to give my testimony/story of my life Wed night at our care group. I have re-re-read my pages worried I said too much, and then worried I missed telling of God’s goodness He has shown me. Then I am concerned I am getting too obsessed with the readovers! Bit of vicious circle!
    Going to God to protect me from pride! All forms!

    Thanks Melissa.

    LOVED THE PICS! Thanks for sharing yourself to us!

  9. 209
    Angela H says:

    I am waiting for the real spring to startWe’ve been stuck in the 30s for too long. I’m ready to put my winter clothes away- far, far away this year. I’ve taken to wearing very bright nail polish to cope in the meantime.

    Speaking of less is more(word wise)-Loved Priscilla’s(Life Interrupted) simulcast this weekend. Especially a part where she showed how to find some focus for short quiet times. I’ve been reading so much lately, Scripture and otherwise, that I get overwhelmed just opening the Bible. Its so smart and it works. Check it out when it comes out!

    Thanks for sharing, Melissa and others siestas!

  10. 210
    Cheryl in Pella says:

    I’ve been seeking the Father’s heart through your mama’s bible studies for half a dozen years now. Over time, I’ve been able to piece together enough information about her loved ones so that I’ve been moved to pray for them sometimes in specific ways. It’s not because your mama spewed out some torrent of personal information all on one page, but the small snippets of information she’s shared here and there have had a cumulative effect. Perhaps if you keep in mind this “cumulative effect” when you’re writing it will free you up a bit to leave some stuff out?
    Your mama’s quote: “Remember you don’t have to say everything to say something.” is short but sweet. Simple but true. (But easier said than done!)
    When I read your post, what touched my heart the most was the picture of your mama and your aunt together. You said simply, “Getting to know my Aunt Gay again after many years. The purest redemption I have ever witnessed.”
    You didn’t share a lot of information, but you shared enough to let me know that prayers have been answered, and I am so grateful!
    Just so you know, and so that you can find comfort in knowing that we all suffer from the same condition – I just spent 50 minutes typing this and I’ve erased more than half of it. I’m not sure what to say and what to leave out. I worry that I’m gonna sound like a goof. I’ve probably made a bunch of typos…. But I’m hoping that God will do much with my very little, and use this to remind you that He’s able to use our very meager offerings and communicate through them to accomplish His will…. He fills in where we lack. Much more is going on here than what is communicated through mere words. (Praise His Name!)
    From now on, I’m leaving the writing to you. (And I promise not to criticize when I do the James study sometime soon. Can’t wait!)

  11. 211
    amybhill says:

    hey melis 🙂

    i love your pics. you and the hubby are adorable!

    i don’t know if you remember me. i “invited” you to denmark a few months ago (we were there for a few months because of my husband’s job). anyway, we are home now (new jersey) and i just had my second baby girl (cate) 8 weeks ago today. time flies. so basically, i’m just loving life but lacking sleep…

    it must be so cool to get to work with your mom. do you think you’ll ever write your own bible study one day? or book? where do you see God leading you?

    oh, and no pressure or anything, but when are cute jackson and annabeth going to get some cuzzies??? lol 🙂

    love, amy

  12. 212
    Bobbie says:

    Hi Melissa, So enjoyed your post. The pictures are great and so thankful for you sharing with us. My life is rather complicated right now. My adopted daughter will be 16 April 19th. I have had her all her life and she is a wonderful young lady and has a love for the Lord and very active in her youth group. However, I am seeing a change in her Bible study and prayer life…and not for the best. Seems like she is letting peer pressure get to her at school and there have been some problems. Her assistant principal has told me she is choosing the wrong kind of friends and I have found out that she has not been totally honest with me about some issues. This is not like her at all since we have always had a wonderful open and honest relationship. I am at a loss as to what to do to help her. I have been told that this is just a ‘teen thing’.. for her to rebel but it is so hurtful. I need your prayers for me and for her and would appreciate anyone who reads this post to pray for her. If you would like to call her name in prayer, it is Carma. I hope it is OK to make this prayer request in this blog.

  13. 213
    Kathy B says:

    Well, I just love catching up with people: ones I pray for, read, read about, listen to, love. You fall into several of those categories, Melissa. Creepy, huh?

    Don’tcha sometimes wonder if life here on earth is just a bag full of mixed blessings? Like beautiful babies that charm us with their coos then push us to the brink of insanity with sleep deprivation shortly before graduating from high school; friends with hearts that hear the same music as ours, but have to move on to new jobs, cities, countries; yes, and even the loss of a really good Mexican restaurant.

    I think your mom put this well once as “…facing death all day long.” That these partings, whether big and earth shaking or small and slightly irritating are a sort of a death to something or someone. And I love, love, love that someday death dies. All of it. Big, little and in between.

    Well, since we’re kind of confessing today, I’ll admit that whenever you blog, I try hard to sound profound. I guess since you seem awful smart, I try hard to sound that way too. Sorry. I’m not really as smart as I like to think I am. But I know Someone Who is. That’ll be enough for today.

  14. 214
    Carla says:

    I am currently in the hospital after giving birth (via c/s) to my third baby (but 1st girl!) yesterday. My life currently revolves around personal care, baby care & breastfeeding!

  15. 215
    Dionna says:

    Good to hear from you, Melissa, and to see all the pictures! I’d seen a few of them already on twitter— (noticed you didn’t post the one of Colin in the blonde wig. yah – it might scare some people off. ha ha)

    I love the quote about giving up on successes and failures. Such an easy thought yet so hard to implement!

    I’m just getting over the stomach flu so am regaining my energy. Life has been so busy – guess God took this to slow me down a little! 🙂 Praying about our future and what God intends for our family. Our hearts are open….

  16. 216
    Sharon says:

    Beautiful. Beautiful heart, beautiful photos, beautiful people! Thank you for sharing. Many blessings I pray for all of you.

  17. 217

    Hi, Melissa!! So good to hear from you. I love the pictures. Katelyn will love the slippers … looks like the lions are biting your feet … she will laugh herself silly over that! She is an animal lover! I posted a picture on my blog of Katelyn painted as a lion … you might get a good laugh! She looked so good and acted the part so well with her long curly hair!

    Been working on my new writing assignments. I used to receive one at a time … now I have a whole years worth and it feels a little overwhelming. My husband reminds me to “eat the elephant (lion) one bite at a time.” And your words are so encouraging.

    Have a beautiful spring, sweet girl!!!

  18. 218

    You are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

    I pray the Holy Spirit
    On you and your dear mother will hover
    As you write the James study- cover to cover
    May the anointing He pours out
    Call the deep, dry places to shout
    May with the strength of His might
    The words flow and be just right
    Don’t compare yourself to the writing machine
    God works with the slow & multiplies the lean
    May any perfectionism you feel
    Cease when He calms with “Be still”
    May the power and strength of His pen
    Well up within you from deep within
    From the diligent & careful study that you do
    May He shine brightly through and through
    And may the evidence abound as you write
    That the power comes directly from His might.

    Love you. Love your family. Blessings to you all.

  19. 219
    Faran says:

    Just wanted to pop in to say it’s good to hear your “voice” on the blog. Love your realness, your heart and your writing style. And thanks for the photos!

  20. 220
    Pam McDonald says:

    Melissa, Loved your post and the pictures. My 18-year old daughter is a writer, and I definitely know there are some words of wisdom there for her. Thank you for being so open and honest. Looking forward to hearing more from you.
    On a different note, people’s names and e-mail addresses have been showing up on the Leave A Reply area. This may be something you all need to check out. Just thought I should let you know.

  21. 221
    Mona says:

    John 13:35
    “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

    Just wanted you to know that I’m feeling the love –
    from your words…to pictures of you and friends…to your Lion of Judah slippers ;).

    Thanks for sharing!

  22. 222
    Siesta OC says:

    First off – Melissa I j’dore you!

    Beth and Gay – I don’t know the depth, but I PRAISE HIM for it!
    Love Memaw and Pawpaw…classic indeed!
    Melissa – where did you get those slippers, I HAVE BEEN LOOKING!!!

    And most of all…your comment about the darkness of pride being afraid to make a mistake, boy did you hit it on the head. When we so badly want to please the LORD we don’t realize we are going the opposite direction. I am working on walking GOD’S Way and not my way in HIS direction.

    Great post!!!!! Also if it is not too much trouble, I would love to see a pic of your highlights, I try to explain them to hairdressers, they look fabulous!!!!

  23. 223
    Siesta OC says:

    Oh and how dare you flaunt tex-mex when I am unable to get authentic!

  24. 224

    Girl, I just loved everything about this post. You aren’t going to believe this, but I have no clue what Tex Mex food is. Is it a lot like Mexican food? Because we’ve got lots of that up here by Seattle… I feel like I need first hand experience with this… might need to find someone to whip me up a batch of something Tex Mexy. Hmmm…

  25. 225

    loving our study on David Seeking a Heart like His! Our heart-to-heart sisters are doing it on Monday nights. We so love your teaching series! Look forward to it each week! Our Soverign Lord God is so Good!!

  26. 226
    Lynsie Armstrong says:

    I’ve lived in the Jackson/Metro area of MS my whole life (minus 4 years in Fresno, CA between the ages of 4 and 8.) And at the age of 26 I am taking my first step to moving outside this comfort zone by applying for jobs in other states. (yikes!) I’ve been on longer-termed mission trips, but eventually always came back home (to the joy of my parents, of course.) And now I’m thinking it might be time to spread my wings and fly a bit… and this post greatly encouraged me in that aspect. Thank you much 🙂

  27. 227
    Jennifer Harris says:

    Thanks for posting! You asked “how are you?” and quite frankly this week has been one of the most difficult of my motherhood season. We found out this week that our 14 yr old is experimenting with marijuana. As a wife of a pastor, I have to wonder how in the world we are here? Trying to trust God. Trying to speak what we don’t see, that our son is a mighty warrior…young man of God.

    Jennifer, Cape Girardeau

    • 227.1
      Melissa says:

      Jennifer, I am praying for you right now. I can’t imagine how difficult this is. God’s wisdom and grace to you. Love, Melissa

    • 227.2
      Diana A says:

      Can I suggest to you to get Barbara Johnson’s books. She had a different struggle with her son, but she had such good things to say to mothers suffering with rebellion in sons. I hope there is some comforting words in her story. I will pray that God will bring you further hands on comfort with friends, counsellors, and others. God Bless You. He is Faithful even in the dark hours.

    • 227.3
      Siesta OC says:

      Lifting you up in prayer! Do not lose heart – the Harvest will be good! Trust HIM and persevere!

    • 227.4
      Siesta OC says:

      There is a poety video from the resurgence on Marj.

      It is Jackie Hill P4CM – put that into You tube! It is really amazing and life changing…may he could watch it.

  28. 228
    carla says:

    Melissa, I am so glad that God has allowed you and Colin to move back to Houston close to your families. I have a daughter that bore my only 2 grandchildren and I would be livid if they were to up and move that far away from us! I know that’s what children do but seriously, can’t it wait until you are about 60 or so? Good to see everytone ao happy. Carla

  29. 229
    KiKi says:


    I recently moved from Atlanta to Florida, so I can relate to your post! Actually, I went back last week to visit a friend who just got engaged, and we had breakfast at the Flying Biscuit…so good, I had missed those yummy biscuits and apple butter:)

  30. 230
    Betsy Roberts says:

    Appreciate your sharing, needed to hear those words of honesty at this time in my “journey”. Wish I were close enough to do coffee and pick your brain … er, better yet … your heart!!

  31. 231
    Melissa Fey says:

    Well, goodness, after that blog post, you probably won’t like my question at all! I was wondering when James would be released?? I’ve been sitting on the edge of my chair since last fall when Beth mentioned she was working on this study, and really, if I have to wait much longer I might just explode! lol!

  32. 232
    Becky says:

    Hi Melissa-
    Sweetie, It’s good to hear from you,I’m happy for you and your family that you are back home. Honey, there anin’t no place like it…home that is. I don’t know you, but I have the feeling you will keep those friends from Atlanta, just like you have those from Houston. You seem to be that kind of person, one who has and keeps friends.
    Love the pics. thank you. I must say it looks like a lion is eating your feet.ha-ha but yes, very feminine…no man would wear them. ;0)
    I’m an artist and christian fiction romance writer (I write under a pen name, not the one listed here) you are right, the author has a lot of responsibility, and when it comes to perfection, which I have never accomplished and never will, the striving for it can drive a person mad…absolutely maaaad.
    Thanks for dropping us siestas a few lines.
    Oh and by the by, my next book will take place in Atlanta, I start research in a few months and will be visiting that area. (Lord Willing) Maybe you can drop me a hint of some out of the way places to visit, and where some of the really cool places are.
    when that time comes, maybe I’ll drop you an e-mail.

  33. 233

    Hey Melissa,

    First, could you be any prettier, child?! 🙂

    As for my life…well, I’m in a funky season right now. We found out not too long ago that my Daddy has Alzheimer’s disease and I can’t tell you the heartache it is. He’s a lot like your Daddy in “man world”. He’s tall, tough and is just a man’s man! My heart aches for my Momma probably even more than it does my Daddy. They’ve been married for 58 years and she’s not doing very well with it. God is good, though. He’s provided her with plenty of support and lots of people who think she’s the cat’s meow. It’s hard, though.

    The other side is, Daddy is almost 80 and he’s lived such a good life, right alongside my Momma. It’s tough to complain about that, right? We’re trusting that God always knows what He’s doing and He’s always in control…even when we sometimes wish we were.

    And then there’s so much good I just about can’t contain it! My oldest will graduate next year and he’s quite probably going to get a full debate scholarship to his college of choice(answered prayere there!). Not to mention he’s never worried me more than two days in his whole life. He’s not perfect, but he sure is a really awesome young man! I heard him tell his brother and sisters the other day that they “better not take a bite of that! We haven’t asked our blessing!”. He makes his momma want to fall out in the floor when he does stuff like that. Of course, hearing my 12 year old say a prayer of thankfulness and forgiveness 2 seconds later made me want to fall right back out again! LOL And we’d be here all day if I go on about their 2 sisters who make my heart just about explode with love. That’s why we quit. I told my man that my heart couldn’t take having any more babies with him! It just might explode.

    We’ll be praying for this transition time, Melissa. As a momma, I know Beth is just jumping hoops that her baby girl is home. 🙂

    Many blessings, Kristi

  34. 234
    Andrea Porter says:

    The ugly truth is I am inordinately afraid of making a mistake. And this is not humility, folks, but a very sneaky and dark form of pride. Wow, I can so relate to your sentence. I too love to research subjects until I am blue in the face. I love learningsomething new, but cringe when I need to make the next step. I did an inductive study on the book of Philippians, my first EVER, loved every minute. My small group asked me to let them be my guinea pigs and teach them what I had discovered in my study. It was wonderful and scary at the same time, vulnerable is a very good word to use, that’s how I felt. I researched the book for over a year and started organizing it to teach it, and it is still beckoning to me, to really look at it again and put it in good order, flesh it out more, but I am scared of it not being good enough, not being deep enough, not relaying what I want people to know about how that particular book helped pull me from my pit of despair. Realizing that JOY will get you through good and bad times, saved my life. It is too easy to put off, but I know I shouldn’t, I need guidance, mentorship, direction. I should just take that final leap of faith into His arms, He hasn’t dropped me yet and I won’t be dropped this time either. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures. You have emboldened me and I will try not to back away from this task anymore, but where to start? Blessings, Andrea

  35. 235
    Heather M says:

    Oh Melissa, and to think that I have been petrified to type the wrong thing on something as simple as facebook. Thank you for that. Vulnerability is something I know I need to work on.

  36. 236
    Joy says:

    It’s always nice to hear from you, Melissa. I enjoy your perspective on The Word and how you apply it to your life. You are a deep thinker, and I love that!

    I appreciate what you shared from Madeleine L’Engle. And I can so relate to that dark, sneaky pride you talked about. It’s something I constantly fight and pray against. There’s one thing that God continually asks me to do for Him that I hate doing because, frankly, it embarasses me and I feel like a fool. But I always give in and do it because I know it’s killing that stinky pride in me. And, more than anything, He’s worth it. He’s so worth it!!!

  37. 237
    kara says:

    I am well. Just got back from my first overseas mission trip to Romania. Loved it. Saw God open so many doors to present the gospel. He is truly the one who can open doors that no man can shut. I left my six kiddos to go and we all somehow had some miraculous peace that kept our hearts steady. I was gone two weeks and I usually can’t last two nights away from them, they feel the same. But God.

    Came home to find that a trial I have faced for over 17 yrs was finally coming to an end. Through many prayers and testing of the faith victory is emerging. Only God.

    Loved your photos. Love your honesty. it’s bizarre that someone like you would struggle with writing. Most people have to struggle with God opening a door for them to walk thru (b/c the average gal doesn’t have the opportunity to be published, etc). You seem to have the doors but struggle with the walking part. We are all needy. We need the Lord to do absolutely everything/anything. Apart from Him we can do nothing.

  38. 238
    Ruth says:

    “To live is to war with trolls in heart and soul. To write is to sit in judgment on oneself.”
    Henrik Ibsen, in “Peer Gynt”
    I have had this quote on my desk for years; and clearly, from your post, Melissa, and from many responses, it seems to be shown true–writing is DIFFICULT…and an extraordinary gift! Thank you for persevering in this obvious gift you have. And thank you for sharing the potent insight into that paradox of perfectionism! I am sure that many of us know it, if not with writing, with some aspect of our lives!
    THANK YOU for your service to ALL of us in this work and for letting us know that you are writing so that we can be PRAYING for you. What a privilege.

  39. 239

    I grew up in Houston and man on man did your pictures of Tex Mex make me hungry! Thanks for sharing your heart.

  40. 240
    D'Anna says:

    Wow Melissa, I love your honesty. I know that pride you speak of all too well.
    I also have to say thank you for posting the pictures of the tex mex. I grew up in Houston, however, when I married my wonderful husband (a godly pastor who I love dearly), that brought me the Philadelphia area. Needless to say, I don’t get good Tex Mex any more. I truly enjoyed all the pictures!

  41. 241

    Thank you so much for sharing this, such wonderful timing for me. When I started writing years ago I just thought I could hide behind my computer and my words. I had no idea how vulnerable I would have to be on paper, so I completely get that whole feeling of being “exposed and stripped.” Its pure nakedness sometimes. Yikes. I love your heart and your honesty…its just stunning.


  42. 242
    Jerry Ann says:

    Thank you Melissa.

    I am struggling with a loss of a friend. She is just a state away, but the daily connection is gone. I am with my family, encouraged by work, and just trying to find a new constant friend.

    I will be praying for you for a friend, for all of you.

    Thank you for sharing your pictures.

  43. 243
    Alyssa says:

    Shannon & Lauren in that first picture were here in Fort Worth at Passion over the weekend, so you could have had a slice of Atlanta right here in Texas!

  44. 244
    Carol from Farmers Branch says:

    Hi Melissa:

    Good to see you on the blog again. I’m almost wrapping up a year of Bible Study Fellowship, Book of Isaiah. Also in a Bible Study on Wed. evenings doing the revised “A Woman’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place” study by your mom. And, in a new church home since January of this year. God’s been doing a lot of renovation in me (the word that actually comes to mind is more like “upheaval” rather than “renovation” – at least, that’s how it feels very often!)

    Welcome back to Texas and enjoy that Tex-Mex, God’s comfort food.

    Carol from Farmers Branch

  45. 245
    Brandie says:

    i truly appreciate your post! candor, wisdom, humility – you can never go wrong there. right now, i am struggling to face the failure of a lifetime. and the Failure hurts me terribly….especially when i thought He and i had worked through my perfectionism. oh, no. that was a warm-up, i guess. because i now find myself nearly paralyzed by it.

    i press into His grace. broken before Him in weakness. utterly incapable….and yet far more capable than i ever knew, when i yield to Him for my sufficiency. another one of His amazing dichotomies 🙂

    thanks so much for sharing your heart today.

  46. 246
    Tanya says:

    Melissa, I’m a writer and editor at a company that publishes a Christian financial education book and others. I find myself saying “It’s always something” because it is; and it drives me crazy! No matter how hard you try, there’s always a typo or a mistake or something. The quote you shared from Madeline L’Engle’s book was liberating for me as well … and a relief. Thank you for sharing it!

  47. 247
    Sharon Jenkins says:

    So cool you are writing! I was excited about the James study and am looking forward to seeing your writings in it. God is good to do things in our lives that stretch us… sometimes not so good for us at first.
    Will be praying for you in your transition time. I was a Navy brat 10 schools in 12 years. You think I’d be a pro @ moving but I am not fond of change. God never changes and He is with you during those tough times. Thank you for the pics! They were amazing!
    Sharon J. :o)

  48. 248
    Tara G. says:

    It’s a busy season over here- birthday parties, ballet class and a recital, finishing up our spring Bible study, a baby shower to throw, my husband pinned on lt. col. this week complete with reception, coffee mornings with the international wives, Bunco with the American wives, and we’re taking a trip to Western Europe at the end of the month (hello grass!!). We’re looking forward to April 15- it’s when the city (Kyiv) turns our heat off and we can feel like we don’t have daily deodorant fail.

  49. 249

    I won’t tell you how I am. That is a very personaly question right now and one I’m not entirely sure of the answer to right now, anyway. (It’s complicated.) But, as a fellow sufferer (is that a word??) of the fear of failure, how well I know what a sneaky form of pride it is! It is ugly and I hate it and it plagues me daily! Also, the Tex Mex thing is kiiiiiilllllllling me! I am on a diet that requires me to have no corn products, wheat products, or dairy products, which means NOOOOOOO Mexican food! I honestly didn’t think I was a food addict until my hubby talked me into this diet (after he lost 53 pounds!), but just like I dreamt about drinking when I quit drinking, I now dream of high sugar content (0h, yeah, can’t have that either) breaded, cheesy FOOOOOOOODS!

  50. 250
    Kim says:

    “The ugly truth is I am inordinately afraid of making a mistake. And this is not humility, folks, but a very sneaky and dark form of pride.”

    Wow … did I need to hear that this morning. I never thought of it that way and you are so right.
    Thank you for this and everything you do … great pictures!

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