There is a Rescuer

Good morning, siestas. Today is the day my Curtis comes home and I want to thank you for praying for us. I know he had a very powerful experience in India and I can’t wait to hear all the details. I’m sure he will want to share his experience with you, too. Jackson and I did great. We had one 48 hour stretch that was pretty tough, but other than that we did better than I thought we would. God was faithful to meet our needs every day.

I also want to share something that I wrote yesterday. Up until a few days ago we were one of the families with a missing loved one from the Galveston area. Praise God, our loved one has been found. Then I had a dream two nights ago that I was one of the people who didn’t evacuate the island in time for Hurricane Ike and it was so upsetting. God used those things to burn this on my heart.

The National Weather Center issued the stern warning to those living on the coast: “Those living in one or two-story single family homes must evacuate or face certain death.” It was debated whether the wording was too dramatic. For some, maybe it was, but the words were sadly appropriate for what may amount to hundreds of others. Unbelievably large numbers of people did not heed the warning. They wanted to stay with their homes and be able to protect their belongings after the storm. What they didn’t consider was that there would be nothing left to save, regardless of their presence. The hurricane would not make landfall until Saturday, but they didn’t plan on the storm surge reaching the coast as early as Friday afternoon. With the sun still shining, the gulf waters began overtaking Bolivar Peninsula, making a last minute evacuation impossible for hundreds of people. They drank in the sight of water covering the roadways and were forced to swallow the bitter pills of regret and dread. They called for help, but only a fraction could be rescued before the winds became too strong for the helicopters. They called their loved ones and said, “I made a mistake. I’m really in trouble here.” They were helpless. And their loved ones are left traumatized. Emergency operators would receive countless calls for help during the storm. They would not be able to offer any hope. It was too late. In complete and utter darkness, people were swept to sea in their own homes. Their broken, swollen bodies are currently being recovered all along the coast amid debris, alligators, water moccasins, and swarms of mosquitoes. The Houston Chronicle reports that hundreds of people are unaccounted for. You can go to their web site and search the names and faces of missing fathers, mothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sons and daughters. It is horrifying.

In the midst of this, while many in this region remain mercifully unaware due to lack of power and/or cable TV, our country is on the verge of financial disaster. And while the coast is still cleaning up, we will elect a new president and proceed to change administrations in the middle of a war. Simply put, it is all very scary.

People, look around and see that the storm surge of Hell is rising around us. It is lapping at the Sea Wall. It is beginning to flood the only road off the island. We stand on the decks of our fancy beach homes built on sand and watch the water rising, submerging the pillars we trusted to keep us safe. We’ve already been warned of disaster. Scripture says “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). And “The wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23). Our sin – the thing inside us that makes us do wrong – has earned us spiritual death, an eternity apart from God. Indeed, an eternity in hell. The hell on earth around us now is only a shadow of what is to come when we will reap the terrible harvest of the sin we sowed on this earth. It is a dire message. A terrible thing to have to hear. But true.

My friends, the good news is that we still have time to call the Emergency Operator and ask to be saved. While the Bible says that we deserve death, it also says “But the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord” (Romans 6:23). We can call upon Jesus to save us – from ourselves and from the unquenchable fire of hell that is eager to overtake us all. There is a way out, but there is only one way. “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12). Call on Jesus.

“Therefore [Jesus] is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them. Such a high priest meets our need—one who is holy, blameless, pure, set apart from sinners, exalted above the heavens.” (Hebrews 7:25-26)

Jesus made a way for us to be saved when He came to earth and lived a perfect life. He was fully man and at the same time fully God. He was completely without sin. He laid down His life for us while we were still doing everything wrong and spitting in His face. He loved us that much. He was tortured, then nailed to a cross and died. On that cross He bore the wrath of God for all of humanity’s sin. He suffered and died in our place.

He was resurrected on the third day and appeared to many men. This is one of the most well documented facts in history. All of time revolves around His resurrection. At this moment He sits on a throne in Heaven next to God. He waits for us to call upon Him for salvation, to surrender our lives to Him, to put our hope and trust in Him. Romans 10:9-12 says, “That if you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. As the Scripture says, ‘Anyone who trusts in him will never be put to shame.'” He waits with open arms for the Saved, the Forgiven, the Rescued to enter into the splendor of an eternity with Him. There, the foundation is solid and there is no fear. There is only joy and the fulfillment of every need of your immortal soul in the presence of the One who created you.

Just like the hundreds of people who died needlessly when they did not heed the evacuation orders on the coast, we will suffer in hell needlessly if we do not take Jesus Christ up on His offer of salvation. What? You think you don’t deserve to be rescued? Well no one does. It is all by grace, no matter how “good” you seemed or how “bad” you were. What? You want to stay in your house and protect all that you’ve gathered for yourself on this earth? It will all be destroyed anyway. What? Your husband won’t go with you? You’d rather stay behind with him and ride it out? How foolish. Take your children and go. Call upon His name before it is too late.

Hurricane Hell is in the gulf. It is churning. It will certainly make landfall for each of us, but we are not given a forecast. We do not know when it will hit, but we do know that it brings with it “certain death.” Will we say the warning is too stern? Or will we call upon the Savior and be rescued?


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  1. 101
    Pilgrim Mom says:

    Thank you, Amanda! We have not heard much on the news about this — especially in the north! I just arrived back from a business trip to TX w/ my DH. We changed flights in Houston and as we flew in — all looked “normal” and life as usual…but reading the articles we know that it is not!

    Thank you for putting into a spiritual prespective of what each believer is called to do in our own Jerusalem. May we never lose sight of those perishing around us!


  2. 102
    Anonymous says:

    This post is excellent.

    Glad you all did well while your hubby was gone.
    Kim B. in AZ

  3. 103
    Jackie says:

    Scary, scary times sisters. Praise God for His unfathomable love for His people. He desires for EVERY man to be saved and yet no one heeds the coming storm. Thank you Amanda for sharing your dream and the truth it lead you to portray in this post. Praise Him too that any and every person who knows Him knows not to be afraid by these days….that we are covered. As usual, I am overwhelmed by his mercy and grace.

  4. 104
    twinkle says:



    How refreshing!

    His Blood is like a crimson tide…washing us whiter than snow.
    His Blood was shed once…for all…who will believe on Jesus Messiah.
    The Shofar blows.
    Yom Kippur is coming.

  5. 105
    Anonymous says:

    We have a friend who works for GA Power and has been in Houston for nearly a month. He told my husband it looks like a war zone. What’s interesting is there has been nothing on the news about it!
    Yes, I believe our country is experiencing God’s judgement but thankfully He is also our rescuer!

  6. 106
    Diana says:

    Amen Amanda!
    Wow! Thank you so much for that post! Your love for the Lord is awesome! Thank you for that telling post ~ so profound but so very true!
    Blessings to you!

  7. 107
    UL Cards Fan says:

    WOW Amanda what a powerful word you gave. Thank you for sharing with us. Very thankful to KNOW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that I will be spending eternity in Heaven. Thank you Jesus for your unspeakable gift.


  8. 108
    geoteacho says:

    This was tough for me to hear. I have loved Jesus my whole life. I have made so many mistakes dishonoring HIM. Once again, I find myself in a bind with a medical scare (note the word scare, not sure what it is, if in fact there’s anything at all). So, what do I do – I run to Jesus and begin repenting, begging, screaming, yelling – you name it.

    For 3 days I was filled with pure fear and panic and slowly – too slowly – I am receiving peace.

    The thing is this – I am embarrassed that I turned my back on Jesus and it took – once again –
    a “medical panic” to bring me to my knees.

    The good news is that He is our RESCUER and He has welcomed me back. He is the God of many chances but the very best plan is to stay with Him and under His care.

    Like Peter who cried to Jesus when he was sinking, I too cried out and He rescued me – little faith and all.

  9. 109
    Laurie says:


    Thank you for this post. . . you are the next “Beth Moore!” We talked about Heaven in small group last night and were asked the question, “When you consider heaven your true home, what difference does this make in the way you live right now?” We have unsaved family members and want them to join us in Heaven. . . and try to be a foretaste of Heaven for them here on earth. . .

    Your post sends a very clear warning to those who are not saved. . .thank you.

  10. 110
    Anonymous says:

    Hurricane Hell hit my life-long friend’s family last week. Her brother died at 35yrs old of accidental overdose. I knew him most of my life. Shared Christ with his sister. He did not know Jesus and sadly very few people at his funeral understood the tragedy that he is facing at this moment. Nor do they have an incling that they will face the same tragedy if they don’t repent and allow Jesus to come into their lives and take over. I have never been “hit” so hard, eyes wide open, and horrified by the reality of death without Christ Jesus in a life. As the burden is continually heavy on my heart, I am completely surrendered to Christ and asking Him to open the doors for me to share Jesus with ANYONE WHO WILL LISTEN. And to do it in His way with His Words. The other day, it was to my waiter at a restaurant. This morning was a sentence to my boss. Oh how we, the body, need to wake up.

    Thanks for the post and for the opp for me to share.

  11. 111
    Rachel in Louisiana says:

    powerful words. He is mighty to save!

  12. 112
    Nichole's Mom says:

    I could feel this post brewing in your heart! I’m so glad you let it out! And for the anonymous poster, #18, there is a song by Nichole Nordeman called Gratitude that really moves my heart, especially in light of the world situation. Part of the lyrics go:

    So grant us peace, Jesus, grant us peace
    Move our hearts to hear a single beat
    Between alibis and enemies tonight
    Or maybe not, not today
    Peace might be another world away
    And if that’s the case…

    We’ll give thanks to You with gratitiude
    For lessons learned in how to trust in You
    That we are blessed beyond what we could ever dream
    In abundance or in need
    And if You never grant us peace…

    But Jesus would you please.

    If you have the chance you should get the song, it could really sooth your heart, all our hearts!

    Love you girls, every last one!


  13. 113
    Anonymous says:

    Wow! That was awesome!

  14. 114
    Georgia Jan says:

    Amanda: My friend, this is some of the finest writing you have EVER done – the depth alone is amazing, but coupled with the analogy of salvation in Christ and the recent tragegy of the hurricane, it is outstanding.

    I am so very blessed and encouraged to witness a generation of young women like you and your sister (and those in the Bible study classes y’all are doing) coming along and raising the standard for TRUTH.

    I just know your sweet mama must be mighty proud – mighty proud indeed. God gave you this – thank you for sharing it with us.

    Jesus Saves – Yes He Does,
    Georgia Jan

  15. 115
    julie says:

    Wow–you go girl! God certainly gave you a message, dear one. Thank you for sharing it with us! Enjoy your hubby’s return!!


  16. 116
    Emmy says:

    Wow! Thank you! I am going to print that! Great analogy! Very Powerful! So glad God gave that to you to share with us!

    Emmy : )

  17. 117
    Sita says:

    This is a powerful post straight from the Father’s heart. You must have the gift of evangelism–for there lies a fiery passion to your words.
    Amanda, I am really interested in the mission in India. How can I find out more about having a family vacation-with-a-purpose trip there? Does LPM sponsor this mission? Blessings.

  18. 118
    Debbie says:

    Amen Amanda, Hope everyone will get an opportunity to hear about our God who is Might to Save, and heed the warning. Let’s sound the alarm ladies!

    Love and Blessings, Debbie in Tennessee

  19. 119
    Donna Sava says:

    Amen Sister!

    I was just talking to my mother-in-law about this tonight! Thank you God for sending your son Jesus! In the midst of all this turmoil we can lean on you!

    Donna (the mom of twin boys)

  20. 120
    Tara says:

    What an incredible and profound analogy. Truly a word from God. Challenging for those of us who have been “rescued” to warn those who are around us…and never give up. It’s not too late yet… Thank you again for such a mighty word.

    PS. Praise the Lord that Curtis is on his way home- I can’t wait to hear some of his stories about India!

  21. 121
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you Amanda for this post! Very well written, well said and very direct!

    I, too, was thinking just before the storm hit how people here in the Houston/Galveston area were preparing….getting food, flashlights, batteries, candles, generators, bottled water, gas in their cars, etc. and there were long lines everywhere…WHAT ARE PEOPLE DOING TO PREPARE FOR THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST? The weather man gave us a warning that Ike was coming and when it would hit but there will be no warning when Christ comes…He will come “like a thief in the night” and there are many people who will not be ready….Now is the time! Today is the day of salvation!! Get ready today!!! Praise God that there are no long lines to accept Christ……

    Thanks again, Amanda! Go spend some time with your husband and tell him we want to hear from him about his trip!


  22. 122
    Anonymous says:

    awesome, so thought provoking. Thanks for sharing. Since I live in Houston and have recently been directly affected by this hurricane, it really hits home.

  23. 123
    Anonymous says:

    Amen…Well said!

  24. 124
    Kerin says:

    A wonderful post! I’m so glad Curtis is coming home safe and sound. This world IS scary and the events occurring now and in Nov. are very frightening! We all need to pray for our nation. I worry so much about the world and culture that my girls are growing up in. “Blessed are those who do not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, but who delight in the law of the Lord, and meditate on his law day and night.” (Psalm 1:1-2)

  25. 125
    fuzzytop says:

    Powerful words Amanda….

    So happy to hear you and Jackson did fine with Curtis gone, and praises to Him that your loved one was found.


  26. 126
    Val says:

    Thank you for posting that… it is so true there are so many that won’t heed the call. I am one of the ones that has taken my children and called out the the LORD to be saved. I pray daily for my husband, but only God knows how that will turn out. I am so happy that you found your loved one! I know that you are so relieved!

    I want to personally thank you for being obedient to the call that God has placed on your life. You have helped me grow spiritually and you just put it out there… a lot like me. 🙂 I am currently taking your study, When godly people do ungodly things. It has changed my life just in the 4 weeks that we have been in the study. Even though I have never met you, I thank God for you and pray that you continue to keep on keepin’ on. Thank you my sister…

  27. 127
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks for you post today. Those of us not in your part of the country are not hearing the stories of those still missing or the personal stories of the lost loved ones. Thank for the reminder that we all still need to keep the Texas people in our daily prayers. But most of all that we need to heed warings and be ready for whatever God has in store.

  28. 128
    KK says:

    Thanks for sharing ‘We have a Rescuer”, a wonderful post. I’ve printed this out, praying my husband will read this and I also emailed this to numerous family members and friends.
    Very grateful you located your family member. Answered prayers!
    Matthew 21:22
    Blessings today and always,
    Colossians 1:11

  29. 129
    Angie says:


  30. 130
    Sooz says:

    I love this post. Wonderful! Blessed that your loved one is safe and also that Curtis is on his way home to you.

  31. 131
    kctibs says:

    WOW!! This was a very well written and remarkable piece of blogging. I have read it with great interest time and again. The way you put the analogies together – awe-inspiring. Thank you so much for telling the free world that it is coming to the season of change for us. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are important feasts in our time here on earth. I pray that all who read this entry will take heed and prepare.

    Prepare for the coming of Jesus, prepare for the events that happen before he comes. Getting our ‘houses’ in order will, hopefully, be on everyones mind going into this new season of our history.

    Peace be to Israel!

  32. 132
    Anonymous says:

    praise God from all blessings flow, HE forever speaks. “Thank You for speaking The Heart fo what so many don’t want to hear.” God bless you all. May we remember those who are still suffering and lost out there, and pray for Gods salvation.

  33. 133
    Hiker Mama says:

    You preach it sister!

  34. 134
    HIS Daughter says:

    That was the HOLY SPIRIT speaking the life giving words of salvation through you!

    I could feel it here in Virginia, a day later, bearing witness inside my soul.

    GOD, Our Father knows who are HIS and HE does extend HIS hand to those who will hear and heed HIS voice.

    It saddens me in this day and time that so many don’t trust what GOD is doing. HE knows and has known from the foundation of the world. If we as Christians are called to suffer at all in America, let us do it with a steadfast heart, undivided and knowing that Our GOD is in the heavens and HE controls all the Kings, Authorities and Powers in every nation.

    Let HIS will be done and let us be found faithful through all circumstances – in joy and sorrow.

    Love you and praying for you and those in Texas,

  35. 135
    Anonymous says:


  36. 136
    Stephani says:

    Amanda– you are absolutely right! What a powerful word! Thank you!

  37. 137
    gg2002 says:

    Thanks so much for your insight!!! It was an excellent reminder to all of us to call the Emergency Operator NOW!!! Thank you God for all you have done for us and will do for us as your chosen children!! We give you all the Praise Father Jesus!! King of King!!!


  38. 138
    Anonymous says:

    Amanda: Thank you for posting about your loved one missing from Galveston. Many of us have been praying to hear that (they) are alive. God is almighty and does provide for us in times of need. In your message you have shared an answer to our prayers. May your loved one be filled with the Holy Spirit and know that there are many of us that care for (them). It is through His love, grace and mercy that we have been healed.
    In HIs Light and Love,

  39. 139
    cheryl says:

    Thank you for this post.
    AMEN !

  40. 140
    Rody and Wendy Chesser says:

    That was an awesome analogy and thank you for sharing the gospel. We need that sense of urgency to create a fire within us to share with those around us who will be swept away in the tide-our family, friends and neighbors. We are here only b/c we have a job to do! And that job is to preach Jesus!

  41. 141
    Denise says:

    I am in tears as I read your heartfelt, powerful words. In Job it says, “Then the Lord answered Job out of the storm.” Job 38:1 In Job 34:21 it says, “His eyes are on the ways of men; He sees their every step.” He sees us and answers us when we cry out to Him in the midst of a storm! “Then you will call, and the Lord will answer; you will cry for help, and He will say: Here I am.” Psalm 58:9

    And then in Job 34:29-30 it says that “He is over men and nation alike, to keep a godless man from ruling, from laying snares for the people.” I cling to that verse as I pray for our nation.

    God is in control. He keeps reminding us not to be afraid, for His is with us! “In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world!” John 16:33

    We are overcomers through Him!

    Praising God for the power of your husband’s testimony in India and for bringing him safely home!

  42. 142
    Anonymous says:

    I am 34 years old and my eyes can not believe what they have seen in my lifetime. I hear it from so many others in our generation. I married at age 26 and I find myself longing for a simpler time and the security that I felt living in my parent's house. I wake up at night sometimes thinking I am in my old bedroom and my parents are in the room right next door (not in a different state). It brings tears to my eyes. I do my best to find security in God's Word now. Thanks for this message. I talk to God in my prayer time saying, "Father God, will there not be peace in this world until the Prince of Peace returns?" After falling away & living for my own selfish desires for way too long, holding on and staying grounded in God's Word until that day!

  43. 143
    Tennessee Mama Duck says:

    Well said!! Amen, Siesta!

  44. 144 says:

    What a beautifully written, honest, powerful, and emotional post! Thank you so much for sharing your dream and the reality of Ike’s path of terror.

    Blessings to you.

  45. 145
    Anonymous says:

    Go, Amanda! We need that warning. What an encouragement for all the Fall Bible study leaders to stay in God’s Word and teach God’s Word until He comes again!

  46. 146
    the domestic fringe says:

    What a great post. Thank you! I pray many heed your words.

  47. 147
    elaine @ peace for the journey says:

    One of your most sacred pieces of writing, Amanda. Why? Because your passion for the lost shines through, and when that happens, my friend, the sacred heartstrings of our Father stirs in perfect unison causing a melody of kingdom proportion. Of kingdom significance.

    Keep to Him, and keep to the pen, and keep to the lost who are in severe need of both.

    peace for the journey~elaine

  48. 148
    Anonymous says:

    Wow! Powerfully and wonderfully said. Let’s pray that many will heed the call.
    Love from
    Camp Pendleton, Marine Corps Base
    Oceanside CA

  49. 149
    Kristen says:

    So, so well written, Amanda. Thank you for the fresh perspective on the big picture!


  50. 150
    Miranda says:

    What a wonderful analogy to help guide people to the cross. Just Awesome girl.

    I do want to mention….there is a typo in one of your Scripture references.. (in case someone wanted to mark their Bible).. Confessing Jesus as Lord is Romans 10:9-12

    My FAVORITE verse to share with someone who is searching.

    I type fast… I’m always getting things backwards too. Blessings!

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