Oh, That Bewitching Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweet Things!

My Valentine of 30 years is in the next room sawing logs. He’ll hear the dogs barking pretty soon and come stumbling out of the room with his hair looking a little Mohawkish from sleeping hard on both sides. Mine, on the other hand, has that Tina Turner look this morning. He’ll then holler something out the back door at Star and Geli that I’ll wish the neighbors hadn’t heard, especially when he sees that they’ve dug a flower bed to China. I do dearly love that man. He keeps me honest.

Our first Valentine’s Day together had us dating about four months. I was completely smitten by how gorgeous he was and by how much money he’d spend on a date. Daddy’s money. I didn’t care. I didn’t even have to pay my own way to the movie. He was one of those rare people in a State college that actually had some cash in his pocket. But here’s where he got me. On our first real date, he took me to dinner then afterward said, “Why don’t we go have a cup of coffee?” We went to an all-night diner and drank weak coffee (all I could handle at the time; I wasn’t the pro I am now) out of heavy off-white cups sitting in heavy off-white saucers that clunked when you set the cup down. Every time the waitress poured a refill, it sloshed over the edge and pooled into the saucer and I thought how my Pappaw used to finish his off by tipping it and slurping loudly out of it. The young man that sat before me was a conversationalist. A beautiful one at that. And I was in love. Turned out, he was the only person I’d ever met that was as messed up as me. Order the tux. Rent the dress. It’s a match made in…Heaven.

My first Valentine’s present from Keith was a fishing pole. I was taken aback. You should have seen what the man got me for Christmas two months earlier. Where had the romance gone? A fishing pole. A green and black one. Not even my colors. He was also the only one at the PKA house with a bass boat I might add. He loaded me, that ugly flat boat and a pair of fishing poles up with all the promise of Abraham and headed us to Canyon Lake, not too far from our university. I hated what I had on. After a short set of lessons in keeping with his short fuse, he said, “OK, now give it a shot. You’re wide open. Just don’t hit that limb right over there.” And suddenly that limb was all on earth I could focus on. I kept looking at it and mumbling, “Don’t hit that limb right over there, don’t hit that limb right over there, don’t hit that limb right over there,” then I performed my very first…and last…fishing cast and hit that limb square on as if I’d spent my life training for it. That hideous lure spun around that branch for ten solid minutes while Keith said a string of somethings that I should have broken up with him for.

He never did get that outdoors woman he wanted. I never did get that church boy.

But here we are. Every day’s a new day. Some days I’m not sure we’ll make it. Other days eternity doesn’t sound long enough to know him. We’re both such messed up people that we’ve each been married to half a dozen spouses that all somehow looked alike. Today we’re Mohawk Man (you might say “Spike”) and Tina Turner.

So, what’s love got to do with it? Got to do with it?

A ton. You keep praying for it every single day of your marriage and you will it again till you feel it again. And one February night, like our last night, you just might be sitting on the floor with your three-year-old grandson playing cars while your man’s sitting in his easy chair with your nine-day-old granddaughter in his enormous hands and you’ll see tears streaming down his cheeks as he looks at her. And so many hard times will fade away like the morning mist. They’ll probably be back tomorrow and you might wonder how you’re going to make it, but you just decide to keep on. You just keep making the choice and hope he will, too. Because, make no mistake, it takes two.

I’ve never done anything harder than marriage. Nor anything that forced more change in my badly-needed-change life.

I love Keith Moore. Again today. He is my life-long Valentine. He’s who I long to hear say those words of Mr. Darcy to Miss Elizabeth Bennett, “You have bewitched me.” That’s so much better than, “You’ve been such a witch to me.” No, he’s never said that. But, Lord, don’t let me be the kind of woman that makes him think it.

I also have an eternity-long Valentine who reigns in the Heavens. He is breathtakingly handsome and will spend more on a date than any man alive. Daddy’s riches. I pray this day that you will thoroughly savor your Valentine, whether he is flesh and blood in all his wonderful imperfections in front of your eyes, or veiled from sight in such gleaming perfections that you couldn’t live through a glance of Him if He showed up at your table. You are your Beloved’s and His desire is toward you. Song of Songs 7:10. If you don’t have a romantic interest in your life this year, let Jesus woo you today. Read what He’s like in Psalm 45. Take a long walk with him. Or go get yourself some flowers from Him. I dare you to. That’s His money in your pocket. Journal a long time to Him and tell Him your hopes and dreams. He’s more vividly real than anything you can touch with your fingertips or see with your eyes, Beloved One.

Jesus, woo her this day. Make her feel so tended to that she wonders how anyone else on earth could sense you today.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear sisters.

Here’s what I thought would be fun today. As your comment, tell a brief account of your most memorable Valentine whether it was something sweet, hilarious, or infuriating. I can’t wait to read them. I love you and think you are such a blast.

PS – This is Amanda. I just showed my mom this picture and she demanded that I post it here immediately. Here are my two February Valentines.


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  1. 51
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you, so much, Siesta Mama, for being open and honest today. I needed that "will it until you feel it." Me & my man are in the midst of the 7-10 year itch and he gets on my nerves something fierce these days!!

    This Valentine's Day, he has given me the sweetest gift: a Vera Bradley purse with matching wallet that I have been asking for for nearly 2 years!!!

    I do love him.

  2. 52
    Angela says:

    Today is my 30th birthday! It has been a great birthday week, starting with a surprise party my parents threw a week ago. Most of my closest friends were there, including one who drove 1 1/2 hours to be there with her 2 month old. I had a great night out with girlfriends who treated me to dinner earlier in the week, a fancy schmancy night out with my hubby last night at a fondue restaurant and then a lovely day today with my two little girls (2 and 4) and my sweet Valentine of nearly 14 years (yes, he was my high school sweetheart!). Did I mention I’m leaving Monday for a week in NY with a girlfriend I’ve known since kindergarten and I’ve never been away from my little girls more than a night? 30 will definitely be one I remember!

  3. 53
    txmarm says:

    I was feeling all alone till a special friend sent me this Valentine message. It is the most beautiful valentine message I've ever seen so I wanted to share it with you all. 🙂

    A Divine Valentine

    A Valentine may play a love song for you,
    But God sings you the
    Sweetest love song in the universe.

    The Lord your God…will rejoice over you with gladness,
    He will quiet you with His love,
    He will rejoice over you with singing.
    Zephaniah 3:17

    A Valentine may give you flowers,
    But God sent you the
    Most beautiful rose of all, Jesus

    I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.
    Song of Solomon 2:1

    A Valentine may take you out to dinner,
    But God has invited you
    to the most amazing feast ever given

    Blessed are those who are called
    to the marriage supper of the Lamb.
    Revelation 19:9

    A Valentine may bring you chocolate,
    but God provides you with something even sweeter, His Word.

    How sweet are your words to my taste,
    Sweeter than honey to my mouth!
    Psalm 119:103

    A Valentine may be far away,
    but God is always with you.

    I am with you always.
    Matthew 28:20

    A Valentine may give you something,
    but God has given you everything.

    God…gives us richly all things to enjoy.
    I Timothy 6:17

    A Valentine may love you for a lifetime
    but God loved you before you were born and will love you for all eternity!

    Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love…
    With lovingkindness I have drawn you.
    Jeremiah 31:3

    Praying you’re Blessed by the
    Wonderful love of God
    This Valentine’s Day & Always!

    In His Love,

  4. 54
    Anonymous says:

    My most memorable Valentine’s Day was 2-14-1994 the day my son was born!!!! 🙂

  5. 55
    ~Truly Tina~ says:

    What a beautiful love story! Thank you for sharing it with us, Mrs. Beth. Oh yeah, Jackson and Annabeth are darling! 🙂

    I would like to ditto the comment Nadine made regarding being single on Valentine’s Day. Her last paragrah says it all! As a matter of fact, I’m going to snuggle up (where’s a snuggie when you need it?) with the Gospel of Luke, a glass of chocolate milk, and allow the love of my Lord to leap off the pages of the Bible into my spirit. Oh, how I truly desire Him today! 🙂

    Happy Love Day, Siestas!

  6. 56
    Dana N says:

    Oh, those are sweet valentines!!

    My Daddy always got me a heart shaped box of some sort of candy too. How I loved that!

    My new tradition with my husband is that he ventures into my scrapbook room and makes me a card. The first year he did it I was so taken aback that he actually sat down and made one. I’m telling you this man is clueless and I would never have “thunk” about him doing such a thing. The really funny thing was that, according to him, by the time he had folded a piece of cardstock, found a red stamp pad and a heart stamp and applied said stamp to the ink pad and then the paper, he was such a nervous wreck that he couldn’t do another thing with it except sign it. I still giggle to think about it, but I so look forward to his one yearly creation. Made just for me with love. And this year, again, he didn’t disappoint!

    I hope all you Siestas had a wonderful day with someone!

  7. 57
    Angela says:

    Today was my most memorable Valentine. Our entire family worked in the yard today. My husband pulled weeds, I cleaned toys, our 2 yesr old son played with a new hand me down bike, and our 8 month old daughter played in her pack n play. My husband and I looked at each other and said I love you from a far and knew exactly what we were thinking. Our best day yet!

  8. 58
    Joan says:

    My favorite Valentine’s Day was the first one I shared with my man before we were married. He got me a necklace with a small heart with little crystals along one side of it. It is still one of my favorite pieces of jewelry, and I wear it all the time!I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day!

  9. 59
    cindie says:

    My most memorable Valentine’s Day was 1984. We had been married for 14 years and my hubby surprised me with airplane tickets to sunny Florida (we lived in NH at the time). I thought that we were going on vacation, but once we were up in the air he told me that he actually had a job interview… we have been in Florida 25 years now.
    You are right… marriage is the hardest thing that we will ever do… there is so much give and take, but every day with God’s grace we make it…
    The picture of your two special Valentine’s is just priceless. They are beautifulchildren.

  10. 60
    Kim Safina says:

    The Journey Continues ~

    Happy Valentine’s Eve my dear Siesta Beth friend!
    sounds like best friend with a lisp!! 🙂

    I giggled when reading about your relationship and dating memories with Keith. Sounds like you and me need to talk girlfriend!! Are these twins or what???
    I too was smitten by how gorgeous my guy was as well as manly!!
    However, I had to go through the reality check of his manly ways by this true story below ~~~

    Dave took me to the mountains and wanted me to learn how to snowski. His favorite sport!
    (He had been skiing since he was 7 years old and had been on the junior olympic ski team mind you) ~ Well, I had never skied in my entire life
    (I did get my photo taken when I was in high school with the ski club for our yearbook ~ what can I say, I am a sanguine personality and was always invited to the party 🙂
    Anyway ~~~~ Dave surprised me with new ski’s boots, poles and an outfit. ORANGE(not my color) He wanted to be able to see me coming down the mountain and be proud to say that is my woman!! WELL, Dave never realized that I would NOT be a star performer when it came to skiing. He pushed and pushed me to try more on the bunny hill… until I finally told him ” I will learn this on my own, go ski by yourself” I waited until he was on the ski lift and I watched him go up the hill. (Again, I am a sanguine personality with a touch of May birth stubborness.) So, I wiped away my tears and stumbled my way to the ski lift alone and some how made it on the lift with another woman. I was asked by this poor girl how long I had been skiing,etc.. after she heard me tell her it was my first time and never had been on the chairlift and begged her to tell me how to get off as we continued higher and higher up the mountain…. She was like a drill seargent going over and over what I was to do… I rolled off the lift and summersaulted into the snow never to see this poor girl again for the rest of the day!!!! I was on the top of the mountain asking my Precious Savior to Save Me and let me make it to the bottom in one piece. Oh Beth, I have never been so humiliated and humbled all in one day!! Can you imagine JUST TRY TO PICTURE a blonde in an orange powder suit falling and tumbling down the mountain with poles one way and skies the other…. IT was a sight for all to see!!! and then there HE WAS!!! MY MAN… I tried with all my talent and ability to atleast look as cute as possible with a LARGE SMILE as I came tumbling to the bottom. HE WAS PROUD!! And after 26+ years of marriage, he still loves that day!!
    Valentine’s Day is very special to us. We are more in love today than yesterday ~ with lot’s of laughter, tears, joy and pain!!

    This is the first poem my husband ever wrote me on Valentines day ( before marriage) in 1979.

    Never shall a Valentine say things I should have said, Although its thoughts and words devine,
    They aren’t whats in my head.

    In my head, your love is there,
    careening round and round,
    It must be logical, but where?
    My feet aren’t on the ground.

    It seems as though an ‘affray force, Has gripped me like a foe,
    I fight to move, but to what course? The course, of course, I know.

    The problem here, I have deduced,
    Is merely that of fears,
    The doltish thought, I could get bruised, and laughed at by my peers.

    As the philosopher said ” Know Thyself, and To Thyself be True,”
    The Truth I know is of my wealth,
    Invested in LOVE for YOU!

    I was totally gone when he gave me the above poem for our first Valentine’s Day together!!!

    Thanks for letting me share ~
    With “Heaven Bound” blessings,
    Kim Safina

  11. 61
    Anonymous says:

    My man has never been much for Valentine’s Day. In fact, there have been more disappointing ones than not. But one Valentine’s Day years ago, I found out I was pregnant only to lose the baby a few weeks later. The following Valentine’s Day he arrived home with the most enormous red bouquet of flowers I have ever received. Spending the day a little melancholy and not expecting anything from him made it that much more wonderful.

  12. 62
    Anonymous says:

    Happy Valentines Day! My Hubby bought me a lap top computer and we went to Copelands for lunch the other day!

    Thank You for being honest with us, I had tears in my eyes about Keith and the baby and you on the floor playing cars with Jackson. I will keep praying that the Lord will change me and my Husband. I love the picture of your Grandbabies they are too adorable.

    Your Sister in Christ

  13. 63
    valerie says:

    Valentine’s Day is my birthday and today I celebrated #49! I treasure the memory of my Nannie sending me a card every year that always says “To my special Valentine.” My Nannie is 93 years old and I received a card from her again this year written in her precious handwriting….”To my special Valentine.”
    I called her to thank her and put my phone on speaker phone and captured part of our conversation on the movie setting of my camera.
    I actually posted about it a few days ago.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

  14. 64
    abramandjulie says:

    I have always enjoyed Valentines Day and found a way to celebrate it even the years I was single. One Valentines Day that stands out in my mind was during my freshman year of college. I was in the process of a very, very difficult breakup and for once was really not looking forward to listening to all the “love” stuff. However, I had awesome, awesome friends and an incredible roommate who all made the day bearable and even fun. I received notes of encouragement from girls on my hall, roses from a few friends, cookies, ice cream, and most importantly sweet emails and prayers from a few of my church family members back home (did I mention it was a terrible breakup??). Anyway, the love of Jesus was definitely shining upon me that Valentines Day. And this year, I have had the most amazing, romantic Valentines to date. It is my first year being married and my husband and I have had a wonderful time hanging around our house and just spending time together. He woke me up with a card and a candle this morning and we have been celebrating today by just celebrating life and our love. We had a nice dinner at home- prepared by me, cleaned up by him ;)- and now we are winding down the day with dreams of a future and spending a little time researching a new city we may be moving to. I am so refreshed to think about where I was 5 years ago and where God has placed me now. I am so grateful for this season of intense happiness and love that came after darkness.

  15. 65
    Anonymous says:

    Today I think has been one of the greatest Valentine’s Days I can remember to date. It started out like a regular day of ministry, preparing for an event(that btw seemed to grow larger and larger by the hour), going to a funeral for a beloved church member(great in the sense that they suffered for so long and now they are in the awesome presence of the Almighty), and finishing the day by cooking 90 ribeye steaks in record time.
    I have often referred to this day as National Single’s Awarness Day, but tonight surrounded by my church family I was reminded of just how GREAT God is. I saw a woman who lost her husband of fifty six years no more than two months ago surrounded by people who love her and are standing in the gap for her, I saw couples who had been married anywhere from fifty one years to two years sitting around tables together sharing stories and advive, I also saw one eighteen year old single mother ready to deliver any day surrounded by people who have loved her entire life who just like her are waiting with great anticipation for that special little one and not looking at her with condemnation. I am a youth minister in a very small church with a youth group comprised of mostly boys. Tonight I saw them as amazing young men loving on the senior adults in their church family, and on their girl youth minister who often wonders if she is relating to them at all as boys.
    Today God made Himself known to me in so many ways. Today will be remembered as Valentine’s Day an Not National Singles Awarness Day!! Aint God good!

  16. 66
    Pam O'Brien says:

    This will probably go down as the most memorable Valentine’s Day. I have a dear hubby whom I love… but today is atypical as V’Days go because we held a memorial service for my dear grandfather. He passed away… crossed that glorious threshold… a week ago today. It was a beautiful service; a celebration of a beautiful life. I learned a lot of things about the younger man that makes him even dearer to me. I posted one of my sweet childhood memories.

  17. 67
    Julie Marler says:

    My favorite Valentine was 39 years ago when I went on my 1st date with my now-husband of 37 years!! But we went the night before Valentine’s – Friday, February 13……The luckiest day of my life! But I know it wasn’t luck that brought us together – but God in his infinite wisdom who would know that a few years after these 2 would marry they would get get so sick of each other and need an everlasting Saviour to make this marriage work! So now – 39 yrs later – we always celebrate Valentine’s Day on Feb 13 – and thank God that He intervened in this Love Story!!

    You can read about this fun 1st date and see pics from long ago on my blogpost at http://www.mammysfrontporch.blogspot.com

    Love you Beth!!

  18. 68
    Anonymous says:

    Sorry in advance that I’m not answering your question. I just couldn’t help but say God bless you for this post! It encouraged me right where I needed it. So they don’t all have to be church boys for marriage to work, huh? 🙂

  19. 69
    roxanne worsham says:

    That picture of Jackson and Annabeth is PERFECT!!!! That boy is BEAMING WITH PRIDE!!
    What a treasure!

    Seventeen years ago today my husband asked me to be his bride! I was 28 years OLD and thought I would NEVER get married! It hasn’t been easy, but it sure is worth it! There were times when I wanted to give up and quit but then I would remember that we invited God into this marriage and He would never let me quit. I had no biblical reason to give up.

    Thank God for vows. They were oftentimes the only glue that held this together. It was/is so worth fighting for! I married a kinsman redeemer who loves me like Jesus loves me – lavishly and unconditionally! Oh thank YOU, LORD! My husband is more than I deserve – that is for sure!!!
    He is the ying and I am the yang and we just fit and work the way it was meant to be.

    Martina Mc Bride sings a song called “My Valentine” that reminds me of Jesus so whenever I hear it I sing it to Him. This is for all of my single siestas who long for the love of your life. Guess what, you ALREADY have Him if you are in Christ Jesus. I pray you sing this song or read these words to the GREATEST VALENTINE EVER!!

    If there were no words
    No way to speak
    I would still hear You
    If there were no tears
    No way to feel inside
    I’d still feel for You

    And even if the sun refused to shine
    Even if romance ran out of rhyme
    You would still have my heart until the end of time
    You’re all I need, my Love, my Valentine

    All of my life
    I have been waiting for
    All You give to me
    You’ve opened my eyes
    And showed me how to love unselfishly

    I’ve dreamed of this a thousand times before
    But in my dreams I couldn’t love You more
    I will give You my heart
    Until the end of time…
    You’re all I need, my Love, my Valentine

    And even if the sun refused to shine
    Even if romance ran out of rhyme
    You would still have my heart until the end of time
    ‘Cause all I need is You, my Valentine
    You’re all I need, my Love, my Valentine

    He loves you with an everlasting love! God bless you all!
    Happy Holy Valentine’s Day!

  20. 70
    Bonnie/Momof3 says:

    OK Beth and Amanda, you have made my Valentine’s Day even more special. I read Beth’s post this morning and was so amazed at your ability to write and convey your heart with such mastery of words. I loved it and was so touched … and you did this early in the morning. I don’t even begin to think properly until I’ve been up a while. Then tonight, I wanted to ready some of the comments by my fellow Siestas and there was the PRECIOUS picture of Jackson holding Valentine Annabeth. Nothing sweeter! Thank you God for so many answered prayers. I end my day filled with praise to our one and only saviour. This is my 26th Valentine’s Day with my husband who has certainly given much more to our marriage than I ever knew possible. His patience with me as I have overcome a very dysfunctional childhood is steadfast and true. His actions have spoken to me of the love of Jesus much more than any gift he could ever give me. I am humbled and so undeserving. He’s my knight on a white horse here on earth 🙂
    Love and Happy Valentine’s Day to all the Moore’s!

  21. 71
    Anonymous says:

    I have never had a valentine’s date, and have even called it “Single’s Awareness Day” more than once! I am praising Jesus today for continuing to pursue me and love me like no one else ever can.
    I’m also very excited for half-price chocolate day tomorrow 🙂 I will see all you single girls on the chocolate aisle at Target after church tomorrow!!

    Amy in TX

  22. 72
    Anonymous says:

    My favorite Valentine’s Day was acutally just a couple of years ago! My husband was in another city for a school he had to attend for his job. I had made the 4 hour trek with our 2 little ones (ages 2and 8 mos.) the week before Valentine’s day so that we could spend some time together as he would have to be there for several more weeks. I didn’t expect anything special for Valentine’s Day that year because we didn’t know ANYONE in town to keep our babies, didn’t know many places to go, etc…. HOWEVER… Valentine’s afternoon my precious husband shows up with Huge singing balloons, a pot of tulips (my favorites) and announces that we were ALL going out to dinner that evening. When we got to the restaurant, we were the only ones there with kiddos, and so many people looked at us like they felt SO SORRY for us, or even TOLD us they did. I couldn’t have been happier. I looked across that table at my husband feeding my precious baby daughter her baby food, and down at the scribblings of my sweet 2 year old boy and tears came to my eyes at the thought of my precious blessings… my sweet Valetines. I would not have had it any other way.

  23. 73
    Erin says:

    Today was a great Valentine’s Day – I think the best! My husband had pink stargazer lilies for me (my flower – the first flower he ever gave me when we began dating 12 years ago:). And some great German chocolate. He also had books and stickers and Hello Kitty compacts for our three and four year old daughters. They loved them. My card was a picture of two porcupines and it said, “I’m stuck on you.” Inside the card he wrote that it would be late, but that he had ordered some photography for me that I’ve really been wanting.
    But most importantly, he signed up for and attended a four hour adoption conference with me. And when I said we didn’t have to go because I couldn’t find a babysitter, he tried to find one. We found one, and it’s because of him. I was gonna let it go, but we went and had a wonderful time because he insisted we could find a babysitter.
    Then tonight we ordered pizza with our girls, read books and I thought, This is the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had. I am blessed with my husband.

  24. 74
    Jeremy and Linda Pryer says:

    Dearest Beth, I have been wanting to write to you for a very long time and now is not the time to share my story but I will at some point. I have done your series Breaking Free and am in the middle of The Patriarchs and just loving it and I love you. I feel like you are a dear friend who not only loves our dear Jesus but loves each one of us too. Thank you for this lovely Valentine message and what is funny is I could see you and hear your voice as you spoke it. How I long to share my story with you and how your teachings have set me free and caused me to fall even deeper in love with my Jesus. My Face Book friend Steve knows you from your church and gave me your site and I am so thankful he did. I look forward to getting to know you better and want to know if there is somewhere I can write a proper letter to you so you can know more about me and my faith journey. Many blessings to you and Keith and your precious family, In Christ, Linda

  25. 75
    Anonymous says:

    Mama Siesta,
    I didn’t get my church boy, either. I wonder every day how on earth he loves me as much as he does. Today my husband told me “You know…I’ve never been too good with the mushy stuff, but I am proud of you…and I hope someday I’m a lot more like you.”

  26. 76
    Break the Mold says:

    My most memorable Valentines Day Gift was given to me today! My husband is not a gifter or romantic in that way. He would lay down his life for me in a heartbeat and that is all the romance I need. We agreed to not exchange or do anything this year. It is not financial pressures or anything like that but we are consumed with visits to the hospital multiple times a week for chemo treatments for our 9 year old son CJ who has cancer. We are only 4 months into a 2 year treatment plan. Needles to say, we don’t get to go to stores much.

    I woke up early this morning to surprise the kids by decorating the house with balloons and streamers and make them a valentine breakfast (we have 4 kids ages 12 to 1) When I got up I found this letter on the counter….

    “I want you to know how much I love you. I love you more now that when we were first married and as each day passes my love for you continues to grow. The past few months have brought us closer together than we have ever been. I find it hard to express my love for you in words, because they do not seem sufficient in explaining how I feel about you. I am so thankful you are my wife. The Lord has blessed me in this. It is a true blessing to be married to someone who loves the Lord and is as passionate about the Lord as you are. You are always there for me when I need you. I can not imagine going through life, especially at this stage, without you. You are so much more to me than a help meet. Thank you for all you do for me and the family. CJ’s doctors visits have given me some time to see some of what you go through on a daily basis with the kids and the home. You truly amaze me with all that you can accomplish, a true modern day Proverbs 31 woman-worth far more than rubies….I love you, I treasure you and I don’t know what I would do without you”

    There is nothing that could have been laying on that counter this morning that would mean more than that piece of paper. I sat there and cried and thanked God for this expression of love. My husband and I are best friends and have been friends since we were very little so it is easy to let all that romantic stuff fall to the wayside. And with all the stress we are under it seems unimportant. I can say that I did not know how much I needed to hear that until I heard it today.

    I would like to thank you because that letter would not even be possible without what God has done in our lives through this ministry. Next to the Lord and His word, nothing has impacted me or challenged me more than the teachings God has anointed Beth with.

    I actually personally thanked her just today on our blog update for our son’s treatment. I know it is not likely she will ever see it but it is so important she know that God is faithfully using her and we are bearing much fruit to our Father’s glory because of it.
    It is at http://www.georgefamilyblog.com
    and it is called Brave Love.
    Maybe you can just copy and paste the thank you from the post to her for her. That would mean a lot to us.

    Dawn George
    Miami, Florida

  27. 77
    Anonymous says:

    My most memorable V-Day was in Ruidoso, NM at Cattle Baron. As I went to the salad bar and returned, my sweetheart had left a little black velvet box on my plate. As I opened it tears came to my eyes as he had bought me a beautiful diamond ring. That was after 15 yrs of marriage. We have now made it 30!!!! You are so right Beth. Marriage can be the hardest thing at times, but so worth it.
    Happy Valentine Day. Your Valentines are adorable!!

    Sandy S.

  28. 78
    Lopsided Halo says:

    Funny story:

    In high school I decided to anonymously send flowers to my best friend (who was single like me) on V-day. I was completely unaware she was planning to do the same thing for me. We had our first class together and when we walked in we both had flowers on our desks…they were even the very SAME arrangement. Each one said “from your secret admirer”

    Immediately, we both thought they were from the guys we had a crush on. After seeing the excitment on the other’s face, we were both too afraid to tell one another it was “us” who sent them…so we both played along letting the other think a guy had sent the flowers!

    It wasn’t until lunch the next day that we figured it out!!! We laughed at ourselves and our attempt to help each other’s self esteem…and then we cried at our failed attempt and ate more chocolate!

  29. 79
    Anonymous says:

    Beth – Thank you for this comment it just makes me think about the man I love. We spent many years messed up and messed up together. Through many long nights of prayer our relationship is stronger than ever before. God has turned my hobbie stricken husband (hunting & then golf in the off season) into someone that has a passion for Christ that I would have never imagined. Now we still have our moments and deer season still rolls around but it isn't #1. How amazing it is to see those prayers answered by my Valentine! tj

  30. 80
    Teresa says:

    My husband and I were going through a rough quite some time ago. He was overseas during this time and I was living in my hometown until he got back home. It was a rought time to go through this rough patch when we were so far apart. But my daddy, who never really showed emotion and expressed his love. Come in the bank while I was working and gave me valentine candies and a card. A moment I cherish and will always keep. He did it at Easter too. I am so thankful to have these moments because couple years later and he passed. The Lord knew what my heart needed to remember at such a time, not all the horrbile times, but the few sweet ones. God is faithful.

  31. 81
    Luanne says:

    My most memorable Valentine’s Day was 2/14/02, an “UN-Happy Valentine’s Day!” I spent that day in a pre-op visit with a gynecologic oncologist in Atlanta, with a tentative diagnosis of ovarian cancer. After surgery the following week, the masses were miraculously benign! This would have been the end of my story, but God had other plans. Through an interesting set of “coincidences” that were definitely God-orchestrated plans, I met a precious lady who had just been diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. We became “sisters by divine appointment” and took an incredible journey together in her battle with ovarian cancer which sadly ended in 10/04. I’ve written a book about our journey, and have been blessed to share our story with many ladies groups in our area. Today is a very special day, and yet another humble reminder of how blessed I am! Happy Valentine’s Day to all!
    (I’m in the Esther study now, and it is awesome!)

  32. 82
    Anonymous says:

    Valentine's Day 1975….I had purchased a particular cassette tape for my husband of 3 years.
    When he got home from work I gave it to him and at first I thought he was embarrassed because he had not done anything for me. He looked kind of miserable, then he said it. "Will you give me a divorce?" I knew he'd been quiet lately and kind of distant. Just the night before though we had driven through the Dairy Queen drive through backwards and had a good laugh. Anyway, everything was extra complicated since I had more to consider than myself. Our sweet baby boy only 4 months old.

    I didn't know the Lord then. But He knew me. I was young and had a lot of spunk. Moved back to my home town, found a pretty decent paying job considering I was all of 19 years old. My baby was sick but we made it. Now I know it was by God's grace. I came to know my Lord and Savior 5 years later. I look back and know how God continually sustained me even when I did not acknowledge Him at all.

    Valentine's Day 2009
    My husband (of 30+ years) & I had a wonderful evening of dinner & games with a young couple from our church. Those 30+ years were made up of moments, days, weeks and finally added up to all these years together. Some of them were very tough. Some were just plain ordinary…which is rough for me. But in there are many ways that God has worked in and through us both. I'm a better person for having stayed when it would have seemed simpler to bow out. Staying seemed like God's choice not mine. I'm glad He gave the the heart to hear Him.
    I really appreciate Beth's rendition of hard work and happy days all mixed in to fill up our lives with blessings, if only we'll hang in there. God alone knows what it takes to help us stay the course.
    So, now the past is a memory and the joy is in the process & the present because Great is His Faithfulness! There is no shadow of turning with Him.

  33. 83
    Bethany says:

    Vday 2002 was three days before we officially started dating. I had the biggest thing for Justin Jett. I worked at a Christian college as the receptionist and he was a student. I was 19 and he was 20.

    I received 6 red roses from Ben that day and a bouquet of daisies from David that JUSTIN helped him pick out for me.

    Justin asked me for my number later that afternoon and he was the only boy I ever gave it to. We had our first date that night and dated 2 1/2 years.

    We've been married almost five years now!

    Can I just tell you — sometimes I don't think I could love you anymore than I already do!! and then you'll write something else even more fabulous. Like quoting the best novel by Jane Austen — I'm a youth minister's wife and my girls and I had a 6-hour A&E Pride & Prejudice sleepover one night. It was amazing.

  34. 84
    Warm in Alaska. says:

    TOO, TOO (and two) tres cute of Jackson and Annabeth!

    Funny Valentine Memory: V-Day 1986. I was spending five months of my sophomore year of college studying in Israel. On V-Day I happened to be living in a 3 star (have no idea how it ever merited its three stars) hotel in East Jerusalem. A couple girlfriends and I sat in the tiny, old-as-Jerusalem-itself bar of this tired little hotel and cut out Valentine hearts. Somehow doing that made us feel closer to the good ole USA. The kindly, elderly Palestinian hotel managers sat with us and we bemused them with our childhood cutouts. My memory is that it was dark, windy and raining outside – but that we were snuggled together with our scissors and our red and pink hearts in an old defunct bar tucked away in one of the more dangerous parts of the City.

    Not too terribly romantic, but I love to recall that memory,

    Warm in Alaska.

  35. 85
    Valerie says:

    I have been so blessed to have 3 wonderful Valentine’s Days with my amazing Fiancee Brandon. Although this Valentine’s will probably be a very memorable one because it is our first Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple!

    We are so overjoyed and cannot wait until our first Valentines Day as a married couple! I am just so curious if I will remember this special day 50 years from now! I hope so!

    I wanted to write a quick note also and give you some great feedback on the Esther study. I am so overjoyed to get up and go to that study every Thursday morning at our church and It has really opened my eyes to being a godly woman. I thank you for all of your help and encouragement.

    I once heard, (and I am not sure where this is in the bible) that once into heaven, you will see all of those who have been somewhat of help or even so much as planted one seed throughout your walk with Christ. Although I may never meet you in person, I am sure we will meet in Christs Kingdom because you have helped me more than I can ever explain. Thank you.



  36. 86
    Anonymous says:

    Amen to what you had to say about marriage, Beth. Thanks for the very encouraging words. After a pretty tough year 1/2, I would have to say that last night's Valentine date meant more to me than others.

    First, I decided to be mean this week and my husband mentioned a date for Friday. I just looked at him as I was walking out the door and said "Sorry, I have class Saturday." Translation-I don't want to go out with you, I've had it with you. Either be nice or be something else, but make up your mind.

    In his typical fashion, he just ignored me and it was a good thing. He called yesterday and let me know that he was indeed going to take me out. He got home and I was still in cleaning clothes. He came home with gifts for our children and huge cards and then he gave me the sweetest card. Just what I needed. It wasn't all mushy, it was almost apologetic, very appropriate. The end said that I am the light of his life and that meant everything to me in that moment. After that, we went to my favorite restaurant around here Orleans Seafood Kitchen. We go there all the time, but they had a band last night so I got to hear all of my MOTOWN favorites. Of course when they sang "My Girl" I thought about my dad. It was all the restraint I could possibly muster not to get up and dance. Any other time I would have been up there in a heartbeat. Instead, I just sat there and envied the two women that were up there getting down.

    By that time, I was too sick from eating too much. Afterwards, we came home and watched "Fireproof"–WHOA. I really was not expecting that movie to be so realistic and moving. I think we are the last people in our church to see it, but it was awesome. I was asleep for the first half of my class this morning, but it was worth it. The card, dinner and movie meant so much to me because we have had a very difficult year 1/2 to say the least. I know that my husband is trying and I am gaining the strength to try too. I have been praying for strength for a couple of weeks now and I do feel stronger. We've committed to stick together through the hard times, but this has been like a dark time we have not had for seven years. Different issue then, same darkness. So I mean it when I say thank you. And THANK GOD we both know Jesus this time and He is the One that is keeping this marriage in tact and restoring it yet again.

    On another note, as much as I loved the end of the newest "Pride and Prejudice," I could never get over Mr. Darcy saying "bewitched." I thought he would never say that, but I am a huge Jane Austen fan. I'm a realist, but I love happy endings. If you have not seen the A & E five-hour version, just buy it. It is the best and exactly like the book. I would watch it all the time if I had five hours to spare. I just have to believe that Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy did exist. It is a truth universally acknowledged that the five-hour version is way better than the new one.

    Happy Valentine's Day girl!!!!

    Barbara, Katy-TX

  37. 87
    Go-Between says:

    Oh Beth, what a wonderful post. I loved the description and honesty. If possible you are loved even more!

    This Valentines day is so special because last Valentine’s Day my middle daughter took a turn for the worse and it was only by God’s staying power that she was not ushered home that night. We have had many nights since then with her trip through the “shadow of the valley of death’ with her encephalitis that we know that God alone has allowed us to have her still. Today, I awoke teary eyed and grateful. She gave me a Valentines card that brought even more tears!

    As far as my man, he proposed to me on Valentine’s day 25 years ago. He actually beat me this year and had cards ready and signed before I knew it was morning! I still had to buy mine! He never gave me a fishing pole, just a tool box! 🙂

    And we all oohed and aahed over the picture perfect…picture of your adorable grandbabies!! 🙂 Thanks for insisting that it be posted!

    Thanks to all the siestas for such wonderful posts! And Nadine, I sent my girls a card that said exactly what you said!

  38. 88
    Anonymous says:

    P.S. Beth, so I don’t sound totally mean, I did get my hubby a card 2 weeks ago. I was mumbling, but hoping when I bought it b/c it did not say what he is actually doing right now, instead, it was a hope for the future. Words of affirmation on that card telling him all of these wonderful things. I was definitely not “feeling it” when I bought that card, but I felt that it was an act of obedience to God to encourage my husband. I did that because I do know that God will pull us through like He has for years. And we all know that he doesn’t just pull us through either, it’s so much more. I’m not saying that my husband is not wonderful, b/c he is. We just both have our seasons and this is the first time that both of us have been in a bad way. But, we are making it and I am at total peace because we are both willing to let God take care of this marriage. We both know we would not have a marriage without Him in it.
    Barbara, Katy-TX

  39. 89
    tealovingmom says:

    Sweet picture, Amanda!

    My man is a self-proclaimed slow learner when it comes to buying fabulous gifts, but he loves me madly (even when I make him just plain mad!) A few years ago, he gave me a gift I still get goosebumps over. For some time I had been drueling over the Kitchen Aid mixers…I love to bake. Often have dessert done way before or instead of dinner! Anyway, 5 years ago, I came in the kitchen on Feb. 14th and sitting there with a big red bow was a beautiful BRIGHT RED kitchen aid mixer. I just loved it and still do!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to AlL our siestas, because we ALL have a Valentine this year and every year.

    Love you,

  40. 90
    Cheri-Beri says:

    Fifteen years ago my husband decided I needed to get flowers delivered to my place of work on Valentine’s day. The only problem was that he decided this on February 12. He couldn’t find one place in town that could deliver to me.

    He came up with a BRILLIANT idea. Just have the flowers delivered on February 13 – complete with the little plastic “Happy Valentine’s Day” stick in the flowers. So everyone I worked with could see . . . . . . and then make fun of my husband and me for marrying such a clod. And I could cry like a baby all the way home.

    I KNEW before he even explained to me what happened. I got so mad that I threw the flowers out our second story window that evening in the midst of a heated conversation.

    *sigh* I had such a temper back in the day . . . . . this year he wrote four typed pages about why he loves me. And this year I cried like a baby for different reasons!

  41. 91
    Jenn says:

    My most memorable might just be this year. I am a 26 year old gal who has actualy never had a “real valentine” but my Daddy and Jesus have been incredible to me. I think this year had to be one of my most memorable valentines days. I serve as a single m:*ss*ionary in nepal… I grabbed six of my single gal friends and they came over last night. BIG deal.. we HAD PEPPERONI calzones with REAL CHEESE.. why is this such a big deal. neither of those items are available here.. we rely on people to send in packages. So we lived it up- we even had RANCH dressing (also a precious item to hese girls!) to dip in! The best part of the evening besides the food-we have 16 hours a day with no power. on a schedule.. so right at 8 oclock time for the power to go out… we lit candles (also lovingly sent from america) and just had pure worship. A group of single girls with no earthly lover in sight , far far away from friends and family that we love so much– worshipping the TRUE lover of our soul, the one who we followed to try to shine his light in Nepal!

  42. 92
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Beth,
    Thank you for being honest and sharing with us. I have been crying out to the Lord for my relationship with my husband. I have just about wanted to give up.
    It is a work in progress.
    My husband is not a romantic and usually Valentine’s Day is well…just another day.
    But this year he bought me a well thought out gift. I was much surprised!
    Thanks for giving us the encouragement to hang in there and not to give up!!

    Love you much

  43. 93
    Marion says:

    Four years ago this month, my grandmother died, three days after Valentine’s Day. In order to be with her in those last days, I was an hour and a half away from my husband. He had tried to send me flowers for Valentine’s Day, but they mysteriously never came. About 30 minutes after my sweet Gramma entered heaven, my bouquet of flowers showed up with the sweetest note from my hubby.Just in the moment that I needed him most and he was still an hour away driving in a car-it was like he was there. Talk about perfect, heavenly timing!

    I love this post! I was just writing the other day about how God IS love-all the tiny things you love to do or smell or hold or feel-those are all little gifts from Him. Little Hershey Kisses from heaven.

  44. 94
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Spiritual Mom Beth!:) Your post warms my heart:) I would have to say that my best Valentine’s Day was yesterday: My man got me pink roses and box of chocolates, and a really touching card-it sounded just like something he would say to me. I never have had a man give me anything for valentine’s day before like that. He surprised me too-He’s a sweetheart:)


  45. 95
    Anonymous says:

    Oh Beth, I can so relate. My valentine of 26 years is also a PKA~ but that’s not what I relate to…sorry!! Ha. We were married on feb. 19th and the valentines day before our wedding he bought me a bowling “set”!! Shoes, bag and ball~ a monogramed ball, at that!! I had never bowled~ we had never bowled together!! Whoa….I wondered what I’d gotten myself into. Well….after all these years we’ve found ourselves in the gutter sometimes, but in the end we’ve rolled a “strike”!!
    Bless you sweet sister and thank you for being so authentic. We all can relate.

  46. 96
    Lori says:

    I love Valentine’s Day. I just had to post about yesterday, 2/14th. My God of wonder and love answered, not one, not two, but THREE of my prayer requests! It was the MOST joyful day I have experienced in long time. My precious Father keeps me coming to him morning after morning…How I’m in love with him today! Just had to share my good news!

    Beth, I’ve never posted before…I am pretty new to this blogging thing…but I have to let you know that I am taking Esther now. It’s my 5th study of yours. You are an inspiration and I love your over-flowing spirit! You’re “encouraging all the more as we see the Day approaching,” and it lifts my spirit! My prayer’s are with you as I take my early morning walk…
    Thank you for serving all of us gals!
    Lori – Mesa, AZ

  47. 97
    Nancy says:

    Jimmy and I have been married 25 years. We have two beautiful children, but our daughter is disabled and it seems each year gets a little harder than the one before.

    Two weeks ago, on the way home from church, I tearfully told my Valentine how tempting it is sometimes to pack up and leave, but I stay because of him. While other women leave their home because of their husband, I stay because of mine.

    Life with a disabled child is so difficult at times, but God has taught both of us so much through the pain and He has blessed me abundantly with a man much like Himself. One who never leaves me or forsakes me. I could not ask for more.

    Blessings Beth.

  48. 98
    skoots1mom says:

    got my 1st valentine from my “baby girl” when she was barely walking at 1yo, as I sat on the toilet!
    no kidding!
    don’t ask me why she and hubby couldn’t wait “til i was done”…but it couldn’t, it didn’t, and now i will always have that wonderful memory 😀

  49. 99
    Lisa-Cinti,Ohio says:

    Yesterday could be is one of the two most memoriable yet. It has been a very bad year and a half for us. We finally sought out counseling due to an ultimatum from me just before Christmas 08. So we are trying to mend what has been broken for so long now, we have a long road to travel. Yesterday he left the kids and I gifts and cards on the table before he went to work, I left his card by the coffee pot for him since he is up at 5:00am. Then I fixed dinner for the kids yday evening, had them bathed and in pj’s and started dinner for the two of us to eat when he came home at 8pm (I never wait for him–its too late to eat), but I did, and set the table with candles and placemats-another occurrance that never happens around here–And he was so surprised when he came in and saw the table set for two with candles, he smiled and gave me a kiss and a hug and the two of us enjoyed a Valentine Dinner while the kids enjoyed a movie in the other room! No strings, no hidden agenda’s, no fuss- just dinner and conversation- something we need to get back into our lives!

  50. 100
    Rachel says:

    In high school we would have fundraisers on Valentine’s Day. You could arrange to have balloons given to your friends or secret admirations on Valentines day. One Valentine’s Day I was completely surpriseto receive one dozen balloons from someone I had no clue even knew I existed. The guy turned out to be not a good choice for me, but it sure was fun hauling my dozen balloons around for the day. It made me feel special to get so much attention.

    Thanks for your words of encouragement regarding marriage. They are timely and they recomfirm the message God has been sending me daily for the last 2 years. Whoever said this thing called marriage is easy, was nuts!!!

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