An Update on Bethie

I’m sorry y’all – it’s me again! I’m here to give you a little update on the Siesta Mama. She has been b-u-s-y! My mom told me that God was so faithful throughout the taping last weekend and that she absolutely loved the audience. I think everything went as well as possible. Thank you so much for praying! Monday and Tuesday were spent focused on Bible study. Our fall study is going great, but it does take a ton of preparation time for her and Melissa (who flies in to co-teach every other week). Wednesday was recovery day. She worked a half-day and then went home to rest. On Thursday she had a taping for the National Day of Prayer.

Today my parents are driving out to the ranch, where Beth is going to prepare the messages for next week’s “New England Nights” tour. It’s going to be such a neat week! I’m not going, but I hope to be able to keep you all updated as much as I can. Are any of you attending? The four events will be in Vermont, New Hampshire, Delaware, and Connecticut.

After next week, Living Proof Live will have had the great privilege of serving in all 50 states in 10 years! Isn’t that cool? God, You are awesome! It is an indescribable blessing to get to witness what God is doing in every part of this country. You know, people can throw out some seriously depressing statistics about the state of the church in America, but we KNOW God is moving among women and changing their lives through His Word. We have seen it and are seeing it with our own eyes! He is not done with us, ladies. God’s Word is alive and active in us and we are believing Him! Amen?



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  1. 101
    Anonymous says:

    re planning on using some of your lessions in our S.S. class. We are a small church in Southern Ok. So remember us in your prayers as we will be praying for your work.

  2. 102
    Phyllis says:

    Will see Beth in Delaware!

    Woo hoo!!!!

    Looking forward to hearing what God has to say through her!

  3. 103
  4. 104
    Barbra says:

    Praise the Lord, I will be at the New England Nights conference in Delaware on Thursday!! This will be the first time I’ve seen Beth in person and I can’t wait! I know that the Lord has something precious for me. The really cool thing is that I’ll be leaving for my church’s women’s retreat the next day where I have the privilege of guiding us through the “Loving Well” retreat material from Beth. Isn’t it amazing the way in which God weaves themes throughout different seasons of our lives? Our memory work for VBS at my church this summer was 1 John 4, so when I saw the “Loving Well” material when we were planning our women’s retreat, I knew that God had something up His sleeve! I won’t be at all surprised if He has something similar for Beth to share in Delaware on Thursday! I pray that I can embrace the lessons He has for me in this season.

  5. 105
    Chris in PA says:

    I’ll be in Delaware wearing a tshirt I made that says IM A SIESTA! So stop me and say hello, I want to meet my blog sisters! Cant wait to go!
    Chris in PA

  6. 106
    Joni says:

    Amen! Praise His Holy Name!!!

  7. 107
    Anonymous says:

    i love the new england nights name! it reminds me of a football game in texas and gets me pumped!!

  8. 108
    Heidi says:

    (more words allowed? I have a 2nd part to comment re. NH event from Heidi Tobin, UNH student; I included a poem I wrote 2yrs ago that I thought of while listening to the Word spoken through Beth)

    Invisible Presence Made Visible
    (2006 Heidi Tobin)

    Yesterday, the rising pressure of circumstances brought the company of fear.
    Today, they give sight to what is not easily seen.

    What once was received with dread,
    is now embraced as a gift of learning to see the presence God.

    In the past I leaned on my own understanding which blocked the voice of God.
    Now I call…I wait…I listen for His answer.

    Before I relied on my own determination to get through these circumstances in a godly way.
    Now I realize it is a time for me to cry out to the Lord to speak.

    No longer are they meant for me to cope alone,
    or to hold my breathe that I passed the test.
    Rather it is received as a divine moment that creates a oneness between the Father and me.

    So, welcome rising pressure of circumstances,
    so that I may see the Most Invisible made Visible.

    Thank you for posting and for your time…blessings to you, Amanda, Beth, and Melissa…well, I guess I can’t forget the other two children…with the paws-for-prayer.
    Heidi (Tobin)

  9. 109
    Heidi says:

    I have a question…can we request for a comment to be deleted? I wrote a poem (number 108) and for my profession I have to remain unidentified – I sent it awhile ago…oct 16,2008
    Thank you in advance and sorry for any inconvenience.

    • 109.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hi Heidi! I am so happy to help you and see if we can do this. Do you know by chance what email you would have entered it under? I just searched this one and no comments past 2012 came up. If so, send it my way and I’ll see if I can spot it!

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