A Greeting From Our Summer Bible Study Teacher

Hey, Siestas! I am so blessed to bring you this greeting from Kelly Minter, our Siesta Summer Bible Study teacher. I LOVE HER, I LOVE HER, I LOVE HER, I LOVE HER!!

All comments to this post are meant to be straight to her. Here is your chance to thank her or tell her something very specific you gleaned from the study of Ruth.

I have loved every single minute of this journey. Thank you so much for walking it out with us. I am honored beyond words to seek Christ with you through the pages of His infinitely rich Word! Let’s keep it up, Sisters.

God, come get more and more glory from this community. You are the ONLY thing that makes this work.

Greeting from Kelly Minter from LPV on Vimeo.


232 Responses to “A Greeting From Our Summer Bible Study Teacher”

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  1. 101
    Hannah Leigh says:

    Hi, Kelly!

    My Aunt and I were doing this study together and wrapped it up last night over some good food and conversation. We are both so in awe of what the Lord revealed to us in just four chapters! We learned so much and grew so much through this study – it applied to both of us even though we’re currently in different seasons on life. It seemed everytime we opened the pages of the workbook, what you were teaching applied directly to what we were facing. The Lord is so good and faithful!

    We so enjoyed this study of yours, and the time we were able to spend together doing this, that we’ve picked up “No Other Gods” and are starting that this coming week! We are praying that the Lord will continue to make us willing to be willing for Him and that every day we can live in total surrender and redemption in Him!

    Thank you for this study! God Bless You!

    Hannah (and Beth) 🙂
    Lansing, MI

  2. 102
    Charlotte says:

    Kelly, thank you so much for your godly insight into this book. Your words have really opened the eyes of this grandmother/mother/daughter/wife. At this point in my life, life, loss and legacy are on my mind a lot. You’ve helped me see my life in perspective.

  3. 103
    Pat S. says:

    Your leadership through the study of Ruth was so deep and yet so fun! I love your sense of humor and your observations of this world. I can’t wait to see what God is leading you to next. (I loved NOGS, too) Thank you again for the generous gift of yourself and for allowing God to use you in such a mighty way. Thank you.

  4. 104
    Nicole says:

    I’m not sure where to begin, but I know God is working in my life to heal many deeply hidden wounds. I appreciate how you said that God “tenderly” led Ruth through her season of loss, Kelly. You really confirmed for me what I believe God is telling me. And, I hope that I do leave a legacy that glorifies God straight into the hearts of my husband and four children. I’m so grateful that your study found me.

  5. 105
    Judy Smith says:


    Our group consisted of five friends and we thoroughly enjoyed the study and the chance to do it together. We have read the book of Ruth before but never have “studied” it. Thank you for this study and for the points you brought out – things to think about and things to apply to our own lives. “May the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge, reward you fully.” And may He continue to bless you and your ministry. We are grateful.

  6. 106

    Hi Kelly
    You inspire me to hang to God I am 53yrs old and still single but I do know that one day my Prince will come.
    Th ank you for writing the Ruth study it was a good study.
    The one thing that really struck me was He has summoned me by name He knows my name and it really hit home because I know He knows my familys name all the the unsaved.
    Thanks again Kelly
    I am defintley going to do some more of your bible studies.
    Have A Great Day
    Blessings to you

  7. 107
    Kathleen says:

    Kelly, I did this study with my church this summer and followed it on LMP. You gave me such hope that God can take bitterness and change it in to love. I see so much bitterness in my extended family , that I have worked so hard to not let it creep into my own heart. I see the book of Ruth in a very awe inspiring way now. What a true story of life, loss, found love, & legacy. Thank you for such a great job.

    Love from a sister in Christ,

    St. Joseph,MI

  8. 108
    Jill says:

    Kelly I loved the Bible study so much. It was exactly what I needed. I am going thru the last stages of my mothers life right now so I didn’t get to join a group I did it solo ( I spend my free time at the nursing home.)I made the Chicken soup for my Uncle who is visiting and It was wonderful. I have received ” No other Gods ” and plan to start it in the morning. Loved the study so much. The part I gleened the most from is, Weeping forward, I have discused this with my husband and I am really trying to walk that out right now. Love you , looking forward to the NOG study.

  9. 109
    Linda says:

    Dear Kelly,
    Thank you so much for pouring out your dedication to the Lord and for pouring out the words Christ gives you. You are a blessing to many and may the Lord raise you up mighty and strong.

    I loved the Ruth Bible Study!!


  10. 110
    Jill says:

    I also forgot to mention how the legacy aspect touched me. I , like Naomi will have no blood passed down to my grandchildren. But I am still planning on passing down a Godly legacy with them. And loving , loving , loving them.

  11. 111
    Becky says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I am not quite finished with the study, but I WILL persevere!

    One of the things I appreciated in the study was how you described Ruth as being a good example of a Proverbs 31 woman. The Proverbs 31 woman has always irritated me because she seemed so perfect, but looking at her through the lens of Ruth, knowing that Ruth was not perfect, helped me. Thanks!

    • 111.1
      Caroline says:

      I am still working through the last two chapters of the study as well, and I too will persevere!

      Our little group was challenged to think about the Proverbs 31 woman in a new and different light. One gal had always struggled with that passage, until she discovered that the Proverbs 31 woman is the woman after God’s own heart! She’s doing those things to please her Kinsman Redeemer, and that is what makes her so lovely, so beautiful, and so desirable.

      Thank you Kelly, for such a fun and refreshing study.

  12. 112
    Karen says:

    Kelly – One of my great desires going into this study was for God to open my heart related to my own in-laws. My father-in-law has recently moved in with us. My mother-in-law and stepfather-in-law live nearby and require significant care from us. This situation has been a great challenge to me. Early in the study, God laid the word hesed on my heart. I have meditated daily on the meaning and application (in all my relationships)in my relationship with my in-laws. I love my husband. I honor him and serve him joyfully. God is changing my heart toward his parents. My stepfather-in-law passed away this week. God has melted my heart and worked through me to serve my mother-in-law. I’m so thankful that I ventured into the study of Ruth! God is so present in this very challenging season of my life. I’m humbled beyond words!

    • 112.1
      Kelly Minter says:

      Karen – My parents did the same for my grandparents. It was a huge sacrifice but rich with blessing. Think of Isaiah 58:7, about not turning away from our flesh and blood. (I think in-laws count 🙂 There is blessing here.

  13. 113
    Janet A says:

    God is GOOD ALL THE TIME!!!! God knew what an UNREAL summer was in my future. He knew i would need the study of Ruth to keep me from falling completely apart!!
    What I learned the most, was something i have known all my life, God looks at the heart. CHARACTER!!!! Thats what matters more than how we look.
    That you so much for this opportunity to get to know you.

  14. 114
    Jamie says:

    Kelly: I purchased the Ruth study along with Beth’s Stepping Up planning to work on them together, one in my morning quiet time, one in the evening. I have to tell you that I just could not get into Ruth, I tried and tried, but it was like nothing was penetrating. So, I put it down and continued with Stepping Up which was speaking so clearly to me during the season I was in which was my mother being terribly sick and dying. Stepping Up was everything I needed. Mom died half way through that study in July, and that study brought me through. Then – and here is where God is so Good, His timing is perfect. I am in a season of grief and mourning. Really I am struggling with this. I picked Ruth back up and God has been speaking so loudly and clearly that it is utterly amazing to me. I am weeping forward, using Ruth and going from strength to strength, taking the next step to the next strength through this Valley of Bacca – merging Stepping Up and Ruth. Your study has brought me to tears – much needed cleansing tears – numerous times. I’m almost half-way through now, going strong and know I am going to make it through my grief with your help. God knew I would need your Ruth study when I was on the other side of mom’s death, not before and He made sure I wasn’t going to be able to do it until the time was right. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for this study. May God Bless you mightly. I look forward to your next effort. Jamie

  15. 115
    Carla says:

    Thank you so much Kelly for allowing God to use you in this way! I have been blessed so much this summer while reading Ruth and it’s amazing how many times I’ve heard sermons based on Ruth and it wasn’t until this summer bible study that my eyes were really opened to so many new aspects of the book of Ruth. I’m really thankful that i was able to participate and connect with God in a new way. I feel that I’ve grown in my walk with God in so many ways since starting and finishing the study so, Thank you! May God continue to bless you in all that you do!

    Carla in Florida

  16. 116
    Tiffany says:

    Kelly- I just want to say how much your study opened my eyes to the book of Ruth and to how much God wanted to teach us from it! I have often looked at Ruth as a love story…and while it very much is….the idea of Kinsman-Redeemer and the ultimate tie it had to our beautiful and wonderful Jesus struck me so deeply! And I have read Ruth many times! The girls and I loved this study and we loved reading your heart through those pages. We could definitely relate to many of the topics you brought us through. Our eyes have been opened, our ears have heard and now we are so excited to keep holding on to our Lord. God is good all the time!

    So thank you Kelly! Thank you for being obedient to God in writing this study! It was such a blessing.

    Tiffany~ Anaheim, California

  17. 117
    Yolanda says:


    It was a joy to be one of the small group of women that you taught Ruth to for the first time after you sent Ruth off to be published. It is also a joy to have already gone through your study personally, twice now since it’s debut in December. Kelly, you did such a great job of causing us to think outside the box and to seek our Kinsman-Redeemer like never before. With love, Yolanda *Kansas*

    • 117.1
      Lisa Palmer says:

      Hello Yolanda fron Ste. Genevieve, MO. I enjoyed your writings on your blog and I’m a new follower. Keep up the prayerful work!

      A Red Thread sister,

  18. 118
    Janet says:

    I LOVED RUTH and NOG! Can hardly wait to see what God has in store to pass on through you to us next!!
    Janet from St. Louis

  19. 119
    Tami says:

    I am new to this and would like to know when the next study starts. I SO want to be a part of it! How can I find out? I’m not very good at just doing things on my own but with a virtual group I could hang with that. Please let me know!

    Tami Spence

    • 119.1
      Beth says:

      Hi, Tami! We do one every summer together but you’ll find lots of people on here doing various studies together on line. Look for a post in the beginning of September asking what each of us will be doing this Fall to stay in the Word. Some of them will undoubtedly invite others to join them on line. So glad you’re on here with us! In January we’ll start memorizing Scriptures again together. You might enjoy that.

    • 119.2
      Sue Schwendemann says:

      I am doing a online study now with the Womens Bible Study Cafe. It is on Jonah. In Sept. they will be doing a Beth Moore study. If I can help in anyway let me know. I am not good at doing things on my own either.

  20. 120
    Lisa says:

    Kelly – thank you for writing this study. It came at just the right time in so many ways. My husband and I are missionaries and lately, I’ve been REALLY struggling with knowing whether or not this is where God would have us. I had a rough couple of months and seriously began to doubt that we’re supposed to be here. And every single week of the study seemed to hit home that YES we ARE supposed to be here. Especially when I got to week5, day1 where you talked about doing the ordinary or doing the expected. It was exactly what I needed to hear. This also comes at an amazing time because we’re expecting our first daughter in just a few weeks. Before I was married, I picked out her name – Elena Ruth. Ruth was my grandmother and I thought her shoes were big enough for Elena to have to fill. But, now, after going through this study, I know my little girl is named after someone even more amazing than her great grandmother. I can’t wait to teach her about both namesakes and to tell her what her mom learned about Ruth while she was waiting for her little Ruth to arrive. Thank you for writing this… it’s been such a blessing at a time when I can’t even describe to you how badly I needed it. And thanks to the Siestas who purchased the books for my co-workers and I so we could participate!! They have no idea how much they’ve been a blessing to us.

  21. 121
    Sheilah says:

    Kelly, words can’t express my gratitude for your book/study and what it’s taught me! Mainly, about “putting on” redemption and wearing it. I’ve never been more grateful for Christ’s redemption and I want to tell everyone that NO ONE is beneath it! This study was perfect timing–I start in a new ministry tomorrow night and I’m privileged to share with homeless women who are trying their best to start over in life. I can honestly tell them that Christ can redeem ANY situation and any life and we ALL are in need of that! Those who have loved, lost and been forgiven can richly identify with the magnitude of His grace! God led me to read the story of the sinful woman w/the alabaster jar this morning and I’ll share that special verse with you….”47 Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven—for she loved much. But he who has been forgiven little loves little.”

    I thank Jesus for forgiving my many sins………I love Him VERY much!! Thanks Kelly……..and thanks again for the 2 free books! You really rock, girl!! Love and blessings in Christ, Sheilah Hughes

  22. 122
    Heather says:

    I have loved the book of Ruth from the first time I read it through. I sooo enjoyed going through your bible study. I have always known in my mind that God loves me, even when it seems like nothing is happening, but during this bible study it jumped out at me and just well became so much more alive. Thank you for your dedication and love for God. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice for me!

  23. 123
    Michele says:

    Thank you so much for writing the study. I have enjoyed it completely! God has used it to say so many things to me this summer. It always amazes me how He uses the studies at very specific seasons in life to speak to very specific situations we are going through, (even if it’s something just internally). I LOVE that about Him!!! He loves us so!
    And He used you to accomplish that in not just me, but many others. Thank you for faithfully walking with Him and being obedient to what He has called you.

  24. 124
    Jackie says:

    Jesus and I did this study together on shady mornings on my patio. What a great time we had. At least once a week He would nudge me with His elbow and say, “Did you get that, Jackie?” Thanks for providing a way for us to spend this neat time together.

  25. 125
    Judy says:

    Hi, Kelly I really enjoyed your study Ruth. You made Ruth come to life on the pages of my Bible. I enjoyed your teaching so much that I went out and bought No Other Gods. I’m so glad I did because this morning I learned where the NOGS got their name. I just love it. Thanks for your dedication to our Jesus.

  26. 126
    Jody says:

    Thank You for this wonderful study of Ruth. I love her. And, what I rejoice about in this study is that GOD is the author of my life…. of life! He has the final say. He weaves us together like the Master that He is! This was my first time doing a study solo. I love being with God.
    Thank You.

  27. 127
    Jenny from VA says:

    Hi Kelly!

    I want to thank you so much for this Bible Study. The Lord has used it to speak to me each time I open it up. I especially wanted to let you know that it has given me a new heart for my mother-in-law. It was convicting to see how faithfully Ruth stood by Naomi and loved her. While I do love my mother-in-law, I sometimes keep her at arms length. It just gave me a renewed desire to love her with the Lord’s love so that she can come to know Him.

    Also, I feel like I know you since I am from VA and went to RBC back in the day! Your dad is such a faithful man of God. If you come back for that retreat I AM THERE!

  28. 128
    Kelly Minter says:

    To All The Siestas – thank you for such an outpouring of encouragement. It is too much to take in. As I read over your comments I am noticing that many of you are in a lot of pain, loss, and grief. Your expressions of how God is meeting you are powerful reminders of His comfort, as well as His ability to change us through our suffering. It is quite a miracle that God would take my own hurts and hardships (so much less than what many of you have expressed)and weave them together with His comfort through the pages of a Bible study. And, then, that people would actually read that study is a gift that is not lost on me! So thanks for letting me be a small part of your summer. It is an honor.

  29. 129
    Loving Him says:

    Oh Kelly, I can’t even begin to praise God for how he uniquely ordained this study during a painful season of unsuccessfully trying to have a baby. It seems like you even spoke specifically to that particular trial several times. I’m so thankful. You have got a gift, girlfriend. One of my favorite things you said was, “Ok, read Ruth __ then come back to me cause we need to talk.” I just laughed and laughed at that.

  30. 130
    Rosalie Clark says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Our small group (7) from Grand Rapids, Michigan met for our final time last night. Oh, what a precious time! When we started the study, the gals knew the story and wondered how we could spend six weeks studying one small book of 4 chapters. Whoa, what a ride! God showed us so much of Himself – Our blessed Redeemer; God showed us of ourselves – anger, bitterness, selfish, unkind, impatient, ungrateful. How wonderful to know that He forgives us and cares for us under His wings. Thank you for writing these lessons from God’s Word. His Word is living and active!! Praise To our God and Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

  31. 131
    dorisd says:

    To think that little book was hiding in my Bible all that time…and I never knew all the great stuff I would glean from it…thanks for your teaching, writing, and singing. We are looking forward to meeting you in Michigan next year.

  32. 132
    April says:

    I thank God for you Kelly and the gifts that He has richly given you to put together such a study. I wasn’t sure what to expect. This was my first summer study with the blog and I certainly wasn’t sure what to expect from the book of Ruth. God so surpassed anything that I had in mind! He opened my eyes to so much more than I could have imagined. I will never turn through those pages again without remembering the lessons He taught me during our study.

    Thank you,

  33. 133
    Sherri says:

    Thank you for allowing yourself to be a tool in the Master’s hand. I laughed and I cried along each page of the study. I loved learning things about this brief book which I never knew before. Good things, hidden treasures and many blessings lie within the four chapters. I loved reading of your friend Holly who is 48, six children and the oldest being six – praise God for her and the hope it has given me. I loved the honesty and the reality on page 41 — we do anything to avoid sitting before the Lord. Praise Him I did not “gloss over” that section and I took the time to sit before Him that day. I could write something about each day’s journey as each one reached some part of me. God bless you and keep you. May God continue to use your hands to pour forth His words onto pages others may read and be ministered to. Thank you.

  34. 134
    Mimeriffic Girl says:

    Hello to all! This is a little off-subject, but it relates to Bible Study, so hear goes! I’ve taught fine arts & performance at a private Christian school for over 10 years now, and this year they’ve asked me to also teach Bible! They have given me the freedom to choose the curriculum I want to teach, and I am planning to teach studies from Ms. Beth (both fall & spring semester)! It will be for high school & I am so EXCITED!It thrills me to have a chance to “go deep” and maybe do more than teach “just a required class/course” and a way to deepen the heart of students for having an authentic relationship with God. It will be a mixed group of ages (9th-12th) & girls/guys, so I’d appreciate if anybody has any recomendations/suggestions. Blessings!

  35. 135
    Meggie says:

    Dear Kelly,

    I so looked forward to this study, especially after I had fallen ill and had to spend time in hospital and at home. It’s been a very different summer. But God already knew it, and He blessed me so much through this study. I LOVED the WHOLE study, Kelly! You’re such a gifted writer. I was amazed at the things God opened up to you in this short book of Ruth. I loved the part about “weeping forward” and the lesson on the Redeemer, and then, of course, the legacy. It really got me thinking. But most of all I could relate to Ruth as a foreigner. Having lived on three continents, so many different languages & cultures, I, too, feel like Ruth. I thank God every day, that to Him there’s no difference, He accepts us all. Thank you again, for sharing your thoughts in this study and all the hard work you put in. May the Lord bless you & keep you!
    Can’t wait to see the next study:<)))
    Your sister in Christ,
    Winnipeg, MB, Canada

  36. 136
    Kathy says:

    Kelly, I took a look at your livingroomseries web site and watched the short clips from your study with your group. You young ladies are a mighty blessing to this world and especially to other young women in real life circumstances. I did notice that each of you is incredibly talented. Have you considered producing something together or perhaps just for fun on your web site? Just a thought- I’ve already left a comment, just wanted you to know that an “old girl” appreciates so much what the younger generation is contributing- God Bless

  37. 137
    Brandy says:

    What an amazing summer in Bible study!! I am fairly new to the blog so this was my first Kelly Minter study and I absolutely loved it!!! I never realized the amazing story of redemption within this short book until this study..and the concept of weeping forward was amazing!! I enjoyed the study so much that as soon as I finished it I headed out and bought No Other Gods-which should keep me in the Word until Fall Bible Study starts at church!! Thank you so much for answering Gods call in your life…you are an amazing teacher. I look forward to studying with you for years to come.

  38. 138

    How I loved this study. I blew though it in a short two weeks time, because I was seeking Him earnestly. I was/am in a season of waiting for God to move on my behalf, as I take a giant leap of faith and jump (with no net) down a journey that He has laid out before my family and I. There were days that I wept through the lessons (because I couldn’t bear to end at just one for the day) and shouted for joy that He had taken the time to speak directly to my heart. Thank you so much for writing this study.

    And on a lighter note, I too, am a Pastor’s daughter and every single vacation we took ended in a tow truck. We have about five or six photo, various Summers, all standing in front of a two truck, halfway through our vacation. I laughed my heart out to find someone else who could relate. We thought we were the only ones…

    Blessings Kelly!

  39. 139
    Leigh says:

    Loved Loved Loved the study of Ruth. Your manner of writing was so warm and friendly and inviting. I’ve read Ruth several times but never gotten so much out. God particularly spoke to me about hope. No matter how hopeless things appear, He is at work for my good and His glory. God can work through anyone, anything, any situation. My charge is to believe and follow Him just as Ruth did. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  40. 140
    Allyaggie says:

    Thanks, Kelly, for your Ruth Bible Study!!!

    I helped host and facilitate a group of ladies from the Houston area (League City). We all learned SO much and even shared it with our husbands (the food and the Word :). We are ready to do the hard thing…walk in faith in our journey with God. I have two young daughters (ages 7 &9). I was particularly impacted by Ruth’s character and what it means to be a young woman that honors the LORD. She was loyal, worked hard, and walked in faith. It encouraged me to continue to rear them according to the Word and not the world.

    I did your No Other Gods study two years ago and loved it as well. Keep blessing us with more studies!!

    Love to you,

  41. 141
    Jill Foley says:


    Thank you for this study. I cannot even begin to list all the insight I gleaned from going through this. The group of ladies I study with had recently finished NOG and we threw around the idea of doing Ruth. And then Beth announced the summer siesta study – we were excited!

    I found myself doing several days of the study at a time – not because I was behind, but because it was too good to stop! I can’t wait to see what your next study is.

  42. 142
    Siesta OC says:

    Hi Kelly,

    LOOONNNG story short, I am still working on the study. But I love it so much. And I love how you write. I am finding how the personal reflections are getting me to do just that. I have to tell you, before I started the study the LORD prompted me to read the whole book of RUTH, which I had never done. What a beautiful story this single girl needed to hear. Uplifting, encouraging and smart, Ruth is a gal I could be friends with and would want to emmulate even more (still working on the ‘work ethic’ part).
    Thanks for your honesty and may the LORD bless you!

    Siesta OC

    BTW – I love your music!

  43. 143
    Debbie says:

    Kelly,I started this bible study solo but felt compelled by the Lord to share it with some friends. Wow! God is so amazing! As it turned out we all were going through some of the same things dealing with our legacy and how we were searching for answers as to just how God might use us in doing this. All three of us are Grandmothers, daughters, Mothers and wives. Sometimes the pressures and stresses of life leave us drained and we get tired and can’t see how we are possibly making a difference. But through the study of Ruth she showed us that we must keep on working and keep on striving to help others. She was such a strong woman. What a legacy she has left for us to follow! Thank you for listening to God’s gentle promptings to write this bible study for us. It was such a blessing to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! We just love you so much!!!

  44. 144
    Donita says:

    I loved every minute of Ruth!
    I was most touched not by new ideas or concepts, but by the way words appeared within the context upon the page.
    Here are the three that took my breath away. Words I had to share with others because they were too important for me to keep all by myself.

    “Why did Boaz show Ruth such kindness?” The word kindness sat in my mouth like a delicacy. Savoring, wondering, assessing, pondering. Trying to decipher all the flavors and what made it so sweet.

    “she walked away with something to offer someone else.” She got something, but the most important thing was that she had something to offer(!!) to someone else. I am surrounded my mommies and wives and women caring for aging parents. We needed to hear that! And to be reminded that we too have to go to the threshing floor.

    “This is the gospel. This is the gospel.” I had to put an exclamation point beside it. I had to share it with a friend. I had to let it weigh heavy upon me. I want those words to change me and everything I do. This is the gospel.

    Thank you for your time and research and humor and love for the Word. It is all worth it!

  45. 145
    Heather Smith says:

    I have 3 1/2 days left before I finish the study….and I am dreading it….I am dreading finishing it because I have LOVED it! I love how you share personal reflections, and make us do the same. I LOVE the recipes and can’t wait till my husband cooks them (Grin). We live in an area that is is too hot to cook! I did the study a few years ago and loved it then, but this was a favorite for sure! Thank you SO much. Keep ’em coming, PLEASE!!!

    Visalia, CA

  46. 146
    Sue Schwendemann says:

    Kelly, Thank you for doing such amazing summer study for us with Beth. You both ROCK. I will be doing NOG’S sometime soon also. When are you going to write another study and on what? This study spoke to about loss, for I do not know how much longer I have with my husband for he is really ill. Also remember something you said in one of your Ruth video’s. We need to learn to meet God on the threshing floor. I really need to learn to meet Him were ever. Also you Ruth CD was awesome. I LOVE your music, it rally speaks to me. You are truly a woman of God, may he keep you under His wing. Thanks again.


  47. 147
    Marie says:


    I was so blessed! My Kinsman Redeemer – WOW. I’ve read Ruth many times before but I have never connected the way I did through your beautiful study. Thank you so much. Can’t wait for the next one, but no pressure here. (smile)

  48. 148
    aztena says:

    Like everyone else I really enjoyed studying the book of Ruth using your Bible study this summer. I did it with a close group of friends from my larger year round Bible study group and it was really eye opening and perfect for the time in my life. I really wanted to stay in God’s word all summer Ruth was the perfect length. I also really like the voice you give to your Bible study I felt like you were my next door neighbor,I love that.That familiarity made it easy for me to really dig deep into myself when responding to the questions and thinking about the material. I also loved the design of the book…it is beautiful. I am a scrapbooker and I know you must be one too by the graphic design of your book. Our group enjoyed it so much I know we will be doing your other study sometime within the next few months. Thanks for everything! Tena

    PS I also bought the CD that coordinates with this study and I am really loving it too!

  49. 149
    Shannon Costanzo says:


    Thank you so much for sharing the book of Ruth with us. It was so awesome to see how God truly does weave things together. I was reminding to just keeping walking in His direction and He will make the path straight!
    I loved the idea of the recipes to share with the study group.
    Thank you,
    Kissimmee, Florida

  50. 150
    Deanna says:

    What an answer to prayer this study has been! My prayer for the last year and a half has been about transformation in my life and I’ve seen His hand at work over and over. Through this study, He has just tied up so many loose ends for me and has taught me how to open my hands and release the things I’ve had such a tight grip on. He’s taught me how to let Him lead me through the day instead of me doing my thing and asking Him to bless it. He’s taught me what it means to weep forward and to strengthen my spiritual core muscles. But best of all, He’s showing me what it means to actually live my life by my new name and how to wear my fancy new clothes every day. To God be the glory!

    Thank you SO much for answering His call. May all your days be blessed!

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