Miesta Moose Says So Long to His Insecurities

He was one of the “ones” at the SLI simulcast last weekend.

Siesta Lavonda says, “Melana sent Moose with Adrienne to the simulcast, and during the lunch break, we took this picture of him (with the cup holder that makes him feel more secure about his hair.)”

You can check out one of his previous adventures here.


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  1. 1
    Jillian says:

    I know there’s only one Moose, but where can I get that coffee cup?!?

  2. 2
    Becky says:

    I liked that, it was funny. :0D

  3. 3
    Siesta OC says:

    He looks like he is a Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte kind of moose!

  4. 4
    Yolanda says:

    Lavonda, I was so hoping that this picture would make it here to the LPM Blog. What a fantastic weekend we all had, and what a WORD!



  5. 5
    Michele says:

    funny! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Miesta Moose must be secure – for a boy to be wearing a pink bow in public – good for him! Great mascot!

  6. 6
  7. 7
    Joyce Watson says:

    He will be the Moose with “Heavenly Hair” and it will be give glory to King of Kings and Lord of Lords!
    Moose on the Loose leaving a trail of insecuries way behind him and a path of righteouness in front of Him.
    (I could use that cup, but I’ll be good and let go!)

    Actually, I am wracking my brain on Moms and daughters next week for church. It is hard to find any particular
    info that shows exactly what?__I am not sure, so please pray God will open the door while I search His Word. Maybe, A Bad Hair Day should be the title or A Really, Good Hair Day. How about Mama Moose on the Loose?

    Well, ladies hope you have a good day! We had so much fun at the simulcast and I know God spoke to the hearts of the women there. I wanted so very much to stand up and tell those women how I felt, but I was not in charge.
    I know God was there speaking to hearts and He knows His Word was proclaimed in a time when everyone needs Christ more than anything else in their lives.

  8. 8
    Princess Bride says:

    Hahahahahaha! Miesta Moose just made my day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. 9
    Melissa says:

    Thanks for the laugh today! Too funny! Glad your hunny is better A.!

  10. 10
    Sara says:

    Hello ladies! I actually tried several times to comment on the last post, but for some reason I was unable to…not sure if it was my internet down here in Guatemala or maybe just lots of traffic on the comment section when I tried to do it myself.

    I love reading this blog and have often wanted to comment but never felt like I had anything comment worthy to say. But, today I decided to say two things…well one thing and ask a question.

    First I would like to tell Beth that even though you and I do not know each other, I sure feel like you have been walking through the trenches with me lately…speaking such truth over my life through your bible study Esther. I am a missionary with my husband and two kiddos at an orphanage in Guatemala, so that is why I am a little behind on things sometimes. However, I have been doing that bible study by myself and wow it is just exactly what I have needed. I actually wrote about you and the study in a post on Saturday. You can find it here http://fragrantaromaofchrist.blogspot.com/2010/04/every-once-while-i-will-be-with-group.html if you are interested. I was actually mourning not being able to participate in the simulcast on Saturday.

    Which brings me to my next point…which is a question, is there any place that I could get access to that simulcast in an ipod download or on a website or something. Here in Guatemala we have limited access to things and I know that myself and some of the other fellow missionary ladies here would be so blessed to hear it. (I know my other fellow Guatemala ladies would love it too if it was in Spanish…but that is for another day). I haven’t been able to get my hands on a copy of the book yet, but I would still love to hear the simulcast. So many of my friends back in the states have been talking of how it so blessed their lives.

    Thank you so much for reading this very LONG comment. I guess for it being my very first one, maybe i can be excused?? Blessings and hugs to all three of you!

    • 10.1
      Karen White says:

      If you send me your mailing address I’ll send you a copy of the book! You’ll love it as I did!

      [email protected]

    • 10.2
      Rhonda McClellan says:

      Hello Dear Sara,

      Thank you for doing the Lord’s work in Guatemala. I will be praying for you and your family. For the past two years I have been on mission trips with your neighboring country, Belize. What dear people – and many from Guatemala.

      I wanted to let you know if you have access to I-Tunes that you can get some of Beth’s audio books and other Bible studies there, but audio only I think. Also Lifeway.org has a few of her Bible studies available for online video study. All GOOD teaching! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Blessings to you and yours dear Siesta!


  11. 11
    apurefire says:

    Yeah a Moose siteing! The simulcast was amazing. I had the priviledge of sharing the message with my Sunday School class and they were blessed by your message of security too. Now I’m in the process of living this message out in front of my teenage daughter and I’m looking for ways to deliberately pass on the knowledge of how to be a secure woman. Thank you again Beth for the book and the simulcast. It has changed my life and Lord willing, He’ll use me to help others too.

  12. 12
    Michele says:

    My hubby made a little funny when I returned home from the simulcast. He said, “You should put THAT on the blog.” (I am not sure that he thougt I would :0)

    Now, ladies, this is with the utmost love. He is so thankful for you all and for you Beth in his wife’s life…

    I had mentioned Travis’ comment about “the cloud of estrogen all over the US and Canada on Saturday”

    My hubby’s reply, “Are you sure it wasn’t a cloud of hairspray?”

    TOO FUNNY!!! :0)

  13. 13
    Michelle says:

    TOTALLY off subject, but struck me enough to share. An article came out today on CNN that many in Afghanistan said that they would rather be under the Taliban than endure another round of war…I wondered how many of us think that way every day of our lives – we’d rather stay in bondage than go to warfare against the captors? In taking the new Breaking Free, it really resonated at to how we are deceived in this thinking. Came to life in seeing this literally played out in the Middle East.

    • 13.1
      Barb says:

      Michelle, that is SO true. Do I stay in bondage because it is too painful to fight to be free even though the bondage is painful?

    • 13.2
      Candi says:

      Wow. That insight was for me, Michelle. It might not have anything to do with moose, but your wondering has everything to do with where I’m walking. For me, on this day, the truth is: yes, sometimes bondage is preferable to breaking free, especially when it feels like I’m fighting all the time to walk free. You know?

      (Here’s the Holy Spirit However) However, when I think about the Cross, and the price Jesus paid to set me free, I stand on 2 Corinthians 4:

      But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body. For we who are alive are always being given over to death for Jesus’ sake, so that his life may be revealed in our mortal body. So then, death is at work in us, but life is at work in you (vv. 7-14). . .

      Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. (vv. 16-18)


      • Church Lady says:

        PRAISE GOD!!
        Candi, That is the scripture I read this morning. It spoke to me, in that the world sees us as ordinary jars of clay, yet God sees our treasure inside. Oh how that we could get the world to look inside our jar of clay and see the real treasure inside, Christ Jesus!

  14. 14
    Bitsy says:

    That cracks me up!!!! Glad that Miesta Moose had another adventure and that he is now one secure Moose!!! LOLOLOLOLOL

  15. 15
    Christine P says:

    Wow that Miesta has been everywhere. Well if Miesta is ever in Philadelphia, I would love to take him out to dinner at one of my companies restaurants, and then take him for a walk along Penns Landing.

    That Moose sure does know how to get around. ;o)

    Great laugh for a Tuesday Afternoon!

    thanks Amanda!

    • 15.1
      moosemama says:

      HEY this is moosemama, keeper of Miesta Moose!!! I’m sittin in Philadelphia at this very second. Flew in a bit ago for a conference that starts tomorrow. Moose is not with me….still with fuzzytop but soon to head to Texas to see Tiffany (forhisglory). Too bad I don’t have him with me….but he has siesta appointments to keep!!!


      • Jean M says:

        If Miesta Moose is trying to visit all 50 states and Beth comes to NC next year, Moose can come to the event with me. We’ll even take M.M. To the beach. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Leanne Eldridge says:

        Haha, tis makes me laugh! I love it ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Diana says:

        This is too fun! I would be honored to take Miesta Moose to the Living Proof event in Richmond VA in August. If you would like for me to do so, let me know. Diana

  16. 16
    Jina says:

    Hey Ladies,

    I have missed so much in the time I have been gone! I am so glad to hear that Curtis faired okay in the midst of infection. That can be a pretty overwhelming process! So glad to hear the simulcast went so well! Praying you all have time to recover. Melissa I loved your post too! You usually go right the the heart of the matter, no frills full of sincerity. I love it, the heart IS the matter He is after.

    Love you all,

  17. 17
    fuzzytop says:

    I love Miesta Moose… and his mama, Melana, and his personal photographer, Lavonda. When she showed us this photo, I was hoping it would find its way onto the blog. Thanks Amanda!

    Love and hugs,

    • 17.1
      Amanda says:

      Laughing so hard about “his personal photographer!”

      • lavonda says:

        me too! hysterical, Adrienne!
        I can be exceptionally secure in being the personal photographer for a stuffed animal, cause that’s just how I roll.

        love you all!

        • Yolanda says:

          I’m pretty sure that Miesta Moose got a shot of hair spray as he and his personal photographer made their way up to the podium to have a sip of Miss Beth’s cappucino!!!

  18. 18
    lori says:

    He sat three rows in front of me! He was perched on top of his seat listening intently!

  19. 19
    Siesta OC says:

    I love it, Miesta Moose has great “inHAIRitence”!


    • 19.1
      Jessica says:

      haha… i kind of wish we had a girl Moose too now because she would have glitter and blonde highlights just in time for the next LPL!

    • 19.2
      Kathy B says:

      Now, That’s funny! Good job. Miesta Moose is new to me, so thanks for the background info, Amanda. I was in Memphis too. I’ll have to BOLO for Miesta Moose (Be On the Look Out)

  20. 20
    abraham's daughter says:

    I’m thinkin’ it would take a mighty secure man or moose to join all these siestas on the these adventures on the high seas of estrogen.

  21. 21
    cathy oconnor says:

    When is the next Sister Siesta gathering? Happy to see and hear that Curtis is recovering! Lord Bless!

  22. 22
    Jennifer says:

    thank you for the great big smile!!

  23. 23
    Church Lady says:

    Too funny!!

  24. 24
    Natalie says:

    Hi everyone! My college 20 yr old daughter is coming home to Houston for the summer. She goes to college in South Carolina and meets every Friday with some friends to go thru a BM Bible Study! She doesn’t have a good connection with the church we went to when she was in high school and would love to find a church to be involved with over the summer. It’s so hard for college kids when they come home because so many programs stop or die down in the summer. Most of her friends will not be in Houston for the summer and she would love to find a vibrant group of Christians her age to socialize, worship and grow with. Does anyone have any suggestions?? Preferably in Houston or to the North and Northwest. Thanks so much!!

    • 24.1
      Amanda says:

      Natalie, my husband is speaking at Metro Live this summer on Thursday nights in the worship center at Houston’s First Baptist Church. It’s a large group weeknight Bible study with a great worship band. It’s mostly aimed toward college students and young singles. We’d love to have her there. I will announce it on the blog when the time gets closer.

  25. 25
    Warm in Alaska says:

    Dear Miesta -I was so sorry to have moosed the simulcast; but glad you could make it. Obviously it produced a harvest of security for you – because very few moose could pull off the pink polka dot scarf look – in public – if they weren’t truly, truly, really, very, absolutely secure.

    You are an inspiration to moose – and Siestas, everywhere.

  26. 26
    Katie says:

    Just finished week 10’s homework of Daniel, day 4 and 5…and wondered if Beth was a little sleep-deprived while writing it?

    “Don’t get your herbal teabag in a knot!” ๐Ÿ™‚

    We laughed a big laugh.

    May you keep being blessed to be a blessing!

  27. 27
    Melanie says:

    That is hysterical! I love your blog and your book SLI truly changed my life. Honestly! Changed. My. Life.
    Thank you for being God’s instrument.


  28. 28
    Emily D says:

    Seriously wondering if I should seek medical help for genuinely being jealous of a stuffed moose, just because he got to go to the simulcast and I didn’t… Having said that, he does look a lot better in a pink bow than I would have done!

  29. 29

    Still. Processing. Weekend.

  30. 30
    Janet says:


    We got Starbucks during the break on Sat. and brought it back for several of the women at our Simulcast location. We secretly wrote on their cup “jackets” – “YOU ARE HAVING A REALLY GREAT HAIR DAY!” They loved it!!!!

  31. 31
    carla says:

    What a blessing your blog is. To just laugh and enjoy your pictures is a treat. After all, girls just want to have fun sometimes, right. Thank you Thank you Beth,your girls, your grands, your dear sweet hubby and his moon pies. Thank you. As insecure as I am, Thank you everybody else too.:)

  32. 32
    April says:

    So cute!

  33. 33
    Christine P says:

    I am loving this Blog. First time on it and I have not stopped laughing all day. Thanks everyone!


  34. 34
    Melissa says:

    you know, one of my favorite parts of the morning, was how your mom came out. with her coffee in hand, casual and friendly, and just started in. she didn’t have a big introduction and then come out to tons of applause. she wouldn’t even allow it to start. she just simply walked out on stage with her coffee cup of encouragement, and started to let the Lord speak. just another reason why i love her!

  35. 35
    Georgia Boone says:

    Mista Moose looks like a little humidity got to his “hair”.
    Talk about big hair!! Glad he could make the simulcast!!
    Bible Bunny in NO MI

  36. 36
    Brad (Giverskind) says:

    I was one of the 50 men out of 300,000 women for the conference on the 24th. I had to share with all of you what an honor it is to be there with my wife, and all of you. I think to myself how many men miss out experiencing these type of events and how strongly the spirit is present. Two months my wife started one of Beth’s courses and we would sit up every night and do the lesson together. What a blessing it turned out to be, not only for her, our marriage, but also for myself as well. I grew in unimaginable ways quickly these past two months. When I found out Beth was going to be in Georgia on my wife’s birthday I grabbed two tickets. My spirit was lifted up and tears filled my eyes that day as I experienced this with her and knowing so much healing was going on all around me. Baruch HaShem(Bless His Name)!!!

  37. 37
    Vicki says:

    I’m feeling more secure now after the weekend and especially now that I see just how famous Miesta Moose really is………I’m so fortunate that I was able to obtain my picture with him and Melana in Houston at the SSM celebration. Unfortunately though I was unable to have one made with Siesta Momma:o( Maybe a group pic next time. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ditto to Carla’s post @ 2:49 p.m.!

    You all mean more to me than you’ll ever know! Thanks for all you do!


    Vicki Knott
    Greenwood, SC

  38. 38
    Vicki says:

    Sorry, it was Carla @ 2:32.

  39. 39
    Miranda says:

    Well I suppose that coffee cup cover made Miesta REALLY secure, because it was after lunch that he puckered up to me! Ha! I tell ya….that’s one frisky moose. He ain’t shy! Oh the stories we’d “see” if we could publish pics in comments.

    I love y’all to bits!

  40. 40

    I wonder “Is Miesta Moose going to attend the Living Proof Live event in Lexington, KY. in August?” I hope he can make it.

  41. 41
    Leann Burns says:

    I <3 Miesta Moose.

  42. 42
    moosemama says:

    What a joy to see my little guy on here. Lavonda…you are always a hoot when it comes to special pics…whether it’s moose’s or Jenny Hope!! Adrienne, thanks for watching out for our friend. He loves the siestas so much. He goes to Texas to see Beth next week.

    Honestly has been to more events than me!


    • 42.1
      Jessica says:

      i love you, moose mama! you’ve made us so cool!

      we should cast our votes for Miesta Moose on election day. Atleast it will make the headlines

      “WHO is Miesta Moose?” o_O > hahaha!

    • 42.2
      Rhonda Siler says:

      Moose Mama, I am going to the Grand Rapids LPL event on May 21-22! I can not wait!! Is Miesta Moose attending that LPL event? I would be so honored to attend with him.

      Rhonda in Kalamazoo Michigan

    • 42.3
      Maryount says:

      Moosemama, Will Miesta Moose be in Chicago at the simulcast in September at the Rosemont? I would gladly be his date for the event. ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. 43
    KMSmom86 says:

    Miesta Moose is too cute!! Thanks again for the wonderful teaching on Saturday. I am still trying to process it all. I so needed the reminder that GOD LOVES ME and that to be insecure is to not believe God.

    I attended the simulcast with a group of women from my church. I do not know one of the women very well, but we are getting better acquainted. As we were getting into the church van after the simulcast ended, we stopped and looked at each other. Without saying a word we both held our arms out and shared a tender, precious hug. Then she looked at me, sighed, and said, “Oh my! I needed that!” Thank you, Beth, for leading us on the journey to security in Christ. I love you.

  44. 44
    Jessica says:

    I want to see Miesta Moose! I love the last post about MM hugged up to the gate waiting on the Word! haha…If there were a gate at bible study, I’d be hugged up to it as well.

  45. 45
    Karen says:

    Great photos!

  46. 46
    Diane says:

    Huh, “Moose” looks very much like a caribou to me. Am I missing something??

  47. 47
    Rockin' My Freedom says:

    Yay! An official mascot!

    Anyway, what’s next? A Mama Siesta Beth doll? Yes indeed. In one hand a Starbucks and in the other chicken nuggets or some tamales…or her spiral of verses! She can be wearing a stylish oversized bag with Bible & commentaries in it. The doll must be sporting REALLY GOOD HAIR….REALLY GOOD HAIR. I will start working on the prototype STAT!

    Good job Melana. By the way, I named my daughter after your beautiful name. Oh wait, I forgot…I don’t have a daughter. But if I did, I most certainly would.

    Rock your freedom in Christ ladies!
    ; )

  48. 48
    Regina says:

    If Miesta Moose wants to go to LPL St. Louis (including the preconference), contact me offlist rcross126 at gmail dot com

    5 of us are going, but I’d bet we can sneak a moose into our hotel rooms…

    • 48.1
      kathypinkbicyclearkansas says:

      Hi Regina,

      I am going to St. Louis along with at least three others. Looking to meet with some Siestas. you can e-mail me at [email protected]

      What is the pre conference, I missed that??

      • Kathleen Funk says:

        I think St. Louis is the perfect place for Miesta Moose to be. That is my hometown. I’m going back home to see family and LPL. Is anybody else from the Houston area going to St. Louis? Hope to meet some new friends.

  49. 49
    OceanMommy says:

    This made me spit my cherry limeade all over my pj’s. YIKES!!! This moose cracks me up and I was thrilled to see him Saturday. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think I’m going to need that drink sleeve in the morning to make feel better after I try to fix this new pixie hair cut I came home with tonight. ๐Ÿ™‚


  50. 50
    Leanne Eldridge says:

    Oh my moose…how funny!

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