Our Darling Beanie

Response from Mom:

My Dear Siestas, thank you so much for your love and kindness toward us in the loss of our beloved Beanie and in only three weeks from the day that we lost my constant shadow, Sunny. This time I didn’t feel the least funny about you expending energy to pray for us, even if it seemed silly to some. Between the loss of them both, we are torn up. Just torn up. Have cried more in the last three days than I have cried in the last five years put together. When your kids are grown and you’re nurturers by nature like Keith and I are, your pets have a whole different place in the home because you center so much of your activity around them and affection upon them. They are gifts from God to lonesome people. The four of us – Keith, Sunny, Beanie, and I – did everything together. We even took them to Sonic and knew what they liked to order.

The whole time we were enduring Sunny’s tests, terminal diagnosis then death, Keith and I kept saying to one another in tears, “As painful as this is, can you imagine if this were Beanie??” Then before we could even recover, it was. She was just so much younger and such a spoiled baby that we couldn’t stand to think about it. We knew it would be even worse. And, Lord have mercy, was it ever. Her cancer went to the brain in a flash so hers was a very violent death compared to Sunny’s peaceful slipping away. Beanie had non-stop seizures for the last six hours. Enduring those hours before the vet’s office opened with her in such pain was just terrible. She was such a beauty. Such an exquisite animal that people would stop us on the streets and ask us what breed she was. And simply the funniest dog ever. I’ll add one story to Amanda’s wonderful tribute. Beanie loved to “hold hands.” She’d sit next to you, upright like a person, in the car or on the couch and hold out her paw so you’d hold hands with her. You couldn’t resist it because of the sad look she’d get on her face if you didn’t give in. Keith has been on so many road trips where he’s had to say to her, “Beanie, Daddy’s gotta rest his arm! I’m bout to get a cramp in my shoulder!” So darling. We will miss her terribly. Siesta who also has the German Shorthair, your comment made us laugh for the first time. Beanie hunted lizards, too!

So many of you were right on target: It won’t be long till we fill our house with puppies again. We’ll take a little while to recover then dive back in. And they’ll drive us crazy for two solid years and chew up half the furniture. And we won’t care because Keith and I are dog people, plain and simple. Keep the fancy house. We’ll take rompin’ stompin’ dogs. Tranquility never has been what we’ve looked for in a home. We like L-I-F-E even if it covers the couch with fur. Thank you for your sweet hearts toward us and for joining us in giving thanks to our marvelous God for saving my man from harm. You should see his truck. He came so close to driving off that bridge. I kept thinking yesterday, “I could be planning my husband’s funeral.” Perspective.

I love you guys so much. Thanks again for the lavish support. In ways too personal to reflect on a blog, the last couple of months have been hard. My main consolation is that God’s Word is never more alive to me and His Presence never more palpable than when I’m hurting and need it. Need HIM. Oh, I love Him so. I’d rather have Jesus than anything on earth.

Sweet friends, my mom asked me to tell you what has been going on in our lives this week. As you know, just three weeks ago my parents had to say goodbye to their dear old dog, Sunny. We never would have thought that just 13 days later, their dog Beanie would turn up with cancerous tumors throughout her body. My parents had a sad and tumultuous week doing absolutely everything they could to help her. My dad did so much driving back and forth from Houston to Beanie’s special vet in South Texas that he fell asleep at the wheel and had an accident on Tuesday night. He hit the guardrail while driving on an overpass. Thank God, he was unharmed and no other cars were involved. We are so grateful for God’s protection.

It breaks my heart to have to tell you that Beanie died yesterday morning. She had to be put down after a very long night of continuous seizures that couldn’t be stopped. I know Beanie is out of pain, but my parents are swimming in it. Granted, if you could choose your pain, we would 100% choose this over losing or having a sick family member. There’s no doubt about that. Our pain is microscopic compared to what so many are going through. But man, this life can hurt, can’t it? In a million different ways.

Beanie was the baby of the family. She came along in 1999 when my parents were creeping up on the empty nest years. I was already in college and Melissa was getting ready to be a senior in high school. Add that to the fact that Beanie contracted a fatal disease from a thorn in South Texas when she was only a year old. Every single birthday she had was a gift. We celebrated her big time because we weren’t supposed to have much time with her. Our family definitely felt that God had done a miracle for us by letting her even live past her third birthday. All that to say, she was babied and given lots of attention from the very beginning.

When my dad first brought her home as a puppy, mom was in the Philippines. Dad charged me with babysitting the new puppy while he was at work. She was so precious and so bad. Melissa and I told him he was going to be in huge trouble when mom got home. I think he was in a little bit of trouble, but mom couldn’t resist the puppy breath and she fell in love with “Sabine.” It wasn’t long before mom and dad were referring to Beanie as our “sister.”

Beanie was an extremely energetic dog. She loved to run. She was incredibly fast, especially in her younger days. If you opened up the front door and there happened to be a squirrel, cat, or rabbit somewhere on the street that she had been eyeing through the window, look out. She could worm her way out the door and fly down the street like a streak of white light. We called this phenomenon a “beanie ran.” For example, Mom might answer my call breathless and frustrated and say, “Oh, we’ve just had a beanie ran. It was a really bad one. It took us thirty minutes to get her back in the house.”

Mom and I were talking about how much of our family vernacular, inside jokes, and silly songs have to do with that dog. Perhaps the most distinct phrase she inspired was “good for bad.” Beanie was terrible for the first two years of her life. She did beanie rans, she gnawed at your hand when you tried to pet her, she destroyed all her stuffed animals within minutes (including dear old Spitty Chicken), etc. Clearly, she was bad. So when she had a good day, we called her “good for bad.” When she had a bad day, she was “bad for bad,” which we all know is really bad. Our Beanie songs included “Hold me closer, teeny Beanie,” and “Hey Beansie! You’re so sweet, your feet smell like people feet! Hey Beansie!” (This latter was more like a cheer.)

Beansie, as vibrant and fun as she was, always had an empty place in her heart. Why was that? Well, someone mean and bad took her tail when she was only a pup. She was practically obsessed with it. The stump was known as the “tootsie tail.” It wagged with mind-boggling speed. If you stared too long at it you might fall under its spell and be made to give Beansie all the Meaty Bones in the pantry at once. Beanie really appreciated it when we held her tail still so that she could reach around and see it, smell it, and nibble on it a bit. When we let go she would spin around like a whirling dervish. Whirling Beanie, if you will. Dad was not too happy about us doing it, but it was so funny.

One of Beanie’s favorite things in all of life was to go on car rides. Dad would drive, mom would sit in the back seat, and Beanie would sit up front in the passenger seat. If you tried to usurp her throne next to dad, she would climb all over you and make you miserable until you finally moved to the back. In time we all accepted it. There are some large fields close to my parents’ house and they would drive over there with both dogs in the car. At just the right moment, they would open the door and both dogs would jump out and take off like a flash. They would run and run and run, stirring up all the rascally rabbits from their hiding places. When they started howling and picked up their speed, we always knew they had found one. Those bunnies always outran the dogs, but they had a great time in the chase.

Beansie was a great snuggler. She could spoon like a person. She also liked to lay her head on a pillow and be tucked in under sheets. Mom and Dad would call Melissa and me in to say goodnight to our sister. We would go in the room to marvel at Princess Beanie all tucked in her bed. Her head and entire body would remain still as though she were asleep, but that tootsie tail would be thumping the mattress and give her away every time.

The first time I visited my parents’ house after each dog passed away, there was a rabbit hopping around out front. Maybe those rascalies heard that the street was safe again, or maybe they were paying their respects. Whatever the case, that street will be a lot more boring without Beanie and Sunny. We imagine that right now they are running side-by-side through the tallest, greenest grass in heaven with speed they’ve never known and are having an absolute blast. We suspect Beanie might even have her tail back. And as much as we’ll miss that little dickens, that’s good for good.



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  1. 151
    Vicki Sandifer says:

    Beth and Keith,
    Steve and I had a bird dog, “Penny” and she was great. When Steve was gone she would come in the house as she thought she was my protecter. She would lay on the floor at the foot of my bed and when Steve would get home she would get up and go to the back door and want out. Steve had her 2 or 3 years before we got married and we had her for 2 more years after that. Steve’s job was one in which he had the opportunity to take Penny with him some days. He was a forester and used to cruise timber. She loved going to work with him when ever she could. One day he took her and he went into a store – like a Jr. Food Store – got a coke and candy bar and came out and someone had stolen Penny off his truck. We reported it, we told everyone we knew to tell and showed her picture all around. We never saw her again. It was terrible. We never replaced her. I hope that whoever got her has gotten saved since then and is sorry for stealing such a good and sweet dog!! We are sorry for your loss and we will pray for you to not be sad. It is funny how an animal can get into our hearts and love us and cause us to love them back. I know for sure you will miss your dogs but time will help and I KNOW you know that. If I could hug you I would. Dogs are wonderful things and I hope that if you do get another dog no one makes the mistake of telling you it is replacement for the ones you lost. You can get another one but it will never “replace” the ones you had. Puppies are fun though and I hope you get one or two to love on. I hope they will help you not to miss Beanie and Sunny as much as you do now. Bless you, Vicki

  2. 152
    Rachel says:

    I am so sorry for your loss of Beanie. I will remember to pray for you, as I can empathize with your loss.

  3. 153
    S says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m a dog person, too…I understand your pain. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. 154
    rebekah says:

    I’m so sorry for your hurt right now.

    The crushing losses coming right on top of each other is just too much.

    I’ll be praying for God’s comfort to envelope you when you need it most!


  5. 155
    angeljoy says:

    Thanks for sharing the sweet stories of Beanie… Love picturing Beanie under the covers tucked in for the night. Dogs have such personality!
    Beth, I have just started reading “When Godly People Do Ungodly Things”. Thanks for writing this book!

  6. 156
    Phyllis says:

    So sorry to hear of your loss! May the Lord provide the consolation you need. Pets are such a blessing! Tears are expected when we lose these special creatures that bring us so much joy and laughter.

  7. 157
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    I had to hop on before getting ready for church this morning…Oh Beth, I don’t know what to say, but I know that God is most definitely with you, like He is with all of His own. (Now I feel like cryin’!) If things have been really hard to bear, then you know God must be doing something amazing! JUST AMAZING! I ran across one of your quotes this morning that I had written down from a radio broadcast on oneplace.com: “No matter what’s going on in the heavenlies, it is not because we are not lavishly loved by our God.”

    I am soo blessed to know that Keith is okay-you guys love each other soo much! (Happy Father’s Day too-to Keith, Curtis, Travis…all the miestas)

    Don’t be lonesome! I have been praying that you would have good, solid, biblical friends that can be accountability partners for you. I can pray that for Keith as well…I had better hop off and get ready for church! Also, please pray for me, (I don’t know what this means) God showed me Matthew 26:41 and Luke 22:46 this morning, and I don’t want to ever leave HIS side! Thankyou Spiritual Mom Beth! Love you too:) ((HUGS))

    Psalm 116:7-10 (AMP)
    7Return to your rest, O my soul, for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you.(A)
    8For You have delivered my life from death, my eyes from tears, and my feet from stumbling and falling.
    9I will walk before the Lord in the land of the living.
    10I believed (trusted in, relied on, and clung to my God), and therefore have I spoken [even when I said], I am greatly afflicted.(B)

  8. 158
    Joani says:

    Sunny must have needed her Beanie! I am so sorry!

  9. 159
    valerie says:

    To The Moore Family:
    I am so sorry to hear about Beanie!
    Bless your hearts.
    I know how you feel. It’s been a year this month that we had our little nearly 16 year old dog put to sleep. Even after a year without her I still come in the door sometimes and think I’m gonna see her coming to greet me or I’ll drop a little food on the kitchen floor and think about her eating it.
    Two of my sisters and our families had dinner last night at my mom and dad’s to celebrate Father’s Day and we talked about you and this precious story over our dinner. (we’re all huge Beth Moore fans and somehow something about you always ends up in one of our conversations….it’s so cute)
    I’m so thankful Keith was not hurt in the accident!
    I’ve been gone to church camp for a week….away from all technology.
    It’s so good to get back & get caught up.
    Again….you are all in my prayers.
    I know how sad you feel. I always loved hearing about your dog stories.
    May the Lord bless you with His perfect peace today!
    Love you all,

  10. 160
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Beth, Keith, and family,

    So sorry…we have lost 2 dogs over the years that were very much a part of our family as well. The pain is great…so thankful that our God is just plain big enough to understand it all…much love, Jill from PA

  11. 161
    jenebassett says:

    What a sad loss at an already sad time. My dogs are part of our family just like yours were. It is painful to lose them. I truly believe God gives those wonderful wagging tails and wet noses to us and what wonderful examples they have been to us of unconditional love. Covering you all in prayers!

  12. 162
    Tabitha says:

    I am so sorry. I know dogs become a huge part of your family. You will be in my prayers, because I know it does hurt.


  13. 163
    lbredhead says:

    Oh my Darling Beth and family…. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I cried the whole time I was ready the post. Four legged family is just as important as two legged family. Knowing they are in Heaven together helps but doesn’t take the place of your loved ones. My heart hurts as your family feels like my family with all the blogs… Blessings as you work your way through this tough time.

    And praise God with all our hearts thay YOUR MAN is ok and not hurt in the accident… God’s angels were watching over him.

    I think I read somewhere it was or is your birthday this week… Happy Birthday to someone who Blesses so many… May God’ presence flow all over you…

    love you,

  14. 164
    Mel says:

    I am so very sorry for your losses. My eyes are flooded with tears as I look at my own dog daughter, Anya. She’s a 10 yr old yellow lab and her health is beginning to fail. We don’t anticipate her living another year. We also have a 7-month old black lab, Lily, who has brought some life back into Anya but time is still taking it’s toll. Please know your family is in our prayers during this heartbreak.

    Blessings from Mel in East TN

  15. 165
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Beth and family,
    I have been praying for you ever since I heard the news. I really feel your loss deeply, because our dog is a part of our family too. I can’t imagine the grief you feel. I would be a wreck if our dog died. Thanks for being so real with all of us about everything. Your testimony of God’s presence with you and His Word being so alive to you is so encouraging. He is everything.

  16. 166
    cheryl says:

    Im so so sorry! I have been away from the blog for a few days and just sat down to check it out. I was fussing at my little Trixie, actually mad at her for barking at me all the time Im on the computer. She thinks that means its time to throw the tennis ball! My other sweetie, pookie kept jumping off the bed next to me then wanting back on. I was so upset and frustrated with them then read your blog and cried! I love my dogs so much and they are so much a part of the family…We will keep you in our prayers.
    Ps. dacshounds are soooo cute and cuddly. Im going to get off the computer now and go throw the ball

  17. 167
    Tricia Hicks says:

    Beth & Keith. As a fellow dog lover, know that I am hurting for you as if Sunny and Beanie were my own. I pray that your home will not be fur free for long and that you will find just the right 4 legged companion to help heal your hurt.

  18. 168
    Yvonne says:

    Oh dear Beth and Keith,

    I can’t stop crying for you. As my firstborn gets ready to walk the aisle next Saturday and my baby starts college in the fall, our “babies” (ie dogs) are even more precious to us. I hurt so badly for you both. I will be praying for your hurt. I know that Amanda was right that it could be worse, but it always hurts when you lose something or someone you love. Know that you are loved dearly and many will be praying for you.

    In His love!!

  19. 169
    ruthie says:

    Beth and Keith,
    I am so sorry for your loss, I feel like Beanie and Sunny have been as much of a part of your Bible Studies as you have. I will miss the funny stories you tell on them periodically. I am praying for you.
    Donna Hopkins

  20. 170
    Vicki Courtney says:

    Beth, I am so, so sorry for your loss. When I read of this news a minute ago, I just wept for your family. There is no denying that these little critters can wiggle their way into our hearts and become a part of the family.

    I’ll be praying for God’s peace and comfort in the days to come. And I can’t wait to hear about your new furry friends when the time is right…

    Love you gal!

  21. 171
    Kristi says:

    Oh my goodness, I am so very, very sorry to hear this. I read your blog regularly but have only commented a few times. The last time I commented was just after you lost Sunny and now I have to comment again after hearing about your precious Beanie! I just want to cry with you and all of your family. We lost our Kasey Dalmatian several years ago and now have our precious Tucker the Bichon and he is even more spoiled than Kasey and I don’t know what I would do with out him. I just want to come and wrap my arms around you, but since I can’t be there with you and I am so thrilled to know that our Lord and Savior will be with you through this trying time.

    Kristi Martin

  22. 172
    wendy says:

    Dear Beth, I just want to deeply express how very sorry I am to know that you have lost your precious babies, both Sunny and Beanie. God blesses us with the awesome gift of pets (I have a turly amazing love for my pets too) and I just wish their time with us wasn’t so short. BUT, on the bright side, I like to believe that there is a Heaven for our “babies” and we’ll see them again some day, until then there are so many other pets in need of a loving and nurturing home and I know you will be blessed with some new puppies soon!
    Love and hugs, Wendy

  23. 173
    Redeemed says:

    I know I’m late in commenting, but I have been praying for you all. I am so sorry about your losses. I’ve lost quite a few furry friends along the way, and it’s always heartbreaking. I can’t imagine losing two at once the way you did. You will continue to be in my prayers.

    Lots of love and hugs to you.

  24. 174
    Anonymous says:

    I am so sorry about the loss of your two beloved dogs! My husband deploys with the military often and my dog is a HUGE comfort to me. I will pray the Lord will fill the void in unimaginable ways! And that someday you are able to have another four legged, furry, chewing, slobbering, best friend!

  25. 175
    Beth says:

    I am so sorry. My mother lives with us and had a cat with feline lukemia. I am more of a dog person but we had to watch Oscar have seizures until he died because it was the middle of the night. We just sat my him, watching him and crying. People who are not animal lovers just don’t understand the relationships we develop with our animals. Grief is real. The pain is real. We went to the shelter after that and adopted a mutt who has been probably the best dog we have ever had. She’s getting up there in years now so it may not be too many years before we will have to deal with this. Know that you are loved and in my thoughts.

  26. 176
    Anonymous says:

    I am so sorry.
    Please do not feel guilty for telling of your very real pain. I am so praying for you guys!!
    My husband is on the other side of the world serving right now and his first email to my daughter and I included hugs to us and to our “2 girls” as well.
    I think they wouldn’t become members of our families if God did not intend for them to be.

  27. 177
    I'm a blessed girl... says:

    Beth and Keith~
    I really can not imagine how hard this is for you both! I lost my sweet Maltese several years ago and I still tear-up to this very day. God cares about us and He cares when we are upset or unhappy no matter what is the very root of the cause. I lift you both up in my prayers and pray the God will comfort you and give you what ever you need to get through this time of pain and sorrow! I have no idea what to say or do to help you during this but God does!
    I am so sorry for your loss~
    Love you~

  28. 178
    Anonymous says:

    I love you guys and I love the way you loved Beanie and Sunny. It amazing how those “sweet ones” can come into our lives and allow us to fall head over hills in love with them. We just can’t help ourselves. They are a true blessing from God. And when the time is right…He will do it again!I pray that the God of all comfort will be with you.And that He will fill all of the empty places with His unfailing love.


  29. 179
    Marystwinsnkids says:

    I’m sorry for the loss of Beanie and sunny! I’ve experienced the loss of a cat and it was very painful. Sweet pets can become a part of our families and steal our hearts…

  30. 180
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Beth & Keith,
    I do love you both so much and I have prayed all weekend for you and I must say, cried with you, too. My husband and I know how deep this can hurt because we’ve been there. We had lost our much loved shepherd/collie to cancer in January (years ago) and weren’t quite ready (we thought) for another dog, however, I believe God had another plan. We’ve always rescued animals – Cody (a Sheltie)and Sam (an Airedale mix) had been literally thrown out of a car and my sister called frantically begging us to come and get them – it was quite a rescue because Cody was terrified and determined that we would not get him or his best buddy! I won’t go into all of the details but they were very special dogs (best friends) and we lost them (11 months to the day)10 years later (which was much too soon). Sam grieved for his best friend, too. Very sudden death for both and I still tear up when I think of them – we needed them as much as they needed us! I do believe that God has allowed us to love all of our dogs for specific times in our lives. We grieve with you – we have two more rescues now and even though we will always miss Cody and Sam, Madden and Gracie are special in different ways and fill a need in our lives now. I can’t help but think that God cries with us when we hurt so bad.
    Just finished Randy Alcorn’s HEAVEN study – no matter what anyone tells me – our animals will be in Heaven with us. Why would God have created them if HE didn’t want us to love and care for them and spend eternity with them!
    Love and hugs to you both,

  31. 181
    Anonymous says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Not having children in your home allows room for our pets to become all the more loved as family members. I pray the Lord will turn your tears to smiles and laughter as you recall the precious memories of your sweet puppy!

  32. 182
    Joni says:

    After the loss of our little Coco in 2005, I rushed out to find another to take her place. I had such an ache in my heart–I couldn’t live with it–I had a deep need to hold a little dog. We bought Cricket a week later, and three months later, she died. She was balancing on her back legs to see better, something little chihuahuas love to do, fell backward and immediately went into seizures. She stayed in the emergency vet for a night, but there was no hope. Evidently, she had a large open fontonal (sp?) and had landed right on it and the seizures couldn’t be stopped. I couldn’t believe we were losing another dog so soon. It was a horrible experience. After that, I vowed to wait until the Lord told us to get another dog and refused to even surf the net or read the ads in the paper. One month later we received an unexpected call which led to us to Luby–a very healthy, active chihuahua puppy and remarkably similar to Beanie in personality. She’s a year and a half old now, and may husband and I have scratches and teeth marks on our hands every day! But I can tell she’s getting better. When my dad was leaving my house last week, Luby slipped out as usual because she’s such a people-person she wants to go home with any visitor. I called to her and she turned back to me for a moment, then turned back toward dad. You could almost read her mind–should I or shouldn’t I? After a couple of false starts, she came back to me–a first! So progress is being made. For all the grief and anguish we went through, Luby keeps us laughing and fills our days with “hectic” joy.

  33. 183
    Anonymous says:

    Oh my heart breaks for you all. Nothing can quite compare to the loss of a dear pet. I’ve felt that pain with the loss of my 18 year old pomeranian a few years back and it was the most painful experience. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  34. 184
    Annalou says:

    Ugh, I’m just heart sick for you guys. Dang, life is so stinking hard sometimes. Bless your hearts. I’m praying for you all and praising GOD that Keith is okay.

    Wishing I could give you a hug.

    Much love,

    Anna in MO

  35. 185
    Anonymous says:

    Beth & Keith…I am so very sorry for your losses. Our pets are so precious to us. I think because they give us unconditional love just like our Father.

    Our family just recently went through a similar experience…the tears are still fresh and often. I know Jesus is weeping with us and loving on our precious pets.


  36. 186
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Moore Family-
    My heart breaks for your loss. Until I experienced it, I never thought that one could experience such pain from losing a pet. The ache in your soul and tears stinging your face seems more than you can bare at times. You think that you’re seeing them out the corner of your eye around the house or thinking that you hear the pitter patter of their little paws on the floor. Sometimes when if I wake up late in the morning I suddenly jump to my feet thinking I need to let the dogs out for their business. Then it hits you that they are no longer here and it hurts.

    As God would ordain I loss a second beloved pet yesterday 6/11 to cancerous tumors. I was blessed to have two cocker spaniel dogs for 17 years. They were my children. They were my trusted faithful 4 legged companions when my spouse, stepchild through the wonder years called adolescent & teen years, in-laws & out-laws were not. Always there loving me uncondtionally. I had to put down the first one in March 07. I came home from the Get Out of That Pit simulcast to find my eldest dog passed out in the flower bed weak from cancer & loss of blood. I spent the next 7 hours at the emergency pet hospital. I learned afresh that after an incredible spiritual high you can experience an incredible low. I worried that after being together for 16 years the youngest wouldn’t be far behind. God graciously granted me another 15 months with the youngest. It’s as if she was hanging in there for me as long as she could knowing that I would be alone once she was gone. The silence in the house now is deafening.

    Yes losing your pet can be devastating. I choose to trust God and His sovereignty leaning on his grace & mercy. God is my strength & portion as we run to Him for His unfailing Love.

    His Grace is Sufficient

  37. 187
    Anonymous says:

    You know you are all just CRAZY LOVED…right? I hope we have said it back to you enough…Thank you for sharing your heart with us…

  38. 188
    Gayla says:

    Well, Beth… what can we say? I am so heartsick for all of you. The emptiness of losing a pet is just horrible…. God love ya…. Hugs from Missouri.

  39. 189
    Pamela (MrsJoeB) says:

    I am so so sorry….though I am late to get this news, my heart and prayers go out to you both. Pamela

  40. 190
    Bold in Him says:

    Beth and Keith,

    I am just bawling I am so sad….I know God has you in His loving arms and will heal your heart… the thought of no more Sunny and Beanie stories is almost too much for me, so I cant even imagine what you are both feeling..! May God hold you close, know there are so many of us praying for you.. me included.

    Bless you both

    Mary in Az

  41. 191
    Gail Deavers says:

    I’ve just met Beanie and she’s just like you described her! Sunny and I hit it right off and now Heaven is a lot more fun now that they are here. I’ve been here for 1 year and 15 days, and just let me say that it’s the BEST place “out of this world”!! You can run and run and run and never get tired, and oh my, the treats…the endless treats!! I do miss my mom, dad and sister back home on earth tho, and I know that still miss me like crazy!!! I too was a car rider and went on adventure trips with my dad all the time….I would even try to drive some of the time…but had trouble staying on the road when I saw other dogs or animals that we’d pass. I’m just a people dog I guess, would love to meet all God’s creations. I miss my mom the most…she stayed home with me all the time, we were each others best friend. She always told me that DOG spelled backwards was GOD, and that God loved animals so much that He even made them first before humans (Adam)!!! Well…gotta go find Sunny and Beanie, I think that was them that just “flashed” by me, so I gotta hurry and catch up with’em..I gotta finish showin’em around the vast wild openness of Heaven.
    Woof Woof….
    (Gail Deavers)

  42. 192
    FoodGirl says:

    Oh Moores,
    I love you and will pray for your bruised hearts.
    Isaiah 54:10

  43. 193
    Maggie says:

    Oh Beth, I can’t tell you how sorry I am for you and your family. They may have been dogs, but they were members of the family. I fear my husband and I are so close to having the same story. Our beloved 13 yr old black lab seems to be slowing more and more each day. Just this morning my husband said he didn’t think she would make it through the summer. Whenever I have heard your stories of Beanie over the years I always laugh so hard and come running home to share with my husband because they are all SO Cassie. Even the hand holding and going to Sonic. I thought ours was the only dog SO spoiled! But she is so loved and we are cherishing every moment we have left with her. Thank you for sharing your stories and opening your hearts to each of us. I am praying for you all!

  44. 194
    Sarah Wickersham says:

    This post definitely brought me to tears in hearing your lovely stories about Beanie. I laughed and cried at the cute stories and was touched because they remind me so much of the shenanigans that go on with my two Weimaraners, Sophie and Oliver. Dogs are an amazing gift from God…you’ll be in my prayers as you heal from this great loss.

  45. 195
    Shannon says:

    My family is keeping you and yours in our hearts and prayers.We also lost a beloved fur baby last year. The loss is so hard. We go to a very large church in Memphis, TN that is televised. The Sunday following our loss the choir sang that great song “I can only Imagine”. My husband and I and our two best friends are sitting on the fourth row center front, needless to say we are all crying (men included). We find out from friends that whatch the telecast the cameramen had us on most of the song and everyone wanted to know if we were OK, and who died. We laugh and cry still everytime that wonderful song comes on. I can’t wait to meet your new fur baby when the time is right. Blessings and prayers from Memphis!

  46. 196
    ThreeCordsStrong says:

    Dear Beth, I haven’t had the heart to read this particular blog until today. I know too the pain of losing a family pet who became our baby after our 2 daughters left home. Matter of fact the girls talked us into the dog when they were in junior high and grade school, and at the time we really didn’t want one. But when they left for college and immediately wed after that, we inherited Cookie and we told the girls, “you are not getting him back, he is ours now.” 🙂 Thankfully the girls new apartments and lifestyle would not have tolerated a pet snd they had moved on with their lives. We inherited the dog! Cookie was our companion when we had to move from Oregon to California at the same time our children were flying the coop. Where would we have been with out this wonderful dog comforting and following us to new territory? In times of trouble, and sorrow Cookie had been the only light of joy on sometimes painful days reminding us of God’s comfort and love. (Wasn’t that sweet of our God to give us pets?) When Cookie died, after almost 15 years of life, we decided to wait a year, just to see if we really wanted another dog. Eight months later we started asking God about another dog in our life and 6 months after that, last September, our Shih Tzu, Scooter, arrived! Well after a year of no pooch this one at 10 weeks was quite a handful, still is, and the furniture is a disaster…I even wrote about it in my May ’08 blog–he is killing the furniture! However housbreaking is coming along nicely. It doesn’t matter. He knows he belongs to us and he is our baby. Glad we have him 99% of the time and soon he will be one year old. We are hoping we will be glad 100% of the time by Christmas. 🙂 So glad you had two wonderful pets –it is bittersweet memories I am sure. Many blessings Beth on you and your family.
    PS My husband also had an accident recently. Fell off his motorcycle and managed to crack a few ribs and puncture a lung going 5 miles an hour in the parking lot at work, for crying out loud! Thankfully, no one else was involved and he is fully recovered after a few weeks of excruiating pain. Praise God he is fine!

  47. 197
    Technonana says:

    WE LOST OUR SWEET SHELBY IN APRIL, she was 13(beagle/jackrussel). She had an infection and we thought that she had gotten over it, but it came back and her little heart couldn’t take it. She crawled up into her bed on afternoon and just went to sleep, never to awaken. When I told my best friend she said,” oh I hope God lets me go like that.” Me too!! Love you sweet Girl!!!

  48. 198
    Anonymous says:

    I am so, so sorry for your loss. My heart feels your pain. I have no ‘2-legged’ children, only 4-legged children, so I understand your pain, as I have lost one a few months ago. They ARE our family. Our children. Our loves.
    When you are ready to have dogs again, I hope you will consider adopting and saving a life!! http://www.petfinder.com lists all breeds up for adoption through shelters and rescue groups. God bless you all. You are in my prayers.
    Linda E.

  49. 199
    Laura R. says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss. We lost a cat and a ferret within 2 weeks of each other right before Christmas and our family (especially my 5-year-old) was devastated. Animals are such a gift in our lives, and their absence can create a hole. I have a bookmark in my Bible that says “Lord, make me the kind of person my dog thinks I am”. They fill our lives with love and acceptance, and I think part of what I missed the most after my cat died was having someone who stuck right there with me through the good and the bad. The only thing that got me through that period of loss was remembering that God is sovereign and He was my strength and comfort. You and Keith will be in our prayers. Laura

  50. 200
    Jill says:

    I am very sorry for your loss. May God comfort your hearts during this time.

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