Oh, That Bewitching Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweet Things!

My Valentine of 30 years is in the next room sawing logs. He’ll hear the dogs barking pretty soon and come stumbling out of the room with his hair looking a little Mohawkish from sleeping hard on both sides. Mine, on the other hand, has that Tina Turner look this morning. He’ll then holler something out the back door at Star and Geli that I’ll wish the neighbors hadn’t heard, especially when he sees that they’ve dug a flower bed to China. I do dearly love that man. He keeps me honest.

Our first Valentine’s Day together had us dating about four months. I was completely smitten by how gorgeous he was and by how much money he’d spend on a date. Daddy’s money. I didn’t care. I didn’t even have to pay my own way to the movie. He was one of those rare people in a State college that actually had some cash in his pocket. But here’s where he got me. On our first real date, he took me to dinner then afterward said, “Why don’t we go have a cup of coffee?” We went to an all-night diner and drank weak coffee (all I could handle at the time; I wasn’t the pro I am now) out of heavy off-white cups sitting in heavy off-white saucers that clunked when you set the cup down. Every time the waitress poured a refill, it sloshed over the edge and pooled into the saucer and I thought how my Pappaw used to finish his off by tipping it and slurping loudly out of it. The young man that sat before me was a conversationalist. A beautiful one at that. And I was in love. Turned out, he was the only person I’d ever met that was as messed up as me. Order the tux. Rent the dress. It’s a match made in…Heaven.

My first Valentine’s present from Keith was a fishing pole. I was taken aback. You should have seen what the man got me for Christmas two months earlier. Where had the romance gone? A fishing pole. A green and black one. Not even my colors. He was also the only one at the PKA house with a bass boat I might add. He loaded me, that ugly flat boat and a pair of fishing poles up with all the promise of Abraham and headed us to Canyon Lake, not too far from our university. I hated what I had on. After a short set of lessons in keeping with his short fuse, he said, “OK, now give it a shot. You’re wide open. Just don’t hit that limb right over there.” And suddenly that limb was all on earth I could focus on. I kept looking at it and mumbling, “Don’t hit that limb right over there, don’t hit that limb right over there, don’t hit that limb right over there,” then I performed my very first…and last…fishing cast and hit that limb square on as if I’d spent my life training for it. That hideous lure spun around that branch for ten solid minutes while Keith said a string of somethings that I should have broken up with him for.

He never did get that outdoors woman he wanted. I never did get that church boy.

But here we are. Every day’s a new day. Some days I’m not sure we’ll make it. Other days eternity doesn’t sound long enough to know him. We’re both such messed up people that we’ve each been married to half a dozen spouses that all somehow looked alike. Today we’re Mohawk Man (you might say “Spike”) and Tina Turner.

So, what’s love got to do with it? Got to do with it?

A ton. You keep praying for it every single day of your marriage and you will it again till you feel it again. And one February night, like our last night, you just might be sitting on the floor with your three-year-old grandson playing cars while your man’s sitting in his easy chair with your nine-day-old granddaughter in his enormous hands and you’ll see tears streaming down his cheeks as he looks at her. And so many hard times will fade away like the morning mist. They’ll probably be back tomorrow and you might wonder how you’re going to make it, but you just decide to keep on. You just keep making the choice and hope he will, too. Because, make no mistake, it takes two.

I’ve never done anything harder than marriage. Nor anything that forced more change in my badly-needed-change life.

I love Keith Moore. Again today. He is my life-long Valentine. He’s who I long to hear say those words of Mr. Darcy to Miss Elizabeth Bennett, “You have bewitched me.” That’s so much better than, “You’ve been such a witch to me.” No, he’s never said that. But, Lord, don’t let me be the kind of woman that makes him think it.

I also have an eternity-long Valentine who reigns in the Heavens. He is breathtakingly handsome and will spend more on a date than any man alive. Daddy’s riches. I pray this day that you will thoroughly savor your Valentine, whether he is flesh and blood in all his wonderful imperfections in front of your eyes, or veiled from sight in such gleaming perfections that you couldn’t live through a glance of Him if He showed up at your table. You are your Beloved’s and His desire is toward you. Song of Songs 7:10. If you don’t have a romantic interest in your life this year, let Jesus woo you today. Read what He’s like in Psalm 45. Take a long walk with him. Or go get yourself some flowers from Him. I dare you to. That’s His money in your pocket. Journal a long time to Him and tell Him your hopes and dreams. He’s more vividly real than anything you can touch with your fingertips or see with your eyes, Beloved One.

Jesus, woo her this day. Make her feel so tended to that she wonders how anyone else on earth could sense you today.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear sisters.

Here’s what I thought would be fun today. As your comment, tell a brief account of your most memorable Valentine whether it was something sweet, hilarious, or infuriating. I can’t wait to read them. I love you and think you are such a blast.

PS – This is Amanda. I just showed my mom this picture and she demanded that I post it here immediately. Here are my two February Valentines.


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  1. 151
    Anonymous says:

    Beth – you are so funny and are so REAL. The thing I love about my man is that he is NOT RELIGIOUS!!!!

    I so thank my God every day for finding my mate. He keeps me grounded. He doesn’t gossip and doesn’t tolerate it, he is SOOOOOOOOOOOO forgiving. He has his own relationship with the Lord, in no way like mine, but his.

    When you talked about Keith holding your granddaughter and a tear rolling down his cheek….that sounded just like my David. That in itself is a gift….a Valentine gift. To see the tender heart of a strong man.

    I love what you do, how you say it. Don’t ever stop.

    Love from Pamabama.

  2. 152
    Anonymous says:

    Beth: This post is just wonderful. Thank you for telling it like it is concerning marriage. I think that honesty within the church, is need very much when it comes to this topic. So often we tend to think that everyone has this picture perfect marriage and if we don’t then there is something wrong with us. So glad that is no true.

  3. 153
    Mommy Dot Com says:

    When I was dating my husband, on our first Valentine, he surprised me with two iguanas. Did I ever even think about wanting an iguana? No. I don’t think I even knew what one was. I acted happy about it because he was cute – my man, not the iguanas.

  4. 154
    Laura says:

    Beth, Thank you so much for your honesty. I have been married for 23 years to a grumpy man. I love him, but I often wonder what would life be like without daily grumbling! My children are now in college. Caring for them was what kept me sane and of course, Jesus!
    The children are gone, but Jesus is still there. God is faithful, never to leave me are forsake me.
    Thank you again for those encouraging words. May my love grow for my husband.

    Amanada your babies are so precious. I love looking at the pictures. My son and daughter were 2 years apart. My son took such good care of his sister (In fact the doctor said her speech was delayed, because he did all the talking for her.) Now at 20 he still does take care of her!


  5. 155
    Mary Anne from Colorado Springs says:

    My husband is in Iraq but will be home today. YEAH!!! Praise GOD!! He sent me a Valentine Card. I was so excited that I cried. He has always sent me flowers whenever he’s been gone, which has been alot. He bought me a beautiful purse that I wanted about 5 years ago. Such a sweetie, that’s for sure. Even though Valentine’s Day is over we’ll be celebrating today together with our family. Mary Anne

  6. 156
    Anonymous says:

    I am currently living my best Valentine’s day as I type this from my NYC hotel room overlooking the City! My valentine is sawing wood next to me. We will have been married just 2 years in June.

    I am from Louisiana and he is from Massachusetts. We met on eharmony and met in person at a God-given gift to me of a girl’s trip to NYC! So we first met in person in NYC. We shared our first kiss in NYC on another trip that was again God-given on New Year’s Eve in Times Square!

    So, we came to NYC for this weekend and on VDAY night he took me back to a restaurant in Little Italy where we had one of our first dates, and then surprised me and took me back to where we stood on New Year’s in Times Square to get a do-over on that first kiss! How romantic!

    The best part of our trip thus far has been celebrating at Times Square Church, our NYC church of choice! It was spirit-filled! Praise God!

    Much love,

  7. 157
    Anonymous says:

    I am single and was dreading Valentines Day because I would see everyone getting something from someone and thought about how I didnt have a Valentine. But on Friday someone in front of me at a drive thru paid for my breakfast and told me to have a great day and weekend. It touched me so much I cried all the way to work, and I knew it was a kiss from heaven, from my heavenly valentine.

  8. 158
    beckyhabegger says:

    The first Valentine’s Day with my husband was when we’d been dating about 6 months. By this time, we were in love and knew we’d be getting married eventually. He knew that I was absolutely obsessed with New York City, so as I opened up the turqoise Tiffany’s box (I about peed my pants) he said “It’s from New York City”. I smiled the biggest smile I could have. The thought behind it was much more thant he beautiful necklace I was holding. He went on to tell me that he’d got some of the links taken out because he knew I liked shorter necklaces. I was so excited, started to put it on and the sweet man had taken too many links out because that heart pendant stuck straight out of my neck because I was trying my hardest to get the claps to close. Couldn’t do it. We had a good laugh about it, took it to a jeweler and got it fixed the next day. It was a great “first” Valentine’s Day. And after almost 5 years of marriage, and 7 years together, I love him even more than I did that day.

    Oh and I do have to tell you that he was late picking me up that night because he couldn’t find the “right outfit”. How cute is that?! 🙂

    Becky in TN

  9. 159
    mindibz says:

    My first Valentine’s Day as a married woman, I made a special dinner for my husband. I was quite spoiled with over the top holidays growing up, and he hadn’t done a bad job while we were dating. So I was crushed when he came home with nothing special planned and no special gift. I called my mother upset when he went upstairs. She gave me the best advice. She told me I could make it a horrible night or that when he came downstairs I could tell him that it was Valentine’s Day, and that if he didn’t have a card and something special behind his back, he could run down to the Hallmark near our house and pick up a card and a figurine I’d been wanting, and I’d meet him at dinner in 20 minutes. I took her advice, he scurried out of the house, and our Valentine’s Day was salvaged. It was a good lesson to learn so early—to be transparent about my needs and not expect him to just have it all figured out.

  10. 160
    Jeannie says:

    My most memorable “Valentine’s Day” was two years ago. My husband and I were at a beautiful bed/breakfast house. We were both not feeling quite so well and had just been blessed by the throw up monster. (Yes, I mean both of us!!!) I as we both tried to settle back down. He quietly says “Happy Valentines day, beautiful”….. I felt my heart smile. Yes, this was a very Happy Valentines day. You see we really were not in a beautiful bed and breakfast house but in a house for people healing from various transplants. The Lord had just blessed me on Feb. 3rd (what a glorious day!!) with a miracle, a new heart!! PS Thanks for sharing that sweet moment between Keith a that little miracle from God. God its teaching me that moments like that are indeed the most precious of all.

  11. 161
    Michelle says:

    17 years ago, I got married on Valentine’s Day. I insisted that Valentine’s Day HAD to be the wedding date — complete with a heart shaped cake and pink bridesmaid dresses, bow ties for the groomsmen. A 23 year old girl’s dream come true!

  12. 162
    BelievingGod says:

    My most memorable Valentine’s day happened almost ten years ago. I was a volunteer with my church’s youth group, and the single male volunteers kidnapped the single female volunteers to one of the guys’ houses, where they had made heart-shaped placemats with Proverbs 31 verses written out on them, candles on the table, and homemade Valentine’s confetti. They made us dinner and served us as if we were at the finest restaurant in Houston. Then, they each prayed over us and told us how thankful they were to work with us and how honored they were to be the men in our lives for that season. It was incredible. I have never felt that particular brand of love – and it was glorious!

  13. 163
    Debbie says:

    Oh Beth, I have had quite a few memorable Valentines Day, I almost couldn’t pick.

    I thought about 2005 – when my husband proposed to me on Valentines Day.

    And then I thought about 2007 – he had just gotten out of the hospital and wasn’t well enough to get to the store – so he “made” me a Valentine by writing me a wonderful love letter and putting it in an envelope he decorated with cutouts from magazines. My favorite was a heart he drew with “Jim loves Debbie” in it and the words “What extraordinary love looks like” taped over it. I shall cherish that letter forever.

    But, then there was this year – 2009. My husband went to be with the Lord on Jan 7th. We were only married 3 years and 3 months. I knew this was going to be the toughest of the “firsts” I was going to go through this year, since my husband was such a hopeless romantic. But the Lord was very , very sweet to me. My husband had picked out all the details of his memorial service – music, readings, etc. One of the songs he picked was “Somewhere in Time”, from the movie of the same name. I had never seen the movie – my husband always wanted me to, but I never got around to it. Well, there was a “Somewhere in Time” marathon on TV this Valentines Day. As hard as it was to watch, it also ministered to me in many ways. I felt like the Lord saw my pain, and gave me a way to feel connected to my husband and comforted. Thank you, Jesus for being so good to me.

  14. 164
    Anonymous says:

    After 25 years of marriage, all I can say is ” AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!”

    Marriage is the hardest, most wonderful, most humbling, most fun, most miserable, and most amazing experience one can have.

    Ya’ll may get chocolate, I got a SHOP-VAC one year. Ya’ll may get a sexy night gown, I got yard gloves another. What can I say? My guy is practical.

  15. 165
    Diana says:

    Amen Beth!!
    My husband and I spent our 17th Valentine’s Day together this weekend, we are high school sweethearts that have been a couple for almost 18 years and married for 11. I can so relate… we too were so messed up. Both from broken homes, he raised by a single-dad and I by a single-mom.
    But the Lord works in mysterious ways!!! We are more and more in love every day and I am so absolutely nuts about him!! We came to Christ together and it is through Christ that our marriage will be sustained over the long haul!
    As far as our Valentine’s Days being memorable, not so much.. It is the every day things that are memorable. My man running out to start the car for me (we live in Wisconsin and it was 4 degrees this morning), him going downstairs to get me a bottle of water in the middle of the night, him hauling up full laundry baskets for me, him loading and unloading the dish washer, him making me laugh, him ministering to others with his enourmous servants heart, while I submit to his God-ordained authority in my life (this has been the toughest for me but has been oh so worth it!), and while I do our laundry to keep everyone clothed in our home, me ministering and raising our daughter when he insisted that we should have children when I didn’t want them ~ what was I even thinking!!! It is the meals and treats cooked and baked with love that earn me the highest compliments I’ve ever received in life:) I could go on and on….
    It takes daily committment to prayer, God’s word and walking with Christ that makes me even want to see beside my selfishness and serve my family and it is worth it!!
    Beth, in a video of one of your studies (Living Beyond Yourself, I think) that you encouraged us to ask God for the desire to love our husband – “the want to”. I have done this in so many ways since that study and it has changed my life! On my own, I can have such ridiculous issues with my heart but when I bring it to Christ and ask Him to fill my heart with a desire for my husband and desire to serve him and my daughter, it works! Oh how it works!!!

    Blessings to you always!

  16. 166
    MimiRebecca says:

    Thank you for your honest view of a Christ filled marriage. Our 14th anniversary will be March 3. We’d thought of getting married on V-day, but decided against it. So, we married a few weeks later. When we met, both suriviors of previous marriages, we weren’t living in relationship to Jesus. But God in His Grace brought us together and we’ve been growing in Christ ever since. Not long after our wedding I was led to the understanding that my darlin and I had known each other 3 years, 3 months, and 3 days exactly to the day we got married. Praise Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! Isn’t God clever in the way He will show us His hand?

    My honey spent Vday with a cold, it was also the first year I didn’t get a card, but each one is our new “best”. We had time with our daughter and some of our grands and each other. Frequently we say to each other “we’re so blessed”, and we are. God is good.

  17. 167
    TheCaliforniamum says:

    My husband realized from our first Valentine's Day that going to a certain place for dinner (with a coupon) was not my perfect idea of a Valentine's Day. I always try to do something thoughtful for him & spend time thinking and shopping. Just a great home dinner is very special to him. He is a very practical person and for years he brought home (sending was to expensive he said) the same red roses and I appreciated them but I thought it would be nice if he could take "real thought" and do something really special. So he surprised me–no floored me with a basket of Chocolate dipped Strawberries from Sheri's Berries & I realized he knew my love of chocolate and had listened to my remarks earlier in the year about her business & remembered!!!! Of course you guessed it—the next few years were berries!!! But I will treasure the gift from his heart & this year he bought me roses all different colors with a handwritten note with wonderful words which were tender. Can't wait to see what next year brings, but God is teaching me too—all the little things throughout the year he does for me should also be celebrated on Valentine's Day. I am a huge romantic at heart, so I would probably keel over if he ever just planned a romantic get away or chose jewerly or rented a limo–Okay enough of the dream, I am just thankful we can celebrate Love & Marriage which is a daily work. He is the best grandfather!
    But Lord– if he does see a coupon in the paper for one of my wishes—please let him see it!!!!! LOL
    PS—All hope is not lost as he did surprise me with a trip to Washington,DC & that was the best ever gift in (Oct) not (Feb) a few years ago years ago!!!!

  18. 168
    Becca says:

    I’m a little late getting here. I haven’t had a “most memorable” Valentine’s yet, although this year was pretty good. But in reading stories from all of the other Siestas, if I was at home I would be crying my eyes out. These are such beautiful stories. And for those single ladies out there that have said Jesus is their Valentine, you are such an encouragement! My heart swells with love for you.


  19. 169
    Shellie Paparazzo says:

    I usually don’t get Valentine’s presents because my birthday’s the day before, but last year definitely was good enough for both! My husband is a hopeless romantic. He took the day off from work. He took me to the hairdresser’s where he had prepaid for me to have a cut and color and a manicure. Then, when he picked me up (with my hot pink hair and red sparkly nails) we went to my favorite restaurant where we ate and he presented me with 2 gift cards to my favorite 2 stores and then took me shopping and followed me around and didn’t complain at all!

  20. 170
    Sheila says:

    Beth I am so glad you added that about getting yourself flowers from our Beloved! I don’t feel so bad about what I did last week. My husband died 5 years ago and he always gave me jewelry for Valentine’s day. So last week I bought myself a ring from him. But perhaps it should be from my never-to-be-forgotten husband and my forever Beloved Christ! I am so blessed I can’t hardly stand it!

    My Heart is always HIS Throne!

  21. 171
    jennyhope says:

    I am a little behind here. My first married Valentines day with my man was AWFUL!! His family is not into gift giving so he inherited that. I guess you can tell since he used to bring me back scratchers and jumbo pencils. Anyway, he brought in a last ditch effort that day:
    A CHOCOLATE LICENSE PLATE IN A WALMART BAG (that cost 2 dollars) THAT SAID: I <3 U. So this year, I got him something but I totally got him back with an I <3 u chocolate license plate in a walmart bag.

  22. 172
    Lisa says:

    I was a Navy wife far from family and VERY pregnant – I mean 10 days from delivery and feeling every bit of the 10 lbs of love I was about to deliver from my 5 foot 4 inch frame. (Get the picture – it isn’t pretty). My loving husband took my 4 year old son out to play in the 2 feet of snow we received the night before. 3 hours later frozen but with a huge grin on his face my son came in to tell me to go upstairs and look out the window. Not wanting to climb stairs unless that was the only restroom, I said ok and he helped his mom up the stairs. I looked out the window to see a front yard completely cleared of 2 feet of snow. In its place on the winter grass was a huge heart of snow with the words “Ted loves Lisa” written in the center. I started to boohoo and my son said, “It’s ok mom, the snow wasn’t that heavy to move.” I am still married and madly in love with that Valentine after 28 years. He not only showed me love but showed a young man who gets married in May how to love your wife. He will always remember making that big heart in the snow. I will too.

  23. 173
    Vicki says:

    My favorite Valentines Day memory is of Valentines Day, 2002. That’s the day our precious little boy, Noah, was born. He’s now a rambunctious 7 year old, and I still remind my husband every year that he can never top the Valentine I gave him that year!! 🙂

  24. 174
    Becky P says:

    I just got back from out of town with my husband and am catching up on all the posts that were left since I’ve been gone- I was only gone a weekend! Since this Valentine’s Day is fresh in my mind, I thought I’d share it with you- my husband had to be out of town for work, so we left our four daughters with some neighbors and I went with him for the weekend. The night of Valentine’s Day, we were out with his company, and when we returned to our hotel room, there were an assortment of Valentine goodies! Among the gifts was a beautiful sterling silver bracelet which I immediately put on- I asked him, “Did you leave this here for me? What a surprise- thank you!” He just kept smiling and didn’t say a word. The next day, I proudly showed my bracelet to some of the other ladies on the trip- and to my surprise, they all had the same ones! You see, the company left these gifts for us- it was not my husband’s doing! But I can’t complain- he was exactly the same 17 years ago when I married him than he is now- I knew exactly what I was getting myself into! Love you all!

  25. 175
    sherry says:

    I husband went home to live with God a little over a year ago. And as I approached this Valentines I did it with dread until a friend intervened and dragged me to a youth fund raiser for mission trip, Valentine’s dinner. She said it would make us feel better, and it did. Then I wrote this poem.
    My Valentine
    I am without my Valentine,
    He has been taken to a perfect place.
    Blessed as I was to have Him for so many years,
    I am pleased when I envision the victory that’s now his.
    My Valentine was a friend, husband, father to our children, the love of my life.
    Flowers, cards, candy, and jewelry many were the gifts he gave.
    But nothing compares to the love he bestowed on me each day,
    In so many thoughtful ways.
    Never failing, throughout the day to tell me, “I love you,”
    Even as I said “I know.”
    Always quick to compliment, encourage, and give a boost of confidence.
    My biggest fan, the man who loved, respected, and cherished me.
    Many memories have I to treasure and be thankful for.
    While my heart yearns for him,
    Yet it is filled to overflowing beyond the time we had.
    So with that overflow, I look ahead, truly blessed I can say.
    And treasure all that love, this Valentine’s Day.

  26. 176
    StumbleBee says:

    I love the picture of the your kids, they are darling. I have a son and would love to have a little girl to drop in his arms like that…

    thanks for sharing

  27. 177
    Sharron says:

    We are coming up on 42 years of marriage and I have had many good valentines…..none of which just “jump out” at me but several years in a row he sent me a dozen roses. Yellow one year, red the others. We spent a quite evening this past V day and I have to say it may have been the most satisfying!
    Did not get out of my “jammies” most of the day. Very lazy. Had bought two large ribeyes and the other fixings the day before. About 4 PM, grilled those, made a salad and baked a strawberry Valentine cake. Closed the blinds to make it darker in the house, Lit the candles, pulled out the good china and we had a candlelight dinner…..just us!
    It was one of the nicer Valentine Days we have experienced.
    Marriage takes two certainly as you have said…….I loved your post. So true what you have said about working at it……my husband has been an avid bass fisherman for many years. I have been with him twice(in 42 years)…..he’s never gonna have that outdoors girl either but I think he is pretty pleased with what he has! Me too!
    love you!

  28. 178
    Anonymous says:

    This Valentine’s was sweet. My husband and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in March so he gave me 10 Valentine’s cards, each one telling a different reason why he loves me. They were hidden in different locations. It was so romantic.


  29. 179
    Anonymous says:

    I guess Valentine’s Day is pretty sentimental for a lot of people. I think I’ll go read Garden and Gun–my guy has a sense of humor.

  30. 180
    Hayley says:

    This is my first comment on your blog! (so is it ok if I have a couple of things to tell you?) My first date with my husband was waking up at 4:30 am to get beautiful and go duck hunting (I liked him a lot already – obviously.) It was my first and last time duck hunting. On our honeymoon, we went fishing – just once – and there was one tree in the middle of this super wide river – I had similar instructions, Don’t hit the tree. After hitting it several times and breaking the line, I decide I’m no good and take a step towards the bank. I then slipped and fell and filled my waders with freezing water – nice!

    For Christmas this year, my sweet husband (who was given a $60 spending limit) got me and my step-mom tickets to the minister’s wives conference next month, and he used our credit card points from the last several years to get our plane tickets (we live in Abilene TX), so he didn’t blow the spending limit. I can’t wait to come see you in person, and I’m so thankful for such a thoughtful husband. (My little boys keep asking how long til I go on my trip to see my friend Miss Beth!)

    Congratulations on your most beautiful Annabeth! I love her name and am so happy for the blessing she must be to your family. Happy Birthday to your sweet grandson (who shares my birthday next week!)

    Our church starts Esther next month – I’m leading it – I’m so excited!!

    I think that’s it for now! I love feeling like I’m friends with you and can’t wait til Nashville next month! If you don’t have lunch plans one day, let me know – I’d love to eat with you! 🙂

  31. 181
    Lana says:

    I just tonight found your blog and am so glad I read about your Valentines (all of them!). And you were right on with your assessment that marriage is the hardest thing you will ever do, because I feel that way pretty much daily. God does indeed have a sense of humor because he put me with my hubby, probably just for the pure entertainment value of watching us scrap and claw our way through this life together! We have 3 wonderful children, 4 precious pixie-girls who call us Mimi and Toph, and when I look around I realize that God’s love has spilled over into the Mason home many times over. Our women’s group at church is currently on week 5 of your Esther study and we love, love, love it! Thanks Beth for shining your light and making me smile…Lana

  32. 182
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you Beth for your honest comments on long term marriage.
    I always feel I’m a failure , even after almost 30 years together
    (and I too have a huntin’ shootin’ fishin’ man who prefers that to being in God’s word!) but I know God gives me His grace for each day and I’m amazed we are still together and still have fun days .

    Our little church here in the UK is doing Esther right now….awesome!!
    Love all the grandbaby pics…..none of my own to be excited about but I love sharing yours!
    Blessings to yuo and your lovely family,


  33. 183
    Anonymous says:

    Siesta Barbara,
    Thanks once again for your encouragement. I worry about my children who are being affected by their dad’s unwillingness to step up to the plate and be the husband and father He called Him to be. I have no control over that and it is so frustrating and frightening. I will try to stay strong and lean on Jesus. I feel very weak at the moment.
    I appreciate your reaching out to me. I needed it badly. Thanks to you, sister!

  34. 184
    Anonymous says:

    My husband is kind of like Keith. He’s a hunter and even though we’ve been married for 18 years, turkey season still gets on my nerves. Anyways, Friday night he asked me if we were buying each other anything for Valentines. Of course, after that I said “NO”. He shouldn’t have to ask. My BF calls me Saturday morning and told me her husband surprised her with 2 roses he had ran out and picked up. I just mentioned them to DH, not meaning anything by it. She later came over and we left to go grocery shopping. When I got home he had went to the same store and bought me 3 roses. I came in and started laughing. I said “You just couldn’t stand to be out done could you.” What a romantic—NOT!

  35. 185
    mybabyblue says:

    This Valentine’s was one of my most memorable. Not because we did anything outstanding…but because it was the first one with our baby boy. On Valentine’s night, I made dinner and my husband and I played on the floor with our little man until it was time for him to go to bed. I couldn’t help but think how amazing it was that I was sitting smack dab in the middle of my “dream come true”: After years of waiting on the right guy to come along, I have a wonderful husband that I’m crazy about….and now a little boy who has captured my heart all over again. It was the best Valentine’s Day so far!

  36. 186
    Tina in Tenino says:

    Beth, I can totally relate to your fishing pole event. When my husband and I were engaged, he MADE – yes, made with his own two hands! – a fishing pole for me for Christmas. It even has my name etched into it. Like you, I had never been fishing in my life, being the city girl that I was. But the first time I used it, I caught a fish!! I wouldn’t touch it, had no idea how to clean it or cook it but it was the best fish I’ve ever had in my life. He was so proud of me even though he’d really done all the work. I still have that pole today, after 25 years of marriage. God bless our men for not giving up on us even when we are worlds apart in what we consider to be “fun”.

  37. 187
    Anonymous says:

    One of my favorite Valentine’s memories just happened this year. My husband had to work all weekend so he took our 13yr old daughter out for dinner the Tuesday before. I love that he takes time with her and encourages her. I am thrilled she has a Dad who is her 1st valentine as mine was not around. He was also sweet about leaving red tulips and a note and Dove chocolates on a busy day for him.

  38. 188
    Anonymous says:

    Dearest Beth,
    I love you so, so much. You know who I am, saw and hugged you tonight. You know it is the funnest thing but for years I would have dreams about you. I would see you teaching in a bright place, or we were talking in the car going somewhere, or I’d see you from a distance walking by. Or, I would see you talking to women after a bible study. Every time, every time I had a dream about you since 2 years ago without fail God would show up for me either the next day or the following day. Just the way He has done with and for me. I love you and am very grateful for the small place I have in your heart and the big place you have in my heart and how you are a humble, unpretentious and very much a servant of the Living God. love you always………………………..

  39. 189
    Joanie says:

    We had dinner in Paris…Well sort of. I turned the kitchen in Virginia into a little French cafe; served a French meal (it was Stouffers but it was good), we dressed up and listend to some French music. (We’re Irish). The candle was lit, we had a rich dessert (it was Sarah Lee) and the flowers from Walmart completed the look.

    The effect was so good my husband and I were actually as nervous as if it was out first date. It was really low budget..but the atmosphere was great and we never forgot the special Valentines.

  40. 190
    Daimy says:

    Hi Beth,

    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing such a sweet post that offered such encouragement. I am so blessed by your teachings!! You are so sweet!

    Daimy Penn
    Naples, FL

  41. 191
    Jill Riter says:

    Oh dear Beth,

    I don’t really wish to share a Valentine story of my own right now. I just want to say to you that I love you and am so glad we are sisters-in-Christ! You are a beautiful Cinderella Valentine… and introduced me years ago to Christ’s wooing love! You had that aspect of it, and I wanted it! I had known Jesus, but not in that way. Thank you for your passion and introducing me to another lovely aspect of the Lord, our Song of songs.

    I spent the morning discussing with other sisters questions from THE PATRIARCHS… I am still learning from you. Thank you for your love! I have been blessed by you. And in several ways, I imagine, you and your teaching and encouragement has caused me to hear more clearly from the Lord and hence, I am still with my hubby. Thanks, Beth (and Keith, too!)

    Here’s one thing… Valentine’s Day 1988 was the first time I said “I love you” to my husband…

  42. 192
    leigh ann says:

    i really needed to read this today. thank you, beth.

  43. 193
    Anonymous says:

    thank you for your honesty and being so transparent. Our marriage has really been under a stain lately..in fact my husband of 21 years has talked about leaving. We are both childern of God and I never ever expected this.But my sweet and ever faithful Lord has heard my prayers and I see His healing hand in both of our hearts and in our lives. As always you are so encouraging.

  44. 194
    Anonymous says:

    That is a birth announcement picture if I’ve ever seen one!!! What a proud big brother. So absolutely adorable: ) You are soooo blessed: )


  45. 195
    Anonymous says:

    Oh Bethy! I haven’t been on this website in over a year….Life has a way of pushing some things to the back 40. I’m so glad that I did.
    I have no Valentine story, I can’t remember getting one that moved me, or caused me to remember it.
    It is the part of your blog at the end that tenders my heart. It matters most to me now that my Beloved remembers me; and He does. Some times he speaks soft and tender in the whispers of the wind and other times He is very boisterous and fired up with passion like a brilliantly sunny summer day that begs for a moment of intimacy in the shade of a favourite tree. My beloved Valentine wrote me a very long love letter, in 66 sections and sent it from Home, so that should I get lonely for Him I only need to read once again the pages dripping with His fragrant perfume. In those pages I am truely Home and He is once again at my side, holding me close, speaking His Love to me.
    Why do I spend time away when I could be so loved by the One who knows all my faults, all of my weaknesses? He doesn’t deny them, He acknowledges every shortcoming, covers it by His blood and loves me without hesitation or reservation.
    He truely is my One True Valentine.
    Love and gratitude from one of your Canadian sisters.
    ♥ Judy

  46. 196
    Rody and Wendy Chesser says:

    My best Valentine was two years ago when the Lord blessed us with our precious Katie Grace. After having nearly lossed her (and me) at 21 weeks of pregnancy…she was the best Valentine gift to me and our family from our Father who held her in the palm of His hand until He gave her to us. She is still a sweet treat!!

  47. 197
    Anonymous says:

    I think I’ve read this blog entry a dozen time or so and can’t agree with you more. Marriage is hard and God uses it more than anything else in my life to bring about MUCH needed change.

    But how Oh Lord – do you “Will It till you Feel It?” I want to will it but there is nothing left in me to feel it. I’d give anything to understand this. I want my marriage to be all that God says it can be….

  48. 198
    Shannon says:

    Looks like I am commenter #386, and since it’s a week after Valentines, likely no one on earth will read this. But I couldn’t help but post it.

    My most memorable Valentines was when my husband – then “just a friend” – sent me roses from half-way across the world. He was on mission in China, and I was a school teacher in New Orleans. We hadn’t yet professed how we felt about each other. But when I found that box from 1-800 Flowers.com on my doorstep, I literally jumped up and down in my kitchen for 5 minutes straight.

    Now, 8 years and 2 kids later, we are very different people, but still in love. He surprised me this year, and took me out a week before Valentine’s day. That was perfect, since I then suffered a miscarriage on February 14th. God set that good plan in his heart in advance.

    I just had to “testify” of God’s goodness. No way on earth did I “deserve” such a wonderful Valentine. Our God is just that good!

  49. 199
    Michelle says:

    Picking up another verse here, late to start but diligently working on catching up!! Thanks, Beth, for your Malachi verse. Here’s another: “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” Matthew 10:39 (NIV).

  50. 200
    Anonymous says:

    I know it’s a few months past Valentine’s Day, but I just had to tell you my best, most memorable Valentine’s Day was in 2001. I asked Jesus to come into my heart as a sixteen year old, and He literally became my Valentine! Every Valentine’s Day is our ‘anniversary’, and such a wonderful reminder to me of the love He gave to me eight years ago!!!

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