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Hey, Darling Things! I just have the quickest moment to post an update. The Moores and Joneses are six hours from Houston in our Cactusland and far from cell/internet service. We came into a nearby town to worship today and right this moment we’re in a delightful little restaurant where we – and the entire community’s Lutherans, Methodists, and Baptists – are grabbing lunch. From what we hear, our properties and those of our staff members are either fine or have sustained minimal damage, may the Lord be praised!! Keith and I learned that our fence is down and we lost a couple of trees but our home is ok. The ministry building, which is surrounded by tall trees, is untouched. We were floored and so blessed. Many, many Houstonians – friends and loved ones included – took serious hits. The home of one of my dear friends was completely flattened. Several of our big churches also sustained considerable damage. We are among several million Houstonians who still don’t have power so we’re sitting tight until we get a green flag to head home. This is a great time for control freaks to exercise surrender. Needless to say, we are hoping for a green light soon. About half of our staff members stayed in town and trust me when I tell you that Houston/Galveston is NOT where you want to be this time of year with no electricity or fresh water. Please pray for them. For Heaven’s sake, pray for everybody in this part of the country. So many lost so much. We also thank God so much for not allowing Ike to have all the power he wanted.

We don’t know about Bible study Tuesday night. Doesn’t look promising at this point but we’ll keep you posted. Things could happen fast, God willing. I will DEFINITELY head to Billings, Montana, this weekend, so no threat there.

We love y’all like crazy, care about you so much, and thank you with all of our hearts for your prayers. We will ask God to spread them lavishly all over our region.

We hope to be back in touch very soon!!


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  1. 151
    Lisa says:

    So glad you are all ok and safe!

    This is the first time I have ever left a comment on your blog. If I commented every time your words blessed my heart, you would think me a stalker. 🙂 I’m not, you’ll be glad to know. Just a girl who desires to be real and half as obedient as you have been to touch the hearts of women. What a privalege!

    Thanks for the example, awesome Beth Moore.

    A native Houstonian, herself…
    Lisa (Reimer) Whittle

  2. 152
    Stacy Harp says:

    We are so thankful for your update! We love you too!

  3. 153
    Anonymous says:

    I was so very glad to here the family is safe and loss was very minimal. God is good.
    Blessing to you all
    Susan Silva

  4. 154
    Chelle' says:

    Praying for ya’ll.

    Knowing full well that He will carry those that cannot carry themselves in times like these.

  5. 155
    tiggerdaisy says:

    Praying for your continued safety!

  6. 156
    Set-Apart Lindsay says:


    I am praying for you/your family, and lifting up all of the people who have been effected by Hurricane Ike! I’m glad to hear that everyone on your staff is safe and sound, and that the LPM had no building damage. God is good.

    Thank you for not cancelling the Billings, MT event! I’m looking foward to it this coming weekend, as are many other women in the region. 🙂

  7. 157
    Betty Shoaf says:

    Our prayers are with all of the people in the Galveston/Houston/Louisiana area. May you all find strength from the One who holds the world in place.

    Betty Shoaf

  8. 158
    Shellie Paparazzo says:

    Oh, thank you for updating us. I watched the news most of the weekend, like a grown-up. I don’t generally do that, but we were all concerned. I know, I know. I’m 33 years old, but believe me when it comes to television viewing I don’t act like it. I still consider the news very boring. I prefer Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report. People are always talking about fair and balanced and I say, “They’re fair and balanced. They make fun of everybody.” But anyway, I watched the real news and was wondering about you guys. I was so glad knowing that you and Amanda had left town when I saw all those buildings with the windows blown out and everything. Still praying for everybody down there.

  9. 159
    Pat says:

    Excuse me….
    was there a rapture and I missed it??
    I checked the blog this morning to see how the LPM team survived the hurricane and there were no comments..
    I check back tonight and,
    no comments!!
    They are either stored up in a major backlog, or,
    I am in BIG trouble!!

    Continuing to pray for all who are rebuilding after the storm.

  10. 160
    Jill_in_AL says:

    So glad you are all good and that your homes are OK….my bro-in-law and his son are in a downtown Houston condo semi stranded. He thought it would be fine to stay but now is stuck w/o power, water, etc. Many, many prayers for all the responders, relief workers and those in Texas picking up the pieces of lives.

  11. 161
    Siesta OC says:


    I pray that all of the people who have been affected by this storm, will be strengthened both physically and in their spirits. I lift up those who have lost so much and in this time of not knowing how that must feel, I just pray that you would be you, JESUS, and give them your peace which surpasses understanding. Come to them and comfort them in this time of devastation and fear.

    I pray these things in Jesus name,

  12. 162
    Anonymous says:

    Have a great time together without techy interruptions! We’re praying for those on the coast.
    God Bless you all.

  13. 163
    Andreea says:

    I am so happy to hear that your home is okay, and that there was no damage to the new building. I prayed for y'all often, and thought about y'all everytime I heard the word "Houston". I coudln't wait to come home and get online and see if there was an update. Glad to hear the good report!

    Love & prayers,

  14. 164
    Anonymous says:

    Glad to hear your safe and had only minimal damage. Our prayers go out to everyone in your area!

  15. 165
    Melinda says:

    Don’t know when you’ll get this, but I’m SO THANKFUL that things aren’t as bad as they could’ve been and that your homes and the office were spared. Joining you in prayer for the rest of the region.

    Love to you all this night,

  16. 166
    flmom says:

    Still praying for and thinking of everyone affected. I know all too well what hurricanes can do and the aftermath of living without electricity, running water, a/c, etc.

  17. 167
    Anonymous says:

    So glad you all (and everyone you mentioned) are doing well. I bet you’re having fun being together just doing nothing. God bless and a safe return. Heather, NC

  18. 168
    Anonymous says:

    I’m glad your friend wasn’t “flattened” :). There is alot of help coming from Alabama I hope things get close to normal soon. xoxo

  19. 169
    Aunt Rhody says:

    Bless you, Moore family. I’m so thankful that you are well and almost without damages. My relatives who evacuated here have minimal damage as well in both Sweeny and Lake Jackson. God is good!

  20. 170
    Living day by day for Jesus says:

    See you in Billings!

  21. 171
    Carolina Mama says:

    God Bless! Praise the Lord you are well. It is nice you’re able to update. Prayers for everyone.

  22. 172
    californiamum says:

    I just wanted to shout amen! Oh dear ones so glad your okay but so sorry to hear from news of others. This is when you see the strength of our country come together to help,so may God continue to bless you all and all the staff.
    We will do what we can.
    blessed days ahead~ Louise

  23. 173
    Lyndsey Newton says:

    I am so thankful that ya’ll are safe and didn’t get any real damage-I was worried. I live in Texas, and my cousin is a Firefighter/EMT in Humble…I am praying for you to return home safe!

  24. 174
    Amy says:

    So glad you are safe and sound! I’m sure you’re enjoying the extra time with that grandbaby:)

  25. 175
    Isunji says:

    That’s good news! You and everyone down there are in my prayers.

    If you log on again any time soon, please visit my blow and read my post from today 9/16/08. You’re in it!

    Blessings and Praise God you’re all ok.

    Have an awesome day,

  26. 176
    Christine says:

    Hey, My sweet sister in law turned me on to this site and your bible studies…very cool!

    My Grandma aka GG-ma lives in Billings…tell her hi for me please… =O)

    Will bathe you and your family in prayers for safety on your trip!

    God Bless!


  27. 177
    Cindy says:

    So glad to hear that everyone is safe. I know so many are praying for everyone in that area.
    Praying and loving you guys!

  28. 178
    Theresa says:

    Beth, I know that you are not getting this now, but I just wanted you to know what my darling,8 year old Siesta said. I am currently doing the revised Woman’s Heart and we were talking in the car about the tying of the Old and New Testaments together, specifically the 12 springs and 70 palm branches. She pointed out that she bet the palm trees were symbolic of the palm branches that were waved for Jesus. The women in my class wanted me to let you know, so I am. Hope that you get back to Houston soon. I loved our Fiesta. Hope you do that again!!!

  29. 179
    Brian says:

    So glad to hear all is well. I had wondered about the status of you and your staff members and will pass along your message to the ladies at my church who have just started your Stepping Up study here in Kennesaw, GA (metro Atlanta).

    Donna Riddle

  30. 180
    Sarah says:

    Praying lots and have been watching the news lots. Thank you Lord! for all he is doing, but your right lots of people need our prayers now.
    Blessings – Prayer warrior Sarah

  31. 181
    Praise and Coffee says:

    So thankful you are ok!!

  32. 182
    Anonymous says:

    I am glad to hear that the Moore clan is doing ok in the “wilderness”, so to speak, in Texas. I have been praying greatly for you all, as well as for all in the Houston/Galveston area. I hate to hear about anyone’s losses, but I pray that they will be recovered. I am currently in the Waco area and have been watching to see how things go for you. BTW Beth, your post about God being able to change the weather and take the “umph” out of a storm due to our petitions could not have come at a better time. I work at a children’s home in waco, and was able to share that timely story with a teenager who was frightened by the storm and by not being around her family. She was blessed…and we were able to pray together about her fears. Thank you for allowing God to use you, even in your time of need. You and yours are prayed over fervently.

  33. 183
    Miranda says:

    Praying with thanksgiving!

  34. 184
    kelly gibson says:

    hey mama beth and all! i’m so glad to hear that y’all didn’t have any damage. thankfully our apartment is totally fine, just without electric. and there’s a huge cedar tree down in front of the door (but we can still get in).

    i think the Lord is taking me through a time of learning that my hope and comfort is in NOTHING but him- since the summer we’ve had a robbery, identity theft, and the unknown scariness of a hurricane… and He’s still good. still sustaining and overflowing when i let Him! He is everything.

    i love you all and wish right now i was 25 or under!

  35. 185
    Anonymous says:

    Tomorrow morning a number of ladies in Indian Trail, NC will begin our study in learning to live beyond ourselves. We know that all of you affected by Hurricane Ike are experiencing the living beyond yourselves in a REAL way! We will be praying for all of you. On a personal note – you will never know what this ministry means to my own personal life. May God bless each of you in rich, rich ways today, and in the days ahead.
    Indian Trail, NC

  36. 186
    Stephanie's News says:

    ‘Praying for you all. =)

  37. 187
    puzzlepiecesista says:

    Missing you all like CRAZY and praying you are all doing well.

    My heart and prayers labor over the devastation that Ike has caused for sooo….many.

    May God be “Glorified” even in this!

    Angela in Redmond, WA

  38. 188
    Lelia Chealey says:

    Thanks for the update Beth as I've been wondering & praying about you and yours. Material things can be replaced, but God just has to keep our Beth Moore safe and sound!
    Know you are loved and being prayed up to our God. The One who is in Control!
    Love you much,

  39. 189
    Anonymous says:

    God Bless, so glad you had a safe haven to shelter you. I’m so proud of how Texans start “picking up the pieces” the “hurricane” theme we have all observed these past few years is amazing- I think of that scripture about where to build our houses-I’m afraid physcially and spiritually we (I am) are often caught building our houses on sand rather than rock and expect no repercussions, they can look just fine, but when the storms hit,we find out where we are very quickly-Lord help us be aware where we are building and on whom we are anchoring ourselves, please keep us aware that you are the rock, keep us off shifting sands-So glad your new headquarters is awaiting your team in good shape-Blessings

  40. 190
    susanj2008 says:

    Praise God that all are safe. We will continue to lift up your State of Texas and all those who have suffered much loss. We look forward to hearing from you again Soon

  41. 191
    ruth in north idaho says:

    We are grateful that you and your family are all safe. We travel to Billings tomorrow, and will see you there!

  42. 192
    Amy E. says:

    Hello Beth!!
    Glad you and the fam are safe and sound.

    I just had to tell you that I am currently doing your study “A Woman’s Heart”..and I am just loving it!! God is just so very faithful to speak..through you and the ladies in the class. Thanks for what you do and for what you allow God to do through you. Just a blessin’ all around!!

    P.S. Oh and last night was Week #3..and that red jacket you had on..FABULOUS!!!

  43. 193
    Sherrie W says:

    I’m so thankful to God that everyone of you are ok. My husband works for Duke Energy in GSO NC. They sent him to Indiana on Monday. He thought he might be headed your way and he still might. I told him to make sure that he took care of you and your staff if he heads your way. Thinking of you and praying for you.

    Sherrie Watson

  44. 194
    Casey says:

    thinking of you all and missing hearing from you. Hope you are not too stir crazy!

  45. 195
    Shelly Wilson says:

    Praise you Jesus for your gentleness and protection. So thankful you guys are okay and your property unharmed. We are housing about 275 evacuees from Beaumont here in our small town of Troup, Tx. They are anxious to go home but discouraged at some of the news. They are precious people and we are having periodic worship services in the shelters. Our volunteers are getting tired as this is our second hurricane shelter demand this month.Please pray for them as well. The Lord is ministering daily. Bless you much and be safe! You my sisters are covered in prayer.

  46. 196
    Anonymous says:

    We continue to praise Him through the storm! We have seen our Father’s presence in the big and the little. He has brought us unseasonably cool weather while we clean up the debris and sleep without electricity. Somehow(we know how!) the wind driven rain wound up in a glass bowl on my dining room table. The water stains on the ceiling are several feet away! The family history project I was working on was not touched on the same table. Truly a God thing!
    Houston and Galveston appreciate your continued prayer! There are so many needs.

  47. 197
    DigiNee says:

    Tree on roof, gutters gone, fence gone, but we are alive and kicking – just got electricty back (Saturday the 20th at 8 pm) – was at the hospital from Friday 6 am until Monday 4pm and then back for 60 hours more from Tuesday to Friday —- so tired . . . so very tired.


  48. 198
    Cate says:

    Glad to hear you’re all okay, and the power is back on. I saw the pictures of Galveston, Houston, and Crystal Beach, where I spent a lot of time. It breaks my heart to see that area so devastated.

  49. 199
    Pat Cline Martins de Sa says:

    Beth, you have “darling ones” here in Brazil who are praying for you! Ever since Ike we have been praying for you, your family, your ministry, your church, as well as the region as a whole… I just now discovered this blog, and heard the the wonderful (albeit in the midst of horrible) news! I will be sharing with our “When Godly…” group meets this next Saturday morning! God bless you, Beth. GOD IS USING YOU TO TOUCH US PROFOUNDLY!!!
    Pat (Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil)

  50. 200
    Anonymous says:

    Sept. 25, 08
    …Hello from Temple, TX! This is my first time to post a comment but wanted to let ya'll know how much I enjoy & benefit from the LPM Blog. We have 2 Bible study groups going that have just begun the "Beloved Disciple" study & we know it's going to be amazing! We just finished the Stepping Up study. Everyone loved the bear cub story. May we always pray to be out of our comfort zones & looking for the delight. Beth, love your 2002 hair! Us women & our hair!(especially Texas women!). Love, Dianne H.

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