Talk to “Them” Tuesday: Topic 6!

Good morning, my favorite blog community! I hope you are so blessed this week and that, no matter what your year has been like, your thoughts are on God’s goodness to you this Thanksgiving season. One thing is pretty certain: you are BUSY. Most of you are either going, coming, cooking or eating. Some of us who are in charge of our family gatherings are doing all four. I started my grocery shopping list this morning and I’m already in Pre Traumatic Stress thinking about getting to Kroger today. Not really. I’m actually looking forward to it. I love this time of year and especially this holiday because it’s not so commercialized.We will miss Melissa and Colin like crazy this week but we are so glad they are joining another family in the Atlanta area on Thursday. They can’t get home to their folks this year either so they’re all celebrating together. I hope so much that many of you are doing the same thing. Borrow a family this year if you can’t get home!

I think God’s given me a neat idea for today’s “Talk To Me Tuesday.” As you can see from the alteration in the title, we are going to do something a little different today. You’re going to be talking to someone else instead of me but you’ll have this platform to make it public and, in doing so, extra special. Sometimes a public acknowledgment can esteem someone like nothing else. It’s your way of saying, “I want everybody to know how wonderful this person is and how much God has used him/her in my life.” Choose one person that God has used to bless you this year and express your thanksgiving to God for them through a letter the length of one meaty paragraph. (Please no longer or people will tend to scroll past it. If it’s too long, we have a hard time publishing it anyway.) I know that it’s hard to choose just one person so consider making your choice based on the one who might not often get a public acknowledgment or might need the encouragement the most. You will address the letter straight to them: Dear _________________… (And then sign it, of course.)

After it’s been posted, jot down the time it appears and let your person know to look for it.

I think this will be such a sweet post. I am looking so forward to seeing you boast in the Lord by giving very specific gratitude to someone He’s used to bless you. Over and over in the epistles, the Apostle Paul set this example.

So, go for it, Girls! You are so dear to me. And I dearly love seeing how dear you are to one another. May God smile every time He casts His eyes toward this webtown we call Siestaville. I love you and will certainly talk to you later this week!


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  1. 101
    Lisa H says:

    Well I have cried all over my table reading these posts that are just beautiful! God has given me so many people this year its hard to pick one. But this comes at a great time since this person I am going to write about is moving in about a week and I most likely will not see again until we meet in heaven!

    Dear Dr. L,
    I came into your office back in March 2010 absolutely terrified to open my mind and heart up to you. I was stubborn and insistent that another friend of mine could help me more than you! I’m sorry about acting that way. I sensed it would be very different for me this time when you offered to open the appointment by praying as many weeks as I needed you to. I thank you so very much for helping me face some of my deepest, darkest, scariest things from my past that I have kept secret for so long. Thank you for helping me rip the scabs off the wounds and truly work on healing them instead of placing another bandaid on them. It has been a very hard year for me but I am ever thankful that God gave your number to the one and only person I trusted completely because now that number has grown to two! I will not miss the appointments so much but I will miss you as you begin your next adventure up in the beautiful state of Alaska with your family. You are a blessing from God and you have an incredible gift!

  2. 102
    Kara says:

    My sister,

    Only one year older but you were the protector. You were the nurturer. From home to home, conflict to conflict, trauma to trauma – you were there. I know what a gift God gives when He allows people to do life together. A sibling is for doing life together and God made you a constant source of love and joy in my life. No wonder you’re middle name is Joy. May God reward you for being the front person. You endured so much more than I had to.
    Glad that you’ve grown to have so much in your adult life. God is just!

    Your sister

  3. 103
    Anne says:

    Dear Kenda,
    This past year has been probably my most difficult one. You have been a friend among friends. You have stood by me and prayerfully supported me as well as you have made a priority of understanding me. You have been Jesus to me, you’ve given me grace and space to listen to what the Spirit is saying to me, you have never judged or condemned me and I so appreciate that. You have also not allowed me to possess you ( if that makes sense at all), and have stood true to Jesus when I’ve made an attempt, thank you, what an example you have been to me. Words really are not enough, I’m just glad I had this opportunity to publicly thank you for your friendship and grace toward me.
    much love,

  4. 104
    Beth says:

    Dear Renée, I don’t even know where to start. We’ve only been friends for four short years but it seems like a lifetime 😉 I thank God daily for our friendship! I love that you are always there fpr me. Thanks you for your advice, prayers, and continued support!
    I know that the past few years haven’t been the easiest and that you have been through a fire. However, you have come out much stronger because of it! Remember you are beautiful and you are a strong woman of God. As you follow God with every step you take you will be amazed where he takes you! Don’t ever give up!
    Love you BFF!

  5. 105
    Debbie says:

    Dear Kati & Paul,

    Thank you for helping me turn to Christ. Thank you both for having the faith to pray for me while God was calling and I was running away. Thank you Kati for the bible you gave me in Sept. 09, it is my treasure. Paul, thank you for telling me “God does love you,Mom” when I wanted His love but didn’t believe I could have it. You have done amazing work and I can’t wait to see how much more you will both do. I love you so much and I’m so very proud of you.

    Love, Mom

  6. 106
    Kelly Jo says:

    I am very thankful to God for bringing together Amanda Jordan Sarah Ashley and me known as the Devoted Daughters. It has been such a joy learning and studying God’s word with you. Who ever knew that we could pray out loud and yes, still live! I just want each of you to know that I am very proud of your dedication to our group and my heart would be so sad without you all. I love the prayers you send up and the scripture text messages you send just in time…… may our sweet Jesus help us to be a gracious witness to those who don’t know him and a blessing to those who do!! I love youens very much!!!!!!!

    I’m very thankful for my siesta moma too!!!! I Love you more

  7. 107
    Laura says:

    Dear Katie,

    Thank you for helping me back onto the path that I had taken a rest break from. My life had gotten so crazy and I had been surrounded by people who made it easy to take a “rest” break from the path I know God wants me to follow. You are such a wonderful example of a modern day Desciple of Jesus. Your friendship makes me a better person and I want you to know how much I appreciate it!

    God Bless you and Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. 108
    Bethany says:

    Dear Colleen,

    How very dear to my heart you have been over the course of the year. You are such a special person to me, it is hard to put it into words (and that is crazy because I have a deep love of words!). When I heard your testimony at Koinonia 2 years ago I found myself faced with coming to terms with my own tragedies in life. I was absoulutely frightened, terrified would be a more appropriate word! I did not know that God would use you in such a special way! You have been so compassionate and understanding. God has gifted you to be a great counselor. You have helped me in so many ways. You have taught me to search the scriptures for the answers. To circle around a trauma until I am ready to venture into the middle of it, to trust my Jesus in such a way that I can cry with Him, to speak truth into every situation. But mostly, to be completely vulnerable with God above everyone else. To trust Him with every single detail of my life.
    What began as a counseling relationship has turned into a very dear friendship.

    I love you dear friend!


  9. 109
    Rosemary Smith says:

    Dear Chad,
    Over the last 17 years you have been my source of strength here on planet Earth. I was a wreck when we fell in love. You taught me to trust you will my real feelings and realize that your love is deeper than any baggage I was tagging along with me.
    You have made me laugh, cry, scream and have brought me so much joy. (Not to mention our two beautiful girls!)
    I just wanted you to know that even though you are not one of my “sisters” you are the best friend in the world. You have and continue to be a blessing to me and our family.

    Thanks and I love you “to the moon and back”.


  10. 110
    Sandi says:

    Dear Grandma and Grandpa,
    I am so thankful for you. For your example of 67 years of marriage, for loving each other through WWII and the Korean War, for serving God your entire lives, for sharing financially with so many ministries. You stayed true to one another and to God. I am most thankful for your prayers for all your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. You have been covering me in prayer every morning and every evening my entire life. I KNOW those prayers were heard. I wouldn’t be walking with Jesus today if it weren’t for them. I know you two are better now that you’re with Jesus and one another again, but losing you both so close together this year has been so hard. I will miss you both but I know we will rejoice together one day. Then there will be no more tears…..Thank you Jesus for that promise, the best is yet to come.

  11. 111
    Leah says:

    Dear Mom,
    You have sacrificed so much for us girls! Raising three girls on your own was so HARD – I can relate now b/c I am raising two boys with the help of a good man – and it’s HARD. I am thankful that God has given me YOU – a spirit filled, bible believing, goofy, wonderful, and tender-hearted mama. I love you dearly!

  12. 112
    Beth says:

    Dear Heather,
    You are awesome and I so appreciate our friendship. I’m thankful God crossed our paths in the most random of ways and that were able to get together and just chat in our emails like old friends.
    so thankful for you, girl. =)

  13. 113
    Sharon in Frederick says:

    Dear JB,
    Knowing you all of these years has been a true treasure to me. Never in the 37 years we have known each other would I have guessed the past 8 1/2 years you would be my husband. You have seen me through the best of times and the worst. We’ve had all the stuff married people have, just because we live under the same roof! The thing I love and most appreciate about you/us is we are not unequally yoked. It has been easier to walk my Christian walk having you beside me all the way. I understand why it is so important that we walk as Christ followers together. I love you with a love that can’t be measured in words. Love Always, Sharon

  14. 114
    Elisabeth says:

    Dear Siestaville,
    This year I have been touched, taught, & enthralled by the way God’s hands move among you all. I’ve discovered the most active & unique community. I’ve gotten to know the names and faces of so many beautiful women from California to New York, India to Africa, who I witness loving & caring for each other daily in a way that is simply out of this world. I mean, really! Where else do you find this!? I’m thankful for everything I learn & experience because of the presence of each woman here. When I’m lonely or having a bad work day, I break out in grins because I remember that on my lunchbreak I can log on & experience the comrade of women who I know are also fighting to be a victorious Godly woman in a world that just feels crazy sometimes. My days are richly colored & bright because of you ALL. You amaze me. 

    • 114.1
      Beth says:

      Amen to that, Elisabeth! I feel the same way!

    • 114.2
      Church Lady says:

      I have to agree with Elisabeth. Siestaville has been such an encouragement to me. When Satan has tried to make me feel isolated and as if I am the only person going through STUFF…I would come on Siestaville and read post of other Siestas that are battling the same thing and turning to Christ for help. I have seen other Siestas who are hurting come and post on the blog. Then to have Siestas reply with such encouragement and always prayer!! I don’t think that we will ever be able to know, in this earthly relm, what an impact this blog has had…but some day in heaven we will.

  15. 115

    Dear Jeni,

    Thank you so much for listening to me, even in the middle of the night, crying and probably not making a whole lot of sense, when I was in so much pain I didn’t think I’d make it. I’m so grateful to have a friend I know I can trust to stick around even when the going gets tough! I’ve never felt like I could really trust anyone before with the pain that’s followed me everywhere for years no matter how much I cry out to God over it. Now, it’s mostly gone thanks to you!

    Love in Christ,

  16. 116
    Beth says:

    Dear Aunt Denice,
    Thank you for being an inspiration. You have faced the worst kind of trial a mom could ever go through, and in all of it have kept your faith in the Lord strong. You are a true testimony of God’s love in all circumstances.
    Also, thank you for being my cheerleader and friend. Your support in the tough decisions has helped me get through this time with determination and an ease to follow God’s path.
    Thank you for being a listener and for giving Godly advice.
    I am so thankful that God has truly blessed me with an Aunt and Friend. I will count my blessings daily. Love you!

  17. 117

    Dear Beth Moore,

    As a new believer, I sat for years in your bible studies at my church just fascinated by your passion for Christ, which eventually spread to me. You played such a big part in my growth with Christ. Several years ago, I was so blessed to be able to lead your studies in my home and bring in woman who wouldn’t have even stepped into a church bible study. I led your studies for 2 years until God pulled me away to then promote me into the ministry He has planned for me. When I stepped out into that plan, after a while I became discouraged and couldn’t seem to break free from it. I then watched your “Wednesdays with Beth” and you explained how you had trashed your confidence at one time. It was like a light bulb went off and I saw that was what I was doing. You gave the verse Hebrews 10:35-37. Those verses have kept me persevering through God’s plan for me. I am now seeing it all come together, and I just wanted to say thank you for allowing God to use you.

    God bless you and your family this Thanksgiving:)

    Amanda Daubenmeyer

  18. 118
    Robinmac says:

    Dear Marsha –
    You have become like a sister to me this past year. There are many things that are a blessing to me about our friendship … we laugh, love sharing a cup of coffee, shopping and long visits. But what I value the most is your love for Christ and how it inspires me to have a deeper relationship with Him. I can honestly say at 37 years old I have not known this kind of true, deep friendship before. Thank you for all that you are to me … there really are no words to express it … we are bonded sister.
    Love you,
    Robin 🙂

  19. 119
    moosemama says:

    Dear Beth,
    Though I have walked with Jesus for 33 years now, you were an answer to a heartfelt prayer 5 years ago, to go deeper in my walk with Him. Because of your clear teaching, your passion and compassion, I not only know Jesus better, I LOVE Him like I never ever did before. You have caused me love His Word, His people, and His calling for me. I know now, that the legacy I will leave my girls, is a deep, abiding love for the One and Only. I’ve learned that I can love my husband and at the same time, not love him quite so much…and re-commit daily to fall in love with him once again. All this, and more, because you have been faithful to His calling.

    I am truly thankful and forever grateful,

    Melana 🙂

  20. 120
    Aunt Rhody says:

    Dear Amy, Thank you for sharing your spirit, your wisdom, knowledge, and especially your time to teach us every Wednesday morning. We are a rowdy bunch sometimes, not always punctual and we linger long. Thanks for coming early and staying late with us. Thanks for the extras too-the CD’s to quiet us, the printed hand-outs to add to our own library of knowledge, and for sharing your own experiences that make you “real”. We love our Wednesday mornings with you! May you be blessed with favor and wisdom again and again, with encouragement to be an overcomer, with love, joy and peace in the knowledge that you are loved well by Our Father.

  21. 121

    Dear Dawnell,

    I never would have guessed when we met that I would fall so much in love with you. I’m amazed over and over at the plan God had for our friendship. There is no one else on this planet I’ve ever felt more spiritually connected to. I’m so completely grateful for what you’ve taught me about grace and mercy. Thank you for always hearing my heart,speaking truth to me, and sharing your heart with me in return. You have blessed my life beyond measure!


  22. 122
    Michelle B says:

    Dear Jennie Kitt,
    I don’t tell you nearly enough, but your friendship is one of the greatest gifts God has given me. I cherish it more than you know. Thank you for always being there for me friend. You always check on me just when I need it most. (Your friend is tearing up 🙂 You are a beautiful woman of God. I know you’ve had a rough year and I pray that huge blessings are around the corner. I love you with all my heart pal.

  23. 123
    Catherine says:

    Dear Shana {the famous one of the middle initial “M”},

    What a blessing and a joy you are to me. When we landed at our new church home, yours was one of the very first faces I saw, and withour having even met you, the radiance of Christ was all over your beautiful face. You and your big, wonderful, smiling, welcoming family of 8 continue to bless me and my smaller family of 4 whenever we see you. Shana, you and Kirby inspire us to press on!

    Most importantly, I want you to know that your life, the way you live, inspires me. To see you praise Our Heavenly Father in worship brings me closer to the cross. To see your acts of kindness and caring reminds me of the love God has for me. To see you welcoming anyone into your home anytime, no matter the condition of the beds, the shoe-piled entryway, the kitchen piled with evidence of your wonderful life – to see this is to see Jesus Himself, inviting me into His holy presence. Thank you for sharing your sweet heart and life and love for the Lord with me. You are a blessing, my friend!

  24. 124
    Lisa says:

    Dear Ellen,
    My heart of thankfulness overflows when I think of you. You began to pour into me when I became a new mom over 14 years ago, and now (4 kids later) you continue to invest eternal truths into this fellow sojourner. As the “older woman”, you have faithfully fulfilled your role as you’ve taught me from the Word and spent countless hours loving me through prayer. As our family has recently returned from 3 1/2 years of living in a Muslim country, my highlight of our time in the states has been our frequent times of prayer and study. I feel refreshed and ready to return overseas. My husband once told me 2 things are eternal: God’s Word and people. You do such a beautiful job of investing in both…and I am the grateful recipient.

  25. 125
    Jen Pautler says:

    Dear Joan,

    I want you to know how thankful I am for your love of Jesus. What you have experienced this year with losing your young son, Will. It is tragic and awful and painful and really I could go on but Beth said we had to keep it to one paragraph. As a Mother it is your worst nightmare of what it would be like. And here you are, living it every day. But ohmyword HOW you are living it. Your example is a lesson to so many. And HOW you share your words on the journal page — I just don’t think that you coul have any idea what your experience has taught so many. I am so grateful to know that someone like you is out there. Loving Jesus right through the pain, the questions, all of it. Loving Jesus and showing us how to lean on Him and love Him. No matter what. I am very grateful. Beth said it perfectly, and I want everyone to know how wonderful Joan Kelly, of Palatine, IL, is and how God has used her in my life. Amen. Love, Jen Pautler

  26. 126
    flip flops says:

    Dear Cindy,
    Thank you for loving me for who I am, and not trying to change me. Accepting me through each journey in my life. For walking many years together in our walk heavenward. You have encouraged and prayed for me and loved me through many hard paths. We have laughed, cried and prayed together. I am blessed to have such a great godly friend.

  27. 127
    Juanita says:

    You my sweet sister, my BFF! You (and your nutty spouse) have probably made a bigger impact on my life more than any other person has. When I was a newlywed, you taught me how to be a Godly wife. As I had children, I looked to your example for how to raise children that love the Lord. As I grew in Christ you were always an incredible example and someone that I looked up to. Your passion for Jesus and Bible study is contagious. You have never been afraid to speak the truth in love when it is needed. Despite trials, you have always had integrity and an abundance of faith. Aside from being an incredible example, you have always been so much fun. We have shopped, talked, cooked, laughed, cried, sunbathed, and even snorkeled in Maui together. You will never be replaced soul sister! Love you!

    • 127.1
      Brenda says:

      Hello my sweet friend,
      What a precious gift your words are to me!! Thank you!! God has overwhelmingly blessed us as friends and sisters in Christ. You are clearly the one who has brought joy into my life and everyone that comes to know you. Funny how the day that we met is still so vivid in my mind. I knew you were special the moment I met you, God knew we were to be friends even before you were sent to San Diego! Someday we will see the fruit that our lives have produced. But, today His Joy has been completed in our friendship and love for each other : ) You will always be my forever friend!!

  28. 128
    Laurie says:

    Dear Jean,

    You are my very best friend and I am eternally thankful for you. We have been through some things haven’t we sister? You have allowed me to cry on your shoulder, analyze ad nauseum and talk into the wee hours of the morning. We have studied the Word together, prayed together and YES shopped together. I love our road trips and all those talks in the back seat while our men pretend they’re not listening! As iron sharpeneth iron, so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. You are the kind of friend whose wounds are faithful. You do not let me off the hook. You tell it to me straight! And you being you are right there ready with a band-aid and a hug! You bless me by your pursuit of the Lord in your life. We have overcome some stuff by His grace alone and you never let me forget that. You are cherished!

  29. 129
    1gleaner (aka Judy from NC) says:

    Dear Carolyn,

    You inspired me from the beginning of this year, memorizing 24 verses together and heading out to Houston (driving in that horendous traffic, too!) Then you were reading through the Bible in a year plus taking two Bible studies at once and doing the online study with me this summer. Besides all this you run in 5k’s and design beautiful gourds and do jazzercise and work part-time.
    WOW, you are truly God’s girl and a Proverbs 31 kinda woman. I am so glad you are my “blood-kin” sister and my favorite blog Siesta, too! I love you!!!!

  30. 130

    Dear Yolanda,

    You are not one who likes to be in the spotlight but today I want to put you there! Although we live miles apart and have never met in person, I feel as if you are my next-door-neighbor! We’re two very different people from very different backgrounds and yet we are sisters in Christ and that bonds us together!

    Thank you for all the encouragement you’ve given me. For all the prayers you’ve prayed for me. For the twice a month reminder to find a new Bible verse to meditate on. For the cards and texts you’ve sent. You have made my life sweeter. I BELIEVE that ! 🙂

    Marilyn…in Misissippi

    • 130.1
      Yolanda says:

      Dearest Marilyn,

      This was the high light of my morning and the day isn’t even half over. This will carry me for many days to come as the dreariness of winter sets in. As holidays come and go with no blood family but my Jesus and my Man will be at my side.

      You’ve already been told this, but I want to tell you once again. Of all the places that I would really like to be tomorrow to truly celebrate Thanksgiving Day, it would be at your table. Then the joy would come knowing that I would be crawling into your guest bed to spend the night and fellowship another day.

      I love you with all my heart and then some-

  31. 131
    Beth says:

    Dear Curtis,

    Thank you for rising up this year and truly taking your place as one of the strongest men in this family of strong men. You demonstrated a combination of grace and power that only could have come from the Spirit of Christ Himself. I have loved you for many years but never appreciated you more than I have in recent months. You’ve been a man who held his cards close in a family that scatters their cards all over the den. You put yourself out there this year in so many ways and won a deep level of respect from us all. Thank you for your love for Christ Jesus, for your love of our daughter, for your love of our grandchildren, for your love of Keith and me. We know we are a big bowl of mixed nuts but mixed nuts need love, too.

    Thank you for your willingness to step out of the box if that’s where obedience is. I’ve seen you do it in so many ways this year. You and Colin are the best sons-in-law in the world. He would have been right there alongside you this year if he didn’t live so far away.

    I love you both so much.

  32. 132
    Amy says:

    Dear Mysterious Small Group From Chapin United Methodist Church-

    This year has been especially tough for our family. Since I graduated with my Master’s degree, we haven’t had the extra refunds from student loans coming in or the reimbursements from my job to help add to my income. Coming home at times to a fully cooked meal, a shell gas card, or a card with your thoughts has been such a blessing. The fact that you wanted to do something special for my little girl, and enabled her to stay in dance and be a part of this upcoming parade is a huge blessing. I truely am thankful for all of your thoughts, gifts, and help. Thank you for listening to God when he called.

    – Amy

  33. 133
    Kathy says:

    This will sound like a complete “brag” session but it is a story of a miracle. My son would be embarrassed if I wrote this to him so I love having this opportunity. Thanks and love

    Dear Robert,

    Today is your 28th birthday. I love and admire you more than words can express. You have proven the statistics WRONG.

    You began your language therapy at age two. The therapist told me you were the cutest little boy see had ever seen and also had one of the most severe language disabilities she had seen.

    Well, you worked and worked. You applied yourself every day with language therapists and educational tutors. I sometimes saw a tear in your eye, but you kept going with that incredible emotional intelligence of yours. You survived high school and served as captain of the football and Lacrosse teams.

    When a college professor told us you could not attend college with such poor “spelling” skills, you proved him wrong. You graduated magna cum laude from a distinguished university while serving as rush captain for your fraternity.

    Then the dean of an outstanding law school noticed your remarkable accomplishments and admitted you to law school. You were sworn in as an attorney yesterday at the state capitol where you will serve as a legislative administrator. Our state is in good hands.

    All along the way you asked God to help you and asked others to pray for you.

    I know this is embarrassing, however, you should take a look back and celebrate yourself as a marvelous man of God. You are a delight! God Bless you and it is a privilege to be your mother. Love, Mom

  34. 134
    Maureen says:

    Dear precious Jo,
    I am so very thankful to God for you…more than you can possibly know. First, for being an amazing friend and sharing Christ with me 17 years ago!! For continuing to be my friend through life’s circumstances. You have laughed and cried with me and set a high standard for me as I often walk away from one of our conversations wanting to dig deeper and know our God more fully in this Kingdom life. Just recently, you brought be to a “yucky” procedure, took me home, poured my ginger-ale and literally tucked me into bed. I’m thrilled and honored to be on this ride in Christ with you! Love and great adventures this Thanksgiving to you, Jer and the fam!! Always…Moe

  35. 135
    Tammy Hughes says:

    Dear Mrs. Vaden,

    You have gone on to be with Jesus now, and somehow I know He will pass this on to you. I am so thankful to have had you in my life, and I miss you every day. God blessed me with a wonderful Sunday school teacher who helped lead me to Him. Your life exemplified everything a Christian should be. You were blessed with a beautiful singing voice which you used for Him. I am sorry I never told you how much you meant to me, but I always hoped you knew. I thank God for placing you in my life here on earth, but I know you are singing like a songbird in Heaven!

    I love you,

  36. 136
    Donna Benjamin says:

    Dear Holly,
    Looking back over this year I’ve realized how much of a blessing you have been to me. Your determination to do well in school and life is such an inspiration. You’ve been through so much, from supporting your little sisters, (especially Hope), to losing your cousin John, just before both of you were supposed to graduate high school this past Spring. I know it hasn’t been easy for you, but by the grace of God you manage to “rise above” and continue moving forward. You are wise well beyond your 18 years, a gift to so many, and will continue to be to so many more. As your Great Gram French said the night before she had that massive stroke in 1995, “I don’t know what ‘I’ would do without Holly”. Keep the faith and ROLL TIDE ROLL! BEAT AUBURN IN THE IRON BOWL!!!

  37. 137
    Allison says:

    Dear Chris,
    You have been a tremendous help to me this past year and as important last year when you heard me cry, scream after that last drink with alcohol. You stood with me thank you for you gracious help and friendship for that support to stay off of the alcohol. You are dear, dear to me, I love you. Alli

  38. 138
    Penny says:

    Dear C.,
    When you had an affair with my husband, I thought my life was over. I was afraid my family would be destroyed. Instead, I have been a witness to the huge, redeeming miracles of God. My husband now has a ministry working with other men, helping them to be authentic and true men of God. He has become more than I ever thought a husband could be. God has done things in our lives I could never have imagined. We still deal with pain, don’t misunderstand me. It is a constant, but God is at work even in that pain. I could go on, but I know this needs to be short and to the point. God was not the creator and designer of what happened between the two of you, but He has worked it for good. He has used you to change my life. As for you, please know that I forgive you. You were hurting and lost. You are in my prayers.

    • 138.1
      Maureen Chabot says:

      What courage and strength…that only our God, who is fully and completely able to extend the “purest” of Grace and healing needed for you to press on, realizing His might and power at work…not to mention forgiveness. You are living the example of Jesus’ love dear sister!!

  39. 139
    NurseRae says:

    Dear Leah,

    Who could ask for a better older sister? Who knew that the 1 minute that separates us could mean the difference in maturity and craziness–haha!
    Thank you so much for always believing in me and sticking by me–and for celebrating as I turned my tassel earlier this year.
    I am always grateful for your encouragement and love, your “talks”, and your humor–hey, you have your moments of brilliance too!!!
    And despite what we’ve been throught these past few weeks I knew I could make it through with you (and Jesus) by my side–thanks!
    May you receive an extra dose of blessing this season!

    Your Younger and Awesome Sis Rae

  40. 140
    Annette says:

    Dear Mom,

    Thank you for your continued beacon of light to me. Though heaven and earth separate us, your words and love still shape much of my day. I missed you more this year, though it’s been so long since cancer took you from us. You’d be so proud of the kids. The girls both got married to fine men and Greg is so like Daddy. I’m trying to make your dressing this morning like you taught me (except for the cornbread–sorry I can’t follow a recipe that says “twice as much flour as cornbread and add milk until it’s just the right consistency…” Thank you most of all for the example of Christ you were to us. Love never fails.

  41. 141
    Barbara Schwarz says:

    Dear Marcy: Thank you for being a wonderful sister-in-law, who kept telling me how wonderful your Beth Moore Bible Studies were and sticking with me til I agreed to go. They have changed my life and that of my daughter, Liz (6 mos. sober yesterday). God brought me into your family to bring me back to His fellowship. Your sister in family and the Lord, Barb

  42. 142

    Dear Annette, Janet, Lyn, Lynne, Heather, and Terrilynn…
    I can not even begin to tell you beautiful “Esther Ladies” how thankful I am for you. When I was on my knees seeking truth God spoke bodly to me from Luke 6:46-49. All my life all I had known were people who heard the Word of God but did not put it into practice. Shortly after God spoke that promise over me I found myself in a Beth Moore study called “Esther” at the most amazing church. It was there that God put us together and He showed me what someone is like who “hears His words and puts them into practice.” Thank you for your love for Jesus and for walking it out on your knees. XOXOXOXO
    Your sister in Christ,

  43. 143

    Dear Carolyn, You are always an encouragement to me. When I see your number on my phone or hear your voice my mood lifts to joy. As we walk alongside each other in life I am truly taught the meaning of friendship in Christ. What fun we will have this holiday season teaching our grandchildren the true meaning of Christmas. Thank you God for sharing your daughter since I never had a sister. Love, Jeanette

  44. 144
    Jo Ann Rodgers says:

    Dear Katie,

    I’ve known you all your life and know you are a strong and caring person but I didn’t know how one day I would be benefitting from your spiritual gift the way I have been recently. This past year, full of sudden changes and difficult things, you’ve been such an encourager to me! You consistently speak and behave wisely. You’re an example to me which helps me later, when I’m by myself. You are really wonderful and I’m so thankful you’re my daughter! I always pray the Lord will bless you bountifully!


  45. 145
    Kathy says:

    Dear Missy — I began crying out to God three years ago for “more of Him”. He has lovingly taken me through a process of changing my whole life around. My husband’s job loss, moving, and you were the Godly realtor sent from the Father to touch my life and the lives of my family. Thank you for speaking truth into my life over and over as God is breaking me and bringing me into freedom. I love your laugh, it comes from deep within because of your freedom in Christ. Your absolute love and trust in God is so amazing. Thank you for continuing to minister in my life as the enemy has tried to steal, kill, and destroy what God is doing in me. Thank you for inviting us to your church and the Encounter God Weekend. Thank you for the time you have spent praying with me and over me. I see God in such a new light and my religious spirit is dead and my spirit of rebellion I no longer desire or need. I have found more of God and want more. May the Lord Bless You and Keep You Missy. May His Face Shine On You and Give You Peace. The words THANK YOU WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH!!! Love — Kathy

  46. 146
    GA Jan says:

    Dearest Lanie – We have been best friends for over 22 years and the memories are precious. Loving our husbands, raising up our boys, gaining sweet daughters-in-law, and now richly blessed with grandyounguns – you with four and me with three. We’ve worshipped next to one another on the back row of the choir in the “first soprano section” for all these 22 years – and we’ve been through a lot together. But this past year, my sweet friend – your walk of faith was a testimony for Jesus in every way. It was close to this time in 2009 when your ovarian cancer was discovered…and I thought my heart would break. But sweet Lanie, you are now a cancer survivor with hair almost an inch long and a smile a mile wide! You showed me and others that faith is the victory, no matter the circumstance. You are my best friend…and although I know you are sure of your eternal home, I wasn’t ready to give you up quite yet. We’ve got more memories to make and as we’ve always said…if we outlive our men, we will be little old lady roomies somewhere near the beach! I love you and I wanted to say thank you in this public forum that precious Beth Moore has so graciously provided.

    Your friend forever,

    • 146.1
      Valerie says:

      This is so sweet Jan!
      I remember so well when I got a phone call that my very best friend since 5th grade had breast cancer. We were just in our mid 40’s at the time & I thought it just couldn’t be true. She took such good care of herself….a picture of health.
      Praise God she is doing fine and is cancer-free!
      I’m thankful your best friend is doing well too.
      Love ya!

  47. 147
    Andrea says:

    Dear Megan,

    You are truly an inspiration to me. Thank you for being there for me through the roughest season of my life. You are so versatile, you are the perfect friend in the good and the bad. I admire your dedication to your marriage, your steadfastness towards God, and your meek spirit. You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen yet you never seem to know it. You are unique, creative, genuine and passionate and I hope I am a piece in your life that is lucky enough to witness you reach your destiny. I love you Meg.

    With respect,


    • 147.1
      Megan says:

      Dear Andrea,

      Wow. You have encouraged me beyond belief. I feel like I am the blessed one to be able to call you my friend. You have persevered through incredible circumstances, and have risen above the obstacles that you have faced, giving God the glory. Anyone only has to spend a few minutes with you to see that you are anointed and that God has an enormous calling on your life. I am so excited to see where God takes you. I know, without a doubt, that it will be beyond the ordinary, and that the dreams and passions that God has placed within you will be fulfilled to a degree that is beyond comprehension. I am so proud of you. The grace that you have shown to those that have hurt you is so humbling. I have so much to learn from you. I know that our friendship will continue and that someday we’ll be working side by side in a foreign country watching His miracles all around us and thanking God for His faithfulness.

      I love you.


  48. 148
    Kali says:

    Dear Katie,

    I don’t even know if there are enough words to describe how thankful I am for you. You have been by my side – and sometimes behind me shoving me along – through every situation for…13 years now. You have been a constant when there wasn’t anything else that I could rely on – and you kept turning me to the One who holds me in His hand. Even when I moved to literally the other side of the world I knew that you would always be there if I needed you. You are a blessing to everyone who crosses your path and you are a shining example of what God can do when One offers their life completely to Him. I am learning how to be a great wife and mother sometime in my future by watching you with Nate and Micah. Thank you for loving me when I didn’t love myself. Thank you for you – always. I am so excited to see how the rest of our lives play out because I know that they will always be intertwined. I love you.


  49. 149
    April says:

    My dear sister in Christ, Beth

    I am thankful for this opportunity to be able to thank you for being an obedient servant of our Lord Jesus! God brought you into my life a couple of years ago through the Stepping Up study. I am continually amazed and Grateful how He ministers to my broken heart through you. I came from a very abusive background and struggle with intense shame. Through your work Beth, God has brought me much comfort in knowing that I am not alone on this journey. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Forever grateful to Our Lord Jesus !!
    April Lopez
    BonneyLake, Wa

  50. 150
    Jennifer Tricarico says:

    Dear Kay –
    I thought and prayed for a day about Beth’s topic for us… and while I rarely get the privilege of chatting with you, I am blessed over 20 weeks a year (for the past 8 years!!!) to sit and learn what the Lord has spoken to you through His Word at our weekly study. Please know that your hours and hours and HOURS of careful preparation are appreciated! My children have been so blessed by the kids’ program (please let the team know) and I still find myself referring back to all the printed lectures and even the kids’ papers to help explain difficult points to family and unbelieving friends. Oh, and your husband’s beautiful journey from Judaism to “completed” in Jesus has so enriched your lectures and the whole class! YAY for all his support! I thank God for you and pray He blesses you and your family abundantly this Thanksgiving and forever. Holy Hugs!!

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