Packing Up for Lowell, MA

Hey, Siestas!

This week I never even put up my big fat red clumsy suitcase. (It’s got to be big enough to carry my fan. I never, ever leave home without my fan.)  I just pulled out the jeans from last weekend’s Wyoming trip and started putting in speaking clothes for this weekend’s Boston trip. Good thing I like to travel. Travis, the LPL team, Michelle and I are looking so forward to being in New England this weekend. Can you imagine a more perfect time than early Fall? I wish I could stay a while!

I love Boston. I had one of my very first grown up feelings there many years ago. The whole nation was in a financial slump at the time but that part of the country was in deeper despair than we were. Houston was still afloat in a puddle of oil. Keith got the idea to fly to Boston and interview men with experience in home services (plumbing, AC, etc) who might be out of a job and willing to relocate. Turned out to be a wise move. He asked me if I wanted to go with him and in those days I never left home unless it was for a well-scheduled-in-advance speaking engagement. They were mostly in Texas in those days and within driving distance for my Chevy station wagon.(By myself in a car with no cell phone. It amazes me now.)

By strict routine, I was gone two Friday nights a month and no more. This was the hook Keith used to reel me in like a fish: “We’ll stay in a hotel and everything.” It was a date. I got my Mom to help me with the girls (in elementary school at the time). Keith and I hopped on that plane and flew to the Northeast like real grown ups, which we were but didn’t know it. He conducted interviews for two days while I took the city on foot and must have walked ten solid miles visiting one historical sight after another.  I do love some American history.

I got my own map, chose my own sights, bought my own tickets to three tours and made friends with perfect strangers. I relived every scene at every spot in my wild imagination. I don’t know why that first trip to Boston stands out in my mind so strongly. I guess because I went straight from my mama’s house…to the dorm room …down the church aisle… to the hospital where I had one baby…and then another. Independence was not even a word in my vocabulary.  That day in Boston, I realized – for just the merest moment – that I was an individual. Not just somebody’s daughter, sister, wife or mother, as much as I cherished those relationships and would not have traded them for the world. For two whole days I just did what I wanted to. I didn’t have to please another soul. Not a great way to live but, oh, sister. It can be a great way to spend a day. It was beautiful those two days in Boston, Massachusetts and icy cold and I warmed my hands on a continuous drip of good dark coffee. And I did one of my very favorite things. I learned stuff.

And then I got homesick and went back home. Back to being somebody’s daughter, sister, wife and mother. And I was glad but I never forgot those two days in Boston when I pulled my big hair back in a pony tail, threw caution to the wind, and got rocked in the Cradle of Liberty.

I don’t know. It was just fun.

Lord have mercy. Where did that come from??

Here’s what I got on here to ask: Are any of you heading that direction for our Living Proof Live this coming Friday and Saturday? Or do any of you wish you could but don’t have the money for the ticket?? Well, that’s exactly what the Siesta Scholarship Fund is all about.

Call Living Proof Ministries at 1-888-700-1999 during work hours on Thursday or Friday and talk to either Kimberly or Susan. They’ll fix up the first 15 or so of you who call.

I love you guys.


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  1. 51
    Joy Freeman says:

    Can’t make it to MA. Want to share w/you that a group of women from our church were in the Domician Republic recently on mission trip. Those of us left sadly at home were asked to write an encouraging note to the girls to be distributed when needed. I wrote a “generic” letter to all the girls and in it I quoted your prayer of the Fruit of the Spirit in “Praying God’s Word” and put an * at it’s side. AT the bottom of the page I put “*Beth Moore”. The first woman who got my letter was so tired and weary that when she read it she thought I had gotten you to write the letter to her. She saw your name on the bottom of the page. How funny!

  2. 52
    Jan Gauntt says:

    Dear Beth,

    What an absolutely incredible offer! And I would be taking you up on it in a heartbeat, however, this is homecoming weekend and my son is the quarterback AND he is one of the homecoming king candidates and so his Dad & I will be getting to escort him on the field tomorrow night! WHAT SHOULD I WEAR????? Really, can I borrow something from your closet? You are free to browse mine anytime! 🙂 hahaha Anyway, just wanted to let you know I will be thinking about you all while I am on the 50 yard line listening to the crashing of helmets and pads (which is NOT a fun place for a mom….but as ROYALTY I guess you have responsibilities!)

    Love ya’ll!

    Jan Gauntt
    Topeka, KS

  3. 53
    Brittany Y. says:

    I am so excited! I won tickets through Amanda’s birthday giveaway last year and my mom and I have been planning this time for awhile now. My husband and I just moved to the Boston area from College Station, TX for him to attend Gordon-Conwell. This conference gave my parents a lovely (additional) reason to come visit 🙂 Can’t wait!

    • 53.1
      Yanna says:

      Brittany – we miss you in College Station! I know you are enjoying the seasons of the year up North. Anytime you’re in CS visiting give me a hollar. 🙂

  4. 54
    Joyce Watson says:

    Will keep you and God’s wonderful ministry in Prayer.
    So, wish I was nearby and could attend the event I would love to go.

    Well, let’s shine for Jesus..We’ll fix my hair with curls, because we like to curl up in the bed and read the Bible, we’ll take a bubble bath, because we are bubbled up with the joy of the Lord, We’ll put finger nail polish on, because Jesus is going to polish us up inside to shine for Him and we fold my hands in pray, We’ll put on our best clothes, because we want to look our best for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We will put on our high-heels, because it reminds us His ways are Higher than our way. We will take our purse, because we want to be sure to give our tithe. We will wear our cross necklace, because it reminds us Christ died on the cross for our sins. We will wear our heart pin, to remind us Jesus lives in our heart.

    All dressed up and no where to go..oh,
    I think you should go to see Living Proof Ministry Live with Beth Moore. We all could use a make-over, because we need our hearts to be right with you, Jesus! ( Lord,oh my goodness_ I’ve gone on a writing spree again.)

    Ladies, enjoy listening to Beth-Living Proof Live!

    • 54.1
      Yanna says:

      Joyce that is the cutest little diddy I’ve ever read. Will re-think when I get dressed what I’m dressing for.

      • Joyce Watson says:

        Yanna, thanks for the compliment.
        God just keeps me writing…maybe, I should add a hat for good thinking! lol

  5. 55
    Melissa Emma says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I am heading to Lowell, MA from Scarborough, ME! We are leaving tomorrow at 2 PM and I can hardly stand the wait. I just finished up most of my Daniel homework from my Tuesday night study. We are on week 3 and WOW is all I can say. 🙂 I have been waiting for you with earnest since April 26, 2010. I have been praying for you Beth and I just can’t wait to hear what the Lord would say to us through you. You are an inspiration to me. PS the leaves are gorgeous too girlfriend! 🙂 Happy Traveling! Love, Melissa PSS I wish Amanda was coming with you on this trip 🙁

  6. 56
    Cathy says:

    I am planning to head that way tomorrow with my sister. My sister is flying from Indianapolis to Albany today because this is our once a year sister weekend. I live in Rhinebeck, NY which is in the Hudson River Valley. Several ladies from my church will also be attending. We love when Living Proof Live comes to the Northeast! Bring a raincoat though because it is RAINING here today and tomorrow!

  7. 57
    patty says:

    I would love to go to Boston and worship with y’all this weekend but it is too far. I will have to make that trip one day because my youngest son wants to go to Berkley music school. I will be praying for all who will be traveling and that God will display His power this weekend! Enjoy your weekend!

    • 57.1
      Lori, Love2Praise says:

      We wish you could come too Patty. I met you this past January in Texas! I pray that your son gets his wish to attend Berkley. Beautiful area, tell him to keep practicing!!! Blessings to you and your family.


  8. 58
    MrsRitz says:

    Mmmm, I can totally relate to this post. I love the snatches of independence that I have been blessed to experience in life. God is so good to give us both meaningful service to others and meaningful moments of sweet self exploration and discovery.

  9. 59
    Lynn says:

    Ah, Boston in the fall … makes me want to be there! You glow, girlfriend!

  10. 60
    Carol says:

    I am going! I am so glad you love our area of the country. I hope you get some time to go out and explore. It really is nice this time of the year and the rain will be leaving just in time. (But we are grateful for that rain since there has not been much of it lately.) Travel blessings on you Beth and your team; may you have fun and be inspired. I am looking forward to celebrating God with you all. Thank you, thank you for coming to this little mission field tucked into the northeast. We are so grateful!

  11. 61
    fuzzytop says:

    I’m laughing at the mental image I have of you unpacking a fan from a suitcase…. It sounds so Mary Poppins!

    I hope you have a wonderful trip to Boston! I was there once for a work trip, but didn’t have any time to explore the area. I do remember that the traffic there was horrendous…

    Have a lovely weekend, and I hope God shows you a gorgeous display of fall leaves and weather.

    Love and hugs,

  12. 62
    Melanie Beam says:

    BETH!!!! What a wonderfully sweet thing to do for those who can’t afford to attend! Thanks for all you do for the Kingdom!!

  13. 63
    Shannon Costanzo says:

    Mama Beth,

    I flew into Boston once for a connection flight to Philadelphia. I had a window seat and stared out with amazement. I want to be down there and look at everything. I had to wait..still waiting. My hubby and I want to do a New England cruise…someday.
    Enjoy the autmun! I miss the leaves changing. Down here in Florida it’s going to be 87 degrees. It hard to feel festive for fall when your armpits are still sticking together.. 🙂
    Have a fabulous day ladies
    Kissimmee, Fl

  14. 64
    Elyse Emery says:

    I will be there!! I actually live in a cute little loft apartment in Lowell, right next to the Tsongas Arena!! When I heard you were coming I was beyond excited.

    As you know people tend to think of New England as “lost” & “faithless” but I believe the exact opposite. There may be less of us, BUT I would argue that very few of us who are Christians are luke warm. There is a buzzing around here, new churches popping up, young people talking about God and a spirit a’brewin’ that is undeniable.

    I am excited to see all of the people there, and to see how God works in this budding city! I recently gave a friend of mine your book “get out of that pit” to show her who you were and try and encourage her to come with me to this event. Since the day she picked up your book she has been on fire for the Lord, and I can just see her heart being healed by him!! …and she is coming too 🙂

    I am excited to be inspired and lit up! Thank you Beth for all you do, I know people’s lives will be changed this weekend!!

    • 64.1
      Leigh Kay says:

      Elyse! Sweet friend you’re going?? I actually received the gift of the tickets Beth generously offered on this post. I saw it last night and immediately posted a comment of amazement. 🙂 I hope to find you there, let’s try for that.

      I am so delighted you’ll be there! Wonderful words above from your comment. I agree!

  15. 65
    Pam says:

    How fun for you to go to the Northease this time of year! Have the best time!! I smiled so big when I read your comment about your fan! I thought, “no way, you sleep with, and pack a fan too!” I get that, for I do it as well. 🙂 As I’m sure you know, there are good fans, and not so good ones too. They must have that right sound of the air moving without other annoying sounds. 🙂

    Have a great time! May you see God in amazing ways this weekend!

    • 65.1

      I also sleep with a fan going in my room at night have done than for yrs. It does keep the sounds out, but during the winter months it is off because its to cold to have them on.
      Have a blessed day

  16. 66
    Karene says:

    I’ll be praying for you, Beth, and the whole team, as well as all the attendees.

    I LOVE Boston, although I’ve only been there once, as a 6th-grader with my family. Was there in early October, with all the beautiful leaves. And the history, oh my! Just loved being immersed in all the sites of our country’s birth.

    Sending love to all the siestas who’ll hear Beth this weekend. May you and anyone you bring hear a fresh word from God.

  17. 67
    Lorie says:

    I love that you travel with a fan. My sisters and I sleep with fans as well. Just a tip for you that has saved my life. Traveling is difficult with a fan, particularly when flying. I purchased a white noise maker from Brookstone and now, in the size smaller than a paperback book, I have the sound I need to sleep. It was a great investment. It also has ocean waves and other meditation sound effects. I never leave home without it.

    Good luck in Massachusetts! I will be praying for you and the whole team.

    God bless!

  18. 68
    carla says:

    I remember my first grown-up trip and all I did practically was think about home. Home and Family are what is important. I feel for the folks that are alone especially as the holidays are approaching. Wishing you a safe trip with many blessings, Mrs. Beth, hope to see you in Birmingham.

  19. 69
    Bethany says:

    I had that grown up feeling once, when I was just me. I was 18 living in California, newly sober and experiencing life on my own for the first time ever. I felt like SUCH a grown up. I was taking care of myself, going to work, being independent. I wouldn’t want to go back to that. I was SO lonely. Now I love where I am at. Not only am I someones mom now but I know HIM and that makes who I am today so much better than who I was then.

  20. 70
    Suzy says:

    I can’t go to Boston because we are going to the Keys – but I just had to tell you that Boston is one of my faves! My husband and I did the same thing that you did – in fact the exact same weekend (1st of Oct) – and had the time of our lives! It’s almost impossible to do everything in Boston and surrounding area in one weekend, so I keep telling him we have to go back.

    However, I want to warn you DO NOT venture out to Salem this time of year….(we learned this the hard way). Evidently witches and warlocks from all over the country journey to Salem sometime during the month of October, culminating in a huge “celebration” on Halloween. I have never felt such evil in my whole life – it was as if I could touch it. I know Satan is not as powerful as God, but he has that city, I’m convinced. I won’t go into all the details, but suffice it to say we got out of there quickly!

    Anyway – don’t know where that came from, either, but you have a good time in Boston – may God speak freely through you and the name of His Son and our Savior be praised!

  21. 71
    Kathy B says:

    You love to learn stuff. Me too. I remember you saying that if God is calling you to be a teacher, first He’s calling you to be a student. I just grinned because it took me many years to understand the Lord’s calling to teach, but the whole student thing had been in my blood as long as I can remember.

    Praying you can inhale some cool breezes mingled with burning leaves, good strong coffee and that funny stale smell inside really old buildings. Enjoy!

  22. 72
    Brandy says:

    I’m not headed that way but I am rooting for you and all the women that will be there! Enjoy your time and live victouriously.

  23. 73
    Stephanie G says:

    You just described my honeymoon perfectly. My husband and I went from Tupelo Ms to Boston Mass on our honeymoon… for the craziest reason ever, but that is another story for another day or for two paragraphs down. It was my first trip on my own, or without chaperones. I also went straight from high school, to a dorm, down the aisle and on my honeymoon. My honeymoon was my first trip of freedom.

    We walked every street in Boston over those few days I think and even took a boat ride to Nantucket. That is my happy place. I have been back 4 times and I just love it. I love sitting in the park looking at the swan boats for hours too. We stayed on Charles St every time and just roamed the city. I have never been at this time of year though.

    Hope your weekend is wonderful. It’s so funny that I used to follow this one rock band everywhere, which is actually what took me to Boston every time but one, the last trip there was because of a mission trip to Maine. The Lord has redeemed almost every place I followed that band and it has been because I have been to a Living Proof event almost everywhere I saw them… how cool it would be to go to one in Boston, if only it wasn’t so far away. Birmingham will be redeemed in December though. 🙂

    God is good!

  24. 74
    Caleb Carpenter says:

    Hey Beth! I just happened upon your blog and felt I should say something! I just wanted to let you know that women really do appreciate you (obvious huh?!) I know young women that read your books and go to your simulcast. And its not because of you. It’s because they’re scared (whether they’ll think it consciously or not) in this confusing world and you give them the truth in your bubbling, awesome, God strengthed way.

    I go to college (young man) and most of the young women I see are literally emotionally drained from trying to process the world’s signals. They’re trying to catch up to the world’s lead and fail and thusly think of themselves as failures (hopefully I’m not sounding too melodramatic).

    I just wanted to encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing and to go stronger than ever! I’ts like a race. You run the hardest in the last lap and a half. That’s when your effort really counts and matters. Fact – women in America are hurting (atleast the ones that are honest enough to acknowledge it – its kind of the only possible reaction without Christ). I’d highly recommend reading up on the life of Karen Carpenter. She thought noone loved her and that reflected in her songs (listen to a few and you’ll know what I mean). And I bet you not one Christian told her the truth. And if one did, they didn’t firmly know the truth themselves so she could benefit from that strength.

    Anyways….I want to thank you for what you do. Just keep giving the truth. That’s all God ever wants.


    • 74.1
      Anne says:

      I thank God that you are such a wise and secure young man and that you are out there in this world helping young ladies to find the only one who can provide true security, our Lord, Jesus Christ. May He continue to use you, Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer and others as His vessels to grow these young women into “Daniels” in this “Babylonian culture.”

      • Lori, Love2Praise says:

        Caleb, You are an extremely insightful young man. I am so pleased you took the time to come to our “LPM blog-land”. We have so many young people, like yourself in our church in Rhode Island. I am inspired by the Youth who take the time to know our true and living God. Thank you for caring enough about others. God Bless You, Lori

  25. 75
    Bobbie says:

    Have a beautiful trip, Beth..and everyone who will be there this weekend. You’ll be blessed beyond belief. I’m really missing Tuesday nights at HFBC!

    Travel safe and enjoy the beautiful Fall scenery!

  26. 76
    Yanna says:

    Moma Beth, have a blessed and safe trip. I am so excited for everyone who will be attending the LPL. Thank You Lord for showing favor upon Your children, and opening doors for Beth, Travis, and all of the LPL team so they may once again shine Your light upon another city. Keep them safe Father. In Jesus Name I pray and praise. Amen

  27. 77
    Rhonda says:

    Love, love, love, love, LOVE your blog!!! Just what I needed added to my morning coffe and computer quiet time before I go have my coffee, and communication quiet time:) Thanks A Bunch, must be just one more thing to do on some days!!

  28. 78

    I hope God knocks some people out of their flesh by the Word you give in Boston this weekend:)


  29. 79
    J says:

    I lived near Boston while going to seminary at Gordon Conwell several years ago. My heart is tender when I hear of Lowell because that is where I worked as a youth leader at a Baptist Church just a few minutes from the Tsongas Arena.

    And yes, you are lucky to be there this time of year! And be very, very glad it is not January or your lungs just might freeze up. Well at least that’s the way I saw it experiencing the bitter winters as a southerner. I swear I got frostbite in my lungs.

  30. 80
    Diane K. says:

    I grew up in Massachusetts and love my historical roots. It is a great time of year to be visiting New England. Have a blessed trip and may God use you mightily for His purposes.

  31. 81
    Forever His says:

    Praying for you sweet sister. Praying for you and your entire team and of course, Terrific Travis!

    We are having a showing of your simulcast “Secure” this Saturday at our church. Praying that the women God wants there will come. We have made it a community event and free so hoping that those who could not travel from OK to TX for the orginal will be blessed right here close to home.

    You remind me of myself. I have been on so many “tours” all by myself while my husband conducts business or when I have been on a business trip and spent all my free time siteseeing. It is such a blessing. I have explored caves, toured Amish farms,and been from one end of the Mall in Washington DC to the other, to mention a few. Good stuff.

    Have a blessed time in the Lord. Thank you again for all you do for Jesus. Your ministry blesses so many.

    Phil 4:8

  32. 82
    Jessie says:

    I am so excited to get to hear Beth speak. Looking forward to hearing what God has to say through her!

  33. 83
    Melanie Ward says:

    Ok, just had to tell you that my sweet husband HAS to travel with a fan as well…and if he forgets it, there’s a good chance he will stop and buy one!

    And I am so excited to be coming to Lowell to hear you this weekend! I am coming with my mom, aunt, sister, my mother-in-law and seven amazing friends from my Bible study! My sweet sister-in-law is away on vacation, so she gave us permission to crash at her house for the night! So can’t wait…and thank you for coming all this way to share with us!

  34. 84
    Betty says:

    God willing, I will be there with two of my friends, and we are volunteering on the hospitality committee! We are so excited to hear from God through our favorite teacher, Beth!

  35. 85
    Tammy says:

    Praying for safe travel and that God will just make that place rock. Loved your story about growing up. So true.

    love you

  36. 86
    Jenna says:

    Beth, you need a sleep machine! It makes white noise and is small and so easy to travel with. You can find them online at Walmart or Amazon. My mom travels EVERYWHERE with hers! Enjoy New England in the fall. One of my favorite places to visit!

  37. 87
    Katey says:

    Beth, I am SO excited to see you in Boston. My mom, sister and I are all going to see you this weekend. I’m praying for you and praying that the Lord will speak to me through this event. God bless!

  38. 88
    Virginia says:

    I would so LOVE to go to Boston (I love me some American History too) but alas, Boston is a little far when you live in Nebraska.

    But I will see you in Rapid City in November. I was beyond blessed to hear you in Rapid City five years ago this past March. I even remember the days, Friday March 11-Saturday March 12. My birthday was the Saturday and I was blessed to spend it with you.

  39. 89
    Sallie Howell says:

    I just got home last night from my first trip to Boston. My husband had a meeting there, but we spent our mornings exploring the area. I walked my feet off! It was a great time of renewal and new adventures! I too got homesick. I had enough of subways, taxis and ice water with no ice. I am now back to carpool, sweet tea and laundry. Praise the Lord for the blessings he gives us everyday and the time away to realize the blessing! Praying for your New England weekend….take your rain gear!

  40. 90
    Tracy Stoffell says:


    Sounds like with that first trip to Boston, God gave you inspiration, and courage. Showing you that not only could you be a daughter, sister, wife and mother, but could be even more. I am so thankful you did. Thanks for being you.


  41. 91

    Love you too, Beth! I was a Mainer for several years when my husband was stationed in Brunswick (flying P-3’s). Such a beautiful this time of the year, right now up there!!!

    In the best New England dialect I can muster~
    “… that’s a fah way ta go, but you’ll have a wicked good time. May the Lord bless ya in nevah endin’ abundance!”

    Have a great weekend… and eat some chowdah while you’re there!

  42. 92
    Debbie says:


    We are heading up to Lowell tomorrow night and so excited about it. I’m bringing someone for the first time who just started listening to you. She has no idea what to expect but I told her she’d be in for a treat. You can’t arrive at a more perfect time. I was up north last weekend (Vermont) and the leaves were magnificent. As you fly in you’ll be treated to a mural of beautiful colors. This will be my second time seeing you this year b/c I went to Houston last January for the scripture memory celebration!! Looking forward to how God will work this weekend.


    • 92.1
      Lori, Love2Praise says:

      Hi Deb, Hope to see you there. We are going with a whole group from our Church. Diana is going also. We are shopping at the Burlington Mall first. Hope to catch up to you. Love, Lori

      • Debbie says:


        I’m coming with my mother sister and friend from Vermont. We are going back and forth (not staying over). I will look for you.


        • Lori, Love2Praise says:

          I will keep my eyes open for you. I still have your phone number in my phone, I will try to call you when I get there to see where you are! Can’t wait!

  43. 93
    Lori says:

    I’ll bee there. Sandwiched in between two weekend retreats for groups in our ministry, this weekend I go solo, just like your first Boston adventure. Looking forward to hearing from my Lord through his servant. Traveling from Syracuse in the morning.

  44. 94
    Donna Sava says:

    I just HAD to comment on this one…especially after your wonderful post yesterday too! I wondered if anyone else felt like they needed to get away and not be a wife/mommy/etc. because sometimes I feel selfish feeling that way! Hearing you say the same things I wonder makes me feel normal (well as normal as I can be) and sane! I guess sometimes we do need a couple of days to be ourselves as individuals to rest and see different things and then get back to it! Every year for the last 13 years my mom, sister and I have been going to Carmel, CA for a girls weekend. We always stay at the same place, eat a ton, have lots of coffee, shop and boy do we talk and catch up! No husbands or kids, no times to be anywhere…just pure girl time…and it is wonderful! Finances this year have been less than stellar but we are all still trying to make it happen…Thank You Jesus for frequent flyer miles!
    Thanks for reminding me it’s ok to take time for me and to have a happy place! God sure does give us the desires of our hearts doesn’t He! Even if it’s just a little bit!
    Sending you love in Him!
    Donna (the mom of twin boys)

  45. 95
    Monica says:

    The sweetness of your stepping out in freedom noted in your blog today truly touched us. Below please find a letter we wrote to you two years ago that we have held onto for such a time as this. (We are preparing to partner in ministry with the fitness ministry you laid the foundation stone for years ago.) Interestingly, I hadn’t read this note since it was written but came across it yesterday and thought, “I need to read that.” And then Terese, my partner in business, ministry and parakaleo told me this morning (before we read your blog) that the Holy Spirit prompted her about 4:45 am to go pick up the notebook with the notes from “The Lord God Made Woman” where you spoke of your love of fitness. Please read below:

    Urgent need! We hear the cry of the women on a daily basis many from our own church and we pull them into our offices after our fitness classes to pray with them. Mostly we hear, “Do you see me?” Most women we know have poor self-esteem (Note from today 9/30/10: you must have been working on your “Insecurity” book then) believing we are supposed to look a certain way, act in a certain manner and strive without rest in order to prove our value and worth. Women are broken and overwhelmed and it shows up through the heaviness, loneliness and sadness we see on them as they take on the role of “great pretender”. We see it in our fitness classes – years of busyness trying to avoid their brokenness adding up to exhaustion and frustration. “But God” (Gen 50:20) But God delivers them into a fitness class being lead by two women who see them and believe they are “precious” in His sight. For years they have let others define them and now they stand desperate – disliking who they see in the mirror – and desperate enough to walk into a group fitness room. Women are in gridlock! We hear you and are in agreement with you about “the thing” that you spoke about in “The Lord God Made Woman” (I heard your message a year ago…at the time of this posting that would be almost 3 years) We too see on a daily basis the weight the enemy places on God’s beauty as seen through women and the bondage of the heavy chains that keeps them from intimacy with their Abba, Father. So, we decided to leave the “security” of the secular and step out into our calling – fitness ministry. And both of us dressed in black and white (no, we didn’t call one another.) decided to walk the aisle in a public announcement of the acceptance of our call to Pastor Johnny Hunt. We were in step – determined. Pastor Johnny looked at us then looked away for a moment when I whispered to Monica,”he has no idea what is getting ready to hit him” to which she replied, “and we have no idea what we are walking into.” (Boy, oh boy! Ain’t that the truth!)

    What we have done thus far ROCKSOLID (this was written 2 years ago), shared with our pastor our calling; named our programs, prayerfully waited on the direction…..scripture Psalm 119:105, Gen 50:20, Luke 10, Is 61

    Once again, We wrote that letter to you two years ago and then read your “Day of Freedom” blog today. It stirred our hearts. As God has walked us through the past two years we have experienced great testing and opportunity to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord, Jesus Christ. He has grown the ministry and continually asks us to take one step forward in faith. He is faithful in changing lives through this ministry. And, in the process He has gently placed us in the ministry you so passionately began years ago. The solid foundation you laid at Houston’s First Baptist Fitness and Recreation becomes a new partner in ministry with us and because of your obedience to teach “aerobics” years ago, we now step out together to tell women, “We see you. He sees you. He wants to heal you and set you free.” Whether the process of freedom comes through a walk in Boston or in an unassuming group fitness room – true freedom brings liberty.
    The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, because the LORD has anointed me to bring good news to the afflicted; he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to captives and freedom to prisoners; to proclaim the favorable year of the LORD and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all who mourn, to grant those who mourn in Zion, giving them a garland instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, the mantle of praise instead of a spirit of fainting so they will be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified.
    – Isaiah 61: 1-3
    As you go to a sweet memory place to minister to others: “May the Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine on you, and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up His countenance on you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

  46. 96
    Church Lady says:

    I loved you post. Speaking of having to carry your fan…So do I! I can’t sleep without it. I am completely addicted to my noise. I started out with a box fan then I got an air purifier.
    Let me tell you something funny. Since I am the church secretary, I sit right outside of the pastor’s office. Our walls are so thin that you can hear everything through them. So we have a white noise maker for when the pastor is taking personal phone calls or is counseling. I use to tell him that one day he will come out of his office and find me fast asleep at my desk due to the noise maker.
    Another funny thing is that my husband and I have been married for nearly 15 years and he is not addicted to the noise. I can not understand that. He can sleep just fine without it…how can that happen?
    Well I have rattled on enough. Have a good trip.

  47. 97

    My husband and I will see you there! This will be Jeff’s first trip to a Live Proof Live Event. I’ve been to numerous events all over the country and he’s always begging me to go. So… Can’t wait. A little info: I was thinking about going. I live in Kansas City, but both of my parents came from the Boston Area. My mother went to nurses’ training in Lowell, MA. And my brother and his family live in Newton. The deciding factor was an invitation I received. My uncle and his wife are having their 50th anniversary party in …. wait for it… Lowell, MA on the same weekend. Is that God or what? I don’t know any of my dad’s family due to a falling out 35+ years ago. So not only am I flying half way across the country to see my favorite Bible teacher with my favorite husband, but I’m also meeting my dad’s family for the first time since I was a young child. God is just so awesome!

    God bless you, Beth! Brenda (the banana peel girl – and yes, the banana peel WILL be there too! It has just recovered from a mission trip to China 2 weeks ago 🙂 )

  48. 98
    Becky Hunter says:

    DC is that place for me. I felt like I was home the first time I set my foot on the pavement. Walking everywhere wide-eyed and full of wonder, I fell head over heels in love with America and the founding fathers. I felt like I was walking on hallowed ground as I meandered through historical buildings that George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Samual Adams, Abe Lincoln and others had been in and I will forever hold DC dear to my heart.

  49. 99
    sisterlynn says:

    Hi Beth, Enjoy every minute of fall splendor up north! I hope the Lord will paint with His best colors for you.
    Praying for you and the team – special greetings to Michelle! with love, Sister Lynn

  50. 100
    Heather says:

    At age 36 I had the same feeling of “finally being a grown up” when my husband had meetings in DC and I went with, and then toured the city by myself, taking the subway from Arlington and the whole bit by myself. A big deal for a girl from a small city in northern Alberta!!

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