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Dear Jennifer…


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  1. 101
    Carolina Light says:

    Thank you so much for this study. It was one of those studies that I didn't think I needed. Wrong! I quickly realized I had some major stuff in my thought closet that didn't belong there.

    I'm sure it is going to take me some time to sort through it all and train my brain to be on alert of those negative thoughts but, I'm confident that it will happen.

    One of the main things I realized about my thoughts was all the lies I had believed or at least let them stay there even if I didn't agree with them totally – lies that were placed there to keep me from being the servant of Christ that I know I was meant to be. Just so you know – I promptly threw those out.

    Thanks so much for your guidance and your willingness to serve Christ. My life will not be the same.

    Abundant blessings,
    Charleston, SC

  2. 102
    marthahelen says:


    Thank you so much. I must admit I wasn't sure how much I needed this study this summer.. boy, has God ever shed some light on major areas of bondage in my thinking! I am a bit overwhelmed as the study ends with how I will ever be different.. but I am working on making a set of "REVERSAL" notecards to reverse lies with scripture. i hope to have those with me pretty much at all times and to wield the sword of God's Word when the old lies and habitual thinking creep back in. I don't think i would have actually taken the lies that seriously if not for your study, but now i can see that if i don't take captive EVERY thought to obedience to Christ, it will be to my ruin and destruction. it is already making a huge difference just identifying the lies and barring them out of my mind. Refusing them for once instead of just sitting under them. God has used you and will continue to use this study in my life, Jennifer. It has been an unexpected change of course in the direction of my very life because God is changing the direction of my thoughts. I so praise the goodness of our God! His Word is working in me and I rejoice over it. May God strengthen you to persevere, just as we siestas also persevere toward hope, holiness, and clean minds.
    Love to you!

  3. 103
    dm says:

    Thank you Jennifer for such an amazing Bible study that God used to in my life in some unexpected ways. I have a lie that I have believed for so long. Even though I know it is ridiculous, I still believed it and I didn't realize how much it affected me until this study. I am so very blessed(I have a wonderful husband, two sweet boys…) and satan has been telling me for so long that I am far too blessed and don't deserve any of it(that part is true), but he would also tell me that God is just waiting to take it all away as a fresh reminder of just how much I don't deserve it. Nice, huh? So defeated. The great thing about this study to me was that I not only gained victory over that lie which was so huge in my life, but so many that were hinding out as little ones and therefore weren't getting much attention. I want nothing more than to please God with my mind. I am prone to fear and totally obsessing about things in my mind, so this was so perfect to me. Thank you for your obedience to our Heavenly Father in writing this. Thank you for your beautiful life that has touched so many. God has given you so many gifts(a great Bible study teacher, for one), but also the gift to use His grace every day to shine a beautiful light for Him.

  4. 104
    Andrea says:

    Jennifer, I just wanted to thank you. I've struggled with an ugly thought closet for years now – seeing how destructive that has been was so freeing for me. I have a long way to go, but for the first time in a long time I am filled with hope that my closet will one day finally be purged of the negative and full of the beautiful, positive, and redeeming words of God. Thank you again.

  5. 105
    DigiNee says:

    Dear Jennifer —- want to thank you for joining us in your Bible study – have to say that in the course of the study there have been a lot of "ouch – hallelujahs" —- what a dirty closet I have/had . . . there is so much work still needed as I had to tear out the entire structure it seemed (OK, at least to me!) – you hit the nail right on the head on every page – I do believe that God ordained your writing this! Ha! That is an understatement . . .

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us via the study and your video to us.

    God's peace to you and yours!

  6. 106
    Mary says:

    Thank you for investing your life in so incredible Kingdom work. I know it's not easy to live out your Christian walk before so many and I know it's not easy to travel and speak. I thank you for the work and the heart you put into this Bible study and all the others you've done.

    This one was so amazing for me. I really didn't think I had THAT much junk in my thought closet, oh but girl did I ever! It was just a mess up in there. I'm still sweeping out the cob webs and I'm so excited to lead this study again with my church girls. We'll start in September and I'm so thrilled for the chance to do this again.

    Thank you so very much for putting yourself out there for us. God is using you in a mighty way!

  7. 107
    Susan C. says:

    Jennifer, Thank you for writing an enlightening study. We have had to take a hard look in our Thought Closets,and cleaning out the back corners. It was good to join everyone in the Word this summer.

    Judy and Susan
    Norfolk, VA

  8. 108
    Tami says:

    I loved doing this study, even though it was difficult at times. I didn't realize how many lies I had been telling myself until this study urged me to face reality.

    One of the most profound things I learned is that telling lies to myself is sin! And believing lies I tell myself is also sin! I just never thought of it that way before.

    Thanks for your investment in me.

    Blessings to you,

    Denham Springs, LA

  9. 109
    Britney says:

    We loved the study! He revealed so many assumptions, so many lies, so many thoughts of grumbling, so many truths about who we are in HIM! Oh How we have grown closer to HIM! I cannot thank you enough for facilitating this wonderful, enlightening study!! May God bless you and keep you and may his face shine upon you and give you much peace. Much love, SOUL SISTERS

  10. 110
    Delmajesty says:


    Thank you is not sufficient but will have to do. I joined this bible study, late, as I usually do, but it was such a blessing and very easy to catch up! What did GOD show me through YOUR bible study??? That I *am* worth it.

    Allen, TX

    delmajesty at gmail dot com

  11. 111
    Disco Queen says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    We did not take the 'conventional' route to this Bible Study. We did indeed discuss meaningful parts and how we related to themes…however we also took and INTERACTIVE pathway. One night we wrote lies we've believed with sidewalk chalk on the driveway and then took a hose and washed them away with water. Another night we hit a big pinata blindfolded… to represent batting at lies we cannot see, knowing there are treasures hiding if we stay in the battle. One night we took magazine clippings with words that represent truth about ourselves and modge podged them on glass bowls. We then put river rocks inside the bowls. Written on the rocks were things God had done for us. I called them our 'Forget not all of His benefits bowls'. I have mine on my bedroom dresser:)

    It was a great time! Wished you could have been with us! Hitting the pinata, we wouldn't of had to blindfold you!:)


    Laura in 'Feel the Zeel' Zeeland, MI

  12. 112
    Lucy from PA says:

    Hi Jennifer!
    Just want to say thank you and that I really enjoyed going on this journey through our thought closets with you, Beth and all the siestas. I learned so much and boy was God ever in my business as Beth puts it. Thanks again!

    Lucy from PA

  13. 113
    Kristib says:

    Jennifer this is an amazing study! I teach an interpersonal course at a small college for women and we spend a lot of time working on our negative self-talk. Unfortunately we have to keep the discussions on a secular level. I have said for years somebody needs to apply Biblical concepts to this material. Well, my sister, or should I say siesta, you have done an incredible job doing just that! Thank you so much for a life changing experience! May the Lord richly bless you as you serve Him in such a mighty way!

    Much love!

  14. 114
    Donna says:

    Dear Siesta Jennifer, Before this summer, I was not familiar with your ministry. But, thanks to our mutual Siesta Mamma, Beth, I am now totally enthralled with you and your ministry. "Me, Myself, and Lies" has been a rough study for me but it has opened my eyes to so many things that need to go in my 'thought closet.' Thank you for being dedicated to God's Word and sharing with the world. I will continue to be a follower of your ministry and be praying that God will bless you and your work. I will be looking forward to hearing more from you. Love you, Jennifer.

  15. 115
    Karen E says:

    Hi Jennifer!

    Thank you for writing this study and getting "God in our business," as Beth would say. Our group did some great digging into our thought closets. We got a bit overwhelmed with all that we found sometimes, so it's a good thing that our congregation will be offering the study in two different time slots this fall.

    The most useful insight for me was the section on our unchangeable facts — finding faith labels to attach instead of fate labels. Using God's perspective is far healthier!

    I got to hear you speak at the Devoted Hearts Fresh-Grounded Faith conference in Rochester, MN this spring. You have blessed me and many others! Thank you for following God's call on your life.

  16. 116
    Scuba Girl says:

    Jennifer, I just this hour finished this Bible study – a week late due to a vacation where I truly VACATED!. This study has done such a number on me, because I am a queen of negative self-talk. Thank you so much for re-training my Greek chorus, and for helping my clean out my thought closet!

  17. 117
    Jeffrey says:

    Jennifer, Thank you for your very practical and relevant study on cleaning out my thought closet. For someone who loves to take care of my home, this made a lot of sense to me. I am praying I can keep my thought closet filled to the brim and overflowing with God's precious truth so there is no room for the untruths of Satan or the world and more importantly to stay deeply connected to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    Thank you! It was a blessing to do this study with my two daughters, aged 25 and 21. They both have been through some difficult relationships and this has been a very healing time for them both. Very timely and I praise God for using you to bless them.

    May the Lord richly bless you and your right handling of the Word of God.

    Choctaw, OK

  18. 118
    Johnnie says:

    I wanted to share how much this Bible study meant to us. It was so cool to see my friend and her daughter doing this study together. This was one of the hardest studies I have ever done—it forced me to look inside and open myself up to let God do some real work on my heart and mind. But that’s a good thing—we need to take stock every so often to make sure we are growing spiritually. The best way I can describe it is – I feel like I have been “making up my bed” for a long time, but you had me get down on my knees and look under the bed with a flashlight, searching for any dust bunnies and yucky stuff that had collected in the dark places of my heart and mind. Not pleasant, but everyone needs to move their furniture every so often to clean out what’s underneath!!

    All in our group benefitted immensely. We had breakthroughs of release from anxious thoughts during the study. There were so many of the lessons that were just what we needed to hear at this season of our life. I didn’t realize I still had so much in my past I needed to turn over to God for Him to redeem. Also, the lesson on what do our thoughts turn to in idle moments was insightful. I tend to think of hurtful situations over and over so focusing my thoughts on God and His benefits has been good for me. I could go on and on about how we make faulty assumptions and the huge revelation of what we struggle with is not who we are, but I will close by saying, Thank you for helping all us siestas move down the path towards renewing our minds and the freedom, peace and joy in Christ that results! May God continue to bless your ministry!
    Johnnie, Christy, and Victoria
    Wake Forest, NC

  19. 119
    Katie says:


    I'm sorry that I am late posting this. God has used your study to speak volumes to me about things hidden in my heart. I want to tell you that you have an amazing way of connecting the Word to real life, and I adored that while doing the study! Your insight is incredible. This study has been unbelievably hard and piercing. In plainer terms, this thing has kicked my tail! It's been a couple of weeks since I finished it, but I'm still not over it. I'm waiting on God to clean me out completely and give me a new heart!

    Thank you so much Jennifer for being obedient to God in writing this study. Please keep praying for us who go through this study to really let Him "get at us" and to not run and hide from what He shows us through it.

    I love you sister!

    Katie Taylor,
    Russellville, AL

  20. 120
    Michelle says:

    I can't thank you enough for this study. I did it with my mom, sis, and a friend of hers who became a friend of mine too. We had a blast and learned so much. I can truly tell a difference in my thought closet from the study. ONe of the biggest lies I struggle with is that I am not good enough for my amazing hubbbie, he should have married someone else.Your study really showed the root of that lie is insecurity and not trusting God. I want to change my fate label of hubbie to an amazing spiritual man that I don't always measure up too to a FAITH label that God put us together and can use me too!I could go on and on. Thanks so much!

  21. 121
    Tanya says:

    Thank you so much Jennifer. I have just finished the study, a little behind everyone else. As usual, God puts what I need in my hands without me knowing how much I need it. I have officially began a diet since starting this study. My self talk had many times been "Fat" talk and one week you asked, "What are you doing about it?" Well, truth, nothing. I felt so overwhelmed by 50 lb that I never even lost 1 lb, if anything I was adding to it. I am currently realizing 1 lb at a time with a goal to be healthier in steps of 10 lb at a time.

    There are many labels that are fading and being replaced by truth. I thank you so much for allowing God to speak through you and sharing it with me.

    Killen, Alabama

  22. 122
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  23. 123

    Here again, just wanted to thank you. I’ve also struggled with an ugly thought closet for years now!

  24. 124
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