Siesta Summer Bible Study: Final Gathering

Siesta Summer Bible Study (Weeks 5 and 6) from LPV on Vimeo.

The summer has flown by! It’s already time for our SSBS wrap up! Listen, if you can make heads or tails out of this video, you are brilliant and PATIENT! As you’ll see, I had to take you on the road with me but at least I hope it tells you that you are loved around here at LPM and never forgotten.

Let me share two things before you read the interactives. The first one is a reminder: your comments to this post are meant to follow your last gathering. The second one is something you won’t want to miss: please look at the post right before this one and take the opportunity to thank Jennifer Rothschild for her ministry to you and, if she’s like me, she’ll delight in hearing something very specific you believe God said to you through the journey. Let’s shower her with some really big SIESTA LOVE!

Here are your four interactives for your gatherings today:

First two from Week Five:

1. See pages 102-103. Book freak that I am, I loved the way Jennifer started the week with English author Huxley’s comparison of our memories to private collections of literature. Lock in on the graphic of the books on the shelf on p.103. Each person share the words they wrote on the first and last book.

2. See pages 112-113 where Jennifer talks about the unattractiveness of complaining. You might say, it’s like living our lives with rollers in our hair. Jennifer drew a very insightful connection between a complaining spirit and a sense of entitlement. In your gatherings, talk about what you think the term “entitlement” means and offer a few examples of it.

Second set from Week Six:

3. See p.126. As we wrap up our series, I want you guys to share your answers (even if you didn’t write them down) to Jennifer’s first questions: What’s the most significant thing you recognized about your self-talk so far? In other words, I’m asking you to share the biggest revelation you received through the study about your thought closet.

BTW, I loved Jennifer’s creativity in the interactive on p.130 about the colors in our closets. I like questions that really make me think and imagine. These are the kinds of question some of our personality types and learning styles love and others roll their eyes about. If you are the kind that loved it and you came up with a pretty creative color, share it! If you’re the kind that rolled your eyes, roll them one more moment while your sister shares. I love you both.

4. See the bottom of p.136. What is the most frequent song you’re singing right now to your soul to help you persevere and keep hope alive? I almost overlooked this exercise because we shared a post not too long ago concerning the songs that stir up our love for Jesus. This one’s a little different though. Jennifer is asking specifically about songs that stir us up to perseverance. Songs that make us essentially say, “March on, my soul, be strong!” What’s yours presently?

Siestas, I have loved EVERY MINUTE of this study! Thank you so much for participating! Be sure and start looking right away for the Bible study you’re going to do this Fall. We’ve got to plan for faithfulness and, to do that, we’ve got to stay in God’s Word! I will ask you late in August what you’re planning to do in September for Bible study so try to make up your mind by that time. Remember, accountability is KEY!!!


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  1. 51
    Anonymous says:

    Beth Moore, you are a hoot! Your traveling video message from front door to airport to van to conference and all the way back again was SO creative and fun for us to see. You set us up for a very meaningful and special time during our last session’s discussion. Some of the significant things from the study we shared dealt with anger, complaining, combating the tough “committee in my head”, the importance of God’s wisdom, and moving from irrational thought to reality and truth in our thought lives. Many of us had a new, “ah-ha!” understanding of how recognizing faulty assumptions helps us understand and correct our thinking. You said, Beth, that you loved EVERY MINUTE of this study! While many of us found the study hard and, at times, invading our personal comfort zones, we actually did love MOST every minute of our exploration of Scriptural truth and especially benefitted as we grew together as a group over the summer. May the blessing of your teaching return to you and Jennifer 100 fold!

  2. 52
    Tracy Ruckman says:

    The "Me, Myself, & My Siestas" are continuing our online group as a support system and prayer group, even after the study is over. We're all at different points in the study, and share our hearts as we complete each section.

    Life has been tough on many of our members during this session, but God's grace and love has been very apparent.

    Please continue to keep Michelle and her children in your prayers as they go through the coming months after the loss of husband and father. Her faith and strength have been an inspiration to us all.

    And personally, our precious group of 25 Siestas has touched my heart with their compassion, love, generosity, and painful pasts. God brought this group of women together for a purpose and my life is forever changed because of their friendship and love.

    Bless you, Beth, LPM, and Jennifer – thank you for touching our lives and hearts. May God continue to use you for His glory.

  3. 53
    Anonymous says:

    just got my work books for the summer sesssionl.. as you prob know they were solod out… sooooo i have book marked your posts on it and have 2 ladies coming for the rest of this summer.. yeah…. I am so excited I even bought two of Jennifer's books and they are amazing.. I stil need info on the Jan memorization .. I can't find wheren, when or where to stay…. I know I am a pain… but I can only say my family feels your pain 🙂 debra El Dorado AR

  4. 54
    Linda in Atlanta says:

    Dear Jennifer and Beth ~

    This has been THE BEST Bible study! Thank you so much. It has encouraged me in so many ways… amazing scripture: over and over, the verses used were just phenomenal. I was loving it so much, just loving God's word and the joy and blessing, and privilege, to have it in my life.

    I want to say….
    old thought closet: inadequate
    new thought closet: equipped

    Praise You, Jesus and Dear Father! Thank you, Holy Spirit.

    hugs, Linda in Atlanta

  5. 55
    Linda in Atlanta says:

    Dear Jennifer and Beth ~

    This has been THE BEST Bible study! Thank you so much. It has encouraged me in so many ways… amazing scripture: over and over, the verses used were just phenomenal. I was loving it so much, just loving God's word and the joy and blessing, and privilege, to have it in my life.

    I want to say….
    old thought closet: inadequate
    new thought closet: equipped

    Praise You, Jesus and Dear Father! Thank you, Holy Spirit.

    hugs, Linda in Atlanta

  6. 56
    glorysuzy says:

    What a end to the summer Bible Study. I properly thanked Jennifer in the previous post. Now I want to thank you Beth for being in this study with us. I can't say that I would have had enough dedication that I would carry out this last session while traveling and in curlers!

    I was blown away whey you had Miss Kay talk to us. What was so awesome about it was that what Kay said about the times getting harder and needng God and His Word to make it was almost exactly what I had written down to say in our final meeting. I was able to read that to the girls after we watched the video and say that I beleive God gave me that word and Kay was confirming it. (or other way around)

    Words can not express what you mean to me Beth!


    Tulsa Office Study

  7. 57
    TN Girl says:

    I have to tell you first that we have finally been given a name for our Bible Study group. We are officially the "Church Hags!" We met at the home of one of our women whose husband is not a church goer. He told his co-worker that he had to cook dinner for the Church Hags…we decided to adopt the name assuming we can come up with a positive acronym for Hags! So far some suggestions have been Heart afire for God, Happy and godly siestas.

    Connie, Lisa, Melanie, Nikki, Sharon, and Pam met for our final gathering.

    Loved going to Greensboro with you!

    1. Some of our titles: April Moving, Summers with Darlene, Love, Family, Church Family, Death

    2. Entitlement: believing someone owes you something without earning it. Believing God owes you anything.

    3. "Who I am and what I struggle with are not the same thing" still HUGE 6 weeks later. The enemy at our thought closet doors!

    4. "How Can I Keep from Singing" Chris Tomlin, "Brainwash" Nicole C Mullen, "The Motions" Matthew West.

    We had such a blast in the Word with you this summer Beth and all siestas! Love to all from Dublin, VA

  8. 58
    MaryS says:

    Thank you for the accountability of this Bible study. It has definitely open my eyes to some closet cleaning and some balancing of the table legs in my life.


  9. 59
    Anonymous says:

    Our group of 4 met on Tuesday night at Starbucks. While we are each in difficult situations, and feel at times like we are stuggling to find freedom and truth, I know God is faithful, His Word and the time we've spent seeking Him will not return void. Thank you for leading us on this journey and helping us identify lies in our closets. The Word is the only light that helps us see clearly and clothe ourselves in truth each day.
    Love You,
    Rebekah in Jacksonville, Fl

  10. 60
    Luv2Praise says:

    So sad this study is over! Well we know the work is never over, we have just begun!!

    We had another small group this evening. So many medical needs going on with our Siesta's and their families. We must always pray for each other.

    Question 1:

    We spoke of our collection of literature which brought us to personal heartaches and then the joys of our lives. We all listed our families as our joys. Isn't that just like us mom's to do that.

    Question 2:

    These were some of our definitions of entitlement:

    Putting yourself in the Center
    I deserve it!
    I am special!
    Constantly wanting more
    Also the "I don't deserve this!"
    (When bad things happen)

    We discussed how complaining is draining on those who do it and those who hear it! We spoke about how it applies in the workplace and at home.

    One thing we did not discuss but that I was thinking about this morning is the sense of entitlement that Christians sometimes have. I fear that at times we fail to connect with the sinful nature within ouselves when we witness to others and give off an air of "entitlement". That we are better than others. We must constantly remind ourselves that we are saved by GRACE and not our own actions. I just had to mention this because it was on my heart this morning.

    Question 3:

    The most significant thing we recognized about our self talk is:

    That it insults God and feeds the Devil.

    It it wasn't for Grace…

    It is a constant battle to reshape what we think.

    (We did not have any different "colors" in our closets)

    Question 4:

    This was my favorite question of the night. We even sang a little together.

    Renata: It Is Well With My Soul

    Joyce: No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus and Nothing is Impossible When You Put Your Trust In Jesus.

    Elaine: Indescribable (We couldn't remember the proper name of the song, but we all knew it)

    Suzanne: How Great is our God and a CC Wyans song Sometimes I Need a Little More (probably not the name of the song either but couldn't remember.)

    Lori: He Knows My Name

    Maureen: Jingle Bells. (We had so much fun with Maureen. She does not know many songs but says she sings Jingle Bells all year long. We just loved it!)

    As usual we just had the best time at Bible Study. We all grew close to each other and want to Thank You for facilitating this study. I can't wait for next summer. Although we had lots of injuries, illnesses and distractions it did not deter us from getting into the Word. Thank you God for your faithfulness.

    Your Siesta in Christ,

    Mapleville, RI

  11. 61
    Patti says:

    The most significant thing I learned (was reminded of) from this bible study is thoughts do matter! I know it sounds simple, but it's very powerful! I want to have a thought closet that is obedient to God's Word, so I plan (with the Holy Spirit's help), to be more aware of the thoughts I'm allowing myself to think.

    The song I'm singing is an old one. Don't even remember who sang it – "We've Been Made More than Conquerors".

    Thanks for choosing this study – I enjoyed it.

    Patti, Kissimmee, FL

  12. 62
    ems d says:

    Going solo- but found the study really helpful.

    1. 1st book –Abuse, last book – Young Family – it makes me smile and realise how far God has brought me
    2. Entitlement to me embodies putting myself first. I was challenged by how I live my life feeling ‘entitled’ to regular meals out, expensive foods and vacations. I realise that I am not entitled to anything at all and am blessed significantly more than I deserve.
    3. For me the biggest thing I learnt (in terms of what I can put in practise) is how many negative thoughts I have – I’d have previously never described myself as negative – but also how easy they are to switch off if you have the desire to do. Thoughts are not just a passive thing, they are as intentional as words and actions.

    4. The song that is really challenging me at the moment is ‘Jesus, lover of my soul’ – that sense that I just need to surrender all to God and do it HIS way!

    Thanks –really enjoyed this summer study and now looking to starting the Esther bible study with a group of ladies at church in September! (And having sneak previewed the DVDs – in preparation you understand!- I CAN’T wait to see how God is going to change us)

  13. 63
    Sandy says:

    Several of us have fallen behind in the study so we spent most our time together talking about our biggest challenge, the thing that drags our thoughts to the pit most often. Many of us are in the midst of dealing with or living in the aftermath of a loved one with mental illness. These precious souls are so hardened by their illness and in such bondage they aren't even aware they are in need of help. We've become the enemy in their eyes and are often at the receiving end of their rage and irrational behavior. We are waging a spiritual battle for an individual who doesn't want our help. It is exhausting. We focused on God's commands to rest and how we need to make it a priority in our lives. We ladies have such an insatiable need to fix things! We're praying that our focus will be in finding deliberate ways to rest in the Lord's strength, rest physically and emotionally and pray that He do the work, that His will be done. What a comfort to know we can make a difference for those we love without ending up in the pit ourselves. We need miraculous healing for our loved ones and we certainly know we are not in the miracle business. But we know the One who is.
    Love and blessings to you all and thanks for journeying with us. Thank you for all you do Beth and LPM staff. It's been a good summer!

  14. 64
    HappyascanB says:

    Our group of women met for the last time Tuesday night, and honestly, there's so much I'd like to say about our summer that I don't know where to start! Much less how to keep it short and sweet!! We grew as friends, accountability partners, and sisters (or siestas) this summer with this study. We loved being able to share the songs we sing to our hearts with each other. We learned so much about how critical we are to ourselves, how we compare ourselves to others, and how we worry so about pleasing others. And we committed to caring for each other in the future; to making sure that we're filling our thought closets with truth and love. May the roots of truth run deep!!! Thank you sooo much for making this summer study happen! You rock, Beth!!!

  15. 65
    Misty says:

    We really don't want to stop this study! It has been eye-opening and amazing and a major challenge all at the same time. My mother-in-law and I have become closer as we realize that so many of our struggles are similar – and we are encouraged to be able to share with each other our insights to be able to focus on God more clearly. Thank you so very much for the opportunity to delve into this study and get help we didn't know before was out there. Your ministry is a blessing to me and I am sharing with everyone that will listen! May you continue to be blessed with a joyful spirit and the knowledge of God's love!

    P.S. My MIL shared with a co-worker how much the study has meant to her…the co-worker now plans to lead a small group of girls at her church in a few months. This will be such a blessing to get this information earlier – while their opinions of themselves are still forming!

  16. 66
    Hartman Family says:

    As we talked about shaping experiences in our lives today, I realized what a great blessing it has been that God has always made himself known to me and allowed me to hope in Him despite the fact that I grew up in a dysfunctional non-church going home instead of giving into despair. And, now, I am blessed to have a great relationship with Him, my husband, and two great children. Shannon remembered the summer conferences she went to as a teenager and how God always moved, touched, and taught her there and just how special those memories still are.

    Heather and Shannon
    Amarillo, TX

  17. 67
    Anonymous says:

    We enjoyed our summer Bible study here in Beaumont and plan to do it again next summer as well. I completely forgot to post a comment after the 2nd and 3rd meetings, so I made sure not to forget today. Especially loved Beth's video's each week! So funny!

    Alecia, Michelle and Katie
    Beaumont, TX

  18. 68
    marthahelen says:

    A solo siesta..

    1. my first book was titled “moving to Colorado.” When I was a freshman in highschool my family moved from NC to CO and it was a very shaping time for me. Talk about a major interruption and intervention of grace. My last book was titled “Living Proof Live conference in Colorado Springs.” Last May I attended this conference and it was absolutely radically life-changing for me, had a huge impact, and again seemed to set me on a new course. Another intervention of grace.
    2. Jennifer’s connection between entitlement and grumbling was huge for me. I have been very convicted lately of a grumbling spirit and how awful to see that grumbling is essentially me saying to God that He hasn’t given me what I think I deserve.. actually, He HASN’T given me what I deserve, He’s given me far better! Oh the riches that are in Christ Jesus for me! But so often I get my eyes down on the difficult circumstances. He keeps urging me to “lift my eyes up from where I am” (Gen.13:14) and look out over the scope of the Promised Land that He is taking me into. There is no room for entitlement in the life of the believer! All is grace and gift. And if I don’t get thankfulness in my mind, heart and mouth, I know it will ruin me. It’s a matter of survival of faith.
    3. The most significant thing I’ve recognized about my self-talk is how destructive it is! When I started paying attention to my thoughts, it is unbelievable. If it is true that as a man thinketh, so he is.. whoa. If I don’t submit my mind to the healing and transforming power of the Word, I will self-destruct! The most striking thing is how often the Enemy whispers to me that I’d be better off dead. He certainly does want to steal, kill and destroy.
    4. My song lately has been Travis Cottrell’s “I am Persuaded”. I catch myself singing it all the time and I have been working on memorizing Rom.8:35,37-39 as part of it because if I don’t believe He really loves me and that nothing can separate me from that love, I will not persevere. I seem to most struggle with simply believing God.. and so this song that says, “I believe beyond a SHADOW..” is balm to my soul.

    Beth thank you for initiating and facilitating this study this summer. It has been incredible. But somehow I feel like instead of it being over, it’s really just beginning. The study is done, but now the rubber needs to meet the road. I am praying for God to change me, whatever the cost. May He renew all of our minds to the praise of His name! Love you LPM so dearly for the work you do.

  19. 69
    Cheryl says:

    What a fantastic study.

    One of the most important things I recognized is how my thoughts affect my attitude for the day. I am a wife and mom to 3 and they suffer when I suffer. When I allow my thought closet to get all jumbled up with Satan's lies and confusion, it affects so many people. How unfortunate. I am so dedicated to staying on top of my thoughts so I can be a happier person.

    I too love that Chris Tomlin song " I will rise." Don't you just feel your Soul rising up to praise the Lord as you sing it? So awesome! I also love the song "None but Jesus" which is on my Hillsong United CD. Nothing like praising our Lord!!

  20. 70
    Joni says:

    We had our last meeting yesterday & I forgot to post. We discovered that none of us had written our marriages or our husbands on our books of memories that shaped us, which was interesting. Not sure what that means, but we edified each other so condemnation would not take over. 🙂 We talked honestly about our complaints and how to turn them into an "attitude of gratitude." We discussed how we're becoming much more aware of our self-talk and how some old lies had crept back in without our knowing it. Frequent songs: It Is Well With My Soul; Great is Thy Faithfulness; Shout to the Lord.

    We really enjoyed this study! And we all agreed your last video was too awesome! Personally, I cried when Kay Arthur spoke because it seemed she was talking directly to me…Difficult times are coming…. I know the only way I will survive is by staying in & knowing the Word.

  21. 71
    Angela says:

    Is it too late for me to become a siesta? and where can I get the material for the bible study?

  22. 72
    Anonymous says:

    I am five days late with my memory verse, but I did not want the enemy to defeat me. My husband and I have been on vacation with my daughter, Monica, her husband, Bobby, and my grandson, Bryson. We had a wonderful time in Mrytle Beach. My daughter lives in Long Island and I had not seen my grandson in a year. We did a Bible Study every day and God really blessed us. Enough said, so here is my memory verse for August 1st Your beauty and love chases me every day of my life. I am home in the house of God for the rest of my life. Praise God! Psalm 23:6[TMT] Twyla McAmis, Cleveland,Tn.

  23. 73
    DigiNee says:

    I know this is for answering the questions, but . . .

    Have to say this video blessed me beyond measure —- when you had Kay greet us, what she said was such a confirmation that I began to weep and then your final scripture just wrapped it all up – wow —– these summer Bible studies the last two summers have been so great as I have expanded my sphere of authors —- they have been "just right" in length and content with all the summer madness – it is good to branch out and share other writers with all the Siestas . . . can not wait to see where the Lord leads for next summer – if He should choose to tarry.

    Now – am so looking forward to Tuesday night downtown study —– woo-hoo!

  24. 74
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks for keeping it real…but really you need to wear your seatbelt! 🙂

  25. 75
    mamank says:

    We had a great final gathering, though about half of our group wasn't there because school started back this week and they were returning to work as teachers. Listening to each others' soul songs was a special time that ended with one of our ladies singing part of song she had written.

    Thanks so much for leading us through this study this summer.

  26. 76
    Susan C says:

    Thank you leading this Bible study. We are so glad that you kept us studying in the summer when our church take a vacation. We learned to keep our thought closets cleaned out.
    It was great to be able to meet you at Deeper Still. We are the grandmothers of Liam, the precious baby you held. It meant so much that you were willing to take the time to meet us.

    Judy and Susan
    Norfolk, VA

  27. 77
    Stephanie says:

    Beth ~ Loved the video, Im going to miss them and this study. Thankyou so much for leading us through it, I needed it so badly. O how God is working in my life, praise His Name.
    Corvallis Oregon

  28. 78
    Lynn says:

    I enjoyed the study and am sad that it is over, but as others have shared, now we put into practise what we have learned! I loved the video what fun to go along on your trip, Beth! Kay Arthur's words jumped off the screen to me when she said, difficult times are ahead and we need to know the Word. I think that is so true and it was a challenge to me to continue in the Word! Thanks to all involved in the summer study, we appreciate your dedication to serving God.

  29. 79
    Cindy S from Georgia says:

    I have truly loved this study! It has made me aware of how damaging our thoughts can be and how they can quickly consume our thoughts and cause our emotions to falter and our actions to be so ugly. What I've learned from this study is to stay alert to the bad thoughts that enter in my thought closet and conquer them with God's help, scripture, and positive self-talk.
    1. My first and last books are labeled Fun Times with Family and Becoming a Wife and Mother.
    2. For me, entitlement means assigning a title of expect-to-be-treated-royally. Examples of entitlement are expecting people to schedule their day around what you want to do or not agreeing to disagree with others, but rather feeling like it's your way or no way.
    3. My biggest revelation that I've received thorugh this study is how much my thoughts are centered on self.
    4. The song I catch myself singing in order to stay focused on God is "Oh, How I Love Jesus". 🙂

  30. 80
    Anonymous says:

    I did this study solo, as I don't have anyone to do a study with. I admit, it was hard to stay on track when summer beckoned! I found myself having to do several days in a row in one day to keep up. I'm going to have to do it again sometime so I can refresh my thought closet, since there was so much to purge and new things to put in.

    I can agree with most of the answers already posted for the questions – mine weren't that different.

    But I do want to share the songs that I have been trying to sing to stir up perseverance (in my head, mind you. When I sing, people beg me to stop…) I had to laugh, Beth, when I watched the video and you shared your song – Chris Tomlin's "I Will Rise" is definitely on my list! So is "Our God Saves" (Travis' version, of course). The words of these songs have very significant meaning in where I am at in my life and relationship with God right now.

    Thanks, Beth and Jennifer, for your leadership, words, questions, graciousness, and hilarity along the way. This study was so worth it!

  31. 81
    Patti says:

    Our group of five ladies met last night at Panera for the final session since Tuesday night didn’t work for us this week. It was a beautiful August evening and we sat on the patio and ate, laughed and shared until dark. I shall miss these fun times we shared this summer and say thank you, Beth, for facilitating this Bible study. I loved Jennifer’s thought closet comparison and about halfway through the study I was reminded of a scene from the Princess Diaries II movie (yes, I’m a 55-year-old princess wannabe) when Julie Andrews-the queen grandmother, showed Mia-the princess, her new bedroom suite. They opened a closet that was so beautiful—wonderful, lovely, designer label clothes and shoes were tucked away neatly, accessible by remote control, and trays of exquisite jewels and tiaras. The thought occurred to me that we (daughters of THE KING) have access to that same kind of thought closet with beautiful designer clothing, custom made for each of us. No one size fits all here, everything fits perfectly because the One who created us and knows us best, designed them just for us. And His crown jewels—there is no comparison! So why do we hang up dirty, ugly, ragged clothing that doesn’t fit in that beautiful closet? 1 John 3:1 “How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! . . .” I love that word lavish—I feel so pampered and special! I want my colors to be royal purple and rightous white.

  32. 82
    Britney says:

    Wow! We had an amazing summer studying together! We thank you for organizing this! We look forward to next summer already! There were 5 of us ranging from ages 28 to 63. How fun, how much growth took place, i cannot begin to tell you! Thank you for serving Him in such a powerful way! We love you all at Living Proof! Love, SOUL Sisters

  33. 83
    Anonymous says:

    Comments from our group of Beth, Megan, Susan and Barbara (Mother and three precious daughters!!)
    1) Some of our books were titled
    Meeting and Marrying Andy, Ohio State, Mother/wife and Sound of Music.
    2)Entitlement: I should always get to express my opinion and when I'm right, I should always get my way. Assuming I deserve something I'm not getting. Also, I should have as much or more, than everybody else.
    3)Our revelation: Honestly realizing how much we all think about ourselves.
    4) VBS song, Keeping my eyes on Jesus, My Hope is Built, It is Well with my Soul and Here I am,Lord.
    We all enjoyed the study and most of all sharing our answers and our hearts with each other. THANKS!

  34. 84
    Anonymous says:

    Beth, God truely is your strength. I get worn out just watching you. Make sure you sabbath.

    Just some motherly advise

    Love you.

  35. 85
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you Beth, LPM Staff and of course, Jennifer for the SSBS. We arrived home in So. Cal this week after more than 6 weeks on the road, and 8500 miles to and from Alaska!

    This study has been life changing for us (Kathy and Pam) as we journeyed together with our newly retired mates in RV Caravan during the whole 6 weeks of our study. We were put to the test in more ways than one, but proved we "old dogs" could learn new tricks through Christ and a good dose of truth in mucking out our thought closets.

    1. My first book was "Roses" because of love, my last book was "Family" because of our family in Christ and our earthly families. Kathy's first book was "Hurt" because of marital situation and last book was "Disappointment"…(her middle books were upbeat, and your choice and hers of first and last books was very insightful for truth).

    2. Entitlement from Kathy's perspective meant she had a right to complain or was justified, but then realized she used it as a venting vehicle in hopes she would feel better – but it didn't work. She says she can only guard against it with increased forgiveness and encouragement from God's Word. Pam says the complaining habit only demonstrates self-centeredness in herself. Entitlement is a sense of "me first" or "it's all about me" and is the polar opposite of servanthood and sacrifice.

    3. Kathy's most significant revelation had to do with the colors in her thought closet, and now that she was able to identify the source of the "blues and grays" she is able to see the bright hope of a rising "Son" and a golden glory ahead thanks to the M,M and L study. Pams revelation had to do with the teaching on my body being God's temple. Jennifer explained it in a way that hit home by using the 2 Thess 2:4 scripture, and giving the most powerful revelation I have ever had concerning my body-His temple. Who is on the throne? Me, Myself and Lies or God? My color is bright golden orange for the Son of Righteousness, the LORD Jesus.

    4.Kathys song: "It is well with My Soul" and "Amazing Grace",Pams song: "Celebrate – I Will Sing a New Song"

    We will never be the same…the course of our journey has changed. To God be the glory!
    In Him,
    Pam H.and Kathy C.
    Buena Park, CA.

  36. 86
    Moose Mama says:

    Well, first of all, we loved the video from you, Beth. It's just like you to take the time to do that in the middle of a million other things. You are beyond kind! And the greetings from Priscilla and Kay…just too much!!

    Heidi and I were so challenged by this study. We have decided to continue meeting to encourage each other, to keep each other accountable and to see how the closets are looking. We surely do not want any bad thought clutter gathering, because no one is tidying up.

    Heidi has become incredibly dear to me over these past 6 weeks. As a result of Laramie LPL we decided to do this mentor/mentee thing.

    And we both picked "In Christ Alone" as our songs. It just says it all. We can try and be everything for others, or for ourselves…but it's in HIM where we truly stand. We don't need to be anything or anyone but HIS!

    Melana and Heidi
    Sheridan Wyoming

  37. 87
    Karen P. says:

    Oops! It is already Friday night, and I haven't posted our groups discussion notes yet. Five of us met Wednesday night in our usual room at our church. We've all learned so much about ourselves during these weeks.

    Here are some of our responses to the questions:

    1. Page 103 the memories we listed were children's births and work-a place where I can glorify God, birthdays and salvation, births and embarrassments, camping vacations and adult baptism, and the death of childhood pet (dog) and fun with cousins growing up

    2. What does the term entitlement mean to us?
    Thinking "I have a right to that…"
    "I deserve that…"
    We talked about Philippians 2:14-15: Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation in which you shine like stars in the universe. (Wow, everything…does it really say do everything without complaining? Well, that's just a little convicting!)

    3. What's the most significant thing you recognized about your self-talk so far?

    Harboring lies as facts was one answer. Another lady was becoming more aware of speaking lies to herself, and stopping it when it starts.

    Closet colors: Hot Pink-lively and full of action

    4. We had lots of songs we sing! Our facilitator had fun with this question because we already knew she believes that every situation and moment has an appropriate song to go with it!

    Some songs that really help us persevere at the moment are
    "I Love You Lord," "You Are My All in All," "My Life is in You Lord," and "In Christ Alone."

    We decided to meet again next week to view the extras on the DVD and continue our time of accountability to each other!

    We all pray to truly be changed by what we have learned through this study.

    Your videos have been a hoot as well as an inspiration to us through this! Thank-you!

  38. 88
    Kingdomseeker says:

    Our Bible study attendence fizzled out, (only one member showed up for the last meeting-and she didn't do the lessons) but my friend in England had some fantastic insight!
    1.My first book was InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. I came into an incredibly personal relationship with Jesus Christ in college; and IVCF was there to walk beside me and disciple me.
    2.About entitlement, Julie said "there's a lot of talk about our rights (and less talk about our responsibilities.)"
    "the problem comes if we try to treat God in the same way that we might view the government. 'I'm entitled to God's love/ blessing/ forgiveness' just doesn't gel. I think I am becoming more aware of God's mercy: what I DON'T deserve! And when we live a life soaked in mercy and grace, the complaining has to go…"
    3.What I came to realize about my self talk is that sometimes it's true, and sad or unchangable; but I shouldn't FOCUS on it. I should dwell on the most High GOD! I have so many YEA GOD moments to remember, I should focus on those!
    4. Song I'm singing the most right now is "Savior, Please" by Josh Wilson.
    "I can't do this alone, God I need you to hold on to me…
    Savior, please keep saving me."

    Laramie, WY

  39. 89
    Nichole says:

    1. singing, tragedy, abandonment, wedding day, school, family, friends, regrets, blessings, desperation.

    2. Talking about how "other's complaints" is really easier than addressing personal entitlement. We both feel it rear its ugly head when mothering and in our marriages. It's what makes us think we DESERVE time for ourselves each day.

    3. Realizing how often I tell myself that I'm a bad mom. God is showing that I am not the one in control. God is in control of making them turn out a certain way. Very freeing! Also, realizing that my imagination is a huge factor. I am my own worst nightmare and the enemy doesn't have to work very hard in this area. Huge revelation.

    4. With You by Christy Nockels, Desert Song by Hillsong United, Breathe on Me by Newsboys.

  40. 90
    gritsgirl721 says:

    1. dad and emotions are first and last books on the shelves

    2. grumbling and complaining is not attractive; it really says i'm not trusting God; God and I have been working on the "trust" issue for awhile; two steps forward and three steps back but progressing

    3. The colors of my closet are turquoise, pale pink, sometimes, dark blue, black, or very red!
    My favorite color lately is cool blue-peaceful!

    4. My song lately- old hymn: "Turn your eyes upon Jesus" When I need to march on, HE's who I need to see before me and beside me; He is my strength!

    This has been harder than I thought. Everytime I think the "healing process" is completed, something else comes up that is undone in me. All God's work of course. Changing the way we think and speak to ourselves is truly a moment by moment decision that rolls in and out with the various seasons of our life.
    Thank you JESUS, for your TRUTH, your LOVE, and your PATIENCE with me through it all. I love you very much.

  41. 91
    Lucy from PA says:

    I'm a little late responding. Was on vacation last week with my family.
    I've been doing the study solo and finished on time. Yeh! Really enjoyed it even though it was tough sometimes facing the truth about my thought closet. Will be going back to a few of the lessons for follow up on some areas where God was into my business most.

    1. Childhood and Moving Ahead

    2. Entitlement is all about Me, Myself and I. I think I can have what i want, when I want and how I want it no matter what.

    3. To call myself anything other than what or who God says i am is a sin and an insult to God. Who i am and what I struggle with are not the same thing.

    4. Right now I am enjoying songs by Kari Jobe. Healer, Everyone Needs a Little, My Beloved, Sweep Me Away and Revelation Song.
    I was reminded of a CD that I haven't listened to in a long time that really encouraged me and ministered to me in some difficult circumstances. Hillsong's Hope CD.

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the siesta summer bible study and for suggesting Me, Myself and Lies.

    Lucy from Watsontown, PA

  42. 92
    Carol/Jena, LA says:

    We finished up our last session together last night. There were four of us with three not in attendance. We all agreed that this was a "hard" but "good" study and we needed it.

    1. Our books symbolized the events in our lives that helped to shape us and were marked by "dumb" – where as a little girl, one of the us found out that God does hear and answer our prayers even to pass a subject in school that they were struggling with; a mom who died at only 51 years old leaving far too soon but left me with a firm foundation in Christ and her walk of faith a legacy of God's faithfulness. Also marked with being a Mom and grandmother, mountaintop experiences and in the valleys.

    2. Entitlement to us was something we felt we deserved, self-centeredness and all about me – everything revolves around "me."

    3. The most significant thing that we recognized about our thought closets was the fact that it is not encouraging or constructive to us and doesn't help the situation. We found out just how consumed we have been about tearing ourselves down constantly for and about everything.

    3b. We had colors from blue – to being disappointed in ourselves to the point of being sad to bright red because sometimes we just want to get mad!

    4. We all had varied praise songs. Little is Much When God Is In It, Jesus Loves Me, A Cross in the Way, Blessed Assurance, Travis's Jesus Saves, Victory in Jesus, In Christ Alone/On The Solid Rock, The Hiding Place and Great Is Thou Faithfulness.

    Thank you so much Siesta Mama and LPM, Jennifer for hosting and keeping us in the Word this summer. We loved your video along with Priscilla and Kay. Wow! We love you!

  43. 93
    Kimberly says:

    1. College and graduations. Funny those are my bookends!
    2. I deserve….when I deserve nothing and am in fact spoiled rotten by His goodness!
    3. I can control my self talk!
    4. Revelation Song
    Kimberly in San Antonio

  44. 94
    Bonnie/Momof3 says:

    Ok, better finished than never. I completed my MM&L study ironically while I was traveling from Georgia to Missouri. I'll have to tell Jennifer that I passed the Springfield exit and said a prayer for her. I only wished my husband would have given me time enough to exit and take Jennifer to lunch. That would have been a piece of heaven on earth. Thank you Jennifer for this wonderful summer study. I have earmarked several pages throughout the study so that when my mind goes to self-blame or condemnation (from way I was treated as a child), I can reference God's words and your words. God's truth is an amazing rock to stand on and a shelter to feel secure under.

    With love,

  45. 95
    Cynda P says:

    Penny, Joan, Cynda, Newnan, GA
    We were late with our final lesson, because Cynda was in Mexico on a mission trip last week. We had a pot luck salad supper (with brownies, strawberries and whipped cream for dessert, lest you think we were being "careful" with our meal) and then watched the video and discussed our four points. Penny had a hard time coming up with memories that defined her, but after some discussion got the hang of it. Cynda felt that the defining moment of the study for her was realizing how self-centered complaining is. Joan's song was "While I'm Waiting" from Fireproof.
    We ended with the same three that began the study, but had a couple of others join us along the way. Thank you for keeping it real and keeping us in the Word!!!

  46. 96
    Anonymous says:

    Yes we three ladies from St Joseph did finish the Bible Study. It has been fun getting together. We each needed to have our thought closets cleaned.

  47. 97
    Shawna says:

    What a summer! Sharon, Karin and Shawna in WA – finished out with a bang this week. (Really was a bang, as Sharon locked her keys in the trunk while carrying dinner into all of us, so we got to have a chance to practice some good soul talk with Sharon while she called AAA – and contemplated other blunders we all have done! And needless to say when the locksmith and Sharon set her car alarm off for a good 2 minutes, we got so slap happy, I wondered if we would ever be able to stop laughing and do our study!)

    We had some great conversation over the portion of the study on entitlement — particularly our feelings of entitlement when it comes to our "opinions" and when we feel grounded that we are "right" — are we able to humble ourselves.

    Additionally had some carry over from the last session on memory – and praised God over how he used this study for all of us, to really take a look at our memories, and redefine what we have been naming and calling ourselves — and bringing us to a deeper level of healing and wholeness.

    And for an overall takeaway, the revelation for us that we had been at a core level really defining ourselves and speaking to our souls on a consistent basis – based out of our feelings, rather than grounding that in the truth of God's word and how He has seen and defined us!

    Still cleaning our closets
    Thanks for this study and blog this summer Beth, we had an ever-loving BLAST

    Shawna, Karin, Sharon

  48. 98
    Rhonda says:

    Finally I remember to post.
    1. Cards, emabarrassment, farm, kids, hurt, watermelons
    2. Something for nothing,ie "you owe me a grade just because I came to class"
    3. prideful, negative, self-centered
    4. Neons, pastels, earth tones
    5. Strong Tower – Kutless
    In Christ Alone – anybody
    This is the Day
    Come Thou Fount
    Blessed Assurance
    Happy Day – Fee
    My Savior – Aaron Shust

  49. 99
    Christy says:

    I posted earlier this week, but never found the post. Sorry if this is a double entry.

    Christy –Fayetteville, AR 35 married, no children
    Melessa-Lufkin, TX 37 married, 2 children

    3. I realized that when I don’t believe God, that I am preferring my lies over His truth. How sinful! Father, please forgive me.

    4. Give thanks to the LoRD for He is good. His love endures forever.

    Beth, I want to thank you so much for offering another on-line bible study this summer. I so much love and appreciate your example of how to love Jesus, know Him more, and to be filled with His Holy Spirit. Thank you for being “living proof” that He really will deliver me for a good purpose. I love you.

  50. 100
    Shellie Paparazzo says:

    Well, Jeni and I finally had our last meeting on Friday, and it was good. Very relaxed. We both agreed on the entitlement thing that it's basically when you feel like you deserve to have something in your life. And it kind of made me sick that I could kind of see that in my life. And considering my past it's even more sickening, like I really "deserve" anything! What I really deserve I'm not getting only because of God's grace. But apparently my spoiled part of my background must come somewhat in to play here, thinking that because I was given so many material things growing up that I somehow deserve to have the best things money can buy. It's kind of disgusting! Okay, it's really a lot disgusting. And I talked about how it was kind of frustrating realizing that my worst self-talk is the same worst self-talk I was dealing with 4 years ago and that's the whole concept that I'm always saying "I can't" to everything new or even old things that I didn't do very well at before. That I think I'm too slow at learning things and doing them once I've learned them and so I'm very uncomfortable doing any kind of work when people are watching me because I'm sure they're thinking I'm not very good at it. Talk about being insecure! Apparently though just being aware of it has helped cause I'm definitely not the same person I was 4 years ago when I started my recovery. For one thing I don't drink and I'm not even suicidal like I was a year ago, so that's good. At least I see that I have some value. Anyway, Jeni mentioned that she likes the song "Better is one day". I like that song, too, but don't know the words very well. I don't learn songs very easily, so the only one's that ever pop into my head are real common one's like "Amazing Grace". Anyway, I've already wrote a really long post, so I'll shut up now.

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