Talk to “Them” Tuesday: Topic 6!

Good morning, my favorite blog community! I hope you are so blessed this week and that, no matter what your year has been like, your thoughts are on God’s goodness to you this Thanksgiving season. One thing is pretty certain: you are BUSY. Most of you are either going, coming, cooking or eating. Some of us who are in charge of our family gatherings are doing all four. I started my grocery shopping list this morning and I’m already in Pre Traumatic Stress thinking about getting to Kroger today. Not really. I’m actually looking forward to it. I love this time of year and especially this holiday because it’s not so commercialized.We will miss Melissa and Colin like crazy this week but we are so glad they are joining another family in the Atlanta area on Thursday. They can’t get home to their folks this year either so they’re all celebrating together. I hope so much that many of you are doing the same thing. Borrow a family this year if you can’t get home!

I think God’s given me a neat idea for today’s “Talk To Me Tuesday.” As you can see from the alteration in the title, we are going to do something a little different today. You’re going to be talking to someone else instead of me but you’ll have this platform to make it public and, in doing so, extra special. Sometimes a public acknowledgment can esteem someone like nothing else. It’s your way of saying, “I want everybody to know how wonderful this person is and how much God has used him/her in my life.” Choose one person that God has used to bless you this year and express your thanksgiving to God for them through a letter the length of one meaty paragraph. (Please no longer or people will tend to scroll past it. If it’s too long, we have a hard time publishing it anyway.) I know that it’s hard to choose just one person so consider making your choice based on the one who might not often get a public acknowledgment or might need the encouragement the most. You will address the letter straight to them: Dear _________________… (And then sign it, of course.)

After it’s been posted, jot down the time it appears and let your person know to look for it.

I think this will be such a sweet post. I am looking so forward to seeing you boast in the Lord by giving very specific gratitude to someone He’s used to bless you. Over and over in the epistles, the Apostle Paul set this example.

So, go for it, Girls! You are so dear to me. And I dearly love seeing how dear you are to one another. May God smile every time He casts His eyes toward this webtown we call Siestaville. I love you and will certainly talk to you later this week!


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  1. 51
    Siesta OC says:

    First off as I am sure with all of us, JESUS is our biggest thank you letter ever written. JESUS, how I love you!

    Dear Pastor Jon,

    You are such an obedient follower of JESUS and HE has used you powerfully in my life. Your teachings were for me bread, at a time I was starving and spinning at the same time. GOD used you as a conduit to grab right through to me and stir a hunger in me that has grown and will ever grow. Your encouragement and gifts of study tools is only proof that you were meant to diciple me.

    Dear Dan and Karen,

    When struggling with breaking free of old belief systems, I needed me some prayer warriors that I could trust and would listen to me for an hour of more. You two are my closest prayer buddies. I don’t just pray with anyone, you two are such a gift in HIS NAME to bring completion to a thought and bring our cares before the Father.

    Dear Beth,

    You live it, and you love HIM! Thank you!

    Thank you all from the bottom of my heart,

    Siesta OC

  2. 52
    Holly Smith says:

    Dear Bev Brandon,

    Thank you so much for being the kind of friend, who sends me texts on Mother’s Day and tells me what a great mom and child of God I am. God knew I needed a Bev in my life–friend, mentor and sister. I am so very thankful to you. The lens of my life is larger and by far better, because of you. Even though you have faced a really rough couple of years, you shine Jesus like no one else I know. I love you, my friend! Keep on shining!!


    • 52.1
      Mary Lou says:

      Holly, I want to chime in on what you wrote to Bev. She truly shines Jesus like no one else I know. You too sweet Holly have blessed my life this year by all you have done with A Martha Heart. I am thankful for you and your heart for Him. I love you in Him.

      Mary Lou

  3. 53
    Bethany says:

    Dear Sarah,

    I don’t know how I would have gotten through the past 7 years without you. My heart hurts just thinking about it. No one knows what it’s like being sick, unless its you who is sick. And yet, you fool me often, your heart reaches so deep into mine, that often times I forget that our hearts aren’t twined together. Thank you for your constant compassion. Thank you for listening to me cry about the heart pain, and the physical. Thank you for always being at the hospital when I need you. Thank you for explaining every scare from the doctor. Thank you for laughing with me about every embarrassing thing. When I think about being sick, I think about the pain. But when I think about being sick with you, all I see is smiles and laughter. I love you.

    Your Little Sis, B

  4. 54
    Sarah says:

    Dear Ken and Jean C.,
    Nine months ago, Jeff and I left your church after serving eight years there [in youth ministry]. Our hearts were broken, but the end was full of love and joy. Within weeks of living in our new town, your letter and first installment of $200 came in the mail. Your “Fund for the Unemployed” that you began as a promise to God after He faithfully provided you a job, has encouraged, blessed and provided for us more times than you’ll ever know. Even when Jeff found a job, but it wasn’t the ONE, you have continued to give monthly and we are thankful. We love you and praise God for you. We have made a similar promise to God and as soon as Jeff signs a teaching contract, we are going to start up a “Fund for the Unemployed” account also. Blessings to you and your family. We love you, Sarah & Jeff

  5. 55
    Sherry says:

    Dear CrossRoadsGreatBanquet Team#30: You mean the world to me. We prayed and planned and listened to God to prepare us for a wild week-end with our guests, and He WORKED…yes He did. Your love for Him and for each other made an eternal difference in the lives of our guests, and He is well pleased. You are FROGS (women who: Fully Rely on God), DOG’s (Daughters of GOD) and COW’s (Clouds of Witnesses), and I will always be thankful for each one one of you that I got to serve with at our Father’s Table. That’s what I am thankful for today!

  6. 56

    I love this post:) I have SO many people that I am so grateful to have in my life!
    I have to mention these two ladies though:

    Dear Debbie,
    Thank you for bringing me to Jesus. Thank you for keeping me reminded since my senior year Jeremiah 29:11, and thank you for reminding me again in my birthday card of what Charles Swindoll said, ” We aren’t thrown on earth like dice tossed across a table, we are lovingly placed here for a purpose.”
    I love you so much for never giving up, and for hearing out my stubborn heart. You are a true woman of God, that I pray to have that faith and love for Jesus that you have!

    Dear Yvonne,
    Thank you for having a heart to be a friend to my mom. You are the one who got her to come to church. I’ve never seen her with such enthusiasm in wanting to talk to anyone. I am SO grateful for you, and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, and all the prayer times we’ve had:) You are amazing, that’s it!


    Thank you Beth, Amanda, Melissa, and all of LPM…:)

  7. 57
    Zenobia Wise says:

    Dear Shari

    Just wanted to let you know how much I thank God for you. You have been such an awesome friend, a real encouragement. There are few people that will befriend you when you are in the valley – but you did. And you have been here the whole time. You are a godly lady and a dream expander. When I got tired believing for this book, you were right there cheering me on – and you were right there to celebrate with me last week – truly celebrating my moment. It’s like David and Jonathan. Thanks so much and God bless you abundantly. Much Love, Z

  8. 58
    Gina says:

    Dear Jennifer,

    Thank you being my sister and my friend. You inspire me with your love, hope and faithful spirit! You have had my heart since the day you were born and the love I feel for you is endless. I am Thankful that you are my sunshine on a cloudy day, thankful you are my smile when I feel like frowning, thankful for the connection that we share, thankful God made us sisters and friends!! I love you forever and ever…
    Love, Gina

  9. 59
    Heather says:

    Dear Holly,

    I haven’t thanked you enough for:

    -stepping up and leading our small group when I haven’t been able to support you like I wanted to.
    -even though we both have young children, you still have your home and your heart open for us to meet each week. God is using you and your family to bless us and I pray you receive many blessings from it.
    -for your energy, your honesty and for keepin’ it real.

    ok, toddler crying…guess nap time is over, boooooo!

  10. 60
    paul's wife says:

    Thank you for making the transition from stay at home mom to full time working girl so easy. I look forward to laughing all day long!

  11. 61

    For my sister, Matia

    Tia Berry,

    This season has come to us both with the blessing of children. My season resulting in a birth, and yours still growing in the form of a baby to come soon:) I want to praise the Lord and thank Him for sending you to visit us for that week after Makenna was born. You do not understand how much I was looking forward to you coming. As you could tell, I was in need of some encouragement and some good ole scriptures to claim, so the Lord sent you to provide them to me as strategically placed notecards around my house to find after you left. Do you know how much I thank God that you are my sister? Words cannot express. I left the cards exactly where you left them all this year. I like to read them over and over, and each time I read those scriptures, I thank God for them and for you. I love you Berry. I’m so glad God gave me you for a sister. I pray that the Lord would use me to bless you once beautiful Anna Matia comes. Just remember, the crazy, I think I’m losing my mind feeling is only temporary:) Love you lots!:)

    Lou Lou Belle

  12. 62
    Angie says:

    Dearest Cuz, I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank you for the wonderful MAN that you are. You have no idea the blessings I have received through you. I never would’ve believed it if someone would have told me you were going to be this way when we grew up. I thought for sure you would be riding BMX bikes. LOL. I look up to you more as my Big brother than my cousin. I am proud to say you are my cousin and I love you dearly. Have a blessed Thanksgiving and I look forward to seeing you all next month.
    PS Lil, I love you too.

  13. 63
    Shari says:

    Dear Z:

    I thank you for being such a wonderful friend. There are not enough words to describe how much I appreciate your encouragement, words of wisdom, correction, direction and most of all YOU! I know that our friendship/sisterhood was God-ordained. To watch your faithfulness over these past three years despite valleys has been such an encouragement to me. I know that God is daily loading you with His blessings, if for no other reason than because you said “Y E S”! I have to admit though, I do kind of miss the “living room” ministry. : – D

    I thank God for His Awesome Son Jesus Christ, and I thank Him for you.

    Be Blessed – Love you!


  14. 64
    Billsgirl says:

    Dear Sue,

    I am so thankful to count you among my friends and dear co-leader of God’s GALS. You are able to express your faith in such a beautiful through speaking and writing. You have a real gift, my dear friend. I wish you much joy and love during the holiday season and in 2011. With Christ Jesus Love, Mary Ann

    • 64.1
      Sue says:

      Dear Mary Ann,
      Thank you for your kind words! I am just amazed at how God put the two of us together to lead God’s GALS. I think you would agree, we are two unlikely candidates and yet because of Him who gives us such grace and ability we have been able to do something pretty neat for the women of our church and community. I think we are the proof that God is not waiting for our ability but our availability! You are such a good match to lead with me, Mary Ann. I have learned so much from you, how to let go from trying to control every little thing and let God. Thank you for your friendship and leadership.
      Beth, none of this would be possible without you too! We are enjoying the Daniel study, with 90 women! How awesome is God…too much for words!

      God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving!

      With much affection to both of you,

  15. 65

    That would have to be you, Beth. Because of your faithfulness to write Bible studies – God has redeemed my life. My home Bible study group just ended our session last night with a dinner to celebrate our time in studying “THE INHERITANCE”. These are your ‘people’ as much as they are mine. Thank you for allowing me to harvest our field together to the very edges for His glory!

    I hope you will check out their sweet faces!

    I wrote all the homework pages for them for this study – but that kept me on my toes as I did the work with each of them.

    I thank God for you, Beth.

    Choosing JOY in being an Heiress,

  16. 66
    Brenda Trafton says:

    Dear Rick, the day I was born, God knew He had created a man just for me just six months before! That we would lays eyes upon one another in eighth grade; then be joined together at the hips since and about to celebrate thirty seven years in marriage is a lavish gift from a Redeeming God, One who performs miracles today! There were times we may have wished we weren’t knit so close together, yet through the storms of life…infertility, adoption, affair and other brokenness…I want you to know I would choose you all over again because He is a victorious God! You make my heart leap; you make me feel safe; there is no one I would rather spend time with and am beyond blessed to have you as my spiritual head of our home. You make me desire to be more intimate with Jesus and I adore the Jesus in you…so real, tender and sincere yet fun! At this Thanksgiving you are my beloved blessing. Tenderly yours, Brenda

  17. 67
    Erica says:

    Dear Mrs. Larson,
    You are awesome and I want to make sure you know how grateful I am. As cliche as it is, thank-you for being there for me so many times. Thank-you for listening to me. Thank-you for talking to me. Thank-you for letting me ask you all sorts of crazy questions and thank-you for questioning me too.Thank-you for letting me laugh with you. Thank-you for letting me cry. Thank-you for getting me help when I needed it and thank-you for going with me. Thank-you for saving my life. You mean a lot to me 🙂
    (crazysauce) Erica

  18. 68
    Ashley says:

    My Sweet Momma B,

    This is the closest I think I’ll get anytime soon to shouting from a mountain top, so I jumped at the opportunity! You are amazing. To say I am blessed to be in your family is an incredible understatement. I want you to know that I’d follow you to the ends of the earth, as your Ruth. Your knowledge and love for Christ is so inspiring and the love you have for your family is nothing short of beautiful. You treat me like one of your own and I can’t even begin to articulate how much that means to me. Thank you for all you do; you are such a source of encouragement, wisdom, and love for all of us. You are appreciated, you are cherished, you are respected, and you are so loved.

    You tell me you love me every day, which means more to me than words could say. Your tender hugs and sweet words will always standout, showing what Christ’s love is all about.

    Blessed & thankful,

  19. 69
    Momma Foster says:

    Dear Mommy (JoAnn Underwood),
    I am so thankful to have you as my mommy. I know the last few months have been hard for you, but you should know you are still one of the very best blessings the Lord has given me. I appreciate your generosity, your willingness to help, to always put others first. You are one of my very best friends, and I love that I can call you talk anytime and you will be there to listen, support me, pray for me. I LOVE YOU and I am so so thankful for you, and what God has turned our relationship into.


    • 69.1
      Mom says:

      What a blessing you are to me.Having someone I love to pray with and always encouraging me. And I love your little angel also. Keep living your life for Christ and I know you will be successful in everything you do. Love you, Mom

  20. 70

    Dear Sam and Jess, my two precious daughters,

    I am so incredibly thankful for the two of you in my life. You have been more than a blessing to me over the past 11 and 14 years, but never as much as recently I think. I thank God everyday for the gift of watching you grow and the amazing gift of grace of being able to call myself your mother.

    I love you both.

    mom (michelle in VT)

  21. 71
    Tara says:

    Dear Alan, My Love,
    Thank you for the past year. The first 6 have been great and I know I was a trying wife the last year. You have stuck by me when satan was trying his best to tear me down. You prayed for me stronger than anyone and you loved me unconditionally. I’m more than grateful for the union God gave us. He knew we were meant to make beautiful babies and to grow old together. Thank you for deepening your spirituality on your own and with me. I trust in your ability to take care of us. Sorry for ever doubting it. Thank you for being my hot hubby that I’m so glad to call MY ARM CANDY! You rock my world and I love you! It’s been an amazing ride so far and it’s only gotten better…all my love…thank you wonky 🙂


    • 71.1
      Sharon in Frederick says:

      Dear Tara,
      I want to take this opportunity first to say what a lovely letter you have written to Alan. Secondly, to tell you I appreciate you so much. I love your heart for God, and your spiritual maturity. Thank you so much for taking a lead with our GAB (Gals and Bibles) on Thursday mornings. Thank you also for the kindness you showed me last year when I was ill, with the flowers and cards. If I could hand pick a daughter to stand along side of my birth daughters, it would be you.
      I love YOU!

  22. 72
    Jill Wade says:

    Dear Mom,

    I know I have told you this many times in the past, but I don’t know what I’d do without you. This year has brought one of the best gifts God has ever given me…my husband….and I am so grateful that I have a Mom that I could share this journey with. I will never forget the weeks leading up to the wedding….our day shopping for dresses, our day(s) at America’s Mart, the wedding showers, and of course, the day of my wedding. But, more importantly, I will never forget the weeks, days, months, and 26 years I have had you to cry with, laugh with, and lean on. You are one of my best friends and the most wise woman that I know. When I think of the kind of wife that I want to be, I think of you. Thank you for being such a Godly example to me. I am sooo extremely blessed. I love you more than I can say.

    love, jill

  23. 73
    Tamara says:

    Dear Steph,

    You truly are a friend I’m glad I have. And I know I have you as a friend because you refused to give up on me, right from the start. No matter that I was in a not good place and not that friendly when we first met, you wouldn’t give up, and you don’t give up on me now. Thank you for not giving up on me, even when I acted like you had and wasn’t a good friend in return. I have many fond memories of the results of the comment from others that “it’s not a good game (sports of any kind) until Tamara and Steph are hurt.” We’ve bonded over many an icepack over the years. 😉 Thank you for always being real and for allowing me to see into your life. You have taught me how to let others see into my life.
    Love ya, Tamara

    • 73.1
      Tamara says:

      Dear Steph, Tylene, and Darcie,

      My fellow “trouble-makers” at our Women’s Bible study on Monday nights . . . I love laughing with you or just enjoying studying God’s Word together. When I started coming in Sept 2009, I had no intentions of getting so connected to a group of women, but you made it something I look forward to each week and miss when we’re taking a break between studies. Through your honesty and your laughter and your friendship, you have helped me in this journey that I’ve been on. Thank you for making me feel at home during a time when I have been questioning so many things.

      Love ya, Tamara

  24. 74
    Lisa says:

    First of all, I started reading all the comments and started to get so teared up! I just feel so overwhelmed right now with thanks to God and also missing home so much, being away from my closest support.

    Dear Sweet Becky,
    You know I love you like crazy. Over the last few years you have been there showing God’s love and patience every time I’ve called you. You’ve held my hand through some terrible times. And most of all, I’ve felt your prayers. I know you have been faithful to pray for me, if not every day, pretty close, for quite a long time. I am not just thankful to you for what you do for me, though. I see you, day in and day out, giving yourself to those with physical and spiritual needs. I wonder where you get your patience to deal with these folks on a daily basis and then I remember that I know if I call you at around 9am you will usually be just finishing, or in the middle of spending time with our God, just talking to him about everything I am sure! I am so sad that we don’t live near each other anymore, but I am so glad when I talk to you and hear your excitement about what God is doing with the folks around you. Thank God for you and for letting us be friends.

    Dear Robin,
    I am so thankful to have you as a friend. I love your relationship with God. I love seeing you trust Him to care for you and your sweet girl and give you the abundant life you deserve. Thank you for holding my hand during some really rough times. I know you say God could have used anyone, but I am so happy it was you. You are one of my favorite people on this planet. I wish I could be there, and I am really homesick right now, but seeing you trust God helps me to do the same.
    I love you tons,
    Lisa C

  25. 75
    Amanda says:

    Dear Noah,
    I wanted so badly to be your mommy from the first moment I saw you; 18 months later and lots and lots of classes and interviews and you belong to another mommy and daddy. I am broken that I don’t get to snuggle with you each night and hear your sweet voice as you play. I am getting to a place where I can say, Blessed be the name of the Lord, in this too, one of my hardest seasons. I know you will grow in strength and knowledge and I pray, oh how I pray, you will grow in love with Jesus. Thank you Lord for proving to me that I could love a child that didn’t come from my body as much as the 2 that did.
    Bless His Name. . .

  26. 76
    Sarah says:


    Thank you for being there for me this past year in a way that no one else could. Your encouragement to me as you walked (and are still walking)a similar path has meant more to me than you can imagine. I am so thankful that God brought us together last January at the SSMTC… only He could have orchestrated our connection. I think of you often and am so blessed to call you friend!


  27. 77
    Emily says:

    Dearest Jim, my sweetheart, my Aquila,

    When the word of the Lord for 2010 was “Wedding,” I didn’t think we’d do THREE of them. God definitely loves a trinity! I am so glad he gave me you to make that unbreakable “three-strand cord.” You are my heart’s desire and after 40 years of wandering in the desert, my promised land. What a gift from the living God you are, love of my life! I am so proud and honored to know you. Thank you for constantly making Jesus the center of our relationship, for believing in him, in us, in me. We may have started this journey later in life than most, but I am thrilled to walk it with you until the Lord takes us home. Thank you, my darling, thank you! Ya lyublyu tebya!

    Your Priscilla, Em

  28. 78
    candifer says:

    dear mama (sandy),

    although it has been over two years since we’ve been able to see each other in person, God continues to use you to bless me greatly. your continual transformation by and hunger for God challenges me. your servant’s heart and deep desire to follow God every step you take while ministering to people in thailand encourages me. i love love love hearing your stories, learning from your struggles, and being able to join you in prayer half-way across the globe. this thanksgiving, i am most thankful for you 🙂

    love you most, most, MOST beautiful, to the moon & back, times infinity, plus one <3

  29. 79
    Sarah says:


    It’s hard to think back to a time when we weren’t siestas! I so enjoy our monthly dinners… who knew you could have such a great time sitting in a parking garage talking until all hours of the night! We’ve come a long way from our “high maintenance accountant” days! Being able to see how God turned around a seemingly impossible relationship has encouraged me and strengthened my faith. Thanks for letting me share in it with you!

    Love you!

    • 79.1
      Amy says:

      Dear Sarah,
      Thank you for being a true Siesta to me. Always there for me when I need encouragement, either through song lyrics, a texted prayer, a favorite verse, or a much needed hug! The strength and resilience you have shown in your current situation has been an inspiration to me to know that God is in control and that He is with us always – all we have to do is trust and believe in Him. I so enjoy sharing our lives (good times and bad) – and our clothes!

      Love ya like a siesta!

  30. 80
    Beth Herring says:

    Dear Jimbo, Megan, Melissa, Ashlie and my grandbabies,

    Thank you for always representing love to me. I am so thankful to my precious Lord for giving me such a great husband, 3 amazing daughters and my 6 fabulous grandchildren. I have been blessed beyond measure by the love you all have for me and for the love that I feel when I am with you all. Thank you for allowing me to be who I am and for putting up with me when I shut myself in my study for hours at a time to study my favorite thing in the whole word – God’s Word. Thank you for helping me to grow and be the best wife, mom and nana that I can be.

    I love you all so much and thank God for you daily.

    Beth, Mama, Nana

  31. 81
    Michelle says:

    Dear Karen,
    It is such an honor to get to know you, learn with you and learn from you. I am thankful for the studies that have brought us into relationship through Jesus Christ. Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family. Love Michelle

  32. 82
    Pat W says:

    Dear Mom:Thank you for your steadfast love,no matter what.
    Dear Carole:Thank you for showing me How to praise jesus, no matter what.
    Dear Lucy:Thank you for always Listening for what I may have to share,and for encouraging me,no matter what.
    Dear Tish&Frank:Thank you for your friendship,no matter what.
    Dear [email protected]:Thank you for making scripture come alive for me, and for making me feel that I belong,no matter what.
    From Pat Wilfong.

  33. 83
    lavonda says:

    Dear Grandmama,

    I would give anything to be able to call you and ask you to come read this letter. But even though I can’t, you’re the only one I want to write it to. There’s so many friends and family I’m thankful for. But you… you taught me the most. You’ve made the biggest impact on my life, on who I am today, on who I want to be. You taught me Who Jesus is. You prayed with me when I asked Him into my heart in your living room. Thank you for showing me what unconditional love is, and how to apply it to everyone, no matter what they do or say. Thank you for always holding my hand in church, and for always holding Grandaddy’s hand when you walked together. Thank you for teaching me how to cook. Thank you for smiling at me and hugging me even when my own parents were disappointed in my choices. Thank you for keeping life simple, and showing me what’s really important to focus on. Thank you for showing me that it’s really possible to never have an angry word for anyone. Thank you for reading your Bible every day in front of me, even when you had to use a magnifying glass because you were legally blind. Thank you for setting an example for me that I’ll never forget. Thank you for my heritage. I’m so proud to be Minnie Ola Barineau’s granddaughter. I hope and pray I can be half the woman of God that you were.

    I love you and miss you so much.

  34. 84
    Ina says:

    Dear Beth,
    (my real life friend Beth, not Mama Beth this time!)
    It seems so fitting to thank God here for the gift of your friendship this past year, since Beth and LPM were so instrumental in bringing us together. From our blessed trip to the SSMT, sharing together in prayer and the adventure of leading the Simulcast – I wouldn’t have wanted to do it all with anyone else! Your joyful and adventurous spirit are such an encouragement to me. Truly, your love for the Lord Jesus just shines out of you! I am grateful to know you and esteem you so much.
    Love you girl,

    • 84.1
      Beth Schwartz says:

      Well, Ina this is the perfect place for me to respond. How do you express how grateful I am that the Lord took us the Houston to build us into a beautiful friendship. I am in awe of you are how the Lord works through you. Our friendship has been effortless from the start and it just fits. You put up with my high maintenance ways..that is a sign that the Lord is upon you..and your steadfastness in Him has encouraged me to keep pressin on!
      You are a light and I do value your friendship so much,
      Love you! Beth

  35. 85
    Earlene says:

    My friend, Judi,
    Judi is the type of friend everyone needs in their life! There have been months when we have not spoken for whatever reason(not that we are mad at each other), school, work, life get in the way of speaking to each other! But when we see each other, it’s like time hasn’t past by since the last time! It’s a real treasure to me! We have told each other things that should be taken to our graves and not share with anyone else!!!LOL!!! But all in all, she’s a great friend, and the best part is we will spend eternity together laughing, worshipping and loving the Lord together! Thank you for being my friend, Earlene

  36. 86

    Dear Sally
    Thank you for always pointing me toward Jesus thank you for always telling me to bloody stretch even though sometimes it was painful. Thank you for showing the way to Jesus and thank you for leading to my Saviour. You are one awesome lady and thank you for having lunch with me espically when you had to make the time but you always found the time.Thanks for all the encouragement that you continue to give.

    Lpm, Beth, Amanda , Melissa thank you women for all you do for us seista’s on a daily basis thank you for this blog when you ask for prayer you have tons of women praying thanks.

    To all seista’s thanks to you all for your prayers and for caring for all of us.

    To my Sweet Jesus Thank you for always loving me even though I run into the ditch alot and I always say I won’t do that one no more but when I do fall you oh Lord don’t judge me You just pick me up and love on me and tell me how much You Love me and hold me in Your arms Thank You Jesus I love You Lord.:)
    Happy Thanksgiving to all you
    Love Carol

  37. 87
    patty says:

    Dear Cecelia and Georgia,
    God has blessed me with the two best friends a girl could have and I am so thankful for each of you. To Cecelia, no one protects me like you do and comes to my aid as quick as you do and we have so much fun together and laugh much! God knew I would need a friend like you and you helped me and did things for me through my cancer that showed the love of Christ.
    Georgia, you are more like a daughter to me but God brought us together 10 years ago and no one supports me like you do. You have become one of our family and I am so thankful to God for you. You are also my travel buddy and we also laugh much! I am thankful to God for giving me such caring and loving friends.

  38. 88
    Missy S says:

    Dear Bobby,

    Where do I even begin? Our last year and half of marriage has been better than I ever dreamed possible, and you know me, I dream big! There is nothing like going to bed every night and waking up every morning knowing that we are finally husband and wife! Often, I marvel to the Lord, telling him, “God, Bobby is just so good–good to me, good to others, and just a good man overall!” Don’t worry, I know you aren’t perfect and I don’t expect you to be, but I believe with all my heart that you are God’s perfect man for me! Thank you for being so patient with me, for listening to me, and for never squelching my dreams. I love you so much, and I can’t wait to see where God takes us in the years to come.

    All my love,

  39. 89
    Tamara says:

    Dear Beth,
    God has done a complete flip flop in my life this year for the better. He used your books, Bible studies and speaking engagements to speak to me. He completely healed me of insecurity through your newest book, So Long Insecurity. He answered many of my questions through hearing you speak and reading other books that you have written. You have been a vessel for God to impact my life this year. Yes, I do have a personal friend who has also been mightily used by God this year. I have told her over and over how much God has used her and thank her often. We will be spending Thanksgiving with her and I’ll have more opportunity to get mushy again on Thursday. This is why I chose you, you certainly come in a close second, almost tying for first:)
    Thank you,

  40. 90
    Ellen Chapman says:

    Dear Nancy,
    Your love for the Lord and your love for your precious Jeff have been such an encouragement to me! I love to watch you “boast in the Lord” when Jeff sings or teaches. You are a blessed helper to Jeff. You are also a great encourager to me to keep keeping on in my relationship with Ken as well as with his mom. I am blessed beyond measure by your friendship! I know we’ll continue the sweet friendship both “Here and Now, and There and Then”! I love you sweet Nancy! Your friend, Ellen 🙂

  41. 91
    Shannon Costanzo says:

    Thank you for showing me your love… Tender love, faithful love and tough love. You loved me when I was not lovely. You cared for me when I was careless. You prayed for me when I needed praying over…

    I am thankful for my mother’s love,
    for her faithfulness to God above.
    In many ways we did not agree,
    but she always thought best for me.

    love always,
    your daughter Shannon

  42. 92

    Dear My Precious Z Girl,

    You are the daughter my heart always longed for, I am so thankful that God chose me to be your mamma! You can’t understand what it is like for me to hold you everyday, as I have since they day your were born, eight years ago–I’m filled with unspeakable joy. You’ve changed me. You are first on my mind as I strive to be a good example of a strong woman, loving wife, devoted mom, good student, and lover of people.

    You are the sweetest little girl I’ve ever known. I’m so proud when I see your compassion for people. I see that you are already interested in how you can serve others, and your kindness is always evident. (Except of course, when one of your older brothers are buggin’ you!) You are a precious child, you are filled with good Gifts from God, and it is truly my greatest pleasure to watch you become who God has created you to be!

    I hope the world for you sweet girl, but mostly that you know the unsearchable love of the Father. God loves you baby. Serve him with your life!

    I love you,

  43. 93

    Dear Jef,

    You and I have been in this life together for some 39 years now… I don’t remember the day you came into my world, but I do remember those moments when it felt we were worlds apart.

    You were my best friend through our toddler years, my playmate through much of my early adolescents and well – we got into some pretty good scrapes, too. Most of them may have been my fault. 🙂 These past few months we’ve spent talking through all God is doing in our lives has meant the WORLD to me. It blesses me beyond measure. You are a treasure to my, brother of mine and I love you and your family beyond words. Thank you for coming back in my life at such a time as this. I LOVE YOU.

    Always, Your Sister!


  44. 94
    Nanette says:

    Dear Brenda,
    Thank you for being a great encourager through listening and giving advice. You have a gift of knowing what to say and when. I have been blessed by your friendship and cherish it. Thanks for letting me be gut honest without the fear of it going beyond your ears. Thank you for praying for me and my family. Thank you for being such a godly example to me. Love you lots!

  45. 95

    Dear Bryan,

    Thank you for being such an amazing husband. I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and support you have shown me during grad school and as I started my new job. You have ministered to my heart so many times. I pray God blesses you and gives you the desires of your heart. I like you and I love you!

  46. 96
    Joyce Watson says:

    Dear Dorothy, sweet-spirited Christian Friend__
    You are a beautiful person inside and out. I thank God for you. I am also thankful for our friendship and for the love of Christ we share. You are always in my prayers.
    I am especially thankful for the Christian example you are in Christ_ your kindness, your compassion for others, for your encouragement, your humility, and for your forgiving spirit all these qualities reflect Christ in you. You have been there during the times I never expected and helped me, especially while we have been serving God at church. You have always had a kind word to say or willing to help when an extra hand was needed. Thank you for your faithfulness and love in Christ.
    (Don’t have me laughing, now…oh,we always have such a wonderful time together! Remember the time we stayed up all most all night and talked at the Women’s Retreat_we kept laughing like a pair of teen-agers!)
    Friends always in Christ,

  47. 97
    sherrylu says:

    completely off topic, but i must share……

    last tuesday night we were on lesson 6 or 7 of the here and now there and then study. you were speaking on how the Lord never takes anyone home as much as 1 second before their mission here is done. my mother served the Lord all the days that i can remember. 8 years ago she was stricken with alzheimers. i can’t tell you the last time my mother knew me. my heart has been broken all these years wondering what the purpose in all this is. monday morning, around 2:30 am my mother’s mission here on earth was completed……the Lord called her name and she took flight…..she is in the arms of our Savior and no longer has a care…..i am certain that she is not looking down on me right now because no one is ushered into heaven while looking back over their shoulder. seriously!! who could FINALLY see Jesus and then look back?? He is so good, His grace is sufficient and His mercies are new every morning….

    thank you for letting me share!!

    • 97.1
      Cindy Moses says:

      God bless your sweet heart. Praying God continues to comfort and encourage during the holidays after a loss – a blessing in so many ways – but a loss, none the less.

  48. 98
    Marie says:

    Dear Chris,

    I am thankful for you because you strive to live for Christ. Even though I got mad at you this evening, I could not ask for a better husband. Truly.



  49. 99
    Nancy says:

    Dear Holly,
    Here we are at the end of another year of ministry together. Who would’ve known what a bond could have developed over one phone call and one Bible study. God knew! You are like the sister I never had and thank God often for being such an important part of my life. I know the trials you are facing right now and I join my prayers with yours for a wonderful solution that only God could orchestrate. Believing with you always! Nancy

  50. 100
    kristen says:

    Dear Francis Chan (Author of Crazy Love)

    I have to make this quick, but I just wanted to tell you how much your book made my faith grow… it didn’t just grow, it exploded. I can finally say that I don’t just ‘like’ Jesus, i am Crazy in Love with Him!


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