We Made It!

Whew! I can’t believe it finally happened! We made it to WordPress! Thanks for following us to our new home. Don’t forget to bookmark our new address or subscribe to the new feed if you like using a feed reader.

I’m sitting on my couch with my laptop, but I feel like I’m driving a new car with this unfamiliar dashboard in front of me. Just for kicks, and so we can all test drive the commenting process, tell me something fun or interesting about a car you’ve had!

My first car was a 1987 Mustang GT convertible. It was my grandmother’s car and she gave it to me when I turned 16. Can you believe that? I was really blessed, to say the least!ย  It was beautiful and fast off the line and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how much fun my friends and I had in it.

I was a little too proud of that car and the Lord humbled me many, many times in it. For one, when it rained really hard, the water would leak inside from between the windshield and the top. I remember driving home from Texas A&M for an orthodontist appointment and it was monsooning outside. The rainwater was pouring in and I had nothing to soak it up with, so I took off one of my socks and tried to soak it up with my right hand while my left hand was on the wheel. Oh, and I was bawling my eyes out! I have no idea how I ever made it home.

On the night my sister turned 16, she did not have her car yet. She would soon be given a 1969 Camaro that she and my dad loved working on together. But that night I let her take my Mustang out to celebrate with her friends. Melissa and I just happen to be complete opposites of one another. For example, when the traffic light turned green I would accelerate as fast as I could to the speed limit. Melissa lived to blow right by it. As I remember it, on that night – the very night of her 16th birthday and the start of her official driving life – Melissa burned up the engine of my car! Bless my mom’s heart that she had to raise two daughters who are as different as night and day.

Every spring when the weather is as gorgeous as it is in Texas right now, I miss that car like crazy. Maybe one day when I’m done with booster seats and carpooling I’ll have another convertible.

Now maybe I can get my sis to tell us a Camaro story!


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  1. 301
    Angie Sharp says:

    Why aren’t our pictures showing up? Does google accounts not work with this unless we sign up under one of the other blog sites? Just wondering . . .

  2. 302
    Elisabeth says:

    Love the look!
    My first car was a 1989 white Acura Integra. My dad got a good deal so he bought it. It was the year 2001. The problem was, it was a stick! I got home from high school that day, my dad dropped me off in the country, & I had to figure out how to drive a manual to get home. The sunroof didn’t have proper lining, so for 5 yrs I got rain dumped on my head every winter whenever I stepped onthe brake! After 2 accidents, my dad & uncle welded the car together and I drove it for 2 yrs like that!

  3. 303

    My first car was a 1978 Ford Pinto which was a straight shift which I had no idea how to drive, so my sister who was two years younger and who just happened to be quite a tomboy and had practice with our tractor, drove us to school each day until she could “teach” me how to drive! Boy am I thankful God kept us safe through those days!

  4. 304
    Heather says:

    My first car was this doo-doo brown Maxima. I really liked the car style, but the color was awful!! I still till this day can’t believe my parents bought it for me. Anyhow, the car ended up being such a lemon. The horn would go off in the middle of the night. It only happened in the middle of the nights. never during the day or while I was at school, not to my knowledge anyway. It would wake up the entire neighborhood at nights and then every dog in the neighborhood would start barking. So embarrassing, and it didn’t help my dating life any for that matter either!:)

    Congrats on making it to WordPress!! I love the new look!!

  5. 305
    TraciG says:

    My first was a brown 1979 Datsun, B210 that was great on gas, but a little hard on the eye. We lovingly referred to it as the “turd”. Gross, I know, but that’s high school girls for you. We spent hours and hours cruising the drag in our little town, with a battery operated mini “boom-box” (how’s that for an oxymoron?)I think we listened to George Michael and Def Leppard and all that other great?!? 80s music. We always had a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, a package of Twizzlers, and Diet Pepsi. It too, gave us a good surprise after a rainstorm when making a right-hand turn. Whoever was in the passenger seat had to move their feet to the middle or else they would be inundated with the water that had pooled somewhere under the hood. Great memories!

  6. 306
    Jackie D says:

    I am currently driving a white, 2000 Nissan Altima that just turned 170,000 miles. I’m 41 and this is my third car. Needless to say, I keep them far longer than most people would. The Altima is missing the passenger side mirror – the new one is in the trunk as it is black and I haven’t gotten around to having it painted and installed. And the one remaining key has been broken for more years than I care to count as I am too cheap to buy a replacement. I’m hoping to make it to 200K miles. Oh, and this will be my third summer without A/C. But it gets me back and forth to work which is the most important thing.

  7. 307
    AvA says:

    loved the story. i think i may relate w/melissa on the subject of cars for various reasons. but first, my car, not so cool, it was a 1987 chevrolet nova, and no, not the cool nova the nerdy nova body style. it was the color of butterscotch but my friends called the color ‘babypoo’ instead. the summer after i turned 16 while driving it the car had the tendency to overheat so my dad said to compensate for that, i would have to turn on the heat in the car! also, my favorite tape, yes tape, not cd, got stuck in the player so that meant no music of any sort!!! it was a bummer to say the least! i had to drive w/the heat on, the tape stuck and no tunes! but, i had a car and it was paid for! i drove in style anyway (at least my cool, 16 year-old self thought so). i loved the driving privilege and having my own car to wash and take care of. i have also have blown up an engine too! it was spring break time, my second year on college and instead of spending my money on a fun trip i had to spend it on a new engine!!!! not a way to spend spring break! then, in my brother’s 1994 steeda mustang i blew up his engine too trying to show off and be a hot shot. oops! those are the ONLY two engines i have blown up and i think i’m good now. one of these days, it is my dream to have a 1969 camaro just like my mom had. i love muscle cars! but i love being a girly-girl too. oh, and the babypoo car ended up a year later being totaled when a deer decided to jump in front of my car. we were all okay, but the car wasn’t! my car number three was a peugot! who has ever heard of a peugot!!!!
    and now i drive a very cool, momma-cool minivan. i was a mom who was bound and determined to never drive a mini-van no matter how many children. well, i swallowed my pride and now i drive my dining room table w/me everywhere i go (at least that is what it feels like). but the kids love it and we have room for their friends too.
    whew, that was wordy!!!! back to my dishes! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. 308
    Tamara says:

    My first car was a Hyundai. I paid for half the down payment and the other half came from my parents as a graduation gift. It was a cheap car with a lot of bells and whistles, that eventually stopped working. So a year and a half later I drove it off the 605 freeway in CA and landed upside down. My husband, at that time an acquaintance, thought it was time to act. He took the opportunity to bring me flowers. That was the beginning of a whole new life for me. We’ve been together ever since.

  9. 309
    Janet says:

    The website is wonderful! Truly answered prayer!

    The first car I ever bought for myself was a 1995 Acura Integra, right out of college…I still have it, 233,000 miles later! I “gifted” it to my husband (he never thought it was as cool as I did) and I have been driving a minivan to transport the kids! He since bought the SUV he wanted, and my little Integra has just sat so lonely in the driveway…but THIS week the minivan is in the shop and I am tooling around town in my favorite little car. And little it is, as my 8 year-old was complaining that it “really could be bigger than this!” I having fun all the same!

    Lenoir, NC

  10. 310
    tonya says:

    My first car was a Ford Falcon. It went through a phase where it would honk everytime you turned left, which was so embarrassing for a teenager trying to look cool.

  11. 311
    Praise in Valley says:

    My second car was a 1997 VW Jetta. It was a cute car and I purchased it because it was cute! Within 1 year, I had replaced the transmission, the AC compressor, and the power steering system. I will never again buy a car because it’s cute! and I probably will never buy a VW again – they are great cars but expensive to repair!

  12. 312
    MaryD says:

    My first car was a 1960 Beetle that I inherited from my sister in 1971 when I turned 16. It was bright yellow (not a VW color at the time) because we had sanded the blue down and had it painted. It had many quirks which caused me to be a mechanic just to keep it going, or starting it for that matter. It also did not have a gas gauge so I had a stick that I used to measure how much gas was left in the tank. At that time gas in East Texas was 19 cents a gallon so it cost me under $2.00 to fill up! I also used to leave the keys in it while I was at work or at home. It was never stolen. Later after graduating from college and buying a new car, I was very grateful for a car that started all of the time. I still am!

  13. 313
    Ella Weaver says:

    Got my licenses long long ago, I think age 16, had 4 older brothers who had talked dad into letting them change the gear shift of the family car (a 54 chevy) from the column and putting it in the floor board like a 5 speed, only thing was they didn’t know what they were doing and they put in in the floor backwards and that’s the car I learned to drive. Reverse was at the bottom not the top, first gear the opposite of where it should have been. The only problem, was I didn’t know where anything was suppose to be in a car so I just learned as it was and then had to relearn when I drove a real “5 speed” car. I have always said, that after learning on that car, that I could drive a log truck.:) Thanks Amanda for the memory!

    Love the new website….

  14. 314
    Mary Yount says:

    Love the new site!

  15. 315
    Andrea Porter says:


    Loved the old site and now love the new site, congratulations! My first official car I drove to school, was a Ford Galaxy 500, ugh. My father had inheireted(sp?) from a relative that I had never met. The relative had kept it in his garage after he had stopped driving it because he liked the radio in it so much, he wouldn’t sell the car. It was huge and ancient. White on the outside with a black interior. It sqeaked terribly when you drove over a bump, the turn signals rarely worked. One day I turned on the radio and the heat came on, so I tried turning the heat on and the radio came on. To make matters for a young teenager worse my Dad put a bumper sticker on it that read… “I eat my road kill.” To say the least I was mortified. I will never forget the license plate, it was HRT-098, so my brother and I named the car, “Hurt 98”. The Lord sure knows how to keep you humble.

  16. 316
    Sharon says:

    Love the new look! Several years ago in a “gray-haired” crazy moment, my husband bought me a corvette. Had never liked them but that changed after the first week of driving it! I’ve recently replaced it with a Prius and wouldn’t you know it…I got a ticket with the Prius. I need my corvette back!

  17. 317
    Martha says:

    I posted earlier and don’t see it so am just seeing if this works. I talked about my Daddy teaching to to drive a stick shift…….way many years ago was a 1946 Ford.

  18. 318
    Tina King says:

    My last name is King and I currently drive a Honda Fit. My license plate frame reads:
    Awesome new home, by the way!

  19. 319
    Emily says:

    Lovin’ the new design!

    My first car was a little manual 1980 Toyota Celica. Good lil’ car and I was glad I learned how to drive a stick shift! I wish we still drove stick shifts…it would keep us off of our phones! ๐Ÿ™‚ Much more interesting to drive, too, especially in a little sports car driving through the mountains. Ahhhh, that sounds so good right now. That’s for the little diversion.

  20. 320
    Kathy B says:

    Thanks for working so hard to allow us such a vehicle of inspiration and encouragement. Speaking of vehicles:
    When our kids were little my husband decided that a suburban was about the safest thing he could put us in. I drove it for ten years,our oldest was blessed with it for two years in high school,then our middle child got her turn. As of this moment it is sitting in the school parking lot of our 16yr old son. He’s endearingly dubbed it “the Titanic.” It just rolled over to 300,000 miles–as I live and breath. My husband is so proud. The thing just won’t die. And believe me, the kids have tried to come up with scenarios to help it to it’s grave. And did you know if you hit something straightforward of directly behind, it won’t dent it either. Just ask the light pole in the church parking lot and a certain tree in a ditch where I was innocently turning around. Good times ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. 321
    Carrie says:

    I don’t have a fun car story but I do call my new suburban – “Sweet Rumble” because when you start her up she has a really sweet rumble sound!

  22. 322
    shelli littleton says:

    Amanda … you tickle me so much! My first car was not nearly as nice as yours. I can’t even remember the name of it now (telling on my age)… but something was wrong with it … I only had to drive maybe three miles to work, and it would die half-way there. I’d have to pull over, restart it, and then I’d make it to work. It did the same thing on the way home! And it had NO power-steering. I almost didn’t pass my driving test (parallel parking) because of it! I tried to drive from Terrell, TX, to Texarkana, TX, to visit my grandmother. It started making a noise … so I just turned up the radio! I got stuck, and my dad had to come rescue me. It’s funny NOW!! Thank goodness I didn’t have it long … my next car was almost new. And I GREATLY appreciated it.

    You girls are a blast! Don’t forget to watch the Extreme Makeover Home Edition this Easter Sunday that was filmed near Galveston! You might just see your Siesta on there … hopefully my kids will make it on the show. We’ll see!!

  23. 323
    Jina says:

    Great job guys. This is a little tricky for me. I am all thumbs with technology. One of my weaknesses!

    Have a great day!

  24. 324
    De says:

    Testing how to leave a comment…

  25. 325
    Terri says:

    Just trying to see if I can figure out how this new blog site works! I love being a part of this community!

  26. 326
    Nina says:

    Awesome! but can the text be darker? I’ve always been a lurker and hate for my first attempt to comment to be a complaint but unless it’s the pollen I’m suffering from eyestrain from the gray print.

  27. 327
    amy says:

    I’m a missionary in south africa, and the car I have now was given to me by my gracious supporters back home in the USA. We call it “mama’s executive taxi” and it fits about 9 kids comfortably, which is almost the whole family (I am the house mom at a home for 12 children!). I’m so thankful for the car–for how it gets me and the kids around a dangerous city safely!

    thanks for the blog!

  28. 328
    Peggy Durante says:

    My first car was a 1962 RAMBLER!. LOL. My first NEW NEW car was a Datsun (now Nissan) 280-Z. Am I showing my age or what?

  29. 329
    Kelli says:

    Testing one two three! Left a message earlier and haven’t seen it posted so thought I would try a test.

    Kelli in Colorado

  30. 330

    Welcome to WordPress! I love the dashboard and hope you will too, once you get used to it!

    My very first car was a “hand me UP” from my younger brother, talk about embarrassing. It was an army green Ford Maverick. It was built and looked like a Sherman tank, so I named him Sherman, of course! I could hit any post, pole or wall and nothing would happen to it. No dents, no dings, nothing. They just don’t make them like they used to. It was built like a mighty fortress. It was just way ugly. I thought it would be neat to have 2 flags waving at the front ends of the car and big white stars painted on each door to make it look militarily official, but I never followed through with the ideas. I drove that thing until it was ready for a cliff!

  31. 331
    Siesta Mary from MN says:

    Hey Amanda,
    Love the new site and the beautiful pictures of all of you. In my current car I have been rear ended 5 times!
    Without injury thank the Lord! But my friends feel I should just get it over with and paint a bullseye on the back of my car. I’m beginning tio think they’re right.. Love ya lots!

  32. 332
    Andrea says:

    When I was in my twenties I had a two tone blue Chevette. This car was so much fun to drive. One time I was driving my grandmother and she said “This little car just flies!”

  33. 333
    Diana says:

    Oh Boy I think I am lost. Just barely got used to the old system and how to post and now a new one. Remember I’m the one that said I don’t like change.
    My first car was a great big green 4 door Chrysler. I don’t know the year or make… too long ago to remember. My parents made me wait until I was 18 to learn to drive. My older sister was not very reliable with my dad’s truck and so they were wanting to be sure that I would not hit the house as she did. I paid my dad $300 for it and it was what got me around. I was just thankful for wheels.

  34. 334
    Joni says:

    Just days after having a C-section with my firstborn, my husband brought us home in our ’76 Toyota Corolla, his work car, (a tiny car back then) instead of our bigger car. My abdomen felt every bump and ripple in the road, plus we had to go up a hill and across railroad tracks! I felt every staple was going to vibrate out of my body. (Back then incisions were stapled.) Fourteen months later I was coming home with another bundle of joy after having yet another C-section, and you better believe I made sure I did not make the journey home in our Toyota!

  35. 335
    Tammy says:

    My first car was actually from my sweet grandpa who just happened to get himself a new car and kept his old one for a spare (my new one!) I don’t remember the make but it was gold bronzie color and everyone called it “The Boat” : ) I did not mind how it looked, because it got me where I was goin…mainly to see my man, who I am married to now!!!

    Tammy in SD

  36. 336
    Joni says:

    Forgot to mention our Toyota Corolla was a stick shift to boot!!!

  37. 337
    Andrea Schlepp says:

    Oh Lord were you girls BLESSED!!!! My first car was a 1989 Dodge Omni. I loved that car to pieces because it was so very fuel efficient!!! I could go about 450 miles on a tank of gas. It had a short in the horn though and would just sporadically honk driving down the highway…so we nick-named it Herby. I am sure there were a few times we almost ran off the road with laughter when we would suddenly honk for no apparent reason at all!

    In Him,

    PS: I love the new site and am praising the Lord that we finally made it over! Woohoo- God is good!

  38. 338
    Donna B. says:

    I just joined this group a couple of weeks ago, so your “old” site was still new to me, but this “new to you site” is great too! =) Kinda reminds me of my first car, which was a mint green, (I have no idea what year), little GMC station wagon that my great aunt used to drive, which soon after was replaced by a two-toned burnt orange and brown Plymouth Horizen hatch-back, which my dad traded in for the coolest ever, Volkswagen Scirroco with a SUNROOF for my senior year of high school! Mind you, I didn’t wreck those cars, (at least not enough to talk about ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), I guess my dad loved to shop for cars? I never remember going with him, he’d just come home and surprise me. Then my freshman year of college, that VW Scirroco would die almost daily, so when I came back for Christmas break, one night as I was leaving work at Walt Disney, I walked over to where I thought I’d parked that Scirroco only to find an even cooler bright orange Mustang in its place! Life couldn’t have been any better, or so I thought…
    Donna B.
    Panama City, FL

  39. 339
    Kristin says:

    New site looks great!

  40. 340
    Kristi says:


    I had to so chuckle at the description of your first car… My 17 year old son just , this past November, bought his first car… 1987 Honda Accord… The rain leaks in somewhere between the windshield and the roof. Do you think that 1987 was a bad year for rain leaks?

    I don’t have any good car stories. My first car was a 1978 Ford Tempo that my father-in-law helped me find after my husband had left me with a new baby and no car. (I was 25.) That thing drove me practically everywhere, from Fla to Pa and plenty of places in-between. I think it ran on God’s good graces!

    Congrats on your new site! It’s beautiful!! I love this blog and your ministry and am praying for you guys everyday. Blessings!!

  41. 341
    Angie says:

    Love the new site… it looks AMAZING! Congrats and thanks to all who worked on it!

    Funny car moment, when I was 1 my first car was a Datsun B210 hatchback, stick shift. I didn’t know how to drive a stick shift… and we lived in the country. My dad put me out in the field in the car, and I drove in circles, I drove in circles, and I drove in circles some more! Then I had to learn to stop on a hill, and take off without rolling backwards! It was what we would call a Cobalt blue… and it had the highest blowing heater you could ever want. IF you met me on the road… my hair would be blowing to where I looked like I had dog ears! No joke! That car was a gem….

    Angie, Nixa MO

  42. 342
    Lahna says:

    As a single mom with two children, my first car was a ’77 Pontiac Gran Prix. It was The Tuna Boat because it was so big you had to dock it instead of park it. It was also silver. It was a great car, but when it rained, water went down the window inside the door. When you turned corners, it sloshed inside the door. I had to take a screwdriver and unplug a hole in the bottom of the door for the water to come out–it was kind of like keeping a gutter open. That wasn’t quite as annoying as the door flinging open as you rounded a corner. I also used a pencil (good thing I was a teacher and had access) to keep the carburator open while I started it. It was a beast.

  43. 343
    Kimberly says:

    Love, love, love the new look!!! Great job ladies!!!
    My first car was a baby blue Ford Escort – mid 80’s era.
    Cost me $77.52 a month in payments! I will never forget that amount!!

  44. 344
    Patrice Mixon says:

    The first car I bought with all my own money was a Mazda RX-7 sports car. I learned how to drive a stick shift with that car, AFTER I bought it! It was totalled in a wreck on the way to church before I’d even had it a year. So, I went out and bought another one with the insurance money that I drove until I got married and “settled down”. I still love sports cars & stick shifts!

  45. 345
    Lyndsey says:

    The new blog looks great!!! I’m 26 ( almost 27) and still driving the car I learned to drive in… a 95 Subaru Legacy…. and she’s definitely my baby! We’ve driven all over the country in her, including two moves cross-country! She just rolled over past 200,000 miles this month! She may not work perfectly, and have missing buttons and blown out light fuses… but she’s quirky and full of character:)

    Lyndsey, PA

  46. 346
    Brooke says:

    My first car was a 1986 Pontiac 6000. (Mind you this was 1997.) Elephant gray. With a lovely luggage rack on the trunk. And a mallet in the backseat so I could hammer the hubcaps back on every morning when I got to school. It was my GREAT-grandmother’s car before it was my dad’s (and before it was mine). And needless to say, Granny was not a great driver. More dings and scratches and dents than anyone else. But at least I had a car, right?!

  47. 347
    Sharon says:

    I hoope this works. I had a 1967 red Mustang for my first car. It was hot. I mean literally. Bought it in Michigan where they don’t have but a few days of heat, and moved to Florida where it is hot 8 months out of the year. So I nearly burned alive. My dad finally put an air conditioner in but then the car overheated all the time. It couldn’t handle it. But I still loved that car!

  48. 348
    Allison says:

    I love the site!!

    My first car was an early 80’s Jeep Wagoneer with the wood paneling on the outside of it. It was nicknamed “woody” and I was sooo embarassed!!

    I have to tell you, and I don’t leave many comments (do you really read these??)?, but BETH…I AM COMING TO CHICAGO in SEPTEMBER and SEEING YOU LIVE!!!! Just booked it TODAY!!! Can you hear my excitement through this screen?? This is HUGE! I am coming with 2 of my best girlfriends for a long weekend, and we can harldy stand it we are so excited!! Now if we could just see Oprah the day before we would die happy women. HA!! No really, this is a dream come true of mine to actually SEE you in person and not just on a screen. (I do love you on a screen though!!)!! I am one lesson away from finishing up breaking free, and it has been FANTASTIC!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saying YES to the Lord’s calling in your life because He has used you to change mine!! I CAN’T WAIT to SEE you in SEPT!!!

    PS…I am also reading your SLI book with my ‘book club’ girls here in San Antonio, and BOY has it been a journey!! Thank you for writing that book!!

  49. 349
    becca banana says:

    The new header and format is beautiful!

  50. 350
    Katie says:

    The new site is cool!

    My first car was a new Grand Am. I loved that car and will always remember it because it was our ride to my first prom! ๐Ÿ™‚

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