Because it’s the weekend.

Happy Friday, everyone!

It has been a great work week, but oh my word, my brain is utterly fried.  I am tired.  I have absolutely nothing of any sort of substance to share with you.  Just some very random pictures coupled with commentary in like fashion.  I was going through the camera roll on my iphone today and decided I would share some of them.  I love to scroll through the pictures my friends take with their phones.  I think you can learn something new about someone by looking at the little things they like to capture throughout their day.  So the following jumbled mess is a string of some pictures or moments that I have captured over the past few months.

Eatin’ breakfast across from my love.

A perfect mid-morning, continued.

One of my favorite areas in Atlanta: West Midtown.  It is raw and industrial; it provides all kinds of inspiration.

Piedmont Park, midtown Atlanta.  One of the many Atlanta parks I frequent weekly.

A good friend of mine recently made approximately one hundred individual origami butterflies and strategically arranged them on the wall one at a time. The pattern is brilliant.  I’m in love.

But not quite as in love as I am with the real thing. This butterfly was showing off for me. If I were a butterfly, I would want to spend my afternoon perched near these flowers, too.  Little kaleidoscopes of colors bursting with oranges, pinks, and yellows.

My **favorite** sandwich from Alon’s.  Roasted eggplant, roasted red peppers, sliced tomato, cold chunks of fresh mozzarella, and homemade basil pesto all held together with whole wheat bread. Insane, I tell you.

Columbia Seminary’s Library . . . One of my happy places.

One benefit of having the window seat. “The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.” Psalm 19.1

The moon testifies, too. One beautiful night I slipped out for a walk and the moon was so bright, one could nearly have mistaken it for the sun. “Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever . . . who by understanding made the heavens, for his steadfast love endures forever . . . the moon and stars to rule over the night, for his steadfast love endures forever”(Psalm 136.1, 5, 9).

Tomato Juice?  I warned you that this was going to be random.  I don’t even like tomato juice but for but for some odd reason I have a fierce loyalty to it when I’m on the airplane.  Maybe the recycled air changes its chemical composition or something. Also, I really wish they would go back to serving peanuts.  The one meager little package of tiny pretzel sticks leaves a lot to be desired.

My nephew and a Stetson box.
Now you see him.

And now you don’t.
Sort of?

My little niece.  This may seem like a random picture to you but it thrills me to no end because she looks so much like Amanda here. Her lips and eye shape are identical.  I keep praying her eyes are going to turn sea green like Amanda’s.  Okay, you caught me, I haven’t actually been praying about it. But, I’ve been hoping.

Dear Chicken and Fluffy Biscuits, I could eat you every night of the week.  I was Colin’s hero when I made this dish.

A few evenings ago I was running in my neighborhood and I was struck by the way the light was plummeting down through this tree like a lightning bolt.  The leaves were so illuminated that it was nearly impossible to discern their color.  A few of them looked like brilliant white snowflakes.

My crazy Dad and his portable but sizable hunting blinds. This was my first glimpse of my parent’s house upon my arrival into Houston a few weeks ago. Needless to say, it felt good to be home. Never a dull moment in the Moore house.

Um. Yes, please do.  This might be the most profound graffiti I have ever seen in a bathroom stall.

A pretty church in our neighborhood. I love the rose window. Makes me feel like I got off at the wrong Marta stop and magically ended up in Europe.

Our local bagel shop, Belly General Store.  They make the BEST olive oil and garlic bagels EVER. Also, the style and design in this little shop are out of this world.

The side of Belly General Store, equally as aesthetically fabulous.

Typical Melissa and Colin.

Mom, Annabeth, and me in Houston. This picture was originally taken with a DSLR camera but I decided to throw it in the mix because I saw it today and it made me smile.

Working in the Living Proof Office in Houston. And, sipping on coffee, of course.  The coffee that we were guzzling that particular day is called Stumptown Coffee.  Stumptown Coffee is Kelly Minter’s favorite coffee roaster.  Evidently it makes her long for the New Jerusalem.  She has got some good taste.  We were licking our coffee cups when we weren’t busy taking turns running laps around the office in a caffeine frenzy.  Apparently, according to several Siestas from the Northwest, Stumptown Coffee is from Portland, Oregon, but it also has locations in Seattle.

Today I went to run an errand and when I went to pay the parking meter (downside to intown living), I noticed a little note.

It blessed my heart that someone took the time to write out this little message for a stranger.  But I did wonder where he or she got the scotch tape.  I don’t typically carry scotch tape around with me but maybe I’ll think twice about it next time.  Anyway, after I saw the little note, I went to look at my parking spot and lo and behold, I had parking spot 601.  Gotta love it.

I will end this late night tangent with a picture my Mom just texted me from Chicago. If you look super closely, you can see the sky-line in the distance. You can definitely see the Sears tower (or Willis tower?) to the right. Also, you can tell the leaves are going to turn for fall soon. Oh be still my heart. I wish I were going to be at the event tomorrow! Not to mention, Chicago is my favorite city in the world.

Have a wonderful weekend, Siestas. Whether you are busy with work, church, high school football games, or just hanging out at home, I hope this weekend brings each of you peace and restoration and that whatever you are up to, you are supremely blessed by God in the midst of it.


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  1. 101
    CeCe says:

    Thanks for the pictures.. Your Mom was awesome today, as usual !

  2. 102
    Cindie says:

    Melissa…thanks for sharing your life with us…love the random photos and snapshots of Atlanta.
    I was at First Baptist Orlando for the simulcast today and was so blessed as I always am listening to your Mom.
    Kindness…i want to carry the torah of kindness always.

  3. 103
    Sharon says:

    Great pics, Melissa–thanks for sharing. The Chicken and Fluffy Biscuits looked really good..would you mind sharing your recipe?

    God bless you, siesta sis


  4. 104
    staci boe says:

    Hello Beth,
    I attendd ur simulcast 2day! This is the second one I have attendd! U always flat out read my book tho!! 2day tho u spoke of history ur history! Sounds much the same as mine! Physical n sexual abuse 4 so many years! Feel still so bound somedays! Like hands still reachin 4 me holdin me grabbin at me! Trust most days seems incomprehensible! I want 2! I want peace n freedom! Unfortunately there r days I find it in a bottle or cuttin! I kno that isn’t true freedom just more bondage! Is it truly possible? Does there come a time that the hands don’t reach u? There r days I wanna go away from everyone n everything!!! Staci

    • 104.1
      Yanna says:

      Dear sweet Staci Boe there is freedom in Chirst like you have never seen or felt before. I am on my knees in prayer that He will reach His hand out to you through someone’s kindness today and from today on. Everyday I will be praying.

      • staci boe says:

        Thank u! That one that doesn’t even kno me would pray 4 even me floors me! But thank u again!

        • Denise cross says:

          Dear Staci Boe
          I too am lifting you up to our GREAT SAVIOUR who died so you can be FREE.. don’t let the enemy steal your joy/cloud your view of JESUS.. there is freedom in HIM.. praying in Illinois.

          • staci boe says:

            Fightin 2night! Wanna find a bottle of something! Everyone that I want 2 reach out 2 is sleepin n I don’t wanna bug them! So I’m reachin here! I don’t really kno wat 2 say! I’m just tired!

        • Rhonda says:

          Thank YOU Staci for sharing your life, so we CAN pray!

          Lifting you up to Jesus, the One and Only Solid Rock in Whom you/we CAN trust!

          Your desire to be free is just precious, and I know God will meet you in the midst of “all” you are going through.

          Praying………….in MN

        • Yanna says:

          I am praying for you everyday Staci Boe. You are so loved.

    • 104.2
      Patti says:

      Hi Staci,
      I’ve written your name in my prayer journal so I’ll remember to pray for you often. I pray that today you will have a tangible awareness of the presence of Jesus.
      Grace and Peace to you,
      Patti Hayes

  5. 105
    Gina says:

    Fun post, Melissa! Ditto on the fried brain and being tired but…as my sister and I often say, “It is a good kind of tired…an accomplished tired.”

    Love Chicago. I’ve never been to Atlanta but…someday. Loved the origami butterfly wall…I may use that idea on a bulletin board in my choir room.

    I do love seeing how you, your mom, and Amanda and…the rest of ya’ll…continually not only love each other but also like being together. I love this because I have it in my life also.

    Tomatoe juice served on airplanes…I never knew.

    There is nothing more fun than a kid and a box. Last year, I watched even middle schoolers have a blast with a box. It went from a hiding place, to a puppet show, to a “carpet” sled in less than an hour as is gradually “fell apart”. It was the best free reward I’ve ever given my students.

    Love libraries!

    The pic of AnaBeth looks just like a Precious Moments doll…so cute!

    Many prayers for you and your mom as you write. I highly admire what you do.

  6. 106
    Allison Allen says:

    Your Mom was excellent today. I was not in Chicago, but at a simulcast in Louisville, KY. It was my first experience hearing her live, but it was incredible. What a blessing it was for the women of our church. God has given Beth such great gifts, I’m so glad I could experience the outpouring of her heart today! 🙂

  7. 107
    Nesha says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the pics! I am in a stressful season right now and after strolling through the pics and reading the captions just had a way to calm me down at this moment. *sigh*
    We took a family trip to Chicago this Aug. and had a blast there! Even got some Garrett’s popcorn. My oldest said he wants to live there. We even took a walk down by Moody- I fell in love the all the ivy climbing the walls there.
    We love you so!

  8. 108
    Theresa says:

    Random, fun, quirky and so like a Moore that you gotta love all of it! Ok so now I think I am the 75th person to ask for the recipe of those chicken and fluffy biscuit dish. Stop holding out on us girl…give it up an we will dwell in the kitchen of satisfaction!
    Thanks for helping all of us welcome our weekend with a reminder that it is the small things and moments that will make a weekend great!
    Thanks again girl…..

  9. 109
    Pat Barnes says:

    I have had the most fabulous day! My church and our Sisterhood took part in Beth’s simulcast from Chicago. Beth, you are such a gifted teacher, speaker, woman. You are awesome. God was soooo present in our building, what a time of learning and fellowship. To God be the Glory. Thank you for your study on “The Law of Kindness”. I have come away with fresh insight and perspective. Travis & the worship team were amazing. I can’t begin to tell you how much today just touched my spirit and nourished me. May God continually bless you and fill you fresh every morning.
    Much sisterly love to you

  10. 110
    Angie says:

    Wow! My husband never drinks tomato juice but I always know what he is going to order on an airplane – tomato juice! I just had to apologize to him for thinking he was so weird all these years. I might have to try it sometime. Nah.

  11. 111
    Vera says:

    I have one more eggplant from my garden that is going to become that glorious sandwich you posted! also, your Mom was brilliant today and I loved it when she told her excitement of collaboration with you on epiphany. Also, are you aware of a place where the Proverbs 31 verses are visible in the Hebrew alphabet. Your Mom said they are truly a work of art. I would love to see them. I am intrigued about how it is an acrostic 🙂

    • 111.1
      Yanna says:

      Vera, I ditto you, would love to see the Proverbs 31 visible in the Hebrew alphabet. Thanks too for using the word “acrostic” in your blog post, I muddled it during note taking and now I can go back and correct the spelling. Melissa, like looking at a new creation, or a beautiful sunset, sunrise, I marvel at the majesty of God to place two daughters in Beth’s life who would have special gifts and abilities to work for Him in her work. Just one of those shake your heads and say “my my”, what an awesome God we have.

  12. 112
    Pat Barnes says:

    Hi there Melissa, I just realized something kind of cute to me anyway. My mothers maiden name was FitzPatrick and I have a cousin named Colin FitzPatrick. You probably hear a lot of this but your names just touched my heart.
    God Bless

  13. 113
    Kim Jacobson says:

    I am such a visual person and loved the photos! When someone tries to show me one picture on their camera, I want to go through them all!
    I also love to see what books people have on their shelves. I think what we read says a lot about where we are at and seeking to know. Sadly my bible got a bit dusty this summer. I have dusted it of and I am set to study Isaiah.

  14. 114
    Dorothea Warman says:

    I was one of the 125,ooo gathered today and walked away blessed.. I was drawn there and also knew I should take my daughter. Our life is not always easy living in a blended family, (my husband passed away and I remarried) with my son who is head injured. My new husband does not always understand. Relationships we can not give up on are wearing. Life is not always easy here.. but Beths study today gave us the courage and the direction we women need to take in our home. Thank you for the hope .. and of course for the Torah of Kindness!

  15. 115
    Deirdre says:

    if you like pesto, try the stuff they make at Saba over near Emory.
    love the randomness.

  16. 116
    Laura says:

    Wish I hadn’t read this at bedtime….I’m hungry: )
    Even your iphone pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  17. 117
    Stephanie T says:

    How much longer til we get the chicken and fluffy biscuits recipe???????? Um, Pweeze.

  18. 118
    Bethany says:

    Hi Melissa!
    I loved seeing all of your great pics! I too love looking at peoples pictures. It really does give you a glimpse into their lives and personality. Speaking of pics…how’s the photography (with the dslr)going?
    Have a great weekend girl 🙂

  19. 119
    Donna says:

    Thank you for a great message today. I know God was speaking to me through you to many women.

    As a fundraiser, I greatly appreciate the reference to God as the greatest philanthropist; while I have always understood the magnitude of His sacrificial gift to us, your reference gave it so much more personal meaning.

    Also…I looked up some information on Malta (BTW, I LOVE that they give so generously!). Did you know that Malta celebrates St. Paul’s Shipwreck as a holiday on February 10th?

    Once again…thank you…

    Blessings to you!

    Donna Arnds

  20. 120
    TraciG says:

    Great Pictures! I would say you have an eye for composition!

    By the way, up here in Cow Country, we don’t eat much chicken–my husband, and all the other males in the family call it “yard bird”–and I don’t find many ways to cook it that are very popular. That dish however, might even get a second look from all these red meat eaters… Could you share the recipe please?

    Speaking of sharing, I’m sharing birthday lunch on Sunday(hers Saturday, mine Monday) with my good friend and her family. Lasagna and all the accoutrements plus birthday cake!I better get to finishing it: chocolate with pb filling and choc. ganache! MmmmmMmmmmmm.

    Blessings for a blessed Lord’s day tomorrow!

  21. 121

    Ok Melissa…I’m waiting for the chicken and fluffy biscuits recipe…now I’m hungry…. =)

  22. 122
    Tina says:

    Hi Melissa,

    Thanks foe your posting the pictures. I have been praying for your mom & the lproof crew for this weekend.You can never have too many prayers!

    The little blessings that we receive that means so much like the ticket for the sparking spot that was paid for. PRAISE THE LORD!

    Boy that coffee must of been really strong! BTW who ran the most laps ? LOL!

    Love the picture of you, your Mom and Annabeth. Your niece and nephew are so cute!

    Your favorite sandwich looks and sounds Delish!

    Very interesting sign for the bathroom!

    A question for ya! Do they sell Jelly Belly jelly beans at the Belly General Store?

    As far as Scotch Tape is concerned. I always have a roll of scotch tape, pen/pencil & some paper just in case!

    I hope you also have a very Blessed weekend!

    In Christ’s Love & Prayers
    Sis in Christ

  23. 123
    Lynn Kelly says:

    What delightfully random thoughts!

  24. 124
    Mary Ann Brown says:

    Today we attended the live event in Chicago, I was blessed to be able to attend with two of my 5 daughters as well as one i consider a daughter.. what a blessing! My girls have no reason to have a relationship with me after the craziness we put them through (addictions, recovery, divorce, another marriage, more …) Such a blessing.. God does restore the years the locust ate.. Praise Jesus!
    Thank you each and every one who prayed for , worked for, serving each of us today!
    with much love- minna

  25. 125
    Marilyn says:

    Loved the random post – would also love the recipe for the chicken and biscuits. Thank you for calling the Sears Tower the Sears Tower. It has been renamed the Willis Tower, but it will ALWAYS be the Sears Tower for this ex-Chicagoan.

    THis is the first simulcast of your mom’s that I’ve missed, but the closest location was 50 miles away! No one was carrying it in the Sarasota/Bradenton area :-(.

  26. 126
    Dawn says:

    Thanks soo…much for sharing your thoughts & pics, Melissa! Today was my birthday, but no celebration till next weekend when the family is in town … so your ‘gallery’ was that special ‘gift’, a great way to end the a most gorgeous fall day in the midwest and prepare for an equally great day of worship tomorrow 🙂

  27. 127
    Anna Scantlan says:

    What a fun post. :o)

    Melissa, the Simulcast went smashingly at First Baptist Church in Villa Ridge, MO. I am, yet again, blown away by what our Amazing GOD had to say. It was just what I needed.

    Thank you Mamma Beth! May the Torah of Kindness be what comes out of my mouth.

    Love you guys! Anna

  28. 128
    Bena says:

    Hoping for the Chicken and Fluffy Bisquits recipe too… please?!?!?!?

  29. 129
    Terri Gauldin says:

    Me & Tomato Juice have the same relationship… To DIE for on a plane… never buy it. What is up with that? Oh, & I love it over the ice in those tiny little beverage cups. I think it makes me laugh because I know they have TJ there for Bloody Mary’s, but I don’t ever want a Bloody Mary… just the juice, ma’am.

    Have rest & peace this w/e…save the juice for the plane:)

  30. 130
    Donna says:

    I carry scotch tape with me, and sissors too. But I never fly so I can get away with it.
    I love the pictures and stories behind them. I was getting ready for bed but decided to read my e-mail first. The food pictures made me hungery. Now, I’ll have to have alittle something before I go to bed. 🙂

  31. 131
    Terri Gauldin says:

    BTW, you totally rock the ‘Hipstamatic’ app 🙂

  32. 132
    Suzi says:

    I LOVE your hair in the picture of you and your mom drinking coffee!!

    • 132.1
      Melissa says:

      Thanks Suzi, I had just gotten some highlights a day or two before and wasn’t so sure how to feel about them.

      • Jan says:

        I’ll tell you I am feeling GREAT about them. You look gorgeous!!!

        Mrs. Jan

        And if I could sit with my knee up in the chair like that, I would go get highlights too! 🙂 🙂 🙂 But someone would have to drive me from the hospital…

        I sure love you girl!

  33. 133
    Lori Harris says:

    Hi Melissa; great photos. Are you taking them with an iPhone? If so, which app are you using to get your effects? Hipstamatic or another?
    Great tag lines, too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    • 133.1
      Melissa says:

      Lori, I have about nine camera apps on my iphone. Yeah, overkill, I know. Hipstamatic and Camera Plus are my favorite. You can actually zoom in with Camera Plus and edit and crop which is amazing.

      • Lori Harris says:

        Thanks for the tip, Melissa. Camera Plus is now mine..,and now I have ten! Totally embarassing…but super fun. You might also like Tilt Shift Generator. It’s my go-to for almost every shot right now.

  34. 134
    Carolyn says:

    Thanks for the random pictures. It’s fun to see your pictures and read your thoughts about them. Makes me want to visit all those places.


  35. 135
    Julie Brainard says:

    Melissa! That’s crazy! I totally only drink tomato juice on airplanes and I have no idea why! I love it when you find your quirks in other people. Makes you feel a little less lonely in your insanity!: ) I miss the peanuts too.

  36. 136
    Rena says:

    Melissa, I just wanted to say that you are absolutely gorgeous. SO photogenic. Loved looking at your pictures. 🙂

  37. 137
    paige says:

    what a fun post melissa!!
    i love how you paid tribute to our fantastic , albeit still quite hot, city!
    i love belly’s bagels. i’m glad its about a 25 min ride or i’d eat there everyday
    sportin a cute hairdo in houston too!
    maybe i’ll “run into you” again at PCC
    ( that was me , the weirdo who came up & acted all star struck months ago….you probably get that everytime!)

    • 137.1
      Melissa says:

      Paige, Hey girl! Thanks for saying hi. I hope to see you again sometime at PCC. We are planning on going with some friends at some point this month or so. Happy almost fall–it was cool this morning on the way to church but getting a bit hot now . . . Boo. But an excuse not to run this afternoon. 🙂 Peace, Melissa

  38. 138
    Julie says:

    Wonderful, delightful pictures! Thanks for sharing! Jackson in the Stetson box is my favorite.

    Please share the Dear Chicken and Fluffy Biscuits recipe. I live with males (husband and 2 teenage sons) they LOVE comfort food.

  39. 139
    Fran McCurry says:

    I just have to get on here this morning and say THANK YOU to Beth for yet another wonderful fresh word from God!

    For those of you that couldn’t go, the message was simple, sweet, and of utmost importance in our daily walk. Proverbs 31:26 NKJV: “she opens her mouth with wisdom, and on her tongue is the law of kindness.”

    Beth laid out 8 points in the message, but the one that spoke loudest to me was “Kindness is not an action; it is a disposition.”

    I am praying for that disposition!

  40. 140
    Jill_in_AL says:

    Love your pictures of Atlanta and the hunting bubbles. Deer must be really unintelligent not to realize there are men in trees, boxes in the sky and big round puffy tents. Cracks me up!

  41. 141
    amybhill says:

    you, i love – but you are not very high on my list right now 🙂 i’m just kidding, of course. it’s just that i’m hungry and i’m stuck in a dark hotel room (stuck and dark b/c i am with my napping two year old daughter). so i log onto the ol’ lpm blog and what do i get? really tasty looking sandwiches and chicken dishes paraded around in front of me 🙂 can i at least have the recipe for the chicken & fluffy biscuits? only if it’s easy though, b/c if it’s hard, i am sure to ruin it! 🙂

    i also love the pic of you, your mom, and annabeth. your outfit is so cute. i have been dying for a cute romper.

  42. 142
    amybhill says:

    oh, and so funny – i have the EXACT SAME relationship with tomato juice. ALWAYS on planes – never elsewhere. what is up with that??? lol

  43. 143
    Frito Bandito says:

    Please share the recipe with us! It looked sooo yummy!

  44. 144
    Becky says:

    This is the 1st time I’ve visited the Living Proof (LP) Ministries Blog and I truly enjoyed viewing your random pictures and reading your comments. 🙂 I attended the LP Simulcast yesterday, viewed from Grace Community Church in Fulton, MD. This was my 3rd LP simulcast and this time I was able to attend with my daughter. 🙂 I was once again reminded that we are so blessed to be loved by the KING!! I also love the Proverbs 31:26 verse Beth chose for us, “She opens her mouth with wisdom, and on her tongue is the law of kindness.” Have a wonderful Sunday and thanks for sharing.

  45. 145
    Chris Evers says:

    Hi 🙂

    You once mentioned you were reading a book about the martyrs and saints of God. Could you tell me the name of it?

    Thanks! 🙂

  46. 146
    Kathleen Siemsglusz says:

    Dear Beth,
    I just finished your Simulcast about the “Law of Kindness” yesterday at our church. It really spoke to me about how unkind I can be at times. I pray that God will cleanse my heart and my mouth that I will speak all things to His glory. Pray for me in this endeavor. Thanks

    Kathleen Siemsglusz
    Brenham, Texas

  47. 147
    Karen Vance says:

    Dearest Melissa,
    It’s so funny what you said about the tomato juice on the plane I do the exact same thing and can’t stand the stuff when I am on the ground. I thought it maybe helped with my altitude sickness!? Who knows. I never heard anyone else say this before. It cracks me up.
    Love to you.

  48. 148
    Debbie says:

    So out of all those wonderful pictures, this question burns on my heart and in my brain — would you PLEASE share your recipe for that wonderful looking Chicken and biscuit dish??? Do you know just what a blessing that would be to others? :0)


  49. 149
    Julia Moreno says:

    I just wanted to share how amazing our God is and how he has a wonderful sense of loving humor. I attended the Living Proof Live Simulcast in Barstow, CA yesterday, as my home church, First Baptist was a host site.

    I gained so much out of yesterday’s simulcast,my mind is still just overjoyed, thankful and filled with love.I have not been this touched, this moved and motivated in my life since I attended an Amy Grant concert when I was 13. Yesterday’s message will carry with me in so many ways I cannot even begin to share all the areas of my life it has touched.

    I wanted to share with Beth and her staff what happened to me when I got home that I shared with my friends on Facebook. And by the way, I checked with my new “editor” (Holy Spirit) and felt I got the clearance to publish it. (LOVED that concept, and would love to get her whole statement about “Flog it before you blog it, eat it before you tweet it, ….didn’t catch the part about facebook)

    Here is what I posted:

    “I got home last night after all was said and done and went to check my pedometer on my Nintendo ds and my mini goal is to spread “kindness” for tomorrow. GOD IS AMAZING!!!”

    My many thanks to Beth and all her staff for all you do daily to reach into the lives of women and help them see their potential with God’s blessings and his love for them. You are truly a gift to us all.

    I’d also like to send a shout out to our “BRAVE MAN” at our church, Rob Bolton. 250 men and our brave man.

    God bless you all for all you do for the glory of his kingdom.

    Love in Christ always,
    Akua’s Keiki (Hawaiian for God’s child)

  50. 150
    joyfuljanet says:

    your post was so fun to read. Your creativity is visible not just in your writing, but also your photos. I do need to remark though on the picture of you and your mom drinking Stumptown coffee (yes, I’m from Portland). Why on earth are you drinking out of such dinky coffee cups!? That can’t possibly be enough caffeine to get you going in the morning, can it? Maybe my addiction is just that bad (as my husband likes to say).

    • 150.1
      Melissa says:

      You have every reason to be concerned but take heart, we had several refills. Mom likes to drink from thin-lip coffee cups and not thick edged mugs which explains the dinky size of the cups. I feel confident that our coffee addictions would rival yours. And if they don’t, then I am impressed with you, girl.

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