Living Proof Live – Richmond, VA

LPL Richmond VA from Rich Kalonick on Vimeo.


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  1. 51
    Jennifer says:


    I love reading the recaps of your weekends ever since I attended “Deeper Still” in Denver earlier this year. I love that thousands of women are moved and brought closer to JC through your amazing ministry. Thank you for being you!

    (And thanks, Desiree Crisp, for the recap.)

  2. 52
    Pamela Murray says:

    I have listened and listened and listened to this song – it is in my heart and my mind it is so awesome and beautiful – WOW – I just cannot believe how it moves me. This woman who a few short years ago was a hymn only person. Now I still love the old hymns but I am seeking freedom now and boy is the Lord delivering me. Thank you Beth and Travis. WOW!

  3. 53
    Rita says:

    What a great caption of the weekend!!! :0)

  4. 54
    Julie H. says:

    Dear Beth, Travis, Living Proof Live Crew and all the Volunteers:

    THANK YOU! How many THOUSANDS of women (and men) that were blessed by YOU. We know the sacrifice, the prayer and the burdened hearts you have for God’s people.
    My heart came away full…and wouldn’t you know that I came home to a sister whose heart is breaking and feeling hopeless because of things that I cannot even mention.
    Will you please pray for her, her marriage and her family. Please pray that the bondage would be BROKEN and that JESUS would bring this family to their knees. That they would see the FREEDOM they have in the ONE who can save them!

    With all the Love in my heart,
    Back to Middle C,
    Julie H.
    Fredericksburg, VA

  5. 55
    Angie says:

    What an awesome time! I came away asking God for Grace for the day and took away several bits that I can apply to my everyday and to help in reaching out to others as well. Back to the Word. It is our handbook for life, who needs self-help books when we have the ultimate help book…the BIBLE!

  6. 56
    Missy S says:

    This weekend was wonderful, Beth! Thank you for serving us by imparting to us a word from the Word of Life. My precious husband gave me the tickets as a gift and was kind enough to go with me. He loved it, too! (Although, I think he realized how outnumbered he was when he had to go to the administrative offices to use the restroom and just happened to run into someone he knew from home – which is SC, not VA! Poor thing, he was such a good sport!)

    On Friday night, I was so excited because we were able to sit on the floor for the first time! I’ve always been in the “nosebleeds” before. And, I must say, as amazing as it was to see you up close after all these years of watching from afar or on video, I couldn’t help but marvel at the fact that we don’t have to be in the floor seats to see Jesus up close and personal!! His presence was all over that arena this weekend, and I know that is due in large part to your faithfulness to Him. So, thank you once again!


  7. 57
    Terry says:

    Beth and Travis and all the volunteers who served us in Richmond this past weekend, THANK YOU!!! for coming and ministering and teaching and praying over us, for leading us in worship and for loving us! Who knew that C Scale could teach the Word of God?! I am a piano teacher and never again will I hear or speak or read the word “octave” without thinking of the book of John and the 8 miracles contained in that book, the 8 names of Christ in the first chapter, and the 8 points of Beth’s message, “Return to Middle C”!

    When I woke up Sunday morning following the conference, the words “full of grace and truth” were playing over and over in my mind. Imagine my surprise and awe when I took my seat in church a couple of hours later, opened the bulletin and my eyes fell on the sermon text, John 1:1-14. As always, the passage was typed out and I couldn’t help but picture you tap-tapping with your pen right on those words printed there in my bulletin, “full of grace and truth!” When our pastor announced that Sunday was the beginning of a new sermon series on the book of John, I just wanted to shout, “GLORY! HALLELUJAH!” Our God is an awesome God!

    Thank you, Beth, for loving Jesus and for loving us, for always pointing us back to the One who loved us first. To God be the glory!

    With a heart full of love and overflowing with thankfulness,
    Louisa, VA

  8. 58
    allison says:

    Thank you for posting!!! So great to see the faces of other Sisters in Christ from across the country. First time I’ve seen the moving video clips among the stills – love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. 59
    Kristin says:

    Hi Beth,
    Is there any way to buy “The Word” video or the video of the revolving scriptures used this weekend? Thanks for yoru time!

  10. 60
    Rachel says:

    The event was awesome. It was soo needed. I was going under a lot of persecution from a friend and my husband was acting like I was a ball and chain to him. Thank you soo much. I’ve realized that i was too sharp and then I became really dull. I also realized that with non-christians I am too dull, saying thats it is ok to do this and that when it isnt and being the “righteous police” with Christians like my husband. Thank you soo much for coming to VA! I am ready to be at the Middle C and be full of grace and truth and not either/or!

  11. 61
    Rebecca says:

    I am in tears just watching the recap. I have never seen you Beth in person, but I am amazed and more amazed at the amount of people surrounding you to hear a message from our Lord.
    I just had shivers. I so wish that I would be able to hear you in Canada. (and it was over 100 degrees F. here yesterday)

    Bless you Beth for what you do.


  12. 62
    Kim says:

    Anything about C.S. Lewis!

  13. 63
    Sharleen Cootes says:

    What an incredible blessing this past weekend was to us! Oh how amazing our God is! When you came up our aisle I just could not believe it! God is SO in the smallest of details of our lives. He is so incredible. He just wanted His story told – the victory is His!
    How wonderful that my sweet daughter Lauren was so blessed by this event! So many new prayers warriors telling her they would pray for her…having the opportunity to tell of His mercy and grace to so many. We have still not gotten over it. Thank you for putting into words what I have been trying to explain to so many over these last 2 1/2 years during some of our darkest days. My desperation was a gift….didn’t seem like it at the time so often. The pain was just so real. But, just as real is that when you are so desperate for Him – to a radical degree – He becomes our greatest reality. Thank you Beth – we will remember to always go back to Middle C – to be desperate for Him so we can be filled with Him…..and living this way will help us not just come through things – we will abound. God bless you –
    Isn’t He just something????? ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. 64
    Linda says:

    All the amazing glories of God in and through this weekend are not lost on me for a minute – praise be to Him!!! – but I just have to ask: Beth, is that a smock you’re wearing?!! (I still chuckle out loud every time I think of Keith complimenting your smock while you were putting on mascara. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  15. 65
    Deneen Skyles says:

    I too, was at Richmond this past weekend with a girlfriend; one of the Best Living Proof conferences that I have been to. The spirit was all over that place! I teach Youth Sunday School at my church and the first lesson in my teaching materials is on – wait for it – JOHN 1!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO INCORPORATE MY NOTES FROM THE CONFERENCE TO ENHANCE THIS LESSON! I am completely thrilled when my class really digs and and discovers the treasures the Word holds! Praise you Jesus!

  16. 66
    Cecilia Fleet says:

    I love the song that is on this video from this amazing encounter with Christ ( our middle c). Reminds me of the Daniel study. Was really cool to see members of our group on the video and also my mother and sister in law who are both first timers to Beth’s teaching. Loved the portions of the volunteers praying and ministering with other ladies. God’s power even comes through in still portions of this video. Thank you Lord for allowing us to participate in this weekend of praise, worship and hearing from you. I pray that God will continue to empower all those who ministered to us and that Richmond will see God’s people bring Him glory.

  17. 67

    Looks like a God-honoring, amazing time in Richmond:) Love the faces:)

  18. 68
    Libby says:

    Oh my gosh – just saw this devotional today on Max Lucado’s website – God is so good to be giving His teachers around the world the same type of message to His people:

    ย Middle C
    โ€œFrom everlasting to everlasting you are God.โ€ย  Psalm 90:2
    You and I need a middle C. Havenโ€™t you had enough change in your life? Relationships change. Health changes. The weather changes. But the Yahweh who ruled the earth last night is the same Yahweh who rules it today. Same convictions. Same plan. Same mood. Same love. He never changes. You can no more alter God than a pebble can alter the rhythm of the Pacific. Yahweh is our Middle C. A still point in a turning world.

    • 68.1
      Beth says:

      My eyes are bugging out at that, Libby! WOW! I’d never heard the concept before I read it in one of my commentaries last week. I love ML, by the way. What a great man of God.

      • Libby says:

        He sure is – he was one of the first Christian authors I began reading as I was finding my way back to God after a long period of rebellion. First pastor I ever heard who had an amazing sense of humor! I’m amazed everytime I come across something like this – but it happens all the time when we’re involved in Bible study – our pastor’s sermons are always right on point with our Bible study – no coincidences going on here – God is so personally involved in our lives, especially when we’re seeking after Him.

  19. 69
    apurefire says:

    Richmond was amazing. I told a co-worker on Thursday that I was going to Richmond to get “a word”. And Friday night, I got THE WORD! How like our God to just go above and beyond (or beyond the beyond as Priscilla would say) my expectations. Our group of women would just blown away by the teaching and the worship. I’ve been to several LPM events and it just gets better and better. Thank you Beth for bring us all back to Middle C!

  20. 70
    Judy Pauley says:

    God’s grace and timing is so good. We are having a major huricane this weekend on the Virginia coast. This would have altered a lot of travel plans to Richmond if it had come last weekend. Praise God.

  21. 71
    Holly says:

    Beth, I SO enjoyed last weekend when you were in Richmond ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you and your team for your faithfulness and obedience to the Lord and your zeal in sharing His word and truth to us all. You are one of my heroes ๐Ÿ™‚ I love you so much and was so thankful and honored that I was able to go the conference. Sad thing is, Satan also knew how excited I was to hear you speak and threw many daggers my way in an effort to get me sidetracked and upset Friday evening and Saturday morning. So annoying how he works! Luckily the truth and assurance you gave me through Christ has overcome anything that could be thrown my way by the enemy. We’ve already won this battle ๐Ÿ™‚ Just curious, is the “The Word” video somewhere on the net that I could access? I’d love to share it with my Facebook friends! What an awesome video! Thank you Beth! Love you! Keep up the good work, God’s work! What an awesome ministry you have! Thanks for being such a faithful servant! Please come back to Richmond in the near future!

  22. 72
    Melissa Henderson says:

    What a wonderful, inspiring time we enjoyed in Richmond, VA. We traveled from North Carolina and are so glad we made the trip. Thank you , Beth and Travis and the whole team for giving us an experience to remember. God is so good!

  23. 73
    RebeccaMathia says:

    I love the Lord and the work that He does through Beth. I would love to have just

  24. 74
    RebeccaMathia says:

    I love the Lord and love everything about the ministry that He does through Beth. I would love to sit for one second by her side and just listen and learn. I am an ex-pastor’s wife with years of ministry experience, years of struggle, and years of joy with Jesus.But I always feel like I get a new tank of oxygen when I get to go to one of Beth’s conferences. My boss and my team leader at school bought a ticket for me for this conference during the time that my precious Daddy died. I didn’t know it until I got back to school. I was overcome with emotion and I couldn’t wait to go with them to see Beth and to hear God. We had the most fabulous time. My sweet friends and I enjoyed the whole weekend and are now trying desperately to stay on Middle C. We remind each other almost daily. Thank you so much Beth! We love you so much.

    Rebecca Mathia- Lynchburg, VA

  25. 75

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