Oh, What A Week!

My Dear Siestas, it has been way too long! I’m sitting here in my gown in my very own bed with pillows behind my back and Star lying across my feet. (She has no intention of taking her eyes off me today. The last time she looked away, I disappeared for 5 days.) I’ve already had prayer time and two cups of coffee. About to start on my 3rd.

So much has happened this week that has deeply impacted me but nothing, you might imagine, more than Melissa’s post. I sat in an exhausted heap at a long layover at an airport yesterday and read and read and read the blog and your comments. It was everything I could do not to roll in the floor. It was so much more than I deserved but a spring to a weary soul. I love my girls so much. I don’t just love them. I respect them. Like so many of you, they are such fine and gifted young women. God has given Keith and me no greater proof of His grace and redemption on our sinful, former pit-dwelling lives than our two daughters. Both of them are a little undone that they won’t be home for Mother’s Day this year (btw, look for a Mother’s Day post tomorrow – I think God has given me kind of a neat idea) but I have told them over and over (and meant it) that I am among the most blessed moms on earth who hear every single day from their children that they are loved. We are a very close family and they are my favorite people – wise and impossibly witty – on earth. Thank you for allowing us a little room to be family on this blog.

Many years ago I heard someone say (don’t even remember who anymore) that “no amount of success in ministry can make up for failure at home.” And I wrote that in the very front of my Bible and have it engraved upon my brain. Family life is tough. It’s never all clean and tidy because it is lived wholly without cover. We Moores, Jones’s and Fitzpatricks are not without bruises and scars from all-things-family but to know each other intimately and still respect each other is a profound gift of God we do not take lightly. I say again and again to you in hopes that you will be encouraged to hang in there, our family is a miracle and He can perform that same miracle in your home.

And now, for just a few other highlights – written in long hand, of course – from a very exciting week in Washington, DC. Because you’re my dear Siestas, I’m giving you the personal goods:

*Being told by a darling young woman that I mentor that, in her intercession for me, she’d never prayed so many patriotic prayers in her life and, at the end of a very intense time of prayer (by herself) for our national leaders, NDP, and those of us serving in the observance, she didn’t know any other way to close it. So she put her hand over her heart and said the Pledge of Allegiance. I laughed so hard I cried. I thought of it so many times during the week. But then when we said the Pledge together in the Cannon House at the actual observance, surrounded by these difficult days in our country and mounting persecution against the belief system upon which it was founded, my lip quivered so hard I could hardly get the words out of my mouth.

*Spending the week with Travis and Angela Cottrell. I’ve told you before how much we love these ministry partners of ours. These two unlikely couples have been on a wild ride with Jesus together for eleven solid years. We can almost read each other’s minds at this point. We pray for one another, serve together, and laugh until we cry together. Honestly, we laugh so hard sometimes we throw ourselves into muscle spasms. And Keith and Travis tease each other unmercifully and wrestle and punch each other, for crying out loud, like they are nine year-olds. If I snapped my fingers and said, “Stop it!” one time to the two of them this week, I said it a hundred times. Lord, have mercy. Then Travis gets up there and sings and I think, honestly, that he is the most gifted man I may know. Mystifying.

*Touring Mount Vernon. I’m not kidding. It was THE most interesting thing!! I’ve been to D.C. many times but I’ve never been able to take the time to go on the tour of George and Martha’s homestead spread. It is the coolest thing ever. The grounds are gorgeous and the house so entirely telling of what their lives were like. (Did you know he had step-children and no natural heirs? Did you know he and Martha raised their young grandchildren after the deaths of their own children? And did you know they had overnight guests several hundred days a year??) Michelle Parrozzo, my new assistant (Amanda’s age and a long time friend of Amanda’s), worked in D.C. for 6 years (in the Whitehouse, Pentagon, etc.) and, through her long list of connections, she was able to get the Cottrells and us (and her and her good friend, Lauren) a private tour. Mr. John Marshall was our Mt Vernon expert-guide and I learned later that he had the opportunity to personally tour actor David Morse as he prepared for the role of George Washington in the superior HBO miniseries, John Adams.) We history nuts were completely bug-eyed. I learned later that evening that they used to display George Washington’s Bible in the exhibit but it has been removed in light of all the secularization of recent years. (It’s a privately owned park so it’s not a government thing.) I found that flabbergasting.

*Having dinner with Caroline and Karen. The evening of the tour, we had an NDP dinner right there at the Mt Vernon facilities. Keith and I had the pleasure of sitting at a table with several courageous (and fun, by the way) God-seeking congressmen and their wives. Needless to say, I soon migrated to more personal conversations with the women. They were both absolutely delightful. Karen Pence told me something that I’ve replayed in my mind over and over. She said that a while back she checked with her husband’s office staff about what they’d need to expect schedule-wise regarding this year’s National Day of Prayer. One of the staff members wrote her back with details and told her that a woman named (well, you know…that’s so awkward) would be speaking and that she’s some Bible lady. Karen said her response was, “That’s my Bible lady!” Turns out she’s done many studies with us. It was one of the most wonderful things anybody has ever said to me. I was so tired on the plane ride home that tears stung in my eyes every time I thought about it. I have loved serving you women so much. I’d be honored to be your Bible Lady any time and would marvel over the grace of God to this needy life.

Caroline was equally delightful. She was from Alabama so her accent drew me in immediately like a bee to a honeycomb. I discovered in our conversation that she and her good friend, Sharon, had developed a reputation for their pound cakes and been encouraged to go into business. Pound cakes?? Did someone say pound cakes? Outside the Word of God and a great time of worship, can anything on earth minister like a pound cake? I sat straight up in my chair. These were words worth listening to. Worth salivating over. I learned that Caroline and her buddy have developed a small business right there in their own kitchens in D.C. and, since they’re both proper Southern women, they named it “Two Belles.” I assured her I would place an order the moment I got home and it was all I could think about that night. The very next night at the next NPD gathering, lo and behold, Congressman Aderholt delivered me two pound cakes, compliments of his beautiful wife. One was called “The Annemarie” (cream cheese!) and the other “The Miss Becca” (chocolate!). (They offer seven flavors and each is named for a woman who inspired the recipe.) Keith and I tore into those things with violence the moment we got to our rooms. Girlfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend. THE POUND CAKES OF MY LIFE. Honestly, we brought those babies home on the plane and I ate pound cake for breakfast just a few minute ago.

*Meeting honest-to-goodness present-day Esthers like Texas Supreme Court Justice Priscilla Owen and Congresswoman Michelle Bachman from Minnesota. They LOVE Jesus and serve Him and the people He’s entrusted to them with utmost integrity and with a strong swim against the current. And don’t forget that God used Vonette Bright and Shirley Dobson to found and direct the annual observance of the National Day of Prayer and each has served several presidents of the United States. It really is awe-inspiring. (Y’all know me better than to think I’m on a feminist binge here. Woman to woman, I’m just telling you about some hard-working Esthers on our planet right this minute.)

*The Thursday observance itself at the Cannon Building. Profound. Surreal. Everything about it but here are a few things that especially moved me: the Joint Armed Services Color Guard marching in with the “Presentation of Colors” at the very beginning. My heart was pounding like a drum; the Ambassador of Zambia praying for our country in her wonderful thick African accent. I thought my soul would jump out of my skin; the official and personal message of General James F. Amos, USMC to us. He was so impressive. Everything you’d want a General to be. And he loves Jesus. His testimony took us straight to the battlefield and exploded our appreciation for our troops like fireworks on the fourth of July. Keith and I have talked about it many times since Thursday.

*Our NDP chapel at the Pentagon. Keith and I got to go alongside Dr. Ravi Zacharias and his wife, Margie, when they served in this position last year and we were both greatly moved by the people at the Pentagon observance. To be there this year was beyond what we could have imagined. Whatever you may be picturing, they were the furthest thing from stiff and formal. Very, very warm gathering. Sweet time of praise and worship. Many in uniform. Others right beside them who labor in administrative and support roles every day of the week. I share this with you to boast in Christ alone – goodness knows it was only grace – and because I know you won’t take it any other way than a sister sharing a highlight: they presented me and Lillie Knauls (who sang in the observance) American flags that had hung over the Pentagon. It was baffling. I would have given anything on earth for my dad, retired Army Major Albert B. Green, to have been there with me. Keith and I remarked later that he would have been right there beside us…and insistent on wearing his uniform, no less, whether or not we thought that was the best idea. Incidentally, he was buried in it. And rightly so. He bore a scar on his cheek where he took a bullet right in the face protecting democracy.

*Immediately flying out of D.C. in a bouncing prop plane in cloudy weather with the Cottrells and our good friends, Herb and Dona Fisher, to one of the largest NDP observances in the nation in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We would be on the platform there in only a few hours. I cannot tell you what it was like to go from the very (appropriately) intense atmosphere of our nation’s Capitol into an open air, outdoor praise and prayer celebration for NDP in Pennsylvania. Both were so memorable and so distinct. Approximately 18,000 people gathered on those green grounds on the most beautiful afternoon and evening you could possibly imagine on the tail winds of an Eastern storm. Dona is the chairperson for that NDP event that she began under God’s leadership eleven years ago with 350 people. Oh, what God can do through a willing soul with vision! Through the years it grew into 10,000+. The gathering of diverse people (a number of Mennonites) from every conceivable background and denomination for corporate prayer on behalf of our nation was simply amazing. Dona chose children and high school students to lead the prayers this year and it was the sweetest, most convicting thing ever.

Well, OK. Enough is enough. But you prayed so hard for us, I could not even consider pitching you a few dry leftover bones. You mean more to me than that. I wanted you to taste the event like a piece of Southern fried chicken. Or maybe like a pound cake. You can have cream cheese or chocolate. I’m going to go cut us both a piece and pour me another cup of coffee. I wish so much I didn’t have to eat your part.

Siestas, I love you like crazy. Thank you for welcoming my family and me into your lives. Our deepest desire is to serve Jesus Christ. He is IT.


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  1. 151
    Connie says:

    Oh Beth
    Thank you so much for filling us in on what happened in DC. I was praying for you and it was so good to hear what the Lord did.
    I love you, too, my Bible lady!

  2. 152
    "Grammy" Sue B says:

    Dear BIBLE LADY….
    Oh Beth, I love you SO much! You touch my heart with true emotion, and you crack me up with humor! I hope I never get enough of you, my very own Bible Lady!!!
    One more thing…Is there a website so I can order my own pound cake, since you ate my piece!
    Love you (anyway)…Sue in Arkansas

  3. 153
    Cathy says:

    Beth, thank you so much for sharing your life, your insights, your thoughts, (and your pound cake!) with us. It means so much to me. You and your daughters are such a blessing! Happy, happy Mother’s Day to MY Bible lady!

  4. 154
    Dianne says:

    I love you, Beth, and am ever so grateful for your passion for Jesus. Your passion and enthusiasm are mighty contagious, and I am so thankful for you, my Bible lady, spurring me on to want to know Jesus and love Him more everyday! I pray continually that I will know Him and love Him more and I pray the same for my family members. I do love Him so and He is so faithful to honor those prayers!

    Loved reading of your experiences in D.C. and in Lancaster and so encouraged to hear stories of people in leadership positions who love Jesus, too! Thank you so much.

    Now, love on Star plenty!!! Enjoy my slice of pound cake, too!

  5. 155
    Lisa of the Letter says:

    Yes, my dear Beth…you are my Bible Lady too! What a great way to put it!

  6. 156
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Beth, This post was so encouraging. Praise God for those He places in stratigic postions to represent and serve Him. I am convicted to be more diligent in prayer for our leaders. Thank you for your teaching of truth and for your genuine life and how it leads us. We so need examples of the transforming power that comes from God. Thank you for your hard work and prayers for all of us. In Jesus’ Love Kathy Knoblock

  7. 157
    Mary says:

    My husband and I were at Long’s Park in Lancaster on Thursday night and what a wonderful night of praise, worship and proclamation of the Word. The children that led the prayers were outstanding. The first young lady was so passionate in her prayer of repentance, I felt like I needed to fall to the ground. And when the five-year old little girl climbed on the step stool, stood on her tip toes and joyfully proclaimed, “Let us pray!”, she could out-pray many adults.

    Come back to SE Pennsylvania again soon. There are a lot of women (and men) who love the Word. Thanks to you and Travis and all of the NDP Task Force for a wonderful evening.

  8. 158
    Anonymous says:

    Oh Ms. Moore,

    And to think how much my prayer life languishes and how your hard work lights a lamp to my way.
    Do you remember when in one of your studies you talk about the man who mentored you (I think his name was ‘Buddy’) and you sat in his class praying, ‘whatever he has – I want that.’
    Spiritual discipline and prayer, what you have and demonstrate I want Jesus to develop that in me, because He knows how much my will and flesh fail at creating it on my own.

  9. 159
    kim s says:

    O Captain our Captain!
    Your head is not nearly big enough (although your hair might be!) to wear all the hats that belong to you:
    Bible Lady
    Flag Lady
    Pound Cake Lady
    Hair Lady
    Humor Lady
    Dog Lover Lady
    Blog Lady
    Southern Lady…

    The list could go one forever…but today you not only are celebrated for giving birth to your two fine, young, Godly daughters; but moreover, you have birthed a world-wide ministry that has allowed you to be a “spiritual mother” by sharing an abundance of truth, encouragement, nurturing, and love for thousands upon thousands around the globe. We love you and look forward to that day in when we all see Jesus…we will dance and sing and praise – together…thank you for being our Captain here in the shadowlands.
    Onward Christian Siestas!
    Thank you Beth for giving and sharing so freely. xoxo kim

  10. 160
    Bullock Family says:

    We are so glad you are safe at home and we are SO proud of you! I pray all the time that the Lord will use me in a mighty way and then as I thought of you going off to the “big city” I froze in my seat! You were super brave and we are super proud!!!!!!!
    Clarksville, Tennessee

  11. 161
    Rachel Taylor says:

    Oh Beth, you are definitely MY Bible lady! There are not adequate words to praise God for sending such a wonderful servant my way! We’ve never met, but I feel as though I know you personally – like we chat over coffee like old friends.

    We’re a small church, but we’ve done so many of your studies. This term is the first time we have not been able to do one due to financial reasons, but we are holding out hope that we’ll be able to purchase Esther for the fall. We can’t wait! We all feel a bit lost without you 🙂

    Thank you for following where God leads you. We are so blessed by your precious obedience to Him. Praise the Lord!

  12. 162
    Anonymous says:

    I just “met” you Wednesday night (my women’s group is starting the Esther Bible study for the summer) and I just love you!!! I think you are the only famous person I know of that I would feel perfectly comfortable walking up to and giving a hug:)


  13. 163
    ~Shelly~ says:

    I just watched the National Day of Prayer on God TV. AMAZING!!! I must admit that initially I was watching it to hear you. I’m walking away with so much from all the speakers. Praise God that He uses all people to speak His truth. Thank you for your willingness to serve in it.

  14. 164
    Lindsee Lou says:

    I loved reading everything about your trip. What a neat experience and neat week! And just for the record, your my Bible Lady too. 🙂

    Love to you and hope this week brings you rest!


  15. 165
    Anonymous says:

    Just a thought if you get time to read just for enjoyment Miss Beth. I know you would so enjoy WASHINGTONS LADY. It is chalk full of history wound within a beautiful story telling of how much of an impact George and Martha had on all we hold dear today. They truly understood what it meant to sacrifice for the greater good!

  16. 166
    Linnet says:

    pound cake is good and all, but did you find any whoopie pies in Lancaster?

  17. 167
    Amy says:

    Mama Beth,

    I just wanted to send you an online hug and thank you, so much, for writing this post. Reading through it was so refreshing, because this week has just been plain HARD to get through; I felt a little battered and down at the end of it.

    But it is so encouraging to know that even if the plow is a little hard to push sometimes, there ARE sheaves of wheat coming back from the work of His saints. Your post reminded me that the tough times yield something for His glory.

    So thank you so much. I don’t mind at all that you had to eat my pound cake slice for me. But I do hope you savored it twofold. 😀

    ~amy in cville, va

  18. 168
    Jane says:

    I praise God for you Beth. You are not only my “Bible lady”, you are my church family. Thanks.

    Cuba, Missouri

  19. 169
    Tightening the Corset Again says:

    Now, Beth, see, this is why I identify so closely with you… I had poundcake for breakfast yesterday morning and it seemed perfectly acceptible!

    God bless!

  20. 170
    Emily B says:

    Good morning, Beth!
    This morning I begin your Esther study with two of my friends. I want to thank you for taking the time (I know it took TONS of time) to write it so that others can benefit from the wisdom the Lord has given you. I’ve loved all the other studies of yours that I’ve done, and I’m super excited about this one! Thanks for mentoring me, even though you don’t know me. =) I’m praying for you today.

  21. 171
    screamofcontinuousness says:

    love you so much. I can’t even begin to respond to any of that cause there was just so much.
    Dang I am looking forward to heaven, mostly for Christ, but also for the blessing of ETERNITY, so I will have time to curl up on a couch with an endless cup of Starbucks and an unlimited time to just chat with you my darling “friend-I’ve-not-yet-met”

    Thank you for everything you do and how big your heart for Jesus (and all of us)is.

    oh and if your pound cake lives long enough to get “stale” just toast it lightly and spread a little cream cheese on it. DIVINE I’m telling you.

  22. 172
    Dee says:

    Monday morning, May 11, 2009
    Dear Beth, this is the first opportunity I have had to read this post. I feel as though my heart will break. Thank you for representing the Body so well this past week. I am blessed by your description of the events. My heart is so grateful for the mention of those serving in the various places that you mentioned who love Jesus. I am praying for revival in our land, and that those of us who do love Jesus would be bold to speak out and speak up for Him. Your pride and admiration for your father echos my own. My father joined the Army at the age of 17. He was wounded in a mine accident in England before he could make it to the beaches of Omaha. God was so merciful to stop him there with just the loss of an eye and a leg. As a little girl, I thought he was so handsome, and although he was only about 5’2″, he was a giant in integrity. Thank you for your refreshing spirit of Jesus Christ. You are loved.

  23. 173
    Susan Clark says:

    Hey gals–I’m so excited Beth loved the pound cakes! Caroline Aderholt is my next door neighbor and dear friend. In fact, the “Annemarie” is named after my mom! I have loved watching this business evolve and getting to reap the rewards too! And by reap, I mean, get to sample all the cakes! If you want to contact them for cakes, you can email them at [email protected] or call (703)532-8688. I think they are going to get a website very soon.

  24. 174
    Fiffer says:

    Oh how on earth did you ever pack that much into your week?! Whew, I am exhausted just reading it. But you know what, God wanted you at every one of those appointments and I am so thankful that you are His servant!

    I was one of the lucky (nay, blessed!)18,000 who saw you in Lancaster and my husband even got to hear you and wrote in my Mother’s Day card how much you inspired him to help me be a better mother by him becoming a more Godly father. How cool that the men got to hear you! And my husband even skipped a huge volleyball match to come to NDP which you just do not know…he skips them for nothing! Nothing but God, who had him be there, and who had you give a word to the men.

    By the way, I got some really cute pix of you, Keith & Travis on my blog from your time in Lancaster. Oh, and one more thing…is it a God-thing or what that you can eat POUND CAKE and look so good in your jeans! I'm trying hard not to be jealous. But you know what, even more than being able to eat pound cake I'm envious of the way you know the Bible. I so want to be more that way but I know it takes time, dedication, and self-discipline. Beth, you have inspired me to spend more time with God and I thank you for that! You are a spiritual mother to me in many ways, and I thank you, and praise God, for that!

    Be blessed, sister!

  25. 175
    ThirtysomethingMom says:

    Mrs. Beth,
    I have missed you so much. Thanks for telling us about your trip. God is so good. Our Nation is blessed to have people interceeding in prayer.

    I’ve been so busy lately and complaining about it, too. After reading your blog and Melissa’s, I just was humbled at the thoughts of so many in need. I just want God’s Will for my life. I pray He will show me how to serve others.
    Thanks you for being a teacher of God’s Word.
    May God bless you,
    Mary H. In Ardmore, AL

  26. 176
    Anonymous says:

    Can I just say, Beth Moore, that I enjoy you just as much as a fabulous piece of pound cake, or delicious deep fried chicken (and for a fat girl, this is really saying something!!). You are a gift straight from God himself. Your blog entry could have gone and on, and I would still not have enough!! I love details, and you give them to us so perfectly. I feel as if I was there with you! Thanks for being you; you are such an incredible,enjoyable blessing!!

  27. 177
    Jesusistheparty! says:

    Beth, I was extremely proud of you for being named the “honorary chairperson” for the 2009 National Day of Prayer. I so wanted to enter the video contest and win the trip to D.C. But my husband reminded me that I was the NDP coordinator for my county and I needed to be here on that day so winning the contest was not an option. Bummer! I so appreciated the inside scoop you provided. I had so much peace because God placed you in D.C. on this day. (James 5:16b) I know that the NDP is a big deal to God and I pray we will get to see mega fruit/answered prayers in the form of spiritual healing in our families and churches along with widespread revival in this country because we, the children of God, are being Spirit-led! Also, the NDP Task Force (www.ndptf.org) goal is to have an event in every county of every state. If anyone feels lead to start something for their county, they can check with their NDP state coordinator to see if anything is in place for next year. Ya can’t stop the power of a praying siesta! Happy Mother’s Day, Dana

  28. 178
    Kim Safina says:

    The Journey Continues ~

    My "bible lady" Beth,

    It has been my humbling honor and privilege to be on my knee's in prayer for
    You & Keith ~ NDP and DC trip
    Melissa ~ Journey to India
    Colin ~ Keeping house clean LOL
    Curtis,Amanda ~ family trip

    With "Heaven Bound" blessings,
    Kim Safina

  29. 179
    poison_ivy777 says:

    I’m so glad to hear the week went splendidly for you! I had to share this verse I read in a magazine article about NDP. 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

    The author of the article noted that it didn’t say everyone had to pray but that it said “If MY people…” Isn’t that cool?! Just had to share!

    We are all proud of you our bible lady! I pray you get rested back up from your trip!

  30. 180
    Anonymous says:

    “That’s my Bible Lady” I have to tell you that quote just kills me. I WANT THAT. Beth, I’m not asking for your ministry or a history different than my own. But I want that kind of impact. I’m becoming hungry for the people in my life to be forever changed by Christ’s spirit moving through me. You three girls have been a part of birthing this passion. Thank you.

    I’m thrilled your week went well and I prayed for you.

  31. 181
    Donna @ WayMoreHomemade says:

    Mrs. Beth,

    I just FINALLY got to watch the portion of the NDP service from Thursday. I didn’t get to watch it at the time because of some, um, well, technical difficulties.

    Several of us have talked on Twitter these last few days (RachWinn, 3girlsmom, franthomas, MaryRSnyder, GreekGrits) about your talk. We all agree that we are so proud of you for standing and allowing yourself to be used in that way. I picture you clapping for God at the end of it.


    As perfect as the message was for that day and time, it was also what I needed in my life right now in my current circumstances. Praying like those who are convinced that they are heard. I need that.

    OH, and I make a pretty mean cream cheese poundcake myself… watch out. Next time you come my way to film with the Robisons, you might just find yourself with one.

  32. 182
    Vickie says:


    Thank you for giving us a look into NDP. I prayed and thought about you and Keith all week.
    You are on the top of my Bible Lady list and have been since the first study I did of yours. Thank you for serving Him the way you do. You are a blessing to me.

    I love you more
    Vickie in Gainesville TX

  33. 183
    screamofcontinuousness says:

    Just finally got to watch the NDP webcast. oh wow Beth. Anointed.

    God. Period.


  34. 184
    mrsTrudy says:

    Not sure if anyone already said this but I think Dr. Dobson said “No amount of ministry can account for failure in the home.” I kinda like that guy.

  35. 185
    Kathryn says:

    Thank you thank you thank you Beth for sharing all of that with us!! I am laughing (and crying for that matter) so much about you having to eat my piece of pound cake. 🙂


  36. 186
    Cindy in Ferndale says:

    To my Bible Lady,
    Thank you for your leadership and your example of Christ. Being up front like that is not easy, and I want to say “THANK YOU”.
    I know a piece of how you feel about your daughters.
    My Christian Mother raised us to love each other no matter what, and I want to say that my Very Best Friends are my sisters, and they still love me even knowing all my stuff! A love put in our hearts by God.

  37. 187
    Heiress of God says:

    Mamma Beth:

    What a joy and a privilege to say…You are my Bible Lady too! And I will tell the world what a wonderful bible lady you are… your message of His words have inspired me so and I truly believe He put you in my life for a reason…even if it is from a distance. I feel like a part of a big family that all have the same love for Him in common… Thank you Jesus for this blessing.

    I was so touched by your thoughtfulness of sharing your week with us and oh what it must have been like to be there in person… No words big enough! I pray everyday for you and your family and I am thankful He has answered so many….

    God Bless one of this nations best Bible lady! You do us proud…

    Lots of love,

  38. 188
    Aunt J says:

    You rock Beth – thank you for sharing with us – I just got back from a JR High trip to Mount Vernon with my daughter – you are right – breathtaking! I in currently finishing the last chapter of Breaking Free – WOW – is all I can say – we have grown SO much and are on the road to freedom – thank you Beth for helping us work thru the process with Christ! Love you and the girls like you are my own!

  39. 189
    katiegfromtennessee says:


    Thank you for sharing with us, Spiritual Mom Beth! You were blessed on your trip to Washington and PA and the Lord answered our prayers:):)


  40. 190
    fuzzytop says:

    Amy Beth – I CANNOT believe you have never had pound cake….! That is astounding! I still remember that CRAZY story you told us all at the Siesta Fiesta PJ party – what a good time that was!

    Mama Beth – I’d like the cream cheese pound cake, with strawberries and whipped cream (not the artificial stuff) on top. But, you’ll have to eat my slice for me, ok?

    I loved hearing your stories of the NDP events, and would love to see any videos. Do you know if they will be available on the NDPTF website?

    And you will always be “THE Bible Lady” to me…

    Much love and hugs,

  41. 191
    Dionna says:

    Chocolate pound cake? I’ve never heard of such a thing and am salivating now at the thought. 🙂 Eat an extra piece and savor it for me. :):)

    Thanks for sharing the details of NPD. I did pray for you numerous times that God would move and impact those who heard your words and it will dominoe into Washington and the heads of this country.

    Something you said once has tremendously helped me recently as I’ve been so disturbed at things our leadership is doing. You said that God places those in authority over us and He can just as easily remove them. But they are there only because He let them. That gives me great peace as I struggle to respect some leaders. 🙂

    And lastly – “no amount of success in ministry can make up for failure at home”, I so agree and am going to borrow this if you don’t mind. It’s something I’m constantly reminding myself and I hope and pray with all the fervor in my heart that when my 10 and 12 year old girls are older – this statement will have held it’s ground in my life.

    I love you, Beth. Can’t wait to hug you someday – whether on earth or in heaven. 🙂

  42. 192
    Latte With Me says:

    Pound cake would be so good right now…Was there anything else after that part? (hee hee hee)

    Thank you for sharing your time with us! I love hearing how you spent your time and the sites you were able to see and the people you were able to meet and talk to.

    You’re so precious and loved dearly!!


  43. 193
    Anonymous says:


  44. 194
    Lulu and Tutz says:

    “no amount of success in ministry can make up for failure at home.” …hmmm…I have that written on the front flap of my Bible…must be another nugget of goodness from Beth!

    Thanks for who you are and all you do, Beth…this week you gave us another excuse to sing the Lord’s name on our shop blog….you’ll see your picture there!

  45. 195
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Beth!
    *this isn't necessarily for the blog, to be posted, it's more of just a random note :)*

    It was just awesome to have you come to Lancaster! A random thought– I know Dona's been trying to have you see a show at Sight & Sound Theaters, and– if you happen to be in Lancaster again and want to come…. A bunch of the ladies in the cast just love and pray for you and get together to do your studies, & would loooove to do a show to bless you! Soo…if you ever get a chance to come– well, we would not be sad. 🙂 That's all!
    Strength and Peace to you, Beth,


  46. 196
    Shellie Paparazzo says:

    Can I have a slice of each? I just can’t decide which one I want. Usually when that happens I just have both. Hmmm, you think that could explain a few of the extra fat deposits on my body?! Thanks for the highlights. I think I may have mentioned before that I would love to have a conversation with Ravi Zacharias.

  47. 197
    Wendy says:

    You have written several posts since this one. I am just catching up but I had to comment: “Thank You Jesus for allowing Ms Beth to experience this amazing honor and letting represent all of us women who love you on such a special day in the most important city in our country.”

    You may never see this but thank you for sharing with us. I was truly blessed and felt like I had a bite of that Alabama pound cake with you. 🙂

  48. 198
    Nesha says:

    We were standing and praying right there with you; through TV and prayer. We Christians so need to stand togehter and praise Him for being It!

    Thrilled you got to see Mt. Vernon! We love going there in different seasons to see the grounds and the gorgeous Potomac river right out the front door! I am thinking of taking my grandparents next weekend. They haven’t been there yet with us but it is a holiday weekend and the crowds, oh my. Monticello is a beatiful and informative place to visit too if ever back in VA.

  49. 199
    Laura_Primus says:

    I finally got a chance to log on to the blog after a long week away. My first “read” was Beth’s time in D.C. And, I am moved to tears. Wow. What a blessing to hear about the faith shared with some of those in power. They LOVE Jesus. So, very, very, very cool.

    And, I HAVE GOT to get back to D.C. I haven’t been there since I was a young child. I LOVE historical trips. I think I’ve been to the Homestead, Mount Vernon, but I just don’t remember. I’m sure I’d LOVE it. I could spend 2-3 weeks just wandering around getting in all the sites there. Or in Boston. Or any of those east coast towns where history is so alive it’s almost palpable.

    Thank you so much for sharing. I needed a boost because I’ve been pretty down this week for a variety of reasons. Nothing God cannot fix but Satan is PICKING ON ME. I just figure God must have a wonderful plan for me that Satan recognizes and wants to try to thwart by distracting me. Anyhow, sorry that’s about enough about me.

    Blessings to you and thank you for taking on the NDP! AWESOME!

    I think I’m going to go order me some pound cake. 🙂

    Pleasant Hill, CA

  50. 200
    Anonymous says:

    “I will instruct you and show you the way to go. with my eye on you, i will give counsel.”

    Ps. 32:8 NIV

    fran kidwell
    winters, texas 79567

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