A Great Day

After such a dreadful month, this is one of the best days of my life. Huge headlines on p.E1 of the Houston Chronicle this very morning: BIG HAIR IS A BIG HIT AGAIN.If some of you paid off the Chronicle to raise my spirits in this time of grief, THANK YOU. It was worth every dime.

Now, where is my teasing comb? JK. I always know where my teasing comb is.



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  1. 101
    Nichole's mom says:

    Beth, you know that’s not true don’t you? lol. I’ll be lifting you up in prayer… That you won’t be lifting up your hair!

    Love you so much,


  2. 102
    Anonymous says:

    Anyone wishing to view the Houston Chronicle article Bethie was referencing, the website is http://www.chron.com

    Enjoy! God Bless Texas!

    Christine R.
    Houston, TEXAS Siesta :o)

  3. 103
    Jodi says:

    Oh Beth – this post is SO YOU! So thankful that our Father is so gracious to give us just what we need just when we need it! Hugs!!

  4. 104
    Tami says:

    Amen and Amen! Just about the time I finally invested in a CHI they go and change the deal. Oh well, I welcome it with open arms!

    Northside Houston Girl from the

  5. 105
    Jill_in_AL says:

    I’ve kept my rollers just b/c I knew the day would come….but does this mean that I have to get a perm again? =) Jill

  6. 106
    lbredhead says:

    Miss Beth:

    You crack me up… Both of my parents are retired hair dressers and I can remember sitting in my dad’s salon and watching him do the beehive hairstyle. This one lady would not leave until her hair was at least 12 inches.. no kidding she would bring her ruler…so I love your big hair and even when it is not so big.

    Have a wonderful day and by the way I am sure you can go just about anywhere for teasing combs. I would not make it without mine.

    Love ya!

  7. 107
    Melanie says:

    Good news, indeed. Too bad my hair never did “big” very well.

  8. 108
    Anonymous says:

    I was just thinking of getting a spiral perm–big fluffy hair that I had not dare try in this decade! Hmmm…

    Funny how hair news can just put us in a whole different mind-set!

    Siesta from FL

  9. 109
    leigh-shelteredfromthestorm says:

    Shout out to all the Boone girls who know what I mean when I quote Beth and say “We’re bringing happy back!” Though our enemy try so hard to steal our JOY as well as our just plain happy, Our good God knows just what we need when we need it.

    I used to spot my mom in the grocery store just by looking over the top of the cereal boxes on the top shelf for her hair and we lived in NC not TX(gasp). Those were the days. Blue cans of Ms. Breck with the cameo pictures on the label.

    Leigh ATL

  10. 110
    Lindsee says:

    I am laughing so hard right now. I saw that, too!

    But really, did big hair ever leave Texas?!!

    We love you, Miss Beth!


  11. 111
    Monica Chadwell says:

    You are too much!!! What a laugh. Love you bunches. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  12. 112
    Anonymous says:

    Hallelujah! The world has some sanity back! Now when will the trend reach us wet-heads hear in Seattle?

  13. 113
    Anonymous says:

    Big hair is so much fun!
    This is the link to the article in the Houston Chronical…

  14. 114
    Anonymous says:

    my mom is a hair dresser and she has a magnet that says “the higher the hair, the closer to God.”

    the truth or what?! ~Nicole

  15. 115
    Anonymous says:

    You have got to be kidding me!!! I was just getting the hang of “flat hair” and now I can wear it big again?!?1? Get me my hairspray!!

    Love ya Beth
    Your Boston friend.

  16. 116
    Anonymous says:

    LOL! I am glad it brought a smile to your face. I must go read the article and send it to some of my MN siestas in our small group. Being Lutherans AND Minnesotans, some had a hard time getting past your hair in earlier studies.

    Actually I need to go in for a cut and style maybe I’ll follow suit and go big. ๐Ÿ™‚

    God Bless Y’all,
    Mary Ann, a MN siesta

    P.S. Please pray that it is God’s plan to relocate my family to Houston. We just visited my man’s family in Houston (they live in League City, Pearland and Wilchester development), and we love it.

  17. 117
    Shannon says:

    Tears streaming down my face as I try to laugh silently at my desk! I have to run over to my parent’s house & make sure my mom doesn’t see that or else I’ll find myself sitting in a chair at her vanity, with her and her teasing comb behind me!

  18. 118
    screamofcontinuousness says:

    oh Beth, you are such a tease!
    (I can’t believe no one had said that yet..)

    I think big hair does make our faces look smaller, but you are already so thin and tiny. So will you just be a cute little bod and a big poof of hair? nope wait, those eyes and that smile that comes straight from God will still outshine anything you could ever do with your hair.
    God bless you sweet Beth.

  19. 119
    Alyson says:

    Hey, sweet Mama Beth!

    Wow, whoever thought of slipping a few bucks to the Chronicle is sure brilliant! I’d have done it in a heartbeat if it had crossed my mind — anything to cheer up our siesta!


    Prayers for the Rainey family; may they be enfolded in His love and find His comfort sufficient…

  20. 120
    Elizabeth says:

    Oh Beth…you are just so funny! I tried to have big hair, but it has never worked for me…except when I had a perm. Does that mean perms are coming back too? Cause I’m all in! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. 121
    SPARKY says:

    i’m giggling outloud. i myself am not a big haired gal. that’s not how we do it out here in the west. we tend to go for the more “natural” look. you know, straight, easy, just perfect for throwin in to a pony tail to go take a hike in our beautiful mountains or jump on a tube to float the river.
    BUT i am from the plains of texas. that is where my entire extended family resides so i have an elevated appreciation for the big hair and lots of reletives to relate to on this subject.
    so i say….tease away….tease away. i mean your motto down there IS “everything’s bigger in texas” right?
    i just love you beth

  22. 122
    Outragous grace says:

    Think it is too late to buy stock in Aussie hair products?

  23. 123
    Leslie Young says:

    I love this! I snorted when bigmama said big hair is one of her spiritual gifts…I have naturally big hair. A little old lady in our church asked me one Sunday who ‘set’ my hair? I said, ‘umm…God?’

  24. 124
    Susan Lowry says:

    I simply love that Big Hair makes a great day! Now if God would only bless me with Big Hair, I could put out a post that says “A Great Day” as well! Congrats Beth – I’m soooo happy for you!! (and your hair!)

    Much Love,
    Susan Lowry

  25. 125
    Pam B from SC says:

    Big hair for Jesus! Amen! I’ve heard it said that everything’s bigger in Texas. In fact, I used to have an ashtray that was in the shape of Texas with that motto on it.

    I’m glad that lifted your spirits, Siesta Beth. That, in itself, is a gift from God. It’s a gift to your fellow siestas too because we care so deeply for you, your family, and LPM siestas & the Reverend Miesta. (My hubby loves “Deepening a Father’s Heart”!)

    I’ve gone thru a time of intense grief myself but looking back I can say God is so good to have had my back thru it all. We all know He had Keith’s back when he had the accident.

    Can we praise Him enough? I don’t think so. Please pardon me for going on and on. I’ve just come from the IGA Foodstore where I just knew revival was going to break out with all the testimonies I heard from the locals.

    No, I don’t get out enough due to illness. But when I do God shows up and shows off.

    I’ll stop now and find my teasing comb. (Actually I use a purple pick.)

    Love like you’ve never been hurt, girls! I’ll aim to do the same.

  26. 126
    Cindy in HP, NC says:

    I wish my hair looked half as good as yours. I inherited my dad’s flat on the scalp, limp, thin hair. I have to do a perm every 2 mths for it to look even half way decent. Forget going outside if its raining. No perm will hold up to North Carolina rains. This has been one heck of a week for me. Washed my cell phone in the clothes washer last night. That was after I had to spend the stimulus check on a new lawn mower. Many other not so good moments also but those are the most expensive.

    When we count our blessings things don’t always look so bad though. We who live for Christ are blessed.

  27. 127
    Michelle Bentham says:

    Beth, My sweet friend… Let me tell you about my hair! Since you have had a bit of the blues… perhaps my “highlights” will be a good laugh for you. It is a story, but worth it I hope. HA!

    Last weekend I wanted to take my otherwise darkened (BY COLOR) hair which would be pretty salt and pepper, which ain’t so pretty if you ask me… and now I’m rambling. Anway. I wanted to do a little “lifting” of my color. So I bought a color kit with a highlighting feature. I was do for some root rectifying and therefore saw this as the opportune time to adjust my color. Funny how that works.

    So, knowing your average, run of the mill color from Wal-Mart does not do the trick, I purchased some good old fashioned peroxide coloration.

    I got all the peroxide in my hair per the instructions and waited the allowed time… and DING! I was prepared to wash my hair and find soft, beautiful carmel colored highlights in the chunky variety! Not so much! My daughter almost – I did say almost because I really think she felt sorry for me… laughed out loud but, she did say,”Well, they sure don’t look natural. I think you’re going to have to fix that.” The streaks in my hair were brassy orange not soft caramel… and I’ve used this kit before to my satisfaction – it left me thinking “Wha’ happened?”

    Mind you, I’m doing it myself – much in the “I Love Lucy” fashion hoping to save a few pennies.

    Frustrated, I pulled it back in a claw clip and slipped on a casual pair of capris and a t-shirt to go grab some “Bosses” pizza, cause – well, I had heard it is danged good pizza! And it is – yum.

    My daughter and I later made a mad snack run to Albertsons where I appropriated yet another highlighting kit that would give me “BLONDE” highlights which was really my ultimate goal.

    The next morning I got up bright and early to reapply the highlights one more time. Only to find that the new highlights, while an improvement, were only less orange, but still brassy streaks in my hair. Again, I pulled my hair back in a claw clip and hauled myself out to watch my step-children bowl. By this time I am about $25.00 invested in this hair coloring fiasco and not about to walk around looking a Zebra who fell in the paint can.

    SO – Plan B is to go by a “regular” full application hair color in dark blonde and pray while I apply it that my hair does not just fall out – though a wig might of been an improvement at that moment – and that the color takes, cause I really need it to take. So… when my husband gets called in to work I run to the Wal-Greens and purchase me a dark blonde hair color – now I am about $35.00 invested in this mess… And rush home to put it on before having to pick up the girls (my teen girls) from work. I paused long enough to pray, PLEASE GOD LET THIS WORK…

    Well, after about 35 minutes, DING! I washed it out and rushed to the mirror to reluctantly pull the towel off hoping to find hair on my head and not in the towel! GLORY! It worked… Well, mostly. It is a soft strawberry color around the crown that graduates out to softer highlights around the edges with my dark colored low-lights underneath. I could barely believe it. In three weeks, I will see how well I learned this lesson by toning it up a little.

    WHEW! To recap, I colored my hair a grand total of four times in two days and it didn’t kill it! WOO HOO! I think it was the prayer cause that is the only thing that makes sense. Glad to hear you were cheered by the BIG News about BIG Hair! Love YA!

  28. 128
    Rebecca says:

    Thank you God for big hair, I’m getting my roller out!!!!
    Glad your spirit is lifted alittle

  29. 129
    Marilyn says:

    For those of us not in Houston, here is the link for “big hair is in again”:

  30. 130
    blessedwith5 says:

    TOO FUNNY!!!

  31. 131
    Bev Brandon says:

    I smell Aqua Net
    WAIT! We live in T E X A S
    We’ve always had big hair here…
    Guess I better start saving my orange juice cans to make
    big bouncy curls…I remember they were kind of hard to sleep in…
    maybe those do-dad things take the place of the oj cans, you think?

  32. 132
    Nancy says:

    Well YeeHaww! I love high hair! My style is always taller than the norm. I feel like a drown rat with a “low” do. Perhaps it’s an inferiority issue. Not sure. Don’t really care.

    Thanks for the good news!
    In Him,

  33. 133
    Anonymous says:

    Can we please have a lesson in teasing hair? Never have gotten the hang of it. Thanks Siesta Beth! God Bless You! ~Dana in Clarksville

  34. 134
    Sherry says:

    Having enough hair for 5 people (that’s according to my stylist) this new trend in big hair will make my life easier ๐Ÿ™‚


  35. 135
    Anonymous says:

    Is that big hair style only for Texas, or is that back in North Carolina too?

    I just need some good hair spray that a teasing come works with….anyone have any ideas?!


  36. 136
    Anonymous says:

    Is that big hair style only for Texas, or is that back in North Carolina too?

    I just need some good hair spray that a teasing come works with….anyone have any ideas?!


  37. 137
    Joni says:

    Being 3 years older than you, Beth, I am three times more ecstatic!!! And I have 2 rat tail combs–one with graduated teeth and one regular. (tee hee!) My only regret about living in these days is that they no longer sell HALO shampoo and TAME Cream rinse.

  38. 138
    Profbaugh says:

    Oh my! I just went from long hair to a short “do.” I’m not sure if I’ll now be allowed in Texas for Siesta Fiesta. Maybe I can just borrow Beth’s teasing comb!

    Still laughing,

  39. 139
    charlestonyaya says:

    I am wondering – is that “hair” with one syllable or two in Houston? Where I am from – it is definitely a two syllable word!!

  40. 140
    Kasey Ewing says:

    This is as good as the day the paper said that modesty was back in style!

  41. 141
    Anonymous says:


    You are so funny. Big hair that is just a hoot. I guess you could say I am jealous. My hair does nothing but lay absolutely flat. It will not hold a curl at all, teased or other wise. I have tried getting perms and it was enough to scare a person. (If you can imagine this look; flat on top and frizzy on the sides. That is what I get when I try to not be a flat head.) Oh well glad you are happy. Kim B. in Az

  42. 142
    annie's eyes says:

    It’s true. It’s true. I had to go check that article
    out for myself. Sure glad you’re smiling. Love you, Annette

  43. 143
    Anonymous says:

    Beth, your hair is always beautiful, and I celebrate what God has given you; however, my hair happens to be one of my “gods.” I knew before embarking on Kelly Minter’s study, that my hair is a god. I always had very thick hair, and watched my grandmother and now mother lose all their hair as they aged. My mother now has about 20 hairs on her head. It’s devastating, especially to a woman’s esteem. Now mine is doing the same, and it has caused me much depression. Can’t understand why God would allow so much pain that I can’t even look in the mirror. Hope He will deliver me. I don’t mean to rain on the “big hair” parade, but it pushed a button where I have been struggling the past few years. Since most women don’t have this problem, they have no idea of the sorrow it can bring. Yes, as one commenter said, it’s amazing how our physical attributes can lift us up or tear us down.

  44. 144
    Anonymous says:

    Does this mean you won’t be re-taping the David study?!

  45. 145
    Marina says:

    Love big hair gald its back wish I could she what you are looking at in the news paper.marina

  46. 146
    Melana says:

    We told them we loved you and they thought you looked too cute with big hair. Obviously we didn’t pay them enough to print the “Big Hair for Jesus” pic we sent!


  47. 147
    Shelia says:

    yay!! I am so glad. Big hair balances out my big bottom half.

    tee hee…

  48. 148
    ROBIN says:

    I love it when the Lord plants a touch of humor in our path just when we need it . For those of you that want to read the big hair story here’s the link, http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/life/style/5844971.html

  49. 149
    Forever Greatful to be a Wife and Mommie says:

    I’m sure you all know this but us from the northeast make fun of the “hair” of the south. — we love you all the same.

    Thanks for the smile.

  50. 150
    "Just Me - NC Beth" says:

    WooHoo!! I’m back in style then!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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