Jackson Hole – Part 2

Curtis and I marveled at how much Annabeth changed during our two weeks in Wyoming. This picture was taken on the day she started sitting up. She was using her hands but could sit for a long time.

Exactly one week later, when she happened to be wearing the same outfit, she was sitting with no hands. This is such a fun stage! I’m enjoying our last bit of time before she becomes mobile.

This was Annabeth’s first time in a restaurant high chair.

One night after my parents arrived, we had dinner on the deck at Signal Mountain Lodge. After that we walked down to Jackson Lake.

Jackson is embracing his big brother role a little more these days.

This is a picture of one of the cookouts we attended by the river.

Curtis and Annabeth challenged Jackson and his friend in a race.

Annabeth did not enjoy being a track star.

Here’s Baby Girl’s first time in a playground swing. I did not bring her enough cool-weather clothes, so I frequently resorted to pajamas.

One morning our whole family attended a breakfast cookout up on a mountain. Dad and I and joined the trail riders on horseback while Mom and Curtis brought the kids up in a car. We had hot chocolate, eggs, bacon, and pancakes. It was so much fun.

Jackson and his daddy played hide and seek in the town square. Here’s Jackson counting.

Here he is hiding.

A view of the Tetons from near our place.

Mt. Moran might be my favorite.

A deer in the river by our cabin.

The Sleeping Indian. Can you see him?

One day we visited Jenny Lake. You do not want to miss it if you ever visit Jackson Hole.

We took a shuttle boat across the lake to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point.

Looking up at the mountain from the boat.

Here’s what we hiked to see.

We – mainly Jackson – got soaked on the boat ride back. The water was freezing! Jackson has always loved being splashed with cold water (seriously), so he had a great time. People around us were even trying to take pictures of him because he was so funny.

The pictures you are about to see are from The Greatest Day of Jackson’s Life.

We went to Snow King and did the alpine slide.

The slide was really fun, but I only did it once because the ski lift to the top of it scared me to death. Curt says it isn’t as freaky when there’s snow below you. The Moores aren’t skiers, so I wouldn’t really know.

Then Curtis and I went temporarily insane and let Jackson do the bungee trampoline. You are seeing the highlight of his three-year-old life.

Everyone within a mile heard him squealing.

After that, we had lunch at the Saddle Rock Family Saloon.

The only beer they served was root beer. Oh my word, it was the best ever!

Jackson capped the day off with a horse ride. This is Blizzard, the most chilled out horse known to man. Jackson looked like a baby on top of that big ole animal.

That concludes the Greatest Day of Jackson’s Life.

Here’s a bad picture of some elk in the valley.

This is our favorite pizza place. No visit is complete without it.

It’s our tradition to take a picture on this huge stump before we leave. Right after this, some very sad Joneses got in the car and drove to the airport. Sad, sad, sad.

Thanks for sharing our pictures!

For everyone going to Deeper Still in Orlando this weekend, have an awesome time with Jesus!


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  1. 151
    Luv2Praise says:

    Your family is so beautiful. Those kids are so cute I just want to bite them. I mean that in the nicest way. (Not really bite them!) Your dad and Curtis look like they are in their element. Men and the wilderness, they love it. See Jackson is already loving the wilderness thing!

    I loved our family vacations when the kids were little. There was so much joy in every little adventure. Enjoy every minute, they grow up so quickly. Thanks for the vacation pictures. I will add it to my list of places to go!! Beautiful!


  2. 152
    Ramsey says:

    I've had the utmost pleasure in growing up near Jackson Hole. I was born in Jackson Hole and raised about an hour and a half away. Now, I live about 3 hours, but still am thankful that I can still visit in a day's time.

    Your pictures are so great! Thank you for sharing a part of your family time!

  3. 153
    Tea With Tiffany says:

    Loved the pics.

  4. 154
    molly says:

    Ohhh… Your pics made me grin from ear to ear! My BIL and fam live and work in JH- (He's a sheriffs deputy- look out!) We have enjoyed a number of trips there! The pics take me back- and realize WE ARE DUE!!We loved Jenny Lake and the ferry. 🙂 My husband Loves Billy's… We've HIKED snow King- NO, it was not pretty! They were married in Moran… Thanks for a walk down memory lane!

  5. 155
    Leann says:

    I don't think that sweet baby girl could look any more like her Bibby.

  6. 156
    Chelle' says:

    Hook a sista up and show her where the sleeping indian is…

  7. 157
    Penny's Mom says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the photos! What a beautiful place to spend family time and you did all the coolest stuff! WooHoo! Riding horses to a pancake breakfast outside. That is the best.

  8. 158
    Kim Kennedy says:

    We love the Tetons. When the kids are older or if you have a day to yourself, hike Table Mountain. You get to be so close to the Grand from the other side, it's like you can reach out and touch it. Tough hike, but oh so worth it! Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  9. 159
    Kim Kennedy says:

    We love the Tetons. When the kids are older or if you have a day to yourself, hike Table Mountain. You get to be so close to the Grand from the other side, it's like you can reach out and touch it. Tough hike, but oh so worth it! Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  10. 160
    Anonymous says:

    Ladies, you have a beautiful family.

  11. 161

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