The Random and the Sublime

Hey, Darling Things!

It’s late afternoon on Friday and we’ll close up the ministry in just a little while for a three-day weekend. I thought I’d say hi before I pulled out of the driveway because I’ve come to love you so much and, like many times during the course of a ministry week, you are on my mind. One way you can tell when people are truly getting close is an unexplainable interest in the utterly trivial and otherwise unbearably mundane. (An interest in the trivial alone doesn’t cut it. Celebrity gossip would qualify for that. To legitimately become intimate friends you must also care, for instance, that it looks as though she might be using a different hair product or could that be a new pair of shoes she’s got on today?) Hence this post. But it may be one-sided, of course. Maybe I’m just perceiving that we’re close. But in hopes that it’s a two-way relationship, below are a few random things from the average life of your own Siesta Mama. In response I’d love to know one completely random thing from your life right now.

1. Keith and I went grocery shopping together a couple of nights ago. He was pushing the basket. He asked me to please walk down the paper aisle and grab a 12-pack of toilet tissue then, as I walked back toward him, proceeded to take off almost running so I’d have to chase him through the store with it. Can you spell M-A-T-U-R-E? And don’t think I’m just referring to him because I was laughing so hard I almost needed to use some of it. The person at check-out asked us how long we’d been married because we were still so amused by one another when we got there and because I was hitting him in the arm with my fist (a well-known flirting technique). Imagine her surprise when we answered 30 and a half years. By the way, we’re really in love right now. I’m so glad I let him live through last year.

2. If perhaps you heard that Geli, our birddog, has been so sick that she nearly died, it is the absolute truth but she’s finally getting better. She was in the fanciest animal hospital in Houston for a solid week, much to Keith’s dismay on multiple levels. The diagnosis? Somewhere along the way she ate something dead and got food poisoning from it. It caused a bacterial infection that went through her digestive system and into her lungs. Of course, Keith and I thought that carnivores like most humans and canines were supposed to eat stuff that was already dead instead of eating it while it’s still alive and kicking but we are now better educated. Geli has a penchant for eating inappropriate things. A month ago we had to take her to the vet for eating a live frog. We informed them what had happened to which they replied, “That can’t be it. She must have a stomach ailment of some kind.” They took x-rays and, lo and behold, her stomach ailment had four legs and four feet. Perhaps that is why she then turned to carrion from which she indeed derived a very expensive stomach ailment.

3. I will list this one among the random though it is neither trivial nor mundane. I am leaving early in the morning for the wedding of our LPL praise-team drummer, Kevin and his beautiful bride-to-be, Ashley. He is the one who proposed on stage at an LPL in June. (Pittsburg) Our whole team will be there and we are super excited! Perhaps this seems to have come awfully fast in your estimation but, I assure you, it could not come fast enough for the two of them. From the moment I saw them lock eyes, I suggested we move ahead with the date. They are terribly smitten.

Oh, mercy! It’s already time for me to be downstairs saying goodbye to my dear coworkers for a long weekend and locking this sweet place up! I know you must feel so cheated that I can’t keep going! Before I sign off, how about a little news from the sublime category?

1. To the great glory of my faithful God, I finished the book on women’s insecurity and have even been through the editing process and, except for a few finishing touches, it is ready to be type-set and sent off for print. THANK YOU, LORD!!! I will tell you more about it later but the release date is February 2nd. I have never had anything besides Breaking Free and When Godly People Do Ungodly Things get to me like this one. God turned me every way but loose on this project.

2. Our Houston Tuesday night Bible study starts the day after Labor Day! We can hardly wait to be reunited with our home girls! We miss them like crazy all summer long. Picture them from every age, background and denomination. In fact, they are a cross section of this community in so many ways. They are so incredibly dear to me. We are going to share a lecture series on the Book of Revelation. We just thought we’d do something light for a change.

OK, I’m late! I better go! Have a fabulous weekend, Girls! I pray that God does something really wonderful to bring you Sabbath rest this Labor Day. I love you!


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  1. 151
    Donna says:

    I love your hair Beth on "The Inheritance" promo on! After wearing my hair past my shoulders for the last 10 years I decided to go a bit shorter. You see I'm 51 now and felt it was dragging down my face. Well I left behind a decent hair style for a Disaster Do. Now I'm checking my JAW daily because I'm jealous of good hair, angry that I cut mine, and worried I'll never be pretty again!
    Love you friend,
    Donna Jo

  2. 152
    Three Fold Cord says:

    Here it is Monday night.
    The kids are in bed, My man and I just had some great convo and now I have time to check in. I loved this post and felt like it was one of the conversations I would have with one of my besties here in ATL. and here in good BEthie fashion I am going to give my own list

    1. I LOVE getting ready for school. I homeschool my 5yo and my son goes to preschool. We started last Monday and went to the School supply store. Very close to what heaven will be like ;)I was very thankful that the Holy Spirit was with me to stick with the list!

    2.Got some very cute red patent leather flats and a shirt to match. Wore it proudly this weekend.

    3. Joined a book club to do something other then kids, school, and mom talk.

    4. Already planning my trip to MEMPHIS!!!!

    Loving you! Charlotte

  3. 153
    Sharon T in MI says:

    I always enjoy not only all of the wonderful posts from you and your girls, but also all the wonderful comments! A few random things as I was reading…
    Joanne's comment about her daughter finding her son's bible bookmarked at psalm 27 brought me to tears of rejoicing!
    "Waging War" by Ce Ce Winans is absolutely one of my favorite songs that I'm sure people can here blasting from my home when I need to…well…wage war!
    I absolutely can't wait for your new book! The Lord and you know how much us girls need this.
    I'm going to be double nickles in November (55 yrs. old.)
    And I love you Beth! I am just so amazed at how GOD has used beautiful YOU to touch and bring all of beautiful US together! I am absolutely sure that we not only feel close to you but also to each other. He is so good!!!!
    Oh and one more thing, I'm a hairdresser and I'm so totally enjoying reading all the "hair comments" (grin)

  4. 154
    Rebecca says:

    I LOVE the Minnesota State Fair and go at least twice, if not more often, every year. This year, for economic reasons, I decided to only go once. It was a struggle, but I DID IT! It's done tonight and I only went once.
    It'll be so nice not to have to resist that urge.
    And, next Saturday I'm auditioning for a choir. Wish me luck.

  5. 155
    Girl On A Journey says:

    Random: I am sore from shooting skeet. (Yes, with a shotgun!)

    Sublime: Tomorrow morning I am meeting a girlfriend for coffee and prayer. She needs a healing touch from her Daddy, the great physician. I am honored beyond words to have the opportunity to help minister to her on his behalf.

  6. 156
    Amy says:

    my husband and i just moved to ohio into a small town and today we drove an hour to find the nearest chick-fil-a to cater to yours truly's cravings! we drove around this strange place for 1 1/2 hours and never found it. we did find about 15 other restaurants. we settled for a local italian place and it was good, but no chick-fil-a. my hubby said on the way home, 'maybe we should have called and gotten directions' – ya think? have a blessed day!

  7. 157
    Trac says:

    I absolutely can not wait for tomorrow, I didn't get to make it to Inheritance, though I did just get the DVD's in the mail Friday. It is so much fun to sit and listen to Beth speak to me as if I am the only one who is in the room of hundreds of women, even though she often brings things that I don't like, but God needs to tell me. Seriously, can't wait!!

  8. 158
    maggie says:

    1) on a quick scroll through the comments, laughing at how many of our "trivial" things have to do with hair. Thinking that hair is not as trivial as we think it is 🙂

    2) We're tightening the budget in hopes of finally paying off my student loan next year. Budget does not include getting my hair highlighted regularly, and I'm almost in mourning over it! Found myself thinking "Maybe we could eat Ramen one week out of every month so I don't have to give that up…"

    3)After a lovely, fabulous, wonderful day at the lake with friends and family for Labor Day, heard my tired 4-yr-old son argue with his dad about why he didn't need a bath: "…because I didn't swim IN the water, I just swam ON it!"

  9. 159
    maggie says:

    I posted some "random" stuff earlier, but was reminded of something I was inspired to write after completing your study on the Old Testament tabernacle. This is an edited version:
    The "little" things are a really big deal…

    The fact that God is a God of detail is awesome. His hovering over the details is a blessing because the "little" things are what we live every day. Storms are transient and even moments of bright sunshine are just those — only moments.

    But every day we have to wake up in the morning. Every day we have to take a shower, drive somewhere, prepare meals for our family, go to the doctor, talk to people, manage a calendar, deal with allergies, mow the lawn, feed the dogs, answer the phone, reprimand the children, teach something, read something, merge onto the highway…

    If we cannot see Christ in the little things, we will not see Him very often.

  10. 160
    Anonymous says:

    Direct quote from family picnic yesterday. Sister in law to my 7 year old nephew who I have helped raise…
    "Ethan, don't hold the target."
    Nancy D.
    Moberly, MO

    Thanks for the smile this morning!

  11. 161
    jill says:

    There was a Praying Mantis outside my bedroom window, just hanging around on a blade of pampas grass. I enjoy catching glimpses of God's "outside" creatures. Not much of a fan if they encroach on my inside territory.

  12. 162
    Paige says:

    Beth –

    So glad to hear Geli is getting better. I'm also glad to know my husband and I aren't the only ones spending $$$$ on a dog. Our 9 year old dashchund, Link, had spinal surgery last Thursday. I'm happy to report he is recovering at home. Part of me felt guilty about spending so much money on him, because that same money could have helped many people. But, he is a cherished member of our family and a constant reminder that imperfect – and sometimes disobedient – creatures are still valued and loved.

    This summer, I participated in your Daniel study with a group of ladies. It really spoke to me about being RESOLVED to study God's Word daily. What a blessing that has been to me these past few months! I also attended the August Simulcast with a new friend. It was a wonderful, uplifting experience. Thank you so much for your ministry to women! I already have my ticket for Oklahoma City in December and am looking forward to learning new ways to know and praise our Precious Saviour.

    Blessings to you and all the Siestas!

  13. 163
    Dylan says:

    I wanted to respond to Maryellen's post about her daughter racking up a big bill for 1700 texts. Although those charges are too late to rectify, I can speak to reducing and managing future cell bills. I work in the consumer advocacy division of the company Validas, where we electronically audit and reduce the average cell bill by 22 percent through our website, Put simply, Validas guards against the frivolous and unnecessary charges that over-inflate an estimated 80 percent of cell bills. You can find out for free if can further modify your plan to better suit your individual needs by going to the website. In your case, Maryellen, your daughter's usage clearly did not reconcile with your plan's allowances.

    For more info, check out Validas in the new media, most recently on Fox News at

    Good luck on further reducing household expenses in this tough economy.

    Consumer Advocacy,

  14. 164
    ~A says:

    I just remembered another random thing…

    Beth, before you toured Mt. Vernon some months back, you changed your clothes at my friend Enid's house.


  15. 165
    Nicole L says:

    You are one amazing woman! ♥

    One random thing about me… current or past? A co-worker just informed me that my out of office was still on after the Labor Day weekend which means I better fix the phone too. Oops!

  16. 166
    Charlene says:

    I love reading your blog and feeling like I know you all. Also looking forward to attending one of your studies in person for the first time. I moved to Houston a year ago and only recently discovered that your church is nearby my office.
    Random and sublime: After 4 days of vacation, though coming back to work was kind of hard, I looked forward to having my blueberries and granola at my desk while reading the email I'd missed – simple pleasures.
    Thanks for all you do!

  17. 167
    Sandy says:

    I read Little Women over the long weekend, a favorite book that I hadn't picked up for at least 30 years. Love it.

  18. 168
    Shellie Paparazzo says:

    I have a new cat. A stray that my kids found. They knew which sucker parent to take him to. All I'd have to do is look at that scrawny little gray and white thing and I was sold. He was mine! We named him Tuna. Well, my daughter did. She saw a cat on Animal Planet named Tuna and decided that's what our next cat would be named. Besides I was out of cat food and had to open up a can of tuna for him and I have never seen anything devour a can of tuna fish so fast in my life! It was gone in seconds and I am not exaggerating! Also, sorry, I'm feeling sorry for myself, so I have to share this. I have a nasty cold and I'm miserable. Could someone send me some chicken noodle soup?

  19. 169
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Hey Spiritual Mom Beth!!:)

    I'll bet the wedding was beautiful:), and you aren't imagining, all your siestas love ya too!! Are ya kidding?! Sisterly love in Christ, alright, coming right at you! That story about you and Keith in the grocery store made me laugh out loud! Makes me smile! Aww, ya'll love each other!! That makes me so happy for you, still going strong at 30 plus years. Three solid decades of God's grace and blessing!:) Good! God is blessing this new book and changing you in the process again!:) and the puppy is feeling better:) Revelation, Ooo:)…um, random happening in my life right now…God revealed to me a wonderful answer this morning to a struggle I have has since before salvation! and I got to see my little GIRL today on an ultrasound! Blessing of blessings!

    Love in Him, blessings, ((HUGS!))


  20. 170
    Becca says:

    Definitely NOT one-sided… :o)

    I am waiting to find out if I get accepted into nursing school. I won't find out until November! Maybe it is only 2 months away, but it seems much longer…

    Lots of LOVE!!

  21. 171
    Penny's Mom says:

    One random thing about my house is that our dog Penny passed away on August 2 at the age of 12. It has been very sad, so I am very glad that Geli is better. Anyway, that is why I call myself Penny's Mom, no Penny is not my child, she was my DOG! Now, THAT IS RANDOM!!!
    Beth, I love hearing about your walks with the dogs, that is also one of my favorite things to do.

  22. 172
    Anonymous says:

    Oh my, not much random going on, well there is but so much more on my mind. I think it will be ok to put this on here now beings I need all the prayers. I have gotten the diagnosis we all dread us being women. I will have surgery the first of next week and then be starting on a journey I don't really want to be on, but am so trusting God in this. I have a huge support group at my work and neighborhood and church and family and I want the support of the blog siesta's as well. Treatment will follow but not sure to what extent. I am so glad God is my source for everything that I need. On Sunday my sisters had me a fancy tea party with my daughter in law and granddaughters there too. It was so fun and to be with family. I love them all. Ok prayer warriors I love all of you. and LPM
    A Child of the Most High God
    Oh when I go back and read my memory verses I can see God was giving me the right ones to keep in my heart to have through this journey.

  23. 173
    Kathy says:

    Hey Miss Bethie! Fun post!!!

    Loved the "wanted to do something light for a change" REVELATIONS!!!
    You are hysterical! Thank you for that!

    A wedding is what we did here as well. My wonderful God-daughter and her amazing fiance were married over a wonderful wedding weekend up here in the northern lake area. So beautiful! Best weather of the summer!

    The proposal happened on our dock over Memorial Day weekend and the wedding over Labor Day.

    Our kids (and 22 month old grandson) all flew in from NY and had a wonderful time.

    Praising God for how all the wonderful details worked out perfectly and cannot wait to hear about and see pictures of your wedding weekend. Do post!

    God bless you and keep you and your silly, fun husband. I am glad you let him live too!!! So true – I know the feeling(s) after 32 years of marriage.

  24. 174
    Colleen says:

    My oldest child graduated to "big church" this week. She was one of two little girls to move into regular church and I don't know if it was neater to watch her in worship, or to watch the older people in the congregation enjoying watching them. (I help lead worship, so I had a great view of all of it). Can't wait for this coming week when we sing her favorite song–"Mighty to Save"

  25. 175
    Womack says:

    My random thing is that I've had abdominal pain for 3 months and was relieved to find out that it's gallstones and I have to have my gallbladder removed. I'm thankful it wasn't more serious. Funny thing is, I've heard so many times that you don't need it, so I'm thinkin' "then why did God put it there in the first place?"


  26. 176
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Siesta Mama,

    It’s definitely a two-way relationship.

    I’m glad to hear Geli is better.

    One random dog event at our household today, Our girls like to eat weird things too like pine straw, leaves, and their favorite is pine cones once the squirrels or lawn mower have chewed them down to almost nothing. I just gave one a chew bone and wouldn’t even touch it, we walked out on the deck and she got excited over one piece of pine straw. My hand goes in the mouth to retrieve it.

    Cindy Gandy

  27. 177
    Kristin says:

    Mundane yet lovely: I DVR'd The Sound of Music even though I have seen it about 850 times! Oh but I love it! I have requested that it not be erased anytime soon, I love my husband for agreeing!

    Sublime: We bought paint for our new home and spent our prayer time that night in thanksgiving and petition that we continue to be good stewards of all that He blesses us with.

  28. 178
    Marcia says:

    I spent the weekend unpacking boxes, yes boxes of "keepsakes" from my children's 1st 5 years in school. My goal is to throw out and consolicate it all to 1 box. I got sidetracked by their precious art work and their amazing journal entries. It was sad and funny all at the same time. Needless to say, I am still working on the project.
    Marcia/Portland, OR

  29. 179
    rooney says:

    I thought I had posted this earlier… but i guess i did something wrong. if this is a repeat…please forgive!

    random and sublime: my 20 year old son said "I love you MOM", without any prompting from me. brought tears to my eyes.

    sublime: my pastor, during his sermon, referenced being 'washed in the water of the Word'. during my very brief marriage to my second husband, who was mentally ill, there were many occurrences when he would demean, berate, humiliate, accuse and 'correct' me by 'washing me in the water of the Word'. many, many times, i just layed on the bed weeping as he did this. well… as the pastor preached and used that verse…i just lost it. so many bad memories came flooding back. during the invitation, i asked a good friend of mine if she would pray with me. though she had no idea why i was so upset…God used her in a mighty way to bring healing to my heart again for all the abuse i endured. The words she spoke were right from His heart to mine. God is amazing. The fact that He uses everyday people is astounding and SUBLIME!

  30. 180
    Laura Hartman says:

    I'm still posting to this blog many days after it was written, but I can't help it! So I guess we're close! I just know I love you, Beth, and I'm so grateful for your impact on my life!
    Random – My boyfriend came to my house for dinner for the first time in almost nine months, and he even grilled perfect steaks for us!
    Sublime – I have started googling the meaning of Bible names to dig deeper in scripture and it's addictive in a beautiful and healthy way!

  31. 181
    Colima says:

    My random thing will also have to do with my bird dog. Yesterday I was walking my chocolate lab, Joey and short hair, Rocky up and all around the hill we live on. Rocky has 10 times the bouncy energy as Joey and so he kept getting his leash tangled. Somehow he wiggled out of his collar, and I was SURE I would have to drive up the road a few miles to catch him (which is what he normally does), but luckily he was flushing out quail in a sage brush. So I was crawling through the bush with Joey on his leash, getting caught in every bush along the way to get to Rocky. We were all covered in stickers, but you know I had to tell Rocky how proud I was that he had pointed out the birds to me! 🙂

  32. 182
    Swtspring says:

    One random thing? I DID try a new hair product, called CURLY. I woke up, and put a little water on my friz . . . I mean hair, then added this curly product and the curls sprang up miraculously. Very cool! It was completely worth the 14.50 it took to buy it. . .:)

  33. 183
    Erin VT says:

    One random:
    Today I gave my three year old a hair cut outside on the deck while my one year old clung to my leg. One was covered in hair, the other was covered in Oreos (yes I resorted to emotional eating), and I was covered in both. Maybe next time I'll go to a barber and eat the Oreos myself.

    One sublime:
    On the way home from preschool my son asked me to thank God for eyes because he likes watching cars drive around. We prayed while sitting there at the stop light…it was my venti joy with an extra shot for the day.

  34. 184
    Stephanie says:

    I hope I'm not too late to leave a random thought, but I thought you may enjoy this as much as I did. It's 6 am and I'm finishing up Session 9's audio from Believing God in my office with my headset on. I can hear my 2 year old daughter waking up through the monitor. At this point, you are talking about how we need to clap for the Lord when He does big things, because he delights in us realizing and thanking Him for what He's done. At the same moment you're clapping away in my ears, I hear my daughter clapping away in her crib! Oh, how I could feel the Lord in our presence, showing me how we can delight in Him, even if we're only 2 years old!
    Thank you for letting us share some randomness from our lives, because we sure do love hearing it from you! Thank you for all you do…you have no idea how much that actually is.
    God bless you.

  35. 185
    Deirdre says:

    Love you so much. It is really not your imagination.

    trivia:um….I'm terrified of spiders. Even photographs of them. It can be terribly embarrassing at work. I'll be sorting the mail and some advert or flyer will show up with a photo of a spider and I'll scream and drop the mail all over the place.

    random: my one year old just walked into her first day of Pre-pre-pre-K yesterday without a backward glance. *sniff*

    So glad to hear the Geli is going to be alright! I prayed hard for you and Keith throughout the simulcast weekend cause I was just sure you would be worried for her.

    one more random: God put it on my heart one weekend to pray for your feet not to get tired at a LPL event you were doing. I don't know why. It just popped into my head. weird.

    Snellville, GA

  36. 186
    Rachel in Louisiana says:

    Let's see how mundane I can get. I spent last weekend working while my husband played soccer dad. When I got home from work he had done all the laundry and completely dusted and cleaned up the very messy desk in our bedroom. What a sweet surprise.

    I'm a new nurse and having a lot of trouble getting the hang of things at work so when I came home bawling my eyes out Sunday night he was sweet to just let me go with it.

    We're also getting ready for our oldest son's 18th birthday this weekend. Where does the time go? He wants power tools or a boat. Guess my husband taught him real good.

    Can't wait to read your new book. I have a feeling it was written just for me.

  37. 187
    kathy k says:

    a little late but just read about Geli's illness. Here's a thought…Pet insurance! No kidding! My husband is a veterinarian (great godly man!)and we recommend it for all our clients. When illness or injury happens, you never have to choose between your pet and your wallet! It is rather inexpensive (can be under $20 a month)
    check out one of our favorites:

  38. 188
    fuzzytop says:

    to katiegfromtennessee… CONGRATULATIONS on your baby girl! I know you have been waiting for this for some time, and it made me smile to hear that God has blessed you with a little girl! Oh yay!


  39. 189
    Vickie says:


    I did not know you knew we were best friends. This summer we spent every Wednesday together. I would be in front of my TV tuned in to Life Today (7am)learning from God's word and you then I would go to my Me Myself and Lies and learn more. After a good Wednesday morning in God's word I would go to work. After work I was off to the Esther Study with a large group of precious ladies we had a blast together with you. That ended our day together…about 9:45pm. I hope you enjoyed Wednesday as much as I did.

    Love you
    Vickie Redmon Gainesville, Tx

  40. 190
    Happy Girl says:

    Hi Beth! I am raising a teenager and toddler right now – both boys! Trying to teach the oldest (16 on Sept. 17th) to be responsible while savoring every moment I have left with him before his HS years fly by and he is off to college. Sometimes though, I find myself wanting to snatch him up bald-headed because of his teenaged, know-it-all attitude! (: Then, my little guy. . . he will be 4 in Dec. and thinks he is big enough, strong enough and smart enough to do everything his big brother does. He challenges me daily with his toddler sized attitude! I remind myself constantly to soak up every ounce of all of it; the good and bad, the fun times and trying times. I love them both so much that it hurts and just want to be sure I do everything within me to raise them up to love the Lord. Just so you know, this blog helps me do just that! Maybe not directly as it relates to parenting, but by giving me a place to be refreshed, challenged and laugh like crazy.

    Thank you so much for your ministry! And for letting me tell you something random about me!

    Love you all –

  41. 191
    Anonymous says:

    i know this is late, but here goes. we went to the beach on the spur of the moment this past weekend. my mil has a condo so we are blessed to be able to do that on occasion when it isn't rented. we had a great time. i met a family from another state and we ended up talking about momma siesta. she teaches your studies twice a year at her church and i think they have done most all of them! she didn't know about the blog so i told her about it and i am pretty sure she will be visiting shortly. what a small world.

    God bless! Have a great day!
    kimberly, tuscaloosa

  42. 192
    Audrey says:

    Oh, the encouragement and love I feel when I read the words on this blog–how on earth can God do that?! He is so good!

    Something a little strange…two times in the past week and a half I've had a dream with you, Beth, starring in it. I'm horrible at remembering my dreams after I wake up, but I remember that we knew each other very well and whatever was going on, we trusted each other very much. I know I've been looking forward to the Siesta Scripture Memory Team weekend in January, but it hasn't been such a constant thought that it should warrant TWO dreams!! Who knows, but God, but it's much easier to wake up from a dream like that than a dream that's scary.

    Lastly, my oldest boy is so very creative. We've already hosted a carnival and movie afternoon for the neighborhood children all with his planning. Well, after attending a wedding this weekend, he let me know that I needed to bake a cake (or, no, perhaps cookies and milk would do 🙂 for the wedding. What?! He had written "Ezekiel's love" on a note for him to give to a neighbor girl and had written "Isaiah's love" for his brother to give to another neighbor girl. When I asked him why he was so interested in weddings he told me, "They're just so much fun…but they're kinda long…it would be more fun if you're actually in it!" Definitely! This little boy's always thinking. I thought it was such a cute idea, but when I mentioned it to the two parents (a fake wedding/hugging ceremony–the boys said they were only going to hug the girls–Daddy asked if they were interested in girlfriends and they said, "NO!"), one was completely against it. Makes me wonder if I'm completely out of line to even think it was a cute idea, although my heart still flutters to think of all the thoughtfulness involved in his little plan. He hasn't mentioned it at all today, but all the details sure were cute. By the way, he's 6 years old 🙂

  43. 193
    Anonymous says:

    Random but serious: Please pray. Laid off again. Not sure if we can make the mortgage again. It has been a long, hard road of feeling purposeless, directionless, and scared. It's been a long longing after the place God has for me (preferably with a salary attached). I'm so wanting to see this longing fulfilled! Thank you.

  44. 194
    Donna says:

    Darling Beth, I am somewhat late on making a post for your entry, so it may not get published..but here goes. I don't know how 'random' it is but I made a huge decision last week…I opted to resign from teaching my adult S.S. class of 9 years. Because of family and health issues, I felt God wanted me to step down for now. I pray I didn't hear God wrong. I am anxiously waiting for Breaking Free, the updated version and your new book on insecurity…both of which I desperately need at this time. Beth, thank you from the bottom of my heart for wanting to be a part of our (the siestas) lives. Your teaching of the Word keeps me going. I thoroughly enjoy reading the posts made by you, Melissa and Amanda.
    Love you dearly, Beth….

  45. 195
    Anonymous says:

    I decided to cut my own hair–and I don't just mean the bangs or sides which aggravates my stylist everytime I do it–I mean I took the hair which reaches about two inches down my back and cut it off. I did this while my five guys (4 sons and 1 husband) were watching SPIKE TV–a total man station. Rambo Part II was on. So, of course, no one noticed. Then, of course, I burst into instant tears of regret while holding wads of hair in my hands.

    Without looking back at me all five of them said, "Don't worry Mom, Rambo lives."

    Indeed he does.

  46. 196
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Beth, Thank you for sharing your life with us. I too have always imagined we were the best of friends. We have two dogs who eat bad stuff as well but they have never been to a fancy hospital. We just to get up in the middle of the night after hearing noises that mean they "have to go".

    Love you and have been praying for your loved one who is ill.

    Janet in NC

  47. 197
    Grace says:

    I'm late reading this but I just love you Beth, you make me smile, laugh,cry,and wish I lived in Houston. I feel so close to you I can't wait till we can visit in heaven.
    One random thing, can we really still wear white after Labor Day?
    Love you bunches,


  48. 198
    Amanda says:

    "We are going to share a lecture series on the Book of Revelation. We just thought we'd do something light for a change."

    Beth, you so crack me up and I adore that about you. Since when is ANYTHING from Revelation "light?"

  49. 199
    darla says:

    just wanted to drop a "hey"! haven't fallen off the face of the earth, but have been through the hardest summer of pain that I have ever had. Seems my past abuse has led to reconstructive surgery of my mouth, yah painful..5 surgeries, and recently as I am healing, I looked in the mirror, and GOD has given me back my I haven't seen since I was a child..I am getting my plunder…oh yes I am!

    But missing my Mama Beth most of all! hoping to catch up real soon! PRINCESS TO PRINCESS!

  50. 200
    Values Mom says:

    Hmmm. one random thing..let's see. My family was all together for Labor heart is so glad when that happens and I thank God for that!

    Mansfield TX

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