Why Do You Worry?

Hey, Darling Siestas!

It’s 4:00 or so on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Keith has gone to play a round of golf with his buddy, Roger Parker, and Beanie and I are sitting out on the back porch. It’s hot but beautiful and I have a ceiling fan on the porch wearing itself out on my humble behalf. I’m having a cup of coffee and Beanie’s trying to have a squirrel. She’s had the hardest time since Sunny died. She’d been really lethargic before she and Keith left town for a few days but when she got back and still no Sunny, she decided to wage a hunger strike. It’s not like she doesn’t know where Sunny is because Keith purposely let her see that he was burying her. The sweet girl’s just never been alone before. Curtis and Amanda let us borrow Beckham (the Golden Retriever version of Clifford the Big Red Dog) last weekend and that helped. Maybe they’ll let him spend some time over here again this week. Until then, we’re throwing out a few handfuls of dried corn to attract squirrels in the yard to fire up some enthusiasm in our depressed birddog. And it’s working. She wants squirrel meat for supper in the worst way. Keith might be a redneck with a spade in the Bluebell but he’s not liable deep fry a squirrel and stir up some brown gravy in the skillet with it. We’re just giving Beanie something to dream about.

This morning in my quiet time before church, I read something that spoke to me and I thought I’d share it with you. Pastor Gregg has our whole congregation go through the same devotional book every year and this year he chose the classic “Streams in the Desert.” (L.B. Cowman) Like many of you, I’ve done it before but not in five or so years and it’s well worth doing again and again. You can tell from the title that it’s geared particularly to people going through very difficult trials and sufferings. If that’s you right now (and I’m so sorry if it is and love you so much), you really ought to look into getting ahold of a copy. Restoration after a deep hurt or loss can take longer than our flesh and blood encouragers can stand sometimes. They can wear out in the length and breadth of our need and, to be honest, rightly so. They were never meant to be saviors for us. A book like this can be used of God to encourage you through a painful time every single day for a solid year. And, oh, what a difference a year makes!

The lead verse for this morning’s entry was Isaiah 28:12. Of God the prophet Isaiah wrote, “He said, ‘This is a resting place, let the weary rest’; and, ‘This is a place of repose’ – but they would not listen.” Here’s a little of what followed (originally written by Charles Spurgeon):

“Why do you worry? What possible use does your worrying serve? You are aboard such a large ship that you would be unable to steer even if your Captain placed you at the helm. You would not even be able to adjust the sails, yet you worry as if you were the captain or the helmsman of the vessel. Be quiet, dear soul – God is the Master! Do you think all the commotion and the uproar of this life is evidence that God has left His throne? He has not! His mighty steeds rush furiously ahead, and His chariots are the storms themselves. (Pause, Siestas, and hear the sound of those mighty steeds in your spirit. Feel their hoof-beats pound in your chest. He’s on His mighty way!) But the horses have bridles, and it is God who holds the reins, guiding the chariots as He wills! Our God Jehovah is still the Master! Believe this and you will have peace. ‘Don’t be afraid’ (Matt. 14:27).”

My favorite line: “You are aboard such a large ship that you would be unable to steer even if your Captain placed you at the helm.” So, we might as well stop trying. Anyway, with the best intentions we’d steer that Titanic smack into the next iceberg with all our loved ones on board. You don’t let your two-year old steer the car no matter how she might kick and scream from the backseat. God’s too wise to let our control issues work out for us. If we keep insisting, He might let us give it a hand for a while but, sooner or later, we’ll hit the iceberg. And the iceberg is He.

Regardless of how convinced we are, God has not placed us in control of our environments nor are we responsible for how everyone is behaving or how things will turn out. He is still God and, yes, even over “this,” whatever your “this” may be. His, Beloved Siestas, is a LARGE SHIP. Something much bigger than we can picture is going on from a God’s-eye view. Our trials are allowed so that Christ may be formed in us and then, through us, serve that greater purpose. Worry always and only forms thicker flesh in us and weights us down until we cannot walk where the Spirit would take us.

I’ve come to learn from God that worry is a waving red flag to the enemy. It is a dead giveaway that the person owning it does not trust God. The shield of faith is down. So fire when ready. Every time we’re tempted to take it all on and worry something to death, let’s say aloud from the depths of our souls, “I choose to trust You, Lord. I choose trust. I choose You.”

Be quiet, Dear Soul! God is the Master! Don’t be afraid.

With dearest love,

PS. Melissa just called me and said, “Mom, be sure and tell the Siestas how proud we are of the ones who tried making the tarts!” So, because I love her and love you, here’s a huge “hats off!” to each of you and especially to Katie and His Treasured Possession for posting links to their pictures! I’m floored at this multi-talented group! And hungry. I think I’ll get off here and go check the fridg for a can of whipped cream.


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  1. 101
    Marion says:

    I used to be the biggest worrier. I would worry about the silliest and stupidest things. The ladies in my SS class read Calm my Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow. It helped me tremendously. I still feel the enemy lead me back to that pit of worry at times, but now I am able to recognize it and get myself out. Thank you for reminding us of how easy it is to slip into that trap!

  2. 102
    Kathy In Arkansas says:

    Thank you Beth for the reminder. I enemy is time and I am struggling with time. Working six and seven days a week there isn’t any time for anything and sometimes God gets in that category.

    I haven’t been on hardly in over a week, I am so very very sorry about Sunny. My heart goes out to you.

  3. 103
    kat says:

    Thanks for a word rightly spoken…I needed to be reminded of this considering the route my ship has been taking lately…that it is He who is steering me through these difficult waters…enjoy a squirt of whipped cream on top of your coffee. I like to put a big spoonful of French Vanilla Cool Whip (lite of course) on top of mine…

  4. 104
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you God for this great reminder and using Beth’s quite sunday to bring it to us. I know most of my life I have tried steering that ship and have crashed too many to count. God is amazing though because He does bring me back to Him. I have recovery over an eating disorder for years now but for some dang reason it has creeped back up. I am in change right now and am overwhelmed in itself because this is the first change that I have never practiced any addictions so my emotions are so high. I am in a new city, church, job, new people and I feel so alone. I am not one who enjoys putting myself out there and being vulnerable to meeting new girlfriends at all! God is stretching me in so many ways. So lately I have found myself not eating like I should and exercising all for the wrong reasons so that I can control the numbers. So I told myself years ago that I would never own a scale and haven’t until the other day and you bet I have used it like I have had it for a year. This is very upseting. But God has definately been so close to me during these past several months and I can feel His presence. Sorry for the sob story. THanks beth for the reminder that God is in control!

    Beth, I have been praying so much for you and your family about your beautiful dog. See, it isn’t just us humans who can feel emotions of loneliness. Love on Beanie.

  5. 105
    Lyn says:

    Dear Beth,
    I was reading the same thing. I am also reading that book. It is good!!!
    I used to be such a worrier (got if from my dad) but God has done such a healing in that area of my life. With the worrying came much fear of everything. I am so thankful that we have a God who heals those places in us. We can go to Him and trust Him with our very lives.
    Thanks Beth
    Sorry that you lost Sunny but when I think back on my Buddy and Lady I have such fond memories and am thankful that God allows us to have animals to enjoy.

  6. 106
    Dana says:

    Thank you Beth for the word…I woke at 4:00 am worring about my oldest and the mess he is in. I am not in control of any of it and I can’t control the outcome. I choose to trust you Lord.


  7. 107
    Anonymous says:

    Poor Beanie. Our dog Barkley was the exact same way when our Rocky died. They miss their buddy. After a few months we got a new puppy. It brought her back to life. You will know what is right for you guys. Have a blessed day…I am grateful for all of you.

  8. 108
    doxielovers says:

    Thanks Beth,

    I read that same entry yesterday during my quite time. Streams is one of my very favorite devotionals. Thank you also for your words to remind us of what worry will cost us in our walk with the Lord.

    Hope Beanie is doing better soon!

  9. 109
    Mel says:

    I am so going to have to get my hands on that devotional book…. today marks two months since my 20 year old little sister died, and I’ve been floundering around in a sea of grief and worry ever since it happened.

    I needed this today…..

  10. 110
    Sears Kids says:

    Oh, Beth, Thank you so much for giving me a word today. I’ve been worrying about something specific for about 3 weeks, to the point that I am becoming depressed and very irritable (Ok, so maybe PMS doesn’t help the situation either!) I keep hearing the Spirit whispering, “trust me”. But, sometimes its so hard to give up that control! Well, maybe all the time. Thanks again for the message, I really needed that!

  11. 111
    Angie says:

    Oh, how I’ve learned this the hard way recently. My daughter at 4.5 years old was diagnosed with leukemia. Acting in faith has been a hard lesson to learn, but well worth it. Thanks, Beth for using your gift to help Christ save my soul while fighting this battle. Please pray for us. . .

  12. 112
    Anonymous says:

    Beth please keep an eye own your dog because I lost amy cocker due to loseing the bigger dog 8 months latter.So you may want to go to the pound & save a life & get another dog I wouldnt get a puppy but a little older but not old dog.It will help a lot.You want be recplacing Sunny she did what she was put hear for, I think she wants you to save a life .God bless love sister in Christ Victoria

  13. 113
    Michelle V says:


    Thank you so much for sharing that with us! I do struggle with worry and I loved the illustrations the author used!


  14. 114
    leigh-shelteredfromthestorm says:

    So awesome and timely for me . . I was able to share the message with my 15 yr old–we just talked yesterday about worry and then I read this.

    I think it is so strange how sometimes I can share with my kids and friends things truly of God and then suddenly realize that He is not only speaking through me, but actually, He is speaking TO me.

    My Summer Bible Study Sisters and I start Stepping Up tonight–so pumped I can hardly stand it!

    Lots of Love!

    Leigh ATL

  15. 115
    Kelly @ Love Well says:

    Wonderful analogy by Mr. Spurgeon. I’m putting that one in my journal.

  16. 116
    godsgal says:

    I was so sad to hear about your dog. I have recently come to understand how a pet can really become part of the family. I’ve had dogs before, but never had one that stayed inside until a couple of months ago. I can’t have anymore children, so we decided to get a small dog for me to care for. She’s a chocolate and white Shih-tzu and we named her “Lucy”. She’s adorable and I have fallen in love with her.

    Speaking of worry, I’ve already found myself worrying about loosing her one day and how sad it will be. I’m hoping Jesus will come back soon and she’ll have to go with me and Him!

  17. 117
    new every morning says:

    How appropriate! I just posted about facing my fears prior to reading this.

    I love God’s sense of humor!
    Blessings to you Bethie!

  18. 118
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your great words today…I am a controller, after all, I can do it so much better than God and ssssooooo much faster. Ha!!! That’s what I think, at least that must be what I think, because I keep trying to steer the ship – knowing without a doubt I CAN’T!! Only HE CAN!!! Praise God He doesn’t let me steer to long before He reminds me that I am doing an awful job and once again must let go. Thank you for you faithfulness to remind us of these Godly principles that are meant to help us with our walk.
    Kiss Beanie for me…I’m thinking about her.
    Love you Beth…
    Georgia (Bible Bunny) in MI

  19. 119
    Abby says:

    hey mama beth ๐Ÿ™‚
    my roommate and i were sitting in church last night and were reading through matthew 6 while things were being set up for the service.
    the name of our street is Convent Place so when we moved in we named our house ‘the Nunnery’ (“Hotel Nunnery” when people stay over) and thus, we are the NUNS. the theme verse for our house has sort of naturally been Matthew 6:33 because any time one of us has an issue of some sort the other two humbly and w/ great sincerity chime in
    while we were reading last night my roommate brought up the fact that this particular verse is surrounded by others that say precisely what you have here….DO NOT WORRY!!!
    so thanks for speaking right to me today as we at the nunnery have been rolling in this very same idea here recently. you are welcome to be an honorary nun any time you wish ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. 120
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Beth,

    Thank you so much for passing on God’s message to us. You are such an incredible tool that he has used to help so many. I needed to hear this. My issues aren’t really big ones, but I worry all the same. I love the thought that I wouldn’t let my child drive the car, so why would God let me? You are a precious soul that I am truly thankful for. Have a blessed day!
    Michelle – Arkansas

  21. 121
    Katie says:

    So I realize how big of a nerd this makes me, but I am a little giddy over the fact that I was acknowledged on the blog. Not even going to lie, I might be telling all of my friends and family about it. Thanks for making my day (okay…week)!

  22. 122
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your timely words. My heart is so heavy and I have carried these burdens so long for my children. I know God has a plan —- I just wish I could see a positive little glimpse.

  23. 123
    Susanna says:

    Thank you Beth for posting from your heart! God always uses what you say to reach deep into my soul.
    Right now, my husband and I are going through some tough ministry stuff… we were hurt deeply in the past by our church family to the point that God called us out and sent us to another church. It’s looking like we will be goiung through some minisrty trials with this church as well… (WHY do God’s people try so hard to get in His way??)Anyway one of the things God spoke to me about yesterday was that He was allowing this trial so we could get through it better than we did the last time! (I think he was smiling when he said it…)Your blog this morning made me realize that I’ve been waving that red flag of worry My worry is getting in God’s way… I’m fighting for control. Today I choose to let God have control. I will let Him work as He chooses. I’m getting out of the way!
    As a side note, I spent some time visiting a dear saint in the hospital last night. He said something to me just as he was drifting off to sleep. If I never hear the mad utter another earthy word, these words were the most important. I want to share them you all b/c I hope it will challenge you. I was thanking him for the words he shared with me and he replied… “I am full”, he paused for a moment and continued, ” I am full of the Word of God, my head, my heart and my body.” Be full ladies, minister from the overflow of God’s love and His words… Be full…

  24. 124
    your sister says:

    I am officially freaked out! I cannot believe how little I know about this kind of technology. I just discovered this “blog world”. Yes, I am that stupid, and I love myself for it. The more ignorant I am to this stuff the less trouble I will get into! Anyway, all that being said, to say this….Praise the Lord for such an awesome way to encourage and support one another! Thank you God! Beth, I have been your long lost best friend for years! Thank you for your obedience and pray for you daily! Psalms of Accent was wonderful for me and really met me where I was stuck on this pilgrimage. Thank you for sharing about worry. I never thought of myself as a worrier before. I found myself identifying with your analogy a little more than I would have liked too. I have heard of that devotional and am intrigued to get it. I am currently looking for one.
    With deep Love from the Father, Your long lost best friend!

  25. 125
    Rebecca says:

    I am so glad that I am not in control of my life. I know I would make a even worst mess of it then it already is. I thank the Lord everyday that He is in control and carries me through the good and the bad. Worry is a waste of time, when I start to feel that feeling coming on I immediately turn it over to Him. I don’t need the enemy at my heels, he chases me enough. When I feel worry coming on I pray to my Father silently in my heart so the enemy doesn’t know my inner thoughts. That is between God and me.

  26. 126
    mandajune says:

    Hey Beth. I often read but rarely comment. But your words today were great for my heart. I’ve never heard of the book you quote but it sounds great. As someone who is walking through the “desert” right now (a time where I am experiencing God’s goodness and sweetness but still breaking down in my fight for healing), it’s of much comfort to hear you write about restoration and healing — and the fact that God made us and made the storms to where we need more time, and more comfort, than we or our dearest friends might expect.

    Thanks for acknowledging that and reminding me that it’s his ship and oh how blessed to even be on it! How blessed that the storms are his chariots and instruments of grace in their own way. Oh what truth and peace is wrapped up in those words. Thank you for sharing them!

    amanda gardner

  27. 127
    melanie says:

    Oh, Beth….I am sitting here in tears as I read this, at work non the less! Sometimes it seems that you speak directly to me and not a world of blog Siesta’s. I SOOO needed this today in particular. I have had a foster child for 16 months and we are coming up to a critical time within the next month or so. It seems that I can’t stop worrying, quite frankly for me and especially for my angel of a little girl. I KNOW that this plan is perfect and I KNOW that I should not worry, but sometimes you just need to be reminded of why. Thanks for everything and you have been in my prayers with the loss of your best buddy.

  28. 128
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Beth, for the word I needed today. My teen-age son is dating the wrong girl, let me tell ya, and I have made it my personal mission to worry my head off. Thanks for the reminder…time for me to give it over to God, and let
    God be God in my sons life. Sigh. What a relief. I’M NOT GOD!!!

  29. 129
    Sheryl says:

    Thank you so much for that reminder.

    I have gone through many difficulties in the past 3 years. Between my husband going through a deep depression, my daughter having open heart surgery (at age 18), my husband being out of work for long periods of time (he’s in construction) I feel I have lost my hope, my joy. I know it’s in Jesus but I am weary.

    It’s good to be reminded (over and over again…it seems lately) that God is the One in control and I just need to do what He has called me to do…just like the apostles in Acts 1:6-8. They were concerned with things they could not control. Jesus was giving them a job to do… that’s where their focus should be. And my focus needs to be on HIM and what He has for me to do.

    Thanks for the reminder. I really did need it.


    P.S. I am so sorry for your loss. I know how it feels to lose a pet…so much a part of the family.

  30. 130
    patty vandergrift says:

    Good Morning Beth,
    This is my first time writing on your blog and can I say what a fun blog it is. Oh, can I even describe how wonderful your words are on a daily basis? All I can say is that I am in awe of your God Given abilities to share and articulate so beautifully your thoughts and prays. It is so appreciated. And you are so loved especially by me and so many. Worry is a hard one to give up (especially with a hubby, kids, careers, financial struggles and life) but through your studies it is becoming easier. I am slowly but surely breaking free from that stronghold and I am determined that the devil is not going to win. The red flag is a wonderful visual imaginary for me. Keep putting the visuals in there for us visual people. It sure makes it stick in my head. As I put on my armor and hold my shield, I am willing to fight the fight for the LORD. Please keep bringing us such invigorating studies that teach us to love the LORD more and more every day. Many blessings to you and your family. Just know Sunny is running around in those beautiful Heavenly gardens and sharing love with the LORD. Many prayers and blessings this day for you. I thank God for you every day.I am so enjoying this semesters bible studies Daniel and Patriarchs. Thank you for your research, writings and editing of such touching studies. Love ya much. Must run and drink some coffee and praise God on a beautiful Carolina morning.
    Sister in Christ
    Patty Vandergrift Winston-Salem, NC

  31. 131
    The Young's says:

    Thanks! I needed to hear this!

  32. 132
    Showin'Grace says:


    I have a very sweet friend whose beautiful 6 year old has been struggling through recurring neuroblastoma for 15+ months now. Her faith was so strong for the first year as she did so well, but when the “final” treatment scans came back with another spot the enemy got the best of her.

    You and I can only imagine the struggle she is having now to stay positive and lean on God’s Promises for this most difficult season of her life.

    I humbly ask that all who read this would add her and her daughter to your prayer list. God knows their names and their struggles and He has conquered them already. I pray that she is able to live in that victory TODAY.

    Thank you.

  33. 133
    Anonymous says:

    His Princess writes –

    Dear Beth –
    Thank you for sharing. that particular paragraph about the steeds and control, hit my soul and wrestled up a few tears ( all though they did not spill out, eye makeup and all that). I need to know that GOD has not givin up on me, the world makes it very apparent that only certain types of girls “Get thier way” and I’ll be honest, it gets exahusting trying to keep my head up.

    I love your Joy, you and your family are a wonderful illustration of God and what fun he brings to life.

    Love and Blessings,

  34. 134
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Beth,
    It’s Monday morning and I just read your blog about worrying. I can’t stop crying. Right now we are going through a time of devastation and to read and remember that God is on His throne and is always on His throne and that when He gets up His ememies scatter…I will choose to trust Him. Thank you for the encouragement. Much love to you.

  35. 135
    Anonymous says:

    God works in mysterious ways to remind me that He is all over everything in our lives. This weekend I read a note my son’s dorm mate wrote him for his birthday…he quoted lines from “Oh Captain, My Captain” by Walt Whitman. They were profound and timely and paired with these thoughts will be a great discussion at dinner tonight. Thanks for the “meat” ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. 136
    valerie says:

    Awwww…that is so sad about Beany!
    I know she misses her sweet companion, Sunny. Y’all will just have to get her a new little friend. I bet Keith would like a new bird dog. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I often ask myself the question you posted… “Valerie, why do you worry so?” I know God always has everything under control. He always knows what’s best for me. He always works everything for my good. He’s always been faithful to me. Yet, every now and then I go through a rough time & start to choose to worry and I’ll hear Him say…”What does my Word say about you and this situation?”
    Knowing His Word and not allowing satan to get a foothold is key.
    Thank you for your words today.
    God is so good!
    Love ya,

  37. 137
    tiggerdaisy says:

    You are such a Sweetie! I love you post today…from squirrels to ships, I love it I tell you!

    This is the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve heard about this devotional over the past few weeks, so I think I’m going to get it!

    Oh, and I can’t wait to start the Bible Study with you this summer! I finished up an online Bible Study just a few weeks ago and it was an awesome experience. Truly a unique way to study God’s Word indeed!

    Today, I posted a blog entry about the godly vows I took with my husband and how remembering those vows did my heart good today. Your post reminds me of the vows we take with God when we surrender our lives to Him. If we love Him and obey His commands, then we are not to worry…or in your words, “I choose to trust You, Lord. I choose trust. I choose You.” WHOO-HOO…let’s give God some praise!

    Prayers and Blessings!

  38. 138
    Anonymous says:

    My dear Siestas, As I read the posts, my heart was so touched. Kelly, I pray for your baby as he undergoes heart surgery. May the God of All Comfort wrap you and yours in His tender mercies. My prayers are with you. And with my other sisters who have such heavy hearts. What a privilege to lift you up in prayer. I pray that you will sense the presence of God Almighty and find your rest in Him. Love to you, Dee

  39. 139
    Georgia Jan says:

    Beth – I love it that you also love the classics – and you yourself are a CLASSIC! I’m going to get Streams in the Desert out again myself. And I love Charles Spurgeon too.

    I have a precious sister going through the stuff sideways in her family right now, I will share this with her.

    And I’m also blessed to know I’m in good company. I have been caught many a time with the Redi-whip can tilted back and my finger on the trigger…I LOVE IT. So now, I buy that two-pack at Sam’s and I have my own.

    My son is getting married this Saturday and my nest will be empty…but parenting never ceases, does it? So instead of looking back at what WAS, I’m looking forward to what WILL BE – grandchildren!!!

    Much Love,
    Georgia Jan

    PS: The ship analogy made me think how much fun it would be to be on board a ship with you Beth, and all the Siestas – wouldn’t that be awesome…

  40. 140
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you!!! I really needed that today..God is in control. I will be getting the book Streams in the Desert. I love you!!


  41. 141
    Bobbie says:

    Beth, what an awesome reminder! I have struggled with worry my entire married life! Being married to an Air Force pilot, I thought that came with the territory! My man is still flying–and I’ve learned that it is much easier to trust God than to make myself sick over something I have absolutely no control!!

    In August of this last year our son was notified that he was being deployed to the Middle East, the worry began all over again. I thank God that I was part of a Bible Study with Godly women that reminded me that I should place my “worry” in God’s hands and trust Him. Many times during his deployment I would go to Phil. 4:6 for His reminder not to worry, give it all to Him! It was a much calmer 6 months than I thought it would be. Joyfully, we welcomed our son home this past Tuesday, safe and sound.

    Thank you Beth, for giving us this wonderful reminder and as always, at the perfect time for so many of us.

    Love and blessings

  42. 142
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you. My hubby is going very soon to Honduras where they had that plane crash, and I have been trying not to worry. I’ve been trying not to blurt out that I refuse to let him go. He is meant to go and God will watch over him.

  43. 143
    Anonymous says:

    Do you know what, Beth? Just this morning during my quiet time I was confessing, repenting of, and renouncing my perfectionism and fear. I have “The Commission To Faith” from Believing God prominently displayed in my prayer closet, so I finished my prayer time repeating that commission – hand motions and all. Perhaps you or Amanda could post it on the blog as it is a timely message that bears repeating often.
    Blessings to you and all who read this,
    A Florida Sister

  44. 144
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Beth. I was just writing to a friend this morning about life’s consistent changes. It has been a roller coaster as of late. But God? He doesn’t change. And that is why I trust him.

  45. 145
    ChoosingJoy says:

    Beth! Thank you for sharing that today…it is just what I needed to be reminded of for this next week! Thank you for following the urge of the Holy Spirit to put it here for me to see! God bless! Hope your week is wonderful.
    Kathy from Colorado

  46. 146
    Taylor says:

    i read this devotion the other day by Oswald Chambers:

    May 30th. “YES – BUT . . . !”

    “Lord, I will follow Thee; but . . .” Luke 9:61

    Supposing God tells you to do something which is an enormous test to your common sense, what are you going to do? Hang back? If you get into the habit of doing a thing in the physical domain, you will do it every time until you break the habit determinedly; and the same is true spiritually.

    Again and again you will get up to what Jesus Christ wants, and every time you will turn back when it comes to the point, until you abandon resolutely. “Yes, but – supposing I do obey God in this matter, what about . . . ?” “Yes, I will obey God if He will let me use my common sense, but don’t ask me to take a step in the dark.” Jesus Christ demands of the man who trusts Him the same reckless sporting spirit that the natural man exhibits. If a man is going to do anything worth while, there are times when he has to risk everything on his leap, and in the spiritual domain Jesus Christ demands that you risk everything you hold by common sense and leap into what He says, and immediately you do, you find that what He says fits on as solidly as common sense.

    At the bar of common sense Jesus Christ’s statements may seem mad; but bring them to the bar of faith, and you begin to find with awestruck spirit that they are the words of God. Trust entirely in God, and when He brings you to the venture, see that you take it. We act like pagans in a crisis, only one out of a crowd is daring enough to bank his faith in the character of God.

    sorry to post at such length, but seiously??..how good, true, amazing. thank you, miss beth, for the needed reminder to TRUST.

    today, may we all be daring enough to bank our faith in the character of God!


  47. 147
    Anonymous says:

    Just this morning I felt so overwhelmed. I am the Minister of Children at our church and wear a lot of other hats also. Summertime is a busy time but today particularly I was feeling unusually stressed. My sister even left this morning and told me all would be alright. I, like yourself heard from the Lord today, just that I got my word after you, but in God’s timing all things happen perfectly. Thanks for all you do to uplift the kingdom of our Lord.

  48. 148
    Anonymous says:

    I so needed to hear those words! I am taking every worrying thought captivity and turning it over HIM proclaiming “I Trust YOU GOD!!!”

  49. 149
    Anonymous says:

    Oh thank you Lord for using Beth in such an encouraging way! My 4 year old is going through some health issues and boy I am struggling with control. Her health is not in immediate danger, but it needs to be managed and sometimes it overwhelms me. I know she is the Lord’s child first and I am to do my best…not perfection, but my best. Thank you for reminding me today. The GOD of the UNIVERSE has his hand on my sweet child and he will be glorified in her life…AMEN!

  50. 150
    Anonymous says:

    I am always thrilled to find a post from you. Just wanted to let you know that I have been on a girls beach trip with 6 friends ranging in age from 39 to 53. We have had a blast but we also had some “good words” from God through you! I had facilitated your “Wising Up” series at church not long ago. I am like you, when I see and learn something from God that is SO good I WANT my friends to know it too… so I brought the dvd’s down with me and we actually did the two on marriage and the one of friends over the 4 days we were together. We learned SO much!! One of us even texted her husband with a promise of “Beach benefits” for him when she returned home… I think he about had a heart attack! I cannot tell you how many times GOd has used you in my life and I am so very thankful for you, your precious family and your wonderful ministry. May God continue to bless you and use you for many years to come!
    Martha in MS

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