One Reason Why

Happy Lord’s Day, You Delightful Siestas! The only reason I’m getting to be on here at this hour on a Sunday morning is because Curtis is preaching at the 6:30 PM “Ascend” service at our church this evening so, needless to say, I’m going then. I’ve had you on my mind, praying for you and cheering for you so much over the last week. At this point, do you realize we have about 3000 of us memorizing Scripture together? Unbelievable. This morning while I was working out in my garage, I had on one of my Nicole C. Mullen CD’s. (You know, she and I are really tight. I’m her personal trainer. Which, of course, is a lie and some of you are too new to the blog to recognize when I’m making something up. Have you seen that woman’s arms? That’s why I pump iron.) Anyway, I was getting my praise on to her song “Brainwash” and as I listened to the lyrics, I thought how my Scripture-memorizing Siestas would be pumped up in their commitment by it. Here are the words but if you love her kind of music like I do, google it and listen to it. Here, Darling Things, is one great reason why we memorize Scripture. In a few days I’m planning to do a little mini-tutorial but this is perfect until then. Sure love you!

Chorus: I need a brainwash from my head to my soul ~
I need a brainwash, bring it down to my toes ~
I need a brainwash in and out ’cause you know ~
I need a B-R-A-I-N double wash*

Overwhelmed by the stuff on TV ~
Overloaded from the pressure fallin’ on me ~
light head! Oxygen! I’ve gotta breath *
Email, Myspace, backin’ up all the time ~
Voicemail, press one if you’re on the line ~
Transformer, can you renew my mind?

Smack dab in the front of my mind ~
All that I’ve done wrong ~ Re-play and rewind ~
How can I erase it forever this time *
Smack dab in the pit of my soul ~
This guilty feeling’s diggin’ a hole ~
And my thoughts are spinnin’ out of control

The world is straight typical to rock the traditional ~
Kinda keep it real life livin’ mind simple though ~
My past is in remission ~ Thrivin’ on my conditions ~
I need a turn around ~ A fresh way to get down ~
Comin’ straight from Jersey roamin’ in the land of the dirty south, free ~
Escapin’ misery ~ With a Christ mentality ~ The only way to have it ~
Living word habits ~ Feels nice dippin’ me twice ~
Yo, ah I need a Brainwash… (Chorus)

Be not conformed to this world ~ But be transformed by the renewing of your mind


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    Stephanie, Greensboro, NC says:

    The LORD your God carried you, as a father carries his son, all the way you went until you reached this place. Deut. 1:31 NIV

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