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Good Tuesday morning, Dear Siestas!

I pray your week is off to a great start! Mine started with a powerful sermon by my pastor, Gregg Matte, and an equally fabulous worship service on Sunday next to some of the people I love most in the world. Like numbers of you, I’ve been in the same congregation for many years and have deep investments in relationships there. Within six or seven rows of where we usually sit, I have dear friends from kindergarten to their seventies (yes, in our contemporary service). I’ve known many of the adolescents all their lives and have watched some of the young couples grow up, fall in love and get married. In fact, I stood with a few of them. My church is a wealth to me. I had the privilege of praying with one of my close 8 year-old friends at the altar on Sunday whose granddaddy is in the hospital and has her scared half to death. There’s just no way I can tell you what those moments mean to me.

I’m an early riser by habit but I was dead to the world Sunday morning and way overslept the clock. I got up rubbing my eyes and said to Keith, “Blast it, I’m up too late to get ready for church.” He very uncharacteristically said, “You can make it!” and I got ready in a record 45 minutes. (Keith does not have a churchy background and is not very churchy by routine. He is often very amused if I play hooky then act guilty about it all day. He’ll think of things to bait me then laugh his head off when I fall for them.) I told him never to expect me to get ready that quickly again but I was so glad we went. It was a truly great service.

My man is one of the most unique people I’ve ever known. He’ll say absolutely ANYTHING which means he’s been known to hurt my feelings on (frequent) occasion…but then he sends me a text while I’m out of town with just one sentence: Come home to me. And I do. I love him so much. He also does really unique things. When I got home Saturday night, I saw this pile on the kitchen counter:

He saw me staring and said, “Oh, I cut the fringe off that fancy pillow on the couch.”

I’m sitting here speechless just as I was that night. But I am bent over laughing. That’s my man. He thinks an ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure.

OK, my other random thing is that I have a new travel case for my Bible and computer. I AM SO HAPPY! Perhaps you are not a traveler and do not understand the great importance of your carry on. It is your best friend on the road. It’s under pressure to meet all manner of requirement like fitting in the overhead and going under the seat and rolling down an Express Jet aisle. It also has to be cooperative in the security line when you’re trying to pull your laptop in and out and put it on the conveyor belt. These are not small matters. It also has to fit the large box of Hot Tamales one of the guys from the production team gives me as a reward at the end of most conferences.

To tell you how challenging it is to find exactly the right bag, I have carried the same one for some 12 – shoot fire, maybe 14 – years. The handle is almost impossible to get up and down any more and it’s beat nearly to oblivion. I love it so much though. It’s been good to me. Loyal. I even feel a little guilty about the rest of this story.

Sabrina, my coworker, has tried so hard to get me a new one through the years but I always have a reason for rejecting this one or that one. About a month ago, Hawk and I were at the airport on the way to a conference when we spied a woman with the cutest powder blue bag I’d ever seen. It had never hit me that my bag could be useful AND darling. What was I thinking??? Anyway, we attacked her, got the information on the brand, and ORDERED THAT BABY. Rich and Ron from the LPL team have helped me haul that one black carry-on all over the United States for years. They were so shocked to see the new one, they were too frozen to even lift it in the car. “Whose is this??”

It’s mine! I just love it! And so far, through two trips, it’s passing all my flying tests. It’s a bit too wide for my taste but its cuteness is giving it the advantage at this point and is making it worth the trouble to turn side-ways down the aisle. I may get annoyed with that after a while. We’ll see how it goes.

My small group and I are loving our Ruth study so far! Like some of you, we are meeting each week with one another and every other week with the Siestas at large. The first week of homework is fantastic. Don’t you love it? If you’re doing a different study this summer, tell us what it is!

I cannot say enough about our St Louis group. They were absolutely incredible. God was so gracious to grant us a strong sense of His Presence. He is all we have to offer. All we have of value. So many Siestas were there! We tried hard to get the Siestas together at the end of it for a clandestine group picture but most of them didn’t see the slide we’d been slipping up on the screen during break times. I didn’t get to meet Sister Lynn and I was so ticked! I did, however, see her beautiful face out there. I also got to meet five of our other regulars who were so darling that I could hardly stand it.

Well, Siestas, I better get off of here and down stairs at LPM for lunch. We’re eating in today. You are on my mind every day. Just wanted to say hello!


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  1. 51
    rene sandifer says:

    WHAAATTTT? Cutting fringe off the pillow?!!! Seriously, being a designer by profession, I just gotta say, why?! What did it ever do to you? hahaha That’s like cutting someone’s bangs too short….
    Secondly….ask any of my clients and they will tell you my ‘design philosophy’ is to make it functional first, and then make it as darling as possible. Do think the blue bag fits both! Congratulations, well done!! : )
    And third, Ooohhhh, I am SO,SO sad…what slide?!!! I am like seista Amy D. who DID NOT see any such slide. Looked for anyone who might somehow have a ‘sign’ on their forehead saying I’m a seista!! haha…missed it altogether…think I just may turn my pic sideways, too, Amy, just thinking about it! (and amy, look at it this way, I don’t know how to do it, either, but it is sure easy to remeber who you are when you’re talking!! love it!!)

    xoxo, rene : )

  2. 52
    Debbie says:


    Where did you get the blue bag? I want to get one! Thanks!

  3. 53
    Ruth says:

    LOVE the bag and the color. I have weakness for purses/bags/carriers of any kind…searched for MONTHS for the perfect diaper bag last year when I was pregnant so even though I don’t do much traveling I TOTALLY appreciate the need for the perfect carry-on bag!!!! SO glad you wrote today Beth — it’s always a blast to hear from you!!! I’m not doing the Ruth study right now but want to at some point, especially because I have a special place in my heart for her as I share her name ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ It looks like a great study!!! Blessings to you on this Tuesday!!!

  4. 54
    Donna says:

    Beth, I always love your random posts and a glimpse into your “real” life. You must have the patience of Job….I would have ‘killed’ my husband if he had cut the fringe off of anything that I had bought with a purpose….does this make me a terrible wife? Did he give you a reason for cutting it off? There might be a perfectly good explanation for the fringe having to go :o) Our study group at church is still in “Here & Now…” and absolutely loving it. We just did session #7….amazing & awesome. Thank you for being obedient to God in your devotion to His word and sharing with others. Thank you again, Beth, for wanting to share your life & family in Siestaville…gives me a somewhat feeling of being good friends…I like that about you.

    • 54.1
      Kathy B says:

      I’m so glad to read your response about the fringe, Donna. I certainly don’t think that makes you a terrible anything. My knee-jerk reaction was that heads would most certainly roll! You know, in a spiritual sort of way.

      • Donna says:

        Thank you for your response, Kathy….glad to know that I am not the only Siesta with that thought…lol! And, of course, my husband would have been ‘slain’ in a spiritual way :o) Have a great 4th weekend!

  5. 55
    Missy S says:

    Great to hear from you, Beth! Your carry-on bag is darling! Thought about your family last night b/c I made King Ranch Chicken for my hubby. I’d been wanting to try it for a while, but hadn’t gotten around to until yesterday. Anyway, we both loved it! Thanks for the recipe!

  6. 56
    Rebecca says:

    Love the post your bag is cute, love the color and the pillow fringe is so funny. I could see Keith doing just that. You talk about it’s like I know him. My girls group is doing Esther by some famous, wonderful and very Godly author we all know and love. We are have a blast and have plaaned what we are going to next summer. Same author!

    Dear Erica,
    I know God loves me because of my changed life. He has changed me from a selfcentered, man loving, drugs, boozed, unhappy person to a loving, caring person who puts other people first, who bows before the most loving God. He shows me His love by being there for me in every situation in my life, His guiding hand leads to paths He has for planned for me and He never fails me. Is my life perfect, no but with Him I can get through the worst of times. His love is so great for us that He sent his Son to die for our sins. I did nothing to earn this, He gave this to me, see He loved me first I needed to love Him next. I can just tell you to LOVE Him, He will take care of the rest. Tell Him daily that you love Him and need Him in your life and then hold on for the ride of your life, I will never turn from Him!!!
    Love you Beth and I will be praying for you Erica!

  7. 57

    Aw please get that blue bag monogrammed with your sweet name! I LOVE IT!!!
    Also, that is so my husband. Rod took the buttons off of our couch pillows. I was so mad but it really gets hilarious after a while. He even broke the ends off of a curtain rod because they were too fancy. I guess they didn’t go with the deer head in the living room.
    Cracking me up!
    Headed to finish up some revelation! so sad!

    • 57.1
      Yolanda says:

      My Man and I are going to ‘dig’ into Revelation on vacation. Looking forward to that time together, in The Word.

      Love to you,

  8. 58
    Sue says:

    Doing a study this summer with my 16 year old daughter and 13 year old son. It is “The Search for Significance” by Robert S McGee.

    Sue, Visalia, CA

  9. 59
    kendal says:

    I’m facing major church change in the very near future and i am at once excited about possibilities and frozen in fear because I know what the yellow stairs smell like and where the secret bathroom is and what the front door sounds like and and and and. Amber, at the run amuck wrote about the belly of the whale today. i think i might be there. anyway, you wrote about church….

    • 59.1
      Andrea S. says:

      Praying for God’s blessing on the new church. We made a decision to switch churches in January and have been so blessed. I pray that you will be welcomed with open arms into a new flock and know in your heart that God lead you to that change!

      In Him,

      • Teresa says:

        Andrea S – We switched churches last fall, from a tiny church of 50 regular members that was 10 min away to a mega church of 4,000+ that was 40 min away. My whole family has been blessed. My sisterinlaw likes to come with too.

  10. 60
    Kiki says:

    I came home once to visit my parents only to find that my dad had cut the fringe off a large oriental rug in the family room. It has since been replaced:)

  11. 61
    kathypinkbicyclearkansas says:

    It was great time in STL. God did indeed show up. It was so fun to meet you and we had the same toe nail polish! When I broke my foot I had that polish on and my doctor called it to everyone’s attention on the x-ray – ha! It was also great to meet new Siesta’s that I had not got to meet before. That’s always fun!

  12. 62
    kathypinkbicyclearkansas says:


    What was Ketih thinking, why did he do that? I would shoot him on the spot! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. 63
    Sandra says:

    Hi Beth. Just have to let you know that your posts always brings a smile to my face. I just happen to be home with a cold. What’s with that, being the middle of the year. Have to tell you that I had decided to do another bible study this summer instead of the one you picked. It is called Sweeter than Chocolate! An Inductive Study of Hebrews 11 by Pam Gillaspie. I found it through Precept Ministries a few months ago. I am in my second week and finding it to be awesome. The best nugget I have already found is BlueLetterBible.org. What a great website. Now I can feel smart by finding Hebrew and Greek words and their meanings. I’ve always had a hard time using Strongs Complete Dictionary. Also, I will learn the Greek alphabet while doing the study which is exciting. P.S. I would like to see what the pillow looks like now that it has had a fringe “hair” cut. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. 64
    Melissa says:


    You are right. Sometimes God seems terrifying and confusing. He is the Almighty. We are human beings. Of course, we are confused! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don’t have a simple answer to your question and I, by no means am the authority on this, but I will tell you how I know He loves me. First of all, it is about faith. I believe that The Bible is the inerrant Word of God–that it is “God-breathed”. The Bible tells us of His love for us over and over again, and ultimately how He gave His Son for us. (For His love of us!) Secondly, I know God loves me because I see Him working in my life. I see myself and my family making it through situations where there is no way to deny that it was only Him who got us through.

    I don’t know about you, but for me, I knew it in my head MUCH sooner than I knew it in my heart! I knew God loved me, but it took my being able to RECEIVE His love before really feeling it in my heart. I always felt so UNDESERVING of His love for me because of things that I had done in my life, but guess what? I finally figured out that none of us DESERVE it. He just pours out His love freely on us and all we have to do is receive.

    I hope that helps!

    In His Love,

  15. 65
    Dana says:

    Just have to say that I’m busy as a bee at work but just had to check in and see any new posts. I had to put my hands over my mouth to not howl out loud over the fringe and pillow incident! HI-LAR-IOUS! Thanks for making me laugh cause the evil devil has been tryin to steal my joy! He lost! God wins….again!

    That’s how I know God loves me. He makes me laugh. He teaches me cause He loves me. When I flub up He picks me up. When I do something that pleases Him, He lets me know. I could just go on and on about our great and glorious God.

    Love the new bag. It’s very pretty.

  16. 66
    Katie says:

    Love your new bag Beth! And LOVED seeing you in St. Louis this weekend!!! It felt like a dream come true! I think I am about to push my husband over the edge with, “oh, and Beth Moore said the funniest thing…” moments about every hour since getting home from the conference!

  17. 67
    Sara says:

    That is so funny about the laptop bag because I’d been on the SAME search. But not for me, for my mother. Since I work for the airlines, my husband, son, parents and I all have unlimited free travel, so you better believe we’re always flying. My mom has this old, over the shoulder laptop bag that breaks her shoulder everytime she travels, so I’ve been on the search for one for her, but they’re ridiculously expensive! I was even willing to shell out a couple hundred dollars, to which she nearly had a conniption. Anyways, we were walking by a garage sale and I saw a BRAND-NEW condition Samsonite rolling laptop case (which retail for $200)!!! After I gasped I asked the seller how much and he said, “Ummm, how ’bout $10?” It was such a small thing but to me it was HUGE and I could not have been happier to give it to my mama! Nothing is too small for the Lord!

  18. 68
    Judy Baggett says:

    Response to Erica – my dear I know that God loves me because my life has been filled with many blessings and God has stood in the gap for me more than once in my life but for sure 7 years ago I had a double knee replacement at the same time and I also was diagnosed with breast cancer while I was getting physicals for the knee replacements. Fastest growing cancer you can have – it had appeared in my body from August the date of my last mammogram and January when I had the second mammogram to please my doctor so I could get my knees replaced. God loved me and saved me twice that year alone. He provided me healing, he also provided me with proper medicine, new friends at the clinic all suffering cancer, and old friends and angels helping take care of me. A very understanding and wonderful husband. Two very wonderful children who were very supportive. Complete strangers offering helping hands and on and on. He has blessed me with making new friends on the public transit system, and everywhere I go. I only had to look back at my life to see all the wonders God has done for me and I know that He is very loving and understanding. I think that God provides love through this ministry of Siesta Mama Beth all the woman I have emailed and meet in person from this blog were very loving and caring woman and they loved and felt the love of God in their life.

    Hope this helps you know that God loves you!


  19. 69
    KarenMO says:

    Beth, thank you so much for your insightful translation of God’s word, and your ability to explain it to me! God’s Spirit was SO THERE in St. Louis. I felt so blessed to be there, and “bathing” in the Grace of God. I have to say that when I saw the golden tassels,I thought it was something Keith had used to keep your memory alive while you were away, but I wasn’t even close. And I got a big laugh from your observation that he thinks pretentiousness is worth manure. I’d say he’s got it about right. May God continue to bless you with unfailing ability to make God’s word something we can understand. Thanks for St. Louis!

  20. 70
    Valerie says:

    To Erica:

    I know God loves me because right now I can barely write the few words I have without feeling HIM moving inside of me. He is the lifter of my head. He keeps me going by letting me know HE is near. He does this through many things from music, people, circumstances, creation, my husband, and just the changes in my own self. There is NO WAY to explain the changes inside me except that I have a personal relationship with a LOVING GOD who loves me enough to relentlessly challenge me to become more like HIM. I know God loves me because the plan I am living would have to be HIS. I could never have thought of it. Some of the best ways He shows His love to me is in times of darkness, discouragement, angst. I feel Him. Soemtimes He shows His love through unexpected provision. Sometimes He shows me how to do something or helps me BE something that someone needs for me to be. I stand amazed that He gives me a moment of HIS time and yet I have learned He can do no less. He loves me even when I don’t know it and He loves me all the time. I stand amazed.

  21. 71
    Brenda says:

    haha, Keith the interior decorator, I love it, I’m still laughing over that one!!! Love your new bag, hope it becomes a good buddy just like your old one was!

    God Bless!

  22. 72
    Kristen says:

    For the life of me……I can’t quite figure this posting thing out! I thought I gave you a reply Erica, so if this repeats itself I apologize. Of course, the love of God is worth repeating. ๐Ÿ™‚

    This answer is not well-researched but I wanted to tell you something quickly because if you’re like me, you check every 2 minutes for a response & I just couldn’t let you go any longer without someone answering. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Okay, my 8 month old just bit the FOOL out of my big toe….if that tells you anything about my train of thought!)

    God never let’s me get too far away from Him without pulling me back to Himself. I can’t imagine anyone doing that with someone that they’re not crazy about, you know? I mean, honestly, the first thing I do when someone I don’t like finally leaves me alone is not go run after them & bring them back! He always gives me something whether it be from His Word, others around me, or His convicting Spirit to know when I’ve gone too far & He’s missing me. He never seems to get tired of teaching me new things. I know because He keeps doing it over & over again.

    Don’t get me wrong. He is a little intimidating sometimes but as long as I remember that everything He does is out of love then I’m ok. He promises this all throughout His Word & says that all things work for my good, whether I get it or not. Really, His Word is a MAJOR reason I know He loves me.

    I hope this helps & isn’t just rambling to you! Please let me know if you have any more questions. I will try my best to answer. My e-mail address is [email protected]. I’ll be praying Ephesians 3:16-19 for you, Girl!

  23. 73
    Katie says:

    Haha, I love the pillow fringe thing…good thing my husband doesn’t read this blog, you’d be giving him ideas. He gave one of my fringy decorative pillows that he couldn’t stand to the dogs to lay on. It’s a good thing I only paid $5 for it on clearance.

  24. 74
    KMSmom86 says:

    12 dear friends met in my living room for our study of Ruth this morning. Jan brought vanilla ice cream with the almonds and whipped cream recipes from Kelly Minter’s study book. It was delicious! We had a great discussion about why Ruth stayed with Naomi. We also shared about our mothers-in-law and their influence in our lives. Some of it was sweet – some was painful.

    When it was time for everyone to leave, rain was pouring down outside! My 13-year-old son got our big umbrella and walked ladies to their cars. It was sooo sweet. I tried to tell him about his being “hesed” to us and he just looked at me. Oh well.

    We have a special group doing the study: Peggy, Vestal, Shirley, Gayle, Libbie, Mary, Sharon, Nell, M.J., Carla, Jan, and Jolene. We hope that Shelley and Linda will join us next week.

  25. 75
    Brenda says:

    In response to Erica;
    Our God IS loving. He loves you more than words can say. It is through faith that I know He loves me. Keep your chin up, He loves you, He loves all people! We are each unique and special in His eyes. God Bless you, and I pray that God will show is wonderful, majestic love to you!

  26. 76
    Tracy Leary says:

    So please post where you ordered the powder blue bag from? I too need a new one and love it! (Maybe in a different color though)

    Tracy Leary
    Richlands, NC

    p.s. How many days ’til RIIIICCCHHHMMMMOOOONNNNDDD???

    • 76.1
      KaraLinaFan says:

      LOL…you wouldn’t want a different color because of its gorgeous Carolina Blue-ness, would you? ๐Ÿ™‚ Bless ya, Tracy

      Kara McAbee
      Concord, NC

  27. 77
    KaRetha says:

    Beth, your new bag is too cute and I can’t believe Keith cut off the fringe of a pillow. We are doing the study “Faithful, Abundant and True”. Also, we’re headed to Birmingham in December. Thanks for loving our Savior and serving Him by loving us. Also, this is for ERICA, I know that God loves me because He sent His Son Jesus to die for me and then, the best part, He rose again so that we can live forever with Him. He delivered me from Mormonism and continues to love me and forgive me when I fall. Even through cancer, He’s been faithful. My prayer for you is that you will meet Him and know His love and forgiveness. He walks the pages of His Word, my Bible. Search for Him there, for when you do, you will find Him.

  28. 78
    Kathy B says:

    I’m not sure which one’s funnier: the fringe or the 45 minutes. Once again I think my husband would so love your husband. When we first married, I said it was time to get ready for church on Sunday night. He answered, “Why in the world would we do that? We’ve already been there for two hours today! Those preachers don’t mind ’cause they’re gettin’ paid.” Bless him. Those of you who are preacher’s wives, my apologies. He knew not of what he spoke. And you could almost call him “churchy” these days.

  29. 79

    I do not concern myself with being exactly on time for church. (My husband is Catholic and attends his own church every single week at the horrible hour of 7 AM. So I don’t have to worry about making him late, which he never is. Only if that were the only church service in town, would I attend something that early!)

    I am lucky that my church has a choice of services at 5P Saturday, and 8, 9;30, and 11 AM Sunday. My preference is Saturday because it is SO casual. No makeup, jeans/shorts and t-shirts are commonly seen.

    I shouldered the responsibility of getting our three boys to my non-denominational church all through their growing up years and both my husband and I instilled in them that “you do not miss church unless you are sick”.

    My youngest just finished his freshman year at college, an hour away from home. His roommate, a non-practicing baptised Catholic, who is very anti-church, asked him about 3/4 of the way through the school year, “So how do you like not going to church?” (now that you are at school, sleeping in on Sunday mornings) My son said he replied, “That’s the main reason I go home so much on the weekends.” Made my heart SO happy to hear that!

    Which reminds me, we need to get busy searching out/attending a church for him to attend when he doesn’t come home on weekends. He is shy about doing it on his own.

  30. 80
    Christy says:

    O Beth, I am so upset at myself right now!!! I totally did not see the slide!!!! I wanted so badly to speak to you and to have had that priviledge would have made my whole trip even more awesome than it was! You were just a few feet from me, I am the one who brought my husband and sat next to Mrs. Cozy. I hope to one day be blessed to wrap my arms around your sweet little neck!!! I am so blessed to a siesta and am sick that I missed my chance!

  31. 81
    Tammy says:

    Dear Erica,

    There are so many times in my life that I KNOW that God has and is here with me. It is hard in this life right now to find joy. I am going through a huge trial in my life right now and sounds like you are also. Do I fail in my faith every day? Yes, but God loves me and I KNOW that he loves you too. Read his words again. Keep on this wonderful LPM blog for support. I am praying for you to find God’s unfailing love. Take care and please let us know how you are doing. You will find the support you need from God and this blog.

  32. 82
    Tracy Leary says:

    This is also a random reply….Last weekend my husband and I attended our yearly marriage retreat hosted by Fellowship of Christian Athletes at the Cove (heaven on Earth) in Asheville, NC. It is always a marvelous weekend soaked by the Holy Spirit. FCA is such a glorious organization winning young souls for Jesus Christ. The retreat is not just for coachs. So I highly recommend to anyone. You can register next January at fca.org.

    Any way, Dennis Swanberg provided comedy relief at the conference. He is a former pastor turned comedian and I almost pee’d on myself because he is so funny. Beth – you really should get him for some kind of event. Part of his talent is he immitates EVERY well known preacher and evangelist in the world. Even though we were at Bill Graham’s own training center, Swanberg’s impression of Dr. Billy Graham is right on! If you closed your eyes, you would have thought Dr. Graham was right in front of you. And, Beth, he does a little bit of you too!!! You would be tickled! He’s got you down.

    Crawford and Karen Loritts were the guest speakers and talked on a married couple’s place with God and then bringing our children either into manhood or womanhood. Fabulous stuff! Just great!

    Finally, our worship was led by a young lady in which I was not familiar. Her name is Laura Story. Wow! and Wow! She is the songwriter behind Chris Tomlin’s number 1 hit Undescribable. She is the worship leader and Women’s minister at her church in Atlanta. http://www.laurastorymusic.com If you get to see her live any time, please do. Her story is so compelling and so real. She has a huge heart for the Lord and is a special talent.

    So that’s my random thoughts for now…Oh, and I got to meet 2 time softball Olympic gold medalist, Dot Richardson. She loves Jesus too! and was a participant in the conference not a speaker. Of course my hubby asked if she could get Jenny Finches’ autograph. (maybe some of you know who these people are. my life as a coach’s wife)

    If your child’s school has a FCA chapter, make sure your child gets involved. We are preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ all across the country in our public schools , private schools, and colleges through this organization.


    Tracy Leary
    Richlands, NC

  33. 83
    Kelly says:

    I was at LPL in St. Louis this past weekend, and I want to thank you for serving us. I have done many of your studies, and God has used what I learned from them to challenge and heal me. It was so nice to see you face to face for the first time. A few of us from our group were able to snag seats close to the stage on Saturday morning, and it was a real treasure to be able to make eye contact with you who have mentored me through some tough times from your written words and videos. I appreciate you, and I am so excited to not only apply what I learned from this past weekend to my own life, but to incorporate it into what I’m working on for my middle school girls at church. It fits perfectly with what I’ve already been working on! I love how God reveals things to us in His perfect timing!

    The fringe on the counter made me giggle, by the way. I never really want to know what in the world goes through boys’ minds. ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. 84
    Warm in Alaska says:

    Love the bag! Love your Sunday Morning Pew Posse talk! (That has been one of the hardest things about changing home churches a few years ago: missing my pew posse – even though we sat in chairs. But slowly – at our new church, now I can look around and recognize faces and families and feel like we belong. And – thank goodness for Facebook – b/c it’s enabled me to keep in touch with our dear friends from our other church who we desperately love. I may not see them on Sundays – but weirdly I know almost more what’s going on in their lives now thru FB!)

    And loved, LOVED your newest Keith Account. If he ever really does drive you to too much distraction, just send him our way and my husband (a relocated former West Texan) can cart him off to the wilds of Alaska to fish and hunt and make a right regular ruckus somewhere in the woods with their guns and bows and arrows and four wheelers and —- well, you get the idea.

    Have a happy day, Siestas! (Don’t you just love Ruth and Kelly???!!!)

  35. 85
    Casey says:

    Mama Beth, I’ll get to you in a moment…

    @ Erica…I know because I know because I know. That was not always the case. I grew up believing I had to be perfect before God would love me. I was terrified that every little thing I did wrong would surely be the end for me. I don’t know if you fear the same thing..if you do, DON’T BELIEVE IT..IT IS A LIE FROM THE PIT OF HELL!


    Having said that, the simplest scripture reference I can give you is one of the most well-known, but it is the essence of God’s love.

    John 3:16 “”For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,[a] that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”

    Also Jeremiah 1:5a “”Before I formed you in the womb I knew [a] you, before you were born I set you apart;

    Erica, what that says is the Father knew you and loved you before He created the world and He loves you so much that He sent Christ to die for our sins so YOU CAN BE FREE!

    I will pray for you my sister. And if you want some more scriptures to read and memorize so they can be your weapons against that evil liar, please email me at [email protected]. It would be my privilege to help you.


    Your Siesta,
    Casey in Fort Pierce FL

    Dear Mama Beth,

    I just love you! Thank you for this forum to be able to encourage another siesta who suffers from the same struggles that kept me in bondage for all but the last 4 years of my life.

    Bless you!


  36. 86
    Robin says:

    The fringe off the pillow is too funny!!!! As a frequent traveler myself I completely understand the need for a functional yet fun bag! Which is especially difficult if you want a rolling bag as well. Looks like you made a great choice!

  37. 87
    Charlie says:

    I love that bag! It makes me want to go somewhere. As it is, I’ll only be heading to Wal-Mart today with my diaper bag. Good times.

    This summer, my Sunday school class and I are going to do “When Wallflowers Dance: Becoming a woman of righteous confidence.” Just into the first week and expecting God’s definitely up to something here. Might jump in on Ruth anyway…I bought the study and have begun b/c I love that book so much!

  38. 88
    Amanda says:

    Are you serious?!!! I watched the slides and I still missed the photo thing! Shoot….oh well….maybe next time! Thanks so much for an incredible weekend!

  39. 89
    Heather Smith says:

    This is my first post on this wonderful blog… and I just had to share: I just finished Steppin’ Up! It was AMAZING! I am doing it all by myself here in Lewiston, Idaho. What a blessing it has been. I feel like I learned so much. God is so faithful to show up in new and exciting ways and in the PERFECT way for each and every season. He is so personal!

    I love your new airport carry on… And I have to share a funny little story related to airports and you, Beth! A friend of mine from high school just got back from a fabulous anniversary trip with her hubby to Hawaii. She posted all sorts of wonderful photos. But the one that got the most comments on facebook (including one from me!) was the one of her with you in the Denver airport! Her husband said that they could have just turned around and not even gone to Hawaii at that point… Her trip had been MADE! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Beth, thank you for this community and the blog posts. I love reading it. It is a wonderful blessing to be in community with women around the world who meet here with Jesus as their center. Thank you for being faithful and the hard work you do in ministering to us. I know Jesus more deeply because of you!

    I can’t wait to see you in Spokane. I am already praying for you as you prep! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Off to put my babies to naptime. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a blessed day, everyone!

  40. 90
    Roxanne Worsham says:

    Hello Mama Beth!

    I have two church families that I love like crazy! I worship on Saturday nights with one and Sunday mornings with the other. As a matter of fact, my baby brother and his family showed up for the second service this past Sunday after I had already attended the first service. So I had a TRIPLE dose this past weekend!
    I needed every bit of it, too!

    I was wondering if I could have my Siestas pray for my son. While we were on a mission trip to Brazil, my son was at the beach during some free time. A huge wave knocked the fire out of him ( 15 years old) and dislocated his shoulder and separated his labrum. Praise God he did not drown! I know the Lord gave His angels charge over my son. He is scheduled for surgery on July 13. His name is Rob and any prayers offered on his behalf would be so greatly appreciated.

    My worst fears came true – being in a foreign country, not being able to speak Portuguese, and having to go to the ER. BUT GOD….. He showed Himself so big to me!

    When the ambulance people were trying to stabilize and immobilize my only child, he was writhing in pain! It was so unbearable for me that I had to turn and walk away and just bawl my eyes out. Just for a moment, I got a glimpse or taste of what it must have been like for God the Father to have to turn away from Jesus, His only Son when Jesus was on the cross for my sins. I am not trying to compare the two, but I did get a glimpse of the agony and torment that my God must have felt. As I was “ugly crying” into my shirt and walking away from Rob, I felt these arms wrap around me and a voice begin to pray over me. It was my dear friend, Kristen. She was the Holy Spirit with skin on to me at that moment. It made me wonder if the Holy Spirit was comforting Jesus as He shed His blood for me and if the Holy Spirit was comforting God as He had to turn His back to His Son.

    God has taught me some huge lessons in this ordeal. I trust HIM and love HIM more than I ever have.

    I certainly would covet your prayers.

    Blessings in abundance in the name of Christ Jesus!

    Love you!!

  41. 91
    Becky says:

    Oh how I wish I was at a church like that!
    I had to bow out (before starting) the SSBS, I really have been wanting to do that study, maybe later on. I’m working hard on a very important part of my life and it is requiring a lot of time and effort. Dear Siestas if you would please, I could really use your prayers on this…….my marriage.

    • 91.1
      Andrea S. says:

      Heavenly Father,
      You have placed marriage so clearly on my heart lately. You’ve been asking me over and over how I can improve my marriage, but also asking me to take a look and see how I am wounding it. Lord-the little things of this world sometimes trip us up the most, and the big things of this world make us feel like we are going to fall over the edge. I pray for Becky today and ask for your hand upon her and her husband. I pray that you would bless them with healing over the big wounds and the little ones too. Lord-you want us all to be successful in marriage, help Becky and her husband to lean on you and come out of this thing stronger on the other side, praising you for the work you do in us!


  42. 92
    cheryl says:

    Do you know what that mess looks like? I thought when I saw it the first time it was where he had peeled and cleaned some shrimp!!! That is so funny!!
    Love your new bag I am joining the group requesting to know where you got it?

  43. 93
    Julie says:

    We’ve been meeting in my home every summer for nine years now, 9-10 women gathering for Bible study. This summer we’re doing the new Breaking Free, and today’s video was Session 4. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. I think some of us have new hope and new strategies today after watching that teaching, Beth. Thank you! Thank you for putting yourself out there for people like us. Then I called another friend and her husband who are going through hard times, and asked them to come over to watch the same session. I knew it would touch them. They cried, I cried again, and I am feeling hopeful today after a long, dark season. It’s still dark, but the difference today is this: it’s not dark and despairing….it’s dark and hopeful. Dear Jesus, please bless Beth today in a way she knows is only You, for her, in just the way she needs. Tell her all that she’s doing is worth it. Love to you, Beth….

  44. 94
    Pamela says:

    Beth you are too cute! Find me a bag with a paisley design!! Regarding Bible studies…I am currently walking out of a painful time and so I had started Kay Arthurs study, “Lord Heal My Hurts” and also working through “Lord, Only You Can Change Me”. The two go so well together and keep me quite busy. Also doing a new scripture verse each week! My spiral was my saving grace and literally carried me through my pain. Kept my mind focused and gave me such peace. It would literally transform my whole being. I even pulled out last years spiral and reviewed those scriptures. It is so amazing how they come back to be that balm we need in difficult times. I bought my husband a spiral. He is giving it a try!!!

    You are such a blessing!!

    Believing Him~Pamela

  45. 95
    Charlie says:


    How do I “know” God loves me?

    That’s hard to answer simply because it should be so easy. The simple answer comes straight from my 4-year-old’s favorite song: “The Bible tells me so.” But, while that’s how my head knows God loves me, my heart works a little differently.

    One of the ways I know God loves me is because I know what it is to be unloved, to fear I’ll always be abandoned. And, I know the peace that comes by taking those fears to Christ.

    As a young girl during times of feeling especially unloved, I would pray “God I need to feel your arms around me.” I don’t know how to explain it, but somehow, I always did. God’s word says, “The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you,he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.” (Zephaniah 3:17)

    That is what I felt him do at those times…and many times since. In fact, when I have felt most forsaken, I remember that he said in Isaiah 49:15-16 “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you! See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.”

    Then I think of those hands….they were pierced for me. “Greater love has no man than this that he lay down his life for his friends.” And, that’s exactly what Christ did for me.

    I doubt. A lot. I doubt myself. I doubt my salvation at times (just being honest here). But I cannot doubt what he did and the only explanation for it: love.

    I will pray that he will give you the ability to take the first step in knowing he loves you, which is choosing to believe he does.

  46. 96
    Kimberly says:

    Continuing on the random track….. Worked 8 hours on my feet and was going to the other hospital to work when I stepped on a piece of glass in my shoe…. Wondering if Jesus wants me at bible study tonight instead of working at the hospital. Random but i’m ok with it…..

  47. 97
    Sandy Nicholson says:

    Love the new bag! My study this summer is your Romans cds…really enjoying it and learning so much!!! Thanks!

  48. 98
    Becky says:

    Erica –
    Sweetie, this is a big question for you I can tell. There are things in the Bible we just can not understand how it works, why it is, just can’t get it. honey, your are not alone.
    I know He loves me because He tells me He does. He sent His son to die for me, to give me an abundant life. Remember the little children’s song..
    Jesus loves me this I know,
    for the Bible tells me so,
    Little ones to him belong, (and us big girls too)
    They are weak but he is strong.
    Yes Jesus loves me,
    Yes Jesus love me,
    Yes Jesus love me,
    The Bible tells me so.
    God’s loves you Erica you just have to believe it, It’s so because he said it was so.
    I hope this helps you. If not let us know…I would like to know as I’m sure others would too.

  49. 99
    Linda says:

    I love the story of the pillow! Interesting that he’d take the time to cut off each piece of yarn. How long had you had the pillow? Was this troubling him for a long time or had you just bought it and he was doing you a “favor”? And they say women are difficult to understand!

    Besides the Ruth study (my daughter and I are totally loving it and being challenged, probably more than we want to be!! Ha.) I am leading an Anne Graham Lotz study this summer at our church called, “Pursuing More of Jesus”, also very good.

    Love the new blue bag. Have you said goodbye to the old one yet or will you keep it around “just in case”(no pun intended!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. 100

    This random stuff post is everyday life and I love it! Love that you have it and love even more that you share it with us!! Thank you! And yes cute, cute bag. And the fringe … what can I say??? Your Man and my Man have minds of their own!! And oh how we adore them — you, yours and me, mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

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