Looking Back at One Decade and Forward to Another

Deep breath in…deep breath out. Deep breath in…deep breath out. Siestas, I have less than 48 hours left before I wave a fond goodbye to my twenties and embrace the big 3-0. As of right now I’m not freaking out. I keep thinking that I will enjoy being the baby of the 30’s more than the oldest of the 20’s. Let me recount some of the high points of the last ten years.

Age 20: The Lord started opening doors for me to serve Him in ministry for the first time. I got to help with youth camp and was a missions intern that summer. I also met Curtis Jones! I learned a lot about my Redeemer.

Age 21: I got involved with Breakaway Ministries at Texas A&M. It was such a blessing in my life. Curtis and I went on a mission trip to Venezuela with a team from Breakaway. We came home knowing we wanted to serve God together for the rest of our lives and started asking Him to make a way for us to be married. (At that point we were still in college and living 11 hours apart.) We got engaged shortly after and then Curtis transferred to Houston Baptist University and got a job working in the youth department at HFBC. The Four Moores took a trip to Paris and Switzerland that summer.

Age 22: I graduated from college and married Curtis a month later!

Age 23: This probably wasn’t the easiest year. I loved being married, but it was definitely an adjustment. This was my first full year of employment at LPM.

Age 24: Curtis and I left Houston for a 5 month stint in England. We had some amazing experiences and learned a ton of important lessons there. I led my first Beth Moore Bible study – Breaking Free – with a group of British women who were at least 20 years older than me. Bless them for their patience with me! I had sworn I would never do that study because my friends constantly told me how hard it was. 🙂

Age 25: We moved to Irving, Texas, a few days before my 25th birthday and we started our three-and-a-half year season working with students at First Baptist Church of Irving. We bought our first home that summer and the next day found out we were expecting a baby.

Age 26: The best and hardest year of my life – becoming a mom!

Age 27: I had a blast with my little family of 3. Jackson was a little bit older and we took him everywhere. We were always going to local festivals, having playdates with friends, and spending lots of time with our church family.

Age 28: I got to stand next to my sister as she married the man of her dreams. We moved back to Houston and got to be fully involved with Living Proof. We loved getting to share everyday life with my parents again. We found out we were expecting another baby!

Age 29: The Lord gave me a daughter! Sometimes I still have to pinch myself. We made some incredible memories as a family this year.

I have so much to be thankful for. Why shouldn’t I look forward to my thirties? Actually, I don’t want you to answer that. I would love to know from those of you who have been there or are currently there, what do I have to look forward to? What are some of the best things about your 30’s?


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