Talk to “Them” Tuesday: Topic 6!

Good morning, my favorite blog community! I hope you are so blessed this week and that, no matter what your year has been like, your thoughts are on God’s goodness to you this Thanksgiving season. One thing is pretty certain: you are BUSY. Most of you are either going, coming, cooking or eating. Some of us who are in charge of our family gatherings are doing all four. I started my grocery shopping list this morning and I’m already in Pre Traumatic Stress thinking about getting to Kroger today. Not really. I’m actually looking forward to it. I love this time of year and especially this holiday because it’s not so commercialized.We will miss Melissa and Colin like crazy this week but we are so glad they are joining another family in the Atlanta area on Thursday. They can’t get home to their folks this year either so they’re all celebrating together. I hope so much that many of you are doing the same thing. Borrow a family this year if you can’t get home!

I think God’s given me a neat idea for today’s “Talk To Me Tuesday.” As you can see from the alteration in the title, we are going to do something a little different today. You’re going to be talking to someone else instead of me but you’ll have this platform to make it public and, in doing so, extra special. Sometimes a public acknowledgment can esteem someone like nothing else. It’s your way of saying, “I want everybody to know how wonderful this person is and how much God has used him/her in my life.” Choose one person that God has used to bless you this year and express your thanksgiving to God for them through a letter the length of one meaty paragraph. (Please no longer or people will tend to scroll past it. If it’s too long, we have a hard time publishing it anyway.) I know that it’s hard to choose just one person so consider making your choice based on the one who might not often get a public acknowledgment or might need the encouragement the most. You will address the letter straight to them: Dear _________________… (And then sign it, of course.)

After it’s been posted, jot down the time it appears and let your person know to look for it.

I think this will be such a sweet post. I am looking so forward to seeing you boast in the Lord by giving very specific gratitude to someone He’s used to bless you. Over and over in the epistles, the Apostle Paul set this example.

So, go for it, Girls! You are so dear to me. And I dearly love seeing how dear you are to one another. May God smile every time He casts His eyes toward this webtown we call Siestaville. I love you and will certainly talk to you later this week!


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  1. 151
    KansasGirl says:

    Dear Charles,
    I want to thank you so much for choosing Jesus last Christmas season. Not many men with your background would come to salvation in the season of life you are in, but you did! After knowing you for over a decade and walking through life with you, Heaven just would not be the same without you there! It has been an absolute pleasure to watch you grow in your love of the Lord, love of the Word, and to watch you love others in His name. Thank you for how you challenge me. Keep imitating Jesus and become the husband, father, son, brother, uncle and friend that the Lord desires you to become. I’m so proud of you and thankful for this decision you made!

    Your “twin” sister,

  2. 152
    Rebecca McGraw says:

    My dear son,
    When I gave birth to you 34 years ago, I never thought I would ever see you again. I lived a life of rejection, pain and disappointment. I cried for you for years and always thought of you. My heart ached to hold you and have a life with you. But God had a different plan for you, and for me.
    Later in life when I accepted Christ Jesus as my Lord and Savior He began to work on me and the pain of losing you. This last year was the year when the pain finally stopped and He helped me see that you, my love, are in heaven waiting on me. I will see you again and we will spend eternity together. God showed me that mothers spend a lifetime praying for their children and hoping they believe so they can spend eternity with them. I learned that you are already there and waiting for me. I believed that you were praying and asking God that I would be there with you. You are still in my heart but the pain has lifted and I can say that I am a mother of a heavenly child and we will be there together for eternity.
    Your mother

  3. 153
    Andrea Henley says:

    Dear Leaders,

    Thank you for pressing on. For running the race with perseverance. For showing those a bit and far behind you how it’s done. For showing little eyes, upon falling down, how to land on your knees and reach up…out…anywhere in order to more firmly tighten your grip on the One who’ll never let go of you. Thank you for your encouragement in all aspects of life.

    With hope,


  4. 154
    Show-Me Sooz says:

    Dearest MA, little did I know, when you came to our church six years ago, what close friends we’d become. We’ve shared a few crises and intimate conversations but far more laughter, and for that I’m most grateful. You’ve been the best listening ear for me, and I thank you for your amazing perception and ability to remain nonjudgmental. At book club the other night, we talked about how we trust God because we know His character. We know he sees the whole picture and desires only His best for us. I mentioned you and how I felt the same way about you and that if anyone doubted your motives, I knew you were incapable of intentionally hurting anyone. (Everyone agreed.) We’ve seen you in action, and you are a true “child of God.” I love you dearly!


  5. 155
    amybhill says:

    dear beth,

    it might be corny to pick you for this (i promise i’m not trying to be the siesta pet) but you’re really the one i want to thank this year. God has not given me a personal mentor, but through books and bible studies, he has given me you. i am bizarrely sobbing right now. i don’t know if i can make sense of this for you. i have loved Jesus for so long but i never really knew how to follow him. you have showed me how and now (praise God) i am showing others how. i want to know him more, i want to wield the word like a sword, and i want every other person i know to have the same joy. i guess i am just grateful that there was someone like you out there who was obedient in the little things. praise Jesus- he has used those little things to change my life. and think about this: i have a little girl, beth, and another little girl on the way. i’m talking about the next generation. do you see what i’m saying? things have changed, beth. God is doing a new thing. i’m so excited and so thankful. i sincerely love you and your girls. happy thanksgiving <3 amy

    • 155.1
      shelly says:

      I agree, Beth you have been an inspiration to me as well. I been bad on not finishing stuff. I get to the Bible Studies but not always through the books. Even so I have learned soo much. I am doing the new Breaking Free. I arranged my college classes so I could attend the WBS. I have a similar background to yours. Your love for the LORD is contagious. I am also one of them that ordered the new Siesta Scripture memory spiral. I know I need to hide HIS word in my heart. I know some, but NOT as much I should by this time in my life πŸ™ I know HE is with me. I am a divorced single mom, I had the pleasure of attending the LPL here in Pittsburgh, PA a couple years ago. The Perfect Storm. I have been in them and continue to be in them at times. Praise you in the Storm is one song that I know by heart. I can praise him in the storm.

      Thank you for being HIS instrument. I also want to be come the “real thing” one of these days. That melted my heart when Keith said that about you. Please pray for this “siesta” all prayer welcome and needed. I am in my second year PT in college. My personal life has a tendency for me to want to give up but I know I cannot.

      In His care,


  6. 156
    Yanna says:

    Dear Brent,
    Thank you for being the son you have been to dad and I for these 17 almost 18 years. What a blessing you have been. I have especially enjoyed sharing Bible studies with you. I love how your eyes light up and the big grin you get when I attempt to share a Beth Moore story like she tells it. I have grown from our discussions and delight in how you’re becoming a man of God.

    I love you,

  7. 157
    carla says:

    Dear SB,
    You reached out to me for the past 5 years as I continuously pushed you away and sank deeper in despair over my troubles. You never judged me, you never relented from being my friend. I wanted to suffer. Then you lost your son tragically 3 years ago and again I was not much of a friend then by your example I am slowly this year coming back to life. You never gave up on me in the depth of your sorrow you reached out and I am holding on. You started a ministry for your son’s memory to help children who do not have anyone and by your example you have healed a thousand hearts and you continue to every day. I love you and thank you everyday friend of mine….

  8. 158
    Valerie says:

    Dear Kimberly (with the LPM office staff),
    In January ’09 I called the LPM office and you answered the phone. I needed someone to pray with me. I have lots of very close friends and family members I could have called, but I felt the need to call the LPM prayer line. My daughter had a miscarriage just before Christmas 2008. It was such a difficult & sad time for us. I felt so bad because I wasn’t able to help her. I’d never been through that before. I called you in Jan. ’09 and you prayed the sweetest prayer with me. I told you about a very special grandma name (Lolly) my daughter had chosen for me to be called and how we even found a plaque & purchased it with that on it & then she miscarried. I had a hard time with that, wondering why we would find such an unusual sign (What Happens at Lolly’s Stays at Lolly’s) and then she lost the baby. You were SO very sweet to encourage me telling me that God was so good to us to let us find that unusual sign because He was letting me know I would be a “Lolly.” It was his promise – a real sign. You told me to keep you updated and this last February on my 50th birthday my daughter gave me the most precious gift ever. She told me she was pregnant. She gave birth to a precious, healthy baby boy last month. I called you and let you know and we rejoiced together. I’ll never forget the time you spent talking and praying with me as I cried my eyes out. God bless you and your family this Thanksgiving! Love you!

    One more…..that goes along with this…..It’s so worth writing. πŸ™‚
    Dear Emmy,
    You met my daughter at the Siesta Fiesta in San Antonio a few years back. This past January when we were in Houston at the Scripture Memorization Event – Jan. 23 to be exact, you and I were in the hallway of the church and I asked you if you would pray for my daughter. I briefly told you what she’d gone through. You said “Let’s just pray right now!” and you held my hand and said the sweetest, powerful prayer. Emmy….I’ve shared this with you already, but it blessed me so much I want to thank you publicly. My daughter went into labor EXACTLY 9 months after that prayer in the hallway of Houston First Baptist Church on Jan. 23. Thank You!!! Love you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. 159
    Shelly says:

    Dear Yolanda, You have blessed me beyond words this past year. I’m so very thankful for our friendship! Thank you so much for the Godly woman you are. You help me to be a better me. I love you like a sister.

    Love you

    • 159.1
      Yolanda says:

      Dear Shelly,

      You have no idea how much you have encouraged me through the sharing of our journey’s this side of heaven. And how powerful God’s redemption and healing hand is for those of us that become real with no strings attatched. I love you as well sweet Friend. Keeping seeking Him and never ever let go!


  10. 160
    kimberly says:

    Dear Lord Jesus,

    Thank you for being my stronghold in times of need, for loving me right where i am, for talking to me, answering my questions and my prayers, for blessing me with a great family, for healing me, for using me, for loving me – really loving me beyond my understanding. Thank you for being patient with me, for teaching me through my children, for letting me see friends grow in you through Bible Studies! Thank you Lord Jesus! I love you! Kimberly

  11. 161
    kimberly says:

    p.s. i know this seems as if i am the teacher’s pet. you may be thinking “of course she said Jesus. I mean i thought beth said a person!” lol! the truth is i have some good friends and a great husband, but i have reached a point in my life where i know when the rubber meets the road it is me and Him – kwim? I’m so thankful that I have learned to depend on Him for the things that only He can be depended on for – ya know? πŸ™‚ blessings and love to all!

  12. 162
    Melanie says:

    Dear Joni,

    I am so thankful for your friendship. High school memories are the best and even better was soon after starting college, you would be the one to encourage me to Christ! For the past ten years I have enjoyed the greatest gift of all…Jesus Christ! And I am forever thankful for your friendship and your willingness to to be the hands & feet of Christ to me. We don’t get to see each other a whole lot, but know that you have imprinted my heart forever…with your friendship and Christ.

    Love you,

  13. 163
    mk (go-between) says:

    To my dear Wounded Heart group and counselors;
    Who would have thought that so much growth could have come from so much hurt. Thank you for speaking truth into all the lies of my past. Thank you for your mercy and compassion. Thank you for being vulnerable and open so that I could learn truths by seeing your example. Thank you Lord for keeping us so close long after the group sessions ended – continuing to be encourage and pray and love with the Lord’s leading and with empathy!

    To Jami,
    Where would I be without my ‘healthy’ friend to speak truth and balance into my life? Thank you not letting the fact that I am the same age as your mama deter you from this friendship. Thank you for listening to my advice and council and being willing to do the same for me. I am so thankful that our girls are best friends but that we are too. Thank you Lord, for giving me a kindred spirit.

    Thanks Beth for doing this!

    • 163.1
      Jami says:

      Awwww! Thank you, too, MK! You are not only my best friend, but second mom, and I don’t know where I would be without YOU! Miss you all so much! Wish we couldl’ve done T-day together! πŸ™‚ Thanks for not letting the distance separate us!
      Love, Jami

  14. 164
    Suzanne says:

    Dear Crystal,

    What a year we have been through together!! I cannot thank you enough for being by my side through it all -and we’re not done yet! πŸ™‚ You truly are a gift from God and an answer to prayer (thank you, Daniel)! You have always pointed me to Him even in my darkest moments (bow the knee.) I am so glad we get to do life together, and I can’t wait to see what God does in our lives as we continue on this journey together! It is my priviledge to get to see, first hand, how God is growing you! I am so excited to see what He is going to do through Guatemala! Thank you for being the greatest best friend ever! I am truly, truly blessed! I love you lots!!

  15. 165
    County Girl says:

    Dear Mom,

    I miss you so much. Losing you this year has been the hardest thing I have ever gone through in my life. I am so sorry that I never thanked you in person, while I had the chance. So I’ll thank you now for being the best mom I could have ever asked for. God surely blessed me with you. Thank you for showing me the meaning of self-sacrifice, and compassion, and love and forgiveness. You lived these things every day. I only hope that I can show such love and grace to my two girls, like you did to yours. I can’t wait to see you again, on the other side of eternity, and tell you these things “in person”. But until then, I know you won’t hold it against me. That’s not your style.
    I love you,
    Your baby girl

  16. 166
    Heidi says:

    To my sweet husband Greg,

    You are the most amazing husband a girl could ever wish for! You love our Lord and you help me love Him more with you each day. You honor me with your words and actions. You praise me to our friends and family when I am there or not. You help this moody pregnant lady get whatever she needs (or wants) and have not complained one bit the whole time- even when I stopped cooking and cleaning due to the smell (no cooking) and the lack of energy (no cleaning). You talk to and pray for our sweet tiny baby in my belly. You love our puppy just as much as I do. You continually work on holding yourself accountable with your guy friends and you help them through whatever they may need- I wish I had girl friends like you and your guys!

    I had no idea who God had in store for me- you are nothing like I imagined because I never dreamed big enough dreams.

    Thank you.

  17. 167
    Helen says:

    Dear Karen,
    Your friendship and little ways of encouraging me have meant so much to me this last year and I thank you for it. Your kindness and care has spoken to me. I heard a definition of a humble person. . . when they leave you do not think of them as humble, you think of them as being someone who cares for you. That is how I felt after our visit recently!! Thank you! With love, Helen

  18. 168
    Nancy says:

    Dear Thursday Morning Bible Study Group and Prayer Warriors:

    My life is calmer, richer and more blessed for the love, prayers and presence of each and every one of you in my life. You have always and continue to be there for me regarding my needs and my praises. Through our many Beth Moore studies together, as well as some other leaders, my love for Christ has deepened as has my love for each and everyone of you.


  19. 169
    Traci says:

    Dear Laura,
    When I thought of someone who has blessed me & encouraged me this year- it was YOU! I have been so blessed to get to know you more, to pray with you, and for you. In the last 2 years I have prayed for mentors, spiritual woman whom I can go to and be encouraged by. God has blessed me with you! Your friendship, your leadership, your love and devotion to our Jesus and your family at home and church has inspired me so much. You have taken time to get to know me, remember my life stories and love me through it all! I carry the cards you have mailed me in my briefcase-they encourage me when I am stressed.
    God bless you Laura. I pray you enjoy the week ahead are blessed!!

  20. 170
    mary says:

    Dear Anna:
    I’m thankful for your unselfishness in giving birth to, and giving your daughter to us to raise via adoption. She has blessed us through the years, and your reflection through her reminds us of your love for her. May Almighty God bless you in ways you couldn’t know to ask for. Whitney is thrilled to know you, happy to have Michael and Angel in her life, has a huge heart for God and will make a significant impact for His Kingdom. You inspire me to press on as a parent. God bless you all!

  21. 171
    Marlinda says:

    Dear Mom,

    I love you MOM! I know I just told you this, but I can’t help but write about you. You are my best friend. I am so thankful for how our relationship has grown is these last years. I am so thankful that God is using the harm that satan meant to destroy us and turned it for good. Though at one point it was so difficult and we could see no way out and could not understand the devestation that surrounded us He, El Shaddai, used it to bring us to that place where we surrendered and looked only to Him. You encourage me, inspire me, and never judge me. Thank you for your unconditional love and your support and counsel. God has so blessed us! He is so faithful and now He has given us the answer we so desperately sought. Why, because you listened and waited. Thank you Mom, I love you.

    Your little girl,


    • 171.1
      Ruth says:

      Marlinda, Darling Daughter,
      Your words of encouragement are a blessing to me. Yes, God is faithful. I wish we didn’t have to go through the hurtful times BUT those are the times when we grow closer to our Lord. I am so proud of you. You are an inspiration to me and God is going to enlarge your territory. Listen to Him every day. My heart is filled to over-flowing on this Thanksgiving Day. When your combined families get together today, and what a varity of personalities, remember what our Lord and Saviour has done for us, what He has brought us through, and the glorious things that He has in store for us.
      I LOVE you, Darling Daughter,

  22. 172
    Kathy B says:

    I’ve wresteled with this for the last 24hrs, but I think this is what the Lord is laying on my heart:

    Dear Swannie,

    I’ve tried to write this letter a dozen times in my head, but it never seemed enough. But when asked to ponder who has blessed me the most this past year, only you fit the bill in such a profound way. You ministered to our entire family in a way, perhaps no one else ever has or will. I’m grateful from the depths of my soul for your Help. You didn’t just bring courage and efficiency to a horrific situation, you did it with supreme grace and compassion. I know for a fact that God gave me strength during those days such as I had never previously known and so I pray that He pours back into you all that you so generously gave of yourself. I am blessed beyond measure to be a part of your family. And truly eternally grateful!
    Your cousin-in-law,
    Grady’s Kathy

  23. 173
    Nancy says:

    Dear Lisa,
    I cannot thank you enough for your love and support these few months. Your encouraging words and prayers have meant so very much to me and I know the Lord was instrumental in bringing you to me. He has gifted you with such wisdom, and I appreciate your willingness to share what He lays on your heart.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Love you, Nancy

  24. 174
    Warm in Alaska says:

    Dear Jody ~ Thank you for being such a rock this past year; for being steady and caring. I so appreciate all the hard work you do at the office to provide great care to people; to be a kind, generous employer, and to support our family. Thank you for being so involved in the kid’s lives and my life. Thanks for asking questions. Thanks for paying attention. Thank you for your constant generosity to me and to so many others. I really love you. With a grateful heart, BTB; from me, your LTB.

  25. 175
    Julie Reynolds says:

    Colossians 1:3-4 β€œWe always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you, because we have heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of the love you have for all God’s people.”

    …for this Cinda who you have blessed me with as a sister, a mentor, a friend, a confidant and all the other needs of my soul that you met in giving me this one who is so much like me but so much more like you Father, I am so thankful, grateful and in awe of your grace to me. She is so much of an example of godly womanhood and I am so thankful for her example and the challenge that it gives me to be more, do more. Father I know that you blessed me with her because you love me so and I am so thankful. Truly her children do arise and call her blessed and I am in awe of the gifts that you have blessed her with, help me Father to be as good a friend and sister to her as she is to me. She is truly some of your best workmanship Lord (Ephesians 2:10) and I understand why she is so valuable to you. (1 Cor 6:19-20).

    1 Thessalonians 1:2 β€œWe always thank God for all of you and continually mention you in our prayers.”

    …what grace you have shown me in my Jasmine, she is a gift that was given so many years ago and the gift has kept giving since. I am amazed by your faithfulness Father to us both. What joy to be led by one that you have brought up and led in the past. What a harvest you have given me Lord!! My heart overflows with worship and praise for her heart, for her insight into your word, and the authenticity which she approaches life. The music of her heart flows in harmony with mine and this music cant even begin to tell of your excellence O’ Son of the Morning. Thank you for her laughter, her smile, the amazing gift she has of looking at every circumstance through your eyes Lord. My song shall every be of your goodness to me for this little one. Psalm 37:26

    For these and all your grace to me Father, I am truly thankful….

    His Jules(ginsamica)

  26. 176

    Dear Sister in the Lord, Lynn,

    You have been an incredible encouragement in the Lord. Always there and listening and encouraging me and our group! We are all so different and you seem to reach and understand us all. God has blessed you with His Holy Spirit so richly, we all see the love you have for Him (Our Lord Jesus Christ) and us. Thank you for teaching so faithfully and being the Godly women God has made you to be. I’m sure I speak for all 7 of us and many more.

    Love you!

    • 176.1
      Lynn Hyman says:

      Ah, dear friend, it’s Christ and Christ alone! Thank you for the kind words. You guys (and the Lord) are the ones who keep me in the Word and on my knees. How comforting to know that our relationships are eternal! I may have just lost a biological sister this side of heaven, but God has provided me with so many dear spiritual ones. I am most blessed. All praise, honor and glory to the One who makes it all possible!

  27. 177
    Pam Houston says:

    Dearest Husband,
    No one else, living or dead, outside of the LORD Jesus Christ, Himself has impacted my life like you…it hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth it. This is our 39th Thanksgiving season together, and coming up will be our 40th Christmas together, because 40 years ago this Christmas our Jesus, gave us the best gift we’ve been given, the gift of each other, on Christmas Day!

    You have been the strongest mirror in my life, outside of the Word of God, but at times, you have spoken the loudest. You’ve never given up. At times it seemed hopeless, but you would put on your brave heart, and continue walking forward. You still think I’m pretty and say so (even though I weigh 35 more pounds than I did on our wedding day – uggh!) You still have enough energy to “chase me around the barnyard!” You love me, our “kids” (only son and his wife) and our 3 little princesses! You love God and serve Him. You love our extended family and friends. God knows your heart, and it’s been faithful, brave and true. Yes, we have our “issues” but we trust the LORD to do what we cannot.
    I want to honor you and who you are and say I’m proud to be growing old gracefully (I hope) with you.
    Love you forever, love you for always, as long as I’m living my husband you’ll be!
    Your Pam>

  28. 178
    Kathleen says:

    My big sister Lori,
    Thank you for always being there when I need a person to just listen, to make me laugh when I think I am going out of my mind! For coming to visit me no matter where I am. And always in your very quite way say “Well God is in control”

    And I know that no matter where I go, what I’m going through (as long as it’s not another brain surgery) you will be there in your quiet kinda of way and when I do have that next surgery I don”t think you will be so quiet! lol and yes God is very much in control! Amen!

    Much Love to ya big sis!

  29. 179
    Stephanie W says:

    Dearest Siesta’s and Mama Siesta, who are ONE,

    It’s intense how writing on this blog, and reading the things shared, are so real. I am so thankful for you girls, ladies, women, of Christ Jesus that are here. The emotion that get’s me so marveled at our Lord, the intense truths we share are so powerful they can only be from the Creator. As someone who has a wonderful God trusting and fearing husband and wonderful children, you Siesta’s are truly my family apart from these in my own home. Too, I am thankful for my pastor and church body, they are very important in my walk and encourage me weekly in their faithfulness. I love them dearly.

    But, I want to be clear. There is an intense intimacy here, that I have not experience before. Maybe it’s the anonymity of the internet, I don’t know, but God does. He helps me to be painfully at times, powerfully in Spirit, joyfully with heart and deeply changed after I’ve read and/or participated here.

    With sincere love and gratitude,
    Stephanie W.
    Milwaukie, OR

  30. 180
    Gigi Brosh says:

    Dear Patti,
    This past year held certain challenges I wasn’t sure I was up for, but God so kindly held my hand and comforted my heart through every step. He knew I would need a strong supportive leader to remind me of His love and protection for me, and He so graciously put you in my path.
    Many times when I am feeling defeated and intrusive memories wash over my mind I think of your spirit filled words to push me through.
    I am abundantly blessed by being able to serve with you and minister to others who are surviving from abuse. I am truly thankful for your friendship and so want to be like you when I grow up!

    • 180.1
      Patti says:

      Dearest Gigi,
      I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes. You have blessed me beyond words, but I’ll try. You growth has been tremendous; early on I realized you would absolutly be serving in this ministry. You are passionate about pointing to the Healer and you speak such truth into the women you serve. Your own hope and experience has been shared so freely. It has been my pleasure to serve alongside of you. I have words for you my friend, you are a “Speaker of Truth”. Plus, you surround it be grace!

  31. 181
    LindsayN84 says:

    The past five months have been, by far, the hardest and most faith-stretching of my life. Therefore, there is only one “person” that I can write this to . . .

    Dear God,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you . . . for Your faithfulness . . . for Your grace to handle a situation that I never thought I could survive . . . for Your endless love and forgiveness . . . for the immense blessings amid the stressful times . . . for Your voice and direction . . . for the strength to contine believing You. You are everything.

    I love You,

  32. 182
    selene says:

    I cannot tell you how many times, while doing one of your bible studies, I have cried out to God and thanked him for your gift in writing them! I thank Him for your annointing. I thank him for every single study I have done and the journey that went before it came into being. So it is you, Beth Moore, and the call God has put on your life that I am thankful for. thank you for your hard work, for your honesty, insight, and ministry to women.

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