Louisville, KY – Living Proof Live Simulcast

Living Proof Live Louisville KY Simulcast from Rich Kalonick on Vimeo.



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  1. 51
    all4boys says:

    Praise be to God!!! I was at a simulcast, and I received some words from our Father!!!! Awesome!!! Glory to His name! Beth, you bless me by kneeling before all these women…you are the ultimate picture of humility. God bless you, and may He continue to bless you with His gift of teaching. Thank you for being a vessel that He works through!!!

  2. 52
    Kerin says:

    I wish I was there!!!! Come back to Atlanta soon! When you visit Melissa stop by Rome, Ga – we have several Siestas here! Kerin

  3. 53
    karilynn says:

    Oh – how I loved seeing this! I was part of the simulcast and the one thing I wish they would have done was show us the crowd. I had no idea how big it was – how cool to get to see it now! Thanks!

  4. 54
    Cissa says:

    It’s the Daniel Song!!!! I have been wanting to hear the whole thing since I did that study a couple of months ago. It changed my life!
    I love seeing these images of women worshiping together as one. I am so excited to see you all in San Antonio!

  5. 55
    §ĥĕŗþå says:

    I attended the simulcast and before that I hardly knew the name Beth Moore. I can not tell you what an impact it had on me. I left the organization of the Jehovah’s Witnesses a year and a half ago after 30+ years envolvement and I am now on a journey for finding the real truth. I just can not wait to hear her again. I thank God for my friend that invited me to attend the simulcast with her. It was God’s direction for sure. Thank you Beth for such an inspiring experience.

  6. 56
    lbredhead says:

    Oh my sweet Beth … I had to miss the the Louisville event due to a family reunion out of town.. Is there anyway of ordering a CD for those siestas that missed it?

    We love you so much ….

  7. 57
    Anonymous says:

    This was my first LPL event and I was so blessed to be at Southeast Christian and experience it “live”. I had been praying for God to really meet me there, and meet there He did. I left there with a new desire to study the Bible and truly let God speak to me through His word – to be that fertile soil, and even in the short time since that weekend I’ve already had to place my hands over my heart to keep those words there so that Satan can’t take them from me. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to have attended this event, and so very thankful to the LPL team for being so open to sharing the words God wanted shared that weekend. I know for this one life, things have changed.

    Donna in KY

  8. 58
    Anonymous says:

    I was at the simulcast in Alberta, Canada. Even though it was a long weekend here we had a reasonable turn out and those of us who attended were really blessed & challenged. Thank you Beth for how you are obedient to what God calls you to do. You are a great blessing to us. We had some first time commitments to Christ at our site-so very exciting!! I would add my voice to the request for the words we said face to face at the end. It was very moving and I would love to be able to print it and post it in my office. Thank you to all the behind the scenes people who make it all work. What a huge blessing to be worshipping with 70,000 people. We had one brave man at our site!! I was challenged to get up earlier to spend time with the Lord before going to work – not my favorite time of the day! I usually have my time in the evening. So far I have made it every morning:-)
    Lynn in AB

  9. 59
    Sandee says:

    Beautiful! I know the siestas have been praying for the Chapman family. I wanted to share an awesome interview (yesterday) regarding how they are doing….



  10. 60
    bethany says:

    Thank you for posting this video Amanda….it was special because it was my first LPL event. I attended at Yosemite Church in Merced, Ca. I like having the visual to spark memories of the weekend and remembrances of lessons taught by your sweet mama.
    I watched the video last night with Cole (my 2 1/2 yr. nephew). One of his favorite phrases is “who’s that?” which he kept asking all throughout the video. When a picture of your mama came up and he asked “who’s that” I said “Beth” and he started laughing! I’m pretty sure because it is becuase of the similarities of our names….every time I would say “that’s Beth” he would laugh, look at her, and then look at me! We watched the video twice and when I asked him “who’s that” he said “beffy” (his name for me!) Too cute!

  11. 61
    Tabatha says:

    I was at the simulcast in Shelby, North Carolina and was just blown away. God has been dealing with me about starting a ministry and could not believe my ears when you started talking! The ending was just awesome being that my aunt (which is like a mother to me)was the one that spoke those wonderful ending words over me and I likewise spoke them over her. I would love to have those words if anyone has them wrote down in their notes because I would love to have my husband read them. It was just so amazing!!! Thank you so much for following God and doing these events!!

  12. 62
    Chantay Y. says:

    Thank you for the video of our weekend – it was wonderful to see all of the photos. We were in that crowd with 5 women and 3 very strong men in our group from TN. I cannot tell you how many times ladies stopped to tell my husband he was very brave or crazy one – so funny. Thank you Beth and Travis and all the amazing people behind the scenes.

  13. 63
    bunny h says:

    I was in Georgia with friends, I had one sister and friends in NC(1st timers),another sister in TN with friends and a close friend in FL with a daughter in law. It was so awesome to know we were all “there” together and we all loved it! I have to share something way cool with you guys. One of my friends is a baby Christian, 1st time exposure to any of God’s teachings through Beth and her socks were literally knocked off with excitement, starting with Travis’ team! I don’t think she will ever listen to secular music again!! :-)Friday night after it was over she kept us up til 2:15 (way after we turned the lights out) so full of curious questions. We tried to answer them the best we could between yawns. Well, as we know how God works, the next day Beth touched on every one of the questions from that night and my friend kept poking me on my thigh looking at me with big awestruck eyes!!! She was overwhelmed!!
    When she saw that the conference will be in Charlotte in 2009, she squealed out that “we gotta go! we just gotta!”
    One more thing. She called me Sat. night to tell me that her friends who had invited her to tube down the river that Sat. told her she missed out on a good time. She told them they had no idea what she didn’t miss out on. I told her that the difference was they tubed on water and she WALKED on water!! She was beside herself and we were both thanking Jesus for what He had done in all our lives over the weekend, including Beth’s and the team!!!
    Thank ya, Beth, thank ya, Travis and thank ya, Jesus!!!!!!!!

  14. 64
    Rose says:

    What BEAUTY! I watched this twice. The first time was to look at every face imaginable. I cried. The presence of the Spirit intimately communicating to every individual is powerful and moving. The second time I just listened. I closed my eyes and took it all in. Again, I cried. The Spirit was present and using the song as my prayer.
    Travis, thank you. I went out and bought your CD today! I want to meditate on the lyrics that are so beautifully put to music. God bless you.

  15. 65
    Diana Cooper says:

    I attended the simulcast in Muskogee, Oklahoma. My daughter came in from Springfield, MO to attend with me! She had the wonderful news that we are going to have our first grandchild! I can hardly wait.

    You talked about just taking the Word, paper and a pen in your quiet time and ask God to have a verse jump out at you. I have done that this whole week and I have been so excited about how the Word has spoken directly to me. I am in Matt. 4 and have been all week. I can’t wait until the next morning to see what God says! His Word is alive and active and exciting. My quiet time is exciting again. Thank you so much. It was a great weekend of praise and revelation.

  16. 66
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Beth, Travis, an awesome worship team, Lifeway, LPM and a wonderful host church for an absolutely wonderful weekend in Louisville. It truly did feel that we were breathing in Holy Spirit-filled air.

    Beth..after you mentioned having a KY hotbrown, I was doomed. YES…I had one last night…YUMMY…nothing like one!

    Thank you for inspiring us to stay in the Word. It has been such an awesome journey for me.


  17. 67
    Meagan Love says:

    This is a thank you to Living Proof ministries. I attended the Louisville event at Southeast Christian, and I firmly believe it was due to your prayers covering the event that brought me there. I only live 20 minutes away from Louisville and not only was a group from my church going, but my Bunco group was going as well. I turned down three opportunities last year to buy tickets, before they sold out. I had various reasons, money and child care being the ones I told everyone, but really I think it was more of an issue with my heart.
    Next thing I knew it was a couple of weeks before the event and someone couldn’t attend. You think I took the ticket? No, we had just had some financial issues come up and my husband was working a 12 hour shift on Friday night. So, another friend bought the ticket and that was that…
    Or so I thought. The week of the event I received an email that she and her husband had concert tickets and she didn’t realize they were the same night. She wouldn’t be able to go. So now both God and you are screaming, “Take the Ticket!” But still, I wasn’t sure, I’d have to figure out child care, there was still the money issues, and I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to.
    You see I’ve done some Beth Moore studies and I knew I wasn’t ready to make some of the decisions I was going to have to make. God would be there, I wouldn’t be able to run from him. He’s been pulling at me to start using some gifts He’s given me and I’ve been, shall we say, unmotivated to put forth the effort. So finally on Wednesday I asked my mom to watch the kids, and called my friend to say I’d buy the ticket from her.
    I left a message and waited to hear back. And this is when the providence of God, finally screamed at me. She called me back and said she hadn’t wanted money for it all along. She thought I knew that. She just wanted someone to be able to use it. She didn’t know the struggle we were having with our finances. That we had just had a huge let down, that I might have to go back to work. The struggle I was having in my heart with fear and worry. But God did. And I had to decide that He was worth it. He was worth the financial sacrifice and hassle of finding a baby sitter. He was worth more than I had been willing to give. And I had to decide before I could see what He had in store for me.
    So, thank you, for your prayers leading up to the event and during. I was one who wouldn’t have been there without them.
    It didn’t stop at just mere attendance; I’ve been thoroughly blessed and revived in every sense of the word. I was letting the choke set in as just a fact of life. The anxiety and worry was choking out every good and beautiful blessing that was right in front of me I am now working on Treasuring his Wonder, Protecting my heart, and Stopping the choke of anxiety from stealing the work God can do through my life. I’m working on moving myself out of the way and allowing Him to use all that He can.

  18. 68
    Anonymous says:

    Wow! This was such a moving experience for me! Thanks so much for helping me on this journey of life. God is good and He deserves every praise!

  19. 69
    *~*Pilgrim*~* says:

    I’m so grateful that I got to be a part of this incredible event.

    Afterwards I bought the CDs for “Believing God”

    Beth I REALLY AM BELIEVING GOD NOW!! It was on Sunday that I decided to give up my old ways of thinking, my unbelief, my hate for myself, and decided I DO BELIEVE WHAT GOD SAYS ABOUT ME AND MY LIFE. I KNOW God is who he says he is. I KNOW God can do what he says he can do. I FINALLY believe that I am who God says I am. I CAN do all things through Christ. And NOW God’s word IS alive and active in me.
    So grateful that you spread the word of the Lord in such an encouraging way.

  20. 70
    Karen says:

    WOW! What an awesome time all you gals had at this event! God was workin’ in that place!!


  21. 71
    Anonymous says:

    I too would love to get a CD of the Simulcast if there is one – I live in the UK and feel as though I have missed out terribly!

  22. 72
    ruthie says:

    The simulcast was great! I was disappointed at the lack of attendance at our church, but the presense of the Lord was so strong that it didn’t matter. I could feel his warmth radiating over me. You puppies are so cute, I wish I had one. Sorry that I will miss the Siesta party at the Alamobowl, but I am on disability and trying to get my life back on tract and have no money to attend. Have fun everyone. I wanted to meet and make some new friends but I just can’t right now. Take to you later, oh yeah, I almost forgot, congrats about the new baby, I hope its a girl.
    Donna Hopkins (Ruthann)

  23. 73
    Profbaugh says:

    Oh my goodness, Beth. What a simulcast. We broadcast it at our small church. We only had 15 women there, but the Holy Spirit showed up BIG TIME!!

    I’ve been to 5 or 6 LPLs and this one, even though we were at distance, was so special–to share with a small group of women. What a blessing!

    We actually sat at tables, complete with pink table clothes (and snacks). It was such a wonderful environment. At break we got in a big circle, shared and prayer together–talk about connecting! Oh my. I wish you were there, but you were, weren’t you (lol).

    Can’t wait to see you “live” in San Antonio!

    P.S. Rich rocks! What great photographs. They take my breath away.

    Much Love,

  24. 74
    Runner Mom says:

    Awesome….simply awesome!

    Love and hugs,

  25. 75
    tkborst says:

    We hosted the simulcast at our church, and I must admit I was worried. Would we feel like we were part of the event? Would we feel the Spirit during worship? Would God be with us, too? The answer was a resounding yes. It was amazing. God was present and powerful even with just 70 or so of us. It was truly awesome.

  26. 76
    kathy thiessen says:

    What an incredible time we had in Louisville! God’s presence was felt, seen and heard in every part of the weekend. Although it is all to His glory, I thank you Beth, your dear family and wonderful team for being willing to be used so mightily by God. We are truly blessed!

  27. 77
    Crystal says:

    I feel like this is way late, but I finally have had time to sit and type all of this out.
    Beth thank you for allowing God to work in you and through you. I felt like He spoke to me the whole time.

    As soon as I got home and I was put to the test! My little stinky boys needed to take a bath Sunday evening. Well my 5month old Josiah proceeded to “fill” his pants as I was taking his diaper off. So I let him finish and then handed him to my 4 year Jackson to hold as I washed him up. I turned away to get soap on the towel and when I turned back around, he was not done “filling” his pants. So I quickly grabbed him and caught my finger on the door track. Boy did it hurt and was starting to swell. So I yelled at my other boys to get out of the water FAST!!! So they did and went up stairs with their dad to get cleaned up and I cleaned up the tub.
    Anyway my husband came down to see how he could help and asked to look at my finger and said, “Oh my goo….!” I quickly took my finger back and saw my wedding ring was missing it’s diamond! I looked into the tub I had just rinsed and the drain was WIDE open! It’s gone! But I was surprisingly very calm. As I was about to get up, my eyes looked to the other side of the tub and there it was. As far away from the drain as possible!
    Now I picked it up and as I was putting it on the counter, a voice said, “Do you love ME more or even as much as that diamond and the relationship it represents?”. Do I love God more than ANYTHING else in my life? At that moment that ring meant nothing,because most importantly I already had God!
    That weekend allowed me to renew my love for God and His promises for my life. It also allowed me to begin a new life with my husband. By the way did I mention our anniversary was Aug. 4 the next day after all this happened!
    God is a good God. He knows just where I am supposed to be and I needed to be at that conference.

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