We Made It!

Whew! I can’t believe it finally happened! We made it to WordPress! Thanks for following us to our new home. Don’t forget to bookmark our new address or subscribe to the new feed if you like using a feed reader.

I’m sitting on my couch with my laptop, but I feel like I’m driving a new car with this unfamiliar dashboard in front of me. Just for kicks, and so we can all test drive the commenting process, tell me something fun or interesting about a car you’ve had!

My first car was a 1987 Mustang GT convertible. It was my grandmother’s car and she gave it to me when I turned 16. Can you believe that? I was really blessed, to say the least!ย  It was beautiful and fast off the line and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how much fun my friends and I had in it.

I was a little too proud of that car and the Lord humbled me many, many times in it. For one, when it rained really hard, the water would leak inside from between the windshield and the top. I remember driving home from Texas A&M for an orthodontist appointment and it was monsooning outside. The rainwater was pouring in and I had nothing to soak it up with, so I took off one of my socks and tried to soak it up with my right hand while my left hand was on the wheel. Oh, and I was bawling my eyes out! I have no idea how I ever made it home.

On the night my sister turned 16, she did not have her car yet. She would soon be given a 1969 Camaro that she and my dad loved working on together. But that night I let her take my Mustang out to celebrate with her friends. Melissa and I just happen to be complete opposites of one another. For example, when the traffic light turned green I would accelerate as fast as I could to the speed limit. Melissa lived to blow right by it. As I remember it, on that night – the very night of her 16th birthday and the start of her official driving life – Melissa burned up the engine of my car! Bless my mom’s heart that she had to raise two daughters who are as different as night and day.

Every spring when the weather is as gorgeous as it is in Texas right now, I miss that car like crazy. Maybe one day when I’m done with booster seats and carpooling I’ll have another convertible.

Now maybe I can get my sis to tell us a Camaro story!


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  1. 401
    Susan says:

    I don’t have a funny story, but I have a praise story. My daughter was driving home tired and came to a cross road across the highway. She looked first left then right and it seemed safe to go. She was instantly hit by a eighteen wheeler that took off her engine up to her windshield then she was hit in the rear by another car that took off her trunk up to the backseat where her baby was sitting in her car seat. Nobody was hurt, only frightened! Praise the Lord.

  2. 402
    Pam says:

    My first car was a 1960-something VW Beetle convertible. I still have the car (in my dad’s garage)! My dad took it from a heap in a junk yard to a cute red car that worked most of the time. Te3re were only minor things that never got fixed… like the gas gauge (ran out of gas soooo many times in the exact same spot), and the horn honked on its own when I made a hard left turn!!! Just so happens that I had to make a hard left turn to get into my high school parking lot! My friends who rode with me to school would all duck down in their seats so that no one would see them ๐Ÿ™‚ After being embarrassed so many times, I just started waving like I meant to honk every time I pulled up to the school!!!

  3. 403
    Adrienne Perkins says:

    2008 Black w/ Chrome Mustang GT. Had to give her up in Dec of 2009. She was a dream. I had to part with her after 2 short yrs though due to the fact that I have 4 kids and my first grandbaby was born last year! I could not get the bloomin carseat in the back of that car and I have to be able to cart my grandaughter around!So, parting with it was worth it! Someday…. Lord willing, we will be reunited!

  4. 404
    Sandra says:

    Website looks great and I’m looking forward to using it. I know that you are truly relieved Amanda.

    My first car…a red 1972 VW bug. I was living in El Paso, TX and I was about to start my Senior year of high school. I would be taking VOE as a class and would have to have a part-time job to stay in the class. I went home to tell my dad that I was offered a job working in the afternoon but would need transportation to the job. Needless to say my parents proceeded to go that evening car shopping for me and I couldn’t go because I had a baby sitting job. They came home with the bug. (I did buy it with the money I made from the job.) Did I tell you it was a standard? I had an Uncle who had tried to teach me how to drive a standard the previous year but I had not gotten it down and they lived in Florida. I was kind of unsure of driving the bug. The first time I went off by myself I got on I-10 headed to downtown and took the first exit. Well, the exit is up hill and guess what color the light was when I got to it. Yes, it was red so I had to stop on the hill. I did not have any experience stopping and starting on hills. Well … that’s right, I could not get started again. I kept stalling the car and I would drop farther and farther down the hill. I was a nervous wreck. God was so good to me that day because it was a Sunday which meant there wasn’t any traffic. I don’t know how many tries it took me before I realized that it was not in first gear. I put it in first gear and and got through the light to never have that problem again. It taught me how to stop and start on hills the hard way. I would not recommend anyone doing it. When I look back I don’t know why one of my parents didn’t go with me to make sure I could even drive it. What fond memories.

  5. 405
    Maria says:

    Amanda – I love this story. She burned up the engine??!!! LOL!!!! Hilarious!! My first car was a 1976 yellow Ford Pinto. Five bucks filled the tank. Thank God I didn’t blow up in that thing. But I loved it. LOL!!

  6. 406
    Kristi Brewer says:

    My first car was a Honda Accord. It had a sun roof and a killer stereo. I still miss that car.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    Love ya!

    Kristi B.

  7. 407
    Lisa says:

    I had a 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Silver with burgandy interior,,,,,I was humbled by 2 old spinster women running a stop sign,,,,,and I thought I’d been hit by a runaway car/tank, they needed booster seats in their big black Buick! ha….looking to learn this new thang here,,,,,blessings to ya’ll

  8. 408
    Carrie says:

    This new site is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! And I love that the author name is right there at the top! No car story, sorry.

  9. 409
    Maggie says:

    My first car was a Nissan 240sx. It was red and beautiful. My parents gave it to me a couple of weeks before my actual birthday so they could make sure to surprise me. I couldn’t drive it yet, so one of my best friends drove us to go pick up my brother from a friends house. My friend promptly backed up into the mailbox completely destroying the mailbox and scratching the back of my car. It had that scratch until the day I sold it and it always made me laugh. What else are friends for! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. 410
    Melissa O'Brien says:

    I can’t believe the story about your Mustang. I had a 1981 Ford Mustang even though it was not a convertible, it would leak when it was raining! It would leak just above the gas pedal onto my right leg. I kept a bag from the dry cleaners in my car so that when it would rain I could wrap it around my leg to keep my pants leg dry. Just had to comment, as I have never heard of anyone else with this same problem!

  11. 411
    Edna says:

    Cool new space :-)!

    It was 1986. Powder blue Volkswagon Rabbit older than that. The door was about a half an inch thick and would have crumpled like a tin can if I had ever been hit. It was a stick and only went into first out of second, and sometimes DIDN’T go into reverse. Don’t miss it!

  12. 412
    Monica Harrison says:

    The site looks great! Thanks for making it so easy to add a comment.

  13. 413
    diane conner says:

    My first car was a 78 mustang cobra. What in the world was my Daddy thinking? It had V8, manual transmission and I could get a scratch in every gear! Thank the Lord for his protection is all I’m gonna say! Loved that car though!! Love the website!

  14. 414
    Tammy says:

    love the new home and so glad you made it. My first car was a grandma type of car. It was a Ford Granada. My father didn’t think I needed something except four wheels that started. It did get me where I wanted but I always wondered how come my younger brother got a “good’ car!!!!!!!


  15. 415
    Tina says:

    I can’t find the pictures of all the respondants. I love looking at those … it helps me feel connected. Can anyone tell me if they are gone for good? Or maybe I haven’t clicked on the right buttons.

  16. 416
    Tina says:

    Oh and I didn’t mean to sound negative…I do love the new site. Just technology challenged:)

  17. 417
    Wendy says:

    Girl that sounds like my first car!!! 1978 Monte Carlo…it leaked too. I would have a puddle in the back seat floor board when it rained. It would also have frost on the inside and outside windows!!! And it had no heat or radio. The gas needle didn’t work and the headboard fell so I ripped it out so that only wires could be seen overhead. With all that said…the engine ran like a dream and it would leave you standing when I hit the gas. Looks can fool you…it looked awful but it ran like a dream and got me where I needed to go.

    Love the new website btw….

  18. 418
    Jan says:

    Whew! I finally figured out how to leave a comment! For a while there, I was concerned.

    My husband and I left our beloved 1994 beautiful blue GMC minivan named Harmony (with 257,000 miles on her) at a junkyard in December. We cried as we left the premises! That car had taken our family across the United States several times, had seen our children grow up, had delivered newly-minted graduates to college residence halls carrying computers, bedding, microwaves, dorm fridges, clothes and supplies galore, then had helped with apartment moves after college. Harmony had taken us to umpteen piano lessons, soccer practices, school musicals, band and choir rehearsals, in all kinds of weather, including Western New York snowstorms. Our children learned to drive on Harmony, and passed their driving tests with her. Outwardly Harmony stilled looked good, but her innards were wearing out and we finally had to “let her go”. Oh, the memories!

  19. 419
    lavonda says:

    Wow, it’s different and pretty, but I do miss people’s pictures by their names in the comments. It sure made it more personal seeing a smiling face or a family photo when reading them. But I do love the new site!

    My first car (in 1986) was a bright yellow 1975 diesel Mercedes… with black tinted windows and a white top. Don’t be fooled by the M word, friends. It was HORRID. As a parent now, I totally get what my Daddy was thinking buying his 16 year old daughter a literal tank that was so bright you could see it coming in the thickest fog. But it had a vacuum leak in the engine, and the only way to turn it off – even after you’d taken the key out – was to pop the hood and press a lever in the engine. The picture of cool I was, in that high school parking lot every morning.

    The happiest and saddest day of my life with that car: 5 years later walking across my college campus and finding an empty space where I’d been parked. Glory and Praise that it had been STOLEN! I was free! It was gone!! Hallelujah!!!

    Oh. It’d just been towed.

  20. 420
    Jennifer says:

    Congratulations! I’m glad you made it to WordPress safely!

  21. 421
    AmyJo says:

    Love the new website! Somehow it seems easier to read – and already like home!!

    My first car was a hand-me-down from my oldest brother (he’s the oldest, I’m the youngest, with 5 siblings in-between) – and was a 1976 Buick Skylark, powder blue metallic on the outside and powder blue crushed velvet on the inside! It was precisely one year younger than me! I was a bit embarrassed to drive it to high school, but can now see that it was a good life-lesson: one is not defined by the car she drives! It was a good old car – big and safe – and I can only remember a few times that it stalled on me – and my mom was there to swap cars with me – – the 1982 Mercury Cougar station wagon, complete with fake wood grain panels. That was the car I used for my Driver’s License test. I remember before the driving part, the lady made sure all the blinkers worked, the brake lights worked, and then she asked me to honk the horn – and let me tell you, that was the most nerve-wracking part of the whole thing! I knew full-well that the horn hadn’t worked on that car since my parents got it used! I said a quick prayer and pressed the button on the steering wheel just as hard as I could – – and I laugh just thinking about seeing my dad jump straight out of his chair (inside the driver’s license building), turn around with the biggest smile on his face and give me a big thumbs up! A moment I’ll NEVER forget!

    Old cars help develop character, build some faith and creates lots of fun memories, don’t they!

  22. 422
    stephanie says:

    The cars I’ve had…oh my, they’ve all been interesting. My favorite was a 88 Chevy Celebrity. I drove that baby from birth until she died with 198,000 miles on her. It was like losing a member of the family.

  23. 423
    Amanda says:

    My first car was a 1985 two tone grey Grand Prix that was longer than my mom’s minivan. However, my grandmother insisted that it was a sportscar because it had two doors. No matter that the doors were so heavy that I think one was close to falling off by the time I was done with it : ) I did like that car though.

  24. 424
    Lynsie says:

    I’ve been driving a 1998 BMW 318ti since the spring of 2004. My dad wheeled and dealed like a pro, and it wasn’t too long after that my cute little red hatchback was paid for!!! (And I just turned 25; taking my insurance down several notches!) When a friend of mine first met my car she said, “Oooh Girl! You’re driving a black man’s dream!” In the last 6 years the said “dream” has gone from being a sporty lil compact to a ornery old woman! Paint is cracking, interior is drooping, cigarette lighter doesn’t work (which means my new GPS is powerless), when I crank the engine my clock tells me it’s -40 degrees outside (I live in MS), emblems have fallen off, there’s a slow leak in my back left tire, oil spots everywhere I park, and somewhere between A and B my shocks disappeared and now I’m pretty much “riding bull” down the interstate! I keep reminding myself “paid for paid for paid for!” But despite her most recent quirks; I can stick get from A to B and do ALL kinds of tricks in that thing! The memories are timeless ๐Ÿ™‚ 3 cheers for used cars!

  25. 425
    Judi Witmer says:


    Cool new blog…….I am ‘test commenting’ too’!!
    My car story: I once picked out and bought a Pontiac Lemans from a used car lot in late evening so it was dark. It was an ‘interesting’ shade of green..or so I thought!! When I went the next day to pick it up, I saw it was a hideous, no way to even discribe, shade of green!! After a few weeks, I came to love that car and embraced the ‘one of a kind’ color!! I even had one of those license plate frames made that said ‘judi’s green machine’!! A few years later, someone rear-ended me and totaled it…..I cried for days!!

  26. 426
    Sheila says:

    WordPress is awesome! Easy to use so enjoy it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hmmm… first car. I drove my parents old blue Buick (that was REALLY loud and you could hear me coming a mile down the road) but it wasn’t mine. My first car I bought for myself when I graduated from Baylor. It was a white Toyota Corolla and I LOVED it because it was mine ๐Ÿ™‚ To this day when I see a white Toyota that looks like mine did I have such fond memories.

    -Sheila, Katy, TX

  27. 427
    Julie says:

    The first car I got to drive was a Oldsmobile station wagon, white (no side panels, thankful for that!), with navy velvet interior. Oo la la! I’m from Missouri and my dad had bought it from a rabid Missouri Tigers fan and it had a horn that played the first 8 notes of the University of Missouri fight song (Fight, Tigers, Fight for Ol’ Mizzou!)…and my friends thought it was hilarious to push that horn when they got in, to my utter horror. But I had to live with that, and live with parking that gigantic Titanic of a car way out in the nether-regions of the parking lot so I could swing it in two-spaces wide. Ah, sweet memories!

    Love the new look! Oo la la!

  28. 428
    Melana aka moosemama says:

    Well, I’m a little confused but maybe it will get less confusing in the light of day… I don’t handle change well ๐Ÿ™

    My first car was a 1969 Rambler station wagon. Driving home for Christmas break from college in Wyoming was always an adventure. One year, my back window (remember it was a station wagon) kept slipping down as I drove. I was afraid to stop because it was not a reliable starting car…it was dark…I was alone. So I just kept driving and freezing. My suitcase was on the back seat and I had to keep reaching in the back seat to pull more clothes out and lay them on me as I drove. Did I mention the heater wasn’t working either. Needless to say, I was frozen and had to repack my suitcase when I arrived home. It’s funny, NOW!

  29. 429
    Anonymous says:

    Mine was a 1972 Chevy Monte Carlo. I was a senior in college, and “needed” a car for the first time to do my student teaching. My grandmother had purchased this car brand new in 1972, and I still remember the “new car” smell of the interior. We thought it was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen. (First NEW car in our family since my parents bought a 1957 Chevy right before the got married!) It was a light blue two door…did they make it any other way? With a white vinyl top and 8 cylinders under the hood. Talk about some pick up after the red light. Anyway…long story short…when Gram bought it, and I fell in love with it, I remember telling her that I wanted her to “will it” to me someday when she wasn’t around anymore. Well, low and behold, Grandma passed away sometime early in my senior year of college, and Daddy called to say, she actually had left the car to me!!! So it got me around for years…even got vandalized at a friend’s house one night when I was moving from Michigan to San Antonio to live near my “Man-to-Be”…and almost burned up…but the darn thing ended up making it all the way to Texas after all…after about 3 trips around Dallas…I’d never seen roads that big…it safely landed me in San Antonio and the rest is history. Wish I’d never traded that car in…but her memory lives on! (Grandma’s too!) I’ve never owned another car as good as that one was. Mmmm.

  30. 430
    Mary says:

    Love the new site!!
    My first car was a 1966 Mercury Comet! My Grandma bought it brand new off of the lot the day before I was born. She drove it for 16 years and gave it to me on my 16th birthday when she retired from driving. There was one little caveat tough … as long as I drove her car I was responsible for taking her to get her hair “set” every Tuesday afternoon, then grocery shopping, drug store and out to dinner. Oh, I miss my Grandma. I didn’t appreciate those days near enough as a teenager. She did live to be 98 … and was wearing nail polish, lipstick and earrings when she passed away! She was always so stylish!!! :o)
    Mary :o)

  31. 431
    Traci says:

    God taught me a huge lesson about how He cares about the needs in our lives. The material needs. I was driving in my car and it was on it’s last leg (or should I say last tires). I began praying. I said, “Lord, You know this car is breaking down and I don’t know what to do. We don’t have any money to purchase one, we don’t have any money to put down as a down payment, and we don’t even have enough money to make monthly payments. Lord, You are just going to have to put a car on my driveway.” It was just me and Him. I never told anyone my prayer. A couple of weeks later, I got a call from my mom and she said she wanted to drop by and show us the new (used) car she just got, and my grandmother was with her. I mustered up some excitement, and said sure. I really was happy for her. It was late and dark, but my husband and I went out to see the car. My mom told me to sit in it and tell me what I thought. I don’t remember the exact words I said, but it was something like I thought it was really nice. As I got out of the car, my grandmother handed my husband the keys, and said, “I’m glad you like it because it’s yours.” We were in shock. I knew it was a special gift from my grandmother, but it really was a gift from my Heavenly Father. I couldn’t believe it…He actually put a car on my driveway!

    I’ve never forgotten the lesson He taught me that day. Not only does He hear our prayers (even while we are driving), but He cares about our material needs too.

    Years later…when it was time for us to purchase a new car…we made sure to pass God’s blessing along…we gave it to a family who needed a car and had no money. God is so good!!

  32. 432
    karensk says:

    Congrats!!! It looks beautiful, too!

  33. 433
    chanda says:

    I had a volvo stationwagon; my first car I really loved; it was a manual and ran like a champ, paid $2400 for it and thought that was a lot of money. I would take another just like it anyday, man I miss my car! Now driving a van, that I wish had cost $2400. God bless you!

  34. 434
    Debbie says:

    ’65 Mustang. White, red interior. Straight 6 with 3 on the floor. Loved that car!

  35. 435
    Melissa May says:

    I just have to say how beautiful and sassy you three girls look over there on the sidebar. What beautiful pictures! I bet there’s a story to go with the graffiti picture! : ) I think the new design is really beautiful! Do you know if it’s possible to get our blogger or other profile pics on here? that’s the only thing I miss. I see I have a gravitar (picture by my name) that I set up a long time ago… but I need to figure out how to change it!!! : )

  36. 436
    Che' says:

    Congratulations! Love the new format!

    I’ve owned several cars but one of my best stories comes from the one we named the “Bluesmobile”. It was an old (even back then)Ford LTD and it was BIG. Over time it developed a smoking problem. As long as the accelerator was pressed down, no smoke; but once I let up on the pedal — billows of dense blue smoke came out the exhaust. A few of us decided to take the ferry over to Whidbey Island and drive up to Fort Casey for the day. On the way home with a law enforcement officer behind me I approached a long, steep downhill….Oh no! I was asking my friends if I should keep my foot on the accelerator and risk getting a speeding ticket OR let my foot off the gas and get pulled over for the blue smoke? Well, when I was half way down the hill and exceeding the speed limit I let off the gas and in seconds I could not even see the officer behind me. Sure enough when the smoke cleared and I accelerated up the other side, there were flashing lights behind me and the Bluesmobile’s temperature was at it’s limit. I sent the guys across the street to get water for the radiator and told the officer that I wasn’t sure what happened, it just started blowing all this smoke and I was just trying to get home. He let me off the hook and told me to get home and not to drive until it was fixed. Then we couldn’t get it started… it finally did and we all decided that if we got on the ferry and it wouldn’t start when it was time to drive off, we’d just leave it on the ferry and walk home. Fortunately it did start. I ended up giving it to a friend from eastern Europe who was a mechanic. He had a Mercedes in his garage but preferred driving the Bluesmobile. Go figure! What memories! Thanks for an opportunity to relive it again :-).

  37. 437
    Melinda says:

    Awesome new look! You probably already know this, but if you are missing everyone’s profile pics, they can go to Gravatar.com and register their avatar from Blogger to be used on both Blogger and WordPress. It’s free and easy to do.


    • 437.1
      Melinda says:

      So, in my haste to tell you about Gravatar, I forgot my car story (which I know will leave your day void of life if you don’t hear it! ;)) My first car was a 1966 Ford Galaxy 500, blue and, um, RUST. It was large enough to have been retired from military service and easily packed in 2 or 17 of my closest friends! Despite its unsightliness, they all loved it and called it “The Melbamobile” (Melba was my nickname in high school…Melba TOAST on occasion!) or “The Beav” (after Leave it to Beaver, of course). Its heavy chrome bumper saved me from myself on more than one occasion…I loved that car. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. 438
    Evie says:

    Wow, I think I like this new site!! I don’t have a fun car story. I picked out my 1st car @ 18 only because my friends and I needed a car to get to south padre ๐Ÿ™‚ it was a chevette and we 6 girls pilled in and headed off. About a month later I tried to teach mom how to drive at a nearby school parking lot; and she crashed into the flag pole! We were all ok except the car… then I got a honda prelude which I loved and often think about.

  39. 439
    Evie says:

    Testing 1 2 3 … tried something different on my phone just testing it out.

  40. 440

    My husband bought a brand new 1984 Dodge Conversion Van shortly before we met. He goes on wilderness fishing trips to Canada (we live in Texas) with his best friend every summer. They drive until the road runs out and then charter a plane that will take them into the interior, drop them and their supplies, canoes, etc off and then rendezvous a week later at a pre-determined place and fly them back out. In 1985 he went on one of his usual trips, taking his dad with him. Dad unfortunately fell asleep hile driving his shift behind the wheel and as they were going down an embankment proceeded to take out a highway exit sign, ripping canoes off the roof and doing considerable damage to the van. One canoe had a HUGE hole in it, it’s now a flower planter in our yard, but the van was still driveable and so they continued on. The van was repaired and everything seemed to be like new. Unfortunately, the van would never hold its paint job after that! Huge chunks of paint would fall off, it would rust- it was this process that earned the van its name, “THE WAR WAGON” We had the War Wagon for 17 years, drove it to death and took it on vacation from Canada to Florida and from Wyoming to West Virginia. The kids loved how roomy it was for them, we loved it because we could store all of our camping gear without any problems. We put a LOT of miles on “THE WAR WAGON” but we also gained a lifetime of wonderful family moments and memories in it as well!

  41. 441
    Kaleesha says:

    My sweet grandpa bought me a cute little silver Honda accord when I turned 16. It was an older car, but it ran well. Unfortunately, my gradfather also had my uncle’s old Bronco II (Eddie Bauer edition) sitting over at his house, and I would occasionally (ahem!) borrow it instead. I will tell you it seemed a bit more fitting driving down those West Texas roads in a Bronco as opposed to that little foreign car! Good times.

  42. 442
    Allie Penny says:

    Congrats on your successful move to WordPress! The site looks great. My first car was a Toyota Camry. Oh how I loved the freedom that came with that car. My cousins came in from a small town in MS, and I decided to show them around Memphis. I took them downtown to eat at my favorite steak house and had to park in a parking garage. I think that was my first parking garage experience and I managed to swipe a concrete pole while trying to park. I had the genious idea to lie to my parents and tell them another car must have hit the car while we were inside eating. My dad, however, is a chemist who specializes in paint and coatings, and when he was able to get the paint off with acetone, he quickly told me that the paint on my car wasn’t from another car! I had to have hit something. Boy did I learn my lesson- I cried for days over disappointing my daddy. Quite a spiritual application there as well- our Father always knows what we’re up to!

  43. 443

    I’m learning how to leave a comment here. apparently for a name we need to leave our SIESTA name!

    We’ll get it. I missed seeing all the blog siesta names. There are some I look for each time I leave a comment.

    Fayetteville, Ga

  44. 444

    Love the new web page!

    When I was dating my husband, he had this old 73 Chevy pick-up. (we met in 1990). It was soooooo old and beat up but I loved that truck. It was a perfect match for that Davy-Crocket/Paul Bunyan/Redneck man of mine. There was no foot pedal for the gas, just a rod sticking out of the floor. To put it in reverse, he had to open the hood and do some sort of mechanical magic, and (this is the best part) he kept a baseball bat in the back to chock the wheels when he got out. My parents were so proud!!

  45. 445
    Missy Speir says:

    Great story! And congrats on the new blog! My first car was a Jeep Grand Cherokee. My parents were gracious enough to buy it for me when I first started driving, and I’m still driving it today. I’m 24 now, but actually it’s in pretty good shape b/c I don’t put that many miles on it. Anyway, the best story with my car happened recently. My husband and I had just returned from our honeymoon this past May. We picked up all of our remaining stuff stuff from our parents houses, and then we made the trip to the city where I have in law school for the last 2 years. We had had a long day of moving his stuff into my (now, our) apartment. To give ourselves an incentive to push through the day, we decided to go get frozen yogurt once we finished moving all of the stuff in. We roll up to the frozen yogurt place, and it just so happened that several of my law school friends had decided to get yogurt that evening, too. As we pull up, we begin to smell a not so great odor. Then, my car begins smoking like crazy. Here we are the first day back from our honeymoon, and my car nearly blew up. We had to get the car towed and a ride back with my friends (at least they were there.) Needless to say, I’m sure my husband wondered what he had gotten himself into! Fortunately, my sweet dad agreed to help us cover the repairs as a “preexisting condition!”

  46. 446
    Ginnie says:

    Love the new website! The car I remember the most is my very first car. It was red 3 speed on the column Maverick. I had never driven one and it was a riot watching me try to learn to drive it. My dad spent more time under the hood untangling the gears than I spent behind the wheel. In his frustration, he sold it a day after he bought it. With the profit he made he then purchased me a 4 speed Pinto. I drove that Pinto until 1987 and still miss it.

  47. 447
    Marianne Foriska says:

    Congrats! on the move to Word Press.

    My first car was a 70 Chevy Nova. If you parked it on a grade you had to put the emergency brake on; if you didn’t it would coast back. One snowy evening I went to card club at my friend’s house when I got there I parked in her driveway. Her husband had not plowed the driveway so he asked for our keys so he could move the cars around so he could plow. He parked my car along side of the highway and proceeded to plow. He saw the car coasting back and assumed I was in it. The car backed itself right into a deep ditch! It took all the neighbor guys to get it out as the women were inside the toasty warm home.

    Wish I could get a sports car but with living in NWPA you need 4 wheel drive:)

    God Blessings to you,

  48. 448
    Patty says:

    I love the new place!!!

    Your car and Melissa’s Camero sounds like something my younger son would want!!

    My oldest son’s car is a black Thunderbird, it looks so good, new paint job, interior is perfect and everyone in town calls it the “Thunder Chicken”. I drive it at times and I love to be at a light and some young guy pulls up in his sports car (gives that look) and you know the rest, I leave em’ at the light. Just sayin’. hee hee I bet some may read this and be totally shocked that I do that , lol!!! Guilty.

    I can’t wait to hear about Melissa’s car.

    Before I go, Happy Easter! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  49. 449
    Terri says:

    I have always wanted a convertable bug ever since I was a teenager(many years ago). Last year my husband and I stumbled upon a green convertable bug for a great price. I was in love. He bought if for me for Valentine’s Day. I ended up trading it in this past September because it was one problem after another. ๐Ÿ™ Come to find out the car had been wrecked. But while I had the car I had so much fun with it. We lived in Florida on the gulf coast during this time and I would ride with the top down even when it was cold and I had to have the heater on. I loved that car but too many problems and not enough room for my two teenagers to ride even uncomfortably. Maybe one day when they are at college I will get another one???

  50. 450
    Stacey says:

    love new blog site

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