While Edouard Drops By Town

Hey, Siestas! While many of you are doing the usual thing, a lot of us in the Houston-Galveston area are holed up in our homes waiting for Tropical Storm Edouard to drop by town. (What was someone thinking? If it’s coming to Texas, it would be more aptly named Tropical Storm Bubba. If you must call it “Edouard,” please roll a very long “r.”) I was planning to take a much needed day off but I’d intended on doing it at the Galleria shopping with AJ while our darling Jackson was at Mother’s Day Out. As it turns out, most of the LPM staff has been instructed to stay home and only a few that live just down the street from the ministry are going to the office. It’s really not a day for getting your shopping bags to the parking lot of a large mall. It’s that kind of day when your umbrella turns inside out (I hate when that happens) and you nearly do the Mary Poppins.

So here we are at the Moore home, rain peppering against the windows: Keith, Amanda, Jackson, Beckham (very large sweet, sweet Golden Retriever), Queen Esther (AKA: Star – 3 month-old very happy, very active Border Collie), Angelina (AKA: Geli, Keith’s 2 month old German Shorthair – ADORABLE and has the cutest antics. She acts a lot like a bucking bronco at this point) and Little Fig (no trouble at all, mostly just causes AJ a few waves of nausea at this point). Curtis is speaking at a camp so he’s missing all the action. Amanda adds: Pics of the puppies are coming soon! They’re on my laptop but it’s at my house.

These are some highlights from the morning:
*Amanda very sweetly and patiently to Jackson at the breakfast table with his fruit cocktail: “Son, when you need to wipe off your hands, can we use a napkin instead of your hair?” (There’s not a bit of fresh fruit in the house. That’s why he had to have fruit cocktail. I hate having to feel guilty. And I hate fruit. Come to think of it, I do have cherries but Amanda swears they were the very things that caused the Great Diaper Blow-out of 2008.)

*It is 10:40 and AJ is on her third breakfast. Amanda adds: First my toast and canadian bacon, then Jackson’s uneaten toast, and finally some Cocoa Pebbles.

*The TV is messing up because of the storm so we’re watching Lion King. Jackson loves it. It only took Amanda a record 17 seconds to start crying. That “Circle of Love” opener gets her every time. Amanda adds: Um, that would be “Circle of Life.”

*I’ve given Jackson some multicolored stick notes to amuse himself and the room is well wallpapered in them. If you really squint, it kinda has that stained glass look. Now Jackson’s mad. A green one is stuck to his heel.

*I’m hungry but I can’t think of what I want to eat. Since Edouard decided to drop by at the very last minute, we just weren’t prepared with the great snacks I prefer for a long hold up. Most of what’s in the kitchen are the extra ingredients we didn’t need for our LPM lunch feast by Melissa last week. Today we can eat all the Ricotta Cheese and dill weed we want. (Don’t call CPS. We have plenty of Jackson food. It’s me I’m whining about.) Amanda adds: I’m not gonna lie. I got excited when I saw Spaghetti-O’s with meatballs in the pantry this morning. That’s what I’ll be having.

We love you. We hope you love us. Especially today. We need love.

UPDATES: (I know you are sitting on pins and needles.)
*Yes, Mr. Ed it is. Very good, Siestas. Very good indeed. I should have thought of that myself. I was late taking my vitamins this morning or I would have.

*Many rousing rounds of hide and seek. Oh, the joy Bibby brought Jackson when she hid in the dog crate.

*Keith went to the store! What a man!!! Groceries galore!! Fruit for the Mister: Grapes, nectarines, strawberries. Snacks for AJ and me: moon pies, stuff for queso. Real food for Keith to actually cook. Ick.

*AJ is eating spaghetti-o’s with meatballs.

Please, stay tuned. This is liable to be a nail biter.

*Yes, that’s exactly what we’ll do with the Ricotta. Almond flavoring and almonds. Yep. Great idea. Y’all are brilliant. I’m not doing that tomato thing though. That would require cooking. And my oven mitt is out on the bike seat.



3:00 PM. Amanda and Jackson still asleep. Watching Rachael Ray. (Why? Because I just baked a cake, didn’t I???) Did you know you can get Ecoli (sp?????) from your purse?

7:40 PM. 20 minutes before Jackson’s bedtime. All three dogs look like very happy drowned rats…and smell like them, too. Keith is watching the hunting channel acting like the rest of us aren’t here. He earned that right after making King Ranch Chicken for all of us for dinner. And used every pan in the kitchen. I’m sending those to Washington State, too. All of our hair looks like lightening struck the house and we were all holding golf clubs. Amanda and I are in the corner of the kitchen floor playing matchbox cars with a two and a half year old who does not appear to be in the remotest ballpark of sleepy. We knew we were descending into delirium when, a few minutes ago, we broke out in an impromtu duet of the 80’s version of “Pass It On” with our best Tiny Tim voices. To which Jackson yelled, “NOOOOOOOOOO!”

Oops. The matchbox car just broke.

Amanda’s having more cake.

It’s the circle of love.


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  1. 101
    His Forevermore in GA says:

    Dear Beth,
    I know you must be exhausted from the weekend-simulcast! It was amazing, to think 70,000 + all worshipping together. The Lord has laid you on my heart tonight and I am praying for you. Your excitement for God’s Word is contagious, you are a dear one!

    I hope all is well with you, I too noticed that you are looking really skinny! I know you have been working hard on the the Esther study, doing Living Proof Live Events, Deeper Still Events, the taping for Life Today, and all the other normal things of life. I get tired just thinking about all you do. Maybe Storm Edouard was a good chance for you to stop and rest. Please take care of you, because we love you so and you do so much for us!

    With Love,

  2. 102
    donna says:

    i have enjoyed reading about your adventure as the day has progressed. We are actually having a summer day in Washington. it is in the high 80s and NO RAIN!!
    Reading about your being stuck in the house reminded me of when I lived in North Dakota. Every winter we would have a at least one blizzard that would leave us house bound for a few days. My favorite part was after the snow stopped and before the snow plows could get through the streets everyone in the neighborhood would bundle up , head outside to dig out cars, sidewalks , and walk down the middle of the road through all the fresh white snow. it seemed to be that was only time that people would all be outside talking with each other.

  3. 103
    tracy l. says:

    I have a great sticky note story. Our senior pastor went on a 3 week vacation. The church staff asked as many people as possible to jot him a short note on a stick note sheet. Then they WALLPAPERED (and I mean WALLPAPERED…we have a good size church) with each note. They were EVERYWHERE (walls, desk, over pictures,etc). It was great!

    He then infused many of the notes into his sermons in the weeks that followed his return. Who says Christians can’t have fun???

  4. 104
    HIS Daughter says:

    I hope you all sleep well and all night too.

    E.coli in your purse? Wonder how the tiny particle from human or animal …can I say feces, get in a purse?

    That is odd. Ok, this has been such a funny conversation all day.
    I love it.

    Can anyone imagine any other Bible teacher saying the funny real things you are saying??

    I love you and your family and your real life!

    Love you guys!

  5. 105
    The Kaylor Kastle says:

    My hubby is flying into Houston tonight and I was actually praying his flight cancelled. No such luck…Mr. Ed must have moved on by now.

  6. 106
    cheryl says:

    What fun memories! Reminds me of Katrina…I couldnt bake a cake, or anything for that matter, but I learned how to make coffee on a grill. WE had all 7 dogs in the house with us too. Great times 🙂

  7. 107
    cheryl says:

    Oh I forgot!….. We finished Stepping Up today ! Thank you, loved it!

  8. 108
    A Lily Among the Thorns says:

    Circle of love…

    Oh bless. I am just tickled!

    I had to go back and read the whole post just for fun, and I am just laughing at how Beth is blogging, and Amanda feels the need to chime in. I would be doing the same thing!

    Y’all are so cute.


  9. 109
    Melinda says:

    Since I’ve been sick today, I appreciate the ongoing entertainment more than you know.

    Off to take some Nyquil.

    It’s the circle of phlegm.

    Sending germ-free hugs through the screen,

  10. 110
    Melana says:

    OK, I know this is like the 1000th comment but I HAVE to tell this “Lion King” story. We were in Disneyland, years ago on the Jungle Cruise. The folks who are the guides have a pretty much set script, but our guide did a lot of improv. When we passed by the lions eating a critter, (is it a zebra?) our guide starts singing “Can you feel the love tonight”? Hubby and I still can’t watch that part or hear that song without laughing.

    Would love to see pics of the hair. Who needs root lifter? By the way saw a commercial for the stuff yesterday. I had never heard of it till you mentioned it. You’re just so “with it”!!


  11. 111
    Sears Kids says:

    Stay safe. Loved the talk about your puppies. Just had to let you know that we lost our sweet dog of 13 years back in February and have just bought the sweetest golden retriever puppy. We have 4 children, the oldest 2 are boys (age 8 and 7). The 7 year old chose the name, Miley for our puppy. (as in Miley Cyrus AKA Hannah Montana). Is that not the funniest! I couldn’t resist sharing with you.

  12. 112
    Denise says:

    LIFE … isn’t it beautiful? I am dreaming of grandchildren. Enjoy each moment together.

    My husband just had a heart cath, and he is just fine! I knew he had a good heart, and I am praising God …

    and loving life!

  13. 113
    Anonymous says:

    Living in Pensacola I am relating to all of your boredom in food and people at this point. Just be glad that Keith still has a TV to watch…when that goes it gets crazier. Praying for a fast and harmless spray of rain and wind on everyone in the way of Eduardo with that rolling “R”.
    Beth…just wondering have you read The Shack?
    Would love to get your thoughts…I know that James Robinson gave a little review on it and he was right on as far as I’m concerned just wanted to know if you read it. Thought it would be a huge blessing to some of the other siestas!
    Oh by the way, I’m at our cabin in Colorado and far away from any hurricanes..praising God for His timing! Enjoy Jack and little “Fig” or should I say JILL??? Stay safe and Be Blessed!
    Enjoying Grace

  14. 114
    Renee in MD says:

    I have just started reading the blog after attending the conference this weekend. What a hoot!

    The conference was such an encouragement to me…to hold my hand over my heart and protect my word….actually God’s word.

    It sounds like you had a great day with your family….God truly has blessed you in many ways! I am glad ya’ll are safe in the midst of a storm.

    Thank you for reminding me that “Jesus loves me, this I know”…. it is so easy to forget sometimes!

  15. 115
    Dedra says:

    This has been the BEST post EVER! You peeps quack me up! Mucho Siesta Love!

  16. 116
    Susan Murphy says:

    Found out what a german pointer hunting dog is. They are beautiful and so smart and love to hunt birds. It also said they have personalites Brother Keith is going to have fun. When we were in Orlando last week Thursday the last night we went to go see a dinner show which was pirates and they were shooting off cannons and guns (ok grew up around guns cause my Dad hunted and my Hubby is a cop)I hate the sound of guns going off and loud noises well now since we are back my seven year old son tells everyone Mom is a chicken she left and went to the bathroom. (which I did I won’t lie ) Kids say the darndest things.lol! Glad to see that ya’ll are alright . Wish my Hubby would cook a meal (Pizza Hut is His idea) Well Ya’ll have a blest night my kitchen is yelling for me to clean it .

  17. 117
    Anonymous says:

    Beth, I just wanted to tell you I love King Ranch Chicken! I tried it when you posted it several months ago and it is now a family favorite. Pass along thanks to Keith!
    I want chocolate!!!!
    Melissa in NC

  18. 118
    Darlene R. says:

    You are cracking me up right now! We are alike in that we have.to.be.doing.something.all.the time! I have a hard time being too still~~ever!

  19. 119
    Anonymous says:

    I thought I was the only one who cried at “Circle of Life!” When we took my nephew to Disneyland and they played it during the parade I blubbered like crazy!!

  20. 120
    Kristi says:

    I'm so thankful that ya'll are together. I was concerned when I saw the hurricane news. Glad to know one of my favorite families is safe and sound.

    Did you know the Chapmans will be on Good Morning America tomorrow morning?

    Here is a link for a sneak peak:



    PS We are counting the days until the Siesta Fiesta!!!

  21. 121
    I'm a blessed girl... says:

    I would like to see a picture of your hair … I am thinking i might already know what it looks like but checking……..

  22. 122
    Anonymous says:

    Hey Beth,

    I just have to tell you that you crack me up woman! Although I am like Melissa with the independent cooking thing (I LOVE TO COOK, but only when I am making something amazing, not everyday stuff…hee hee). I laughed when I read your snack list. It is embarrassing how many jars of salsa that I have in my fridge. I am a terrible junkie. I used to have a different “drug of choice” before I came to know Christ, but now it is salsa/chips, vanilla ice cream and well, I could name a few more. Man, I can’t believe y’all have Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream Bars here. That is so cool!!! I am loving the food here. This was my first experience with a tropical storm. I was a little concerned last night when my neighbor started tying down his gazebo. I love a good, loud, electrical storm but I did not know what to expect. It was not bad here..I am in NW Houston. Anyway, my hubby got to come home early so that was nice. Thanks for the laugh, I am always up for a laugh and I have zero girlfriends here yet. It is okay though, when I talk to my few dear girlfriends, it is like they are right here. Okay, I am rambling like someone living away from home…and BTW, I am visiting churches, right now I am loving Second Baptist but I am not done looking. Okay, now it is time for me to go and watch my Billy Graham and Because of Winn Dixie DVDs. (I am still taking advantage of the storm that has passed).

    Love you Beth and I cannot wait for Esther. I have not been this excited about a Bible Study for a looong time.

    Barbara from WV

  23. 123
    MichelleT says:

    You girls are cracking me up today!! My prayers are with you (and everyone in the Gulf Coast area). I am from south Florida originally, so I know what it is like to be holed up due to a tropical storm. And nothing makes me want to get out of the house more than an act of nature that says I can’t go anywhere.

    Life will be back at full tilt soon enough. I hope you all are enjoying each other (and some yummy chocolate cake).

    Love to you all,

    PS. I was so blessed by the simulcast. Since then, I have been doing a little research of my own checking out all the references to morning (as in getting up and hearing from God “early in the morning”). I cannot thank you enough for your continued surrender to His call. I am trusting that my seed of faith will grow 100 fold!!

  24. 124
    Heather says:

    Oh my goodness, you gals are hilarious and I love you so very much. What I wouldn’t give to come and hang with you for a couple of minutes (long enough to have a bite of that cake and hug your necks). You girls are a hoot and I love ya!

  25. 125
    twinkle says:

    Love you guys!

  26. 126
    believingod says:

    Okay, 261 comments in less than a few hours. I have been checking this blog all day, not worried of course. I want to be a warrior not worrier! Just making sure that the best darn bible teacher in the world is safe! Anyway people blog faster than lightening (SP) Thank you for working for God and giving us those words this weekend. You had several there who had never attended a conference before, I pray they are taking that seed back to their hometown and doing some sowing! One woman at the conference was on her cell during the break on Saturday, I overheard her say “This woman is GOOD!” I was thinking Yes, she is but God makes her that way! Love the stories about home, you are so REAL!

  27. 127
    Anonymous says:

    Beth ,Mander , Lissa , Keith , … ya’ll could do a reality show … of course it would be a comedy /family show – about – nothing in particular. ( Like “Seinfeld ” was supposed to be ) Throw in a Bible study , and then maybe a tap dance routine , and then you’d have a great ” Variety Show ” . : ) Grins ! Oh I love my idea. Wait – but then the reality of it would also put it in the category of ” drama ” , too. Whoa. This is heavy to think about.

    Ya’ll are sooo funny. Couldn’t love you more. ( moore ? )

    Love you ,
    Elizabeth in NM

  28. 128
    Rebecca Johnson says:

    This is my first time blogging…I was politely reprimanded by some of the siestas in Louisville this weekend and decided it was time to leave a comment!

    I have absolutely laughed out loud reading all the updates today as the family has been “trapped” in the house. My husband is wondering how I can laugh at the computer screen…men, they just don’t get it! Your day sounds a lot like my family (4 women plus my dad) when we’re all “stuck” together for a day. My nephew’s name is Jackson and he’s 2 1/2, too, so I’m so relating right now!

    This past weekend has given me a fire and passion for God’s word that I cannot get under control! PRAISE HIM! Thank you, Beth, the LifeWay team, and LPM for everything you did for all of us this weekend; your service is not unnoticed. I also wanted to add a special thank you to Beth and her family personally for giving so much of you for the Kingdom and each one of us. God surely smiles when He looks in on the Moore family! Your testimony gives such encouragement to me and your willingness to share the details of your life with me makes me want to weep. I feel like your one of my best friends and I’ve not even met you! Thank you for answering God’s call on your life and for plugging on when Satan so badly wants you to stop…many lives have been blessed by your service. I am in constant prayer for your ministry and your family.

  29. 129
    Casey says:

    girls I so needed that story, narrative, whatever it is. I am knee-deep in school supplies. No, really I can see the orange pocket folders to one side of my feet and kleenex on the other. I have endured hurricanes and it is not a pleasant stint without the appropriate munchies. Did you all remember the skinny cow pops?!?! I love hearing your family talk it warms my heart. I was so bummed to not be able to attend the simulcast and am patientely waiting on next years schedule. HINT HINT So it was great to hear you all enoying yourselves among Mr. Ed

  30. 130
    Tammy says:

    I would love to be cooped up with you. I love those being home days…they are few and far between in my house. Siesta Mama Beth I was “wowed” that you made a cake….We know you were bored if you did that….hmmm I would have love a piece. Prayers were going up for yall. Being a Texas girl myself even though I am way up in Nebraska nwo I know what you mean
    love and more love to you all

  31. 131
    Anonymous says:

    Hey Beth,

    Your last entry made me laugh! And I hope your family stays safe through the storm!

    Even though I’m just 16, I am getting SO much out of this study! God is showing me so much through His Word! Me and my mom are both doing it and we LOVE it!

    I just thought I would share one of my stories about how God is showing up in my life through this study. Just the other night I was going through a hard situation with some of my friends and I was so discouraged. I was crying out to God to give me comfort through His word. Just then I opened my No Other god’s book to do my day’s assignment and looked at the topic of the day…Weakness…and the verse 2 Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” It really spoke to me, helping me realize that God can work through me even through the tough times. It gave me hope to see that good things can come from the bad situations in my life if I rely on our AWESOME God. It also just encouraged me to stay strong and lean on Him through it all! Thanks for all you do! Love Ya!
    In HIM,

  32. 132
    Kathi says:

    I’m glad to hear that you are all huddled up together and having fun too. Stay safe.

  33. 133
    Hupoclo \o/ says:

    Oh what a RIOT!!! Thanks so much for sharing your day with us. What a delight to “suffer” through your “quiet” (HA HA!!!) day at home waiting on Mr. Ed to come and gooooooooooooo………………

    You gals crack me up!!

    Delightfully enjoying this journey with you!!

    Cynthia \o/

  34. 134
    Andreea says:

    Y’all are so much fun!!! 🙂 And y’al are making me hungry for cake….may I have a piece? *grins*

  35. 135
    jaycee says:

    We don’t get any hurricanes here in the midwest but it sounds like it would be fun just hanging around, making cake! Thanks for the updates!!

  36. 136
    Krista says:

    So glad you are enjoying yourselves during this hurricane and sharing it with us! I haven’t laughed that hard all day!
    We had a nice wind storm (we don’t have hurricanes up here in Washington state) a year and a half ago. No power. And just when I really wanted a cup of tea for my sore throat the power came on for about 2 minutes. I turned on the electric kettle and it was almost boiling when the power went out again. Now if that isn’t God then I don’t know what is!

  37. 137
    calista says:

    At the risk of sounding completely dumb….(how smart can I sound after looking into a strangers eyes and saying “I’m competently continent”) what is root lifter???


  38. 138
    Janice Hofmans says:

    Thank you. We need to laugh as well as do all the other God-focused spiritual things. Thank you again for all the prep and gut-dissolving effort you gave for the Loiusville simulcast. ( Especially thank you to the techies who made Friday night available to us as well.)

  39. 139
    connorcolesmom says:

    I am laughing my head off over you guys!!
    I have been out of town so I have not watched TV
    I hope you guys are ok
    Praying for a better day tomorrow!
    BTW: only 16 more days until San Antonio!!

  40. 140
    Anonymous says:

    you guys are very loved…and so happy to share in the insanity! wish i could have been there to see you guys soooooooooo bored! But then we had a day of hotttttt ( I think I am whining too!)
    i was crying my eyes out from laughter reading you guys’ posts and updates. so much fun!
    love you guys,

  41. 141
    jennyhope says:

    Maybe my husband Rod could come watch the hunting channel with Keith. It is ALREADY wearing me slap out. The other day, our three year old Morgan, took a coat hanger (the kind with the cardboard on the end) and held it like a bow and shot at the dead buck on our wall. She said I keelled (killed) it mommy. I keelled a buck. LOL!!! The man ran out and got her her very own bow not long after. A girl after his own heart. Also, our hunting channel is called the MAN channel. No discrimination or anything.

  42. 142
    Melanie says:

    LOVING the commentary!

    Here’s an idea for a boredom buster: Camera Hide n’ Seek/Tag

    I started out typing instructions, but realized you are creative enough to make up your own version…and it might be better than ours!

    Have fun enjoying each other’s company. What a great chance for games, puzzles and all sorts of ‘old fashioned’ fun!

  43. 143
    Kristen says:


    You and your girls are so funny I can hardly stand it!!! I’m still giggling from this post!!!!

    God bless your wonderful sense of humor!!! Y’all rock!

    Lots of lovin’,

  44. 144
    Anonymous says:

    I loved your Circle of Life/Love Day. Food, tv, dogs, more food, tv and a cute toddler thrown in the middle of it. What could be more fun?

    Warm in Alaska.

  45. 145
    Teri says:

    What I find so endearing about this post is that it is just real life. Sometimes I get stuck at home when I have an amazing day planned…sometimes I have no good food in the house…sometimes I am bored out of my skull. (Although, I don’t usually bake a cake to cure the boredom!) AND…sometimes I write about it on my blog.
    Why? Because they care !!!

  46. 146
    Adele says:

    Beth, I’m sitting in my gazebo by a river here in Kenya, working on a much-too-long paper for a class, and desperately needed a break after almost 6 hours of studying. Your blog entry did it for me.

    Thanks for making me laugh out loud, causing the little cow boys (i.e. cattle-herders, not the type with cowboy hats and boots) by the river to stare. They already think I’m nuts for having sat in one spot all day, staring into some weird device on my lap… (You try explaining to a village kid what a laptop computer is!)

    Enjoy the storm, and the cake, and the circle of love…

  47. 147
    Tara says:

    I’m so glad that you all are okay! Though it wasn’t how you envisioned spending your day off, I’m sure this day has left you with many memories! There is nothing like family time…especially in close quarters! Hooray for Keith in braving the storm to stock up the house- When you are hunkered in, you have to have food! It is an absolute must:)

    Praying that you do get some very much-deserved “real” vacation time…Maybe at a secluded beach or a mountain top getaway? But until then, may the Lord refresh and renew you daily- We love you so!

  48. 148
    Joanne (The Simple Wife) says:

    Cake? Now that’s all I want for breakfast!

    And you must be much smaller than I thought, or have a much bigger dog crate!



  49. 149
    tiggerdaisy says:

    You mentioned that you were sending the dishes to Washington State…does that mean someone there won the contest? I didn’t see a post on the winner….so please give us details! 🙂 🙂

    Prayers and blessings,


    p.s. I sure wish I would have been there to eat King Ranch Chicken with you….. sigh….

  50. 150
    Rose says:

    This is hillarious, I wish I would have kept up with you yesterday but since I was holed up in my bed taking 2 hour cat naps, I couldn’t 😉 I loved yesterday, and yes I got bored several times too 🙂 When’s the next storm happening? I mean our next day off, cause you know H-town, everything stops for hard rain 🙂

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