Dear Mom

Hey Siestas! Is there anything you want to say to your mom today? Or anything you wish you could say? She may already be Home with the Lord like mine is but sometimes writing out what is on your heart, even if the person never reads it, can be healing. On the other hand, she may be very much alive but face-to-face is just too awkward to say what you wish you could say. The blog is yours today for “Dear Mom” letters. Just keep them to one reasonable size paragraph . It may take a few hours for you to be able to see your comment so don’t be alarmed. I’ll be at church then at lunch today but I’ll be very attentive when I’m home. I love you guys. Happy Mother’s Day to you Moms!

PS. It’s been several hours since this post went up and you guys have me just about bawling my head off. Some so sweet and some so painful. The Mother-Daughter thing can be very complicated. I’m like many of you. I could write a letter that goes something like, “Dear Mom, I love you and miss you so much. You were my best friend and favorite person for such a long time. So hilarious. Such a great story teller. Honestly, the world’s best grandmother. I wanted your favor more than anybody else’s on this earth. I would have done almost anything to get it and keep it. I wish so much things would have been different those last couple of years but we will make up for lost time when I see you. What a day of rejoicing that will be! No more sorrow. No more fear. I love you forever, Beth.”


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  1. 151
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Mom,

    I would take your hugs,words of affrimation,acceptance,unconditional love,peace,prayers,joy,faithfulness,favor above all things material,imperfect,jealous.

    I thank you for staying in a rebellous marriage for our sake. I thank you for swallowing your pride, I thank you for turning a blind eye, I thank you for your years of devotion to us all. I thank you for the good and the unpleasent. Your hard work to put all of us through college and first homes and more.

    I would like a life of encouragement,"I Love Yous","I am so proud of You",laughter and so much more with you. I know as we age we have less & less time before us. I hope we have time

    I do so love you,

  2. 152
    Megan says:

    My home is in my mother’s eyes.

  3. 153
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Mama,
    I don’t remember anything about you since you left this earthly world, but I long for the day when I will meet you face to face as we share time together in heaven. I have had a wonderful earthly mother, but always wondered what you were like and how it would have been different if you had been here. I love you. I hope healing can come between my sister and me.
    love you from here,

  4. 154
    purefire says:


    I miss you so. It will be four years this July. Four year of not having you here. I know where you are and am glad the pain is over; you have been fully healed. It’s just hard some days without you. Our daughter’s memory of you has already begun to fade; I can at least talk about you now. For a solid year, I couldn’t. I regret that. I wonder if you’re proud of me and of the woman I’m becoming. God has done such a work in my life. And a great deal of that work is due to Mrs Beth and Living Proof Ministries. And Travis – his music has soothed my soul so many times when I just ached. I know that I would not be where I am today in my faith if I hadn’t went through the pain of your death. God truly can turn all things to His glory – if we are willing. I love you more now than the day you went home. And I so appreciate all you did and all you taught me. Thanks Mom.

  5. 155
    Christian Mom says:

    Dear Mom.
    Oh, I miss you. I love you. I am so sorry for the things that were not what they should have been, but I am so blessed that during your last days of this journey on earth when your brain cancer was at it’s worse I could be there for you. I am blessed for having you as my mother, blessed for your love of God that did not wavier, for your constant testimony of his faithfulness, for your wonderful singing voice that still rings in my ears, for your support during my cancer, Steve’s deployment and the loss of Jon. You taught me how to stand in the face of untold misery and clinch the hand of God. And now you are there with your savior!
    I miss you. I will miss you even more as Steve leaves for Afghanistan and I do not have you to cry to. Oh my, I have to stop, I’m wrecking my makeup!! love you and see you soon.

  6. 156
    jenn says:

    When I became a christian as a teenager and then decided to go to a christian college my biological parents decided to have nothing to do with me from that day on. But God blessed me with a wonderful christian family to be apart of when I got to college and they have been my family for 18 years.

    Mother’s Day is special to me for that reason and that my son was born on Mother’s Day in 2005.

    Dear Mama Faye,
    Thank you for loving me as your own since I was 19. I am truly blesssed to have a mom like you. Thank you for always being there, for your example, your prayers and support. Thank you for being an awesome Grammie to EmilyGrace and Austin.

    Dear Grannie,
    We miss you! I miss your smile and laugher and words of wisdom! Thank you for your example and for the way you raised Mama Faye. Thank you for loving me as I was always your own. You always told me I was God’s gift to you..thank you for that my sweet Granny. I love you.

  7. 157
    Anonymous says:

    I am so grateful for you.

    I love the walks through the woods you took us on as children, and how you could tell us so much about the plants & animals . . . just like your daddy did with you. I love that you have taught children's Sunday School classes for about forty years, and LOVE the kids. I love that you let us do craft projects and cooking projects and make messes . . . and then learn to clean it all up. I'm trying to be that free with my own kids! I love that you were so patient and consistent with us–wow, that is hard to do as a mom. I love that you set limits and told us "no". . . over and over again without backing down no matter what kind of tantrum we threw. I love that you listen to my long stories–and enjoy them 🙂 I love that you are an ADVOCATE for my ministry on the mission field–and don't just accept or tolerate it. I love that you didn't insult Daddy after the divorce. I love that you don't micromanage me and tell me how to raise my children unless I ask. I love that you usually know EXACTLY what I need to do when I do ask for that advice. I love that you don't badmouth people–even when they deserve it. I love that you give so much grace–a lesson I know you learned after you were denied grace by others. I love how smart and gifted you are, and yet so incredibly humble and broken. I treasure every moment with you and love you so much. I rise up to call you blessed.


  8. 158
    Jessica Priddy says:

    it’s been 18 years since you left us. i was just 17 and had no idea what lay ahead of me in life. i was so bitter for so long because i thought how unfair it was for god to take you from me at such a young age.
    i was mad for so long at everyone,, i blamed everyone that i could for your death. i blamed everything i did because of you dying…
    no longer, mama,
    my life has changed.
    i know you probably know that i live a sold out life for christ now and that i am a living breathing bible thumping jesus freak, and love it when people call me that.
    you were such a good role model for me. i never got a chance to tell you that and how much i loved you.
    i know you heard me that last day in the hospital as you were taking your last breath. i know you heard me say , i love you mama.
    and i still do.
    i miss you, i miss what we could have had.
    but my lord had a different plan for us. i can still hear dad singing to you “i’m getting ready to leave this world , i’m getting ready for the gates of pearl…. “
    and then you went peacefully to be with our precious jesus.
    although it may seem like forever to me… you are just getting started ..
    i will see you again.
    what a glorious wonderful day that will be.
    i love you , i miss you,
    i still talk to you. (my kids probably think i am
    some days i need you desperately, but praise the lord, he knows what i need when i need it and he steps in and gives me what i need.

    happy mothers day mom…
    you will always be missed and loved.
    but not forever, because we will be together again one day.


  9. 159
    Pam F. says:

    Dear Mom,

    I wish our relationship was better than it is. I know you had a rough time with being chronically ill when I was young, and did the best you could, but now I am ill and when I need you most…more than ever…you have chosen to avoid me and do vacations instead. When your doctor told you that I’m a grown-up now and you don’t need to take care of me anymore ( and you listened ), little does she know, she ripped my biggest support beam from under me…you.

    I pray everyday that God will repair what satan messed up and He will bring us together again.

    Your Middle Child

  10. 160
    Sandee says:

    Ahhh. Dear Momma,

    I would not know God if it had not been for you. Your seeking heart and open faith. And now, as a momma, I get to pass it on to my chldren. I love you.


  11. 161
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks Beth for allowing us to do this.

    Dear Mom,

    You are almost 89 years old now and living with us and our relationship is so painful. All of my life I have wanted your unconditional love, to be able to talk to you honestly and openly and still I cannot do that. You get angry whenever I disagree with you about something and always I have known that I wasn’t wanted by you… I was an accident!
    when I married and had three children of my own I vowed that I would be the best Mom that I could possibly be. I would give my children unconditional love, there would be honesty, openness and above all forgiveness. God has blessed me with 3 wonderful children and 5 amazing grandchildren and so that is answered prayer.
    Many years ago I was able to surrender the pain of my childhood, the abuse I suffered at the hands of a step-father and the fact that I was an “accident.” In your eyes … yes, but in God’s eyes, no… there aren’t any accidents. Psalm 119 became my lifesong… my confidence.
    I pray that before it is too late you would be able to give your life to the One who can change you… that you would realize that it isn’t “all about you,”… that there are others who have needs and wants as well.
    I thank God for giving me life, for a wonderful family and for the women who mothered me so I could know that I was worthy of a Mom.

  12. 162
    Laurie T. says:

    Dear Mom,
    You have taught me THE most important thing in life…PRAY PRAY PRAY. Despite my seemingly endless imperfections, my lack of confidence, and my self-loathing, my Precious Heavenly Father adores me. He sees me as the righteousness of Christ. Through all the hurt, the things we don’t talk about, the memories that I have buried, I have seen Him use you because you are a willing vessel and a faithful intercessor. I love you.

  13. 163
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Mom:
    I miss you so, Mother’s Day without you was difficult, but comforting in knowing that you are with our Lord Jesus Christ and I know that you are now healthy and breathing every breath with God. But the time without you is still so fresh and painful.
    I miss talking to you and sharing with you, you are my best friend and the best mom that anyone could have had. I hope that I can be as good a mother to the girls that you were to me. It is a tough act to follow. I Love you, Geneva

  14. 164
    Isaac's Mom says:

    How I would give anything to be able to put into words what a “mom” would have meant to me. Given up for adoption at 18 months old to a single man (my father)whom I adored. He was such a picture of our Heavenly Father to me. God took care of me from the beginning, giving me exactly what I needed. A “mom” was not in the picture however. I love God so much and I am thankful for my life but I would be lying if I said I did not yearn for a “mom”.

    I am a mom now to 2 beautiful children God blessed me with through adoption. I pray I am the “mom” they have always wanted.

    I would say in my letter:

    Dear Mom,

    It’s ok…’s ok.


  15. 165
    Anonymous says:

    Jessica P.–I was really blessed by the testimony of your post–Thanks for your transparency in sharing what you have learned and been given by God!

  16. 166
    Shelia in Alaska says:

    Dear Mom,
    Even though it has been almost 14 years since your passing, I still feel your watchful eye and loving thoughts from heaven during these rough years I have not been able to simply call you on the phone. I look forward to discussing things more intimately when I arrive in heaven and you showing me around.


  17. 167
    Carla says:

    Mom, I just needed to tell you how much I love you! Though our relationship has changed since childhood and even after the first years of my getting married, my love and respect for you haven’t. Im’ glad to know that even though time changes us and our growing up, just like our heavenly Father’s love for us never fails, my love for you is still there at the center of my heart. thanks for showing me how to be a wife and your help during the birth and first years of my first born. Love always, Carla

  18. 168
    Sharon says:

    Dearest Mom,
    I love you so much. It was so wonderful to spend Mother’s Day with you and travel to Pennsylvania to see my baby brother. I’m so sorry that we all live in different states – you in Virginia, me in North Carolina, Charlie in Pennsylvania, and Deanna in Florida. Thank you so much for supporting us and allowing us to spread our wings and follow our dreams. It means so much. Please know that you are deeply loved. Mostly, deeply loved by Jesus Christ.

    I love you,

  19. 169
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Mom – it’s been so hard to swim through the mud of our relationship. I can’t remember a time that it hasn’t been that way.

    Now that I’m a mom too, everything looks new. There are thing I am geniunely thankful for that came through you.

    I only wish you weren’t so wounded yourself. Or knew Jesus If I had been loved well, I don’t think life – or life as a mama, would be so difficult.

    Love, me

  20. 170
    Shannon says:

    Dear Birth Mother – I’ve never met you. I’ve never really needed to, except for my desire to say this one thing: “Thank you!” I don’t imagine that it was easy for you to make the choices that you made concerning me – to keep me when you could have aborted me, to give me up when you could have kept me and been a child raising a child. You gave me such a gift and such a home with a great family – parents who love and encourage me, who taught me about Christ, and grace, and forgiveness. I hope some day, perhaps on the other side of Heaven, to have the opportunity to rise up and call you blessed. (Proverbs 31:28). You have blessed me beyond measure. Thank you. I love you.

  21. 171
    Kmsmom86 says:

    Dearest Mom,
    This is a day late, but I STILL don’t do things on time!! It’s been five years since you went to Heaven, and I miss you more every day. There are times that I wish I could tell you about what the kids are doing, or ask your advice about a parenting issue. You were such a great mom! You were the epitome of the Proverbs 31 woman.
    I love you deeply and dearly. I’ll see you and Daddy again someday!

  22. 172
    Anonymous says:

    Dear China Mommy,
    A letter of thanks from an Adoptive Mommy in the US…
    Thank you for choosing life for our girl. I know her disability must have been daunting to face after nine months of expectant waiting and long labor pains. How did you bear the disappointment of having a girl with a special need – a double curse in your land? I know your heart prevailed and you held her, nursed her, kept her warm in the cold night, and kept her by your side for one month until the decision was made to find another home for her. Thank you for wrapping our daughter in warm layers with a note of her birthdate and a blessing and a red threaded coin bracelet, and then you found a safe place to leave her in the early dawn hours. How you must have sobbed. How you must wonder time and again about your decision. I often wonder did you watch, did you second guess, did you hear her little whimpers, did you see the stranger pick her up to take her to the orphanage, did you find ways to check on her as she waited almost three years for me, her Heart Mommy, her Adoptive Mommy, to come to take her home? Did you hear the news that she would come to the US?

    I can tell you our daughter (mine and yours), she has your dark coal eyes, long silky hair and the brightest smile from heaven. I tell our daughter that she looks like her China Mommy and she is proud to know that. She loves you even though we don’t know your name.

    I want you to know that she is a blessing from God. She is becoming a little southern belle and says ‘over yonder’ with the sweetest little drawl. She loves macaroni and cheese but still prefers chinese noodles. Whenever she sees anything chinese, she says “Mommy, My China.”

    I see you in her when she stares in the mirror, and I stand behind her. She knows my hair is blonde and light and not like hers. But, we carry on a tradition from my family of dressing as mother and daughter on the weekends in matching colors, even if its just shoes. And she says the most precious words to my ears, “Mommy I look just like you.” And I hug her close for you China Mommy and me and I tell our daughter, Yes sweetie, you look just like me….
    Lillie’s Mommy

  23. 173
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Mom,
    I hate so much that today is the day you have to bury your mother. There are no words to describe that pain.

  24. 174
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Mom,
    You have been a different Mom the past ten years as we have reversed roles. The life changing stroke at the age of 56 has so much left unsaid. I see you struggle to tell me things as I learn to parent my daughter. Your many disabilities overshadow your former strong independent self.
    I want so much to ask you what to do as a new mom – to have my mom back – the one who did everything

    the homeroom Mom making 30 popcorn balls at a moment’s notice because I ‘volunteered’ you the night before a school party

    the Mom who took into care her three nephews because they had no home to go to after their mother’s death

    the Mom who showed me how to bottle feed a baby goat

    the Mom who canned fruits and vegetables in a kitchen in the south without air conditioning every summer

    the Mom who told us to ‘help’ in the garden when we didn’t know that was all we had to eat

    the Mom who let me have sleepovers and birthday parties in the snow

    the Mom who let me keep any stray cat or dog as long as it didn’t get in the chickens

    the Mom who wanted more for me but didn’t know how to say it

    the Mom who wanted more than anything for me not to be disappointed in life

    the Mom who loved my Dad

    Lord, I still remember my Mom. I cherish these years with her as I can return her care. We have learned new things together – how to teach her to sew again one handed – how to hold my daughter just so in the wheelchair so she can have some independence with her new granddaughter – how to tell her “I know” when she tries so hard to speak words that no longer some easily as the stroke took her speech.

    I love you Mom for our past, our present, our future.

  25. 175
    Warm in Alaska says:

    (Beth – a paragraph can be loooong sometimes! I’ll try to be careful…)

    Dear Mom,

    Thank you for loving Jesus with your whole heart. Thank you for loving Daddy with your whole heart. Thank you for waking up an hour before any of the rest of us each day and snuggling in your Lazy-Boy rocker with your Bible and your journal and your Jesus and praying the way ahead for each of us. Thank you for making dinner time a huge, not-to-be-missed priority. Thank you for saying “no” to so many things you could have said “yes” to so that you were free and happy to say “yes” to the most important things. Thank you for always modeling what it is to take people into our home – no matter the time – day or night, drug addict, homeless, sick, destitute, or U.S. Senator’s family – nobody was too low or too lofty for your kindness and your special brand of “Jesus Love.” Thank you for letting me grow my wings and fly into doctrinal spaces and far away places that you had not been – but you trusted the Lord in me to guide and protect me. Thank you for supporting me and my marriage and my mothering with undying prayers, advice (when asked for) and love, love, love. More than any other person I know – or know of – you have taught me to love Jesus with my whole heart. I love you. Happy Mother’s Day.

    oxoxooxox, Warm (and blessed) in Alaska

  26. 176
    Kristi says:

    Dear Mom, I love and respect you so much. You love the Word of God and you love your family. You are a prayer warrior. You are a fighting two-time cancer survivor and a heart attack survivor. I am so proud of you. I love the example you set for all of us in your relationship with Daddy. I love how you were there for all of us, especially me as a young 17 year old when he died. I love how, even when I called you crying every night when I first went off to college because I was homesick (and finally dealing with Dad’s death), you did not let me quit and come home. It had to kill you not to drive and come pick me up. But you made me stick it out. If you had not, I may never have met Harvey and we may never have married and had our five wonderful children. I love how you used to come visit and do all my laundry when I got behind as a new mom (I didn’t even know then how much laundry I would have now :). I love how you made each of your grandbabies a soft, crochet blanket with your own two hands. I love how you always have a listening ear for us. I love that you taught me how to teach. You are the first and best teacher that I remember. Oh, and I have not even mentioned your cooking :). The best. You taught me how to truly cook like a good Southerner! I love you, Mom, and am so thankful that God chose me to be your baby girl. Happy Mother’s Day!

  27. 177
    Nicole says:

    Dear Mom, Oh I wish so badly that you could put your arms around my 3 little ones. I know you know them and you are watching me try and bring them up in this world. But oh how I wish you were here. I wish you could tell me that I did a good job picking Gary. I wish so badly that I could hear your words of wisdom about parenting. One day I will understand why you were taken from me. But for now, I wish you were here. I love you so much!

  28. 178
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Mom,

    Thank you so much for all the sacrifices you made in raising up your 4 children. Can’t imagine how you kept us all fed and clothed on next to no money — especially after you and Dad divorced and then he wouldn’t pay any child support. You did it without complaining, but I know how difficult it must have been. I am so sorry for not appreciating you the way I should have. And I am so sorry for my anger at you for not doing things perfectly. I want you to know that I forgive you for any of the ways that you didn’t meet our needs. You were trying so hard to just make it, that I realize now there wasn’t a lot of you left to give. I pray more than anything that you would know Jesus. And I pray that I would be a daughter that would honor you. That you for loving me. I really love you.

  29. 179
    Smile that smile says:

    I don’t know if this has already been posted, but Isaiah 66:13 is a great promise to people who’ve had painful relationships with their moms. I love that God compares himself to a mother- “As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you; you shall be comforted in Jerusalem.”

  30. 180
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Mom,
    I miss you and wish we could sit and talk. So much has happened in the years since you’ve been gone, and there is much I’d like to ask~woman to woman.
    Thank you, Mom. For loving us, and doing your very best. For listening and for encouraging. I smile in my heart because you are safe in Jesus’ arms now, and secure in Him. I can’t wait to see you again!
    You were a beautiful woman.

    Love from your daughter…

  31. 181
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Mom,
    I love you, and am so grateful to the Lord that you’ve lived long enough, and we’ve both mellowed enough with age, that we can talk. That I can truly love you, and that you seem to enjoy me.
    My prayer for you now in your old age is that you will still grow in Him. That you will experience His love for you, and that you will rest peacefully in His arms.
    Thank you for your generosity always towards us.

    Your “Daughter”

  32. 182
    Me says:

    Dear Beth,
    I sometimes secretly wish that you were my mom.
    You seem to love Amanda & Melissa so much. You say such kind words about them. I bet you even give them hugs. You probably talked to them when they were growing up about hair, makeup, and boys. You probably waited up for them when they were out on dates.
    My body aches for a hug sometimes & I'm so lonely.
    I want a mom so badly.

    I posted yesterday about how my mom never chose to spend time with me or wanted me around. I should also say that she almost died when I was born. So I was always told on my birthday about that, how I almost killed my mom. Sometimes I wonder if that's why they didn't want me around.

    I know Jesus loves me… but sometimes I just wish I had a mom.
    I would be a good daughter for you… I promise.

  33. 183
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Mama,
    I know your heart understands what your mind cannot comprehend at 96 years old. You always prayed that you would not be a burden to your children, and we were able to keep you with us for almost 10 years after you had to give up the independence of your own home of 40 years, and driving your own car. Now, Mama it’s so hard because you don’t know where you are and say “I don’t understand”…I don’t understand either, why I can’t stay up and care for you 24-7. If I could I would. I want you here with me, but the Dr. says I can’t give you the care you need, and my husband agrees. When I come to visit you at the beautiful private residential care home, you seem so distant, and can’t communicate. My heart breaks. Yet, I believe, and know God is with you. Yes, even when you say “I hope…I hope He is!” You brought us up in church and were a caring and loving mother to we three kids. Daddy was an alcoholic, and we couldn’t quite trust what he might do. Alcoholism took him at 61 years old. But we could always depend on you! You worked until you were 76 years old as a floral designer, and drove your own car until you were 83 years old. You showed us the example of going to church every single Sunday, but you never mastered learning God’s Word or hiding it in your heart. This reflection is giving me courage to work toward memorizing 24 new scriptures this year Momma. Maybe it will help my brain be bright and focused, and it’s sure good food for my soul! (I have to admit it isn’t easy…but, it’s worth it!) Now, at 96 years old you tell me you “hope” you are going to heaven. I saw you yesterday for Mother’s Day, and you couldn’t remember what day it was, or what you had just eaten. I never dreamed we would ever have to face this reality, the dread of dementia, and the slow crawl to eternity. At times when we leave you, I cry my heart out. Other times, I praise the LORD for His goodness and watchcare over you. For He is our burden bearer, and because of Him, you are not our burden. He has answered your prayer Mother. And it’s okay. When He calls you Home, it will be One Sweet Day…because of Jesus.
    I love you Mama…
    Your Pamela Louise

  34. 184
    Regina Gibson says:

    Dear Mom,

    The Lord has given you genuine strength and perseverance! You’ve been through more in your almost 46years than most see in a lifetime. Thank you for loving me these past 26 years. I wish that all the former years could have been like the last 6, but I am so thankful to have had the chance to see God’s hand work in your life and in your and dad’s marriage! I always say if y’all have been together all these long and hard years, many filled with abuse and addiction, ANYONE, ANY MARRIAGE can make it! God can make ALL things new. I’ve seen Him do that in you. From recovering from abuse to getting a healthy marriage to growing in the Lord to battling breast cancer just this year, mom I want you to know I think you are THE WOMAN 🙂 It’s not been an easy road mom, but God has been faithful and good!

    Yours in Christ,


  35. 185
    Pamela says:

    Dear Mom,

    I miss you so much. You left this world way too soon. You did not choose the cancer to invade your body and take decades from your life. Though God chose to end your suffering and call you home at 54, I was devastated. I wasn’t ready to give up my mom at age 22. It wasn’t fair. I needed my mom. It made me angry. I was mad at God. How could He do that to our family? You were the most Godly woman that I’ve ever known. You were such a good example to your five girls.

    Mom – it’s been thirty years. Thirty Years!!! Can you believe it? I’ll never get over it. My eyes are blurry right now. You’re the best! You know, mom, I’ve made mistakes, lots of them. But I know that God has truly blessed me with such a Godly heritage that I SO don’t deserve. He’s been merciful to me. I still have so much to learn. Though I have a wonderful husband and 3 awesome boys, sometimes I feel like that little girl leaning next to you on the second pew from the front holding your hand listening to dad preach in church or I can almost smell the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that I’m making with you in our kitchen or picture the smile on my face as I try on my new cotton dress for the first time lovingly made by you. I’ll never forget. And I’ll never forget seeing you read your Bible or hearing your prayers or the way you taught me that living for God was really the most important thing in life. I hope I would make you proud. I look forward to seeing you.

    Love, Pam

  36. 186
    Brian, Michele & My says:

    Dearest Mom,
    I know I have said it many times, but I am so glad you are my Mom! No, not because you are perfect (who is?), but because He perfectly picked you to be my Mom! I can never thank Him enough for that! You have been my closest friend whom I have told EVERYTHING to; You have loved each one of your girls with hugs and kisses and fun and seriousness, Your tender heart for children has been passed down, (and your tender heart to cry at even commercials has been passed down, too :0)! You have loved God and expressed to me, my entire life, that that’s the most important! I have watched you serve “little ones” since I was a “little one” and I have seen you bring that home to your “little ones” ~ Thank you!!!! Most of all I want to thank you for showing me (at a very young age) how much I needed Jesus! I know it seems hard for a child to understand (but not for God to make it clear to such a young one)…but I will never forget the morning you told me I could not really pray for you to feel better if I did not accept Jesus as my Savior! Pretty heavy duty for a six year old, but I will never forget it!! You helped me see my need for Jesus to be the center of my life! I think that is the best thing a Mom could ever do!! Thank you!!! I love you! XOXOXOXOXO

  37. 187
    Warm in Alaska says:

    Oh my gracious. I just read three posts from people and I would be a mess on the floor except I’m in a public coffee house and I think the guy sitting across from me wouldn’t like Sobbing Girl to morph right in front of him. We have some amazing moms in Siestaville – but there’s lots of pain, too. It appears the best antecdote for pain is the love of God and the love of a good Mother.

    Lord help us.

    Warm in Alaska.

  38. 188
    kevin and angela says:

    Is there a way to see Beth’s NDP addresses in DC and PA? Links to video? I’d love to watch them since I missed them live. Thanks for your help! Blessings, Angela

  39. 189
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Mom,

    I still get sad whenever I remember the day you tried to kill yourself. I was 14. But I get sadder yet when I realize that I put up a wall between us that day, I guess so that you could never hurt me like that again, but ironically that wall has hurt our relationship to this day.

    The Lord and I are working on tearing that wall down. And I am ever so thankful that you weren’t successful in your attempt, and that I still have a wonderful mother who loves me and is such a great nana to my boys.

  40. 190
    Missie says:

    Dear Mom.
    I think of you most days and am greatful of your love and guidance. Did we always get along? No. Did we always love each other? Yes. There are times that I’m a little jealous of you, but one day I’ll join you and our Savior. You’ve shown me how to pass into His presence with dignity and grace. One day we can sing and dance at His feet together. Happy Mother’s Day. I love you.

  41. 191
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Dear Mimi,

    I want to thank the Lord for you. You did the best you knew how by all of us girls. You have been an encourager, and a person to go to for much needed perspective, esp. around certain times of the mo:) You taught us common sense. You are the eternal optimist. You were always loving and you give the best hugs!:) You told me I was your beautiful Katiekins way before anyone ever told me I was even pretty. You loved us all the same. I will always love you momma. I understand why things happened the way they did in our family. You will always be My Mimi:) Love,


  42. 192
    Michelle Bentham says:

    I wrote my mother a BLOG POST at my blog for her birthday on April 12th. It said all the things I wanted to say to her and more … A paragraph just wouldn’t do it.

    I have also given her other blessings in the past. My mom and I have a complicated relationship — but today it is better than it has ever been. I just would like to say that I have given my mom Proverbs 31:28 this year… She is such a blessing to all of us and a blast to my beautiful girls. They love her so and so do I! I thank God everyday for my mom.

  43. 193
    Anonymous says:

    I wish you knew Jesus the way that I have come to know Him. He could cross our divides and remove the dirt that has formed a wall between us. Even more, He could bring healing to your soul. Healing unlike anything this world has to offer. I love you and I wish that you really KNEW that.

  44. 194
    Shellie Paparazzo says:

    Dear Mom,
    I know I already did this once, but I left out all the not so pleasant things I have to say. You and I have never seen eye to eye on anything, and when I accepted Christ as my savior it drove us even further apart. We get together physically, but have nothing in common. I have so wanted you to know Jesus as I know Him, but know that you are too afraid of what others think to decide to see for yourself if there’s anything to this Jesus thing. I promise you there is, but you can’t see it. You can’t see past the way we always seem to be short of money and how I gave in to being a stay-at-home mom, instead of having a “successful” life with a career. I don’t have all the things that you think are so necessary, but I have peace, knowing that it will always be okay. It won’t be easy, but I’ll be taken care of, and so will my children, your grandchildren. God’s provision for us does not depend on a good economy and if He wants us to have the luxuries of “normal” American life, He’ll provide those as well. I don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen to me and my family in the future cause I already know. I may not know everything in-between now and Jesus’ return, but I know how it ends, so the rest doesn’t matter much. I wish you knew that peace. I wish you’d listen and at least consider it. Thanks for letting me say this Beth.

  45. 195
    sharon says:

    Dear Mom:
    I love you regardless. So many years were wasted by holding on to your pride. I prayed so often that you would forgive me for talking about the abuse in our home. I needed healing so I could be a loving mom to my own children and a loving wife to my husband. I never thought I would lose your love in the process. All is forgiven Mom. I am so sorry alzheimer’s has taken over. I want so bad to be there and visit with you and talk with you at your new home. Maybe soon enough I will get the courage to do that. I am so afraid of you rejecting me one more time. Of you asking me to leave. I love you MOM, more than you will ever know. Sharon

  46. 196
    Julie G says:

    Dear Momma,
    I would love to see you today and tell you just how great you are(and were) and how very much I love you and want to be like you!!!I still miss you after 11 years and would love for you to see my children and know them. You know, no one else in the whole world really wants to hear all about your kids like your Momma does…You would be so proud of them. Anyway, I love you with my whole heart and can’t wait to see you in Heaven.
    Julie G

  47. 197
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Mama,
    Even though Mother’s Day is over, I am just now reading this post but wanted to tell you that I do miss you. You went to Heaven almost 5 years ago and there’s so much I would love to tell you. Your new great-granddaughter, Ava is beautiful-born 3 days before Mothers Day-did I ever get a great present!
    Mama, I am so sorry you had such a hard life. With daddy starting in the ministry and then turning into an alcoholic, I know life was miserable. I blamed you for a lot, I guess, because you and he partied all the time and I just wanted to go to church-that stopped when I was 12 and now I am 54. But, God in his grace and healing has helped me and I do forgive you for everything. I just wish we would have had a closer relationship-of course, it was kinda hard because I moved away and went to college and then stayed here. I missed times of going shopping or going to a mother/daughter banquet, or any of the other activities that I have moms and daughters do. I love you and I know that I will see you again in Heaven one day and God will wipe away every tear from our eyes. I miss you mom. I really do.

  48. 198
    sharon says:

    Mommy –

    I miss you so much, but know you are enjoying your new life in Heaven. I can't wait to be there too. Hug & kiss Chelsea, Linday & Josh for us.

    XXOO Love, Shar

  49. 199
    dans kazep tasik says:

    saya berharap hari ini mamaku di beri kebahagiaan,setelah beberapa hari ke belakang terus terusan di timpa masalah yang besar,ingin sekali mengatakan.”mama ku sayang kamu”

  50. 200
    Anonymous says:

    Happy Mother's Day to my mother? I don't think so. When I was a year old, she decided she didn't want me anymore and gave me to my father's parents to raise. My father didn't try to stop her because he didn't want me either. I was nothing but a burden to my grandparents. They were nice enough, but I realize now they were too old and tired to raise a child. Mostly I tried to stay out of their way. I grew up feeling so unloved and unwanted. I was taken to church, but because my family situation was different, I was rejected. I heard that Jesus loved me, but I didn't see how. If He loved me, why didn't He make my parents want me? My mother, freed from her responsibility to her only child, lived a happy life doing whatever she wanted. She became an accomplished artist. She died several years ago without ever asking to see me. My father is sick now and I had to put him in assisted living. He says now he is so sorry for the choices he and Mother made. Too bad so sad. I know I'm supposed to forgive him, but I can't. At 54, I still long for a loving family. I would give anything to have had normal parents. I have been to many Bible studies, prayed, gone to counseling, and I still feel so unloved.

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