Siesta Summer Bible Study: Final Gathering

Siesta Summer Bible Study (Weeks 5 and 6) from LPV on Vimeo.

The summer has flown by! It’s already time for our SSBS wrap up! Listen, if you can make heads or tails out of this video, you are brilliant and PATIENT! As you’ll see, I had to take you on the road with me but at least I hope it tells you that you are loved around here at LPM and never forgotten.

Let me share two things before you read the interactives. The first one is a reminder: your comments to this post are meant to follow your last gathering. The second one is something you won’t want to miss: please look at the post right before this one and take the opportunity to thank Jennifer Rothschild for her ministry to you and, if she’s like me, she’ll delight in hearing something very specific you believe God said to you through the journey. Let’s shower her with some really big SIESTA LOVE!

Here are your four interactives for your gatherings today:

First two from Week Five:

1. See pages 102-103. Book freak that I am, I loved the way Jennifer started the week with English author Huxley’s comparison of our memories to private collections of literature. Lock in on the graphic of the books on the shelf on p.103. Each person share the words they wrote on the first and last book.

2. See pages 112-113 where Jennifer talks about the unattractiveness of complaining. You might say, it’s like living our lives with rollers in our hair. Jennifer drew a very insightful connection between a complaining spirit and a sense of entitlement. In your gatherings, talk about what you think the term “entitlement” means and offer a few examples of it.

Second set from Week Six:

3. See p.126. As we wrap up our series, I want you guys to share your answers (even if you didn’t write them down) to Jennifer’s first questions: What’s the most significant thing you recognized about your self-talk so far? In other words, I’m asking you to share the biggest revelation you received through the study about your thought closet.

BTW, I loved Jennifer’s creativity in the interactive on p.130 about the colors in our closets. I like questions that really make me think and imagine. These are the kinds of question some of our personality types and learning styles love and others roll their eyes about. If you are the kind that loved it and you came up with a pretty creative color, share it! If you’re the kind that rolled your eyes, roll them one more moment while your sister shares. I love you both.

4. See the bottom of p.136. What is the most frequent song you’re singing right now to your soul to help you persevere and keep hope alive? I almost overlooked this exercise because we shared a post not too long ago concerning the songs that stir up our love for Jesus. This one’s a little different though. Jennifer is asking specifically about songs that stir us up to perseverance. Songs that make us essentially say, “March on, my soul, be strong!” What’s yours presently?

Siestas, I have loved EVERY MINUTE of this study! Thank you so much for participating! Be sure and start looking right away for the Bible study you’re going to do this Fall. We’ve got to plan for faithfulness and, to do that, we’ve got to stay in God’s Word! I will ask you late in August what you’re planning to do in September for Bible study so try to make up your mind by that time. Remember, accountability is KEY!!!


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  1. 1
    brigitte ssi-ga says:

    just joined the siesta memory team…just what I needed…thank you siestas
    do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs,that is may benefit those who listen. eph 4:29

  2. 2
    Michele says:

    I still see the colors of my closet as shades of gray, blue, and red symbolizing the pain, depression, and open emotional wounds. Even though God has been cleaning and healing me, I still focus on the negative and am NOT good at having fun.

    One of the most important things I've learned is about a coping mechanism I use that God has been pointing out to me. Developed during childhood as an attempt to escape a traumatic reality, I constantly plan and imagine the future (or relive the past in a vain attempt to change it).

    Planning what I will say to someone,or thinking about my bff giving me a hug provides a false sense of control and an empty substitute for real needs like love. The problems are things never work out the way you plan, and if they do you are too busy checking the plan to enjoy them. And sometimes the visions suddenly turn evil.

    What it comes down to is not trusting God to protect and provide. In pondering this, what came to my mind was the movie War Games. I'm like the computer, Joshua, constantly running endless simulations in an attempt to find an acceptable outcome. After processing seemingly endless possibilities, Joshua finally comes to the brilliant conclusion,
    "The only winning move is not to play."

    God is saying I can never succeed at planning and implementing my life. That's his job, and trying only leads to exhaustion and frustration. The only winning move is to let God be God, to trust Him to protect and provide as well run as the universe.

    Still easier said than done for one with huge trust issues, but realization is the first step, no?

    Thanks for everything, Beth, LPM staff, Jennifer, and fellow Siestas.

    Liverpool, NY

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    solo, between this study, your blog sharing and the new Inheritance this summer, please know you are ministering to me as if you had designed a support team especially for me and my situation. You and your team are so "gifted" by our Lord and you have answered his directive, I am WOWED, please know we DO NOT take your mighty work for granted- what you do for us looks so effortless- please know we also pray for you, your strength,your family, your staff and thank God for his gift of YOU to us. I have almost lost hope and disappointment has been trying to knock my door down after what I thought was an end to a battle effecting generations ( I want my precious sons and their generations FREE)- that Satan does not like victory and keeps digging for one more way to destroy! Thank you dear sister in Christ for your ministry and love- Blessings to you and your loved ones, A Texas Siesta

  4. 4
    Judy from NC says:

    My sister and I met in person for this last session rather than on Skype since she was in NC for the Deeper Still conference and Siesta lunch. We ended our Bible study with lots of good discussion and comparing notes together in our workbooks.
    We decided that school days (nursing school) and vacation memories shaped a lot of our lives.The biggie was when our mom died at only 58 years old leaving us far too soon but with a firm foundation in Christ.

    A sense of entitlement is an unattractive self-centeredness that assumes life is all about me.

    The main thing we are taking away from this study is how when our thoughts turn to negative they are like dirty laundry and we need to take those thoughts captive and get them clean through the washing of the water of the word.
    (Rather than as the world does…
    "when in trouble when in doubt, run in circles scream and shout")
    No more…we run to the WORD!

    Judy, Littleton NC
    Carolyn, Oceanside, CA

  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Is it me or was there no place to leave a comment on the July 21 post after the last Bible study gathering?

  6. 6
    bethany says:

    Hi Siesta Family…

    I just had to hop on here and say how much I loved the videos for the SSBS. I did not participate in the summer bible study this year (lead Esther at my church) but have watched every video. I have decided that I need to get this bible study and do it for my quiet time or possibly with a group of gals I'm walking besides(young ones in the faith). My mind was opened, through Beth's interactives, to the fact that my mind is a very large part in how I go about my life and what I say to myself about myself. Much needed cleaning must occur in the closet of my mind…that is what I've learned!
    Thank you Bethie for your always insightful words and for loving us so!
    Siesta Family: Stay in the Word girls…Stay in the Word!

    Much love to you!
    Bethany (California)

  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    I just have to say I loved this video, even though I'm not participating in the study this summer!!! Beth, I loved how you took us with you on your trip to Greensboro (my hometown – woop woop!!!!), and just kept it real. The bathroom scene was awesome. And that encouragement from Kay was what I needed today. So thanks for the honor of joining you for a little bit of your journey this weekend!

    Greensboro NC

  8. 8
    Jill in MT says:

    The song that has been going on with me is an old Crissy Hynde and the pretenders song70's era. It goes… Now the reason were here… as man and woman.. is to love each other.. take care of each other,When Love walks in the door(and I imagine God walking in)EVERYBODY STAND UP, oh it's good , good good, say Iloveya I love ya I love ya …..
    It goes along with my memory verse,This is my command , Love each other. When I say my memory verse I go into this song.
    My mother has recently been diagnosed with dementia and we moved her close by. I prayed for guidance and this old song started playing in my head.
    God has provided so Abundantly for me and my family. I can not tell you how much I love him, there are no words to express it.

  9. 9
    Anonymous says:

    Ms. Beth…All I could think about while watching this video was that you were not wearing your seatbelt as you talked to us during your commutes!! I know you love us and all but you surely don't have to risk your life for us!!! Take care of yourself and buckle up!!
    Thanks for the trip…Love you!

  10. 10
    Janae says:

    Beth & LPM Staff:

    What great lengths are Siesta Momma will go to to keep us pressing on. As I finished my lessons, I was thanking God for His timing on this amazing study. I went solo, but will lead a group at church this fall. Beth, thank you for caring so much about God's Word.

  11. 11
    Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! says:

    I knew Beth used velcro rollers! I JUST KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 12
    Julie in Idaho says:

    Dear Siesta Mama, Beth, and the LPM team, thank you for hosting this wonderful study. I know that God used this study to reach me in His perfect timing to correspond to some lessons He's been revealing to me recently through our study of Ephesians at church.

    On to the homework questions (I did this study solo):

    1) Harsh and abandoned.

    2) Entitlement is the selfish assumption (falsehood) that I deserve what I want, when I want. The truth is, the only thing I deserve is death but, Praise God, He has saved me from that.

    3) My self-talk is sinful and its a tool that Satan uses against me. I have been created by God to do good works for His glory.

    My color palate fluctuates between bright passionate colors such as scarlet, bright orange, and bright red to all shades of blue and sometimes black.

    4) My inspiration songs are The Solid Rock and In Christ Alone. When I remember what I truly deserve (see question #2 above) and what God has done for me, I am motivated to keep putting one foot in front of the other until He calls me home.

    One last thing I can't resist sharing. On page 126, I wrote in the margin the following that God impressed upon me from Ephesians 2:10: "I am a Craftsman's tool" (get it? – a Craftsman tool). I giggle everytime I think about this. God has a wonderful sense of humor and I love it when He shares that with me!

    May God richly bless you all as you continue in service to Him!

  13. 13
    Anna says:

    First of all, I have to thank everyone at LPM for putting together this study for this summer!! Last summer's transformed my heart, and this one had an even deeper impact! I come from a full family of nasty, dirty thought closets, and I feel that over the last couple of months, I've been able to learn how to stop that process.

    I believe the most significant thing I've learned about my self-talk is just how hostile I have been to myself. I truly had no idea. But it was as if God's truth lit up a spotlight in my mind and exposed every dark and dingy corner, leaving no hiding place for satan's lies any longer. I was forced to take responsibility for my thoughts and actions, and it was the best thing that could have happened to me over this summer.

    Can't wait to read everyone else's responses!

  14. 14
    Anonymous says:

    My color in my closet is red, things undone, things I have no control over. I would like to add pastels. This bible study made me think about those pastels. If I could let God do His job, I could relax and do that. When I am sad, or lost with too much red in my closet, I get in my car and put "long dark train" on and laugh and laugh. Our God is wonderful and he will fill our thought closets with pastels if we let Him!! Thanks Beth and please buckle up!!

  15. 15
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Hey Spritual Mom Beth:)

    Loved, loved the video! Seeing Kay and Priscilla on there was fabulous! Love the curlers shot:) My friend Ashley that is doing the study with me hasn't posted on your blog yet, so she is going to post her first post with our answers for this last session later today:)

    Much love in HIM coming right back at you, with ((HUGS)):)


  16. 16
    Anonymous says:

    Your Love Is Lifting Me Higher by Jackie Wilson, always "lifts me higher" seems that is what Jesus wants to share with us and I can sing it and dance to it with abandon as long as no one has to see me- I'm 60 and this song has stayed with me since it was released in the 60s- makes me HAPPY!

  17. 17
    AvA says:

    i have to share this cute little story:
    i just got done viewing this on my laptop in the living room while my four-year-old little playful boy was on the floor playing with his toys. he would bounce in and out of viewing this video with me, never saying a word.
    and here is where it is precious……
    after it was over, he asked, 'mommy, what is she all about, the Bible?'
    i answered my little intuitive boy with a 'yes, her name is beth moore and mommy does her Bible studies.'
    too cute, had to share. this is my first blog comment – ever!
    thanks for all that you do to further the Kingdom of God.

  18. 18
    Ashley says:

    Hello siestas! This is my first posting but not my first time here on this blog. It has been a joy to read this summer. Here are our responses to this week's assignment.

    1. Katie's two memories that were on her shelf were her parent's divorce and the time she spent going through fertility issues, AKA a time of refining in the Lord. My two memories were Singers (an accapella group in high school) and the beginnings of my relationship with my Husband.

    2. Katie and I both agreed that entitlement means feeling like we are owed something or deserving. Katie's example was how a woman might feel like she deserves a husband or children. My example was how a person might feel entitled to being served in a relationship.

    3. Katie grew in this study by learning that what you continually focus on is what you love and that what I struggle with is not who i am. I learned that thoughts can occur unintentionally and I need to actively take every thought captive.

    3b. Katie's color is Torquoise for blue skies and wide open spaces. Mine is lime green for my fiesta, mexican heart. 🙂

    4. Katie's songs are My Hope Endures, After the Rain, and Love's been Following You. My songs are My Hope Endures, Jesus Saves, I Will Not be Moved, and How Deep the Father's Love For Us.

    That's it ladies! It has been such a refreshing time doing this study and throwing out some hidden, wretched garments in my thought closet!

    In Christ,
    Katiegfromtennessee and Ashleygirl

  19. 19
    Leslie Young says:

    Our little loose group is a little bit scattered around the study – three of us are done and another four are catching up – Romans 8:1 has been our theme! We're just learning and growing regardless of our crazy summer schedules!

    I do want to share something funny that came out of a Facebook thread we're using for part of our accountability. I was writing about week 5, day 5 – talking about our bodies being a temple and how timely that word was for me, and I typed out Psalm 84:1. One of our girls responded that she too was glad that God loves our "swelling" places! I was going to fuss at her for being negative, but then re-read my post and realized I mis-typed "dwelling" and put "swelling!" WOW!

    Anyways, even though we've had pretty loose accountability, we've loved walking through God's Word with each other and with you and I think we're ready for a new season with cleaned out closets!

    Thank you SO much for facilitating this study! (Oh, and one of my inspirational songs this summer has been your video "theme song" – "No, Not One" by Christy Nockels!)

  20. 20
    Christine Smith says:

    I'm answering question 3, because it speaks to the entire study for me. During the study I discovered that I am selfish and self-centered and I learned to recognize how that attitude affects my relationships.I had to cry a few tears after the discovery, because my dad always called me "lazy, stupid, ugly" and I thought that was inside my closet. Actually, the deeper thought was being selfish. In my attempt to prove I was not "lazy, stupid, ugly" I discovered that I was putting myself first before my husband, children and God. One verse that touched my heart was John 3:30 and I now carry that as a life verse. After completing "Me, Myself and Lies" I have a new vision of my thought closet and a deeper connection with God.

  21. 21
    michellemabell says:

    I am doing this solo.

    I found questions one and two extremely difficult. I almost wasn't going to answer because I didn't want to think about it…ha but I did. And I will.

    1. oatmeal

    2. entitlement just the word alone makes me cringe.
    Entitlement alone; that way of thinking is scary when left to grow way way way past the point of grumbling or complaining and empower a person to believe they are Entitled; and act out accordingly without even a pause to those around them.

    3. The most significant revelation for me…oh there were so many, but I would have to say at how dull I had become to the enemy's roar. What a wake up call!
    And this study also has shown me how isolated I keep myself and how that is not good. 🙂
    It has really opened my eyes to accountability and how the enemy uses my silence. Not sure where to go with this but at least I know I have to work on it and pray about it.

    sky blue, greyish blue, ocean blue, spring green, sunrise red

    4. I love kids praise and worship songs. I wasn't raised with them but I loved singing them with my kids and now I still love them. (Even have them on my MP3.) They are the one I always find myself singing or humming when I need to keep hope alive. Here are some:

    I Love You, Lord
    As the Deer
    He is Lord
    How Great is our God

    It has been such a blessing to do this study.
    Thank you.

    Love in Christ,

    Michelle in VT

  22. 22
    Becky says:

    Hey ya'll
    I did this study alone, and finished it a week or two before ya'll did. Ther is one thing that is still standing out in my mind, and I hope it stayes there.
    Jennifer rememinded me that I am precisous to Him. Ya'll, I had forgotten that for a long time. Which could account for a lot of my bad thoughts in my closet. How could I forget such a thing?
    I am precious to Him. And so are all of ya'll

    Beth — thanks for the road trip. I had fun.

  23. 23
    BillsGirl says:

    Patty and I both commented how much we needed this study. It was reinforced to us these past few weeks in worship. The pastors just finished a series on "Home Improvement." Sunday was all about complaints, doubt and fear.

    We talked about the books and were sharing very deep-rooted memories. My colors were magenta, sapphire blue, silver and gold. I shared the quote from week 6,day 4, about stumbling over pebbles on the white board at my desk.

    Patty and I were so blessed to share this time with all of you. We are looking forward to starting the Esther study in October.

    Blessings and happy rest of the summer to all our siestas!

    Patty & Mary Ann
    3M Company, St. Paul, MN

  24. 24
    God's girl 68 says:

    Two of the three of us met for our final gathering. Our dear Peggy was sick. This was such a life changing study for all of us. Tonight we focused on entitlement. The word had such a negative connotation for each of us. We agreed we think in terms of "free loaders" when we think of entitlement. We discussed how we have our own senses of entitlement in certain relationships. For example, I am entitled to respect from a co-worker or friend. I am entitled to a carefree life. I am entitled to good health. You get the picture. It was a sobering time for us to consider how our complaining and whining whether internal or external shows our personal sense of entitlement.

    We ended our night and study discussing the songs that resonant with us and keep our thought closets clean. Voice of Truth, It is Well with my Soul, O God Our Help in Ages Past were but a few of the titles mentioned. We discussed how powerful music is. Songs keeps us focused on the Lord and stick with us to sustain us in challenging times.

    Thank you for hosting us. We can't wait till summer 2010 for the next SSBS. Don't fear. We'll be doing other studies between now and then.

    Karen and Leigh
    Montgomery, AL

  25. 25
    Anonymous says:

    I have to say that I am not doing the study; however, I have been lurking at a few of the videos and I just want to say that God chose the right person in you – someone who can read to us and not get car sick. 🙂 I would be as dizzy as a tea cup at Disneyland had I had to read in the car…sideways…for a video camera, no less….

  26. 26
    lianne Hogg says:

    week 5 homework
    Lianne said
    1. I don't have the study book for page 103 so I cannot have an answer to it
    2. Unattrative complaining are words that don't lift up our spirits and way us down that are not truth.
    4. One song that keeps me going is is " I Believe in the
    Promise" by Darlene Zschech
    The color I would be is green like ferns or grass I have
    always loved the color
    What I got from this study learning how to meditate and know my thoughts are not based on what
    God knows/believes I am.
    Thank you so much for helping me.

  27. 27
    Melissa says:

    Mama Siesta, Thank you so much for leading this study this summer. I have to be honest, I haven't kept up with it like I should. One of my biggest problems is hiding when God is speaking. Please pray that my heart and ears will be open to Him.

    I've fallen back into some old habits (that pit) recently and the cycle continues… Seek God, pray hard, make mistakes, hide from God and back to the beginning.

    My husband is constantly telling me to just rest in Jesus, but I feel so ashamed of my sins that I usually try to hide. I was listening to your post on the study and I realize it is something I need to take serious and complete.

    I thank you so much for sharing God's word and your great love for Him.

    Love to you all,
    (P.S. I happened to notice that you were not wearing your seatbelt. As a deputy sheriff I have to tell you that this is extremely dangerous, not to mention, against the law. As a siesta, I have to say, please be careful and wear your seatbelt at all times. We all love you so much and just want you to be safe.)

  28. 28
    Fran says:

    1.) My first book is "Mimi"; my grandmother shaped my spiritual life by planting seeds of scripture into my soul throughout my young life. My last book is called "Teacher"; this is who I am and have been for 36 years! The chapters could be called all sorts of things, good and bad, funny and sad!
    2.) Entitlement means "I think the world 'owes me' something", and yes, I was so busted by this idea! It is indeed the root of my grumblings, negativity, and discontent. It is such self-righteousness! I thank God and Jennifer for this conviction and have great hope for a new perspective in the areas of my life where it has been a problem for me and consequently, others.
    3.) a. This study has had a profound effect on me in the realization of how the kinds of words I use in self-talk (water or gasoline)shape my perspective in every situation. I can choose positive over negative, godly over evil every time, gratitude over "entitled", any time! Hallelujah!
    b. Ever since I was a very little girl, I thought of the days of the week in terms of color. This is how it goes and what I am thinking now that it means:
    Sunday: white, holy
    Monday: blue, slow or a down day
    Tuesday: brown, nothing much going on
    Wednesday: green, things are coming alive
    Thursday: red, lively
    Friday: yellow, cookin'!
    Saturday:pink, fun!
    4.) Ever since I first heard it, "The Voice of Truth", by Casting Crowns sings to my soul what I need to hear! I also sing "Shackles" by Mary, Mary when I need to pep up my spirit!!

  29. 29
    Anonymous says:

    Our final Summer, Me, Myself and Lies, Bible study session.
    We talked about how negative our “thought closets” were and how this Bible study has empowered us through God’s Word to combat being negative, not only in how we “talk” to ourself, but how we look at others and have negative thoughts about them.
    We discussed how we feel about entitlements, and what we think we are entitled to, (hair color is a need, not an entitlement) and “Heaven forbid, if you take my entitlement away!” The only thing we are entitled to is eternal death, but, Jesus paid the price on the Cross of Calvary to give us eternal life!
    Some of us are still working on changing the colors in our “thought closets.” We are choosing purple for our “thought closet wardrobe”, for Christ’s righteousness, royalty, and good thoughts.
    Beth, as you said in “Stepping Up”, music is the language of the soul. We closed listened to Jennifer’s song “Let the Words”, and Selah’s “Be Still My Soul / What A Friend We Have In Jesus”

    Be still my soul
    The Lord is on your side
    Bear patiently
    The cross of grief or pain
    Leave to thy God
    To order and provide In every change
    He faithful will remain.
    Be still my soul
    Thy best, thy heavenly friend Through stormy ways
    Leads to a joyful end.
    Be still my soul
    The waves and winds still know
    Still know
    His voice who ruled them
    While he dwelt below.
    Oh what peace we often forfeit
    Oh what needless pain we bear
    All because we do not carry
    Everything to God in prayer.
    As a group we have shared our “thought closets” sometimes through tears, other times with laughter; we have developed friendships, drawn strength from each other, prayed for each other and cared for each other. But above all else the greatest truth we must store in our “thought closest” is “What a Friend we have in Jesus!”

    We love you Beth and Jennifer, thank you for your love to us and your ministries (staff) to help ladies grow in God’s Word.

    Connie H. – Forsyth, MO Ladies Bible Study Group
    (South of Springfield where Jennifer Rothschild is having a Fresh Grounded Faith Conference on November 13 & 14, 2009 which our group is planning to attend and invite all our church ladies to go with us! See you then Jennifer!)

  30. 30
    Sarah says:

    Rankin sisters are sad to see the study is over, BUT we are going to continue on our own private blog to share concerns and joys and share accountability.

    #1 We shared memories and emotions that were very vivid. It is amazing how things from the far, far past can still have very pointed reactions.

    #3 We all felt like we were many shades of colors and that at certain times we were firey red, sometimes happy (we associated blue with happy…go figure), and sometimes black or gray – sadness.

    #4 We shared lots of songs from Veggie Tales': God is Bigger than the Booggie Man (one of siesta mama's favorites), to old time hymns like He Touched Me and In the Garden, to modern praise songs like Mighty to Save.

  31. 31
    texatheart says:

    First of all I too, want to thank you for the effort and your love for us in leading us this summer. I enjoyed this last session partly because we got to see you on the road, kind of a backstage pass. But also, you are so real with us. I loved it that you took us right in the bathroom, curlers and all. Made me feel right at home with you.
    We started out with about 20 ladies meeting either in the AM or PM. We ended up with a much smaller number, partly due to vacations and illness, but I think also it was from ouch this is hard and I don't want to hear it. This is exactly what we need to deal with. I struggled with that very push pull inner fight before signing up for BELIEVING GOD. But oh how it (God) changed me for good.
    Now on to the feed back. Our books were very much different. Some books were all about very positive memories and some of us noticed that every single book was about negative memories. We need to fix that. Even with negative things in our past, we can hang on to the positive that comes from them. Boy, does that change your thoughts.
    When we talked about the entitlement and complaining I shared with our group that last Sunday I taught a lesson t church for someone who was out of town. It was on grumbling and complaining. I guess God wanted me to deal with this. We all felt that entitlement was that ugly 1 eyed monster lurking deep with in us that says we are more important than anyone else. Its an ugly ugly thing.
    We were amazed at how powerful the self talk was and the quantity of it in any given day. I was amazed at how it changes my sons attitude in about 3 seconds flat. There are better more productive and Godly ways to relate to him than giving out negative talk for him to have to deal with years later.
    The songs we sing were as varied as we are but here are a few: Trust and obey, Amaqzing Love, Jesus Saves, Do It. We all concluded we would rather have these songs rolling around in our heads and hearts than our negative words.
    Thanks again for loving us. We love you right back.

  32. 32
    cindy says:

    Hey all,
    We met this evening at our local coffee house and sat outside – beautiful weather!
    1). As for memories, we all admitted that ours were lacking at some level:) We agreed that our memories often go to the extreme. We remember good times probably a little better than they really were – ie. the "good ole days"; and the bad ones as probably more horrible than they really were. The idea of reframing those memories was brought up as a way to clean up our thought closets.
    2). We discussed the difference between venting and complaining and how that line is easily crossed especially in a group setting where we tend to feed off each other. We defined entitlement as something we think we deserve. We talked about getting into 'funks' where we think we 'should' have what someone else has such as a nicer/bigger house, cars, vacations, whatever. Then being able to step back and realize the alternative, and the fact that we do have choices.
    3). The thing most of us got from the study was being aware of our self-talk (acknowledgment is the first step to recovery!). We also liked the early idea of not defining ourselves by what we struggle with. That was an "aha" moment for many of us.
    4.) Songs we are singing are: I Will Rise; Forgiven and Loved; Lead Me to the Cross; Hosanna. Most of us listen to Christian radio throughout the day and know how much it helps. One of us hadn't really thought of it intentionally, but was going to pay more attention to the words of the songs and try to have specific ones for hard situations.
    Overall, great study and so much fun! Thanks for doing it with us. Loved the video. Beth, you are a crack up! You make studying God's Word a blast!!What were the 2 ladies behind you in the airport thinking??
    Cindy, Megan, Mary, Sarah
    Rockford, IL

  33. 33
    Holly says:

    Our last night was so very special. We met on my neighbor's beautiful deck and enjoyed the wonderful work of God on the Front Range here in CO. It was really beautiful!

    The one thing that we discussed the most was about our self-centeredness and how we needed to put Jennifer's words in highlight marker to our situations…are we acting out of self-centeredness? And how can we respond differently in our thought closets and actions here?

    Good study! Thanks to Beth and LPM for making it the summer study and facilitating. It was a joy to take part.

  34. 34
    Anonymous says:

    Three out of four of us met tonight..we are all in our 50's and found ourselves fleshing out the questions with honest responses. One of us sensed just how much she needed this study to recognize just how negative and damaging her self talk is. We plan on going back over the study to "dig out" the jewels of just how to fight off the "junk in our trunk" to believe what is true, noble, right, pure.lovely and admirable about ourselves. This was a great tool to get us in the Word to deal with something that seems to have so much power over us. The Word is so full of wisdom for all of our needs….Amen. Pam in San Diego

  35. 35
    Kathy says:

    OK I'll have to watch the video again, because I started crying, tears burnin', achin' in my heart overcome by a wave of homesickness for my hometown, Houston, my birthplace. I was listening to you, Beth, and there it was, Houston, in the background, flyin' by the window! I confess I'm homesick for my hometown, and my sisters, my friends, my family, and my home church where I grew up. I left home an Army officer's wife (still am – though he's retired from active duty and now teaches JROTC) and now I am living in Tallahassee, FL. Thank you Beth for all you do. Thank you for taking us with you. Blessings, and grace to you and your family,

  36. 36
    Desiree says:

    2 Sisters in Idaho
    Desiree – North (Rathdrum)
    Amanda – South (Boise)

    1. Desiree – Family Time & Youth Church Camp (so many years ago)

    2. Amanda – Deserving of something from someone because of a "wrong" done to you or your ancestors.

    3. Desiree – My self-talk is easily misguided.
    Amanda – I don't clean out my thought closet as much as I should but I also don't take them out & use them as much either. I tend to let them rest there & by pass the bad for something better.

    Color: Desiree – Pinks to Purples – Sometimes the pink deepens into red in anger & sometimes the blues come in & change them to purple

    4. Desiree – We Will See Him – Hillsong
    Amanda – The Desert Song – Hillsong

    We have both enjoyed this study. Thank you for all you do! We are looking to do another one together to keep in the Word and looking at one of Beth's next.

  37. 37
    Mary Beth says:

    What a great final meeting here in Atlanta. As Kathleen, Gena, Linda and I shared our "book titles," we realized how many common experiences we share – some happy and some sad, but one thing that stood out to me is that our families are such a strong part of our spiritual heritage – for better and for worse. Grandmothers who sang at the piano, a father who ruled with an iron will, a step-parent we could absolutely depend on for anything, and the too-early departure of those we loved. We built our theology and our sense of self on these experiences, and we are now reaping the harvest – again, some for better and some not. But among the four of us, it is clear to see that God is the author of all of our stories, and that we are who HE says we are. Lord, help me see myself through Your eyes, help me realize that I am Your creation, and let it sink in deeply that I am Your dwelling place! Thank You for the hands that helped build me, and help me trust in the knowledge that You will complete me.

    Beth and Jennifer – thank you SO much for this summer study and worship experience. We love you here in Atlanta, and count you among our many blessings from the Lord.

    Some Atlanta Siestas – Mary Beth, Kathleen, Gena and Linda

  38. 38
    Village Sister says:

    I've done this study solo & learned HUGE things.

    1. 1st book: "Lies From The Pit"
    Last book: "Rescued, Reassigned & Rejoicing"

    2. Entitlement: believing I
    deserve anything.

    3. The most significant thing I
    realized: How my self-talk dishonors God.
    (My colors fluctuate between deep blue and deep red.)

    4. Alive Hallelujah Amen
    (by Travis C.)
    I Will Rise (by Chris T.)

  39. 39
    Andrea R says:

    Well our group finished up yesterday morning. What an awesome Bible Study. We all learned so much about our self talk.

    I especially loved your video Beth. I was at the Deeper Still event with you and got to bring back so much to our group. I loved the seeing Kay and Priscilla in the video too. What a fun blessing!

    We talked a lot about the songs that we sing to ourselves which prompted me to pull up some of our favorites. Needless to say I had to pull up Travis on the computer and share him with the ladies. What a gift he has! Please tell our favorite Miesta hello and that he and the praise band at Deeper Still ROCKED!!!

    I think most of us have realized that to have good self talk we need to know the TRUTH. So we need to study God's Word. Memorize God's Word and enjoy His presence. Which prompted me to share with the group one of my Scripture Memorizations from this year.

    Hebrews 10:35-36 NIV
    So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.

    I'm so excited I just typed that from memory! :)LOL

    Thank you for such a great Summer Siesta Bible Study!

  40. 40
    Anonymous says:

    The Extreme Siestas met for our last session and shared much about what God is teaching us through our time with Him and with each other.

    1) Memories of childhood, birth of children, grandparents and time spent with loved ones were written on most of our books. One friend had a breakthrough even as we discussed the question and said, "I didn't want to do this exercise because every memory that came to me was bad. But now I'm going to choose to see the good in it instead." Amazing progress for her! Praise God!

    2) Entitlement – I deserve it, You owe me, I'm better than that, & I don't like anybody telling me the truth.

    Cindi said her minister told them "Grace breaks the cycle" and we thought that insight was helpful in thinking about entitlement and breaking the cycle of thinking only of ourselves and our needs.

    3) Most significant take away – What I struggle with is not who I am, satan goes after the solitary and silent, I will CHOOSE to see the positive

    Colors in our thought closet:
    Green – hope, red – passion, orange – on fire for Jesus, blue – peace, comfort & calm

    Cindi decided she wants her thought closet to look like Hannah Montana's with all colorful and sparkly clothes on racks that spin around!

    4) It Is Well, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, Sanctuary, There Will Be a Day, Revelation Song, In Christ Alone

    We're still a work in progress however, Praise the Lord our thought closets look and feel better than before we started! Thanks so much to all of you for being faithful in pointing us to a knowledge and understanding of God's Word. We are forever changed!


    Asheboro, NC

  41. 41
    Anonymous says:

    I know we're not supposed to post until after we meet, but just had to say – I LOVED your video for this week. I had so much fun going with you to Deeper Still over the internet!! Thank you for taking us along with you.

    Love and blessings,

    Thousand Oaks, CA

  42. 42
    Connie says:

    Our group last night had our best discussion by far…and it was not our last night together for we are doing the DVDs as well, so we have one more week to go.

    Our women have loved this study and the Lord has used it to draw our hearts to one another in a deeper way.

    God is so good!

  43. 43
    Bobbie says:

    Beth, this study has been a real cleansing experience for me! Not only was my thought closet cleaned but I discovered that that particular shelf was connected to my heart and it got a MAJOR cleaning also! I've opened containers that have been sealed for many years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart–newly cleansed even! I've done MML solo and at times the discussion was a little one-sided!

    1. Loss of my parents, was my first book. They loved my children like nobody's business! Brad was the son they never had and Jen was the 'little Bobbie' in my Dad's eyes. The last book is Insecurity. I'm working on this one, wanting desperately to re-write it with total security in God.

    2. Entitlement is an "I deserve this" attitude. It's an ugly feeling and I see it everyday all around me in this world and realize it's a evil thing.

    3. The biggest revelation for me has been the realization that I'm not what I was telling myself I was! Oh, you bet I have some work to do, but now I know I can do it and whatever God puts before me! I have been in a blue-gray cloud for the last five years or so! With some bright yellow sun shining every once in awhile. My Gyn comfirmed WHY and I'm working real hard to 'soul talk' my way to mostly brillant yellow on a daily basis.

    4. 'I don't want to gain the whole world and lose my soul' resonates in my mind this morning! Toby Mac and Kirk Franklin must've been in the movie with us last night! It's one I SHOULD'VE walked out of and I've asked God to forgive me for staying b/c I might disturb the people next to us! Never again…

    Thanks again, Beth, Amanda and Melissa for all the love you share with all of us here. You're amazing women……

    In His Love, Bobbie
    College Station, TX

  44. 44
    purefire says:

    We had our last "scheduled" meeting last night and we were missing one of our ladies. We pressed on however and plan to have another final meeting in a couple of weeks so we can all be together. We've also decided to have a meeting quarterly so we can help each other keep our thought closets in line with God's truth. We have been so blessed by this study. It has been hard but it has been worth it.

    Here's our insights:

    1. Some of us wrote about a specific event that happened to us on our books; kind of like a title of a story. Others wrote of a specific struggle; hatred, forgiveness, depression.

    2. We all agreed that entitlement was a "You OWE me" mentality. Ugly stuff. We also discussed how it didn't matter how a person was raised, the entitlement mentality can creep in even when the person has been raised to know better.

    3. We each realized just the depth of the lies we've believed. We now are learning to spot that lie and quickly put it outside the closet. We were amazed at the negetivity of our thougths and just how they influenced our actions. We also realized that we don't have to live that way, we can speak the truth to our souls and be victorious in our walk.

    The color discussion was fun but not everyone got into, so we didn't spend much time on that one.

    4. Now this one lead to lots of talk (and a bit of singing). Some of our favorites were: Mighty to Save, Amazing Grace – My Chains are Gone, In Christ Alone, It is Well with My Soul, Stand, and lots of others.

    Beth, thanks so much for hosting this. It has been life changing, just as the NOGS study was last year. I can hardly wait until next time! And we each commented on how some of the messages from Deeper Still this past weekend tied in nicely with some of our topics discussed last night. The issue of "rest" was one we talked about at length. Thanks again, Siesta Momma – we love you.

  45. 45
    Karen E says:

    Our group had a wonderful gathering, with lots of good sharing about book titles which opened some deeper emotions about memories. We noticed that most of our "march on" songs are worship songs. Many people expressed interest in doing the study again because it was so rich and extensive that they didn't get a chance to focus on all that the study brought to light. Our church will be offering the study again this fall!

    Thank you for facilitating this large group, Beth! It was exciting to think we were enjoying the experience and growing in faith along with so many.

  46. 46
    Anonymous says:

    Went solo:
    Just thankful to be in the word with a purpose and accountability.
    Thank you for providing the opportunity.

    Cottageville, WV

  47. 47
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Beth, thank you so much for doing this Bible study online. It's been the most difficult, but also the most rewarding study. One thing that I learned during this study and my eyes where opened to is that my thought closet not only affects me, but also those around me (my kids, my co-workers). And by changing my thought patterns not only I am being changed, but also people surrounding me. Some things that I've done over the past weeks is that I've listened to more praise music, memorized more Scripture and I've actually ordered the Bible on CD, and it just arrived yesterday. So I'm very excited to start using this tool to fill my mind with God's word. I've done this study solo, and I do see that I need an accountability partner for the future. Thanks again for facilitating this study. God bless you!
    Meggie K., Winnipeg, Canada

  48. 48
    petrii says:

    Carrie and I have so enjoyed this SBS. We finished up today.

    We have both enjoyed making over out thought closets. This has been a study we have both needed this summer. Thank you for faciliting, Siesta mama.

    Love and hugs,
    Dawn and Carrie
    Clever and Hurley, MO

  49. 49
    Melanie Miller in Nampa ID says:

    We met last week for week 3 & 4, then today for week 5 & 6. Just powerful. We were so desperate for a thought closet makeover, only we didn't know it until the Lord used Jennifer to open our closet doors. We have enjoyed it so much and we are more aware of not only what's in the closet, but also, what we're allowing to hang there. Faulty assumptions, downright lies, overwhelming feelings. Needing to focus on what is not what if, truth, and wearing God well. Marching on with perserverance because my redeemer lives! Blessed be the name of the Lord.
    Thank you for doing this study this summer. It was so timely for us all and went along with the Wising Up DVD's we also watched (picked this up at Portland LPM Live) and even with our pastor's sermons on Corinthians. God's word is alive and active.

  50. 50
    Lisa says:

    Greetings from the mother/daughter team in Goldsboro…
    We have really enjoyed our study this summer with our daughters. It was their first (hopefully of many) in depth bible studies. We have all grown in the Word and are trying to get our thought closets swept out and ready for what the Lord has in store for each of us next. One of our girls graduated from college last night and is looking for a job in her career and the other is on her way back to college for her 2nd year. The moms are just trying to hold on through all of life's changes. Thank you for hosting this study this summer. God has used this study for all four of us.

    Goldsboro, NC

    P.S. Susan and Lisa were at Deeper Still this weekend. We are ready to go beyond and beyond.

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