A Greeting and a Song

Good Monday morning, my dear Siestas!

Thank you for praying for all of us at Living Proof Live in Stockton, California! God gave us a fresh revelation of His Son this weekend (out of Revelation, as a matter of fact) and what more could we possibly ask except for the courage to act on it? For any of you who were there, thank you so much for allowing us the privilege of being your servants. I’ve thought about you constantly since I got home. I loved seeing the myriad of you at In-n-Out. I wouldn’t leave California without an In-n-Out cheeseburger if my life depended on it.

There are certain songs I play and sing when I’m especially aware of Christ as the ultimate, uncontested love of my life OR if I’m especially in need of remembering. This is one of them. I have no idea how many times I’ve played it and Mark Schultz has no idea how many times I’ve sung back up for him. Not that he’d want to hire me and take me on the road or anything. But if he did, I’d walk one thousand miles, one thousand miles it’s true, if he were heading straight to Jesus.

I would walk 1,000 miles
1,000 miles it’s true
I would walk 1,000 miles
Just to be with You

[Chorus]‘Cause you’ve got my heart and you’ve got my soul
You’ve got this promise too
I would walk 1,000 miles
Just to be with You

If I could live 100 years
Before my life is through
If I could live 100 years
I’d spend them loving You

[Chorus]Cause You’ve got my heart and you’ve got my soul
You’ve got this promise too
If I could live 100 years
I’d spend them loving You

If I could write 10,000 songs
10,000 songs it’s true
If I Could write 10,000 songs
I’d Sing them all for you

[Chorus]‘Cause you’ve got my heart and you’ve got my soul
You’ve got this promise too
If I could write 10,000 songs
I’d Sing them all for you

(Mark Schultz, 1000 Miles)

SO, Siestas, what song reminds you personally that Jesus is the love of your life? I wish we had room for all the lyrics but here’s what I’ll request instead: the name of the song, the artist and the one line that especially gets to you.

Let’s build each other up in the Spirit this Monday morning. Jesus is so worthy.

I love you, Siestas!


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  1. 51
    Anonymous says:

    Donna M.
    In Christ Alone – Travis Cottrell
    "In Christ alone, my hope is found!"

  2. 52
    Peggy C says:

    In'N'Out! Really? Did you have to say that out loud? You're killing me girl! It's not nice to make a grown woman salivate. I grew up in So Cal, and every time I go to CA – no matter what "diet" I'm on – I eat at In'N'Out as many times as my body can handle. Then I swear I'll never eat another restaurant's burger as long as I live.

    Oh, the songs? Just one? Are you kidding? Right now it's Travis' "JESUS SAVES"!!
    LOUD! very very LOUD!

    Greetings and blessings to all my LPM friends. Hope y'all are having a wonderful summer – and keeping it COOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!
    Peggy C

  3. 53
    Anonymous says:

    "I'm Trading My Sorrows" is my testimony; the part that just gets me is the scripture:

    I'm pressed but not crushed persecuted not abandoned
    Struck down but not destroyed
    I'm blessed beyond the curse for his promise will endure
    And his joy's gonna be my strength

    Though the sorrow may last for the night
    His joy comes with the morning

    AMEN!! Praise you Jesus! I'm doing a different study this summer called "Surrendering the Secret"; finding freedom and forgiveness from the guilt and shame of a past abortion. It's been 30 years but going through this study is bringing it up like it was yesterday. I know God's plan and timing are perfect; I would not be able to take my next breath and survive this without Him! This song reminds me over and over that He wants me to trade the shame of my past for the Joy of my salvation…isn't He good?

    Ruined for Him,
    Joni Leahy
    Littleton, Co

  4. 54
    Leah says:

    "Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so".

    When I am feeling alone or scared or just weary, it is comforting to remember this.


  5. 55
    Karen says:

    In Christ Alone
    Words and Music by Keith Getty & Stuart Townend

    For I am His and He is mine—
    Bought with the precious blood of Christ.

  6. 56
    Lora B says:

    "Found in You" Steven Curtis Chapman

    "Where else would I go, I am found in You."

  7. 57
    Melissa says:

    "Life Song" by Casting Crowns

    The whole song is great but my favorite line is "I want to sign your name to the end of this day, knowing that my heart was true."

    Asheville, NC

  8. 58
    Anonymous says:

    Sue in Georgia –
    "Shout to the Lord", my prayer is to always love Him and stand for Him no matter what goes on in my life.

    "My Jesus, my Savior, Lord, there is none like you…" and "My comfort, my shelter, tower of refuge and strength…"
    I sing for joy at the works
    Of Your hands
    Forever I'll love You
    Forever I'll stand
    Nothing compares
    To the promise I have
    In You

  9. 59
    Momtotyandow says:

    Song: Holy, Holy, Holy
    Artis: Michael Card
    Lyric line: Jesus, Your name is power, breath and living water, such a marvelous mystery

    I love to sing this and I get chills at this line. Especially during the tough times, Jesus' name is POWER!!!

  10. 60
    Amaris in Wonderland says:

    It's funny that you asked. I had determined to put up the lyrics from this song, on my blog this week. (on my fb page, too!)

    Among many jewels that Nichole Nordeman has graciously shared with us, "Healed" just hammers it home to my heart, everytime. Jesus has done SO MUCH for us.

    "Oh, We stutter and we stammer till You save us
    A symphony of chaos 'til You play us
    Phrases on the pages of unknown
    ‘Til You read us into poetry and prose
    We are kept and we are captive till You free us
    Vaguely unimagined ‘til You dream us
    Aimlessly unguided ‘til You lead us home

    Passed over and passed by until you claim us
    Orphaned and abandoned ‘til you name us
    Hidden and disclosed ‘til you expose our hearts"

    Hear it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfgI-h2HJvw

    in His Love…

  11. 61
    Vicki says:

    This is a hard choice because at different seasons, songs minister to my needs. But without a doubt, my all-time favorite is Give Me Jesus by Fernando Ortega.

  12. 62
    Tammie says:

    So many i can't even count –
    "Forgiven and Loved" Jimmy Needham
    The More I Seek You by Gateway (AMMMMMAAAAZZZZING song!)

    Oldie goldie: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus… there's just something about that Name…. Master, Savior, Jesus…. like the fragrance after the rain…. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus… let all heaven and earth proclaim, Kings and Kingdoms will all pass away… but there's Something About That Name! 🙂 I sang it as i wrote it…. hope you enjoyed my solo!

  13. 63
    WestTexasGirl says:

    I think the "Siesta Sistahs' Compilation C.D." is a great idea! Available in the condensed 10 c.d. set!!!! (Hey! I'd buy it!)

    I really love that I am beginning to recognize some of the blog names on this post….I want to put faces with the names! Ah well, we'll have eternity to take care of that little chore!

    Here in West Texas, we do not have the luxury of GOOD reception of Christian radio stations. (The one station I do receive via the radio has mostly talk shows – which I love – but they aren't great background for the office.) So for almost one year, I have been listening to KSBJ out of Houston via the internet. June 1st, due to outrageous costs, they were forced to cease broadcasting over the internet. I miss them so! They helped keep my "thought closet" on heavenly matters – which kept the enemy OUT! I have tried other internet stations, but – I'm spoiled – they just aren't KSBJ! Soooo…I tried Pandora. Did you realize you can build your own "Travis Cottrell Radio Station"? As good as it is – I still miss my KSBJ!!

    Judie – West Texas Girl

  14. 64
    Tammy says:

    Be Still by Kari Jobe

    "He is here..He is here. Be still my soul be still. Wait patiently upon the Lord, be still my soul be still."

    Great idea Beth! I'll be googling some songs today.

    Blessings to you all!

  15. 65
    www.littlestepsoffaith.com says:

    Hey Siestas!

    I wanted to help you all who weren't sure about who your artists were who sang your favorite songs…YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD KNOW THE ARTIST!

    Child of Wonder- " Remember Me" Mark Schultz and Ginny owens I think it is:)

    Michelle in Brookfield- " I will never be the same again." Hillsong

    Sanford- "Behold He comes" Twila Paris

  16. 66
    Anonymous says:

    I Choose Now to be humbled in your presence. I Choose Now by Anthony Evans.

  17. 67
    maria says:

    Divine Romance
    Phil Wickham

    For You, I sing, I dance; rejoice in this divine romance. Lift my heart and my hands to show my love.

    Love it to pieces!!!

  18. 68
    absmith74 says:

    "No guilt in life. No fear in death. This is the power of Christ in me. From life's first cry to final breath Jesus commands my destiny. No power of hell, no scheme of man can ever pluck me from His hand. 'Til He returns or calls me home here in the power of Christ I'll stand."

    Phillips, Craig, & Dean

    Osceola, AR

  19. 69
    Kelley says:

    oh dear, can you stand just one more?????? SONG TO THE KING by Pocketful of Rocks. "I don't have much, but I give everything. This is my song, my song to my King."
    Okay that and REVELATION SONG! Thanks so much. ~Kelley

  20. 70
    Rett says:

    "Come Awake" by David Crowder Band

    Night is weighing heavy now
    Be quiet and wait
    For a voice that will say
    Come awake, from sleep arise
    You were dead, become alive
    Wake up, wake up, open your eyes
    Climb from your grave
    Into delight

  21. 71
    Becca says:

    Just ONE?! That's a hard one. There are so many songs that make me fall at the feet of Jesus.

    To pick one, I'll have to say "In Christ Alone" by Travis C. 🙂

    "…For I am His and He is mine…"

    That line gives me chills just thinking about it.

  22. 72
    Bev says:

    Bev Warnock
    Cadillac, Mi

    In the Light By D.C. Talk

    Whats going on inside of me?
    I despise my own behavior
    This only serves to confirm my suspicions
    That Im still a (wo)man in need of a savior
    I wanna be in the light
    As you are in the light
    I wanna shine like the stars in the heavens
    Oh, lord be my light and be my salvation
    Cause all I want is to be in the light

  23. 73
    Dianne says:

    So very many that it is hard to choose one, but the one my friends most relate to me is "I Bowed on my Knees and Cried Holy!" Several years ago, Charles Billingsley was a guest singer at a Crusade in our area where me and several friends sang in the community choir. We had a copy of the CD to practice by and I listened to it in my car and when it got to the very climactic part where he belts out, "I want to see Jesus!", little did Charles know that I overpowered him on that part. When we actually sang it the night of the conference, my friends watched me closely to see just how demonstrative I would become!!

  24. 74
    Jennifer says:

    "Who can satisfy" – Alvin Slaughter

    "Who can satisfy my soul, like You?
    Who on earth can comfort me And love me like You do? Who could ever be more faithful and true? I will trust in You!
    I will trust in You, my God! There is a fountain who is the King! Victorious warrior and Lord of everything! My rock, my shelter, my very own. Blessed Redeemer who reigns upon the throne."

  25. 75
    Anonymous says:

    I have two. "If I Was Jesus", by Paul Colman:

    "I know your dark little secrets, I'd look you right in the face and tell you I love you with Amazing Grace."

    "I Need Thee Every Hour" lyrics by Annie S. Hawks. Jars of Clay rendition:

    "I need thee every hour, in joy or pain" (Oh the TRUTH in these words)


  26. 76
    Deb says:

    Motions by Matthew West.

    "What if I had given everything….instead of going thru the motions"

    The Pharisees of the Bible were all about the "show" instead of true worship. God deserves my everything and all that I can give to Him, not just going thru the motions.

  27. 77
    IndyLindy says:

    Heal the Wound by Point of Grace:

    I'll build an altar with the rubble that You've found me in.. and every stone will SING of what YOU CAN REDEEM!!!!!

    walking in HIS redemption ~

  28. 78
    in a world surrounded by men says:

    Revelation Song by Philips Craig and Dean. Although I liked the live rendition by Travis at LPL in Laramie – PC&D is the best I could do.

    I love the line "You are my everything, and I will ADORE YOU."

    It makes me examine myself and make sure that He is really my everything.

  29. 79
    Sue says:

    "Turn your eyes upon Jesus"
    is the one that the Lord brought to me as a new Christian. I just love to sing it over and over.

    Sue C.

  30. 80
    spamynetwork says:

    This is a tough choice. Can I pick two?

    You Are Good by Kari Jobe

    "Your kindness leads me to repentance.
    Your goodness draws me to my knees.
    Your mercy calls me to be like you.
    Your favor is my delight.

    Every day I'll awaken my praise and pour out a song from my heart

    You are good, You are good, You are good
    Your mercy is forever"

    Beautiful Jesus by Kristian Stanfill

    "Perfect in power
    Matchless in glory
    Nothing is greater, brilliant Creator"

    I fall in love with Jesus all over again and deeper through these songs.

  31. 81
    Diana says:

    Diana – "Came to the Rescue", Hillsong the entire song touches me but the chorus & bridge elicits resonance throughout my heart and soul. "I called, you answered and you came to my rescue. I want to be where you are."
    "In my life, be lifted high, in my world be lifted high".
    To think that the God and Creator of the universe answered my call.
    Beth, Stockton was wonderful. Your willingness to show vulnerability and moments of your every day life opens the hearts of your audience to a living God that desires to live among his creation and share their moments of triumph and struggles. Thank you! You remain in my prayers.

  32. 82
    Ellen Melnick says:

    Not sure the name of the song, but I know it's on Watermark's "Purest Place" CD. The chorus absolutely speaks to my soul:

    "Your blood is my covering, my sheltering, where life comes from…Your blood is my innocence, my righteousness, where I began"

    I was such "used goods" before He redeemed me — those words (the entire song, really)are the story of my life as a new creation in Him!

  33. 83
    Sheryl says:

    Without hesitation, Keith and Krysten Getty's "In Christ Alone"

    "What heights of love, what depths of peace when fears are stilled, when strivings cease. My comforter, my All in all, here in the love of Christ I stand."

    (typed with humble, joyful tears)

    Regina, It was hard not to choose "The Power of the Cross" but I chose this one since you had already made that one known.

    Sheryl, Jacksonville

  34. 84
    Amanda says:

    "Magnificent Obsession" by Steven Curtis Chapman:

    You are everything I want
    You are everything I need
    I want You to be my one consuming passion
    Everything my heart desires
    Lord, I want it all to be for You

  35. 85
    Patty says:

    Revolution: song
    Sung by Roseangela at New Spring. Check out youtube.

    Words: heaven's mercy seat

  36. 86
    Deb says:

    Another would be I Will Rise by Chris Tomlin.

    I just lost my husband to cancer on Valentine's Day. I was blessed three weeks later to attend one of Chris' concerts in Sacramento and heard this song in person. God blessed me abundantly that night, assuring me that my dear, sweet husband was smiling down on me from above.

  37. 87
    kathleen in TX says:

    Dance with Me by Paul Wilbur

    Dance with me Oh lover of my soul
    to the song of all songs…

    and I agree with all the Siestas
    Travis Cottrell singing "In Christ Alone"

  38. 88
    Leslie says:

    This is an awesome post…I'm headed to i-tunes!

    My current favorite is Shackles and I love the version by Travis and the rest of the LPL worship team!
    Leslie in Utah

  39. 89
    Sharon says:

    YES, a LMP song mix on Itunes! I would most surely buy it! I just turned 41 in June and received my very own Ipod! Now, I am not the only one in the gym with a HUGE CD player… HA!!!! 🙂 I have already downloaded a couple of the songs listed on this post! Thanks so much!

    With all creation (Siestas) I (we)sing, praise to the King of Kings, You are my (our) everything and I (we) will adore You.

  40. 90
    Anonymous says:

    It hard to pick just one!

    "Hurricane" by Jimmy Needham

    "I need Him like a hurricane. Thunder, crashing wind, and rain, to tear my walls down.
    I'm only your now."

  41. 91
    Anonymous says:

    It hard to pick just one!

    "Hurricane" by Jimmy Needham

    "I need Him like a hurricane. Thunder, crashing wind, and rain, to tear my walls down.
    I'm only your now."

  42. 92
    brannons says:

    He is Exalted by Twila Paris:

    He is the Lord, Forever His truth shall reign. Heaven and earth rejoice in His holy name….

    It's DEFINITELY NOT about me!!

  43. 93
    Kim says:

    Irene by Toby Mac

    "Daughter of Zion, I heard your prayer, just cast your cares and please be aware of snakes!"

  44. 94
    Pandemonium says:

    So very many! But I'm loving a song I heard for the first time yesterday by 33Miles called, "My Offering."

    "I betrayed
    You forgave

    I ran away
    Still You stayed

    I lived a lie
    You spoke the Truth…

    You take the best and worst of me."

  45. 95
    jar of clay says:

    In Christ Alone

    Recorded by many, but love Travis' arrangement.

    The song humbles me like no other.

    "From life's first cry til final breath, Jesus commands my destiny."

  46. 96
    Jo says:

    And Can it be that I Should Gain
    Charles Wesley 1739

    My chains fell off, my heart was free,
    I rose, went forth and followed thee.

  47. 97
    Leslie Young says:

    I have had so much fun downloading songs recommended here that I was unfamiliar with! I finally stopped at 17 for a new worship playlist and I can't wait to crank it up! I'm into some Christy Nockels right now (I love that you used her song for the summer siesta intro video!) I love all of the ones on the new cd, but I cry over "By Our Love."
    The time is now
    Come Church, arise…
    Love with His hands
    See with His eyes…
    Bind it around you,
    Let it never leave you,
    And they will know us by our love…

  48. 98
    Ashton says:

    Artist: Selah
    Song: You Are My Hiding Place
    Album: Hiding Place

    You are my hiding place
    You always fill my heart
    With songs of deliverance
    Whenever I am afraid
    I will trust in You
    I will trust in You
    Let the weak say I am strong
    in the strength of the Lord.

  49. 99
    kimberly says:

    shane and shane, "when i think about the Lord"

    "He heals me to the uttermost."

    el paso, tx

  50. 100
    nicoleduplechain says:

    When God Ran
    Phillips, Craig, and Dean
    "It was the only time I ever saw Him run."

    OMG…I need to go listen to it right now 🙂

    He is running…I am running…
    I cannot wait to see Him!!!!

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