A New President

My Dear Siestas, I can’t think of anything more appropriate and more Biblical than reserving this day on our blog for heart-felt prayers for our new president and his family. You are welcome to write your genuine words of intercession as a comment to this post just as you’d lift them before the Throne of Grace for President and Mrs. Obama and their two precious daughters. Today it makes no difference how anyone voted. God in His sovereignty has appointed this day and our new president needs our prayers. “This is good, and pleases God our Savior.” 1 Timothy 2:1-3.


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  1. 101
    Melissa Lynn says:

    Dear Lord,
    This is the day you have made and I will rejoice and be glad in it. Thank you that you knew before time began that this day would come and that Barak Obama would take the presidency on this date. Lord, thank you that nothing surprises you. Father I ask that you please hold the Obama family close to your heart. Guard them, hedge them in before and behind with your presence. I pray that President Obama will search for you and find you, that You will pour out Your wisdom, guidance, spirit on our new President and lead Him on the path of righteousness. I pray for his health, his protection, that he will choose wisdom and humble himself before you as he takes on this huge task of the presidency. I pray he will listen to you and your voice and that you will surround him with godly men and women. Bless our nation Lord. Bless our world, bring peace father, love and healing, restoration and rewnewal to our country. It’s in the name of your precious Son Jesus we pray, Amen and Amen.

  2. 102
    Bobbie says:

    Lord, I pray that you will be with President Obama and his family as they begin this new chapter in their lives. Give him the wisdom he needs to lead our country and our troops and the courage to follow your guidance, not the world’s. Keep them safe and healthy.

    Lord, I also pray that you’ll be with the Bush family as they leave Washington to return to Texas. Bring them safely home and be with them as they adjust to life among the people.

    May your grace and mercy be with both families.

  3. 103
    barbara head says:

    Father God, today make us a united nation “under God” for sure. My prayer is lifted to You for protection over President Obama and for his precious family. You did not intend for us to be uniform, but unified. May all the leaders of this great nation seek Your Face and Your direction. We can do all things through Jesus Christ, our Saviour, who gives us strength. It is in His Precious Name I pray. Amen

  4. 104
    Indy-Lindy says:

    Lord God Almighty ~ I thank you for your hand in our nation’s history. I pray that President Obama will seek you, Jesus. I pray that he will love you with his entire heart, mind, soul, and strength. I pray that this position of power entrusted to him will drive him to his knees before you; acknowledging that You alone give wisdom. Protect him and his family, Lord God. Protect our nation from harm. We confess our sinfulness and pride as a nation, and we ask that you revive the hearts of your people in this land. We love you, Father God!! Jesus be GLORIFIED!!!!

  5. 105
    Kim says:

    Jesus I pray for you protection over the president and his family. I pray you will be the first one our president goes to for advise and that you will surround him with godly people. I pray you use this presidency to make your name famous!

  6. 106
    Three Fold Cord says:

    Oh Lord, I come boldly before your throne of Grace and ask for protection for President Barack Obama and his family. I thank you that in your Sovereignty you have placed him and his wife in this position. I, above all things place my trust in you. You are our only Hope. I also pray that the eyes of their heart may be enlightened so that they may know the hope to which He has called them, the riches of His glorious inheritance in the saints and the incomparable power to those who believe. I ask that they would be lovers of truth and find the Way in their time at the White House. We praise you Lord for you are good and your love endures forever. You are the King of Kings and we worship you today and lift you high above all gods.

  7. 107
    grayse says:

    Lord, Thank you for your blessing on this day. Thank you for a peaceful transfer of power. Please be with the Obamas and the Bidens. Bless them with your comfort, guidance and wisdom. Love on them and show up BIG in their lives. Help us to be women and men of prayer for them and for all of our leaders!

  8. 108
    Abby says:

    Lord, you are doing a new thing, and I pray we wouldn’t miss it! Thank you for new beginnings, fresh starts, and endless possibilities when we rest in your embrace. I pray you would bring peace and wisdom to our new president and his family in this time of transition. I pray that he would feel the support of his country behind him, and that you would give him the strength that he needs to make it through each day in this job that you have ordained for his life. I pray against every scheme, trick, attack, and mental war of the enemy against mr. obama and his family, and that your will would be known and done within the walls of their new home–both personally, and for our great nation.
    I pray for those 2 sweet little girls who will be adjusting to their new home and their daddy’s new job. I pray that this would be a joyful experience for them, and one that would shape and mold them into the daughters of your kingdom that you created them to be.
    I thank you for our peaceful knowledge that the government will rest upon your shoulders; that no matter who we appoint in office at any given time in history, at the end of the day, you are still King. We anxiously wait for the day when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess you as Lord.

  9. 109
    Anonymous says:

    Heavenly Father, I praise you that all times, nations, kings, and thrones are in your hands. I lift President Obama, his wife, and his family to your eternal and almighty throne today. Please guide him with your Spirit. Give him wisdom to lead our nation wisely and according to your ways. Give him courage to lead well and to lead humbly. Grant him grace to resist the temptations and deception of pride and power. Speak to him, guide him, direct him. Please provide godly counsel through your Word and/or through godly men and women. Be with President Obama’s family during this time of transition and through all that the next four or more years will hold for them. And move us to pray continually for President Obama and all our nation’s leaders, and to honor them as you call us to. May your will be done, Lord God.

  10. 110
    April P says:

    Lord, thank you for the work you are doing. Though your plans not make sense to us, I rest easy knowing your good and perfect will is being carried out. As this family takes on a tumultuous job draw them nearer to you Lord. Lord, I pray that you bring them the peace only you can provide.

  11. 111
    Amy Storms says:

    My mom just sent me info on the “Presidential Prayer Team”–thought I’d pass it along for those who may be interested: http://www.presidentialprayerteam.org

  12. 112
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Lord,

    As I watched the ceremony today my heart ahced as we allowed “oth gods” to be honored. Please Lord, be with President Obama, give him wisdom to know and trust that there is only ONE true God. Please give him wisdom to know that there is not only good and evil in this world, but a spiritual battle raging. Protect his family throughout the next 4 years. Heal our country as we are so divided. I have talked with many that are elated over today and many that are in despair over the same day. Please give us comfort that YOU are in control.

    In YOUR Holy name,

  13. 113
    Nichole says:

    Jesus, bless this day and protect this new president and his family. Teach us what to pray for them on a regular basis. Bless President Bush and his beautiful wife, Laura and their girls for the service that they have given our country. We glorify You and You alone. We are nothing without You. In the name of the One who sets us free, Jesus…Amen.

  14. 114
    Aunt_Nette says:

    My local Cristain radio station has asked us to pray everyday at noon. Beginning with the Lords prayer.
    Then I add my own……
    Dear Lord, I ask you to be with the leaders of our country. That they will recognize the problems in their lives and will seek your wisdom. I pray that they will also seek your wisdom when they are dealing with problems that affect me or my loved ones.
    I pray that you give them rest so that they have the energy to meet their daily demands.
    Give them strength to acknowledge you first, quality time with their families, time flexiblity to spend time with you, endurance to work and some time left over to have time to unwind from their daily struggles.

    I pray this in your name,


  15. 115
    Karen says:

    Heavenly Father,

    There is no authority except the ones that you have established. As You say in Your Word;

    1Remind the people to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good, 2to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and to show true humility toward all men.
    3At one time we too were foolish, disobedient, deceived and enslaved by all kinds of passions and pleasures. We lived in malice and envy, being hated and hating one another.

    (Titus 3:1-3).

    Grant us in this new time, a period of peace, of love, of forgiveness, of obedience and freedom. Fill the heart and mind of President Barak Obama with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Grant him wisdom and grace in all his dealings, and abide in him in all he does.

    In your name I pray, Amen

  16. 116
    Tamara says:

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    Thank-you for your sovereignty and grace. I do pray for president Obama and his family. That they would encounter you in a way they never have. Surround them with people who love you Lord as they take on the challenges of the nation. But above all, may the people know that we look to no man for peace and hope, but only to you, sweet Jesus. May we give credit where it is due and see how you alone can work through any willing vessel. Open the eyes of our hearts Lord, we want to see you high and lifted up!!!!!!
    In Jesus name,

  17. 117
    Brandon and Zanna says:

    Father God, please bless the Obama family as they begin their time in the White House. May they fix their eyes on You, Lord. May the President seek Your wisdom as he leads this great nation. Protect us from our enemies & lift up leaders who follow hard after You.
    Lord, I trust in your sovereignty, and place myself under the authority of my government & leaders, because I know that ultimately, it is an act of submission to Your will, Lord.
    Thank you, Lord, for the incredible freedom you have blessed me with…as a believer saved by faith in Christ for eternity…and then to live in freedom as an American…I am so grateful!

  18. 118
    Anonymous says:

    Father, I thank you for this day! I thank you that You are God and there is none like You! Father, I lift up President Obama to you today. Lord, I pray that you will give him wisdom to lead this great nation. May he always seek you as his top advisor. I pray for positive,healthy, and Godly relationships to come into his life. Relationships that will draw him and his family closer to you. Lord, bless him and his family with good health. Place a hedge of protecion around them, O Lord. May harmony be a constant resident in the Obama family. I pray they will make it a top priority to have quality time with You and for one another. Father may your hand be upon Michelle, may she encourage,support and love her husband. Give her strength for the day. May she lean on you and trust in you as she takes on the role as First Lady. May she and President Obama be Godly parents to Malia and Sasha. May they grow up to love, trust, and obey you. Give them a desire to know you and the power of your resurrection. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

  19. 119
    Pat from Kansas says:

    Thank you for your blessings on our nation. I thank you for our freedom. I pray that you be with the President Obama and his family. Give them strength and endurance today. May President Obama seek your wisdom and guidance. God Bless America.

  20. 120
    Wifeof1Momof4 says:

    Heavenly Father, I pray for President Obama and his family. I pray for their protection. I pray that he seek You in all of his decisions FIRST, not after seeking others opinions or last, I pray for wisdom for his decisions and how they effect our country and those around us.

    I pray you give Your strength to First Lady Obama as she stands at his side, while raising two beautiful girls.

    I pray for Sasha and Malia and they share their dad with us, but they can also have a “normal” life and continue to grow in You.

    Thank you for this historic moment where my three sons are able to see that with God all things are possible .. as they seek Your will for their lives.

    I pray President Obama will empty himself and allow You Father to use him as only You can.

    In Jesus Name,

  21. 121
    Indy-Lindy says:

    Here is prayer offered by Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary:

    “When we face hard days ahead — when we find ourselves required by conscience to oppose this president within the bounds of our roles as citizens — may we be granted your guidance to do so with a proper spirit, with a proper demeanor, and with persuasive arguments. May we learn anew how to confront without demonizing, and to oppose without abandoning hope.”

  22. 122
    Anonymous says:

    Most Heavenly Father, I lift up our new President and his family today into your most gracious hands. I ask that you guide each step he takes, each difficult choice he makes and each word he speaks to our people and the leaders of our world. Wrap him in your arms of love and draw him ever closer to your side. Give him the humility and wisdom he needs to lead our nation.

    I lift up Michelle Obama and their precious daughters. Bind their family tighter together. Gird their resolve to stand behind their husband and father despite any criticism and hardship he may face. Protect their hearts, their spirits and their physical bodies this day and all the days that they live.
    We give thanks that this day has been one of peace and celebration. We give thanks for the freedom to choose our leaders. We give thanks knowing that You are above all that ever is or was in this world. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  23. 123
    Anonymous says:

    Lord, I first want to say “thank-you” for your servant President Bush and for his service to this country.
    Second, I pray for President Obama. May he humble himself before you and seek your will. May he be a man of intergrity and love righteousness.

    I pray for his relationship with his wife and children. May his heart remain pure and faithful.

    And last I pray for our country. We are so blessed. May all christians become great warriors of prayer. May we all be untied in our love for you.

    You, Oh God, are our ultimate leader and you are our wisdom. May we never forget that you are in control and you are always good.

  24. 124
    Kelly Jo says:

    Dear Sweet Jesus, sometimes we don’t really know what to pray but you are the God who knows all and you know the hopes and dreams, needs, fears and desires of our president and his family. Lord I ask you to put up a strong wall of protection to keep out evil and keep in good. I pray that you would guide and direct our president to be a great leader help him to lead with love in your sweet and precious name I pray Amen ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kelly Jo
    Albany, Kentucky

  25. 125
    Mercy says:

    Dear Lord, I pray for your protection upon our new president. Father today we received a new president but his daughter have lost a full time father. Give our president Obama time to spend with his family. Father make their marriage strong in you, unite them all as a family and bless them with your unity. In Jesus Name. Amen

  26. 126
    Anonymous says:

    Gracious Father, draw our President close to you. Give him a heart for You, oh Lord. Surround the Obama family with Your love and Your Holy Spirit, that they may know You clearly. Guide and protect them. Bless them, dear Lord. And grant us Your peace.

  27. 127
    .:mallory:. says:

    Sweet Daddy,

    Thank you that you brought up a president for our country that is so thoughtful. Thank you that he weighs everything carefully and seeks the counsel of men and women from all different walks of life that he may balance their words and make the right decision.

    Lord, I thank you that even his decision to call himself a follower of you was one of much seeking and prayer and meditation and a very long journey. I pray even in the wake of the pain and abandonment he felt with Rev. Wright he will seek desperately to find the time to come before you and weigh these deep issues with you.

    Lord, his spirit seems to be one that takes things and decisions seriously. Lord, speak to him in the quietness of his meditation. Come to him at every opportunity as he stays awake nights to weigh the facts to make decisions. Thank you that he is a man that tries to see all sides of the issue.

    Please, oh Lord, be that gentle, tugging voice that guides his steps. May he find rest and solace in your Word and your ways.

    Daddy, may we as believers rise up and learn to set aside our differences and work in unity to support our president rather than tear him down. May you work on our hearts to teach us how to love others–especially the leader you have put before us.

    We love you, Daddy. Work deeply in the inner workings of the heart of our new leader. Let him guide us faithfully as he seeks your will, first and foremost. And give his wife and daughters the strength to endure this time of testing for them. Give him time to spend with them, as well. Protect him from temptation and all evil. Put a hedge of protection around him as you did with Job.

    We beg you, Lord, in the all powerful name of Jesus. Amen.

  28. 128
    Anonymous says:

    Lord, I pray that Pres. Obama will align his thoughts and decisions in accordance with your Word. I pray that you, Holy Spirit will invade his every move. I pray that Pres. Obama will have a very personal encounter with Almighty God and will respond accordingly and not be ashamed to take a stand for Christ and The Word of God. I pray that you will use him to bring the lost to the cross all over the world. Bind the enemy away from this precious family. Please protect the entire family and bless them as they bless your name Jesus. Amen.

  29. 129
    Lynann says:

    Lord right now I lift up our president and his family to you. I ask you to guide and direct him in the way you see fit. Give him the strength and wisdom that he will need to fulfill his role as our leader on earth. Put your hand of protection around him and his family lord. I ask this in your holy name Amen

  30. 130
    johandav says:

    Reading Psalm 89 today, some of the blessings of David I pray for our president:

    Great and Mighty One, may your hand sustain him, your arm strengthen him, and let no enemy subject him to tribute. May no wicked man oppress him, and may he strike down the adversary. Let your faithful love be with Him, and heartily I pray, cause him to call out to YOU. I pray he will have ever before him the futility of life without you, and may he ascribe honor and glory to God alone, the One and Only King of All


  31. 131
    tealovingmom says:

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    We praise you for this country in which freedom lives and reigns. We are BLESSED in this country, praise you God. May President Obama turn his ear to You and receive his guidance and wisdom first and foremost from You. May he pray to You like crazy. May you protect the entire Obama family and provide an easy transition for for sweet little Malia and Sasha.

  32. 132
    Stephanie says:

    Dear Lord,

    Your are our most gracious Heavenly Father and we come to your through the precious blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ. It is by His blood and through His blood that we are able to boldly approach the Throne of Grace and to lift up our new President and his family. Lord, he has a very daunting task in front of him and it will take total dependence on you to accomplish wonderful things for our country. Lord, you have left the doors of grace and mercy open on our country for a very long time. Compared to most of the world, we are very priviledged and have more than plenty. Lord I know that there are those out there who have more than I do but certainly those out there who have much less than I do. I simply pray that our President will be fully reliant on you.
    God, if he is not Your child, I pray that You will put someone into his path that will boldly share the gospel and that his heart will be moved to accept you as his personal Savior. Because You are the only Hope for the world and if we would but recognize that and live like we believe it, what a world we would live in.
    Lord, no matter what our political views, I pray that we, as a family of believers, would do what we are called to do and that is to pray without ceasing and to lift President Obama up to your throne of grace and let him know that you are there.
    In Your precious name I pray….

  33. 133
    twinkle says:

    Lord Jesus,
    Forgive America for our sins against You. They are many.
    We are a community of many different cultures and beliefs.

    May the church be a blessing to America. May each born-again Christian serve You with passion and love you as our First Love. May we never be accused of being lukewarm in our faith.

    May those who don’t know You as Lord and Saviour here in America learn of You and be drawn to You for salvation. So many are blind to the message of the gospel. Bitter from past experiences that have left them wounded. Lord, speak life into the hearts of these blind, lost souls and bring them to salvation. Holy Spirit, woo them and reveal Christ to them. May a spiritual awakening spread across America and lead us into right relationship with You, O Lord.

    I pray for our giving to increase.

    I pray for our businesses to be financially solid and growing.

    I pray for our nation to be blessed by Your Hand, O Lord.

    I pray for our past President and his family. Bless them Lord, bless them indeed.

    I pray for our new President and his family. Guard them, guide them and use them for Your Glory.

    Defeat the enemy who comes to steal, kill and destroy.

    Remember us, Your little flock.
    Lead us and guide us.

    In Jesus Name.

  34. 134
    Laura says:

    Your word says there is no authority except which you have established and that we are to submit ourselves to the governing authority. Father you alone are wise enough to know what we need to fulfill your purpose, this is the leader you have chosen us. Please help him to discern your truth and you’re leading, and to follow that leading, protect him and his family and help him to be the leader you would want him to be. In the name of your precious Son Jesus we ask this. Amen

  35. 135
    Lora says:

    Your Word says You hold the hearts of kings in Your hand
    I trust You today as we have a new president in our land
    What beauty and pageantry we see in the inauguration
    In Your sovereignty, a new leader is appointed for our nation
    Lord, may we truly look with eyes of compassion
    And keep our differences and tongues from lashing
    In love Lord, You have created every man
    Help our new president to know Your eternal plan
    I want the President to love You, God, with all his heart
    Do a great and mighty work Lord, here at the official start
    May the President lean on You in all situations
    And pour out Your wisdom Lord, as he leads our nation
    For President, Michelle, Malia and Sasha Obama
    Guide them Lord and keep them from trauma
    Eternity Lord is set in their hearts
    Fill them with Your Spirit from the very start
    Draw the Obama family to Your side
    Give them wisdom as their daily guide
    Your Word, Lord, is True
    We are totally relying on You
    We ask Lord for Your blessing on our great land
    And pray that true to You, our new leaders will stand
    God bless America, home of the red, white and blue
    Draw all who don’t know You, straight to You.

    In the Mighty, All Powerful, Omnipotent Hand of the Great I AM,

  36. 136
    Donna says:

    Lord, we thank you for this man you have raised up to lead our nation at this time in history. No man takes this position without your approval. I pray for your blessing and protection upon him and his family. Let the hand of God be seen as President Obama leads our country. I also pray for those he holds in closest confidence and those whose advice he respects. Let Godly leaders rise up to offer Godly wisdom to him.

  37. 137
    Anonymous says:

    I have heard Rick Warren speak (pray) today….I heard Rev Lowry speak (pray) today….I heard President Obama speak today….I heard former President Bush speak today.

    I pray for patience and love in the heart of man (and woman)! Only God is able to change hearts….and that is what has to change….hearts!!

  38. 138
    WendyB says:

    Our Father, our nation needs You so. We thank you that our country has been blessed with a peaceful exchange of power – that the guns were fired in salute of the house of the new President, rather than at that house, as happens in so many nations.
    We plead that You will have mercy on our nation, that you will protect our new leader and his dear family from harm; that You will provide divine wisdom, strength and a desire to seek You in his leadership.
    In Your precious name,

  39. 139
    katiegfromtennessee says:


    I pray for our new President and his family. I pray that they would come to know You as Your children if they do not know you now. I pray that You would do a mighty work in that family. Grant repentance and brokeness where needed. Grant them the faith to believe unto salvation and sanctification. Grant humility and wise counsel. Grant your mercy and grace. In Your Sovereignty, You have appointed Mr. Obama to be our next President. You are in control of all of history. Be glorified in this Presidency. No matter what it takes, send revival to us during this Presidency. In Your Precious and Holy Name, Amen. So be it!


  40. 140
    Marla Taviano says:

    Father, thank you for your sovereignty. Without you, we can do nothing. You hold EVERYTHING together. Praise your name!

    Thank you for President Obama, for Michelle and Melia and Sasha. Keep them safe. Wrap your arms around them, and help them feel your perfect love. Allow them to maintain a sense of normalcy as a family, to cherish all the joys of growing up together.

    Help us to love each other. Thank you for breathing new life into this nation. Help our first thought to be love. Help us show the world JESUS.

    In your Son’s name, Amen.

  41. 141
    Anonymous says:

    I’m embarassed to say I can’t bring myself to pray for Obama yet. My pastor at church has called us to pray for the new President as well, but the prayers taste bitter and false in my mouth. I know its a sign of my own spiritual immaturity, but I just can’t do it yet. Please pray for ME as I struggle with this.

  42. 142
    Lindsay says:

    Heavenly Father, I was so moved to see history revisited as the prior presidents took their seats this am. Thank you for anointing each person who participated in today’s innauguration. Be with the Obamas in a special way as they begin a new chapter of their lives. Be with our country too. May we honor our leaders and continue to uplift those you’ve put in charge.

  43. 143
    Connie says:

    Thank you that Your sovereign will was done in this election.
    I pray that President Obama and his wife, Michelle, and their children would hear Your voice calling their names, speaking to them, and that they would respond in love and obedience to You…that they would seek Your will for their lives and for the lives of those they are leading.

  44. 144
    PamN says:

    Lord, I ask for character in myself that honors authority despite our culture. I am also very thankful to live in a country where I can respectfully disagree. I ask that you would help the true church to be more visible in America. I ask for protection and true faith for the president and his family.

  45. 145
    PamN says:

    Please also read Al Mohler’s rather lengthy prayer on his web site!

  46. 146
    Jina says:


    I pray in accordance with the word you gave me that you will use President Obama to accomplish your purposes. Do as you say Lord. May we have ears to hear all you have in store that we could get in line with you as you lead.

    Give him wisdom Lord. May the presence of the Spirit that has graced the White House for the past 8 years be a beacon of direction for the Obama family and all who make decisions there. Give them safety, direction, and hearts that are for righteousness Lord.

    In the name of Jesus,

  47. 147
    Anonymous says:

    I read somewhere the media labled Obama as the “most liberal” senator I am praying the LORD will change his “label to the most godly president, keep him safe(and family) and tender his heart towards the unborn.

  48. 148
    Missy says:

    Thanks Beth for this post. It’s been so hard these last many months at work, with friends, and even with Facebook friends/acquantinces (sp?). The biting words, the heated discussions, etc.. have been easy to slip into but have not been worth it..unfortunately I know first hand. For some reason I had a calm peace today. My mind was settled that this is our new President and we are to support and respect him and pray for him!! I do pray God will use Obama in some mighty ways and bring about what is pleasing to Him. I do wish and pray for success with him during his administration. I pray God will keep him humble and will work on him and his wife to draw their hearts and minds to Him.
    In Jesus name! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Missy in SC

  49. 149
    Charlotte says:

    Dear Father, I join with the other ladies in lifting up our new president Obama and his precious family to You as he takes on this tremendous new responsibility in leading our great nation. Guide him and grant him wisdom in decisions he makes for our country.

  50. 150
    Anonymous says:

    Let us all pray for Senator Ted Kennedy, as he had a seizure during the Inaugural Luncheon today. He has been undergoing treatment for a brain tumor [a cancerous one], sadly.

    Lord, I pray that he is a believer in You, Christ Jesus, because I know how serious cancer treatment is, and how it can take one’s life in a matter of months, as it did with my dear father last March.

    In Christ’s Love,

    Southern Wisconsin

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