15 Years of Living Proof

LPM celebrated its 15th birthday on May 5, 2009. We praise You, Father, for all You have done!

Part 1

15 Years of Living Proof – Part 1 from LPV on Vimeo.

Part 2

15 Years of Living Proof – Part 2 from LPV on Vimeo.

Part 3

15 Years of Living Proof – Part 3 from LPV on Vimeo.

Part 4

15 Years of Living Proof – Part 4 from LPV on Vimeo.

Part 5

15 Years of Living Proof – Part 5 from LPV on Vimeo.


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  1. 51
    Angela says:

    Oh how awesome God is! This year marks my 15th spiritual birthday and 15th wedding anniversary. How cool is that? I'm so thankful for all that LPM does. May you have many more years of ministry.
    p.s. I'm from Indiana and I loved hearing the southern accents!

  2. 52
    Anonymous says:

    Congratulations LPM! Taken several of Beth Moore's studies since 2002 and just wanted to say thank you for incorporating this blog into your ministry.

  3. 53
    Ann says:

    What an amazing ministry and staff you have! I can't even begin to imagine the number of lives that have been effected by this ministry! (I have always loved the name Living Proof!) Thank you for your obedience to our God, and for serving Him and others the way that you do. God has used you in such a mighty way and blessed countless lives! Thank you, Beth. You are dearly loved!

  4. 54
    Becky says:

    thank you for overcoming & for trusting God…your faithfulness & that of your staff has served so many! May God continue to bless you all!

  5. 55
    Anonymous says:

    I left my response to the "15 years of LPM" several posts ago!


  6. 56
    Julie Marler says:

    15 years of ministry and seeing how God has grown and developed LPM is amazing!! As a volunteer at the LPM office, I can honestly say that this ministry is the real-deal! When you get to see the inner workings and see how spirit-filled these women (and man) are – you know that there is no fake, no fraud, no irreverent servants in this ministry. God has truly blessed LPM because of this spirit of determination to please God and only God! I know my life has personally been changed because of Beth and all those at LPM that choose to be in a life-changing ministry. I see how very hard they all work and take this ministry very seriously!! Thank you for your servant spirit! God's huge blessings on each of you!!

  7. 57
    Jodi says:

    Thank God for LPM and Beth Moore! You all ROCK! Thank you so much for sharing your world with us.
    God Bless Ya All.
    Plymouth, MN

  8. 58
    Patti says:

    Congratulations LPM!!! I pray that the Lord will continue to bless this ministry. It has made a tremendous difference in my life and I can't thank you all enough for your obedience to do what God gave you to do. Thank you!

  9. 59
    dek1102 says:

    What a blessing LPM has been to me over the past 10 years. You will never know how the Lord has used you in my life. I am so thankful for your obedience to God.

  10. 60
    Tammy says:

    Happy anniversary LPM
    Thank you Mama Beth for sharing with us. I just love you all and thanks for gettings us Siestas in the word…I have learned so much from you and can't wait to see what God has in mind for the next adventure.

    Tammy S.
    Howells NE

  11. 61
    Anonymous says:

    Beth –

    LPM, your Bible Studies, and this blog have been such a tremendous blessing to me! Thank you for so openly sharing your heart, your faith and your family with us. I pray God will bless you and LPM with with many more years of fruitful outreach.

  12. 62
    JeanneLee says:

    Thank-you for these videos, Beth…I have enjoyed your sweet accent and precious spirit! Getting to see who you get to work with everyday…wow…must be hardwork and a blast at the same time to work with all these dear friends!
    Congrats on the Lord blessing your 15 years and may you have 15+ more years!!

  13. 63
    Debbie in NC says:

    This was great! Thanks so much for sharing! I love you Beth and your ministry. May God continue to bless you! See you in Greensboro, NC at Deeper Still, can't wait!!!!!

  14. 64
    Janae says:

    How I have praised the Lord for all of LPM over the years.  What a great privilege to put faces to names and to see first hand how faithful you all are to our LORD.Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing what He has called you to do so that we could be equipped to fight the good fight.

  15. 65
    Siesta OC says:

    As long as I live, Beth and Crew you will never know what fun that was for me. You all are such an inspiration and so much fun. I dearly love you all. I loved meeting all the women and men through the video.

    Beth, to you: I thank God for His annointing on you and the obedience you have for the Father. You are a treasure. I am so thankful that you live your life face down before the LORD and that you encourage us in the same manner. I truly feel blessed to have known of you and even a little of your life. I can remember spending days in my home when I was battling depression and just spending hours listening to the LPL live CD's; it was just an encouragement I needed to have on constantly. God has brought me so far from where I was, I am not where I am going to be yet, but so far from the darkness. He has healed in me so many things and I feel like like I can PHYSICALLY feal the healing going into my bones. I know some things know about Him, my trust for Him and about myself that just thrill me. I want to crave even more still. He has used you in that for me!

    I am absolutely thrilled to be starting Esther this fall (I am also heading up your simulcast this August at our church). I just want to thank you for being so faithful, so obedient, so loving and so darn cute – you bless me girl!

    In His Name and with blessings overflowing,

    Siesta OC

  16. 66
    MITZI says:

    Hi Ms Beth,
    This is Grandmamitz who was in the middle of Pt. 1 video and had to turn the computer off to head to San Diego. Am here in the hotel office and thought I be able to continue viewing the videos but I can view the videos but NO SOUND. I'll just wait til Sunday.

    While I'm here I just want to praise God for the His many blessing through you and LPM. Who would have thought the day I picked up a Bible study from an unknown author at a Sunday School Board table that it would be a life changing journey for me too. The study was the first A Woman's Heart God's dwelling place. I could go on with what this ministry has done for me but I'm in the hotel lobby and there's only a 30 minute limit and someone is waiting. Bless you all, love you all and to GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!

  17. 67
    Lori says:

    Beth and Team,

    Thank you so much for sharing this momentous occasion with us showing what God has done…

    I'm going to share one of my favorite Beth Moore memories and I hope you appreciate…I have to say I'm so glad you care about hair. I went through chemo for 1.5 years stopping when I was miraculously healed Sept of 2008. During the time of Chemo I did Steppping Up and towards the end I did Esther…can you even imagine! So, I have to tell you I watch you every Wednesday with James on TV and I was so impressed with your hair I actually took photos on my camera of you at different angels…I went to the salon and now sport the most FAVORITE hair cut I have EVER had, my personal Beth doo…

    Beth thank you for not only helping our hearts, and souls, and spirits soar in Him, but caring for us like only a woman can…you make me glad to have estrogen pumping through my veins! In Him, Lori

  18. 68
    Anonymous says:

    Beth and Staff and Family,

    I am bawling my eyes out! What a wonderful way to start this week-end by joining you in this journey – you are all unique and special and I loved all five parts, but when Beth said, there was one more person, I thought it would be Keith and it was me (us!) I am so humbled and I know you are all sincerely serving Christ.

    May God continue to bless you greatly.

  19. 69
    Joyful says:

    Just finished watching all the videos. Thank you for taking the time to share so much of your ministry with us. What a blessing.

    In the Fall I will begin to facilitate my 5th Beth Moore study. The words of encouragement you write in the Leader's Guide and throughout the workbooks always bless my heart.

    My life has been changed through this in depth study of God's Word.

    Happy Anniversary. Celebrating all that God is doing in and through you.

  20. 70
    Susan says:

    WOW!!!!! What an amazing God we serve! Words fall short to tell of the amazing work God has done in my heart through your ministry and through your love for Jesus. Thank you Beth for being faithful to speak His truth! Thank You God for showing me how to love You with ALL my heart through my dear siesta Beth!
    May God continue show off His glory through LP ministries!

  21. 71
    Marc and Charity says:

    Well that was so fun! Thanks for doing those videos, I loved it! Beth, I've only been to one Living Proof Live and it was while I was still in college- 1999 and it was at FBC/Carrollton, Texas. I would LOVE to attend another one and I'm hoping you are somewhere near TX this next year as we will be on furlough!

    Praise God for His calling on your life and we are thankful for LPM!

  22. 72
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the "behind the scenes" work of Living Proof Ministries! You all have made a blessed difference in my life. God is so good!!!

  23. 73
    Melissa Lynn says:

    Oh my gosh…I had so much fun watching these videos and meeting the LPL family…you girls sure sound like you know how to have a great time! There is absolutely nothing like sharing fun, laughs and hair issues w/sisters in Christ. Thank you so much for all that you have given of yourself in your studies, Ms. Beth. I have done 4 of your studies and am currently doing the study that came out of the Deeper Still event (I was there!!) at our church's summer bible study…we've got 90 women! Praise HIM! Anyway, please know that the Lord has used you in a mighty, miraculous, life changing way in my life…I once was a broken and defeated gal, but my heart and mind and soul have been and are still being transformed in beautiful ways…victory that I thought I was too damaged and unworthy to have is mine…thank you from the bottom of my heart for the role God used you to play in my healing…He has used many ways to bring it about and you and your ministry have been a part of it.

    Oodles and oodles of love to you Ms. Beth, my siesta mama and your beautiful LPL staff. I pray for you often that you all will be blessed 100 fold for your sacrificial giving of yourselves.
    Melissa G. ~ Concord, CA
    PS – I loved putting a face to Nancy's name. She answered me such a sweet letter early this year.

  24. 74
    Ginger from Alabama says:

    Beth and all:
    I have just returned from my mission trip to Poland and I wanted all of you to know that I missed "talking" with and spending time with you the three weeks I was gone. As tired as I was when I got home and as soon as I could, I "ran" to see what had been happening while I was overseas. Thank you for your obedience to our LORD and thank you for sharing your joy and laughter with all of us siestas! Loved watching about the history of LPM and loved meeting the family/village. Bless you all!

    Wetumpka, AL

  25. 75
    Pickalily says:

    How exciting!

    My husband, Ian, and I also celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary on May 5th! How interesting that LPM began while I was at the salon getting my BIG wedding hair styled ;o)


  26. 76
    Marie says:

    My church began to do your studies in 1994. I cannot tell you how many lives you touched just in that little church. My daughter and I will be in Greensboro NC at the Deeper Still Conference. I am so happy to be attending this conference with her. This is her first time to see any of you. (Kay, Beth, or Priscilla) I cannot wait to see what the Lord is going to do. Bless you and your ministry. You are so real.

    Lebanon TN

  27. 77
    Anonymous says:

    Wow, congratulations and Thank You all! God Bless.

  28. 78
    Anonymous says:

    I'm screaming for the cruise too!!
    Blessings and many thanks to LPM. I am a life that's been changed by the power of God and the discipleship of His Word through one Mrs. Beth Moore. I am eternally grateful. Praise God!!!!
    LOve and thanks,

  29. 79
    Tina says:

    Beth and LPM staff,
    What a blessing to hear all that GOD has accomplished! What a witness of UNITY and ACCOUNTABILITY. Thank you for the hours of service and dedication to the Lord and to those who are led by you.

    Bless your hands that serve.
    Bless your mouths that pray.
    Bless your feet that follow Him.
    Bless your minds that are willing to be taught.
    AND Bless your HEARTS full of love!

    We all love you right back!
    Happy Anniversary!

  30. 80
    sarah says:

    God is so wonderful in all that he dose. i am always amazed at how he uses us for his good

  31. 81
    Warm in Alaska says:

    Hey Beth – I'm going to have to come back and watch the clips when I get a second (or, a few minutes). But can't wait. I've called you my Laundry Girl for a long time – b/c a number of years ago when my marriage was in a very difficult valley / desert, I would get your video Bible series from my home church and play your teaching videos while I folded laundry. By the time I got to the socks (which I always tackle last); I would invariably be crying – just at God's love and goodness to me. Thanks for stepping up to the plate and loving Jesus with a crazy passion and dragging us all along for the ride. I think of you as a big sister and my "laundry girl" – hanging with me til the very last pair of socks and speaking the goodness of God to my hungry, hurting soul.

    Love you so much and am so thankful to God for you,

    Warm in Alaska.

  32. 82
    Becky says:

    Thank you LPM–
    for your faithfulness to our Lord.
    Thank you for what you do, for all the help you've given me. You've taught me how to worship my God, how to just talk to him, and the Bible studies that brought me closer to him…..just saying thank you don't seem nearly enough. You taught me what legalism is, only to realized I was raised in it in my church all my life…..and to get rid of that one has been and still is interesting….wheeeew girlies, My poor husband don't know what to think anymore. ha-ha-ha-
    Thank you for showing us that ya'll are real women with real life going on around you too.
    Thank you Beth,— for teaching me how to get out of that stinkin' pit, and teaching me how to stay out of it. Oh and by the by,this month is my 2 yr ann. of being out of that deep dark whole. I'd only been in it for about 15 years.
    Thank you sweetie.
    Thank your for sharing your life with people like me. I love you to pieces, and you faithful ladies who work at LPM, I love ya'll too.
    Party on with your bad selves. :0)


  33. 83
    RS says:

    Hey hey, I agree….. a Siesta cruise sounds wonderful….but we need about a year to save up for that one.

    Let's do it. Just think, sun, no laundry or cookin' all us Siestas, our LPM girlfriends, with Beth teaching us more about the Word of God…wheeeeeew girlies, can ya feel the sunshine on ya faces??
    I can, let's go.


  34. 84
    Marylisa says:

    It took me all day long to watch this in between baking birthday cake and cleaning house, washing dog, amusing toddler and mother-in-law. I was in tears by video 5 and your encouragement that what I am doing is God's calling. Thank you for giving this neat, neat tour. May God continue to bless this ministry!

  35. 85
    BillsGirl says:

    Praise Christ for LPM! I pray He continues His Ministry with you for many years to come. About 7 years ago, I started with To Live is Christ. Through His love and plan, I am on track to co-lead Esther this Fall. Pray for me!

    I saw Roxanne's note about a Siesta Cruise or maybe a retreat. Sounds like something to start praying on.

    Mary Ann
    Woodbury, MN

    P.S. Looking forward to a trip in 2 weeks to visit family in Houston and a side trip to SA. Can you put in a request for cooler weather?

  36. 86
    Becky says:

    It was so good to see ya'll at LPM and seeing inside that beautiful house/office,getting to see each one of you…Thank you for letting us in.

    Kimberly, it was fun to see you. you have helped me so much over the phone, and never once made me feel stupid for callin'.
    I love ya sweetie.
    Thank you, and by the by, things in my world are better. :0)


  37. 87
    Ang baylis says:

    I was just reminded of the time my friend took me to see you for the first time in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She was so excited because she had an extra ticket that she was saving for whoever God wanted her to bring. I had never heard of you! She invited me… and my life has never been the same since that day! Beth walked right up next to us and I swear she looked into my eyes. He knew I needed you to get me excited to get into His Word and to fall in love with Him. I'm thanking Him tonight for introducing me to you all! Thank you for your obedience!
    So much love,
    Angie in Michigan

  38. 88
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks Amanda for putting all this together, sharing a glimpse of the LPM village. How encouraging to see how the Lord has and will continue to "move" in mighty ways to those who are available. May His grace abound as you obey His word. Praying for Alb.

  39. 89
    Georgia Jan says:

    Beth, Amanda, Melissa, Curtis & All LPM Staff:

    Thank you so much for opening your hearts and lives through this 15th anniversary "memory and testimony of praise celebration!" It was so much fun, and at the same time so touching to my heart.

    No one on the planet has touched this pastor's wife's heart or been used of God to light a fire in my soul to hunger and thirst after His Word like my friend Beth Moore.

    Beth – thank you for being the woman of God that you are, and for making yourself available to be His vessel. He has blessed your faithfulness!

    Girlfriend, we could NOT attend a funeral together. I got so tickled at one a few years ago that I just knew I was going to be in deep trouble afterwards… I was so tickled, and I just kept coughing to try and suppress the laughter that was literally shaking the pew. Bless his heart, the preacher was trying to say the deceased had put on "immortality," but he said over and over louder and louder, that she had put on IMMORALITY! And as you said – the less funnier it should have been – the more I wanted to laugh…

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. May God continue to use LPM for His glory in the years to come!

    Georgia Jan

  40. 90
    Nightingale says:

    Praise God for His faithfulness! Thank you, Beth, for your faithfulness to do as He has called you.

    Thank you for sharing your celebration with us. I loved meeting your staff, and I especially loved hearing Melissa and Amanda share. It's great to read their blog posts, but SO wonderful to hear their voices.

    Looking forward to seeing what God has in store for y'all in the coming years.

    God bless!!!

  41. 91
    Liesa says:

    Thanks Beth for 15 years of Living Proof Ministries. In 2003, you prayed over me in Tupelo, MS. about becoming a missionary. Today my family and I serve in Lima Peru with the International Mission Board. Thanks for praying!


  42. 92
    Anonymous says:

    OMG thank you so much for sharing! I'm going to play this for our Esther small group tomorrw.

    Happy Birthday and God's grace and favor on you always!

  43. 93
    Joy Bradley says:

    How wonderful to watch you all ad lib and freely enjoying what God has done! In Heaven I am going to sit down with each of you over serious coffee and give you an EARFUL. You cannot imagine what your obedience has meant in my life and the life of my spiritual children. Thank you so much! I am a free woman from all kinds of bondage today as a result of learning your 3×5 Scripture card habit and believing God to be huge. I can't praise Him enough. Thank you again for all you've done. Here's to 15 more years!


  44. 94
    HappyascanB says:

    Thank you soooo much for these videos!! LPM is a God-breathed ministry, and I'm sooooo thankful for you all!!!

  45. 95
    Kelly R. says:

    Beth & all the girls (& Curtis of course) at LPM

    Thank you for the inside access. What a blast! So glad you were able to celebrate and do it up right and thanks again for allowing all of us to be a part of it.
    Beth, Thank you for your obedience. I am a life changed because of it.

    Kelly Rivera
    Rom 8:31

  46. 96
    Emmy says:

    What a treasure you all are!

    I wish I could put into words how precious this ministry is to me! God knows! : )

    Thank you for serving so faithfully!

    Adored every second of the video!

    Happy Anniversary! Emmy : )

  47. 97
    kat says:

    Thank-you because I know that God orchestrated my first encounter with a "Woman's Heart" and used it to stir up in me a desire for Him and His Word that I had never known. And that hunger continues.
    Thank-you Beth and LPM village for being faithful to His calling.

    You are some more awesome!!! Thank-you Jesus!!!

  48. 98
    Sandra says:

    It will be 7 years in September that I started doing Beth Moore Bible Studies and have not looked back. I am so grateful to you Beth for leading me closer to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I have learned so much through your studies. I never learned it from the pulpit of my church on Sundays. Thank you so much for obeying God. I have to say that the first study that I did was Breaing Free. I was seeing a councelor at the time because my mother-in-law had passed away in February leaving her Mother to my care. We had moved Granny into our home and needless to say it wasn't going too well. I don't know how I had heard about you but knew I wanted to do a bible study and a good friend of mine told me that her church was about to do Breaking Free and I said I wanted to go. It was truely a blessing to me and it did me more good then the counceling sessions. Believing God was my favorite bible study and the one that helped me to break free from the unforgiveness I had toward my sister for so many years. Thank you Beth, your staff and volunteers for all the hard work. I especially want to say thanks to Keith for sharing you. Happy Birthday LPM. I love you all. PS. I can't wait for the next study.

  49. 99
    sally clapsaddle says:

    Oh this Video just did it for me! Love you LPM Staff and Moore/ Jones/Fitzpatricks!! Now we need Keith and Colin to do a video…I think we need to see Keith and the Dogs…Thank you all for serving so faithfully in Good and bad times. I praise Jesus for you all and hope that he will continue to grow the ministry and enrich your lives. Sending all my Love from LA,

  50. 100
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!! It means so much! I have had the awesome privilege of seeing you all several times over the years in various arenas, but my two all time favorites have been "Raleigh Girls" and the time I was able to see you in Clearwater Florida and being able to stand behind Babbie Mason as she sang "Shout to the Lord" our little group backed her up and you signed so beautifully to it! May the Lord bless you 100 fold for all that you have done for His kingdom!
    I love you from the bottom of my heart!!
    Albany, GA

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