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Thank you for your prayers, my dear sisters! No news yet on whether or not Curtis might be able to come home tomorrow. We’re so hoping he will. His parents have already begun their long trek south from Missouri. They will drive late into the night, check into a hotel, then get up early in the morning and drive the rest of the way into Houston. AJ just walked through the door of her house and I’m about to pack up my car and head home to my man. Yes, he’s back. Jackson got to have a blast with him tonight. He needed some man time in the worst way.

I got a little more preparation for Saturday’s simulcast done during nap/rest time today and will turn my attentions to it completely first thing in the morning. Thank goodness, it doesn’t start on Friday night like a regular LPL would. You’ll know I didn’t get all my preparation accomplished if I resort to reading “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs” as an illustration. Please have my back on it though. Turn to the woman sitting next to you, nod, and say, “Inspired!” I could also run through all the animal sounds I’ve perfected into an art form in order to keep Annabeth awake in the car until we made it home for naptime.

OK, signing off and heading home! Btw, did you guys know that Travis will be joining us this weekend? You don’t really think I’d try serving you without him, did you?

I’ll talk to you soon!


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  1. 51
    Heather says:

    Wow! God is so awesome! As I was praying for the simulcast, I asked that God would inspire all the women who attend! It’s not ironic that you used the same word, It’s God!! Praying for you and your family!

  2. 52
    Regina says:

    Prayers for Curtis, AJ and the munchkins, not to mention the Joneses travels.

    Prayers for all the folks traveling to and in the ATL for Saturday.

    You all are SUCH a blessing. I was just ironing out details with my girls for Saturday and I’m about to email my St. Louis LPL compatriots!

  3. 53
    Chesney says:

    So pumped that Travis will be there. Honestly Ive been telling my sister all week that he will be because I just assumed he would. Glad I was right! 🙂

    Love you! See you Saturday!

  4. 54

    You could always bring back the “I am not a loser” clip from B’ham the week after Jax was born. That stuck with me..and yes, it was inspired…:))

  5. 55
    Kim says:

    I just finished praying for your entire family. And believing God to do big things!

    Love you guys!

  6. 56
    Kim Davis says:

    Praying for you and your entire family and staff as everyone prepares for these next few days. Love Ya, and can’t wait to see everyone in ATL!!!

    -Kim D.
    Knoxville, Tenn.

  7. 57
    3GirlsMom says:

    I’ve got company (AbbyLane) coming tomorrow in preparation for our short trek to Atlanta Friday! I’m THRILLED about Travis and really can’t imagine an event like this without him.

    You are the best Bibby ever!!! Still praying for CJ and Amanda and the little people! Also praying for this conference. The book has hit me square between the eyes, so I can’t WAIT for Saturday!!

    Safe travels! Love you!!!

  8. 58
    Paula says:

    I just saw you in Tampa, matter of fact I met you at Landrys….hope Curtis is feeling better and you have a safe journey to Atlanta….just finised your book….AWESOME

  9. 59
    Lisa Bowden says:

    Praying for Curtis and REALLY looking forward to the SLI simulcast.

  10. 60
    casey says:

    Okay I know this isn’t usually the forum for this, but I am desperate! I have a major prayer request for my daughter. She is 7 years old and a week ago Monday she complained of a stomach ache and by Wednesday she was paralyzed from the waist down. This is a kid that never stops running, jumping, and playing. She has been diagnosed with TM or Transverse Myelitis. She basically has a virus (that looks like a cold in anyone else) and the virus is eating her mylein covering on her nerves. She will walk again, but we have no timetable or concept of how well. This all hit us within two days. I am requesting that you all pray for her complete healing both physically and mentally and God use this to draw her to him. I am concerned how this will affect her image of God as our protector. I am thanking Him for this walk and asking he use it to his glory.

    Thank you,

  11. 61
    Maggie says:

    Prayers and hugs to the Jones family. Wow, what a story CJ gets to share. May CJ enjoy telling this story, its a sidesplitter. I have got to ask…would it wise to bring along our SLI books on Saturday for notes purposes?

  12. 62

    You all are in my prayers. How wonderful that he may come home tomorrow.

    Michelle in VT

  13. 63
    Praises in the Valley says:

    still praying from Ohio!

    and wishing i could participate in the simulcast… i’m from Atlanta and miss home… have fun for me! if you have time, check out the Flying Biscuit restaurant – they have the BEST brunch in the city 🙂

  14. 64
    moosemama says:

    We’ve got your back…you KNOW that!

    I cannot stress enough how excited I am to spend my birthday with you! AND Miesta Moose will be in the audience with Fuzzytop. He really loves you Beth!…Wait, I think I told you this already. I better go to bed.

    Continuing prayers for you and the rest of the Moore/Joneses.


  15. 65
    Siesta OC says:

    Beth, something fell afresh on me as I read your post. When you do you prep for a speaking event and in those prep moments days before the event and you are pumped up about what GOD is sharing with you…how do you stay connected when the event day comes? I ask because I am a group leader and I find that when I do my homework, my notes are everywhere and I am just jumping up and down with excitement, but when study night comes, in my small group – I have a hard time finding that moment of connectedness that I had experienced earlier.

    Sorry for rambling, its just effecting me.

  16. 66
    Lovin Him says:

    Just wrappin up preparations for Session 12 of Daniel tomorrow morning and it sure has been a wild ride! I can most assuredly say – “I’m not dummer now”! This is my second time but God has circumcised my heart in ways I never expected – Daniel’s prayer for God’s great mercy on His people has so inspired me to pray the same for our nation. Anyway, we’ve been busy bee’s painting and gluing 80 gold stars into plant stakes with this reminder attached:
    We who are wise,
    resolving to be blameless & pure,
    will shine bright like stars in the heavens
    as we hold out the Word of life, leading many to righteousness.
    (Philippians 2:15, Daniel 12:3)

    My sweetheart of a son (19yrs) had compassion on his mom being up so late on a bible study night and just put all the batteries in the light up centerpieces -(reminders to shine bright like the stars). We also made bookmarks with your Daniel poem,ordered a Congratulations cake and have Smarties ready to hand out with answers to the final exam 🙂 Tomorrow will be bittersweet – always hard to see a study end, but I’ll look forward to seeing your sweet face Saturday and hearing what God has given you to share with us as we bid farewell to that bad friend! I just had to check in quick to see how I should continue to pray – I’m asking God for Curtis’ quick recovery and for peace and clarity of thought for you – even if it’s Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Preparation is important but God knows the whole big picture and the Holy Spirit will give you the words to say – just like He always does! He is so faithful and I thank Him for the mighty way He’s using you.

  17. 67
    Laura says:

    Can’t wait! 🙂

  18. 68
    Kelli says:

    HA! I can’t tell you how many times I have probably looked (and definitely sounded) like a complete bozo in my car in an effort to keep tired girls awake in order to go to sleep at home! Oh the lengths we’ll go to to salvage a good naptime! Those days are behind me now but you made me remember! Praying for all of you this weekend!

  19. 69
    Sue says:

    Beth I got to enjoy you in Tucson 4 wks ago.Tuesday a dear friend was killed in an accident, her 4 yr.old granddaughter died also. Beth her 33 yr.old daughter was driving and was 9 months pregnant. Cameron was born by c-section Wed. at 10 am 9 lbs. 2 oz. sweet precious baby girl. Please pray for this family The Schlecht’s Wayne has lost his beautiful wife and his darling 4 yr.old 1st grandchild. Casie the 33 yr. old has a broken pelvis and other life threatening injuries. This poor child will never know her Grandma or her older sister and please pray that she will know her mother. A 29 yr.old man with 31 prior tickets ran a red light and hit their vehicle. I know they are in the arms of Jesus.

    I pray for Curtis and for your Simulcast Sue B

  20. 70
    Shelly says:

    Praying for all of you. I so wish I could attend the event, but alas, many family health issues here to deal with! Our family is being hard pressed from every side right now with hosptial stays, cancer diagnosis for first my Father in law a week ago and now most likely my Mother in law now. We need our healer and are swimming in his care.

  21. 71
    Maryellen says:

    If our always good Lord wants to use “Cloudy with a chance…” for inspiration, I have no doubt He will reveal a doctrinal truth to you that He has not shared with another! Praying for you Miss Beth and all of the clan!

  22. 72
    Colleen Delbridge says:

    I am so envious of my American Siestas! So wish I could join you this weekend. Have a blast. Will continue to pray for Curtis.

  23. 73
    Kay Whaley says:

    I hear you Carrie. I’m in the same boat. Beth makes us grow in all sorts of ways. Can’t wait until Saturday.

    Kay, Midland

  24. 74
    Leah Adams says:

    Praying for you, Beth. And for Travis. So excited to be attending! Seeking a ‘now’ word for my insecure little heart!!


  25. 75
    Nicky says:

    Wow the Live Simulcast this weekend soounds so exciting! I have just bought the book here in sunny SA – Cape Town – and am so looking forward to reading it!
    ps. loved your comment about animal noises in the car! I can so relate… if my 18 month old daughter falls asleep for just a minute in the car and then wakes up when we get home, that’s it, she won’t sleep for the rest of the day! Glad I’m not the only one woofing and clucking away in the car!

    God bless you all this weekend X

    • 75.1
      Colleen Delbridge says:

      Hi Nicky, so exciting to meet another SA Siesta & from cape Town too. I live in Meadowridge & have 3 grown boys. I pray that the book will heal what needs healing. I have nearly finished it. So wish I could attend the Simulcast! have a blessed day.

  26. 76
    Diana says:

    I have been and will continue to pray for all of you. I can not wait to see you Saturday and am so thrilled to hear that Travis will be joining us !!
    My mom and I are going to be there with 3 of my best friends. We have done almost all of your studies and are always blown away by what God has to say through you!
    I am praying for your strength, peace, and focus!!
    You are the real deal and it is a pleasure to learn from you.

  27. 77
    Kristi says:

    God inspire Beth!! Give her clarity of thought. Use her Lord like never before. Show up Lord we are nothing without you even with the best preparation! You are the power. Show your power!

  28. 78
    Cathy Davis says:

    Praying for each of you! I’ve been spreading the word to have people pray for you too. You will be covered! If you resort to “Cloudy ….” I’ll stand up (at our simulcast) and cheer you on ;). Safe travels to Atlanta and I’ll “see” you Saturday!

    Amanda, I’m praying (and asking people to pray) for you and Curtis. I wish you could feel the hug I have for you right now!


  29. 79
    Fran McCurry says:

    I came here this morning looking for an update on Curtis- so glad he is continuing to improve!
    I am so excited about the simulcast- there is no doubt in my mind that you WILL be inspired! I would also love it if you DID relate our insecurities to “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs”- that would be some good comic relief!
    BTW, I went to bed last night with session 7 of the Revelation study going round in my head, and woke up to Revelation Song. I am feeling His presence this morning! If you could, would you ask Travis to sing that one this weekend?
    See y’all Saturday!

  30. 80
    Fran McCurry says:

    P.S. Should we bring our Bibles and/or our books on Saturday? Thanks!

  31. 81
    Kathy B says:

    Oh, thank you so for the update. I usually assume no news in good news, but figured there just wasn’t conclusive info yet. I think the Lord woke me early this AM and it’s been my privilege to be in prayer. Fatigue is probably reaching critical mass about now. Prayers for peaceful naps and infection wanning; for healing bones and improving body systems; for refreshed reinforcements and good hospital food. That last one might be asking too much. OK, Lord, how about just good food? Thank you for letting us share this load. It dawned on me this morning, does Amanda have a filled spiral? Well, she was trained by the champ that came up with that idea, and boy, has it stood me in good steed. Do you think the enemy considers those WMD? You know: weapons of mass destruction of his kindgom? Just a thought.

  32. 82
    Living4Him says:

    Cannot wait for those animal sounds. YEAH that Travis will prepare our hearts for His Word. Insecurity will no longer have a chance!!!

  33. 83
    Deirdre says:

    I’m hoping this means his fever has come down at least a bit. Curtis has been on my mind every waking minute. Praying without ceasing.

    and I was serious about you needing to wear comfortable shoes this weekend. Bring on the UG boots, or house slippers, whatever you need to be comfy.

    BTW thank you SO much for calming my fears about Friday! I was having nightmares about missing out on Friday. I know in my head that the event doesn’t start till Saturday, but my poor little heart just couldn’t be convinced.

    love you ladies so very much,

  34. 84
    Delta Farmer's Wife says:

    I have to tell you we are SO enjoying Here & Now, There & Then. I must admit as I handed out the books the first night of the study, one of my dearest friend’s mother opened hers and exclaimed, “She’s sure had some face-work!” My “pressure” went skyhigh, and I felt like a bobcat ready to attack a senior adult at church! (We were in the basement, not the sanctuary though.)
    Just know that you are loved and protected by friends you’ve never met. No, I didn’t give into my flesh, but I did pray a spirit of conviction on her, after all, didn’t she do the Esther study with me too, and KNOW you better!!!
    My Mississippi Delta group of gals can’t wait to see what God does through you Saturday!

  35. 85

    We got your back … praying for you and looking forward to the INSPIRATION! And even more the anointing that ABBA’s putting on you even this morning! Holy hugs, Kathie

  36. 86
    Kiki says:

    So hoping Curtis gets to come home today! I know Jackson and Annabeth must miss him. I’ve been listening to Travis all week in my car, so I’ll be sure to know the words to all the songs on Saturday:) I had a dream about the conference last night…the lady sitting one seat down from me would not let any sit right beside her because she felt “squished”…it was very upsetting! Safe travels to Atlanta, can’t wait!!

  37. 87
    Crissy says:

    Praying for a quick recovery! We always have your back!
    Crissy, Nasvhille,TN

  38. 88
    Beth Mason says:

    Looking forward to the conference this weekend. Glad Curtis is better. My daughter, Rebekah, had an emergency appendectomy on Monday, but she plans to be with me in Atlanta this weekend! Ah, youth! Praying for all of you! Beth Mason

  39. 89

    Thank you for the update. So praying for the Jones family. I can imagine Amanda feels like she is juggling a circus act. I know she appreciates you lovin her babies so she could nurse her man. That Curtis Jones must be one tough guy. . praying he gets to go home very soon.

    So thrilled about this weekend, and I am praying the Lord gives you some special time with Him as you prepare. So excited about learning more about giving my insecurities to the Lord!! Re read Chap. 9 last night, I think I want to put that prayer to Him in my car so I can read it daily at every red light. Remember the story in Believing God about the lady that safety pinned the memory verse cards to her shirt. . I think she wanted to snort them in. . anyway, I was thinking of that while reading that prayer. Oh if I could REALLY, REALLY soak that prayer in. I know the Lord is gonna do MIGHTY things on Saturday, no pressure though. Grin.
    Love to all,

  40. 90
    Heather says:

    Praying and know that God has this covered, praying for speedy recovery, and a wonderful visit by C’s parents. Hey, isn’t Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs about supernatural provision? LOL.

  41. 91
    Anne Zapanta says:

    I haven’t posted in ages and it looks like I’ve missed a lot! I’m praying for Curtis and Amanda and all of you.

    I’ll be joining you this weekend. Can’t wait!

    love you all,

  42. 92
    Tanya says:

    Praying for you and your family, Beth! So looking forward to Saturday!

    Much love,

  43. 93
    Janet says:

    We will be praying for all of you this morning in our Bible Study group…so looking forward to Saturday! I have just recently been listening to Travis’s music…super bonus to see him and his musicians, too!

  44. 94
    Kim says:

    I am so stoked about the simulcast on Saturday! I have only done two Bible Studies in my life (having recently given my life to our Lord and Savior) and Beth they were both your studies… The Psalms of Ascent and now doing Jesus the One and Only… I love your passion for God so when I heard about the simulcast I could not sign up quick enough!

    Inspired! That’s what you help me to be… :o)

  45. 95
    Miquela says:

    Praying the Lord would bring healing to Curtis and that a mighty word from the Lord would be brought through you this weekend. We are so excited to watch you in Knoxville, TN! My mom is coming up so we can attend together. I will finish the book tomorrow, which is just in time for Saturday!! I can’t wait!!

  46. 96
    Linda LaFrombois says:

    It’s been so wonderful to hear from you again, Beth. I missed you. I’ve been praying for you and for Curtis and Amanda. And in anticipating the simulcast with you being busy with little ones, I’ve been praying verses over you, as a dear Siesta Mama has taught us to do: Do not throw away your confidence; do not be anxious about…what you should say, for the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say; In our weakness, He is made strong…. And if God can strengthen the weak arms of the Israelites to rebuild the wall, certainly He can strengthen and cover that little toe as needed this weekend.

    It sure seems that the evil one is seeking to attack you and yours directly and indirectly this week — so there must be something mighty good God is preparing to do on Saturday. Among many other things, I am praying that one of those things will be that a friend that agreed to join me at the simulcast will come to know Jesus as her Saviour this weekend! He can do it.

    We’ve got your back.
    Much love and prayer,

  47. 97
    Donna Hairston says:

    Sure wish I were going to Atlanta this weekend. I had a ticket; but, due to having to be back in Panama City this weekend for some of my very own Church events, I am unable to attend. However; I did call the Church and mailed them my ticket (along with a lunch ticket) to give to someone who cannot afford to go and really wants to go. I did not desire to sell the ticket – just want someone to use it. I am reading the book (and love it). At least I went to LPL in Lutz (Tampa), FL last weekend and have an amazing time. God Bless you Miss Beth and everyone this weekend.

  48. 98
    Shonda says:

    Praying for you and your family during this time. I’m looking forward to Saturday. I can’t wait to see what the Holy Spirit has for you to tell us. Be safe and take care.

    Many Blessings.

  49. 99
    Carmen :o) says:

    Beth: Praying for the well-being of your family and safe travels to ATL! I will be at FBWC this Saturday and can’t wait!! There are a a few of us coming from our Son lives very close by and we’re parking at his house and walking to the church! Praying that the LORD takes care to keep away the rain until we’re all safe and dry inside!! Asking the LORD for a mightly outpouring of his Holy Spirit over FBCW & the simulcast world as you share HIS WORD on Sat! Can’t wait to see your face!! Luv ya! :o) Carmen, Marietta, GA

  50. 100
    Nancy says:

    Love and prayers being lifted up for everyone from Beth to Curtis. Looking forward to an awesome seminar on Saturday!

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