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Good Tuesday morning, Dear Siestas!

I pray your week is off to a great start! Mine started with a powerful sermon by my pastor, Gregg Matte, and an equally fabulous worship service on Sunday next to some of the people I love most in the world. Like numbers of you, I’ve been in the same congregation for many years and have deep investments in relationships there. Within six or seven rows of where we usually sit, I have dear friends from kindergarten to their seventies (yes, in our contemporary service). I’ve known many of the adolescents all their lives and have watched some of the young couples grow up, fall in love and get married. In fact, I stood with a few of them. My church is a wealth to me. I had the privilege of praying with one of my close 8 year-old friends at the altar on Sunday whose granddaddy is in the hospital and has her scared half to death. There’s just no way I can tell you what those moments mean to me.

I’m an early riser by habit but I was dead to the world Sunday morning and way overslept the clock. I got up rubbing my eyes and said to Keith, “Blast it, I’m up too late to get ready for church.” He very uncharacteristically said, “You can make it!” and I got ready in a record 45 minutes. (Keith does not have a churchy background and is not very churchy by routine. He is often very amused if I play hooky then act guilty about it all day. He’ll think of things to bait me then laugh his head off when I fall for them.) I told him never to expect me to get ready that quickly again but I was so glad we went. It was a truly great service.

My man is one of the most unique people I’ve ever known. He’ll say absolutely ANYTHING which means he’s been known to hurt my feelings on (frequent) occasion…but then he sends me a text while I’m out of town with just one sentence: Come home to me. And I do. I love him so much. He also does really unique things. When I got home Saturday night, I saw this pile on the kitchen counter:

He saw me staring and said, “Oh, I cut the fringe off that fancy pillow on the couch.”

I’m sitting here speechless just as I was that night. But I am bent over laughing. That’s my man. He thinks an ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure.

OK, my other random thing is that I have a new travel case for my Bible and computer. I AM SO HAPPY! Perhaps you are not a traveler and do not understand the great importance of your carry on. It is your best friend on the road. It’s under pressure to meet all manner of requirement like fitting in the overhead and going under the seat and rolling down an Express Jet aisle. It also has to be cooperative in the security line when you’re trying to pull your laptop in and out and put it on the conveyor belt. These are not small matters. It also has to fit the large box of Hot Tamales one of the guys from the production team gives me as a reward at the end of most conferences.

To tell you how challenging it is to find exactly the right bag, I have carried the same one for some 12 – shoot fire, maybe 14 – years. The handle is almost impossible to get up and down any more and it’s beat nearly to oblivion. I love it so much though. It’s been good to me. Loyal. I even feel a little guilty about the rest of this story.

Sabrina, my coworker, has tried so hard to get me a new one through the years but I always have a reason for rejecting this one or that one. About a month ago, Hawk and I were at the airport on the way to a conference when we spied a woman with the cutest powder blue bag I’d ever seen. It had never hit me that my bag could be useful AND darling. What was I thinking??? Anyway, we attacked her, got the information on the brand, and ORDERED THAT BABY. Rich and Ron from the LPL team have helped me haul that one black carry-on all over the United States for years. They were so shocked to see the new one, they were too frozen to even lift it in the car. “Whose is this??”

It’s mine! I just love it! And so far, through two trips, it’s passing all my flying tests. It’s a bit too wide for my taste but its cuteness is giving it the advantage at this point and is making it worth the trouble to turn side-ways down the aisle. I may get annoyed with that after a while. We’ll see how it goes.

My small group and I are loving our Ruth study so far! Like some of you, we are meeting each week with one another and every other week with the Siestas at large. The first week of homework is fantastic. Don’t you love it? If you’re doing a different study this summer, tell us what it is!

I cannot say enough about our St Louis group. They were absolutely incredible. God was so gracious to grant us a strong sense of His Presence. He is all we have to offer. All we have of value. So many Siestas were there! We tried hard to get the Siestas together at the end of it for a clandestine group picture but most of them didn’t see the slide we’d been slipping up on the screen during break times. I didn’t get to meet Sister Lynn and I was so ticked! I did, however, see her beautiful face out there. I also got to meet five of our other regulars who were so darling that I could hardly stand it.

Well, Siestas, I better get off of here and down stairs at LPM for lunch. We’re eating in today. You are on my mind every day. Just wanted to say hello!


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  1. 301
    Judie, West Texas Girl says:

    If it hurts my heart this badly to hear from those of you who feel you are “forgotten” or “invisible, how much more so must it hurt the heart of our Heavenly Father. I am so sorry that you are walking this path right now. But God is so much bigger, so much more Faithful, so much more Loving than any abuse, any rejection, any devastation that you may be experiencing right now. Hold fast! There is a strong host of prayer warriors out here lifting you to the Throne of Grace even as I write this. God is Good and you are deeply loved!

  2. 302
    carrie says:

    Beth I just had to let you know I dreamt about your new carry on last night, what a hoot! Do you think I spend too much time on this blog?!? 🙂

    God Bless you sweetie- you bless the heck out of me!

  3. 303
    Rhonda says:

    This is totally off-topic, but I had to share. My mom is headed for her furlough later this month, and is headed to Dallas. She and her friend were going to the Desperate for Jesus event on the 23rd just to hear you! But she called yesterday and said that they were unable to get tickets! They were all sold out. She is so dissapointed. We are headed back to the US in Sept, so
    I will try get catch up to one of your events while were are on furlough.
    BTW, I am doing the Esther study with my daughter who is 14. Loving it! Just finished seesion 2 and I was thinking that we are mean to those who are prettier or more talented because other people like prettier people and more talented people. We feel threatened because we feel that we will not be popular or even liked. As you very well pointed out in the Daniel study, this world likes the pretty, the young, the smart. Its hard not to feel threatened. Just a thought.

  4. 304


    I bought your book, So Long Insecurity, the 1st of May (right after the simucast, unbeknownst to me, and have almost finished reading it again for the second time. In addition to the immense help it has been to me personally,I find it and incredible tool for ministering to the students here at Calvary Commission, which is a missions training/Bible College, with a special emphasis on helping ex-offenders grow in the Lord and find a new life in Jesus. Thank you for this deep-heart contribution to the healing of women, and I’m sure men as well, even if indirectly.

    Are you planning a DVD Study on this, like the others we have so enjoyed and from which we have benefitted mightily? Eagerly awaiting your response (or that of staff), Love and gratitude in Christ, Carole

  5. 305
    Lindsee says:

    At first I thought those fringes were fish hooks or something. No lie! Hilarious! And that new bag? Adorable. I understand your love as I just got new luggage myself and it’s going through quite the initiation process this summer.

  6. 306
    Shan says:

    DESPARATE!!!!!!!! Don’t know what to do??????
    I just submitted a more detailed email via the Living Proof Ministry website. I NEED SOME MAJOR PRAYER!!!!

  7. 307
    Maria Cristina says:

    Sheesh, Siesta Mama and Siestas… I am appalled at the the rubbish-ness of my spelling… I meant to type:

    No-one, absolutely none of us is forgotten!! God has His eyes even on the smallest of sparrows!!!

  8. 308
    Erica says:

    Hi Siestas!
    I just wanted to say I think I finally did it! I have now read through every single reply to me and every single comment with my name on it that has been posted up to this point and I wanted to say THANK YOU! I NEVER EVER in my life expected so many people to answer my question. I asked God to please just let one person reply and if he has a sense of humor, I think he was rolling on the floor laughing at me when I checked my email and yelped because I couldn’t figure out how I suddenly had 100 new emails. And then he probably thought his sides were going to split when I realized they were all emails telling me someone had commented on my comment and my eyes bugged out.

    I apologize to any of you who asked me a question that I didn’t answer- I really did read your post and sent you a mental text message.

    I have already said it a googletrillionjillion times on here but THANK YOU!

    • 308.1
      Beth says:

      You darlin’ thing, you started something wonderful, now didn’t you? God was in it, Sweet Thing. It was good for all of us. So, so glad you’re here.

    • 308.2
      Johanna says:

      Hi Erica,
      When I read your post I knew the sweet Siestas would pack your doubt bag full of assurance. I wasn’t expecting how much your question would stir those old feelings or at least memories I had regarding God’s love for me. I vividly remember being tired of going to church and living life and still wondering if really I was loved by God. I was never as brave as you. I never asked, I didn’t want a trite answer that recited promises of the Bible, I wanted to know, really know that my life as it were was not going to always hurt. And then…I was invited to a Beth Moore Bible study. I don’t remember which one, however (this is pathetic) I can remember which hair do and outfit she was wearing when she mentioned parts of her testimony that were similar to mine. In that instant I had hope that God could love me and even use me. Granted the door opened but the work had only just begun. Here’s the part I have most felt led to share with you; when all hope seemed lost, I began reading in my NIV study Bible on my own without a planned course. I cried out to God to heal me and speak to me like He does Beth. This time it was a different cry than all the other times I had cried. In Hosea 7:14 it says, “They do not cry out to me from their hearts but wail upon their beds.” That was me, crying from consequences not the heart. Each day I would wake up and follow the pattern to praying I had learned from Beth; PRAISE. Praise, Repent, Acknowledge, Intercession, Supplication, and oops I forgot “e”. Anyhow since I would fall asleep praying I would write out my prayer. Many times I think writing “Ditto” the next day would’ve worked but I was banging on the door of hope. Then I would open up my Bible and begin reading first a chapter from Genesis, then Psalms, Proverbs and Matthew. And guess what? God began to speak to me. He answered those prayers through my daily reading. When a scripture didn’t make sense or it seemed like I needed to dig into it deeper I would either look at the footnotes or call my mentor or someone who could help me understand. Some did show me how to use a concordance to study on my own. Of course the pain of life didn’t instantly subside, it’s just that God’s word began to have life to me. Yesterday I had written you in my prayer journal. In my daily reading, these verses were impressed upon my heart to share with you, “My son, if you accept my words and store up my commands within you,turning your ear to wisdom and applying your heart to understanding, and if you call out for insight and cry alound for understanding, and if you look for it as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure, then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.” Proverbs 2:1-5 Erica, your question was just what I needed to reminisce and thank our Father once again for His love. He loves you Siesta, don’t quit asking Him how much until you can’t stop telling everyone how much He loves them too.

    • 308.3

      We are so glad you asked your question. You have blessed us as much as we’ve blessed you, Sweet Erica. I love the picture of God rolling around on the floor laughing when you realized He answered your prayer at least 100 times over. Blessings.

  9. 309
    Yanna says:

    As I studied this evening about Ruth gleaning the harvest and her work ethic it reminded me of a video testimony by Stephen Baldwin (actor) that my teenage son saw at church camp and shared with me when he came home. It’s worth listening to on youtube (he’s sitting on a white couch). Anyway in his testimony his housekeeper was asked by Mrs. Baldwin why she sang Jesus songs all the time didn’t she know any other genre. The housekeeper laughed and responded “I’m not here just to clean your house”. I want that kind of work ethic! I’m not here to work I’m here to serve God.

  10. 310
    heather says:

    So why did he feel the fringes needed to come off the pillow? Don’t know whether I would be able to laugh at that one. i guess it would depend on how much I liked the fringe or not 🙂

    Love the new bag! Maybe God will widen the aisles for you since it is just so darn cute! 🙂

  11. 311
    Lauren says:

    Beth – love that Keith left the pile, almost like a “prize” for you to find to show he “conquered the pillow”. Hehe.

    I’ve gathered with two of my good friends to do ‘Knowing God by Name: A Personal Encounter’ by Mary Kassain We are LOVING it! It is reminding us of exactly the things we know and have loved to learn about our God’s awesome character, but need such a constant reminder.

    Thank you for your ministry, it’s such a blessing to me!

  12. 312
    Eve says:

    Siesta Mama Beth,

    This post of yours made me smile. I’m a Mom of a little boy around sweet Jackson’s age and a little girl just 1 month younger than your beautiful Annabeth. I just did a post on my blog about my new diaper bag.


    And if you’re wondering who us girls listen to for Wednesday night Bible study that I mention on the above post – it’s you teaching about Esther. We LOVE you!

    Happy 4th of July!

  13. 313
    Darla Baerg says:

    Sorry … can’t read all the comments but was searching in the comments to see if anyone knew where the bag was from. It IS cute!

    And the fringe on the pillows?!? Leave it to Beth Moore to handle that well … and chalk it up to laughter. I’m afraid I would have … well, not handled it quite so well. 🙂

  14. 314

    I love the powder blue bag, it’s like a splash of color:) It’s fun:) I like the random posts, they make me smile:)
    I am doing another study, When Godly People Do Ungodly Things, and at the same time as the Ruth Study. I was asked to come by a girl I know at church. I had bought the member book about two years ago while going through treatments. I read the book in 2003. I think it is finally time to do the study.

  15. 315
    Riverstones... Ontario says:

    I ju

  16. 316
    Dinah O says:

    Our group is doing your video “The Power of Words” this summer. It’s from Wednesday’s With Beth on Life Today. I love those cds! We listen to 20 minutes of Beth each week and then go over the scriptures and talk and pray. Good stuff! We have 20 women meeting for six weeks.

  17. 317
    Janelle says:

    We are doing Kay Arthur’s Precept Genesis Part 4. It has been awesome. We are learning much about the faithfulness of God’s promises and how much He loves us. We have learned an abundance.

  18. 318
    Dee says:

    Would you please pray for my job situation? I’ve been laid off for 15 months. My husband is disabled.

    Thank you!

  19. 319
    Janetta says:

    Hey all, I attended the conference in St. Louis, MO. On the second day, I can’t remember if it was after the break or in the morning before we started, There was a woman that did a really fun little arobic type play acting to music, I think it could be considered an ice breaker of sorts. We are having a womens retreat in a couple weeks and thought that would be so fun to do in the morning of the second day to get everyones blood a pumpen! Do you know how how could get a copy of that or suggestions on how to create one myself?
    I loved the conference and I can’t wait for the next time I am able to attend another! In His Service, Janetta

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