Siesta Bible Study: Gathering II

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Hey Summer Bible Study Siestas!
It’s time for Gathering II! Remember, all comments to this post are meant to come AFTER your small group meeting as a way of sharing a highlight with us from your time together. Try to limit your feedback to one regular-size paragraph and be sure to remind us where you’re from and how many are in your group. Only one group member is requested to give a report but if something huge is happening in your life through the study and your leader didn’t share it, by all means, post an individual comment so your Siestas can give God the praise He’s due.

If at all possible, please watch the video for your instructions for this week’s gathering but, just in case you can’t get it to work or can’t spare the time, here are the activities in writing:

1. By now you’ve been well introduced to the concept of the study. We’re cleaning out our thought closets. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you individually need this particular subject matter and why?

2. Look on p.13 at the quote in the margin: “Who I am and what I struggle with are not the same thing.” In what way did that statement resonate with you? What struggle do you most tend to define yourself by?

3. Look on p.23, Day 4 of Week 1 at the interactive where Jennifer says, “In your own words, describe worry.” What was your answer?

4. Go to p.44 in Week 2 and focus on the part of the study where Jennifer talks about “faulty assumptions.” I thought this part was incredibly insightful. What is one of your faulty assumptions?

Have a great time with one another and may Christ’s Presence and power be evident in every gathering! You are loved and prioritized here at LPM.

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  1. 151
    Kris says:

    Four of us gals met here in Okinawa, Japan. It was a lovely time of fellowship and we all felt like this has been a great Bible Study for various reasons. We had ratings 8-10. We are learning about our ugly stuff in our closet!
    Kris, Kathy, Natasha, Melissa
    Okinawa, Japan

  2. 152
    egrbvrcat says:

    My friend, Ruth, & I are doing this study together & we are also in a discipleship small group so we have previously worked on taking these negative thoughts captive. After discussing your thought-provoking questions, here are our combined answers:
    1. We still need this study about a 7 on the scale because the enemy hasn't quit using this stuff against us. Even though we have become increasingly aware of what we're thinking, there are some that still re-surface. We'll ever need God's truth to overcome & re-affirm what we know that we know.
    2. Though we know we're children of God & so, much loved & accepted by Him, our basic struggle is childhood-acquired insecurity which tries to define us, especially during the low times.
    3. Negative thoughts straight from the enemy that regrettably reflect our fear & unbelief.
    4. That other people's thoughts & actions are attacks against us personally.

    Thank you for caring about & loving us enough to host this online study. We feel the same way about you & all the other 'siestas' who continue the daily fight to be more than conquerors.
    Love to all, in Christ,
    Ruth & Faye in Dothan, Al.

  3. 153
    Hannah says:

    Hannah from Michigan going solo

    1. About an 8 because usually I'm not bad in my thought closet, but at times, I just have a really difficult time with my thinking.
    2. I struggle with judging myself by my weight and worrying.
    3. Worry is trying to figure things out on my own without God's help.
    4. Two of my faulty assumptions are that my weight determines my value and that worrying will help.
    God Bless. I enjoyed reading other's posts.

  4. 154
    PamN says:

    We got together Sat. morning due to summer schedules, but what a blessing to just be able to get together and support one another. We enjoyed our discussion and sharing. I am not sure we can add much to the definition of worry beyond "scaring ourselves." How appropriate! I thought it interesting that all of us think we need the study MORE now that we are doing it than when we started it! Once you start looking at your junky thoughts you find so many more! Also one of the siestas had also seen a "Bumpit" in the store! How funny! By the way, I think there now is a Snuggie available in a zebra print to match your couch Beth. I saw it at Target!

  5. 155
    Karen.Kutz says:

    Our group has questions!!! Could one of you give us further clarification for the difference between presumption and assumption? We need more examples. My own thought is that our assumptions are like the roots of our thoughts based on no facts. Our presumptions are the fruits of our roots, presuming our roots have become facts to us based on assumption. Wow did we get confused in our discussion!

    Second, in studying Prov. 16, I tried to find a Hebrew word for our word "plan." It only comes up as "thoughts" or "intentions." Could it be possible this is the only way God uses the word plan? This would change the whole meaning of some of our assumptions about his sovereignty vs. our free will… as in Jeremiah 29:11. God has many thoughts/intentions toward/for us but not necessarily plans…? Help! Woodinville Alliance Group… Digging Deep!

  6. 156
    Carol says:

    Doing this with my daughters and separately with a friend…every one of us said we need this study a 10 or more. And we loved, loved the broken cup analogy. Never thought of it that way, and it is absolutely the truth. I think we're all having to be much more introspective than we've ever been, and it's good for us.

  7. 157
    Anonymous says:

    8 I have some work to do 🙂
    2. My past and the fear of not living up to what I think people think of me.. crazy right!!

    3. An unresolved issue that is on your mind/ heart and it takes up a lot of time and energy.

    That I assume I must live up to other’s assumptions of me.. and by the way those assumption I make up!! Assumptions: I have it all together, I’m always behind where I should be in life, I’m not a good spelling / reader, I am “wishy-washy” with my plans, I am indecisive. All this things are not true!! They do not define who I am.

    jaNell Adams
    Long Beach, CA

  8. 158
    Karen says:

    The Bristol, TN-VA siestas met this past Friday at a local coffee shop with all members present. After a testing of our patience while we waited to order, we were able to enjoy coffee and sweets, as we shared with each other.

    We were all in agreement that we really needed this study. Our scale ranged from 8-10+. I personally felt I was learning just how easily decisions can be made based on false assumptions without realizing it. One member wanted to be filled with the hunger she once had for the Word. We all agreed that it is hard to keep that hunger when the truth is covered up with so much of junk that we say to ourselves. I think this comment summed it up for all of us, "The things I say to myself I would never say to anyone else."

    We all felt an ache and love for each other as we shared the struggle that we tend to most often define ourselves by. Perfection, weight, disappointment, and being a new widow were just some of the struggles shared. God in His goodness, spoke to one member as she prayed about this struggle and said, "I'm going to take care of you".

    We all agreed that worry is the focusing on what-if instead of what-is and that worry can have a consuming, smothering grip that sucks the joy from our lives, if we allow.

    One members faulty assumption was that if she "made something" of herself she would be happy. We all agreed that it is easy to be deceived into thinking that "if I do well in life I will be happy".

    We appreciated the cup example that reminded us to take our hurts and concerns to the Lord each day instead of waiting until the bottom falls out.

    We shared many laughs, some tears and a deep desire for God to make Himself very real to each of us.

  9. 159
    Theresa says:

    We are both trying to get used to this study. Alot of hard work the first two weeks but we are learning much and are encouraging each other to keep at it. We both said that we need the study tipping the scale at a 10. I said that my thought closet was a mess and Charlotte said her's was a diaster! I got inspired beyond my mind and I just had to clean out my real closet…I wonder how many of us have done that since starting this study? Things are now in much better order and I actually like being in there…on to the hard work of doing the same in my mind.

    We both felt like the struggle that defines us most is the struggle that we are currently in whatever that is…and it's always something. Charlotte loved the "push pause" concept. I loved the "not what if, what is." We both clung to the "Who I am and what I struggle with are not the same thing." This was a Praise you Jesus moment for the both of us!

    Charlotte told me that she went and bought a "bump it" the Monday night before your video came out. Isn't that amazing. She tried it and loved it but when she had it on her head she really felt like she wished that it came in a different color. She is a beautiful brown haired older sister and the bump it was working for the most part but she could see it when it was in. It wasn't until she saw your video that she realized that they came in two different colors, one for blondes, and one for brunettes! Too funny! She was using the one for blondes and felt like something was wrong. How funny is that! Thank you Beth for not only making sure that we get the Word right but that we get our Bump It's right as well. You are a friend in deed!

    Charlotte Ft. Worth, Texas
    Theresa Pace, Florida

  10. 160
    Suzy-Q says:

    God is doing amazing things in the hearts and minds of 2 Moms here in Rochester, MN. We connected thru the slide-pics, and the rest is History! Our kiddos have had fun playing while we have our discussion time- and God is present and revealing more and more as we study His word! So thankful for this Summer Siesta Study and for Godly Christian women!
    Jen and Suzanne

  11. 161
    Misty says:

    I'm doing this study with my mother-in-law. I have known for quite some time how alike we are, however, I think she is JUST beginning to see it. 🙂 We are quite close – I am much closer to her than my biological mother for many sad reasons – but I think we are really getting to the heart of things with this study. It could EASILY be a 12+ week study! SO much information…thank you for blessing us with this choice! Next I'm taking my book with me to Kid's Camp…PRAY FOR ME! LOL!

    Misty and MIL Mary – OKC

  12. 162
    Shellie Paparazzo says:

    Jeni and I met on Friday at her home here in Moscow, Idaho and had a wonderful visit. We met first outside on her patio while my daughters played with her dog, until it got too hot outside and then we stretched out on her silk sheets on her extremely comfortable bed. By the way, we met at a coffee house called Sisters Brew (my favorite place to meet people) the week before. That's only good when you don't have kids with you though. We went through all the questions although neither one of us had finished week 2, so we kind of had to wing it on the last question. I didn't think any of my answers were very interesting, but Jeni liked the word I used to describe worry. "Ruminating". Can't tell I was raised on a cattle ranch, can you? I think I kind of gave myself away with that one. I have now finished week 2 and am ready to start week 3 now, so hopefully I'll have 3 and 4 done by next Friday.

  13. 163
    Carol says:

    Our group of seven met this past Sunday night and we had a great time discussing these questions along with watching Jennifer's video #3.

    1. On a scale of 1-10, we all agreed that we were a 10 or above in needing this study. It has really brought insight into our "stinkin thinkin" and that is not who we are.

    2. One of our main struggles, as with most all women, is our weight image/self-esteem. This image of our weight, whether it is an issue we really have a problem with or not, is not who we really are. By the grace of God, we are who we are through Him because of His grace and He sees our heart, not our outward appearance.

    3. Our definition of "worry" was thinking on things with fear – "what if-then I can't do this." It takes over your mind and is trustin ourselves and not in the Lord.

    4. We decided that our faulty assumptions have been listening to what the world says we should be, but that is false and not who we really are. Such as you need to dress this way, do this or do that, rather that what God says. We have issues, but our issues are not who we really are and we try not to beat ourselves up over them.

    This study as been an eye opener for each of us and we didn't realize just how bad we needed it. In fact, after the first lesson, we decided that we didn't even like it because it spoke so directly to each of us.

    Thanks Mama Siesta, for a wonderful summer Bible study. we love you bunches.

    Carol, Connie, Voncille, Lisa, Donna Mc, Donna P. and Jeanie

  14. 164
    Brandi L. says:

    Another great discussion was had by our group…we met last Wednesday (I am a little behind adding my post this time–oops! Sorry!). It was amazing to listen to how similar and different eachof our personal struggles are. It was uplifting to know that we are not alone in our challenges and that with God, we need not worry and ask what if? We need to accept and cherish what is…as God created each of us as masterpieces. We also updated our "Please pray for list" from session and one and are continuing to pray for each other's daily issues. We're really looking forward to session 3 when we can start cleaning out our negative thought closets! =) I'm trying to post our group picture, but am still trying to figure out how–so hopefully I'll figure that out sooner than later! =)
    Houston TX, LUMC group

  15. 165
    julie says:

    really lovin' this study, we are meeting every tuesday evening and are a week behind you. tonight we talked about faulty assumptions. One of my big ones is that women whom i see as Holy,Godly, "clothed with strength and dignity", I assume they have had a rich spiritual upbringing spiritual strong families and little hardships due to their faith. But the truth is we have an awesome God and HE is the only reason we can clothe our self with any kind of strength dignity or righteousness.

    thank you beth, jennifer and siestas- this is a great study. there are 5 in my group,neighbors in new braunfels in our early, mid and late 30s!

  16. 166
    Shawna says:

    Better late than never!!! Sharon the stupendous and surely loved by God, Karin the King's daughter, and Shawna the smile of her father's heart — finally had study tonight a week late. Out of town guests and stomach flu, delayed us — but we had an awesome time in fellowship and in the Word tonight.

    Timing of God and how much each of us needed this study, these scriptures and this truth and accountability at this time in our lives! Faulty assumptions so similar for each of us, and as three single women who are working full time in competitive fields — themes of being unloved and unwanted, as well as fear and insecurity around our competence and giftings in Jesus – make for a toxic combination of lies and false assumptions. But God is showing himself so faithful. And in fellowship really speaking and praying truth and scripture over one another into these places in our hearts. (AMAZING how we can see so clearly for each other, and have a more difficult time with our OWN false assumptions! : )

    Ended by reading aloud Psalm 139 — loved loved vs. 17 — God's thoughts for us…in such contrast to our thoughts. Praise him that God's thought closet – is clean, clear, endless, and full of love, power and truth on our behalf

    Great STUDY – and great questions Beth – they have been perfect.

    Shawna, Karin, Sharon

  17. 167
    lanapacker says:

    Hi, this is Lana from Stuttgart, Germany. We have 32 members and growing! One of our members shared about when she made a mistake that cost her money and time, "This would normally result in a personal dialog containing many negative names and bad phrases. I thought to myself "well, that was dumb" and then said "wait a minute, so many people forget things and it was an easy mistake. I laughed and drove the wrong way home. This may not seem big, but it was huge for me. I never take it lightly on myself and I am certainly not very forgiving. This attitude has carried through to how I am dealing with my children and the conversations I am having. I am not sure anyone else can see a difference, but I sure can. I feel so bless and am ready to continue to see what God has planned." Thank you Jennifer & Beth!

  18. 168
    leighanne619 says:

    Jennifer and I met via email. We are both really enjoying this study so much.

    We both said that in terms of needing this study right now, we are both about a 8 or 9.

    Also, both of us have always struggled with worry.

    We both really liked Beth's definition of worry. We also said worry is fear, constantly obsessing over the what ifs (instead of what is), your mind constantly going and going.

    As far as the faulty assumptions, I said that my faulty assumption is I could have done that better or I messed that up, I don't know what I'm doing. My faulty assumptions lead to my worry and the whole cycle continues.

    Really enjoying this study and fellowship with God.

    Jennifer and Leighanne in GA

  19. 169
    Anonymous says:

    My mom and I have gotten behind on the study due to my having going on vacation in the middle of it. At any rate, my mom and I did get together last night (7-14-09) to go over Session 2 questions. Only problem is that my mom didn't realize she was supposed to do 2 weeks of homework, she only did 2 days from the first week. In her defense this is the first bible study she has ever done like this that has homework for each day. I got her straightened out and I think she is good to go now.
    As for me- this study is awesome and just what I have been needing. I'm certainly at "10" on the scale of 1-10. I've struggled in my thought life for several years now and God has been gracious, patient and loving to guide me each step of the way to teach me how to clean it up and to let me know that just because I struggle in this area it does NOT DEFINE WHO I AM. Maybe that's the bigger message He wants to give me, now that I think about it. He wants me to stop beating myself up over the lies and believe HIS TRUTH over my life! Yay- light bulb moment!!! This is just another of His ways to take me where I need to go.
    Angie E, Hickory NC

  20. 170
    Janet in Amarillo says:

    The South Georgia Baptist-Amarillo TX Siesta's met for our second meeting last night (July 14th) and had 11 of our 20 last week. We had a great discussion about our thought closets and how timely to have this study — "written JUST FOR ME at this time in my life" Thank you Jennifer Rothchild! We are looking forward to our study this next week and getting on back on track with the rest of the group the next 2 sessions.

    Many blessings to all our Siestas around the world as we study together this summer!

  21. 171
    Deborah J. says:

    I think that Psalm 19:14 is a perfect synopsis of what Jennifer has put out there (at least so far)…which is why I chose it as my Scripture memory verse for the first of July. Although I've "known" the verse for years, this study is showing me a fresh meaning: I truly want not just my words but what I meditate on in my thought closet to be pleasing (NIV) in God's sight. (Since I've been on vacation and then had company, I'm playing catch-up, in addition to going solo.)

    Deborah J., Clearwater, FL

  22. 172
    Medley Family says:

    We just met yesterday (7/15) and are really enjoying the study so far. My mom and sister get together and then call me to discuss over the phone.

    We discussed faulty assumptions (as we agreed this is very common in our thinking) and also discussed several other things we've gained from the study. I personally liked the reference to Naomi's story in Ruth and we discussed fate vs. faith labels.

    We are trying to stay focused on His truths this week and really focusing on the 3 C's of "holding each thought captive."

    -Group of 3 from SC and TN

  23. 173
    mhutsell says:

    Our group met last night. Sadly enough, Satan jumped on a couple ladies' backs only minutes after arrival. Some unkind words were shared between two friends and the reality was…one friend left and the other was left at the group broken-hearted. Determined not to let Satan have the victory…we prayed and we covered the mess in TRUTH. It was the perfect chance to talk about how what is growing in our root system eventually gives way to fruit. We talked about those labels and those things (like people's unkind words) that label us and that we have to cover in mighty TRUTH. WE are praying that our friends will find grace and healing for one another and that both will return to the group. was a rough night but I believe God indeed showed up! Thanks! Melissa from Little Rock!

  24. 174
    Anonymous says:

    This study is timely as I'm facing a lot of stressful situations at work and home and have a tendency to be really hard on myself. Of all the things I struggle most with it's perfectionism which we know has a root of PRIDE. The "what if's" are the things totally out of my control yet I worry about them happening.

    Going Solo in NC

  25. 175
    Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum says:

    We met at Panera!

    We really connected with the cup analogy. That was great. It was timely in one way or another for all of us! and we all realized we do indeed have faulty assumptions. We also did another fun quiz…what junk food are you:) Three hamburgers and a chocolate cake!
    Brenda, Valerie, Amy and Sydney (who we MISSED!!!)

  26. 176
    Siesta Senoritas says:

    1. Our group felt that we all needed this study somewhere around a 10 or 11 because there is so much other stuff we let into our “thought closets” that should be in there and we were all ready to get it cleaned out!
    2. We felt that some of the things we struggle with centers around how we let one individual event, moment, thought, or mistake change who we think we are and we are unable to break free from it.
    3. Each of our group members had different answers but the main idea was that worry stemmed from us overly focusing on things that we cannot control.
    4. One of our favorite faulty assumptions was that it is ok to eat Twinkies because the cream in the middle counts as dairy right? Same goes for chocolate covered strawberries, because of the fruit, and look at pizza it has all the main food groups… Although it is easy to believe these faulty assumptions, like many others, we may not like the results.

    Siesta Senoritas!
    Kelly Jo

    Albany, Ky

  27. 177
    Kay says:

    We met Tuesday night for dinner and to discuss weeks 1 and 2. God has blessed our neighborhood group this summer with 3 new members including one that learned of our meeting from the LPM blog. So many shared that the timing for this subject is perfect. Uncertain times bring much introspection and how sweet to be reminded to view our facts by our faith in God and not any fate we speak to ourselves from false assumptions. How fun to view Jennifer's video response to bumpit and I am passing it on to the girls! Have a great week and I'll check back in after we meet again!

  28. 178
    Trisha says:

    Hi Beth!
    Our group had a great time getting together last week to discuss the Bible study. It was awesome to let some of those walls down that we so often put up as women to make it seem like we have it all together. Our group ranges in age from 19-31 between just the 4 of us, yet we all feel like this study is impacting us where we are in our current stage of life.

    We loved the statement about who we are and what we struggle with are not the same. That hit home for all of us and was such a huge reminder that God loves us JUST as we are!

    We are looking forward to meeting again next week. Thank you so much for facilitating this study for us this summer!
    God Bless,
    The Girls of Colorado

  29. 179
    Tammy Elrod says:

    We met last Sunday (we had to reschedule from our normal Tuesday date) for our 2nd session and we discussed Weeks 1 & 2 from Jennifer Rothschild's, Me, Myself, and Lies.

    Our discussion centered around the external influences and events which shape our internal thoughts and how we turn those thoughts into worry.

    We summed up with ways we can re-focus those internal thoughts into positive, self affirming, life affirming thoughts by memorizing or reading scripture to replace those thoughts. We also said we have to remember that we cannot let a "fact" about ourselves become a false impression of how we are viewed about ourselves. By focusing on positive attributes and how the people who care about us feel, we can then internalize the positive statements.

    We all agreed that when we are daily in the word of God and focusing on how he has provided for us that we stay on track. By turning to him we can turn worry into positive energy!

    Mechanicsville Siestas
    Host – Tammy Elrod

  30. 180
    LynnOnTheNet says:

    First, hil-a-ri-ous; I had just been talking with my hairdresser about Bump-its coming to our stores soon since they've been available only on TV for a while. That's the cycle those products take, right?! The very next day they were at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. So I called her immediately to let her know and actually bought you a set for the fun of it! I've never sent anything before but it just sounded fun. Well, I just hadn't looked up your address yet and someone else got them to you already. I suppose great minds think alike! I have brunette hair (and I live in TEXAS – I do feel left out of the blondness here sometimes!) so I think I'll give them to my hairdresser since I bought the blond version. She won't know how blessed she is that I've been clued into your non-need for Bump-its because I'm doing a Bible study! lol!

    Okay, more important stuff…I mean, it's God over Bump-its!
    I'm doing the study solo.
    1. Need this study – at least an 9. My closet has been getting messier as a result of job hunting. I've never had so much trouble finding a job so my thoughts have been plummeting downhill.
    2. Separating who I am and what I struggle with definitely follows from #1 above. More challenging lately. Keep telling myself not to focus on past defeats as if they are TV reruns.
    3. Worry def.-focusing on things that haven't happened and probably won't; on things that are negative consequences or outcomes.
    4. Faulty assumption-people are mean and untrustworthy on purpose. How silly I feel when I put the spotlight on such assumptions and write them in my workbook. Every one I wrote down was absolute polar opposite to what God tells us in His Word.

    Whew! Long post (but good questions to which to respond). This study is a great choice. I also get a lot from JR's examples, such as possible faulty assumptions I may have been unwilling to see, most especially the courageousness of those from her own messy closet. Thanks LPM and JR!

    ~Lynnette in Houston

  31. 181
    KGE says:

    Posting late because did not "meet" over the phone until 13th. Plus I wanted to read everything posted so far on this thread.

    Need for the 2 of us (Karen and Sheila) was at least 10. Both felt we had picked up that dirty blouse from the ground years ago and it has been hanging around stinking things up ever since.

    Who I am and What I struggle with are NOT the same thing is a powerful statement. We want it stenciled on our walls. This never occurred to me because we have always heard people say "My name is X and I am an … alcoholic, addict, or whatever". NOT "My name is X and I STRUGGLE with X". I think we ALL cannot emphasize this enough.

    Our answers to 3 and 4 were the same as many or most of all the other posters. Which is what I found amazing in itself. That the things we think are our struggles alone were written IN THE BOOK by Jennifer as HER struggles and by SO many of the other siestas as THEIR struggles. Pride, Insecurity, Trust Issues, Self Esteem …. we ALL had them in one way or another. Realizing that and keeping it in mind is crucial.

    This is a wonderful study and all the siestas who contributed their answers and ideas to this thread whether via their group leader or solo have really posted insightful things.

  32. 182
    ~ Crystal says:

    Since our ratings went from an 8 to a 9.5, I'd say we all need this study! We shared struggles with placing our value on what others think of us, feeling incomplete b/c we don't fulfill all of society's standards, and feeling like we can't be good enough, no matter how hard we try. This study is meeting us all exactly where we are – God is good, all the time! We're learning to focus on improving our thought closets to glorify our King, and in the process, we're lifting each other up in love and support. Praise God!

    Crystal, Heidi, Janelle, Katrina, & Michelle – south central PA

  33. 183
    AuntieMoo says:

    Greetings from the Siestas of Saegertown.

    We feel so blessed to be doing this study. It has really shown us a lot about ourselves and our relationship with God.

    Due to scheduling conflicts, we will be checking in a week later than everyone. So far we
    are learning a lot about ourselves and each other.

    First of all we discovered that the 3 of us are perfect 10's when it comes to how much we need this study.

    We each had different struggles that we deal with
    Anastasia: My past has messed me up.
    Marianne: worrying
    Teresa: The negative things.

    We defined "Who I am" as How God sees us, and "what
    I struggle with" as How we
    see ourselves.

    We also made cards of the verses on pg 30 to put near our closets (since we go to them every day) so that we can keep those verses in mind.

    We knew that stuff from the past has affected our lives, but we are discovering just how much they really have and how deep our faulty assumptions have taken hold of our lives.

    We have all been blessed by this study so far and are looking forward to cleaning our "closets" and making our thoughts obedient to Christ.

    God's Blessing to all the
    Happy Closet Cleaning!
    Marianne, Teresa and Anastasia
    Saegertown, PA.

  34. 184
    TN Girl says:

    I'm so far behind posting this, sorry.

    We (Connie, Lisa, Melanie, Nikki, Sharon, and Pam) had to meet virtually through email last week because 3 of our girls had a family emergency.

    1. 10 we NEED this study.

    2. "Who I am and what I struggle with is not the same thing!" We found this truth to be HUGE! We had it circled some of us several times!

    3. One was "fearing what may happen" Another…"Assuming the worst is goint to happen"
    I loved your group's definition of a horror movie in your head! Scary indeed!

    4. "I will be happy when ________"
    You could pretty much fill it in with "I'm thin" "I go back to work"
    "My husband quits drinking" "I find a husband".

    Our group is a subset of our women's group and we are currently doing Esther. This has fit so well with where we are at in Esther it is truly a GOD THANG! Amen

    Dublin, VA

  35. 185
    bridget610 says:

    Bridget & Maria in Phoenix, AZ
    Loving the sister's time together!
    1. Both need this study, God will reveal how much – Maria 5.5, Bridget 6.5; Bridget dealing with a year-long crisis, that God is working through, and His Word is KEY to survival!
    2. Each of us struggle with identity, to be women of God before Housekeeper, cook, cleaner, wife…
    3. Worry = SIN; and What IF??!
    4. Faulty assumptions – Bridget – that others have it together (outside appearance for them is true). Maria – others are disciplined in the "shoulds" of life and don't struggle with chaos

  36. 186
    Shelli says:

    First, I have to apologize for not posting sooner on behalf of our group (I was out of town at my sister's wedding). Once again, our Hopefully Devoted blog small group began "meeting" on Tuesday, and continued to talk to each other via the blog for several days. We are 21 Siestas from 10 states hosted from Almont, MI.

    We are all enjoying this study and our need for this study is a huge. Several of us noted that it was a refresher/reminder of the jail cell in Breaking Free. For us, worry is the joy robber, not trusting God, the one thing we do not have control over, being anxious over the unknown.

    Miss Beth, your questions forced us to dig deep and be vulnerable in our responses. I am amazed at the ladies in our group and how they rose to the challenge (rather, humbled themselves), and at how gently they responded to one another.

  37. 187
    Tina Lyn, Odessa, TX says:

    1. On a scale of 1-10, it's a 10+; I'm always struggling to take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

    2. Who I am and what I struggle with are not the same thing–I love that! My struggles mostly deal with being nice to my own family; I struggle with not yelling at my kids and not constantly arguing with my husband over something really petty and stupid.

    3. Worry–I catch myself going to the worst thought possible, whether it's hearing an emergency vehicle siren shortly after my husband's left the house and frantically picking up the phone to call him to make sure he didn't get in an accident or thinking my kids are going to come down with a fatal disease because they eat too much mac 'n cheese. I know the Lord is in control of my life and my loved ones lives but I tend to forget that initially and think the worst instead of thinking of God's truths.

    4. Faulty assumptions: I will never change; anger will always define me. God's word doesn't agree with that assumption–praise God! I am a new creation, old things have passed away, behold, all things have become new. (2 Cor. 5:17)

    Tina Lyn, Odessa, TX

  38. 188
    Abiding Branch says:

    Now I am not really "techie" at all but I would love it if you could create a link on the side of the blog that would allow quick access to the links for the Me, Myself, and Lies Gathering.

    We started a couple of weeks behind everyone else and I have been telling so many about it that even when summer ends ladies may want to link up to your blog and see these great videos!!

    After week one the ladies of Saginaw Texas are seeing some progress!! we are meeting tonight again so i will be back. We are meeting weekly!!!
    Love to all siesta sisters!!!
    Chel – An Abiding Branch

  39. 189
    Anonymous says:

    1. I do need this, I have also need to learn I am more than How I see my self.
    3. worry – What could happen in any happening.
    thanks I am learning so much. Still going solo.
    Linda, Bartelso, IL

  40. 190
    Heather Dowdy says:

    We had a good time chitchatting at our last meeting. We both realized that we needed this study a lot more than we realized at first. It's amazing to think that we meditate on so many negative things. We both shared the things we struggle with at work and in family life. And we really just listened to each other's challenges and offered encouragement realizing that we all don't struggle in the same area and there may be an area that one of us has overcome in so we can help others do the same. Excited about the next time we meet because these last 2 weeks' worth of lessons really contained a lot of meat!

  41. 191
    Lyn says:

    Oh my goodness! I just love what God is doing in this bible study.
    Beth, we started with 18 ladies and are up to 22 today. We are behind what we should be, but I know that that is ok.
    Our meeting today was wonderful.So many ladies shared and the labels that are put on us and we put on ourselves.
    The things we worry about and struggle with. Interesting how God orchestrated our meeting.
    Just wanted to share that I pass around a sticky note and we put on there what we want prayer for and then we put them in a basket and each one takes one and we pray around for that person and we pray for them till we meet again and do it all over again. I also made index card books for them to start memorizing scripture.

    Lyn Littleton NH and Vermont

    I will be posting a picture of all of us soon.

  42. 192
    Amy says:

    Just checking in ~ finally finished the first 2 weeks of study! Much needed!

    ~Amy 7634

  43. 193
    Stephanie says:

    Im commenting very late I realized I had forgot to post but I've been keeping up, just wanted to let you know.
    Stephanie V.

  44. 194
    Anonymous says:

    I don't know if anyone will read this this late…we are doing the study weekly. so we just met for week 2.
    We have a young lady (23)who is a new believer, a real delight! She shared (rather emotionally) this past week that part of the reason that she doesn't know or completely understand how to speak truth to herself about what God thinks toward her or what the Word tells her, is that she is so new to the faith that she just doesn't know enough about the Word or about God and His attributes to speak them to her soul! We all encouraged her with the fact that she was in a study to learn just those things!! Being in the Word would reveal truth and reveal God and His attributes to her! What a blessing!!

    Rhonda – Ohio

  45. 195
    Valjmow says:

    On gathering two our group met at a park pavillion and went over our bible study experiences for over 2.5 hours. My group is Teresa, Bethany, Valerie, Amber, Amylynn, Lorainne, Kelly, Christy, Mary Sue, Kristen, and Kayla. We are the Clare, Mi girls. A couple girls were unable to make it due to sickness, but we also had two girls join us for this day and they were also able to take part in our discussions. Once again we had a very annointed time and were very vulnerable with one another. Our thought closest doors were blown open and we were able to love each other through our struggles. At the end of our session we had a great prayer time together and then we tried to come up with a name for our group so we could put announcements in the bulletin or just have a way to reference ourselves. So far we have come up with "Daughters of Zion" because it is a name Teresa's husband calls the women in our church when he is speaking to us. Our other ideas were; black sheep (referencing how our mind made us think about ourselves) and Mind Tamers. I think we all like DOZ the best! Thanks so much for doing this Bible study with us, it has been such a blessing for our group and we are getting closer to one another as we get closer to the King of Kings!
    Also just a quick funny experience, my sister Bethany and I (Valerie) were watching a wednesdays with Beth segment on TV and Kayla came over (she is 16 and has not been familiar with Beth Moore before doing this bible study) She looked at the TV and she said "hey, isn't that the moon pie lady we watched at Bible study?" She remembered Beth because of her moonpie t-shirt. Bethany and I thought it was hysterical. We have been familiar with Beth's work for such a long time, we thought all of the girls in our study were too. I guess that's what we get for having faulty assumptions!

  46. 196
    Anonymous says:

    League City Ladies
    Better late than never! And I had to go halfway around the world to settle down to do it!
    We did Session 1 on Sunday the 28th and Session 2 on July 5th.

    One thing that struck us was the "hole-maker" being someone who fears change more than they fear the Lord, as we are experiencing some of that within our fellowship.

    What an amazing time as we talked about our labels – that they are what God has "entrusted" us with. Jennifer's mention of being entrusted with the label of infertility ministered to one of our sweet young wives. We have a young widow, a sweet sister going through chemo, and everything in between. We have been challenged to change our thinking toward situations that have seemed so burdensome or hurtful into seeing them as things God has entrusted to us. These circumstances now feel more like an honor than being a victim.

    We had the contrast of labels – one sweet woman whose label was "black" when entering a segregated school for the first time and the fears that went along with it. And, in the same group, we had the lady whose label was "white" growing up in Alabama who would defiantly drink from the "wrong" fountain at the department store because in her heart, she knew how wrong it was for there to be that separation. Of course, she got a "whipping" right in the store, but vowed to do it again and again until the wrong was righted.
    So we left with new perspectives and even more love for each other.

  47. 197
    Flybabymom says:

    We started our study a couple of weeks after you did, Beth, so we just did our second meeting last Sunday. Wow. We didn't get all the way around the circle discussing the FIRST interactive before someone opened up and the Lord started moving. I don't know why I didn't even think of having tissues out for this gathering of WOMEN studying the Word! Well, I got them, and ministry happened. So–thanks to Jennifer for a great study, and to you for encouraging us to do it this summer.
    -Ann in Wichita

  48. 198
    Cindy S says:

    1. I'm a 10 on the scale. I want to free myself of unnecessary negative thinking to make room for more necessary positive thoughts!
    2. I loved the statement "Who I am and what I struggle with are not the same thing". I know I am a good person, yet I sometimes find myself struggling with thoughts that I'm not good enough.
    3. Worry for me means trying to fix things yourself rather than seeking God's help. If we seek God's help in the beginning, there is no need to worry because He works all things out for the good.
    4. One of my faulty assumptions was that by being a quiet person, I shouldn't strive for certain things in life as though the positions were only attainable for more outspoken and extroverted people. That is so wrong! Anything is possible with God! 🙂

  49. 199
    bug says:

    Hello fellow siestas! My group started a few weeks late and just had our second meeting this morning. We were missing a few but it was still great!

    The thing that most struck me this morning is how we all talked about how before begining the study, none of us thought we needed it. But over the course of the last two weeks, we have relized we need it quite badly! We have been so blessed through this study. Thanks for all the love you are sending our way! We return it tenfold!

    Hannah F, Chelsea, Rachel, Lauren and Hannah S. in Ohio!

  50. 200
    poison_ivy777 says:

    Okay so I know I have already done my official check in post on this one already but I had to come back on here to respond to the "Bumpit" commercial Beth gave! You see yesterday at church I got my hair to do a beautiful and BIG "poof" right in the front and then pulled the rest back into a simple pony. I got a lot of compliments on my hair BUT I was overwhelmed by how many people came up and said "You have a bumpit in don't you?" or "Are you wearing a bumpit?" I would like to say for the record that NOOOOOO I wasn't wearing a bumpit and I was saddened by the fact that the bumpit has forever ruined the great talent of being able to make a poof without the bumpit! No credit! Sheesh! lol…this is of course all in fun but I truly couldn't believe it!

    Ivy Morrison
    Willis, TX

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