A Great Day

After such a dreadful month, this is one of the best days of my life. Huge headlines on p.E1 of the Houston Chronicle this very morning: BIG HAIR IS A BIG HIT AGAIN.If some of you paid off the Chronicle to raise my spirits in this time of grief, THANK YOU. It was worth every dime.

Now, where is my teasing comb? JK. I always know where my teasing comb is.



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  1. 151
    Shell in the City says:

    Glad to hear the article gave you such a “lift” – The Lord knows when we need one!!

  2. 152
    Anonymous says:

    Well, Beth, being from the south, Alabama in particular, I don’t remember big hair ever going out of style. BUT, then again, I am from the south and we tend to do things our own way, especially hair.

    So, I have to say big hair never really went out – the fashion magazines just tried to influence us – they really did not succeed!!!

  3. 153
    Tracy says:

    Can you hear that Hallelujah chorus?! I finally get to put that blasted flat iron AWAY! Can’t wait!! ; )

  4. 154
    dweeks says:

    Beth, thank you for th info. Now I can stop straighten my hair.

  5. 155
    Anonymous says:

    Thank Goodness big hair is back in. I have red naturally curly hair.
    I grew up only having dippadedo.

  6. 156
    Becky says:

    You are a screech!! Big hair rocks!


  7. 157
    Luv2Praise says:

    Big Hair is out? When? (lol)

    On a more serious note I was reading Siesta Rachel Cox’s note about Dennis Rainey’s granddaughter and it brought me to tears. What a beautifully written testimony this is of his family’s faith and love. One of our churh member families went through a similar ordeal and our whole church bonded together during this time to pray. What a testimony these families are to the hospital staff, friends and even strangers that watch them as they look to God at this time of need. God Bless them and I will certainly be praying for Rebecca, Jake, and the Rainey family as Molly meets Jesus. In HIS Love, Lori

  8. 158
    Missy says:

    That is GOOD news! My hair dresser tried to convinced me a few years ago that big hair was not in anymore. He said I was stuck in the 80’s! Why, I never! 😉 I’ve never been able to go to the completely straight, flat look either, so I’m saying WOOHOO with you! Texas women aren’t the only ones who like big hair…I think it might be Southern women in general. 🙂

    Glad that bit of news made you happy!
    Love~ Missy Mo 🙂

  9. 159
    "Grammy" Sue B says:

    If an article about big hair helped you in your time of grief, what can we say to the women whose grief has to do with no hair due to chemo after cancer? My best friend had no hair when she died in my arms last year. Now THAT was grief!

  10. 160
    Kim says:

    I do hair and that is just too funny! I guess I’ll have to go back to school to learn how to do that! HAHAHA! I was too young to have big hair when it was in~but the big bangs were quite a hit in our home.

  11. 161
    Dana Nichols says:

    YES!! I so needed this great news today! I too am a Tennessee girl who loves big hair and I have hair that WANTS to be big. Yeehaw!

    I just love you to pieces!!

  12. 162
    Cheri-Beri says:

    I, too, have been longinly waiting for this day. As the proud possessor of naturally curly hair, “little” hair was never really an option for me. I can do big hair like you’ve never seen it, siesta! Bring it on. Bring. It. On.

  13. 163
    Honea Household says:

    I’ve tried teasing the crown of my hair to make it a little fuller, but it just doesn’t work out for me. Can you bring your teasing comb to the Siesta Fiesta and show me how to do it? 🙂

    And by the way…want to see my two and four year old say the books of the Old Testament? Come watch the videos on my most recent post. They are precious…at least I think they are. 😉

  14. 164
    StaceyStace says:

    When I sit in my stylists’ chair she asks, “De-poof?” I say, “As much as you can take away – get rid of it!” I’m actually in a growing phase right now, though. Last time I was in I asked her to leave some fringe and she just about choked.

  15. 165
    Fizz Fam says:

    Big Hair Bethie,
    PLEASE wait until at least Monday to stop accepting Siesta videos. I swear on your hair you won’t regret it. That paper say anything about big hips? No? Cuz I can practically hold my gargantuan baby with no hands. Not JK!
    Love and Blessings,

  16. 166
    Sandy M. says:

    Ladies rush to look at the Chronicle online! The article and pics are there!!!

    Sandy M.
    Plano, TX

  17. 167
    deb in louisiana says:

    All I could think about with the big hair article on your blog was the story in your “Feathers” book about one of your daughters ALWAYS taking your hairbrush. My youngest daughter was in from college for Father’s Day and after she left I had to replace all my hair and bath products and a hairbrush that mysteriously disappeared. When I read your book, I had to read her the part about you attaching a string to the hairbrush only to find a pair of scissors and a small portion of the string left, so there’s no need in my trying that! But it was so great to have both of my daughters, ages 22 and 19, back home for a few days…it was a small price to pay! Glad to hear that God provided you joy in the form of big hair today!

  18. 168
    Kathy (In Arkansas) says:

    No, I was just getting use to “flat” hair!

    Thanks for sharing these little things, they do brighten a very very difficult week for me after loosing my beloved “Baby”.

  19. 169
    hokiegal23 says:

    i know i’m a youngin’ by a lot of standards since i haven’t yet hit 30, but even in the 80’s i couldn’t pull off big hair during my formative years. and my sister tried plenty of times to make it work. (was anyone else someone’s dress up doll like me?)

    maybe it’s the tomboy in me, or the fact that i sported the mullet for at least half a decade… either way, i am excited for you beth and the other ladies who love the big hair. and i love it for you, even though my hair won’t allow me to participate in the reunion.

  20. 170
    Melissa Terry says:


    I had a dream two nights ago that we got to talk and you ministered to me for close to three hours. When we took a breath from what God was doing you said, “I missed my hair appointment!” Then it was as if you looked up to the heavens and then you said to me, “Oh well.” 🙂

    You have mentioned in previous posts that one of the things that you miss most is being able to speak to more women after events. I think the Lord has indeed heard your prayers and is now sending you to women’s dreams! Isn’t He creative!?!

  21. 171
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    I’m having fun reading these comments:) Big Mama’s comment made me laugh, and Pam B from SC, “Love like you’ve never been hurt, girls! I’ll aim to do the same.”-such profound thoughts:) and I completely agree with screamofcontinuousness:) Now I can go read that article too:) ((HUGS))

    Love ya,

    Rev. 22:21 (whatever version:)

  22. 172
    Andreea says:

    Your hair rocks…at all times. I am thinking of taking one of your pictures to my hairdresser next time she colors my hair so she can see what to do.

  23. 173
    Phyllis says:

    I didn’t know big hair was out in Texas either, but we did pay the Houston Chronicle off just for you. Hope that made you feel “more better”. Phyllis

  24. 174
    Poof says:

    Yeah, the headlines were good yesterday — I was all over the “man loses 86 pounds on McDonald’s diet.” We ladies need happy days like that once in awhile!

  25. 175
    valerie says:

    Whooo hooooo!
    I have a lot of hair and don’t do the flat iron thing well. I usually use a curling iron but
    I do better with rollers. 🙂
    Years ago I worked with a lady and one day I was griping about my hair and she said, “Well, if you’d just fix it.” !!!! That really hurt my feelings but now it’s a joke when I have a bad hair day.
    Thanks for the news!
    Love ya,

  26. 176
    Anonymous says:

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  27. 177
    Kim from PA says:

    Oh do I have the straighest hair… and need help with the usage of brushes, combs, tools, and hair products. I also have perms occassionally that help a little- but still need the above help with it too! But yeah to big hair! I am working toward that goal!!!

    Seriously, Thank you and all involved in every Bible study, book, tape, Living Proof Live, this blog and so much more. My group can’t wait until “Esther’ and the upcoming Simulcast. May God receive much glory! BELIEVING HIM and Growing in Christ with you, Love Kim from PA

  28. 178
    Fast and Pray Tuesdays says:

    Sweetest Bethie,
    This Native Texan (now living in DC) is so pleased to hear such wonderful news. Just thrilled that it cheered you up. Jesus really is a Wonder, isn’t He?
    Love, Bonnie

  29. 179
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Beth,
    I heard this yesterday – and just, well, thought it was for you.

    sang by James Mardson from the recent film soundtrack.

    What gives a girl power and punch,
    is it charm, is it poise? No its hairspray.

    What gets a gal asked out to lunch,
    is it brains, is it dough? No its hairspray.

    If you take a ride with no can at your side then your flip will gone with the wind.
    but if you spray it and lock it, you can take off in a rocket,
    and in outer space, each hair will be in place…

    Why take a chance
    When you get up and dance
    If you twist, i insist
    You use hairspray

    And tell your mother
    Her head she should smother
    With “ultra-clutch” faithfully.

    There’s more to the song, I haighly suggest you hear it.
    I just thought of you.

    M in the OC

  30. 180
    Sherri M - NH says:

    Texas, here I come…I don’t think New England got that headlining news yet!

  31. 181
    BethAnne says:

    Praise the Lord! My hair is finally back in style. I knew if I kept my big hair long enough it would came back “in”. Gotta go stock up on Aqua Net and see if I can get more layers cut in….layers are key to teasing big hair, ya know.

    My motto is and has always been: THE BIGGER YOUR HAIR LOOKS THE SMALLER YOUR REAR LOOKS……….

  32. 182
    BethAnne says:

    Hey, that article didnt say anything about Big Hips being “in” did it?

    Just curious.

  33. 183
    Anonymous says:

    Hey siestas! Here is the link to the BIG HAIR Houston Chronicle article:

    Enjoy! 😉

  34. 184
    Shellie Paparazzo says:

    Oh, Miss Beth. You are too funny. I was a rodeo girl for a long time and big hair was a must under those hats. I was a princess on a rodeo court. I must have spent most of my time teasing my hair, but hey I looked GOOOOOD!

  35. 185
    Lopsided Halo says:

    Well, you know what they say, “the higher the hair the closer to Heaven” 🙂 And boy do I wanna be close….(heading for my teasing comb and spray right now!)

  36. 186
    Anonymous says:

    Thank the Lord! I have big, naturally curly hair that only does it’s ONE thing….it’s big & full & curly!! Not to mention about 4 years ago I decided to give my husband what he so desperately desired…which was for me to grow it long. Ack! I keep telling him “long,naturally curly hair is NOT in style…but okay, dear.” Somebody tell me I’m not THAT out of style.

  37. 187
    Anonymous says:


    Please have your staff pray for my job to come soon….i am a single mom and out of work……..thanks and we are praying for you and so sorry about the precious dogs…we have a yorkie, Bailey and I can only imagine how much you must miss them


  38. 188
    Pam B from SC says:

    I just read the post from “grammy” sue b. It breaks my heart to think of women losing their hair to chemo/cancer or women who plain go balding for no good reason at all. “Grammy” got me thinking tho. What would I say to a friend who was dying in my arms due to the cold culprit we call cancer? If they know Jesus, we can promise them Heaven awaits where there will be no more pain, sorrow, tears, or chemo/cancer. If they don’t know Jesus, we can have the awesome privilege of introducing them to the Savior. I know it’s not that cut-and-dry because I’ve seen a good friend and two family members die of cancer. Will there be “big hair for Jesus” in Heaven? I don’t know. All I know is He is our hope for change in whatever form we need it the most.

    May the Lord help us to live, laugh and love like we’re dying.

    “Thought I was learning how to take,
    How to bend not how to break,
    How to laugh not how to cry,
    But really I’ve been learning how to die.”
    Jon Foreman song

    Not trying to be morbid or anything. It’s just that God’s been showing me a lot of “stuff” in my life needs to go on and die!

  39. 189
    Lee says:

    Oh bother……I’m gonna be *so* out….my hair was stick straight from the day I was born. Except for six months of my life when I got a perm. I was so jazzed I permed it again….only to have it fall flat. APPARENTLY-two perms in a row negate each other cause now I’m almost completely ooomphless. Unless I stand on my head and blowdry my hair for fifteen minutes…

  40. 190
    His princess says:

    I am from Ohio, where they don’t teach you how to do big hair. Maybe you could do a video blog and teach us all how you do it. Mine always looks like it is plastered to my head. I just got bangs and now my husband says I look like Peppermint Patty from Charlie Brown. Not a very good comparison. I think I need help.

  41. 191
    Jackie Sue says:

    that is just too great…how amazing of God to speak right to your southern heart and to use the mainstream media to do it 😉

  42. 192
    Shelly says:


    I love you both – you and your hair 🙂

  43. 193
    Grace says:

    Oh Beth,
    you are so funny, I just love you!Only a siesta would understand the excitement!
    You always make me feel like you’re right next door. I may be from the north but I love big hair.
    Not for me but it is a masterpice on the right person!
    You go girl! Let it grow!

    Love & prayers,

    Sally J

  44. 194
    Georgia Jan says:

    Ode to Beth…

    A Texas mare with Texas Hair!
    You bring such joy with your precious quick wit…
    the crown of your head doesn’t matter a bit!
    So just tease up, back comb, color and spray!
    I’ll take you any time or day!
    Your love for Jesus makes me smile,
    and I’ll always adore you no matter your style!

    See you at Deeper Still next weekend!

  45. 195
    Anonymous says:

    Dearest Bethie,
    I’m so glad to hear that the money I’ve been swiping from the collection plate finally made a difference! While I do understand the the entire Bible is, essentially, straight from God, I do think that BIG HAIR should have been included as a fruit of the Spirit. Wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to look at a woman’s hair and know that she has the Spirit dwelling in her! Can you think of a better measure?
    I’m on my way to bust out with the hot rollers and canned hair spray. I never learned how to use a teasing comb. Maybe you and the girls can post a video lesson for those of us that weren’t blessed with the dominant hair-fixing gene in our families! 😉

    Kim Feth in Apex, NC

  46. 196
    deb w. from MI says:

    Oh Beth, have I got the perfect thing for you!!! I knew when I did your first Bible study, that we were kindred spirits in more ways than one but hair would probably be the first. I will have something for you at the Siesta Fiesta- a must have when entertaining on the spur of the moment.

    Blessings to you Sister and have an EXCELLENT weekend lovin’ Jesus!!

    Deb W. from MI

  47. 197
    Healed By His Grace says:

    Hallelujah! I never did give away my teasing comb….it would be like cutting off my arm. xoxo….

  48. 198
    marlene says:

    Is it REALLY true?!?! I would be so happy!! I look so much better in bigger hair than flat hair! You know, I try and I try and then I see a picture and I think . . . ‘um, no, it’s just not workin’ for ya, Marlene’. I just threw it all to the wind and gave myself a nice loose perm (I’m a hairstylist – don’t try this at home). I’m loving it and I wish big hair would come back! 🙂

  49. 199
    Anonymous says:

    I struggled with the flat iron every shampoo especially during the summer my hair is so fluffy(that is my nice word). About 3 years ago I hung up my flat Iron for the summer and clipped the sides of my hair back and just let it do what it wanted to do for the summer months what a free and liberating experience. (my friends say it is a cute and refreshing change I want to believe them.) Now come summer or winter vacations in humid south florida I take my trusty claw clips and broad clips with me and just let it happen, and I live in the north so big hair may not get here til next summer but I shall be vogue ahead of time.
    Be blessed Beth. My heart aches for the places only doggy tongues licking our face can fill for you. I am praying for you,girlfriend, (can I be so bold as to call you that?)
    Iris in Prince Edward Island.

  50. 200
    MarySnyder says:

    God is so good! Big Hair is back — everything just looks better with Big Hair.

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