Spirals, Daughters, and Bookstores

Hey, Siestas! You are the biggest blast of a blog community EVER. Thank you for being so much fun about the Siesta Scripture Memory Spirals. You would have thought we were doing one of those big Oprah giveaways where everybody in the audience gets a really fabulous free gift and women scream for fifteen minutes. Oh, man, I wish these could have been free gifts! Would you believe that 1393 of you placed orders within the first 24 hours?? At this point, over 4000 of you have placed orders so it’s safe to say that we at LPM really did scream for fifteen minutes – and, yes, with absolute joy. Even laughter. I got a text when they hit a thousand spirals and it had about 20 exclamation marks at the end of it. I threw my head back laughing before the Lord and flat out slapped my leg. About a month ago when I shared this vision with Sabrina, I said, “I don’t know. I may be wrong but I think they’ll like them.” Well, you did. Which tells me it had to have come from God because some of my really good ideas have sunkย  deep into the abyss…but only after costing us an arm and one and a half legs. Anyway, back to the spirals. To say that my staff is busy is an understatement but we’ve got wonderful volunteers and everybody will still get the designated time off for the holidays. I go down stairs every little while and tell them I’m sorry (and they laugh and say you’re a privilege to serve) and we’re also trying to feed them a lot. Here are a few of them hard at work right now:

(There is lots of hugging at LPM. Nancy Mattingly heads up correspondence around here – oh, MAN! I am so thankful to God for her – and her daughter Sara just got home from college for the Christmas holidays and came to lend a hand. That’s one of us hugging her. We adore all the LPM offspring.)

We are getting them in the mail (the spirals, not the offspring) as fast as humanly possible but, as you can see, we are big in heart and small in numbers around here. Still, we are pressing on and you will have them at the earliest possible date. There’s no loitering around here. I hate to rub it in but I already have my set. I’m chomping at the bit to write the first verse in it but I’m waiting till January 1st on the dot.ย  Remember me telling you that I can tend toward obsessive thoughts? Well, case in point: I’m fighting the mild urge to obsess over which verse to choose first (what if it sets the tone for the year?) and which pen I want to use. I’d also like to have better penmanship on this year’s set. Ordinarily by the time I get to April and I’m in the middle of this crisis or that, my verses look like they’ve been written in an ambulance – and maybe half the time they should have been. I know you’re thinking I should get out more but just think how much I get out already and remain this odd. Well, I hope the Lord is getting some amusement out of us being this excited about memorizing Scripture. And don’t tell Melissa and Amanda but I am making theirs stocking stuffers.

Speaking of getting out more, guess what I’ve been doing? I flew to Atlanta two days ago, jumped in the car with Melissa, and started a two-day trek home to the Lone Star State. Colin has a brand new job that is enabling them to come back to Texas! Wooooooooo-hooooooooooo! Or in the expression coined right here in Siestaville, “Yahoo-Jah!” (Hold the “Yah” for about five seconds then say the “hoo-Jah” really fast. It has a rodeo-type feel to it.)ย  Colin is on his way right now with the moving van and Melissa and I got home with one of their two cars last night.

A couple of quick shots on the I-phone…

Walking to the car where we’d climb in, pay for parking, and head straight out of town. I am walking behind her thinking how I can’t believe this is really happening. Baby girl is heading back to Texas!

The first border we crossed out of Georgia. We literally drove through snow and sleet the first hour here. It was really exciting for me though. Snow is still a novelty around here!

The sky as we crossed the border into Mississippi:

A toast for miles behind us:

Day Two was really sunny and I wore my sunglasses for hours. Finally they were making deep dents and, let’s be honest, my nose doesn’t need any added distress. Melissa had this tiny little rag on her console for some reason and I made good use of it. Michelle said I looked like I was about to stage a hold-up at a Stop -N Go.

We had every plan to take our very best picture at the “Welcome to Texas!” Landmark in our own home state. Just as we were driving by it with my I-phone out the window, an eighteen wheeler sped by on our right side and gave us the evil eye. May God forgive him. We railed about it for a solid hour. No, there was no going back. It was freeway and would have taken too long to recreate. We consoled ourselves with sugar.

Thank you for enduring this long, unimportant-to-anyone-elseย  family narrative. It’s not over yet. I’m just thanking you now so you can continue hanging on by a thread. We are beside ourselves to welcome the Fitzpatricks back. We’ll have them in Houston for at least several months and will soak up every minute. I think you can anticipate hearing much more about them and from them as we have her back at the Living Proof office. We are so happy and praise God with all of our hearts. Except for small amounts of time over summers or holidays, Melissa has been away from home for ten years and from Texas for eight. She’s got itchy feet like her mom so don’t look for permanence out of them in Houston but we’re at least hoping that, wherever they ultimately land, they’ll stay within half day’s driving distance. That’s all up to the Lord. When you raise your kids with the hope that they’ll follow hard after Jesus and live their lives as a divine adventure, there is literally no telling where they’ll end up. We’re so happy for seasons we get to spend together.

Amanda made last night one of our all-time best 4-Moore memories. When Melissa and I drove up last night, Amanda was standing in the driveway holding big welcome home balloons and blowing a party horn. (I snapped a picture but the flash caught their eyes funny and they look a little possessed so I’ll spare you. And myself. It was my worst nightmare when they were growing up.) At that very second, Keith drove up from out of town, too, and the four of us had this spontaneous moment together. The timing was so perfect that we couldn’t have planned it. We got in a group hug and blew our party horns as loud as we could then laughed our heads off. Then we did what Texans do when they get back from being out of State: we headed to a Mexican restaurant and rekindled our family affections over hot sauce and tortilla chips. We topped off the evening by driving around our subdivision of 26 years and looking at Christmas lights. The whole evening was a family gift with a big red ribbon God alone could have wrapped around it. Our little family has been through a lot and grace is the air we breathe. We don’t take moments like these lightly.

Right now I am praying in Jesus’ lavish Name that He will appoint some spontaneous moments like these for you and your family or friends. I am well aware that life is hard and all of us could use some reminders that God has not forsaken us – and never will – and that He is only good and never malicious or unfeeling toward us. My next memory verse is James 1:17 “Every generous act and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights; with Him there is no variation or shadow cast by turning.” (James 1:17 HCS)

Oh, thank You, Lord. You never change. You never turn Your back on us.

We are blessed to be His daughters, Siestas.

OK, I’ve got a ton of work to do so I’ll sign off right after one last thing. For you Houston-area girls, we are having a book signing tomorrow (Saturday) at the LifeWay Christian Store in Willowbrook Court from 12:00 noon to 1:30. (17776 Tomball Parkway) This location is really special to us because it’s the closest one to my home. I have no idea how many times I’ve been in that store and perused those shelves for something new to read. It is also the location many years ago where Keith took me as a surprise to see the first Bible study on the shelf. (The original A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place) He’d called the store in advance to find out when it would hit the shelf (I was too green to even know to ask)ย  and took me out to dinner that night without saying a word about it. When we drove away from the restaurant, he said, “I need to make one stop on the way home.” I was perplexed when he drove up to the Christian bookstore because it really wasn’t his thing but what wife would pass up an opportunity like that? He grabbed me by the hand and made a bee-line straight to the aisle where they’d told him in advance he’d find the new copies. I was so shocked I couldn’t believe my eyes. There wasn’t much to that original Bible study cover (a big purple flower, I recall) but it was a beautiful sight to us. We neither one said a word. We just stood in the aisle and cried. It was priceless.

All that to say, this Willowbrook location is “home” to us because it was simply the most convenient location and became such an active partner in Bible study ministry. I’ve shopped in there a jillion times. I’ve sat cross legged in the resource/commentary corner and pulled books off shelves more times than I can count and also bought innumerable music CD’s. A couple of years ago, my good buddy, Johnnie, and I dropped by there after having lunch next door at Sweet Tomatoes and had Jackson with us in the stroller. He was almost three at the time and there was a stack of Get Out of That Pit hardback books near where we were perusing. We got so tickled as he kept pointing at the cover and yelling, “Bibby! Bibby!” Silly stuff but fun family memories.

It’s a great store and I, for one, loathe the thought that on-line book orders (as many as I’ve placed!) would ever replace the kind of store you actually get out of your car and visit. I don’t know about you but, half the time, I don’t even know what I want to read until I see it.

Anyway, that’s where Michelle (AKA: “The Hawk”) and I will be tomorrow.ย  Melissa and/or Amanda may drop in but Michelle will be there for sure to help me. If you want to drop by and grab something off the shelf to have signed for somebody for Christmas, we’ll be blessed to serve you. These days the really abbreviated versions of certain written messages mean that the price range starts lower. We never, ever want to talk the women we are privileged to serve into overspending. No pressure here whatsoever. We just want you to know that we’ll be there to serve you…if you want to be served. Grin.

I sure love you guys. You are such a bright spot in my ministry life. I think of you every day. And right about now, my whole staff is thinking about you every minute. Pray your spirals home!

I’ll be back on here soon, Sweet Things. This mama loves you.


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  1. 51
    Patty M says:

    Oh Beth, I almost feel guilty for ordering two. One for me and one for my sister in law. I plan on sticking hers in with her Christmas gift, I only hope she didn’t have the same idea cause then that would get us up to four! I’m hoping we can both make it in January after a year of memorizing scripture together. (I’m going to start me a jar, too.) I’m so happy your daughter is back for as long as you are blessed with her nearby. Thank you for all you and your staff do. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. 52
    Cheryl says:

    Beth, there are now at least 4,004. I am so happy that Melissa is home, at least for a time. I know how I felt when my son and daughter in law moved back home with my brand new grandbaby. I couldn’t help remembering after reading your post, about the time I took 2 of my grandchildren with me to your booksigning in Atlanta and we took a picture with you. Everytime Ansley sees your book or picture, she says look Nana, there’s your friend Beth Moore. How right she is. We love you and pray that you and your family are blessed with many precious memories this Christmas.

  3. 53
    Kim B in AZ says:

    Welcome home Melissa and Colin. Beth this is a great and funny post.

    We have kids from college coming home this week. My oldest came home from VA on Wed. Boy, that day was an interesting one. On way to get our son, my youngest got sick. As in stomach flu sick. We live 2 1/2 hours from the airport and were half way there. Oh, yes indeed we were. Got the car stopped both time just in time. Good times,indeed. Seriously I felt so bad for her. Tonight Hubby and I are going to get are two oldest girls. The other two are staying home since youngest is still recuperating. One from the FL and the other from the OH. The one from Florida has a delayed flight in Houston and the one from Ohio through Dallas to AZ is coming in on time. Who would have guessed.

    Anyway have a fun and blessed weekend with your girls.

  4. 54
    Marie says:

    Thank you for being such an encouragement to me throughout this year. We have had some health issues in our family and have missed being with our local church family to the point I was “starving”. I had completed some of your Bible studies in the past and attended a meeting in Atlanta a few years ago. One day while I was at the computer I typed in “Beth Moore” and discovered this blog…and Siesta Scripture Memory Team. Although you were not promoting it this year, I got a spiral and started memorizing Scripture in a systematic way for the first time ever. I also completed the “So Long Insecurity” on-line study. I just want to say “Thank You!” for the support and encouragement I have received through your ministry this year!

    Merry Christmas

  5. 55
    elaine says:

    Welcome home Melissa! So happy to hear that the Moore family will be together for a season.

    I am not surprised by the number of Siestas ordering their spirals. We are such a bunch of girls. ๐Ÿ™‚ But the coolest thing is 4000+ committing to scripture memory. This is truly exciting.

    My accountability partner is all the way in Amarillo, TX (I am in New Orleans) so we plan to skype twice a month to practice our scriptures.

    Looking forward to a powerful year in the word.


  6. 56
    Leigh Ann says:

    We love you Beth Moore! Thanks for Siestaville and for making Scripture Memorization a team sport!!
    LOVE to all those working with the spirals.
    (So excited for you that Melissa and Colin are going to be back in Texas!)

    P.S. When I saw you with the rag on your nose, all I could think about was when M.Jackson wore the surgical mask — presumably after his nose job…. (sorry) ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. 57
    Melissa May says:

    Oh dear… I’m leaving a comment JUST to say that the pic of you where Hawk said you looked like you were getting ready to hold up a Stop N Go made me think it would really likely be a hold up of a Stop N Blow.

    I am so sorry.

    You can go back to serious, inspiring comments now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. 58
    Kimberly says:

    Oh, Beth…I’m so happy for you all. What a wonderful Christmas present having Melissa back in Texas. My daughter, Grace, has told me numerous times that she plans on living right next door to me when she grows up. Oh that it would be true! ;o)

    Please thank all the ladies working hard at the LP office. I’ve already received notice that my order has been shipped! I’m so excited to get them!!!

    I wish I lived in Houston. I’d love to come help them and I would be the first in line tomorrow to see your beautiful face (and of course what your wearing). ;o)

    Much love,

  9. 59
    Michelle says:

    So happy for your family that Melissa is back with you in Texas! And so thankful to everyone at LPM for all their hard work getting our spirals sent out to us. I was actually in Dallas, TX for the first time in my life for a work meeting, and kept thinking of you, wondering how close I was to LPM. While I was waiting for my taxi to take me back to the airport for my trip home, I was looking at messages on my phone when I saw your post about the spirals. So I ordered my spiral (and a spare in case I had ugly handwriting too soon) in a taxi on the way to the DFW airport with my cell phone! Can’t wait for January 1st!

    Merry Christmas!

  10. 60
    Chyrll says:

    My Siesta Scripture Spiral arrived today! โ€œYahoo-Jah!โ€!! I’m just wild about it! Thank you LPM!!!

  11. 61
    Joyce Watson says:

    So happy for you and your family_
    Is your Bible study on “James” coming out now or later on?
    I’m anxiously waiting…our church ladies are too!

  12. 62
    Mary says:

    Beth, I’ve just got to tell you how God has worked through you this week. My mom who was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer the week of Thanksgiving (I have posted a little about her and begging for prayers) has been doing your Believing God Bible study. I gave it to her as a bday present one month before she was diagnosed. In fact at that point we thought she was completely healthy, the cancer was found by accident. Anyway, I gave it to her and I was very hesitant because it just isn’t really her thing. My husband said, just bc you love Beth Moore studies doesn’t mean it’s a good bday present for everyone! But I just felt like I had to and when I gave it to her I said, you’re not going to like your present. Then ONE month she was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer! AND the week after we met with a surgeon who told us with out any sympathy she maybe had a year that there was nothing that could be done…she heard your message where you said, “if you have a terminal illness and someone has told you you’re not going to live long you tell them how dare they take your hope. God is your hope and how dare they take it away from you!” She has been clinging to Jesus, the Bible, and your study. She said she literally does all five steps on her fingers while she is in the doctor’s office. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being so brave and daring to teach us all about God, about Jesus, about Their longing for us! THANK you for your inspired word that helped to bring HOPE back to my mom. Please pray for her, I am expecting God to show up and be BIG and I can’t wait to tell all of you about it!
    I bought spirals for me, my aunts, and my cousins!!!!

    • 62.1
      Mary says:

      By the way, her name is Debbie King. Thanks for the prayers!

      • Erin says:

        Mary, when I get my spiral I’m putting your Mom’s name Debbie King inside the cover to remember to pray for her and you too. I am doing the Believing God study with a girl friend. It is a blessing. ((hug)) Erin

      • Jennifer Tricarico says:

        I did my typical and fell asleep on our couch watching AMC – “Holiday Inn” was playing – woke up at 3am and am checking these before heading up to bed for ‘real’ for 3 hours; assuming the baby doesn’t get up earlier. I have such a weird life! ANYWAY, I’m sooooo glad I checked as now I can pray Debbie’s NAME! Yay! I love how you are ‘expecting God to show up and be BIG.’ I am too. May this be a dazzling Christmas as you and your mom together ‘cling to Jesus.’ There are Siestas all over the place praying for you guys. (Example: I’m in Virginia – just outside Washington DC)

      • Mary says:

        Erin, Jennifer, and Joyce….Thank you from the bottom of my heart ๐Ÿ™‚ Jennifer, my mom lives in VA too! Danville VA. I live in Durham where she is getting treatment at Duke.
        Thank you for your devotion to prayer for my mom. I love you all!

    • 62.2
      Joyce Watson says:

      Oh, Mary _you have me in tears! what a beautiful story and I can just see God reaching out to give your mom as if to say, see I told you I would take care of you no matter what the situation might be.

  13. 63
    April says:

    Oh Beth! I love, love, LOVE that you are obsessing over what scripture to start with and (Oh help me) what pen to use! I love it, I’m the same way. And my dear friend Sarah was just teasing me a few nights ago because I was obsessing over what scriptures I wanted to study this upcoming year. I feel totally secure now, knowing I’m not alone in this ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. 64
    Jana says:

    Got my spiral today! Love it! Love it! LOve it! Thanks!

  15. 65
    CLarissa says:

    I just finished your book SO Long Insecurity it really helped me to relieze alot of things in my life. I also received the Lord as my Savior thanks to you and your book. Thank you so much.

  16. 66
    MK (go-between) says:

    Oh Beth, been following your trip home with Melissa on Twitter and am so excited for you! I totally understand! My girls are home for a short while until my oldest starts her job as paramedic. I am enjoying every moment – the snorts and laughter to the quiet snuggling – to reminiscing into the wee hours. (Listening in as my middle sings a lullaby to her older sister cause I was already in bed, as they were remembering all our old bedtime rituals.)
    Such fun. So happy you the Lord blessed you with such a sweet night.
    love and Merry Christmas
    ps – thank you for working so hard on getting our spirals out! Great idea God!

  17. 67
    Joy Cravens says:

    I had already seen the picture with the sun glasses and rag from twitter, but I LOL all over again when you said Melissa thought you were ready to rob a store. Also could relate about all of you going to get Mexican food. I’m a Texas girl, too. Thank you so much, Beth, for sharing your life with us….and your precious family. How sweet of Keith to take you to see your first Bible Study. I cried while reading it just now. From reading your blog….I had to call my own Mom. Have fun with your family! Merry Christmas.

  18. 68
    Joni says:

    Rejoicing with you that Melissa is back in Houston. Can’t wait for my spiral! Merry Christmas to you all at LPM!

  19. 69
    Beth Herring says:

    So excited for you sweet Beth! There is nothing like having your girl closer to home.

    So excited about the spiral – can NOT wait to get it in the mail.

    Merry Christmas to all of you at LPM!

  20. 70
    Katie says:

    Dear Mrs. Beth,
    We have recently had a precious family moment, as well..
    My husband and I decided to make this Christmas season a time to really enjoy our three small children and take time to focus on others. I busted my tail to get all the work done in November…all the shopping, wrapping, planning, and decorating. It has all paid off!
    We made a list of people we know are hurting in some way and have decided to visit each one of them and give them a special treat. Mark and I have been blessed beyond words! We have allowed this season to be about others and about sharing the Good News with others, and words cannot express how much the holiday season has meant to us. After leaving a family’s house last night, my 3 yr. old little girl stopped and said, “Wait! Did we say ‘God’ when we were in there?” She had gotten so distracted by their tree that she had not paid attention to me sharing with this family how we were praying for them. I teared up and realized that she knew what what our family was doing when you were visiting these families. We were bringing the Good News and she along with her brothers were bringing the Good News, too. What a precious family memory!

    • 70.1
      Sandy says:

      yes, for sure, a precious family memory! Enjoy all of those moments with your children, and keep doing what you’re doing!

    • 70.2
      Janell says:

      Oh Katie. You’re post made me cry with amazement and joy. What a great gift you are giving those you visit and also your kids.
      Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!
      Janell in Denver, CO

  21. 71
    Kathy says:

    I wanted to have a “pink boa” party in early January (remember the pink boas ya’ll wore to meet one another at air-ports last January?) I thot t’would be a fun kick off for the Scripture Memory Verses -to entice many of my friends at our age it really IS possible to memorize but more importantly once memorized, the impact that it has on our prayer life, our lives and those we pray for. I am forwarding this blog site to all of them to join up, as I am so disappointed I just cannot put the party together.
    Instead, I am facing major abdominal surgery, after just having gone through 3 intense months of a cancer scare – the biopsies were all negative – for that I am most thankful. The enemy has done a number on me this fall, through all this, but despite that, I memorized one line verses (like Ps. 54:4-The Lord is the One who sustains me) from my 5 week Bible Study. My body is still very tense from the shock of possible cancer and with the long weeks and then months of waiting for results…. I BEG for your PRAYERS for strength, success of the surgery, and healing in Jan, Feb. and Mar. YES I will be memorizing again- still praying the last 24 verses over loved ones.
    Praying a blessed Christmas over you all as we celebrate our dear Saviour’s birth with family and friends. (My 7 are coming home for 8 days over the holidays! I pray a boost to me!)Now I must go get ready!!

  22. 72
    WorthyofLove says:

    Dearest Sweetest Beth,

    Thanks for the post. I feel like we sat down and got all caught up! ๐Ÿ™‚ My heart is happy for you that Melissa is home for a while. Having your family all together is such a great feeling.

    It was fun to read about Miss Johnnie. She was our retreat speaker up at West Point, NY a few years ago. She came to talk to a bunch of Army wives about accepting God plans for your life. She was a Blessing!!

    Big Hugs,

  23. 73
    The Capricious but Caring Cat Lady from Upstate SC says:

    Dear Siestas,
    Long ago, a teacher made us & I do mean MADE us memorize tons of verses. I still have the Bible I used which has for 30+ years now been held together with a large amount of electrical tape that I found in my Dadโ€™s garage. It was falling apart & it seemed a good way to fix it to a child.

    Time has taken those passages from my memory. I felt for a while that I need to recommit the book of James to memory again & to set it in the form of a dramatic reading. I am joining the SIESTA RESISTANCE to obey & memorize it again. Jas 4:7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Psa 119:11 I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you. ESV

    Need put myself on the line to finally commit to do the thing I know the Lord has been asking me to do. Been thinking about this for weeks & weeks before Beth posted the SSMC. I need to do it not because someone is making me do it, but because He is asking. Thinking time is over–it is do time.

  24. 74
    Casey says:

    I have been fretting over what to have my first verse be in my BRAND NEW LP spiral! I am so excited to get mine! I tried to order it that first night and hadn’t clicked in the right place and didn’t realize it didn’t send until the next day. Oh well!
    I will be finding a new pen and want it to be so honorable and like you, will probably be scrawling by June.

    God showed up so big for me today! I must be excited I just used way too many exclamation points.

  25. 75
    Bunny Hunt says:

    I know you are thrilled to have your baby girl back home!! I will say though living in the ATL area, it was nice knowing we had one of the Moore girls in our neck of the woods. We’ll miss her in ATL! Gosh, you girls drove 7 miles from my house on I 20. You could have stopped by for a home made coffee treat from me for the road. :-)I love those precious moments that only God could orchestrate!! So glad He blessed your family with one! Merry Christmas!!

  26. 76
    Beth says:

    I loved this post so much for so many reasons!! I’m so excited that Melissa is back with you, even if just for a short while. That’s so exciting!!

    Two of my friends at school and Heather from Texas are actually going to be doing the Scripture Memory Team with me! I’m really excited to start and see how God uses it in all of us.

  27. 77
    Holly says:

    What a blessing to have Melissa back in Texas and what a wonderful reunion! (Hope to be hearing from her on the blog sometime soon.) I’m currently living overseas as a missionary and dream of the day when we get to be closer to family again. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE why we are here and watching God work in this place. This is the season we are in and I try everyday to embrace it. This time of year, in particular, though I find myself thinking about the day when we will move back to the family farm in Tennessee!

    I’m also super excited about the scripture memory thing starting up again. I started out participating last time, but lost it around the middle of the year. We had just moved here and I was learning a new language, not that THAT is really a good excuse. Anyway, I’ll have to stick with a little notebook since that spiral wouldn’t make it here until about July! I’m so excited to see everyone getting pumped about it though!

  28. 78
    Susan says:

    Aww…. You do love us don’t you?! And gobs of us love you! So excited about you all having Melissa and Colin home, about family memories and about Scripture memorization. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I feel attached.๎–

  29. 79
    moosemama says:

    I was so enjoying the blog…all the stories of the spirals and Melissa coming home (YAY!) and just smiling from ear to ear…cuz even though we aren’t blood, we’re family. But then I get to Keith taking you to the Lifeway store to see your Bible study and I started bawling…even before you said you just stood there and cried. What a tender, loving thing for that sweet man of yours to do.

    The nose rag….priceless!

    Thank-you LPM staff for loving us. Anxiously awaiting my spiral!

    Love and hugs,
    Melana ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. 80
    marita says:

    So thrilled for your famly, getting to have Melissa and Collin back in Texas for a while. What a Blessing!

    Oh and I empathize with your obsession over what pen to use… what scriptures to memorize etc. I’m the same way.

    I appreciate so much you and your whole LPM team working so hard to minister to us and encourage us to be in the WORD.

  31. 81

    Congrats on getting your baby girl back to TX!! Enjoy every minute!

  32. 82
    Jenny Hope Williams says:

    I could just cry over the spontaneous moment I had with morgan and the Lord tonight. With my hormones going NUTS I have to walk by faith and not by feeling…yet I want to feel something fresh from the Lord and not feel like a wad of puking guts and emotions. We played Travis Cottrell’s last cd and it just blessed me so that she belted out “To the King, eternal, immortal, invisible…”
    I just needed that time to feel the Holy Spirit blessing us with Him as we danced around.

    Oh and trust me that snow in Alabama is not something we easily come by!

    If I were in Texas I would come help y’all with those scripture memory spirals indeed!!

  33. 83
    Sarah Marion says:

    What a fun post! I enjoyed reading about your family. I appreciate your prayers during this holiday season.

  34. 84
    Alicia says:

    I had to laugh the irony because I start SO many new projects with the resolution that I will use ‘better penmanship’! And like you, I end up mid project looking like I am learn penmanship rather than perfecting it.

    So glad your baby girl is home with you!

  35. 85

    I am so excited about receiving my spiral. I didn’t participate last time with all the Siestas and I am so looking forward to it. I’m, also, kinda new to this wonderful community of believers and have been so blessed. Thank you to everyone for working so hard to send all of the spirals out. My two sons still live close by so I can only imagine how thrilled all of you are to have Melissa back close by. Merry Christmas.

  36. 86

    I am praying my spirals home! My daughters, who are 11 and 14, are just as excited as I am to get the new year going with the SSMT! I was going to give them the spirals for Christmas but they already went on the blog and saw them. I didn’t have the heart to play it off like I didn’t order them one…haha

    I loved how you shared about your 4-Moore spontaneous moment/evening together! Truly special!

    Much love to you and all the Siestas!

    In His magnificent love,
    michelle in VT

  37. 87
    Leah Adams says:

    Oh Beth,I totally understand. When I first got my shipment of my recently published Bible study, it was a shock to this GA redneck system. I thought, “Is that really my name on there or did they just put my name on someone else’s work?” It seems so surreal. Oh, well, just praying that God will use it to touch some hearts.

    Congratulations on having your baby girl back in TX. We, in Georgia, were so hoping she would become a GA girl, but it was not to be. Blessings to you all.

    Oh, and congrats to Keith! Amanda told us over on her blog that he bagged a trophy deer. I have a hunter for a husband and I know that it is hugely important to make a very big deal out of any kill that your man drags home!


  38. 88
    Kathy B says:

    Sweet Beth,
    Thanks for sharing such lovely, gooey family moments. I believe our girly hearts were created for just such occasions as these. Over the last two days I’ve been blessed to get my two oldest “children” back home from college. When my husband and I pulled in the driveway last night, it looked like a used car lot. And nothing could possibly have looked sweeter to me!

    My oldest had fb’d me in the middle of her finals and asked if I would make her some verse cards. Ummm… YES! I was tickled that one of the passages she asked for was from James (1:2-4). I just grinned and thought of you. Bless you for passing on the Bible memory “bug”. Was there ever a contagion so precious? Lord, please strengthen every pair of precious hands packing our siesta scripture memory cards. May Your Word go and accomplish what You desire.

  39. 89
    Jody says:

    Got my Scripture Spiral just a couple of days after I ordered it – total, unexpected joyful moment! ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. 90
    Michelle B says:

    Beth I laughed out loud several times during this one! I can relate to those sunglass dents! That you used a random cloth from a dashboard and were shameless about it reminds me of my aunt who would have no doubt done the same.

    I too have given thought to my pen choice for my scripture book and, if I may make a suggestion: the Sharpie click pen. I found one in my junk drawer of pens and loved it so much that I have now hidden it from the rest of the family. I have used it for my Christmas cards despite it’s blue ink (I usually use red/green) and can’t wait to write my verses with it. So pathetic, we pen-obsessers.

    I’m so happy for you that you have your baby back and am praying-in my spiral!
    Love you so, Michelle

  41. 91
    Mary Watkins says:

    What exciting times in which we live. God is moving in the hearts of His people. One thing I have seen Him do is relentlessly persue the lost. He never gives up. Praise you, Lord. You continue to seek the lost.

    Thanks to all the volunteers and everyone at LPM for working so hard on our behalf.

    Love You!

    Merry Christmas!

  42. 92
    Cona Rose says:

    Thanks so much for being SO real. Your post was just what I needed today. My husband and I have 5 boys 13,11, 6, 4, and almost 2. Some days I feel like throwing in the towel, but I know we are raising an Army of boys for God. Years from now I know I will look back on this time and miss it, but goodness sometimes I think thats gonna take a LONG time! Bless you for all you to to encourage women! Merry Christmas!

  43. 93
    leighgray says:

    I order !!!! I ordered! i ordered!!!!!! I am so pumped i cant even type right. Bought one for a friend too!!! I got in too late last year – I mean not yalls fault, but I am an all or nuthing kind of girl and when I wasnt able to start with everyone because of my daddy’s stroke I just kind of gave up….. But I am ready this year!!! My Liberian friends that have been with me for awhile spoke some great truth in me and said I need to prepare….. I know this is the only way!! Thank you thank you thank yout hank you!!

    Love you – Leigh

    Congrats on having your Melissa back!! It would be so great to live near my momma!

  44. 94
    DeeDee says:

    Well I received my spirals in! YEAH…bought two, one for me and one for a friend. I was praying about what scriptures God was going to have for me, then I received this little box “memory verses for kids” that has 30 cute scripture cards in it. I had forgotten that I had ordered them a while back from a kids school fun raiser. [didn’t want to order candy/cookies]. Thought I would put them up for a future grandchild someday. They are perfect verses and I felt God saying -that’s them for 2011! I started laughing out loud!

    Merry Christmas Seista’s

  45. 95
    Nancy Smith says:

    Thank you, Beth Moore, for being “odd” . . . that must be why God chose you to lead me to His Son four+ years ago at 58 years of age. I sure wish I could find a friend here who is like you and me. Well, this odd one from Sebring FL is wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas. I have bad chemobrain, but will try, try, try to use my spiral to increase my memory of Scripture! It will be reassuring know all of ya’ll will be doing it with me. May God bless you! Nancy from Sebring FL

  46. 96
    heather says:

    That picture of you with the giant blue cloth under your glasses nearly threw me off my seat! You are so hilarious! So glad you were able to share that glorious spontaneous moment with the Moore’s and so glad Melissa is joining you again for another season…what a blessing. Thank you and your staff for all their hard work at getting out the Siesta Spirals, Lordwilling I will be able to keep up. I bought one for my daughters to share as well and am hoping we can keep it up together. Maybe next January we’ll treat ourselves to dinner ๐Ÿ™‚ It is a pleasure being part of this blog community…thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. I enjoy every moment of it.

  47. 97
    Judy in Oswego says:

    Oh Beth, what great fun you are! What a truly blessed Christmas you will have. And thank you for sharing so generously with all of us here in Blogsville!

    I am so excited that you’re doing the scripture memorization again. Though I tried to continue on by myself this past year I found that God had other plans for me, but oh, how I clung to Him through many of these verses and He has continued to pour His mercy and grace over me. He has kept me wrapped tightly in His strong arms as I faced one daunting trial after another, and He has truly been forever faithful.

    So Mama Beth, thank you for continually teaching us about this awesome God that we serve, for reaching out to all of us here is Siestaville, for sharing so much of yourself with us that we all feel like family. Enjoy those two girls of your along with your grandbabies and have a wonderfully blessed Christmas.

  48. 98
    Mandy says:

    So thankful for you. While I completely understand the writing break you are taking, I’ve really missed you and this community. Wish I was in Houston today. I’d definitley come for a visit to the bookstore.

    Merry CHRISTmas!

    With love and appreciation,

  49. 99
    Sue says:

    Could you have ever dreamed this big ?

  50. 100
    Michelle says:

    The Siesta Scripture Memory time is WAY better than the Oprah Giveway!

    I bought myself a plain white index card spiral yesterday – it was all they had. So … thinking maybe I’ll order the Siesta version … but will wait til after the Christmas holidays so as to make sure your volunteers get their precious time off!

    Merry Christmas, Mama Beth and LPM staff and volunteers!

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