Because it’s the weekend.

Happy Friday, everyone!

It has been a great work week, but oh my word, my brain is utterly fried.  I am tired.  I have absolutely nothing of any sort of substance to share with you.  Just some very random pictures coupled with commentary in like fashion.  I was going through the camera roll on my iphone today and decided I would share some of them.  I love to scroll through the pictures my friends take with their phones.  I think you can learn something new about someone by looking at the little things they like to capture throughout their day.  So the following jumbled mess is a string of some pictures or moments that I have captured over the past few months.

Eatin’ breakfast across from my love.

A perfect mid-morning, continued.

One of my favorite areas in Atlanta: West Midtown.  It is raw and industrial; it provides all kinds of inspiration.

Piedmont Park, midtown Atlanta.  One of the many Atlanta parks I frequent weekly.

A good friend of mine recently made approximately one hundred individual origami butterflies and strategically arranged them on the wall one at a time. The pattern is brilliant.  I’m in love.

But not quite as in love as I am with the real thing. This butterfly was showing off for me. If I were a butterfly, I would want to spend my afternoon perched near these flowers, too.  Little kaleidoscopes of colors bursting with oranges, pinks, and yellows.

My **favorite** sandwich from Alon’s.  Roasted eggplant, roasted red peppers, sliced tomato, cold chunks of fresh mozzarella, and homemade basil pesto all held together with whole wheat bread. Insane, I tell you.

Columbia Seminary’s Library . . . One of my happy places.

One benefit of having the window seat. “The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.” Psalm 19.1

The moon testifies, too. One beautiful night I slipped out for a walk and the moon was so bright, one could nearly have mistaken it for the sun. “Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever . . . who by understanding made the heavens, for his steadfast love endures forever . . . the moon and stars to rule over the night, for his steadfast love endures forever”(Psalm 136.1, 5, 9).

Tomato Juice?  I warned you that this was going to be random.  I don’t even like tomato juice but for but for some odd reason I have a fierce loyalty to it when I’m on the airplane.  Maybe the recycled air changes its chemical composition or something. Also, I really wish they would go back to serving peanuts.  The one meager little package of tiny pretzel sticks leaves a lot to be desired.

My nephew and a Stetson box.
Now you see him.

And now you don’t.
Sort of?

My little niece.  This may seem like a random picture to you but it thrills me to no end because she looks so much like Amanda here. Her lips and eye shape are identical.  I keep praying her eyes are going to turn sea green like Amanda’s.  Okay, you caught me, I haven’t actually been praying about it. But, I’ve been hoping.

Dear Chicken and Fluffy Biscuits, I could eat you every night of the week.  I was Colin’s hero when I made this dish.

A few evenings ago I was running in my neighborhood and I was struck by the way the light was plummeting down through this tree like a lightning bolt.  The leaves were so illuminated that it was nearly impossible to discern their color.  A few of them looked like brilliant white snowflakes.

My crazy Dad and his portable but sizable hunting blinds. This was my first glimpse of my parent’s house upon my arrival into Houston a few weeks ago. Needless to say, it felt good to be home. Never a dull moment in the Moore house.

Um. Yes, please do.  This might be the most profound graffiti I have ever seen in a bathroom stall.

A pretty church in our neighborhood. I love the rose window. Makes me feel like I got off at the wrong Marta stop and magically ended up in Europe.

Our local bagel shop, Belly General Store.  They make the BEST olive oil and garlic bagels EVER. Also, the style and design in this little shop are out of this world.

The side of Belly General Store, equally as aesthetically fabulous.

Typical Melissa and Colin.

Mom, Annabeth, and me in Houston. This picture was originally taken with a DSLR camera but I decided to throw it in the mix because I saw it today and it made me smile.

Working in the Living Proof Office in Houston. And, sipping on coffee, of course.  The coffee that we were guzzling that particular day is called Stumptown Coffee.  Stumptown Coffee is Kelly Minter’s favorite coffee roaster.  Evidently it makes her long for the New Jerusalem.  She has got some good taste.  We were licking our coffee cups when we weren’t busy taking turns running laps around the office in a caffeine frenzy.  Apparently, according to several Siestas from the Northwest, Stumptown Coffee is from Portland, Oregon, but it also has locations in Seattle.

Today I went to run an errand and when I went to pay the parking meter (downside to intown living), I noticed a little note.

It blessed my heart that someone took the time to write out this little message for a stranger.  But I did wonder where he or she got the scotch tape.  I don’t typically carry scotch tape around with me but maybe I’ll think twice about it next time.  Anyway, after I saw the little note, I went to look at my parking spot and lo and behold, I had parking spot 601.  Gotta love it.

I will end this late night tangent with a picture my Mom just texted me from Chicago. If you look super closely, you can see the sky-line in the distance. You can definitely see the Sears tower (or Willis tower?) to the right. Also, you can tell the leaves are going to turn for fall soon. Oh be still my heart. I wish I were going to be at the event tomorrow! Not to mention, Chicago is my favorite city in the world.

Have a wonderful weekend, Siestas. Whether you are busy with work, church, high school football games, or just hanging out at home, I hope this weekend brings each of you peace and restoration and that whatever you are up to, you are supremely blessed by God in the midst of it.


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  1. 151
    Susan says:

    I was blessed to attend the LPL event in Chicago yesterday with two of my daughters. I didn’t want the event to end and today, after church, am sitting here trying to put together a playlist of the songs we sang yesterday. Is there anyone who wrote them down? I’m SO glad I already have Travis’ album!

    I didn’t start writing them down til after lunch, so maybe some of you can help me fill in the rest. If you’ve got some of them, email me at moot96 AT aol DOT com – thanks!

    First in the morning was Mighty to Save, right?

    After lunch:
    I Will Rise
    Do It Lord (new to me, and I LOVE it!)
    Victory Chant
    Everlasting God
    Here I Am To Worship
    (the song about the shackles – I don’t know that one)
    In Christ Alone
    Mighty to Save

    I might have missed a couple afternoon ones, and I might have the order wrong. Can you help?

    God bless you, everyone!

  2. 152
    Susan says:

    Oh, forgot to mention that I LOVED hearing Beth and the wonderful teaching on the Law of Kindness – she never ceases to amaze me and I”m looking forward to digging further into some of the Scriptures that she mentioned yesterday…

  3. 153
    mercy says:

    Have you posted the chicken fluffy biscuits recipe anywhere? It looks delicious!

  4. 154

    Greetings Melissa;)

    Thanks for sharing the pictures, I enjoyed them in all their randomness:) That sandwich at Alon’s sounded super good. You and Colin make me smile:) Your dad with the blinds made me giggle out loud! I’ve never seen a pic of your dad as happy as that on here except for the one of him and Beth dancing, he looks happy there too:) Deer blinds make me smile, oh too funny:):) The simulcast was a complete blessing, many words received this weekend… God is already testing me in the Law of Kindness with my husband, love him-sure do have to! Messes we are, God love us.

    Blessings to you much Melissa,


  5. 155
    Susan says:

    I had the amazing privilege of attending the LPL simulcast yesterday. What a warrior for Jesus you are Beth! I read your books all through my 20’s and had never actually SEEN you speak. WOOOOOOOW. The MOST gifted orator, teacher, and lover of souls I have ever seen. Thank you is not enough, but thank you for helping me be a better first time Mom, Wife, Friend, Daughter, Sister, and woman of faith. You have left your mark on me.

  6. 156
    warrior in training says:

    Melissa, thank you for the random it was awesome. You made me smile and that’s always a good thing.

  7. 157
    Vickie says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the random pictures and the random post. Besides our awesome God, we all have randomness in common, if that’s a word. Can you believe all the beautiful people and things we all get to see everyday? We just need to slow down and take them all in.
    I look so forward to the James bible study. I hope James is the reason your brain is fried. Rest up sweet girl, God is working overtime in you and we call all see it.

    In Him Always!

  8. 158
    Janet says:

    Thanks Melissa for the pictures. I really like the one of the flowers and the butterfly — a swallowtail I think.

    I attended Beth’s simulcast on Saturday too. I was in Florida in a church with about 200 women, and I didn’t know a single one of them, but I really wanted to go. None of my friends wanted to go for some reason. Today I am wiped out, and just vegging out. That much Bible study and worshipping in one day just zapped my energy. There were lots of ladies crying during the simulcast, including me. It was very emotional as well as eye-opening. I know I need to follow the law of kindness more. But first I need to recuperate. I can’t imagine how tired your mom must be after saturday, or maybe she just bounces back. She certainly has way more energy than I have ever had !

  9. 159
    Lindy Wetherell says:

    Dear Beth,

    Went to your Simulcast yesterday at Christ the King Church in of the 125,000 who felt the Holy Spirit through your amazing ministry.. My friend and I are also doing the “Living Beyond Yourself – Fruit of the Spirit” with our girlfriends every Tuesday (and I am doing it with my husband every Monday because he wanted what we women felt after seeing our first study..I have to do the “man translation” for him..). So I am so richly blessed by your gift of teaching. Thank you so very much for helping those of us that have never been able to understand the Bible to finally GET IT !!!! Yay!!!!!
    May God richly bless you and give you a HUGE hug from your sisters and brothers in Christ!

  10. 160
    chrissa says:

    I was at the Rosemont yesterday and your Mom once again was the incredible spoke- person for our Lord and Savior as she always is. felt blessed to be able to have helped all day with the tee- shirt,journals,and tote bag sales. I am now beginning her Esther study.. blessings and thanks for sharing your family with us. Chrissa

  11. 161
    Delaney says:

    Oh my gosh, Melissa. You’d be my hero, too, with the Chicken and Fluffy Biscuits for dinner. Any chance you’ll share the recipe with those of us that wish to be heros too? 🙂

  12. 162
    AmyLynn says:

    Hi Beth!:)
    I saw you yesterday at Rosemont it was GREAT! I LOVED getting to take a picture with you and talk with you with the other bloggers, I’m the 14 yr. old.
    I also did Daniel over the summer it was SO COOL.
    I really like how you really dig into the word and not just scratch the suface. Keep writting more.:)
    It’s worth it.

  13. 163
    kim says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the conference yesterday but am wondering about the bridge from the law of kindness to the fruit of kindness in Galations. I think there must be meaning in the change of the wording. Just wondering…

  14. 164
    marsie says:

    Dear Melissa,
    I have enjoyed this blog many times, but never commmented before. There are always so many people commenting, do you have room for one more?(smile) I had to comment when I saw the wall of butterflies. A few years ago I said goodbye to a dear friend’s 11 yr old little girl who died of brain cancer. Her name was Aleena -her favorite color was purple and her favorite thing was butterflies. That wall brought tears to my eyes..Aleena would have loved that. But I’ll just bet Jesus is surrounding her with more beautiful butteflies than her sweet little heart can stand! Thanks for sharing the pictures…God bless you!

    • 164.1
      Melissa says:

      Marsie, Thank you for commenting. The story about Aleena was hard to read (just the thought of an eleven year old suffering with brain cancer) but it made me smile to think of her in the presence and company of Jesus himself. Blessings to you.

  15. 165
    marsie says:

    Oops, sorry I forgot to ask? Would you consider sharing your recipie for the chicken and fluffy biscuits?

  16. 166
    Delta Dawn says:

    I too am waiting for the chicken recipe. Yours reminded me of the chicken pot pit at OK Cafe, my favorite. Have you eaten there yet? It is at 75N and West Paces Ferry, not far from the Governor’s Mansion. Everything there is excellent! I’d love to take you some time.

    • 166.1
      Melissa says:

      Delta Dawn,

      I have been to OK Cafe’ and love it! I have never gotten the chicken pot pie but I will try it! Whereabouts do you live in Atlanta?

  17. 167
    Ruby Cash says:

    Thank you Beth for allowing God to use you to speak to so many women, myself included! During the simulcast, Travis sang a song about healing, with words, “you are all I need”. I would like to download it via itunes for a sick family member. Could you please give me the name of the song? Also, thanks for reminding me that I am a teacher, a published writer:), mother, wife and a chosen woman by our LIVING GOD. I am trying to keep the Law of Kindness at the tip of my tongue. God Bless you and your team!

    • 167.1
      Kimberly says:

      Hi Ruby, I believe the song you are asking about is called “Healer”. Travis has not recorded it but you may enjoy the recorded version by Kari Jobe. Blessings!

  18. 168
    Julie says:

    so enjoyed the pictures…especially the one of Chicago’s skyline. I was at Rosemont w/my dear friends and Beth this weekend. What a weekend! Meditating on kindness will be my task this week. Thanks for your ministry and sharing your dear mother with us. We love ya!!

  19. 169
    Pam says:

    Cool pics!! I love unconventional photos. Here are a few of my first impressions:

    – Piedmont Park and the origami butterflies had a sci-fi feel, I think it was the lighting. Very cool.
    – Columbia Seminary’s Library – dreamy cool windows and rows of books, (I love books too)
    – Tomato juice – so cute, a picture from a little slice of life when you are on a plane
    – Front lawn and Stumptown Coffee pics – I can feel the love.

  20. 170
    Marion says:

    Thanks for the weekend entry – I don’t know why but it made me choke up some, just the vignettes of life – especially life in Atlanta, where I live too. Cheers!

  21. 171
    Siesta Susan says:


    I love your pictures. I especially liked the one of you and Colin. You two are a cute couple. The look on both of your faces just made me smile. I know there had to be something said or done to bring those unique expressions on each of your faces.

    Your mom talked about him yesterday at the awesome simulcast. I had a blast by the way. The Lord is soooo good. She said you thought he was the kindest man you had ever met. I’m so glad to see a picture of him. I loved the butterfly pictures too. You have a photographer’s eye.

    Thank you for sharing.

  22. 172
    Amy Sheppard Doss says:

    What Joy we shared when a diverse gathering of different groups of women came together united to experience teaching on Kindness by Bible Teacher, Beth Moore. We came from three different parts of a very populated metropolitan area so we united with “markers” of our faith and unity, so we could more easily identify one another in the crowds – waiting in line, and holding them high, once we entered the general admission auditorium.

    Sure enough, “Girlfriend” energy came through and we stuck together through the course of a wonderful day…united with all our sisters in Christ! Others remarked about how much fun our “Faith Feathers” were …as they helped them find their places, too. (“Look for the Ladies with the pink feathers.(They were tied with lime green butterflies and glittery ribbon!)What a great idea!”)

    Thank you, Heavenly Father for the love and creativity you give through others and our wonderful ability to laugh and share in Your Word together!

  23. 173
    Heather says:

    I can’t believe Jackson fits in that little box!! Melissa you are beautiful and I enjoy reading your thoughts, even though so often I am left very overwhelmed and feeling not as educated as you!

  24. 174
    Georgia Boone says:

    Oh Melissa, the pics are wonderful!! So random and yet they remind us how great our God is. Loved the butterfly wall…
    Also, when I saw the deer blinds, I felt like it might have been here in NO MI. You see our deer season starts on Nov 15th and it is like a national holiday!!!!!! Some schools actually close for the day….no kidding.

    I would like to chime in on the chicken and biscuit recipe request. With our weather turning cooler, we are looking for comfort food.

    I also would like to write something on the simulcast if I may…..It was so dead on for me!!! On the way to the simulcast my daughter and I were talking and I ask her to start praying for my mind….(it’s lost and I can’t find it!! :)) No seriously, my husband is unsaved and sometimes he likes to taunt me. He also behaves not very nice sometimes and Friday he was unusually “mean”. I never know what triggers it, but God has done wonders in the area of my tongue not responding,,,,,because oh boy could I respond. HOWEVER, I THINK things that I KNOW are not very nice and while the foe can’t read those thoughts, our Lord can. I am almost ALWAYS convicted within seconds of thinking them…..but as Beth said Saturday at the Simulcast….”it blesses my flesh”. While I certainly do not want to do that, I really don’t want to “think” those things either because I have found I build up resentments, hurt, anger, etc. So….I requested that my daughter pray for me so stop. So we get in the simulcast and what does God give your Mom to talk on???? THE LAW OF KINDNESS!!!!!!!!! All I could think was, “Ok Lord I got it…..So, I pray and hope to start putting the 8 Tastes of Kindnesses to work this week. You were so right on Mama Beth!! at least for this siesta. Keep up the good work.

    My apologies for the length of this, but I wanted you to know you sure hit the nail on the head.
    Blessings to all of you!!
    Bible Bunny in NO MI

    • 174.1
      Connie from Iowa says:

      Dear Bible Bunny in NO MI-

      I was in an unequally yoked marriage for 14 years or so (we just celebrated our 21st anniversary).

      It was the hardest thing I have ever lived through having three beautiful children who tromped to church with me two to three times per week and a husband who stayed home.

      Well, I gotta tell you – I took to heart the Lord’s calling to win him over without words and never did nag the poor man. In fact, I even got after my kids a few times to not “evangelize” him.

      Of course, it never said in the Bible that I couldn’t have every Sunday school class I attended and every prayer group I went to pray for his salvation.

      Now he is saved – 7 years strong – and when I am in a punky mood and don’t want to go to church he rounds us all up to go.

      Keep the faith darlin’ and keep to that Law of Kindness. God knows what He’s talking about (and Beth Moore knows what God is talking about)!

      Hugs to you!

  25. 175
    lisa says:


    Your mom rocked the HOUSE in Chicago on Saturday! The worship team is amazing and Travis’s voice is awesome!!!!! He sounds like Harry Connick, Jr…my all time favorite crooner! Anyway, I wanted to share something. I am a learner, reader, book-worm etc. I have read so many books about the veracity of the bible and it blows my mind! I can defend my faith with the best of them. Well, Saturday was unlike anything I ever experienced before. It blew my heart!!! Do you know what I mean? I sobbed the entire time. I felt God so strongly, I wanted to reach out and hug HIM! It felt like I was sitting on His lap. Hard to explain, but one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had! I’ve never worshipped in a room with that many people before. I would stop and listen to all my brothers and sisters in Christ singing and just ball my eyes out. It was so beautiful. The ending worship songs were great!! I was so emotionally exhausted by the end, I couldn’t take one more song…but they kept going! I was exhausted!!! How do they do it, deal with the intensity every 2 weeks? I woke up this morning and my left eye was swollen shut! I’m not even kidding. I am in Children’s Ministry and I scared the kids! I love your mom so much! I am a relatively new Christian and 95% of what I know about my faith, I learned from her. I prayed a few times Saturday that God would give me 5 minutes with her. I would love to tell her face to face all that God has spoken to me through her.

  26. 176
    lisa says:

    it’s Lisa still (talking about how much I love your mom!) Anyway, please tell her for me. I never knew Jesus. The God I learned about was mean and uncaring. I have done 8 of your mom’s studies. I fell in love, head over heels, with Jesus. I Believe God bodly! She has changed my life and my children’s life. Because of the things she taught me, I have made many bold, life-defining choices to honor God. These choices have changed my whole life. I never would have known how to do that if your mom didn’t teach me. I’m beating a dead horse here…I thank God so much for your mom! I thank her so much for leading me to my Heavenly Father, for allowing me to know Him, and for allowing me to curl up in His lap for the afternoon on Saturday!

  27. 177
    Michelle says:

    It was such a privilege to attend the simulcast yesterday.
    We did have a few glitches, but they were quickly worked out.
    Beth is so funny, I love her.
    I thought all day today about kind and kindness.
    Thank you for a marvelous day!!

  28. 178

    Your friend’s butterfly arrangement reminds me of a sculpture by Paul Villinski I saw in the March 2010 Traditional Home magazine. Your friend might like to check out the butterflies on his website.
    Fresh basil pesto is the best. Ever.
    Loved the architecture of the church and the Scripture with the photos – the whole earth is full of His glory!
    Annabeth looks like a Precious Moments doll.

  29. 179
    Kelly says:

    I went to the simulcast on Saturday at Mt Zion Baptist Church in Paducah Ky. It was my first ever womens conference and I had such an awesome time. The power of God moved through that church. I cant wait till my next chance to go to another womens conference!! Thank you so much Beth!

  30. 180
    Shannon Costanzo says:


    Thanks for posting the pictures. I love looking at pictures that other people take. That sandwich looked very yummy. Then there are the pics of you and your mom with your coffee cups, it makes me want a cup of coffee real bad!! I don’t think a 9pm coffee break will benefit me however. If You could post that chicken receipe that would be great, it too looked very delicious.

    I enjoyed the simulcast yesterday and it was nice to see that “kindness” was shown upon you via the parking meter.

    So to all my fellow siestas, as we enter the mission field of work,school and life on Monday morning, let’s shine our light and show our kindness to others 🙂
    Kissimmee, Florida

  31. 181
    Kierstan says:

    Hi Melissa,

    What a fun post.

    I am about 5 minutes from Stumptown coffee in downtown Portland. =) Me and my man luv it.

    My favorite photo is the one with you, Beth and AB standing in the gorgeous green grass. But I laughed good at your Dad in the drive way. Too cute.


  32. 182
    Letty in Las Vegas says:

    Love it! And where is the chicken recipe?! Please?

  33. 183
    marylovesjesus says:

    Thanks Beth for the great lesson on the Torah of Kindness. I attended in Minnesota.

    It is hard to put it all into practice. I will try. It make take a while–but it is worth it to keep trying. Phil 4:13, right?

    Thanks for the beautiful worship Travis and team. Your love for Jesus is evident. I am grateful that all of you and your familis were able to spend the time with us. -mm

  34. 184
    Holly Shepherd says:

    Saturday’s simulcast was so wonderful, inspiring, and touching!! Beth, I just love how you always give the glory to God, kneel to pray every time before you speak and how beautiful you are both inside and out!! I pray that God richly blesses you and your family for your obedience and service to Him!! I am trying to practice and put into action the Law of is actually a blessing to me when I can show kindness to others!!

  35. 185
    texatheart says:

    Loved the pictures Melissa. Went to the Simulcast yesterday. God is so good. It never ceases to amaze me that God can speak through your mom and each woman will hear something they need to hear. For me, I have a staff person I work with who is just very hard to like. Even her cologne is annoying! We tend to treat her less than the way we would like to be treated. I am going to show more respect because that is how God wants me to treat her. After the Simulcast I picked up my soon to be 6 week old grandson and sepent the evening with him. After he went to bed I had to finish preparing my Sunday School lesson. I teach in an older adult class one week and then in the church nursery for 2 weeks.
    Now bed before long and then work tomorrow. Full week of school ahead. Have a greast week !

  36. 186
    Niki Hill says:

    The Beloved Beauties from SC learned so much about kindness this weekend! Beth, we looked pain in the face by sharing fruit with three homeless on the streets of Michigan Avenue and we plan to continue with the laws of kindness. Thank you for all you do!

  37. 187
    Heather C says:

    Love the randomness of this post, along with the Scriptures about creation. Thanks for sharing these snapshots of your life! 🙂

  38. 188
    Angie Ehrenreich says:

    Please post the chicken and biscuit recipe! It looks delectable!!!

  39. 189
    Dana says:

    What beautiful pics! Love the wide variety. Thanks for sharing. Speaking of sharing, can you please post the recipe for chicken and fluffy biscuits? You all have given me some of my family’s favorites. The cheesy enchiladas, the texas chocolate sheetcake and the king ranch chicken. I think they would enjoy this one as well. Thanks so much! My goodness Saturday was a blast. I enjoyed being with women here at my Church and getting a fresh Word from the LORD through Beth. My daughter and I have talked about ‘kind’ ever so much. I was personally convicted when I remembered during this lesson that my boss came to me on Friday and said “Don’t get mad but I need you to….” I struggle also with the Kindness is not weakness issue. I’m praying for wisdom to know the difference. Thanks so much! Can’t wait to try that recipe!

  40. 190
    carla says:

    We had a rather lazy weekend ourselves, no pictures to share but we walked through the woods to the lake at dust and sat and listened to the the sounds. The water was so calm. I really liked your post. I have often thought about such a sign to hang up in the public restrooms I have had the misfortune to visit. yuk!

  41. 191
    Beckie says:

    I attended the Simulcast on Saturday and was blessed! Just want to say that I too have a border collie. His name is Brett and he is wonderful! Not sure how to send a picture of him, but I would if I could. This weekend we are attending the national sheepdog trials in Virginia! So much fun!!!! Brett is not competing, only observing. We do live on a sheep farm in PA, and he occasionally herds them but is not the best. Anyway….hi to Star from Brett. Bless you as you walk with Jesus, and hope you don’t have anymore rats in the garage!

  42. 192
    Jan says:

    Melissa – Great pictures. Love the butterfly on the Lantana plant. I love the ATL. My maternal grandparents lived there and I love hearing my mom’s stories about downtown Atlanta in the 1950’s when she was a teenager. In fact – she saw Elvis Presley at the Fabulous Fox before he was famous. I love that. My friend and I recently saw the Phantom of the Opera there. Have you been to the Fox yet? It is amazing.

    I had a lovely weekend and enjoyed a great date night on Saturday with my sweet man. We went to dinner, then Starbucks, then attended a symphony concert of a fairly new orchestra forming in our area. I will say however, that he does not enjoy the symphony as much as I do. Although he is a worship pastor and loves music, he had his fill of classical music in college. At one point I saw him playing games on his blackberry and I was appalled. I didn’t do anything – I just held my program to sort of cover his faux pas. Bless him.

    Much love,
    Mrs. Jan

    PS: I want that sandwich from Alon’s for lunch TODAY 🙂 And how about the chicken and fluffy biscuits recipe?

    My chicken pie recipe was published recently in one of the Gooseberry Patch cookbook recipes if you’re interested. Here’s a link:

    • 192.1
      Kimberly says:

      I just printed said recipe and can’t wait to try it, especially since it’s fall-ish today! Thanks Gran Jan! KMac

      • Jan says:

        KMac – And one rotisserie chicken (pulled from the bone) from the grocery store deli works perfectly and saves lots of T-I-M-E!

        My boys love this one.

        Blessings – it is not fallish here – it is 95 dadgum degrees, however; the humidity is lower.

        Gran Jan

    • 192.2
      Georgia Boone says:

      Just printed the recipe off. It looks like something I am looking for for fall…..comfort food. We turn so rapidly here in NO MI from summer to fall and then of course to winter….I love casseroles and blessedly so does my husband.
      Thanks for sharing…

    • 192.3
      Kim Safina says:

      Jan ~
      I Love the grandiose & ornamental grace of the FOX.
      It was an evening to remember.
      I will be there again in Jan. 2011. 🙂

      Come join me!

    • 192.4
      Kathy B says:

      Well, Mrs Jan, never a soul has mistaken me for Betty Crocker. But folks gotta eat. So I’ve copied your recipe and givin’ it a try tonight. I’ll let ya know how I make out.

      I tried to leave you a comment on your blog but I seem to have misplaced my “url”. Should I be concerned? Off to the grocer.

      • Jan says:

        If someone’s name on a post is in the teal color and is underlined, it is actually a hyperlink to their blog! I believe that is true. So you can click there and go to my blog, Gran Jan’s Joy.
        Blessings. All the recipes are under the “food” tab at the top.

    • 192.5
      His Jules says:

      Thanks for the great recipe GranJan!!! I love reading your tweets also! you can follow me @ginsamica Have a great week!

  43. 193
    Becky Bell says:

    Another request for the chicken & bicuits recipe please.
    Also wondering if the material from the simulcast will be available at some point – I could use some encouragement in that direction. Wish I could have participated with you.
    Love and thanks!

  44. 194
    Lisa Manfuso says:


    Thanks so much for sharing your life with us! It is so much fun to see all the pictures of you and your life, and your man! It’s so funny, because if you have been doing your Mom’s bible studies, we have seen you and your sister grow into the finest young woman of Christ. I can only hope and pray that my daughters one day come to know Jesus.

    Thank you for sharing, sweet one!

  45. 195
    Siesta OC says:

    Love the pics, the library is too much for me, thrilled me. Love that Beth uses a cup and saucer too – and love the ‘girls in blue’ shot. Your dad is hilarious and the real-down-to-earth-house y’all grew up in just makes me happy.

    Also, the sandwich…I can’t!

  46. 196
    Mary Ellen says:

    My sister and I attended Saturday’s Simulcast at Glen Haven Baptist Church in McDonough, GA. We were visitors and were welcomed warmly by all the ladies. It was a fun day, and we received an inspriring message. My prayer is that the experience will lead my sister to begin the search for a church home where her faith can grow.

  47. 197
    Paula Engle says:

    Melissa – love your commentary and pics!

    My husband and I are heading to Atlanta the middle of October to visit family – so the pics grabbed my heart!

    We visited Chicago in July – what a trip! So also grabbed my heart!

    I took my first glider ride this past week-end and to be up in the sky, no noise and SO close to my God was perfect! I thanked Him for the beautiful day and could see Him smiling down on me! Praise God!!

  48. 198
    Pamela in IL says:

    Thanks for sharing Melissa – I had the privilege of attending at the Rosemont Saturday not only with my Yadah sisters but my youngest daughter 26 yrs with me. A true blessing and answered prayer. Praise God He was in the house and Beth spoke His Word. The Torah of Kindness – I am practicing the complete concept and have the memory verse down. Unfortunately I was the only Siesta in the group (2-vans from Rock Island, IL) so I could not stay long enough to meet Beth in person. I have 3-strong female leaders in my life – God has blessed me with Beth, my awesome BSF teacher Carole Gardener has to be best one in the country and Patty Bray pastor and Senior Pastor’s wife at my church – God has blessed me with these teachers and I pray for each one daily for His hedge protection around you all (or is it u’all). God bless you Beth you are truly annointed. Praise God for you teaching 125,000 women Saturday (and few brave men)!

  49. 199
    Kim Safina says:


    What a wonderful journey you & Colin are traveling in your married life.

    I love Atlanta!!

    I am planning to visit there in Jan.2011

    My girlfriend is a doctor of biophysics in Oslo,Norway. She is working on a DNA research program at the university in Atlanta in Jan.
    When I flew out last time, She and I traveled all over Atlanta. We loved hitting all the little tea/coffee houses. I see you have found some of our spots! 🙂
    Love Belly General Store! Piedmont Park ~ wow!
    Great sandwiches at Alon’s. Same *Favorite* sandwich.
    I got soaking wet at the Olympic area with water shoots.
    How about the Coke factory?
    I tested and drank sooo much Coke.
    I had to visit the ladies room many times in a 24 hour period.
    Have you tried all the different flavors? Amazing!! They have soda for all different countries.


    Atlanta’s Annual Country Living Fair is coming up!!!
    OCTOBER 22,23,24!!!!!
    great shopping * seminars and How-to’s * meet editors

    Information ~

    Thanks for sharing the random photos and reading my random, or was that rambling, blog message. 🙂

    Looks Like the Harvest in Happening in Atlanta!

    ((((( HUGS )))))))

  50. 200
    Anastasia says:

    Dear Melissa,

    I love you because your vision makes me fall in love with Jesus. Keep posting the pictures….I am not artistic with my photos, even the random ones but I appreciate your art! I have comments for everyone of them, but will ponder them in my heart!

    Bought with a price, in the Beloved,

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