A Great Day

After such a dreadful month, this is one of the best days of my life. Huge headlines on p.E1 of the Houston Chronicle this very morning: BIG HAIR IS A BIG HIT AGAIN.If some of you paid off the Chronicle to raise my spirits in this time of grief, THANK YOU. It was worth every dime.

Now, where is my teasing comb? JK. I always know where my teasing comb is.



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  1. 51
    Sherri says:

    You are exactly the way I would be, if I were you!

  2. 52
    purefire says:

    God always knows just what will pick us up! And you know what they say about big hair… The bigger (taller) the hair, the closer to GOD!

    I think I need to get me a new teasing comb ;o)

  3. 53
    Cassandra says:

    Beth, can I tell you how much I appreciate your sense of humor! It is such a blessing to one who is trying so hard to be the preachers wife I am “supposed” to be and “ought” to be and is totally bogged down with using the word and christianity to change myself and just want to learn to enjoy the Lord and life again!? Thank you. Your wit is as much a blessing as your teaching. 🙂

  4. 54
    connorcolesmom says:

    Glad to hear that BIG hair is so uplifting – literally – hehe
    The clouds have parted and you can fell the joy again – YEAH!
    God bless

  5. 55
    beyond this moment says:

    LOL. Gotta love the simple things that brighten our moods. I’m glad you’re finding something to smile about.


  6. 56
    Anonymous says:

    I’m so glad you’re having a better day. After watching your bible study video I kept asking myself, “How can she pull it together after all she’s been through?” Only the Lord, eh?

    If you ever get bored with Bible teaching, you can definately do stand up. Thanks for keeping us in stitches and serving us.

  7. 57
    Anonymous says:

    So happy for the big hair…know it had to make you smile!

  8. 58
    Mike says:

    yooo hooo!

  9. 59
    Maria Cristina says:

    this is AWESOME NEWS!!!!! I love big hair!!!!

  10. 60
    Chelsie says:

    I’m sure you already have an amazing hairsparay, but just in case I will share my personal favorite for humid weather. It is the aerosol spray by TEXTURE. It is amazing!!!!
    When your husband comments on how good your hairspray smells…that’s always a good thing!

  11. 61
    Mike says:

    yoooooooo whoooooooooo!!

  12. 62
    Momtotyandow says:

    Hallelujia – The hair will rise again. I live in Virginia and Big Hair has never gone out of style here!!

  13. 63
    kelly gibson says:

    LOL! oh, mama beth. work your big hair!

  14. 64
    hisfivefooter says:

    You’re my girl- my mentor- I would have paid more, but I had friends with an inside line. Glad you feel better! Do you need a new teasing comb? Maybe a “how-to” video for all of us Northern girls would be in order! Love you!
    Lisa in Kirkland, WA

  15. 65
    Anonymous says:

    I always KNEW that it would come back! Here’s to the back comb!!

  16. 66
    Anonymous says:

    hope you get your hair right ha ha.My heart still goes out for you.God bless love siesta in Christ Victoria Redsville NC

  17. 67
    Amy Storms says:

    You guys will love this story: The Christian college I attended held a women’s conference each spring, and a church in Texas always brought a large group. These ladies wore matching Texas flag tee-shirts, and they were (forgive me) louder than the rest of the audience. One day in the dorm, my friends and I were wondering out loud about these “sisters”. (None of us were from Texas…we just didn’t get it.) My friend said, “Why are they so loud? And WHY is their HAIR SO BIG??!!”

    How does your saying go? Everything’s bigger in Texas?

  18. 68
    Tammy says:

    dear Beth,
    I can just see your face of delight. I had to giggle at this as I remember those days. so glad to see you happy today. Let me get that tease comb for you.

    love you

  19. 69
    Anonymous says:

    You are fabulous! Our Bible study ladies are praying for you and I know that they will enjoy hearing this. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy teasing your hair!

    Forever His,


  20. 70
    FoodGirl says:

    Tease on sweet sister, tease on.

  21. 71
    pinkadot says:

    Hi Beth!
    I have not checked out the blog for a couple of weeks, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Beannie! God really does use pets to bless us…I have 2 precious kitties (Glory and Delight) and as much as they drive me crazy sometimes I know it will be a sad when they are not with me.
    I am praying for you and your husband during this difficult time.
    God Bless you!


  22. 72
    Melinda says:

    You knew it was only a matter of time before Big Hair made a come back in Texas…land of the BIGGER and BETTER!

    But, honestly, did it ever really leave?

  23. 73
    Annalou says:

    You crack me up! I’m so thankful you have felt able to have a moment of laughter. Bless your heart.

    BTW, I’ve started the Bible study “No Other Gods” and am so excited! I can already hear the Lord speaking so clearly through it. What an incredible blessing.

    Thank you again for suggesting it.

    Much love! Anna in MO

  24. 74
    Priscilla Norman says:

    Well, I have something else that will make you laugh! There is a facebook group entitled:

    “God’s Word and Big Texas Hair….Beth Moore.”

    I had to join it just for the creative title!

    Priscilla in TN

  25. 75
    Kim W. says:

    I KNEW if I just held out long enough my big bushy curly hair would come back in style!!!!
    Woo Hoo!!

  26. 76
    Kimbirz says:

    It’s nice to hear news that encourages the soul!
    I’m with you sister!! I can’t seem to get my hair flat enough for this day and time! I need to move to Houston!! 🙂

  27. 77
    Becky says:

    Girlfriend you are a hoot in high hair and I luvs ya!

  28. 78
    boomama says:

    If tomorrow morning’s headline says, “FRIED CHICKEN IS GOOD FOR YOU,” would you let me know? Because that combined with the big hair would send me into a state of pure revival.

  29. 79
    Donna Schultz says:

    There are not two other living souls on God’s green earth as excited about the “Big Hair News” as you and I, Beth!! And I’m not even from the South. Finally my daughters will have to admit that Mom is cool and her “do” is IN!!! God is an awesome God!!!

  30. 80
    Kate says:

    I thought big hair was…well…Texas. I didn’t realize it ever went out of style. 😉

    Big Hair…hmmm…beehive, bouffant…there’s some big hair for ya…oooh…I wonder if hair bands will become popular again. hee hee

  31. 81
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Spiritual Mom Beth,

    I am blessed to know you are having a great day!:) We are choosing joy, aren’t we? I tried to look up the article on big hair, but couldn’t find it online:) Your hair inspires me too:) “On ya” and me

    1 Peter 4:12-13 (AMP)
    12Beloved, do not be amazed and bewildered at the fiery ordeal which is taking place to test your quality, as though something strange (unusual and alien to you and your position) were befalling you.13But insofar as you are sharing Christ’s sufferings, rejoice, so that when His glory [full of radiance and splendor] is revealed, you may also rejoice with triumph [exultantly].

  32. 82
    Anonymous says:

    It is a great day… Have to go and poof my hair up!!! Praise Jesus!!

  33. 83
    Outragous grace says:

    PTL! Glad your days are brighter. Running joke in my denomination is that many women have Ph.d’s Meaning their hair is Piled Higher and Deeper. So…there you go….Glad it is making a comeback!

  34. 84
    Cindie says:

    How funny! We are doing the Bible Study “To Live is Christ” and had a visitor the other day who had never seen one of the older Bible studies.

    Her first comment was “I used to wear my hair juts like Beth’s.” We all asked her if she was from texas…

  35. 85
    Gracedone says:

    Been a long couple of decades but my hair is big by nature and I am too tired to fight it! Can’t hold my arms up long enough to “un-big it”! besides, big hair makes your face look smaller right? AND since gravity is taking over I figure pretty soon my big hair will make my hips look smaller….

  36. 86
    Renae says:


    Bless you this morning as you laugh and experience some much-needed mirth! I’m a Houston native, so I’m going online to the Chronicle right now to read that article. 🙂 Big hair in Texas again!


  37. 87
    kctibs says:

    This post made me giggle. To think that you would Lose your teasing comb!?! A woman wouldn’t dare misplace such an important ingrediant to GREAT HAIR!! ;0)

    Thanks for the tickle.
    Kelli in Colorado

  38. 88
    Faith in OH says:

    Thanks for a good laugh to start my morning! You are such a blessing to me… thanks for letting God us you.

  39. 89
    Lisa says:

    WA-HOO! I knew my teen years weren’t all lived in vain. My husband may mock those old yearbook photos now, but victory is mine!!! Come on, Siestas… let’s put away those flat irons and join Beth in bringing back the hot rollers and hairspray!!!

    (I’m not kidding, either… I plan to do it!)

    Thank you for the best laugh I’ve had all week, Beth!

    Love, hugs, and continued prayers for you and yours,

  40. 90
    Lynn says:


    God is sweet to bless you from the Chronicle!!! I am glad you are feeling better..it blesses me!

    I am already loving the No Other Gods Bible Study…I did all my days of homework already I could not stop myself!

    Love ya’ll,

  41. 91
    Dawn says:

    Woot! Woot! I just KNEW it would come back around! Yay for BIG HAIR! And, Yay! for making your day!! You deserve it! 🙂

  42. 92
    Nicole says:



    The timing is perfect on this- today, after a very bad 2 weeks, is a great day! So glad I could have a great day with someone so great!

  43. 93
    Pamela says:

    Thanks for CRACKING ME UP!! I really needed the laugh right now:)

  44. 94
    Taylor says:

    love you, miss beth. hope your hair is extra big today.

  45. 95
    Rachel Cox says:

    Here is an email that I just recieved… I know this isn’t the correct way to do this, but my heart just yearns for all to fall on their face and pray on their hands and knees for this family and their loss today.

    This email is from Dennis Rainey who is the head of Family Life.

    As the sun is coming out here in Colorado, and The Son will soon be welcoming home Rebecca and Jakes daughter, Molly. A gift, entrusted to them for 7 days, to be ushered home, undoubtedly by a band of the gentlest and mighty angels dispatched from the throne of God to carry her into the presence of The Savior.

    What has been tough, is about to get much tougher. Pray for Rebecca and Jake and forward this email to anyone you know who will pray for them.

    Our days here have been so full of the presence of God. Honoring Him for Molly Ann.

    Friday morning she was born… she didn’t cry for nearly 4’ because she was suffering from congestive heart failure. Her mom held her only for seconds before she was whisked away to be placed on life support. We think her problem is a heart murmur. Oh how I wish that was all she had. She is rushed by ambulance to The Children’s Hospital here in Aurora. We arrive that evening to hear Jake say she is going to need brain surgery. I am thinking…I wish it was a heart murmur.

    Saturday was a day of testing, in more ways than one. She has x-rays, ultra-sound, and MRIs around 11. The radiologist makes a copy for Jake and me from her text book about the Vein of Galen. I go on line and find out that Molly is up against a serious abnormality in the middle of her brain that it is VERY rare and VERY destructive. Around 4 we are seated in a private room with a neurologist, cardiologist, neonatologist, and nurse giving us the news that over 50% of Molly’s brain is permanently damaged and that the damage affects both halves of the brain. 10-15-20 dangerous surgeries, she MIGHT be able to have A FEW functions as a human being. (Later I talk to a friend who has been a neurologist for 30 years and he puts it in perspective—“In cases like Molly where there is so much brain damage, I have never seen a good outcome through surgery.” Never is a strong word. Yet we hope and pray for a miracle…even today) It is as though this young couple have been hit by a truck, news beyond comprehension. Joy turns to mourning.

    In other words, it would take a miracle for Molly to live.

    Sunday Jake’s parents, Bill and Pam Mutz, arrive along with some of their family. Laura flies in from DC, Samuel and Stephanie and their three children fly in from Seattle, Ashley flies in from Memphis where she was on vacation with her husband and 5 sons and Ben and Marsha Kay come to the hospital. Rebecca and Jake want to introduce their new daughter to each family member. Many come and kneel at Rebecca’s feet and just sob. When a family is being a family it is powerful. Worshipful. God honoring.

    Jake and Rebecca spend a good bit of Sunday and Monday praying, talking, seeking second opinions trying to decide what is God’s will for Molly…what is the loving thing to do?

    Monday we surround Molly and have a baby dedication, read Scripture, pray and sing a couple of songs. More than a dozen of us weep our way through the familiar hymn:

    Turn your eyes upon Jesus.
    Look full in His wonderful face.
    And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
    In the light of His glory and grace.

    Again many of us kneel at Rebecca’s feet as she hold’s little Molly in her arms teethered to life support tubes.

    Monday night Bill and Pam Mutz and Barbara and I witness the unimaginable…we sit in a hospital room as Jake hold’s Molly…listening for over 2 hours as Jake and Rebecca process their choices. God is God, but it’s impossible to NOT feel, this just shouldn’t be. What a choice for a young couple to have to make. They decide to not pursue the several very dangerous and complex brain surgeries and remove life support later in the week.

    Tuesday, honestly, I don’t know what happened to Tuesday. But I do know that if love could heal, Molly would be well. Instead, we can all see Molly’s little chest pounding, her heart beating faster and faster, trying to keep up with what she needs to live. 60-80% of her blood is going to her brain when it should be 10-15%.

    I do know that Wednesday was an incredible day. Videoing, picture taking, making a mold of Molly’s hands, Rebecca and Jake holding Molly still teethered by life support tubes. Rebecca and the mom’s giving Molly her first, and only bath, washing her hair. Stroking her little naked body. This is not what this young mother expected. Doing footprints and hand prints. Ask me to show you my bible and I’ll show you her footprints all over Psalm 127 and 128…and her handprint on my life verse, Psalm 112:1-2…Her life may have been short in terms of days, but her life has been mighty. Mighty Molly Mutz.

    Wednesday closed out with this email at midnight from Jake, on the close of the last full day that Molly will likely live:

    I just got done holding Molly chest-to-chest for the last 3.5 hours! Heavenly! I could feel her beating heart on my bare chest! 2569 kisses later I relinquished her to Mom.

    She is an Angel!!!!

    Now Rebecca is experiencing this delight! I just looked over at Bec & she nodded, as if to say – I WILL be sleeping here with my Sweet Pea for the next 12 hours!

    We love you guys!
    Jake & Rebecca
    And now today. Molly’s coronation day. Read Ecclesiastes 7:1-4. This morning we will all say goodby one by one and then leave Rebecca and Jake to spend the afternoon with her. She is expected to live only a few minutes after being taken off all life support machines later on this afternoon.

    Pray for Jake and Rebecca today.
    And for the Mutz family and ours.
    Our hearts are breaking.

    You are loved and appreciated,
    Molly’s Papa
    Ps 112:1-2

  46. 96
    Holly says:

    Then I’m sunk! My hair never gets very big in this dry Colorado air. However, my hair stylist gave me a cut the other day and made it look like the girl on “Hairspray.” Maybe someone can show me the trick to teasing??

    So glad that it’s a new day for you, sweet Beth. You know we are praying for you and your family and all concerning.


  47. 97
    Marla Taviano says:

    I just started Stepping Up this morning. Oh my. I’m about to pee my pants with excitement.

    Praising Jesus for you today in a HUGE way!

  48. 98
    littlerad says:

    Lol Beth I just love the way you think… so does that mean I have to buy hair spray and all that again… Oh well it will be uplifting to us all… LOL
    Your in my prayers…

  49. 99
    Jolinda says:

    BIG HAIR IS A BIG HIT! It can’t get any better than that. I’m so glad your spirits were lifted. As a product of the 60’s 70’s & 80’s… I can say “AROOGAH!” to that headline! For once good news in the paper. Have a wonderful day!


  50. 100
    strawberry rose says:

    I’m still laughing over the picture comment in “Feathers From My Nest.” “The five of us: Keith, Beth, Amanda, Melissa, and Beth’s hair on Easter Sunday, 1987.”

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